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High School Story App

Live high school your way! 5/5 "Out of all the iPhone games I've played, High School Story is easily the one with the most heart." - K. Alpert 5/5 "I'm way past my high school years... but this game is hands down one of the best games I have ever played." - Kaytumbear99 Meet All-Star classmates in all-new exclusive stories! Add them to the school of your dreams, filled with all your friends. Throw parties, go on dates, and recruit jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, and MANY MORE classmates to unlock their stories! Go on wild trips, take your team to the next level, and discover hundreds of other adventures! - ADD SPECIAL CHARACTERS to your school, and unlock exclusive stories! - THROW PARTIES to unlock over 30 characters! - DATE your crush and play matchmaker for everyone at your school! - BATTLE a rival high school in an evolving story, including a showdown at the Homecoming game, a science fair, a prank war, and more! - PUT YOUR FRIENDS in the game and join them on adventures, dates, and parties! - MAKE NEW FRIENDS and play their stories! - BUILD your dream school and decorate it with everything from a half-pipe to a box of puppies! - CUSTOMIZE your look and choose your clique! - LEARN new vocabulary in fun mini-games! - ENJOY tons of new content every week, including more characters, more stories, and more romance! Please note that High School Story is completely free to play, but you can purchase some game items with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, you can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. ----------------------------------------------- To our players:  Thank you for your passion.  Pixelberry is a firm believer that games can make a difference.  And you’ve proven they can.   When we partnered with non-profits, like The Cybersmile Foundation, a cyberbullying non-profit, and the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) you responded with great enthusiasm.  Together, we’ve done some amazing things. * Over 4 million players have learned more about cyberbullying. * Over 30,000 players have visited NEDA's sites to learn more about eating disorders. * And thousands of players have reached out to Cybersmile, often for help with bullying. Thank you!  We really, sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm and support. - The Pixelberry Team ----------------------------------------------- Your use of this application is governed by the Terms of Service available at: http://highschoolstory.com/terms-of-service/ Collection and use of your data are subject to the Privacy Policy available at: http://highschoolstory.com/privacy-policy/ Get the game now to join in the fun! Chat with us: facebook.com/HSSgame Follow us: twitter.com/HSSGame


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High School Story app reviews

  • Big let down Facebook 2/5

    By Teddybear766
    You should have made a multi account support no matter what App Store you got the game from PATHETIC DEVELOPERS
  • Amazing game but some suggestions 5/5

    By happysunsh
    This is my favorite game and I play it everyday,but sometimes some of my students dont show up.Its not that big of deal but can you fix.Also I was hoping you could add....1#Since some of my students dont show up.Make them in the hangouts so when u click on a hangout there will be a button that says students list and it will show you which and how many students are in it and when they go out.So hope you could make this in the game.Thanks for reading :)
  • Love it! But.. 4/5

    By Badiah2606
    Some things need to be less expensive such as clothing, specifically things that cost rings. Rings don come around easy, and I would love it if it were a bit easier to enroll students!

    By Knkpar
    I love high school story so much that I don’t want it to be gone! I’m so sad that you stopped updating this game including Hollywood u rising stars! I love both of these games so much and I’m sad you’re not updating them anymore! Sooner or later, you gotta add more games! 😢😓😥😦😕🙁☹️😞😔😓😭😪😧😿🌈🌈🌈🌈
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Nightwing76
    I absolutely love this game and would definitely recommend it Not only is it fun to people who like choice games but it has lovable characters and is a great builder game...like I said it’s definitely worth getting
  • Oh the memories 5/5

    By Deaignez
    It’s been to much fun playing this game 😭 sad that’s there will be no more updates thank you for such an amazing game experience
  • What. The. Heck. 1/5

    By Nick isamazing
    I re-downloaded the app on my new phone and then I try connecting to Facebook but it kept saying that my game was linked to another Facebook account even though I only have one Facebook account and I’m the one who can access it so it’s pretty much forcing me to restart! Please reply and fix the bug/glitch. Also it’s really upsetting because I really love this game 😢 please reply and fix at your earliest convenience. Thank you. PS; I'll change my review back to five stars once this is fixed. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Uh huh 1/5

    By This is Utah bro
    By far the stupidest game on the planet!!! Oh my gosh the creators of this game are idiots you can not get anywhere in this game without it taking a lifetime!!! and then if u move the clock in settings u serve smh! an in game “detention”. A detention 1 hour of doing nothing 1 hr of leaving your device on this stupid app and doing nothing! This game is extremely ridiculous I can’t believe I ever decided to check out this game! What a waste. And I could go on about other things I’ve seen about this stupid game but Ima just leave it here I’ve checked out a lot of stupid games but nothing tops this one! Just totally not worth the time to see fake kids go to your fake school! I mean what is the point of this game? Oh well screw this game! I’ll never forget how stupid this game is!
  • So stupid (not the game) 4/5

