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Hey! Did you know that Hily dating is the perfect app to make new relationships happen? If you didn’t know of the truly amazing app to make friends nearby, chat with strangers from around the world, and ultimately find a soulmate - you certainly do now! Oh, it’s also a great app to find plenty of people to flirt with. Hily is a free app that believes dating is one of the routes to take in a relationship. You can find love nearby or meet international friends, start casual dating or meet your new sweetheart, find love or simply chat with nearby friends. Whatever your outcome when it comes to finding the right harmony in dating - Hily is here along the way. Hily is not your average dating. It is the go-to product to meet local people. This is how you find dates near me. Hily offers so many love opportunities. Hey, we know cupid would approve of love messages on our dating app. Hily dating app offers you the ability to not only extend your inner circle but also find a serious relationship that will lead to your happiness. Love We know how much pressure there is on dating apps to find love. Hily focuses on the natural flow of things. We are all about the lovely process of establishing blind-date opportunities in real life. Chat and meet people in your area or somewhere across the ocean. Who knows, you may be crossing paths with your sweetheart. Casual dating, serious dating, flirt, wherever your journey on Hily leads - this is the dating app to help you not only find people but also find love. Fun Explore all the amazing features Hily has to offer. Stream over video as much as you want, video call with your friends and connections, invite your potential date to take a compatibility quiz, have fun using all the perks Hily has to offer in addition to video streaming and calling. No Pressure Hily is not like other dating apps. Whether you want to find love, soulmate, start casual dating or simply make new friends - Hily offers you more options. There is no pressure when it comes to choosing your destination on Hily. This is the perfect place to chat with international or nearby friends and see where your conversation takes you next. Connection Hily dating is all about establishing a connection. This dating app offers a great way to connect with its users and its team. Chat with the live support staff on Hily messenger. Say “Hey, it’s me!” or share your thoughts on the app, or simply ask a question about the product. The team will swiftly answer all your requests regardless of where you are in the world. Security Yes, security matters to us! Every user goes through a human moderation system and profile verification. So, how do you join this amazing social discovery app? That’s super easy! Install Hily and create a profile full of exciting photos, info, and stories. Start by setting your search criteria to whatever it is that you are looking for - love, friendship, networking, fun, or else. Check out all the profiles of other users in the Finder section. Connect and swipe away. Add Your Story to the Streaming section or start a Live Stream and go live on the app. Hily also has a subscription service that offers more fun features, but the app is available to download and use for free, so go ahead, install Hily and discover everything it has to offer! Hily is a space to express yourself, to build genuine relationships for life. Stay in touch with us! To learn more, go to Hily website https://hily.com To share your experience with Hily, share your feedback at [email protected] Also, take a look at the Terms of Service at https://hily.com/terms and Privacy Policy at https://hily.com/privacypolicy

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  • Distance 2/5

    By Lissa🖤
    I understand every app has its premium features that you pay extra for. Things like messaging anyone you want or being able to see everyone that liked you. But this app doesn’t let you adjust distance unless you pay extra. That should be a basic feature available to anyone. This app is basically worthless if everyone I get is over an hour away from me or in another state. So this dating app you basically can’t date anyone at all.
  • Ads 1/5

    By jzaaa
    Constant ads pop up that you cannot get off the screen. This app is the worst.
  • Cancel premium 1/5

    By rc-1964
    Good luck….. I hope you like reading and surfing. They take you money super easy, try to cancel….. lol
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By mo932211
    Doesn't even let me create an account although this is the first time I downloaded the app it says your account has been banned (which is actually not created yet)
  • Tough to rate because I can barely use it 1/5

    By B4ssm4st3r8898
    Bug causes the app to crash anytime I try to upload a photo. Seems like a good quality dating app but how can I even use it without photos?
  • CRAP!!! 1/5

    By THCbuddy
    Full of fake profiles and ads. Just another greedy app trying to steal money from you! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS JOKE!
  • Where do I begin? 1/5

    By murdog6927
    This app is a breeding ground for women/scammers who want to take your money. In my time on this app 90%of my matches were people trying to scam me out of my money. What’s even better is I don’t even need that. Cause HILY will scam you out of your money. I use the free subscription and before it’s even over they charge my card for it. ITS A FREE SUBSCRIPTION. Then when I try to get help they say that if u use the free subscription more than once it will charge your card. THEN ITS NOT FREE!! DONT ADVERTISE IT AS FREE IF ITS NOT!
  • Some of the worst customer service I’ve ever encountered 1/5

