HISTORY: TV Shows on Demand

HISTORY: TV Shows on Demand

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HISTORY: TV Shows on Demand App

Stream your favorite HISTORY TV shows including The Curse of Oak Island, Ancient Aliens, Forged in Fire, American Pickers & more. Watch full episodes on your favorite iOS device. Watch all your favorite HISTORY series such as: • Alone • American Pickers • Ancient Aliens • AxMen • Forged in Fire • Mountain Men • Pawn Stars • Project Blue Book • Swamp People • The Curse of Oak Island • The UnXplained .... plus many more! NEW! Live streaming on the app. Yes, that’s right, you can now stream HISTORY straight from your iOS device. • Stream your favorite HISTORY TV shows - for FREE!* • Discover incredible stories from the past and present with our ground-breaking series • Create a HISTORY profile to continue watching episodes where you left off on any device Download the HISTORY app now to watch the latest episodes, whenever you want. For even more HISTORY commercial free - download HISTORY Vault. Stream thousands of documentaries and series from 25 years of HISTORY Channel for $4.99/month or $49.99/year. Start your 7-day free trial now. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see https://priv-policy.imrworldwide.com/priv/mobile/us/en/optout.html for more information Please note that HISTORY content is only available to stream in the United States.

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HISTORY: TV Shows on Demand app reviews

  • Not about the type of shows 3/5

    By cantchooseothers
    Too long of commercials and too many of them. Want to be like Netflix and Hulu etc. then make then like YouTube ads
  • Alone 5/5

    By jonnyb683
    Second favorite show ever. Curse of Oak Island being tops. Stop with all the ads, geez can’t you do something about that?
  • Review 4/5

    By SeanJohn13
    Just a few too many commercials.
  • Ads, ads, and more ads 2/5

    By person0583
    My god the ads are unbearable, 10 ads every 5 minutes is absolutely unacceptable. The first two episodes I watched today had about one or two ads per fiveish minutes which quickly went up to about 10 ads. This is a disgrace, I can’t even watch my shows without wanting to throw my phone on the ground in a fit of rage, cut back the number of ads ASAP. This app is completely fine besides the ads
  • Love History 5/5

    By Rev Hite
    Love the channel and it’s “Alone” series. Great app
  • So many commercials 1/5

    By JLMHokie77
    The commercials make it unwatchable. It takes over an hour to watch an hour-long show. They run adds every 5 minutes and if that’s not bad enough, it’s the same 4-5 adds over and over and over. I hate to break it to Tropical Smoothie, Kia, and the meningitis vaccine people... I’m never buying your products because the repetitive adds on this app.
  • Great content, annoying app 3/5

    By Deliberate Living
    This review is for the tvOS app. No complaints about the shows on History Channel. In the tvOS app they look and sound fine. But the UX in the app is rough and riddled with bugs. 1. Constantly repeats the same show segments after an ad. I suspect this is triggered by the ad insertion system as it only seems to happen after fast forwarding through a show segment (which typically triggers a commercial). This happens a LOT! 2. So many commercials. It is almost unbearable to see the same commercial this many times. Forcing viewers to sit through the same commercial 15 times during an episode is bad business. Binge watching? I hope you’re ok watching a commercial a hundred times or more. 3. Mediocre navigating. I have to work harder than I’d expect to find what I want to watch in this app. 4. I have to log in / activate every other time I launch the tvOS app. Super annoying and time consuming. Multiple AppleTV’s have the same issue. 5. TvOS app doesn’t always remember what episodes I’ve watched so I’m constantly guessing which episode was last viewed. Add to this the issues above with fast forwarding and I’ve spent longer trying to get to the last 5 minutes of an episode than the length of the episode itself. I’m still using the app to binge some of my favorite shows but the bugs and UX issues make it a lot more difficult than it should be.
  • Total Crap. 1/5

    By Hdrydr1
    Ya get what ya pay for. You pay nothing and you get the same. Epic FAIL.
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By Benz316
    Great app to watch all the history shows anytime anyplace. Excellent.
  • Stop Selling Once You’ve Sold 4/5

    By Morsecode_OHIO
    The content and the quality of the content on the History App are good. The advertising from more History content is excessive and relentless. A single show episode runs 4-6 advertisements for more History shows ever 15 mins. This is far too much in my opinion. With competition for viewers, the History team should consider reducing the quantity and duration of the commercials.
  • Great to.....l 5/5

    By Michael Cotto Viera
    The history programming takes the individual through various events which makes your mind sometimes wanting to experience what you’ve watched. My thanks to those who participate and those who make it possible to watch, great job, keep it up!!!
  • Grant US Peace 5/5