    By NoeyTheUnicorn
    So, I really like high school story. But detention is friggin stupid! Like what if u get detention for 24 hours? We can’t leave the game running that long. We have things to do! How about you creators put yourselves in other people shoes! See how we feel, would you wanna leave your device running for 30 mins or 60? No you wouldn’t. So why should we have to? Plus I never did anything, I got on and it said my time had been changed which it had never been changed. Your game was just assuming. So I literally got detentions for like 10 minutes. It annoying because I had to turn in my device because electronics went off for me. And guess what? My game was then broken because some reason I HAD to leave it running. THATS SO STUPID?! PUT YOURSELF IN MY SHOES! HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL?! I had to restart on highschool story because my game was broken so I had to delete and redowload it. I WAS ON LEVEL 47 AND NOW IM ON LEVEL 2! ALL BECAUSE OF THIS STUPID GAME DETENTION TIME. High school story now makes me stressed when I get on it, because I know I worked hard for level 47 so that I could go back to level 2. Just put yourself in MY FRIGGIN SHOES! Bye...
  • It’s great and all but... 5/5

    By Wintera_Dreemurr
    Rings is so hard to get except to watch an ad that gives you 2 rings or money. Please make another way to get rings for free
  • Prices 4/5

    By felicityred-head
    I love this game, but there are some issues with it. First off, the books cost way too much, I have a quest that I really want to complete but, I have to level up Julian first and 100 books cost 2,000 coins and takes 2 HOURS to load. Next, there should be a way to cancel dates in the middle of one happening and also, ( this is not a problem but something cool to add ) every date ends with happiness and it would be cool and more realistic to have some dates not work out when they tell the story of their date.
  • Great but some requests 3/5

    By Julzmama
    please make it where you can play without wifi?!?!
  • Oddly Adicting 4/5

    By snuggles_07
    This game is extremely addictive. It’s absolutely amazing. But... I think there are pretty idiotic things you guys make us do. For example, to pay for hairstyles you unlocked... that is unacceptable. Here’s my suggestion: please let some of the hairstyles be unlocked as in NO paying with gems!!!!! But, some can be locked to pay with COINS, not gems. 🙄please respond to my mild complaints and HELP! I will give you five stars on my phone, my cousin’s phone, and my friend’s phone. They will be forced to rate you five stars by ME. Only if you respond to my message. ~Sylvie Also, sorry if my grammar or spelling is not correcting. I am French. My sister is helping me translating this. Thank you. Avua!
  • HELp 1/5

    By fairy tail shipper
    How do u restart the game?!?!
  • Could be better 1/5

    By Tekkk86
    Need to be able to SKIP quests! Been Stuck on this quest I cannot collect enough of and now stuck in the same scene without moving forward. BS. Been a player for a long time and the story has been in a halt for a year. ADD A SKIP QUEST BUTTON! Or need a currency exchange like ring to money or pencils etc
  • I love this game but... 5/5

    By answer my call
    I could actually play this for ever😋😛🤗😍☺️🤪 But the downside is some of us need more rings to do stuff like buy more people and we get more every time we go to the next level but it’s a little amount of rings so we would appreciate it if you helped some of us out and find a way to get us more rings.
  • A Fantastic Journey 5/5

    By Doña Violeta de Flores
    I’ve been playing High School Story since the very beginning - August 2013. This game took me from riding the bus home during junior year of high school all the way to my senior year of college, and it has been an absolute pleasure to play. The writing is sharp and heartfelt, the quests are interesting and do a great job of developing the characters in the game, and it’s always been clear to me that Pixelberry strives to have a positive impact on its players and the real world by partnering with charities. I am so happy to say that I have been here from the time when it was just the Preps, Nerds, and Jocks, to playing through the excellent final quest. Thank you so much for creating such a great experience Pixelberry, and I am excited to see what you guys continue to do in the future. - A level 37 Nerd
  • Really good game but...Edit: plz help 2/5

