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Hey! Did you know that Hily dating is the perfect app to make new relationships happen? If you didn’t know of the truly amazing app to make friends nearby, chat with strangers from around the world, and ultimately find a soulmate - you certainly do now! Oh, it’s also a great app to find plenty of people to flirt with. Hily is a free app that believes dating is one of the routes to take in a relationship. You can find love nearby or meet international friends, start casual dating or meet your new sweetheart, find love or simply chat with nearby friends. Whatever your outcome when it comes to finding the right harmony in dating - Hily is here along the way. Hily is not your average dating. It is the go-to product to meet local people. This is how you find dates near me. Hily offers so many love opportunities. Hey, we know cupid would approve of love messages on our dating app. Hily dating app offers you the ability to not only extend your inner circle but also find a serious relationship that will lead to your happiness. Love We know how much pressure there is on dating apps to find love. Hily focuses on the natural flow of things. We are all about the lovely process of establishing blind-date opportunities in real life. Chat and meet people in your area or somewhere across the ocean. Who knows, you may be crossing paths with your sweetheart. Casual dating, serious dating, flirt, wherever your journey on Hily leads - this is the dating app to help you not only find people but also find love. Fun Explore all the amazing features Hily has to offer. Stream over video as much as you want, video call with your friends and connections, invite your potential date to take a compatibility quiz, have fun using all the perks Hily has to offer in addition to video streaming and calling. No Pressure Hily is not like other dating apps. Whether you want to find love, soulmate, start casual dating or simply make new friends - Hily offers you more options. There is no pressure when it comes to choosing your destination on Hily. This is the perfect place to chat with international or nearby friends and see where your conversation takes you next. Connection Hily dating is all about establishing a connection. This dating app offers a great way to connect with its users and its team. Chat with the live support staff on Hily messenger. Say “Hey, it’s me!” or share your thoughts on the app, or simply ask a question about the product. The team will swiftly answer all your requests regardless of where you are in the world. Security Yes, security matters to us! Every user goes through a human moderation system and profile verification. So, how do you join this amazing social discovery app? That’s super easy! Install Hily and create a profile full of exciting photos, info, and stories. Start by setting your search criteria to whatever it is that you are looking for - love, friendship, networking, fun, or else. Check out all the profiles of other users in the Finder section. Connect and swipe away. Add Your Story to the Streaming section or start a Live Stream and go live on the app. Hily also has a subscription service that offers more fun features, but the app is available to download and use for free, so go ahead, install Hily and discover everything it has to offer! Hily is a space to express yourself, to build genuine relationships for life. Stay in touch with us! To learn more, go to Hily website https://hily.com To share your experience with Hily, share your feedback at [email protected] Also, take a look at the Terms of Service at https://hily.com/terms and Privacy Policy at https://hily.com/privacypolicy

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Hily - Dating. Meet New People app reviews

  • Bad 😤 1/5

    By darlene2902
    You know I just downloaded this app and wanted to make new friends ,in 10 minutes time my acc got blocked why?,I ain’t know ,just imagine had it been u paid for it then what happens to my money ,don’t download this I even think tinder is better than this ☹️
  • Messages aren’t working 2/5

    By tehran03
    For the best couple days I can’t send messages to others after we match
  • Bugs 1/5

    By Dajour W.
    Can’t send texts and I can only view the first picture after the new update. Please fix because I actually decided to put money into this and I’m regretting my choice
  • Buddy didn’t lie 2/5

    By 2353278896888?;,&!
    Money grad!!!
  • This isn’t even worth it 1/5

    By Kaneki245
    Why do i have to pay money just to see people who reacts or visits my profile it’s so dumb not everyone has the money to throw at an app just to unlock the ability to unblur someone who has reacted or viewed my profile
  • Spam 1/5

    By Aelo10107
    Ridiculously high amount of fake accounts. Bots spamming you with “Do you have snap” all day. If you’re a desperate weirdo you can watch some random chick stream her existence. Outside of that it’s a regular swiping app. Nothing noteworthy. Heavily outranked by Tinder.
  • Kind a need to fix your app 4/5

    By Lobau14
    I only show a little bit of cleavage and I have not been able to freaking live streaming in a month I don’t know why, you guys need to get email fixed up so people can email you their problems bout your app
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By WenchBandit
    Everything is locked behind pay walls. There’s no reason to use this app when there are much better free apps with more users. Huge L
  • Customer service help. 1/5

    By notifactions
    Whenever I reply to more than 10 people now all over the limit it makes the conversation disappear completely from the message tab unless they text again. I’ve shown proof to 2 different people and they both say Ik wrong and that they are there still when they are not. Horrible customer service
  • Gone downhill 1/5