    By Jack Alexander the Great
    It is definitely a must watch because it is so inspirational and better yet brutally honest and true.
  • Disables basic iPad features 1/5

    By cygnus-x1
    Picture in picture is disabled! Need to respond to a message while watching a video? On most apps, pressing home pits the playing video into a picture box and it keeps playing. Not so with this app. It’s like this app was last updated when the original iPad was released.
  • So many ads.. 2/5

    By GAN8TOR
    Just about equal parts ads and content. I pay to avoid ads...
  • History not commercials 2/5

    By Learning crazed
    Tried watching Grant. Great show ruined by commercials every 5 mins. History Channel will fail as it is. I am done with it
  • More History 4/5

    By MilkeG
    Please do more HISTORY! Stop with the outdoorsy,bearded crap.
  • AppleTV version rewinds after commercials 1/5

    By TC123401
    History Channel App on AppleTV is terrible. It rewinds after every commercial and then you have to fast forward to the segment you left off before the commercial started. A complete train wreck. It’s bad enough there are too many commercials and those commercials are completely repetitive. Sometimes the same commercial will play 4 out of 7 times during a 7 commercial segment that you can’t skip. So, doesn’t work right, and buries you in repetitive commercials.
  • Holy Commercials Batman! 1/5

    By Kindasortanotrly
    The amount of commercials is just OBSURD. I find myself falling asleep during them because it takes about an hour and a half to watch a 30 minute program. Ridiculous. “Watch the shows you love anywhere, any time.” They said. LIES! Currently writing this review during one of the aforementioned epic ad spans... currently on ad 2 of 6!!!!
  • Solid good app 4/5

    By La bayou
    App works great most of the time. Crashes every now and then, but reliable enough to reload and continue. Great selection of shows and awesome to watch in bed with ear buds while your wife wants to watch dumb ole OWN or Murder mystery stuff 😒🤪
  • Too many repetitive ads 2/5

    By JazziJeff88
    I love the history channel and a lot of there shows but there are way too many ads. And sometimes they repeat the same add 3 or 4 times in a Row.. it’s very annoying, please fix that and 6 ads is hard to sit through. I’ll stick to Netflix until this problem is resolved.
  • So many ads, its painful 1/5

    By JdSquared-1
    There are so many ads I can't stand it. Want to skip 2 minutes in and you accidentally go a little farther? Well that will be 1:45 of ads before you can go back and fix it... and then you'll get another 1:30 of ads when you get to the right spot!!! I actually canceled my Bank of America account after seeing that llama ad 50 times ... so frustrating. Also no casting to devices, really?
  • Awesome/terrible 3/5

    By Dboys75
    Non stop freakin repetition commercials make this app unbearable, the shows are great but if i wanted to watch commercials I’d watch the news!!!
  • Great content meh app 4/5

    By SWToR Gamer
    Love the content! But they need profiles or a way my family can watch too without messing up my viewing.
  • Way too many ads 1/5

    By OmniDynmc
    Horrible number of ads. Then they added these ridiculous interactive ads. Should offer a subscription service to get of them.
  • Ad hurling garbage 1/5

    By +-+-+-+-+-+-+-
    Tried to watch alone. First 8 ads then an intro then 8 ads then a flashback sequence then 8 ads. The show starts it’s someone crying in their tent about their past and their life. I fast forward to the wilderness portion of the show guess what 8 ads. I would like to watch the show maybe.
  • History Channel has some great content, but... 2/5

    By DBIG3
    This app is super glitchy. It frequently boots you out and requires you to re-log in. There are a ton of commercials and the app has a tendency to freeze in the middle of commercials and require restarting. The app never seems to be able to keep up with which episode of a show that you’re on or where you might’ve left off in an episode. Extremely frustrating user experience.
  • Amazing! But I have an idea for a new feature 5/5

    By Bendy gamer 242
    I Absolutely Love This App! But, I Hate Typing To Search For A Show. Why? Because I’m Too Lazy. So How About The Ability To Save Shows. Like for example: I Find A Show I Like And There Is A Save Button I Tap The Save Button And That Show Is Saved To A Tab Called “Saved Shows” So When A New Episode Is Out I Can Just Go To The Tab And See The Episode. Maybe Even Add The Ability To Add Folders e.g. “My Favorite Shows” “Travis’s Favorite Shows” I Hope I Can Look Forward To This In The Next Update
  • Great content, frequent annoying commercials. 3/5

    By jlfigueroa
    The content with the exception of the aliens programs is great, but the constant commercials for incoming shows is really annoying. You are constantly interrupted by them. Why not do it just before and after the program. If not for that, 5 stars.
  • Outrageous! 2/5