    By Game inspector genius
    This is a fun game and I've been playing it for days. My little brother Max uses my phone to play games on. He plays talking Tom coin run or something like that and changed the time on my phone to get coins, when I get back, I have a detention in the game and I'm not even cheating, could you please remove this bc I'm not cheating on this game but my brother changes the time on my phone and this is annoying bc I have a ten minute penelty as I am writing this it's really annoying but otherwise good gsme... Edit: so my little brother Max needed storage to download a game so he deleted my app. When he told me I wasn't worried bc I knew it was linked to Game center and that I could just redownload it and everything would be there. When I opened the app I was like phew everything is still here, but I was wrong it said welcome back Madison and then it only had progress from my first day of playing. I literally just broke down and I'm so upset RN I've put so much time into this and it's not even Max's fault bc my game was linked to Game center yet I didn't save. Plz help I'm so upset RN I've been playing for months and had so much on this and lots of upgrades and now it's all gone I had so many characters and quests and it's gone and I'm so upset please help me😢😢😢😢😢
  • Restarting the game 3/5

    By Ashley.p01
    I want to restart the whole game but I can figure out how to do that or if it’s even posable please update it and give it a restart button or something so I can restart the game please I’m begging you
  • Good Game,But... 4/5

    By PixelBerryFan101
    HSS IS AN AWESOME GAME,I literally have a million coins without purchasing.Ok now onto the complaints (SORRY PIXELBERRY) First is Rings: I miss out on a lot of quests because i dont have the rings for it and it is really hard to earn them. I would like a daily spin for rings. Number Two:Photo Booth dates:They are really expensive.Paytons date is like 175 rings!!! Please lower the price for dates and quests. Otherwise, this game is awesome. LOVE YOU PIXELBERRY 😘❤️
  • High School Story 1/5

    By Bbbbbbbbbb222222
    I am done playing this game I was on level 13 and I had bought rings and other stuff, and the app randomly deleted off my phone and when I got back on all my progress was gone! I am so mad because I spent money on this game!!
  • Amazing game..... but 5/5

    By snowcloud23
    This game has been my favorite game for 3 years I’ve been playing it!!! But.......... the bad thing is there’s to many things that u can buy with rings, but not coins? That’s just horrible. It also needs more updates really.....!
  • Lost my saved game for the second time. 2/5

    By Sweebielala
    I’ve been playing this game since my freshman yea did high school. I lost my first game after freshman year and didn’t return to the game for a while. I started it up again my senior year and got really far in the game, had all the story characters, tons of coins and rings, even spent real money on the Prom thrones that gave you rings. And I opened the game just now and it restarted me. Besides being annoyed that all my game data is gone, and my money being wasted, the game gets a bit boring towards the higher levels. You run out of thugs to do that don’t require rings, and the things that cost rings cost A LOT of rings for the most part. Buy at your own risk.
  • The game is awesome but one thing... 5/5

    By Litl PIP
    I absolutely love the game and how you you decide what you want to do. It’s just that you have to buy a lot of stuff with rings in clouding main characters. So pls ether lower the cost or give us more ways for rings.

    I L O V E THIS GAME! it’s so addicting!!! I just really really wish that you could have a diversity of weights. I just really want the characters to not be just skinny. other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing!!
  • Fun 5/5

    By soccer11newc
    This game is good for kids and it's so fun the game is teaching how to be kind
  • AWESOME ! 5/5

    By juggy.ya.digga🤙🏾👅🌸
    I’ve been playing this game since I was 9 and its really cool :)!
  • The Game Is Over Guys! No More Updates 🙁 3/5

    By MeganandRebekah
    There are no more fixes and upgrades to this game guys. Why are you asking for problems to be fixed. Did you read the discription? Lmbo
  • Faulty job keeping data 1/5

    By krOyapyspds
    I had this game a couple of years ago and a couple of times all of the data got deleted, I downloaded it again and it happened again years later, so not impressed
  • Just deleted it 2/5

    By Owls are awesome!
    I thought High School Story was the best when I first got it. But 1 thing I hated was how much gems you got. I had like none! And gems helped you buy a lot of things special, and it wasn’t fair. But I finally got to level 14 and it started to be really boring! There was like nothing to do on it! So then I finally deleted it, and never want it again. So I recommend not getting High School Story.
  • Very Great Game!❤️ 5/5

    By Toca Boca love❤️
    This game is a great game, but I do have some issues. This may just be me but I feel like there is not enough ways to collect xp. I’m on level 5, and I feel like I’ve been on level 5 forever, because I can’t find a good way to collect xp. But overall this is a very great game.
  • Love and miss 5/5

    By Jkrocks1A
    I love this game so much! It’s one of my fav roleplay game! Only problem is...it hasn’t updated anymore. I love this game, and Hollywood U, yet both haven’t been updated. Please come back writers ;-;
  • I’m not convinced 2/5

    By 美緒巡音
    I downloaded this because I thought it would be more like HWU, but I feel like the story and character development over time aren’t as interesting and engaging as in the other game, and yet HSS gets more content. I actually loved a datable character so much I purchased them, but then felt let down that I only got one very short date story— it just didn’t feel worth the in-app purchase.
  • A lovingly crafted story! 5/5

