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Best Dating & Streaming App: Date Local Singles, Get Perfect Match & Go Live! Hily Dating App is made to help you connect with new people, start meaningful relationships and make friends. With more than 20 million users worldwide, we make it easy to meet someone new and find local dates. CORE FUNCTIONS: – Dating: Meet new single people and form meaningful connections as much as you want. – Streaming: Show off your talents, find like-minded people, and make new friends. – Video Calls: Feel safe and secure every minute on the app. Go to online dates before meeting your matches in real life. Streaming and dating have never been so easy. Find your perfect boyfriend or girlfriend and form meaningful connections wherever you are! NICE FEATURES: 1 - Compatibility Quiz – created by top American psychologists, the Quiz takes into account numerous factors about your personality to find best and most relevant matches. 2 - Live Support – Feel free to text our support team if you have any questions or concerns, we are always here in the Messages tab. 3 - Security – all users pass handpicked moderation and profile verification. HOW IT WORKS – Install Hily, sign up and fill in your profile. Then, set your search criteria and start looking for love, relationship, friends and fun. – You may find new people in Finder. Once there is a mutual like - you will be able to chat. – To add your Story, visit the Stories & Streaming section, press Add, hold the button to record the video and let it go when your best shot is on! – To start a Live Stream, visit the Stories & Streaming section and go live. GOLDEN RULES 1 - The dating app is FREE to use for everyone forever. 2 - You have to be 18+ to use Hily app. 3 - Do not send offensive messages, hate speech or sexually explicit content. GET MORE WITH HILY PREMIUM - No Ads – nothing is distracting you from chat, streaming or dating. - Rollback – undo your hasty swipes to find the perfect date. - Filters – find someone who meets all your criteria. - Incognito mode – be visible only to your likes and matches. - Chat requests – take the initiative and send the first message before a match. As you can see, Hily dating app is super easy to use. Find dates or go live whenever you want. Now it's high time to find someone tender, pretty, energetic or passionate. The app is free, and we offer an optional auto-renewing Premium subscription. To learn more, visit the Premium tab in the ME section or Hily website. We are always open to constructive criticism, send your feedback at [email protected] Also, take a look at the Terms of Service at https://hily.com/terms. Our goal is to create the best dating app. We combine the coolest features of dating and live-streaming apps to make meeting new people as pleasant as it could me. Also, we genuinely hope you'll enjoy using the Hily Dating App! Lots of Love, Hily Team

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  • Worst app 1/5

    By cubaragua
    I’ve had Hily for not even a month and got my account suspended. I’ve followed the guidelines REGARDLESS of my job. If you are an exotic dancer trying to find friends and be a companion to people DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP !!!!!
  • Wasn’t what I was looking for 2/5

    By grimew
    I tried the app and liked it at first but guys that was my age (18 +) was adding me and asked to hook up. I put on my profile that I’m just looking for someone to talk to, get to know, and maybe start dating. Guys pile up and straight up asked for nudes and if they can get me pregnant. Hily haves no protection if someone is making a sexual assault or harassment in the chat. They wouldn’t block the person or prevent them to see my profile. Please protect some woman on this app that is getting sexual harassed in chats.
  • Great app but 4/5

    By mialynn21
    Great app but even filtering what I want, I still see more people outta state than in my own. Please fix this if possible! Thank you
  • Radius failure 1/5

    By nicknamemaker
    My search radius is 30 miles. I’m in Ohio and it’s finding people that are in New York and Michigan and California and Wisconsin. I’m not great at Geography but I’m pretty sure that’s more than 30 miles from me
  • Help 5/5

    By Sexyarmy23
    I love the app but I got banned for what!!!!
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By dhsjneb
    Don’t waste your time downloading this app. I did and I was not allow to open an account
  • JUST READ 1/5

