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High School Story App

Live high school your way! 5/5 "Out of all the iPhone games I've played, High School Story is easily the one with the most heart." - K. Alpert 5/5 "I'm way past my high school years... but this game is hands down one of the best games I have ever played." - Kaytumbear99 Meet All-Star classmates in all-new exclusive stories! Add them to the school of your dreams, filled with all your friends. Throw parties, go on dates, and recruit jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, and MANY MORE classmates to unlock their stories! Go on wild trips, take your team to the next level, and discover hundreds of other adventures! - ADD SPECIAL CHARACTERS to your school, and unlock exclusive stories! - THROW PARTIES to unlock over 30 characters! - DATE your crush and play matchmaker for everyone at your school! - BATTLE a rival high school in an evolving story, including a showdown at the Homecoming game, a science fair, a prank war, and more! - PUT YOUR FRIENDS in the game and join them on adventures, dates, and parties! - MAKE NEW FRIENDS and play their stories! - BUILD your dream school and decorate it with everything from a half-pipe to a box of puppies! - CUSTOMIZE your look and choose your clique! - LEARN new vocabulary in fun mini-games! - ENJOY tons of new content every week, including more characters, more stories, and more romance! Please note that High School Story is completely free to play, but you can purchase some game items with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, you can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. ----------------------------------------------- To our players:  Thank you for your passion.  Pixelberry is a firm believer that games can make a difference.  And you’ve proven they can.   When we partnered with non-profits, like The Cybersmile Foundation, a cyberbullying non-profit, and the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) you responded with great enthusiasm.  Together, we’ve done some amazing things. * Over 4 million players have learned more about cyberbullying. * Over 30,000 players have visited NEDA's sites to learn more about eating disorders. * And thousands of players have reached out to Cybersmile, often for help with bullying. Thank you!  We really, sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm and support. - The Pixelberry Team ----------------------------------------------- Your use of this application is governed by the Terms of Service available at: http://highschoolstory.com/terms-of-service/ Collection and use of your data are subject to the Privacy Policy available at: http://highschoolstory.com/privacy-policy/ Get the game now to join in the fun! Chat with us: facebook.com/HSSgame Follow us: twitter.com/HSSGame


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  • The game is fun but the time zone is annoying 3/5

    By Wolf Quest lover
    So I move around a lot so I need to change my time zone a lot but every time I do it gives me an in game detention and I can’t spend an hour on one app not being able to do anything I think I’m going to delete this bc I can’t spend an hour on that app without being able to do anything. Plz get rid of in game detentions or change them to be 1 min max or making it a detention that is always running Thanks
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Halalawa
    I personally love this game, and don't have any feedback to give because I honestly think it's perfect! Great job, Pixelberry!
  • Need more updates! 4/5

    By Brianna Conway
    I love this game but I'm noticing it's been a while since the last update and I'm a little anxious for new spring outfits before summer comes. Otherwise, pretty good
  • HSS 5/5

    By boringboron
    UPDATE: I had deleted this game for a while and redownloaded... but all my progress to level 17 were gone and i was back at the beginning of level 16!! So I guess if you delete the app... it deletes some progress 😞 I love this game! The storyline is great, so are all the quests. It’s interesting and I want to know what happens next! It's so fun to party for classmates & try to get the rarer ones, even though it does take a while to unlock them. I love all the classmates types! It's fun to manage your own school and decorate the campus. and all the characters are so amazing! Like Sakura and Nishan and Payton. The dating is interesting too, it's funny to read how the dates go and the breakups and failed dates! And sure, some things are very expensive or take a long time, but that’s okay because I don’t mind waiting long times, and saving up coins gets easier!!! One thing I wish we could do is that you could break up couples while there is another couple on a date. This is a very fun game, the best (and only) game like this that I love!!!
  • I'm gonna use cydia 1/5

    By Vbnrefgh
    Oh yeah
  • Loving it! 4/5

    By CrazyPersonOnTheAppStore
    I absolutely LOVE this game! I can’t play enough, and whenever I’m idle I’m usually playing this. (Or Minecraft) The only reason I gave it 4 stars, is because of how hard it is so get rings, and how essential they are to the game. On average, I’m only allowed to spend 5 bucks on an app, so buying all the rings I need is out. And to get more rings without buying them, I usually have to complete quests to level up to get the rings, and most of the time the quests involve spending rings, so it’s pretty much pointless. So, for a suggestion, how about being able to trade, say, 5 coins for a ring, so like 500 coins for 100 rings, or 1,000 coins for 100 rings, because I know that rings are more valuable than coins. That would be REALLY helpful for me. Just an idea. So, I hope this review was helpful, and I hope all you people get this app and love it as much as I do! 😁
  • Bug!! 3/5