    By 7OmegaGamer
    I’ve been playing this game for years, and today I finally completed the last quest. And I can certainly say that I love this game! The story and characters are wonderful, and I’m grateful that I’ve had the chance to experience it. I’m sad that I’ve hit the finale of a long line of excellent quests, stories, and friends, but still happy to have gone through it. Thank you, Pixelberry, for High School Story! -A Level 10 Nerd
  • ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ 1/5

    By dashy0194
    Worst game ever
  • Wish 3/5

    By Lilith_Agami12
    Hello, I’ve absolutely love this game! The only problem that I have with this, is that I wish that there was a restart button. I really want to restart my game, but I don’t want to get a new Apple ID. This is a problem I’ve had for a while, so I just deleted the app entirely.
  • Emily 3/5

    By iLuvtaz25
    I love the game very much but there is a down I was at level 3 I just started when I click out of the game and come back I have to start all over in the beginning I was so mad because this is too much I really hate that.i would love if You fix that
  • Good but 4/5

    By Pxj070
    This is a amazing game and I recommended it all I request is to be able to delete game data
  • Hi 5/5

    By StarsetLover620
    Really the only problem I e had with dis App is da rings and da looooooooong dates. Tnxs
  • I can’t restart the game. 1/5

    By TheBlackPlague1347
    It’s been months since I played because I need to restart and I do not have a way to do it. I’ll have to make a new Apple ID and I can’t because I’m already using a phone number on mine(that’s turned off which doesn’t help)
  • Lost Progress 2/5

    By Alymythia
    I used to love this game, I would play it constantly. But yesterday when I opened the game, a bunch of my progress had been lost, setting me back something like 10 levels and all of my money and clothes I had acquired since level 15 were gone. I’m really annoyed because I was proud of how far I had gotten.
  • Ughhh a little frustrating 4/5

    By #Ilikepugs
    Ok so I like this game and all but I’ve had a little trouble. I cant really just delete the game and start over. I didn’t really like my progress in the old one so I just deleted it and started over but it kept on saying that it want to reload my old progress. It was a little annoying especially because in my old progress nothing went my way and it is MY “story” isn’t it". Why can’t it just let me pickkkkkkkkk what I want to do. Thank you for reading my weird suggestion 😜😜😜😜😜

    By autumnmatteson
    I honestly despise this game because its teaching people that you have to be put in a category,like,mean girl or geek i really hate its message but the game itself is okay
  • Wonderful game but I have a question. 5/5

    By Mck082602
    So I have High School Story on my iPad and I need to restart my game how do I make a new school please reply as soon as possible
  • It’s overall a fun game 👍 5/5

    By aria134
    I like HS story a lot. The stories are fun and well written. It is really satisfying to watch your school grow. One thing I would like to see though is instead of people just walking around campus aimlessly, they could sit on benches, go into classrooms, and actually hang out in their hangouts. But overall I think this is a good game 🙂👍
  • Need to update 2/5

    By need to uodate
    You need to be able to customize yourself without going to Game Center which they don’t have anymore
  • It’s okay 4/5

    By SassiestActress13
    When I first got it, I was obsessed! It’s really cool. I love how you can customize pretty much everything, how you can choose your students, and how you can choose the things you say and do! The only problem really, was that the in-app purchases with the rings are horrible! The game will tempt you into spending money on rings so that you can continue on your quests and get the best things possible for your school, and especially stuff for your students. Eventually, you get super sick of this app and delete it, therefore the money goes to waist! But I still recommend this game. It’s really good quality and very popular! ❤️
  • I love it! But.. 5/5

    By Charisk62
    I’m a fan of this game! I was 7 when I first played it and it rocked! But I don’t know how to pay for a in app purchase like the prom throne. And I can not wait for the next level up and I can’t do my quests for a random reason. I still like the app but I have a suggestion that will give you coins if you reach 100 coins or so please try to make that suggestion happen if you can! :3 COLEN THREE!! XD
  • Love, addicting 5/5

    By abby_06
    I love this game so much it is so fun and I’ve had it for about a week now. I would suggest that they would reward more rings though bc those are very important and I don’t have enough to do use them in the quests but other than that it is perfect!!
  • Good but glitch problem 4/5

    By Laylaymucc
    When I was a very young girl, I downloaded this game and I was making progress. One day I logged on to play, but to my surprise, the game had started over. A few years later, 2018, I was playing and got to level 12. I logged on today and to my surprise the game had started over again. I deleted it, not feeling like started over. It is really a fun game though. :)

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