    By spittingtherealestfacts
    Would not recommend. So let me tell y’all. I did like this app until I took a nasty turn. Why u might ask? Well because my account was banned for reasons I still have yet to understand. Let me give you the run down. In their terms and agreement it’s clearly states asking for explicit photos and sending them will result in a ban of the user account. Well this app is full of men who ask and send explicit pictures without being banned how do I know this? Because I had many gentlemen do so who were still able to contact me days after. In this one instance when a gentleman asked for explicit photos I simply told him I wasn’t looking to mess around with anyone and that my sugar daddy wouldn’t appreciate it. I did not ask for him to be my sugar daddy I did not state anywhere that I needed one or was looking for one and this man was able to respond to me even after sending his explicit photos. Shortly after this conversation concluded I was banned. When I brought my case up to support they said that I violated their terms when I then made a vaild case about receiving multiple explicit photos and being asked multiple times for them without their accounts being banned they basically said boohoo pointing out other people’s wrongs won’t get your account back our decision is final. Which upset me very much because I did not in anyway violate their terms and agreement.
  • Worsted app app I have never seen in my life 1/5

    By stella31245
    Don’t download this app people
  • New User 1/5

    By 0622TT$
    You can only filter searches by age, distance and body type. I want religion, education, race, etc.
  • Suddenly banned? 🧐 1/5

    By Avii16
    New Review: HILY has subjected me to discrimination of income (or lack of.) The ban on my account occurred after I responded to a guy who stated he needs a sugar mommy. I jocularly stated that “I need a sugar daddy” as well as that “Covid made me broke as a joke” in an effort to scare him away. It was barely minutes after hitting send on this typed up response that my chat with another match disconnected. My screen switched informing me that my account has been suspended which then led to the permanent ban. I'm starting my new job in social work to help people who are struggling with infection of Covid-19, and all I wanted was to make new friends, possibly also find the love of my life. Not only is this subjection humiliating, and a mockery, I'm pretty sure discrimination based on income is not exactly legal. —————— —————— —————— —————— Old review Cool stuff: I just started on this app. It’s cute, fun, has a compatibility quiz and even astrological matching too. I kept getting notifications all day everyday since I made the app. I got soOo many matches so quickly and although I’m mainly looking for new friends, I was happy to chat up a few attractive guys that I liked. Sucky stuff: I suddenly got suspended for suspicious activity and was forced to verify my identity with a live picture although I had already verified my identity with a live picture when I first made my account. When I sent a question to the “live” HILY help support as to what the reasons were exactly that I got suspended, the “live” automatic response bot sent me the terms of use. So instead of stating what I did, it just left me the entire thing to read. Now I’ve already read through the entire thing the first time around but I checked it again just to see if it changed or maybe if it like auto detected something by accident? I literally have not violated any of the terms of use and I’m going back to the other dating apps. I was really excited for this one ☹️ Also it looks like there’s no simple way to get this back up and running for me. I’m very disappointed with my experience and I hope others don’t have to go through this.
  • Charging me 1/5

    By mirrrreee
    I’ve cancelled my account with you guys for about 5months and you guys are still charging me. What should I do because there isn’t a number or anything to call I need help
  • Too expensive 2/5

    By adot441
    I bought a premium membership which used to include profile boosts. I know have to pay extra to have my profile boosted. This is ridiculous! You guys really need to go back and include free profile boosts with your premium membership.
  • Fun until I got banned for no reason 1/5

    By vvvvelvet
    So I was having fun then got banned for no reason. My live got stopped and banned during while I showed my dog? So confused on how that was inappropriate or ban worthy? When reaching out to customer service they were no help at all, offering minimal information and acting very cold about the fact that my account is banned forever? Could even say they were robots responding to me instead of real people. Anyways, there were people on there saying really sexually explicit things over messenger and they didn't get banned so I’m confused as to why I did when I didn't respond to these people let alone break any rules. This app is a huge scam and customer support is probably the worst I’ve encountered.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By kingkkng
    This app is so great I got to meet so many wonderful people.
  • Location errors 1/5

