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HireVue App

HireVue is a free tool that lets you take your HireVue Interviews anytime, anywhere when invited by a potential employer. HireVue is a great way for you to interview! You can complete your HireVue Digital Interview on your own time, when it works for you, anywhere you have an internet connection. And it's completely confidential! If you need any help conducting or completing your HireVue Interview, please contact us at [email protected] or at 1-800-655-4106. Good luck! Sit back, relax, tell a story and have a great interview!


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HireVue app reviews

  • Great alternative for initial interview-kuddos👍 5/5

    By mnbx2
    Great app
  • Time well spent 5/5

    By Ang-£*¥€-
    Easy to use interface. Can you plan on your own time to interview. The practice rounds helped me prepare and set up my phone to be just right. Flowed well.
  • Awesome!!! 5/5

    By Mpizzlefoshizzle
    Great way to interview candidates. I've be turned down without even speaking to the Hiring manager so this ensures he/she at least gets a look at me.
  • Awesome Application for an Interview 5/5

    By smclar
    I’d like to give thumbs up for such an application. Made my interview very comfortable and transparent. 💯
  • Great For Busy Candidates and Interviwers 5/5

    By Fleur dLis
    I found this to be a great interview experience, As someone who often interviews others, I wish we had this.
  • Wonderful place to start working with. 5/5

    By Wandelent7
    I really enjoyed the hiring process with Shipt. It really is an amazing opportunity and app.
  • Great and simple 5/5

    By RBrown7888
    Loved this. Got to interview from home. The app didn’t freeze. Easy to navigate.
  • Great way to interview 5/5

    By IAmGodsDiamond
    I had heard about digital interviews, but never experienced it. This was a great experience to interview at a time that was convenient for me. It definitely takes the pressure out of interviewing. The how to instructions were clear and concise. The number of questions were appropriate as were the different response methods. Overall, this is an innovative and practical way to interview.
  • Uncomfortable 1/5

    By end selfies
    This is very impersonal. Getting to know someone is best done face to face in my opinion. Doing a “selfie” interview is geared towards a specific generation or those who enjoy talking to a device versus an actual human. How does taking a selfie prepare you to lead a team? What skills are communicated in the time limit of this selfie? Not a true representation of myself or what I have to offer potential employers.
  • Very Modern interview experience 5/5

    By Captbm
  • Internship 5/5

    By FNP intern
    First time experiencing this type of interview style. Practice questions help to prepare for what would be expected once I started the interview. Very easy to use the app and complete the interview process.
  • Retired public servant 5/5

    By Rucker-Young
    I had never taken an interview on video. It was a different experience. I liked it although I have enjoyed the personal touch. I hope it was acceptable. It was quick and it had its difficulties due to handling the device and positioning at the same time.
  • Difficulties with video could cost me a position. 3/5

    By gbryan1
    I love that one can control their own environment for the interview, including time, atmosphere, etc.... I do find it very distracting being able to see myself while answering questions. On question 7 of 14, the video question on the interview would not download. I waited for almost an hour (I used my mobile device) then had to concede. I looked at the app later that night and again the next morning, and it was still attempting to download. I had to take the app out altogether, contact the company I was interviewing for to explain. The thankfully, gave me another chance, when I uploaded the app and opened it with my code, it started at question 7- right where it left off previously. While I was happy, it was working, I now had on completely different attire, so must look like a quick change artist. Lol. I just think I’m the end, it was a multi-day ordeal which made me appear non tech-savvy, Lane it persistent, to the company. I hope it will not cost me the position.
  • The next wave 5/5

    By justnfr
    This is new and efficient
  • Excellent way to interview. 5/5

    By teachertutor
    I love the fact that you have preparation time and that you had an opportunity to retake your video before submission! Most of the time when I interview I get a bundle of nerves and anxiety because the process itself tends to be nerve-racking, but this process was the opposite! I was relaxed for the most part in my own home at my own convenient time and I got a chance to think about the questions before answer them and resubmit them if needed.
  • Thank You. 4/5