    By AllyDevote
    I really do love this game. But there’s just a bug where I can’t level up and I can’t complete certain levels. I’m fully updated, I tried partying, completing quests, selling items, buying items and land, recruiting classmates, and doing polls. But it’s still stuck at the same spot and doesn’t move. I’m stuck at level 6 where I can’t buy more hangouts and I also can’t upgrade any so its hard for me to recruit new classmates and complete quests that require updated classrooms. Please fix this!!
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Olivia C Blumke😋
    This app is really amazing because of everything
  • 😁😁😁😁😁 5/5

    By 🐱s4life
    Omg this game is really good! I love how you can customize the characters and the mini stories! It was really fun unlocking new characters to join my campus. If you’re thinking about getting this, I encourage you do so.
  • 😝<3 5/5

    By 12345678 Is Ny Name
    This game is so much fun! I recommend downloading it! There is so much thought put into this game, the animation is beautiful, and the story lines are very well put together!
  • Sooo..😬😬😬😬 4/5

    By #titaniclover416
    I really like this game; it is super fun if you love to role play. I just have a few suggestions: 1. When you first start add more types of people instead of just prep, jock, and nerd(what if you are an artist or a singer?) 2. Add more hair colors and more easy ways to get rings other than buying them. Thanks!
  • Just one thing... 4/5

    By Abster😜🍕
    I adore this game. It's one of my favorites and I play it every day. The only problem is that there are so many things that only rings can buy and I miss out on quests because I don't have enough rings to buy the classmate for the quests. If you could make more ways to get rings like watching an ad for perhaps five rings and the player can watch maybe five or ten ads a day that would be extremely helpful. Other than that it'd be a five star game. Now I'm having another difficult problem. The goals that you can achieve for tickets which give you gifts are discombobulated. It won't stop shining like it's all new, it won't let me collect the ones I've done in the past, and it won't let me collect most of my tickets. It's getting very annoying and I've waited a week for it to go away but it hasn't. Please help me with this inconvenience as it's really irritating me. I enjoy these goals and do them when I can but when it becomes difficult to accomplish these goals and I don't even get a reward it becomes more upsetting than enjoyable. Please fix this problem soon.
  • 🚀🔥🔥🚀🚀🔥🚀🔥 5/5

    By Update and allow
    This is the best game ever I wish they update it so you can customize the places that the students live in with you own design
  • Is it me or... 3/5

    By MeganandRebekah
    I like the game a lot. I have been playing for a few years now. As I get higher in levels it is taking MUCH longer for things to happen but, along with other games I play, it keeps me busy. Now, it is me, or does it seem like the updates and new things have stopped? I noticed no changes with seasons any more, no more polls, and it don’t seem like they have added to decor or students in a while.
  • Love it 4/5

    By jender1352
    I enjoy playing this game! The quests are interesting. They don't take long to finish. I just wish when quests are done the level rod moves
  • 2 star 2/5

    By CapybaratheCorgi
    One of my favorite games, but Pixelberry seems to be so money hungry, it’s really hard not to spend money on this game. Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad if it would be easier to transport progress on different devices.
  • This app is amazing 5/5

    By PixieThePinkFox51
    I’ve played this game on and off for years now and have loved it each and every time. I love how there’s no limit on who can date who (girls can date girls, boys can date boys, etc etc) and how there’s different shades of skin color for a person to be, rather than just white and black. This game is really diverse and I love it. The only thing that bothers me is that a lot of the items cost rings. I know you don’t show a lot of ads and that you need to make money somehow, but don’t make us spend $3.00 every time we want to buy a cool outfit because everything is outrageously overpriced.
  • Could be better ☹️ 4/5

    By 🐼❤️💖
    I’ve been playing this game for a very very long time ( years!! ) i think you should make the goals more up to date and add new outfits, other than that it’s fun. I love all the characters especially autumn.
  • High School Story 4/5

    By Samaoip
    Love this app.The game is well designed and super fun!
  • Didn’t save progress 2/5