    By Mayapapyaa300
    This app is a good app. But the location settings they have created are messed up. Where you live, you are barely gonna see people that live in the same state as you. You literally only see people that live in California, Texas , or Utah. It’s weird. They need to fix their location settings and it would be better. You can change it to “5 miles away” and you still only see people from Texas or Cali. I hate it. It’s stupid and makes me want to delete the app.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Bryeneaton1998
    They disable my account for no reason at all and all I know that I was being very nice on this app and getting to some people that I didn’t know before and hearing their problems and stuff and all I know is that my account was disabled for being too nice and have an excuse on that I was being violate sexual and etc. when I wasn’t so I recommend to not use this app to look for friends or someone to date but I do recommend badoo dating app I haven’t had a problem with them like ever and I act like the same way on there the way I act on Hily and I was banned off of Hily but not band on badoo so thank you that badoo Exist because if it wasn’t than I don’t know what other free dating app to choose
  • It’s okay 1/5

    By Lielle27
    Be careful when using this app because I chose not to share location services yet anyone who clicked on my profile could view the exact city I was in. There also happens to be lots of fake profiles and trolls who do not get banned for their troll behavior including the dispersion of racial slurs. Yet they ban everyone else for little stuff lol
  • Money 1/5

    By Thisisawaste
    You have to pay to use the app and more than likely it is a bunch of scammers you will see.
  • secundaria 3/5

    By frode dalia
    Berna. LoNG BEACh. CALIFORNIA. tengo hijos mayores de 18 No funmo ablo español soy latino
  • I use to like this app but..... 1/5

    By derek mcallester
    This app was good until they bad me out of no where I abide by the rules and everything and they did it twice for no reason and I still can’t get into it now this is bad business
  • Don’t use this app 1/5

    By ExposingScamApps
    Okcupid is better this app is a scam . Discrimination. This app is a scam don’t get
  • Mentioning your job occupation isn’t okay, but threats of being murdered is! 1/5

    By Lex.Tea
    I was banned for casually mentioning that I do only fans in a conversation just letting guys know that information before taking anything further. They did not pay attention to the fact that a guy was threatening me repeatedly to come to me and kill me though. Ghetto app. 🤣
  • I don’t like it 1/5

    By A1scott
    So far I don’t like this app. I haven’t had any cute girls on here I’m not shallow but I mean it’s pretty bad
  • Good 5/5

    By jujyfruita
  • If I could leave negative stars I would 1/5

    By Soooyyy
    This app first disabled my account under false pretenses because someone reported me stating that I was soliciting sex work when the person asked me to make him a cheesecake and I told him I charge for that because that is my business. After asking to prove who I am I was banned then I asked why they said because I in fact did solicit sex work I asked them to show proof & they investigated then found that I in fact did NOT solicit sex work and it was all about some dang cheesecake ! This site is unprofessional and should’ve investigated first before outright banning me I have never been so disrespected and insulted in my life over something that could’ve easily been avoided
  • No one around 1/5

    By Pellpell4
    I am in an upscale and well populated county. I searched for 20 miles between age of 28-35. I swiped through maybe 25 people before it said I needed to expand. It ended up showing me people all over the US. Doesn’t seem like anyone uses this app. Also, they all had kids and quality was much worse than Bumble or Tinder.
  • False report from Hily 1/5

    By bobthebiulder00
    I got banned for giving my Snapchat out Bc I didn’t trust Hily. Not the first time...
  • Disabled Account 1/5

    By invict1000
    So I just got back into app dating and I matched with someone I knew back in High school and for some reason my account gets disabled after sending her my number like....seriously Hilly.....You can do better. This app was actually good til this happened.
  • Do not get the premium 1/5

    By Prayforus97
    I got the premium I’d say a month or so ago. Did not need the app anymore so I took off the subscription we’ll 3 weeks have passed and they are still charging me. I talk to customer support and they seem so idiotic and won’t cancel the subscription and say I need to cancel it even tho I already did. They are just taking my money and won’t resolve the issue. I thought this was a decent app but now will not fix they’re issues
  • Listen to the reviews people 1/5