    By Torimadisyn
    I was temporarily banned and when I reached out to customer service for an explanation, I was give two different answers, passed around to three different agents, and was dismissed repeatedly when I asked for more specific clarification to their vague answers that made absolutely no sense. Come to find out I was banned because of sending “spam messages” which apparently was from users reporting me for asking them to message my Instagram straight off the bat and them assuming I was a “fake” or “catfish” account because of this. Even after I explained that this particular app is glitchy and that’s the reason I reach out with that message, and that I was unaware that even qualified as “spam”, they still would not acknowledge or apologize for not just initially TELLING ME THAT and being straight forward with me so I could just be mindful in the future to chat with people more before suggesting they reach out to my Instagram. This was a horrible experience and I honestly never want to use this app again, nor do I suggest it to anyone else.
  • Ads 1/5

    By Kanegober
    I have no problem with a free app having ads, but when i get an ad every five swipes then that’s a little ridiculous. It just leaves you frustrated and feels unusable.
  • Hated all the weirdness on the app. 1/5

    By NessyCki
    I did not grasp the concept of this app. The live section and gift part made me feel extremely uncomfortable. People on live were weird and seemed to have no purpose other than collect coins? Or token? Receiving gifts weirded me out, as people likely paid to send stickers or emoji? And they made it seem like a big deal. Also, I am not sure to know how the app works but I received unwanted message from people I did not match with, we absolutely do not have common intrerest, they could not hold a proper conversation, or were there for hookup purpose only. Everything on the app made me cringe, feel unsafe and uncomfortable.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Devolf1
    This is just another tinder trying to take your money. Litterally nothing special should be taken down for product theft.
  • Keeps getting suspended 1/5

    By DC NoNi
    I don’t really know what’s wrong if it’s my phone or your app but I’ve logged in successfully and I’m chatting and then you guys just suspended my account for no reason it’s so crazy,,,, funniest part I don’t even get to open it again cause as soon as Input any of my new or old they suspend the Acct even before opening the Acct,,,, please try and fix this your privacy and policy is too high and most of us that use this apps are not from USA so you should know what you doing over there man
  • Scam. 1/5

    By thor.cle
    They send you a bunch of fake likes with people who aren’t even online. Trying to get you to pay money when no one uses the app.
  • great app 5/5

    By adult video chat👉ssu8.com🌹阿
    At first I wasn’t sure of the whole app and was definitely skeptical from the start! However as it is I’m enjoying myself, and am actually communicating with beautiful people. Honestly didn’t realize attractive people used dating sites? I have been out of the game a while. Well thanks I’m still on the fence as far This app is great at finding a week plus tax goes. But the potential for a meaningful relationship that could potentially last forever is priceless. I’ll give more feedback if I choose to go premium. Suggestion: Let up on the inappropriate pic uploads I couldn’t upload a lot of shirtless pics just because my head wasn’t in perfect full view, also I had shorts on in a photo and the pic didn’t reveal that I was wearing anything, but I’m standing behind a counter. A little annoying the automated system. But then the person suppose to help online just keep asking me to upload a different well I didn’t have any good shots with my face not in perfect full view of this particular look. Not an inappropriate photo however the system said that and made me agree that it was inappropriate before I could move on! I almost canceled at this point, which was last night. Just some constructive criticism. If you want to move forward you gotta ease up on the policing. Get new licenses change the platform rang! This will be the determining factor to yalls ability to evolve and continue for well into the future! Thanks to anyone who actually reads all this chatter! Have a great day
  • Trash 3/5

    By gave 333391045
    Imagine having to pay to find someone or to see some one
  • Misogynistic 3/5

    By dchfvg
    It really just seems more like a hook up app
  • 90% Bots 2/5

    By Ryker Blade
    I get about 5 chats a day from bots and scammers that I then subsequently report. And that’s the most activity I get on this app
  • No one in your location. 1/5

    By A_SiLlY_ReViEW
    I think I may have seen or matched with one person from my state in the time of using this app. I’m from Indianapolis which has a large base of people and I set my filter to 20 miles and regardless of what you set that filter to you get people from all over the country. Nothing within 50 miles.
  • 5-10 second adds WHILE SWIPING?? 1/5

    By swaminwr
    Why on gods green earth would you add a these adds every 2-3 swipes and to others that read this they are unskipable unless you watch more than half of the add. Just when I thought they would fix this.
  • Banned 1/5

    By zanaia16
    I got banned out of no where y’all said the app was for people 17+ right well make it that way then don’t say it for people 17+ and it’s really for people 18+ just lying like I don’t even wanna get the app no more when I turn 18 cause y’all lied bout it being for people 17+ and I want y’all to make it way it is for 17+ cause dats what y’all have it as then make it that way
  • Forces payment 1/5