    By Dboth9812
    You used to offer this app for $4.99 mo. And watch anything that is over a year old for free. What a great idea!! Why did you cave to Hulu? They have to be the driving force behind this.... Maybe not, regardless I would pay you $9.99 mo. just to get rid of the ads. Judging by the feedback I’ve read, I am not alone in this struggle. You guys beat cable and their greed, but you feel right back into it by selling out again. I will never watch your app until you break away and do it alone. I will find something else interesting to watch. There are plenty of commercial free choices that remain.
  • Please dIsplay remaining ad time 3/5

    By Pickle-Lickle
    The ads are unbearable. Please display the amount of time remaining for ads. E.g. Ad 4 of 8, 6 minutes left. Also, please do not show the exact same ad two times in a row. 7 ads breaks with 4 to 6 ads that are heavily repeated is just too much. Or add some mechanism where some can pay to remove ads
  • AppleTV app is awful 1/5

    By classical-guitar
    The AppleTV app is garbage. Not only is there a ton of very repetitive ads, but after the ads end, it keeps rewinding me back a whole 1 or even 2 segments rather.
  • Commercials are SO LOUD!!! 1/5

    By mk2369
    The volume of the shows is so quiet I have to turn the volume all the way up. But I better pay attention because the commercials are so loud they will blow my speakers. Why is it like this? Other apps don’t have this problem. I can watch your shows on my Spectrum app and they’re fine. This is literally just a problem with your app. Fix it!
  • Great app 5/5

    By MrCheseburger
    It’s a great app to watch your favorite shows! 5/5😃
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By MaddenCanSuckIt
    I can not get this app to work or load on a regular basis. Now I don’t have the fastest or fanciest internet, but I don’t have problems with any other streaming apps. Luckily Amazon prime has Alone.
  • Grant 5/5

    By Quantify
    WAY too many commercials - a VERY VERY powerful story.
  • Great content....too many commercials 4/5

    By MattyP74
    Great content and well done
  • Keep getting error 3/5

    By mrbrad187
    Keep getting error that app needs to reauthenticate! Uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing helps! Can’t watch anything on this ap!
  • Great Untold Story 5/5

    By dakotavette
    Having read and watched many Civil War books and movies, I found this series one of the most informative and interesting ones to date. US Grant is truly a person that rose from obstacles to overcome them and really was most responsible for winning the civil war. I found the explanation of his thinking and strategy for winning the war was very informative. I am glad I took the time to watch this series.
  • Horrible app! 1/5

    By RedDog48
    Whoever coded this app did a terrible job. It’s constantly jumping back to the beginning of a show after watching a bunch of commercials. It doesn’t remember the point at which you stopped watching a show. Lastly, it doesn’t synch properly with other devices. Check your coding!
  • Grant and Washington Documentaries are must 5/5

    By Tom6650
    I so thoroughly enjoyed these productions. It is a wonderful education on American history and how perilously close our nation almost crumbled. They are 2 of the Top 5 Americans in history. They are amazing examples how principled men with the focus on fairness can make such a difference. I believe without either one, this great nation wouldn’t exist!
  • Love the History App 5/5

    By Leipiki
    Just finIshed Grant, which was spectacular! It should be required viewing for all Americans. Watched The Men Who Made America last week. Also great viewing. Love the History app!
  • Way to many adds 3/5

    By dhdhdhrhe
  • Commercials 1/5

    By Mdonlon
    Way too many commercials, probably 60/40 commercial to content. On top of that there are only 2 or 3 companies advertising on your app, I’ve watched the same commercial 6 times in a row in between brief periods of show. Oh great here’s the commercial again...
  • Grant 5/5

    By brutzh
    Very well done! My only complaint would be the all to frequent ads for your other History shows. Once or twice per episode is enough for me to decide if I’m interested.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By thisapppisunusable
    Garbage app
  • Commercials 4/5

    By Willis331
    History is my favorite channel. Usually record shows so I can skip commercials but when I miss one I watch on the app. App has way to many commercials. If they were cut in half then I could go 5 stars for the app.
  • Very disappointing 1/5

    By Dr Wonderful
    Although it’s possible to watch shows on your iPad, navigation is clumsy and you can’t fast-forward thru the many commercials. Watching on iPad is a colossal waste of time.
  • App for Watching Commercials 1/5

    By Jim.Kelly
    If you are looking to watch a ton of commercials with a smidgen of content added then this is the App for you. The History Channel has some good shows, but this app makes watching them a chore.
  • Really good content 5/5

    By Toffee Baldino
    I love their documentaries. Washington and Grant both very well done. Could use a little help in their posting ads, I see the same 3 over and over again.

HISTORY: TV Shows on Demand app comments

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