    By thisgidl
    It gave me a really hard time when I tried to delete my account I wouldn’t recommend
  • Banned 1/5

    By Brittsimmer
    I got banned all because I changed my gender for 1 second. I did it to see an emoji next to the different genders.
  • Disgusting Customer Service! 1/5

    By Bear Julianna
    Oh my gosh I was doing amazing on this app and getting so many matches and finding some really cool and amazing people. It last 7 1/2 days of perfect cooperation. All of the sudden I get banned. I email them off their website and the reason why was because of suspicious activity and that I am a scam? I verified my profile and everything. Then the second time I emailed them on their website they told me it’s because I was trying to give massages and sexual favors for money which is the last thing I would ever be doing. I keep telling them to show me the evidence, show me where I did this. I decided to read more reviews and the same thing happened to them. This is absolutely ridiculous I had thirty messages that I’m missing because of them. They never showed me what I said or what exactly I did to get banned but they told me there’s no reason to let you back on. Then this is the last email I got from them. I am absolutely disgusted and appalled by their response and behavior. I am so glad I did not pay premium for this. Obviously they think I’m blind or I’m stupid but I want others to see this before they get their hopes up. Seems that you either didn't check the Terms of use carefully or unfortunately, have a hard time to make a consequential conclusions. You misused the app and can't get back anymore, the decision is final and can not be disputed. Should've you checked the Terms of use, you'd saw there clearly mentioned that Hily may suspend, deactivate or terminate your account and your right to use the Service and may block or prevent your access to and use of the Service at any time in its sole discretion, for any reason or no reason, without explanation and without notice. Since you are trying to misuse this support channel, I have to refer to the clause above and close this conversation without further explanations and answers to any of your possible replies to this message. Thanks for understanding and good luck!
  • Absolutely crap 1/5

    By Just Done!!!
    Interface is junk, you tell it to find people in your area and it searches for everything but. I’ve literally not seen a single person from my state when trying to match. Don’t waste your time or money.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By DemonicPrincessV
    There are too many fake profiles and they get away with reporting you for stuff you never did! I got reported for asking for money and sharing others info. Which I’ve never done. Unlike the bots, I’m actually a real person. They also say I’ve been active for 9 months, though I just created my profile less than a week ago. This whole app is a scam.
  • Ignores search filters 1/5

    By Dannielle A
    Hardly any users near me. Which is fine, but the app seems to ignore your distance filter if it feels like it, and does not tell you. Every 10th person or so was within a few hours, and the rest were a state or two over. If it’s going to ignore my distance filter, maybe at least tell me? Maybe show me the close users first before sprinkling in people 5-6 hours away?
  • Worst experience 1/5

    By cruiz11
    I joined the app and immediately was banned. For inappropriate content. Upon joining women ask me to be a sugar baby ask for hookup also sent me nudes. Then I’m blocked for doing nothing butresponding back to say nah. You then pretend to have a human help chat but it’s not. I’m glad I only got a free subscription which I did delete cause the app banned me for a person offering services and I denied them so they made the app ban me not even looking at the person saying whatever. It’s kL best to not use apps like this cause I’m black they racist to even my case. I don’t say BLM but to be honest I hate apps that discriminate, I wish I had screen shot. Don’t download. Try hinge, tinder , anything else hily babies that literally cry and get