    By S kill Rex
    I was interested in the camera quality though it flipped my angle once it was done recording, so I look a bit off. That is a huge step in the wrong direction. Thanks though. Contact me for further inquiries.
  • Great App 5/5

    By sprygrl21
    This App was a quick and sufficient way to do an online interview on my time.
  • Excellent, easy to use 4/5

    By Mukio
    Very simple app to use.
  • Great and Easy! 5/5

    By thejesuscat
    I spontaneously applied to a job that spontaneously informed me of a video interview. The app made this a pleasant spontaneous application process!
  • Great way to interview in starting the process 5/5

    By jonica boland
    I usually interview in person but your interprocess was very well done. I wish you the best of luck! Sounds like a wonderful company!
  • Crazy 5/5

    By Eazidzit871
    It's crazy how technology is advancing so fast, I just took an interview, I just took a live interview on my phone how crazy is that‼️‼️‼️
  • Great Interviewing Tool 5/5

    By Teejay36
    Wow! What a great interview tool. The App ran smoothly, and overall it was a wonderful interview. To be able to interview in your own comfortable surroundings is outstanding!
  • Poor candidate experience 1/5

    By Chip85251
    As a Human Resources leader, I signed a contract with HireVue in my last position in an effort to increase recruiter efficiency. Now that I’m in the job market, I’m finding that many employers are utilizing this technology. From a candidate’s perspective, recorded video interviews like HireVue are incredibly impersonal and awkward. The whole experience reflects poorly on the employer, as all of the burden, time investment and inconvenience falls on the applicant. In an effort to increase efficiency, the employer is effectively giving candidates a negative first impression. Employers who continue to utilize this technology are ultimately doing themselves a disservice. In their effort to increase efficiency, they will ultimately lose out on the strongest candidates, as they will no longer be willing to participate in this cold, mechanical experience. For this reason, as time goes on I believe employers will discontinue the use of recorded interviews. After being on the candidate side of this process I will strongly discourage any future employer from utilizing recorded video interviews such as this.
  • Great, helpful, and convenient interview app!!! 4/5

    By SunshineMattyJ
    I just got done with an interview for a job I am applying for at my school. The practice interviews were super helpful and gave great tips to be professionally presentable. I would only suggest more practice questions. Very sleek, convenient, and new!
  • Issues with App 1/5

    By Rõyälé ârčhîē
    I can’t get the app to function correctly with my IPhone 5s
  • Great Idea However.. 2/5

    By G.Silia
    This could be perfect for someone who doesn’t have time to attend a one on one interview. Although I feel like this version of an Interview isn’t for everyone, at least not for me. It was a very nerve recking experience with me. Literally my heart was pounding while my time was ticking away to give my answer. I like the idea but it might not be for everyone.
  • Excellent Process 5/5

    By Agony Prime
    This app is everything you need from an interview without the awkwardness it’s streamlined and efficient and it actually gives you a chance to sell yourself to the company rather than be caught off guard or put new situation where the interview has issues because of timing and location
  • Great and easy interview tool!!! 5/5

    By Ryry2010101
    I thought it was such a great and efficient tool to help with interviews. I appreciate that they were thoughtful of your time frame to do the interview and answer the questions with the video, multiple choice, or essay responses. Such a cool and interesting way to do interviews and takes away the pressure of being face to face which I don’t mind because that doesn’t bother me!!!
  • Interview 4/5

    By jnradel
    The interview was very good in regard to time spent. It was very awkward to speak to an IPad, no eye contact or connection to a human.
  • Fun! 5/5

    By Katibug813
    That was a very fun interview experience!
  • Hire 4/5

    By eqecf
    Fine way to get a glimpse of you
  • Great experience 5/5

    By ✈ Arlene Cepeda
    I find it great how you can sit and give the information is was great good app
  • Great option for a busy Mom! 5/5