    By HES6473
    I love the game and I was really far into it until they reset all of my progress. I don’t see the point in doing everything all over again, so I will be deleting the game.
  • About the game 5/5

    By rosarrhh
    I’m still on level 4 but the game is good the rings are sometimes stressing but the games great but there’s like really nice cloths but there so much money and rings my favorite cloths is Mint to be get it hahahaha well the games great cool to.
  • Terrible 3/5

    By Jadis234
    I was in the middle of level 14 and they started me over i was so far in the game and it started over out of no where and it won’t let me sign in my Facebook
  • Needs better updates 4/5

    By Queen randomness100
    Great game, I’ve had it for the longest time, currently level 30 something. But... The updates are a bit of a problem. And by problem, I’ll just get straight to the point. The updates rarely happen, and that’s understandable in some cases, the updates and stuff are mainly seasonal or for holidays, but the game is still in its Christmas/Winter update and it’s the middle of APRIL for Pete’s sake! And when an update does come up, they're a little generic or boring. A new classmate or something, maybe a new All Star or two, new clothes that are basically copies of outfits from Hollywood U (or the other way around depending on which game came first), new quest that appears every special update for that one alone, etc. It’d be nice to spice the game up a bit! I’m probably not the only one getting tired of the same quests over and over with only a new one here and there that never comes up again.
  • A MUST READ 4/5

    This game is awesome but I fell like you need to use you rings for everything and you run out of them fast.Plus you have to wait hours so things can load I mean like come on are you serious.But I love this game and that’s only a couple things wrong with it.
  • 💕❤️💞❣️ 5/5

    By Jesse Merz
    I’ve been playing this game for like, Five years, Ever sence I was, Like, Six, Its SO good!!! Although, I’m problobly never going to get past level 11, Witch is sad, But it’s not the app’s falt. So, I just really love this game and I’ll problobly never stop playing this game, And that’s why I’m rating this five stars. 💕💕💕
  • Been playing for years! 5/5

    By Tuesday Patience
    I really love this game - I’ve literally been playing for years now! I do recommend doing the $2.99 monthly “Prom Rings” as a fairly inexpensive way to move up through the game. My only complaint is that I am still only Level 24 even though I’ve played daily for years and have a HUGE campus & a ridiculous amount of “students”. I’m not sure what I’ve not been doing, but I’ve recently seen some new quests announced for, say, Level 43 and above. If it’s taken me this long to get where I am, how have others progressed so much further? However, all in all, this has been a favorite DAILY game for me and I have recommended it to tons of people 😁!
  • Great game...but 3/5

    By lfizz3
    This game really is a great game but it needs an update. It's well past Christmas and I'm only doing one quest because that's what's available. I've had the game for over a year and love playing it so much. But it's time for a change of scenery and more quests you don't have to buy.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Jlbrownell80
    Really fun!
  • Please update 3/5

    By Mishy4ever
    Can you guys update? I really want more outfits and characters. It’s been forever
  • High school story 5/5

    By soccer player 08
    I love this app! It is awesome I have been playing it for a long time! But you should add the California girls in it! And I really want a surfer but I can’t get it cause I’m level 11 but I have to be level 13! It is really annoying because I am dying to have it! Well thank you for reading this and you are the most awesomest person in the whole WORLD so I am grateful for the changers that you will make. Ps. I’m not trying too be rude if you think I am
  • Love the game! But... 3/5

    By Diazsterox
    I love this game I’ve been playing it for years, I deleted and re-downloaded it a couple times However i ONLY took off a star because the game doesn’t update regularly The goals I met last year didn’t refresh so I could meet them again, There are no more polls to answer, And the goal main prize expire date was a while ago but the item hasn’t updated I missed the Halloween event because the update never came and the next update that did come was AFTER Halloween Overall it’s a fun game, I just think pixelberry needs to get back to updating and developing things for this game. It feels like the developers gave up on this game.
  • Progress lost 1/5

    By LyricMonroe
    So, I’ve been playing this game for a few months, probably since m October. I was on level 8 or 9, which is not that hard to get to, but you still have to do a lot of stuff. I even spent $10 on coins and rings, and had many of those special students. Literally 5 minutes ago, I went on, and the plot was empty. It asked me if I was a boy or a girl. IT RESTARTED. I’m no mad right now. If I can’t get my game recovered, I AT LEAST want my $10 back 😡
  • Needs New Features 4/5