    By je t'aime🖤
    This app is HORRIBLE. I got ban on September 18 because I reported “to many “ people and people have reported me to many times. Then, the guys tried to make me give him my ID which I read their policy and it doesn’t say I have to so I got that ban undone. Then, a couple of days later I tried to ask the live chat guy to help me with the app because there was a bug and HE LEFT ME ON READ he did not help me whatsoever. Now recently I once AGAIN got banned because me and a guy was talking about sugar daddy as a CONVERSATION (well trying to at least) and as soon as I said sugar daddy I GOT BANNED. So then, I asked what’s going on and said I violence the rules (which I feel like they make it up as they go). So then I EMAILED them and instead of ONE person emailing me I got multiple people as I tried to talk to one another one comes and all they say is they can’t help you bye. Not only do they read your message and I feel like racist but they also try to ban you for anything. It’s sad honestly I hope that I can contact someone to make everyone know what kind of app this really is.
  • The app was fine at first 1/5

    By Sam43244657
    But then the middle of a live stream, it asked me to verify. No problem. But then take a picture button wouldn’t work. I tried closing down the app, and re-opening it again. Changing my settings. But nothing seems to work. Because I have to verify in order to continue using the app, this means that I can’t continue using the app.
  • nobody cute 😭🤝 1/5

    By that guy brad999
    fr fr tho
  • Don’t get it 1/5

    By JustAnotherGilt
    Tinder is better. I am 18 and I made an account to find friends and chat with people. As soon as I made an account people were instantly liking me. The only issue is that people never read my profile and always made hard remarks trying to hookup with me and even threatening me because they knew generally where I lived. My account got deleted because I told someone to leave me alone and how I didn’t wanna hookup yet they reported me after I unmatched them. Others kept questioning my age because I do look younger because of my genes. My mom looks like my sister even though she is in her 40s. Anyways, I tried to ask what was wrong and they refused to tell me and just said I could never recover my account and left it at that. So if you want real customer help then don’t get this app.
  • Do not use this app!!! 1/5

    By Scott from Michigan
    This app has nothing but scammers, fake profiles snap chat premium and only fans members looking to scam you out of money for nudes . The moderators don’t get rid of these people because they bring them money. They refuse to ban women who break the rules. If it’s not scammers it’s women who are half nude and or smoking weed. This app is not a pleasant place. If you are seeking an actual relationship, DO NOT USE THIS APP. Love comes to die on this app. Of all the dating apps out there, this is by far the worst one. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS APP. This message will probably be taken down because the moderators won’t let negative feedback like this be out there. They care more about making money off of desperate men and women then they do making this a peaceful site for people to meet each other. The true scammers here are the moderators. I could show you hundreds of videos and pictures of the kind of people on this app and it is diqusting! DO NO USE THIS APP!
  • Review 5/5

    By santino oberto
    I love this app the interface ain’t clumsy
  • My experience 1/5

    By Parseltongue Frank
    My account got deactivated due to a ‘guideline violation’ but I didn’t violate any of the guidelines or rules that were stated. I will not be recommending this app to any of my friends for use do to this action.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By jejdbsbdhdbdbxbd
    Hate the app
  • App is stupid 1/5

    By Sloe_Gold
    Literally just got a message saying my account has been banned and can’t be restored due to violations. I literally haven’t violated any of the rules. I don’t harass anyone or talk rude unlike some people have to me. I bet the rude talking people still have their accounts. I really liked this app until this nonsense happened. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
  • Disappointed 1/5

    Just moved from Michigan to California and have been using the app to meet new friends... then they banned me for literally no reason at all an when I asked why, customer support just said “Re-read the rules we’ve sent you before” I then ask what “rule” I violated and they leave me on read..
  • Account issues 1/5

    By katelyn1004
    It kept saying my account has been banned. When I was 18+ I did not ask for premium and I did not talk horribly or use inappropriate language I had to make three it’s ridiculous!
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Lilkaya3
    They banned me because a man got mad because he was too old for me then when I told him he’s to my old I get off the app and then come back my account bannned and they said I was looking for a sugar daddy but i wasn’t how was I looking for a sugar daddy if I didn’t want him🤔
  • I don’t recommend this app 1/5

    By chrisoendhcj
    As soon as I did my verification for my face it didn’t work so I did it again and right after tht it told me I was suspended for someone reporting me for being underage. Right after I got the verification. I don’t recommend this app