    By read this and explain
    It wasn’t bad at first and would’ve recommended it to people but now every 10 swipes you get an ad. It shows people wayyyyy outside of your area it’s just gone downhill 6 months ago I would’ve said it was close to being on par with tinder now it’s absolutely terrible and wouldn’t recommend downloading it.
  • Money back 1/5

    By bryanbutns
    I was deleting this app then a purchase for $6 came up and I thought I hit cancel but it went through. I didn’t mean to make the purchase and I don’t use this app
  • It was good 1/5

    By $TONYT$
    Not anymore can’t even talk to anybody anymore use to give u an option to watch ads to talk to someone why can’t u guys keep that now it’s not good anymore
  • Horrid ad placement 1/5

    By yeet skeet and goto sleep
    Fix the ad placement and I’ll rate 5 app is decent but ads are so intrusive in mid swipes
  • This app is a money pit not worth it at all 2/5

    By $peedy23
    Ok so I downloaded it set up an account just to see what’s up it’s all over Snapchat so must be popular well there are a lot of people on it but this app is a money pit constantly throwing up stuff in front of the screen saying get premium 5 dollars to see who sent you a reaction this and that buy a boost pay for this pay for that buy these dumb little gift token things for girls on live stream idk tinder is simple you can buy premium or gold or whatever and you unlock all the features same thing with bumble tinder is expensive for no reason I don’t get it bumble isn’t as expensive and is alot better in my opinion this app just wants you to spend money there is so many buttons and so many features it drowns out the one reason people are on the app for to either find a partner or to get laid there’s so many things just thrown up on the screen and when I’m tapping threw the photos it just likes someone like I’m tapping to quickly it’s not simple enough for something that is supposed to be simple it’ll drain your money and I got so many reactions and likes so quickly it seems like a scam I don’t think I’m that hot so I wouldn’t buy it it’s got major scam vibes and It seems like whoever made this app is trying way to hard
  • Amazing customer support 5/5

    By John/big papa
    Give Tyler a promotion he helped me fun a girl he did everything power. If Tyler could run he wouldn’t he’d fly. Hope this get to you pal.
  • I like it but too expensive I can only buy butter fly 3/5

    By katracho504Honduras
    Too expensive but really entertaining app if you have more to spend but is fun and real people not scam
  • Horrible 1/5

    By OtfKeepitmøving
    I subscribed to this app for 1 or 2 weeks and then unsubscribe. After I unsubscribe it still try to take money out of my account. Now I can’t download anything because I have pay for something that I don’t want anymore. Horrible And this review won’t change until this issue is fixed.
  • Worst dating app 1/5

    By Baalsaq
    Skip this app and go to tinder or fb dating. Half of the profiles on the app are fake and many are people overseas. They sell you unblurs but most of the time it’s worthless because you use them to reveal mostly fake accounts. Then you get Philippinas whose profile says they’re local but their not. If you sign up for a 3 day no obligation “free” trial and then cancel it’ll bill your card 15 bucks anyways without your consent. Terrible app, terrible business complete waste of time and money.
  • Good service 5/5

    By likeyoutolove
    I hope to find loyal wife
  • This is horrible 1/5

    By Infamous Gio
    Idk why this app exist….I wanted local people to talk to but all I’m getting is people from Maryland and I don’t live near there.
  • Scam company 1/5

    By Sherlockd0mes
    This company is the text book definition of a scam. They tell you you can cancel your sub through your Apple account that is false. Secondly when you contact support you can’t immediately talk with anyone.( likely their plan in an attempt to steal more money from people who are trying to cancel). If you do make contact with someone they will tell you they removed your information. This is also incorrect. You will still be billed. Third attempt same thing. All the way up until you have to change your credit card number just to stop them. It’s ridiculous and highly unethical. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Will never recommend or use again. Heed my warnings stay away
  • Works alright 5/5

    By Ram250098
    Y’all should like make the chatting part free to be easer to talk to other
  • Fake as can be. 1/5

    By StarKiller3.0
    Even after paying premium and when using your premium benefits, you get boosts. Clearly these are just used to keep you interested in the app. You get a couple reactions at a time, but when you goto check they aren’t currently online and thus are just a fake match. All done to keep you spending money.
  • One way commutation 2/5

    By Lawless ACE
    The app is nice and all with plenty of ways to match. But when I get notified of a match with at this current time 26 different matches. I try to initiate the conversation and that’s the last of it. No notifications of them at least reading the messages or anything. I feel like I’ve been wasting my time this past month.
  • Do not download! 1/5

    By 4404400
    You can’t do anything if you don’t spend money. I refuse to sign up for their “free” trial. Waste of time.
  • My review 5/5