    By Artzenin
    Well. I don’t know how else to say this so I’ll be honest like I always am. After all this time, it think it’s a huge let down that new faces, expressions and hairstyles are not being added. Even with added faces etc different eyes, in my opinion that’s a overload of faces. What I suggest, is have one face foundation then a menu that allows players to choose what face [style]. And then another menu that allows players to choose [eye color]. I find it insulting that they’ve had this game this long and have not given more eye color selection or hair style. But since everyone and their app sister wants to “pay-to-win”, for various reasons I thought of a fair way to go about it. It costs money to do these things, right? Okay... if Pixel Berry wanted to test run having new faces and eyes the way I suggested it or the way they would design it on their terms, why not create 1-2 new faces, 1-2 new hair styles and release the content BUT the players will need to pay for this content. No exceptions. Why? Because it’s added content that didn’t originally launch with the game when it first dropped. I realize there are hair styles already available for purchase but those, in my opinion are also over used and with so many new quests and game VIP classmates it’s kind of redundant seeing the same hair and same expressions and eye colors. For players who would want to switch things up and add some new life to the game, then I strongly suggest added content players MUST pay for to enjoy. I would just because I’m sick and tired of seeing the same styles. On another note, though this might too far out there but then again, I said I was going to be honest. Why not give players a REASON to work so high in leveling up? I think it would be unique and motivating to give players the option to build on a new lot and not just any lot—a home lot. They live at this school yet quest suggest they live home and travel to school right? Okay, for all the main star players and your custom character or just the custom character—why not think of a reward system per 10 levels. For example. Reach level 10, custom character’s House is unlocked and you can decorate the outside. OR, custom character lot is unlocked at level 10, tap the already created house and get to decorate the inside of he custom characters bedroom. Click on closest and store extra giving items, click on computer—each an AD that shows PixelBerry games and other games on the market. Click on bed, character goes to bed wakes up refreshed and stretches and earns 3 EXP for “sleeping”, so it doesn’t take away from the main EXP feature. Level 20 Jullian’s house is unlocked but where he is main game based his house may not be detailed but you can send him home to rest and earn EXP for t would be tallied every so often he sleeps. Like wise, process repeats for each game character you unlock. Also, these houses should be paid for in coin or rings. No exceptions. It costs money to do this so if a player wants these features they should support the developers to get it. Maybe with each. Rising level, the cost varies. For level 10, 100,0000 gold or 200 rings. For Mia’s house, 200,000 or 300 rings, for really high VIP game classmates like Phoebe, 500,000,000 gold or 2,000 rings. It would give players a reason to want to level up if they’re rewarded cooler features and more options to do. Lastly, for those clothes we buy on accident and don’t want? It would be nice to have a option to sell them back. If asking to sell these items back is too much, you guys could be creative make a new feature like a pawn shop or sales store that we can unlock and put on campus once a player reaches a certain level. I love this game but these are some things I thought to sincerely suggest to the company and hopefully get their attention with. Off the topic question—why is Mia’s eyes brown but her model and avatar the eyes are blue? Was that intentional or a glitch? Just... curious.
  • Weekly Goals 3/5

    By muah6846
    I’ve played this game for a while now and i really like it but lately I’ve been have a problem with my weekly goals. Every weekend when it resets it says that I’ve already collected about 2 or 3 of my rewards automatically whether I’ve completely the goal or not. So if I actually do complete the goal I’m not able to collect my reward. This has been happen for a couple weeks so for that couple of weeks I haven’t been able to do any of my weekly goals.
  • Love it... but it needs some serious work 2/5

    By Abby💋😍😘💋😍😘
    I love this app but the quests, parties, and dates take way too long to wait on along with several other activities. I do not have many rings and it frustrates me. I do not know how to keep on going if all I do the majority of the time is wait!!😡🤬😡
  • I have to date a girl and I am a girl 4/5

    By funspinnergirly101
    This game is so good but GAY!!!!!!!!! Sorry 😐
  • ?! 4/5

    By Is okay app
    I haven’t played it yet but it looks like so much fun!!!
  • Hate this⬇️ 4/5

    By catscatscatsdoggos🐱🐶
    Don’t like at all how the student gov. Girl is cheaper then the boy. 😡