    By Kerimarie2
    This is a great option for those with busy schedules or those that do not live close to large cities where many business headquarters are located. It's also a great way for a company to get to know a candidate and to be able to make choices quickly. It saves everyone time!
  • Anticipating what it would be Ike 5/5

    By Shopper MN
    A great experience had not participated in one of these before
  • The downfall 1/5

    By khanzie
    This is dumb af. This is a great way to ruin the already crumbling practice of employment. Injecting yourself in a relationship between a candidate and possible employer will never help the candidate.
  • So professional.... 5/5

    By Beauty Tp
    I live this hoping this is the future interviews no angry people so calm and relaxed no pressure not nervous at all very comfortable and friendly!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Sanchezrubi46
    Very efficient and useful way to conduct a job interview! Real life relevant questions and enough to time to make the potential employee feel comfortable. Every company should use this app!
  • Interview Preparation 👍🏼 5/5

    By orcha60
    I like opportunity to review materials online in your preparation area prior to your interview. I like that the interview provide you with the ability to read do that portion of your interview. This tape is very helpful in terms of developing interviewing skills.
  • Great experience 5/5

    By Niqua123
    Great experience you can practice as many times as you want and the interview is super easy.
  • All employers should use this 5/5

    By Mandalie317
    I felt 5is experience was a great way for the company to get to know me especially with online applications. It puts a face and personality to the resume.
  • Great Interview Alternative 4/5

    By Theo3rd
    I thought this was an efficient way of conducting an interview. The learning video, preparation tips and practice interview session were very helpful in my preparation. Being able to practice as much as possible made me feel more ill at ease. The 30 second preparation time before each actual recording and viewing of your first recording really put you in the driver’s seat to know if your first time through was great or you needed one more chance. A video interview can put you on edge from what you’re used to but after you get going everything flows and before you know it, your done.
  • HireVue 4/5

    By DavonA.J
    Great way to hold interviews, for those who have a number of reasons not. To attend in person.
  • Stuck on second question 1/5

    By dahutchinson
    I think this is a great idea for an app but for some reason I can’t get past the second question. When I hit finish the app closes so I go back into the app and I have to start the video over again. Not sure what’s wrong but it’s a wasted opportunity.
  • 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/5

    By My God Lord Jesus
    Very easy and very great experience.
  • Absolutely wonderful relaxed feeling! 5/5

    By Lamarc86
    For a first time video interview, it was truly a blast. I felt that I could actually let go and be myself more than sitting in an actual interview with sweaty palms trying to make and keep eye contact on the interviewer. 5 stars all around and two thumbs up. Definitely the interview app of the future.
  • Great 5/5

    By DTank5
    The interview was precise and complete in a timely fashion. And I had no problems uploading the app and processing interview. Thank you
  • Interview using HireVue, Inc. 5/5

    By Car umbra
    This was my first experience using this technique. I felt very comfortable using the App, and believe the interview went well. The majority of the interview consisted of multiple choice responses to questions, with a few video responses as to “what would I do if” questions. Nothing intimidating!
  • Wow!! 5/5

    By Loe18
    Easy and simple
  • Quick and to the point 5/5

    By Swimminbird
    Quick to download and install. I love the way it lets you know how much data will be transferred for practice interviews and such. Time allotments were accurate also. Practice questions were great for warm up before interview and connectivity wasn't an issue even with only a couple bars on iPAD. This saved me having to buy a web cam and I think I might incorporate Hirevue into my husband's interviewing process for his business! This was painless. Thanks Hirevue!
  • Interesting concept, hard to complete 2/5

    By Mus11212
    I found the entire process easy and smooth. However, once the real questions began, I panicked. The process of staring yourself in the face, with no other human interaction or facial cues completely stumped me. Im extremely disappointed in myself, but I felt weird recording myself. It was very unnerving.

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