    By colinkenny
    Looks goo so far
  • Y’all hiring? 1/5

    By bubba169269
    Y’all hiring because it’s majorly sad just how many women are on this app trying to sell their bodies and not looking for something other then money it’s one thing to be on there for a hookup but to bluntly be selling your body on a dating platform is beyond acceptable.
  • Yaima 1/5

    By yaimiya
    No quiero esta aplicasion pensé era otra cosa
  • Suspension of account after trial period 1/5

    By pissedmember
    Don’t try to pay for any subscription because your account will be suspended after trial periods with any refund
  • Fake profile text you then disappears 1/5

    By longshlong29
    Theirs profiles that match and text so you will buy the app then they disappear after you have a short conversation with them and pay for the app
  • Its like Tender but Trashy 2/5

    By Loke666
    Pay to play kinda deal, trashy deal…
  • Crashes non stop 1/5

    By Daleyotter
    Everyone I open the app it crashes within a few minutes
  • str8 up lying 1/5

    By dwade4611
    i got the free trial jus to see wat it was about and it said i was able to unblur people with that subscription but they lied to me
  • Matches 1/5

    By Optional95
    Keep getting the same exact match but they never say anything. Feels like a SCAM
  • Waist of money. 1/5

    By bradend2213
    You buy the premium and it won’t even let you unblur anyone what’s the point of spending 10 for the same exact thing as the free part if you want to unblur people you have to pay 15.99 total waste. Another thing is it’s super complicated to use they have what feels like 17 different things on one screen. wish i would’ve never spent my money on this poorly made app.
  • Not worth the trouble 1/5

    By Alberto M
    Hily, anyone who want cancel and remove your profile should be easy it shouldn’t be complex. any of these apps Period moreover a lot of fake people on this app no matter how hard they try they just can’t figure out how to get rid of fake people on this app it’s an app that not worth the time. That being said good luck to anybody who’s looking. Now for something completely different you’re going to see a pre-recorded message from the people of Hily,This is just to cover up their mess when they leave response messages from people who leave bad reviews don’t believe them.
  • Fake profiles galore 1/5

    By Treetopflyer1
    I bought this for one month. There were supposedly 300 women in my area. During first 3 weeks found like two that matched but they would not chat or say anything. Then last week i keep getting hit up by hily to renew my subscription. All of the sudden there are more matches at the very end of my subscription. But still not one of those matches would say one word. Then now that my subscription has ran out… i am getting all kinds of matches but i cannot see what they look like or talk to them without paying. This app is a total scam and full of fake profiles. I want a refund. If i could give zero stars i would.

    By f the corrupt government
    imagine paying for a dating app in 2022, if ur ugly down load the app if ur willing to pay.
  • Not very useful as a guy 1/5

    By ThatGuySam
    Tons of notifications that are more about trying to get you to use the app and pay for features and not a lot of notification about messages, likes and things that are relevant to you. Also, it has a live streaming feature that’s more like an Only Fans thirst trap than actually finding a meaningful connection.
  • This app is terrible and money hungry 1/5

    By banthesetrashapps
    Get banned easily an can’t get your account restored terrible custom service can barley get matched and see who wants to match with you because every little thing cost money like are you trying to help people find love or get money I see they just want money terrible app almost worse then tinder people go outside an meet cause all these dating apps just want money seek elsewhere
  • Free trial my a** 1/5

    By Nickxscarella
    Charges you after they say it’s a free three day trial. Total scam. Had to request a refund though apple. Update: your response makes zero sense as to what I complained about. You offer a 3 day trial for FREE and charge. Buyer beware
  • The app 1/5

    By Hosukayt
    The app is very buggy it’s full of trolls and cat fishes as well as it rips u off if u spend money on the app it doesn’t provide what your paying for re read this so u understand what I mean
  • Needs ads for free use 3/5

    By Wolfking894
    No way to see who texts you unless you pay!
  • Makes you pay to see who reacted to you 1/5

    By Hahahahhaajajjaja
    Absolutely terrible app
  • Money crunch 1/5

    By Itchaboi5
    Don’t get the app unless you plan on paying some kind of money. If you don’t pay, you can still swipe and see profiles but if you get a text you will not be able to respond until you pay up. The only main things you can do is swipe on profiles and look at streams but other then that you have to pay for everything else.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Thatgas
    100% scam and not worth your time ever don’t even think about downloading
  • Socially irresponsible 1/5

    By Antzzzs
    What’s the point of a specified search term if it’s not honored? The likelihood someone will be hurt due to this platform escalates when they won’t honor a search prerequisite that THEY defined.
  • ????? 1/5

    By RedMalakai2022
    This app will not let me make an account. Says I’ve been banned but I’ve never even had an account.
  • The App 1/5

    By 53willys
    I give this App 1 star cause of today I went to open the app and it was like I never existed. Now I have to deal with customer service. I feel at this time the app was a money grab.
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