    By Tatum Lou
    This is an AMAZING app! At one point int time I had absolutely no storage on my phone, and deleted this app, and IMMEDIATELY regretted it. Every time I delete I end up getting it again VERY soon. This game is very fun, and I definitely recommend it to anyone that is into role play! I really don’t have anything else to say except for ITS GREAT!
  • AWESOME but... 5/5

    By Bluestorm965
    I love this game!! My only issue with it is that I’ve been getting the same goals over and over again which means that I already completed them and can’t do them again. This doesn’t allow me to get anymore tickets. I was hoping if you could add more goals so I don’t get the same ones over and over again. Still an amazing game though!! ❤️
  • Great but can be better 4/5

    By lemongirl600
    Hs is great but is it the best not really. it takes forever to get from flirting to dating. I would like to be able to make my own story’s in Hs. What about seniors and juniors in the game to. Hope you look into my ideas.
  • 👎🏻 2/5

    By sophiefoster15
    The game is fun but u run out of gems fast, and u can’t earn them back. The only way to get gems is to buy them. Plus, the game makes you wait for long periods of time before doing anything.
  • Great game just....... 4/5

    By SarsarFTW
    Before you start thinking things let me get this straight GREAT GAME but... Choices I played for a while and there are a lot of games like it it’s a ripoff by the way Hollywood U Is fun but you decided ok you just no more quests it was bad I’m not that high and I still play so what are you gonna do pack up and leave HSS just don’t. do that please keep adding quests but your not doing this as much and I’m HSS will go down the same road as Hollywood U 1 suggestion don’t get me wrong I DO NoT LIKE CHOICES but while I was playing it The mini game HSS had people that would be good addition to HSS but still I can’t believe that your forgetting about HSS.Last thing bring back Hollywood U and oh make it easier to get coins please but remember it was once the best and now it’s just good.Oh and one more thing!The game is always talking about football and basketball. Why don’t you make a building for basketball and football stadiums and it generates something!Hope you listen to this review because this game is great just you can make it better.
  • Notice me 5/5

    By Kriselleaquinomalaki
    Can you add more hair, face and decorations 😔
  • The throne and the money and rings👍👍👍👍👍👍 4/5

    By ali ali121
    Well why can we buy the throne for 45,000 coins and each day you should give us free rings or coins each day👍👍 so can you response my question if it’s a good update
  • Maybe update? 4/5

    By Lana awad
    Hi, I am a big fun of high school story, Hollywood u and choices. And I understand if you like to keep updating choices, as I play that too, but I would like it if you guys could update high school story, as it is the first game I played by you guys! Like update the clothing, or make some new Clothes for the spring and Easter season, instead of having stuff from last winter. I would also recommend, if you guys just to an update for every season change or important holiday come up, as to keep the player interested in this game. For example, for pi day, have a pi day t-shirt. In other words, it is great that, you the developer pay attention to choices, but don't forget your other games too. Thanks!
  • 😕😐😑 really 3/5

    By Livie E
    Other then some other things I LOVE THIS GAME!! It is so much fun! But The reason I gave it three stars is because some of these technical difficulties. So when I first made a purchase I finish doing everything that I needed and IT DIDN’T WORK!! So then I made the purchase AGAIN AND THEN IT WORKED! I MEAN COME ON! So instead of spending three dollars I spent six dollars. Then two hours later I made a purchase for 280 rings. I did everything that I needed and I STILL HAD 0 RINGS!!😡 Then after that I tried TWO MORE TIMES AND IT DIDN’T WORK!! SO I LITERALLY WASTED $12! SOMEONE WHO WORKS AT PIXELBERRY STUDIOS PLEASE ETHIER GIVE ME A REFUND OR GIVE ME 840 RINGS! (Because I paid it 3 times and 280 x 3 =840.) Other than that you should get this game!(just don’t spend any money!)
  • High school story 5/5

    By Girl dimond
    The most amazing game I have ever played it is so much fun and I love it I enjoy it and I hope that other people do to
  • This WAS my favorite game 2/5

    By bella_and_george
    I have been playing High School Story for nearly 3 years now and had almost maxed out on everything. I was super proud of myself, but today it reset ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE START. Why did this happen?!? Please fix it, so other people's games aren't erased!
  • Love it, but... 4/5

    By JazzyCake29
    I used to play this game religiously when I had my android and I got to like Level 17. But once I got my iPhone, I tried to sign in with my google account to continue my game progress and it didn’t give me the option. I’d really hate to start over so I stopped playing. A fix to this would ensure five stars!

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