    By Awsome kid123
    Basically makes it impossible without paying.. doesn’t show you every one and have currently had my likes limited to about 5 per day. There is two like buttons and i have no idea what they mean. Lots of fake accounts and get shown the same skipped accounts multiple times. Traps you in adds, it also will show me people 2 states a way then all of the sudden shows me people 10 minutes away. Pretty dissatisfied with the scamming click baity nature.
  • Not worth it. Needs cheeper plans 1/5

    By Mic Parker
    It cost and is over priced.
  • Advertisements 3/5

    By flamrs456789
    Every 2-4 clicks I get a 30 second advertisement could at least give us some premium benefits for having to watch that many ads
  • Don’t use 1/5

    By Bugs!!!!!!!$:)/&
    Do not download developers don’t care about u they will take ur money they have fake accounts on the app as well trying to sell sex
  • Fraud 1/5

    By Machaelis
    Mostly bot accounts, the app will say people have liked you so you’ll get premium then they all disappear. 3 DAY PREMIUM FREE TRIAL IS NOT FREE, THEY WILL CHARGE YOU.
  • 🤦‍♂️ 1/5

    By hkvstcgjckkfddscjjn
    You have to pay money to use this app
  • Thieving App 1/5

    By Thatguyzk
    This app stole money from me. It said $0 for Hily boost for 3 days, and then $5.99 a week. I agreed to the trial and was instantly charged the $5.99 plus tax. I strongly advise staying away from this app unless you want to agree to unauthorized fees. Also, the algorithm is terrible and filled with obnoxious ads.
  • Worst dating app on the platform 1/5

    By Ultimate Ewan
    14.99 A WEEK for premium is overpriced and the people of Hily should be ashamed of themselves
  • It’s just a money hole 1/5

    By qwandale dingle
    It’s way to much just to get on the app and then eat to much to do anything on the app🙄
  • No matches? Too many ads. 1/5

    By Wabbo31
    This app is not like it used to be 2 years ago. You can barely get any matches now, and there are too many ads…
  • Scam! 1/5

    By Scoobydoo554
    I was offered a free trial, then offered a free boost. Later on the day I get charged for a $16.23 even though I canceled before 1 day! I got with support and in a nut shell the told me it was my fault and the app doesn’t know better!
  • Zero if I could 1/5

    By kay20003200
    Idk if my other review posted but they banned me saying I asked for money and I been trying for months to get them to give me my account since I never did what they banned me from .. I talked to support and they were rude and unprofessional I said I will leave a review and the support said “ I wished u mentioned why u was banned” I find they very rude and unprofessional since I been asked for a manger or someone higher the support continued not answering my questions and then want to say there’s no management… I will never use this app this they like to be selective when banning people…. There nothing but creeps that wants meet up or will send u unwanted photos
  • Be careful 2/5

    By shemz love
    The app will continue asking if you wanna do free trials but you only get one so if it does ask you for another which it will often don’t take it they will take your money
  • No one worth meeting on here. 1/5

    By SoCalGhstRydr
    Waisted money. Asking for a refund. Too many not compatible with me.
  • Thieves! 1/5

    By Russel whitney
    Do not try ANY “free trial.” When it gives you the option for a free trial it says you won’t be charged for 7 days, that’s false. The past two times I tried getting the “free trial” I was charged minutes after. Don’t even waste your time with this app!
  • This app is a terrible wingman and is pay to win 1/5

    By 582829473
    This app stinks. Use tinder or number, cause this app is full of people I can’t believe are actually real. Only use this app if you want to see the strangest most gut wrenching people, I’m pretty sure the app doesn’t even work the way it’s supposed to. The boost will go off and show you to 100 people the first time then less than 1/5 of that any other given time.
  • How 2/5

    By jfdddddhfbbv
    I dont see the people who reacted to me on the main page?
  • Terrible App 1/5

    Edit: Hily provided a generic, non-authentic, “canned soup” response to attempt to resolve their ineffective service rather than rectifying their inadequacies. Bottom line: Hily’s efficacy of providing quality service is subpar and garbage. Don’t use. Obviously I’m not the only user with a similar opinion. Original post: Adds, over charged, not straightforward pricing, nickel and dime you, infested with fake profiles and scammers. Let’s get apple to ban this app for bad business practices! Petition started!
  • App has become a lot less usable lately 3/5

    By Reallast1
    Tl;dr: app is basically another dating app that shows people too far away, too many ads, and not enough results. Premium, however, magically solves all your ”problems”. Wasn’t always this way. Some members show up to premium only. Gonna start off by saying the app is basically the same as most are, nothing too much different than its competitors. There are some cuties on there but overall just another dating app. There are many things I do not like about it though. 1. Is that there are multiple filters that are premium only, such as distance. For the most part they go from closest to farthest away, but I get profiles in my feed that are over a hundred miles away. The next then will be in the next town over. Average is about 70 miles or so from my personal experience. I get that I live in a more rural area but come on, really? I have like 10 decent sized towns/cities, which I know have users, in my area within a 30 min drive, not 2+ hours. 2. Lately, after the newest update, there seems to be more ads than profiles that I see. You can get rid of them with premium, however. Before this update, I do not remember seeing any ads, now while I’m scrolling, I manage to accidentally tap on one, as they appear out of nowhere. 3. It seems as though I don’t really get many matches despite having about 45 reactions, which I understand doesn’t really seem to have much to do with the company. However, It just seems as though my profile isn’t really showing up in the feeds of the people I am liking. I have sent out at least double as many as I have received. I have only gotten about two matches which didn’t end up going anywhere. I don’t really seem to think I’m that repulsive that nobody wants to date me. I also don’t believe I am ugly or a total piece of garbage. Also some profiles show up to only premium members. Pushing to make you buy premium. I don’t know what it is about this app, but something really needs to be done to fix its major problems, which are the top two I mentioned. The third point is not really a huge problem, for me at least, but only if it’s on my part. If it’s something the company itself is doing, then yeah it needs fixing cause I’m about ready to uninstall this app whether I found someone or not. Tl;dr
  • Broken app 1/5

    By ZugelBoy
    Im pretty much fed up with all the pop-ups in the swipe section, and they are getting worse and worse, now playing video adds of “zoosk.” How sad that a dating app has to advertise another dating app. Also, this app needs work. No matter how much I dial-in my filter options, it still matches me with people thousands of miles a way. I rarely ever get anyone near me. Total crap. Im just about fed up with this app. FIX YOUR BROKEN APP
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Meil875
    Charges you for absolutely everything worst app for anything
  • Too many ads and pop-ups and mods are ridiculous 1/5

    By mantis tooboggan
    The photo approval process is completely absurdly pathetic. Need like 4k quality and then maybe they approve and the ads and pop ups I swear my phone will end up with cancer. Ugh.
  • Offered a free trial and then immediately charged me 2/5

    By gwiwhfgwj
    First, I want to say that I somewhat understand this, and that it isn’t ENTIRELY their fault. I used a free trial a few months beforehand. I just bought a free trial to premium, and immediately got charged $14.99. I had used a free trial in the past, but the pop-up offered me 7 days free, and then a weekly charged. It offered it to me, someone who had one beforehand. As it was offered to me directly, I figured I’d accept. There were several different plan options, so I assumed the trial was for a different one than before. But alas, I was immediately charged. I talked to someone through their in-app help. They responded quickly, but informed me that the free trial advertisement is given to all users. They offered me a small perk to my membership for the misunderstanding, but I wasn’t planning on spending $15 for an app under something like this. They refused to reimburse my money, even though the pop-up I was given specifically said that I wouldn’t be charged for 1 week. 2 stars because they responded quickly. 2 stars because the help was useless, and they relied on misdirection to get membership.
  • Its a scam … they want u to add snap so u pay them for premium 1/5

    By Phil 0373839363729293
    Ive used tinder for three years and paid here and there but never had any convos . Tired this for like a week and well everyone on here basically wants u to add their snapchat to pay for there premium…. So ur basically burning ur money this app is a huge disappointment
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Derieux
    There are more fake profiles than actual people on the app, and they will end up double charging you if you don’t keep an eye on your account. If you decide to end the subscription before the month you payed for is up, they take away everything and set you back to the most basic usage.
  • Money scam 1/5

    By Johnny56189
    Worst app on earth.Charge you for every little thing you do. They double charged me for two memberships and didn’t even refund my money. Customer service was the worst. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this app. It will save a lot of money in the long run

    By hwhdhdhcis
    Waste of TIME !!’ Do not use this app!!!! U will get hacked !!!
  • Fix the app 1/5

    By Ghostsshah
    I keep watching videos to message people and I’m not getting my chats for watching the videos …. This app is full of bugs and need to be fixed ASAP
  • Lol 1/5

    By wow really son
    Not on it long enough give me some time lol
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