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HK Connect

  • Category: Music
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  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Harman International Industries
  • Compatibility: Android
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HK Connect App

The HK Connect app works with Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4. Use the HK Connect app for speaker configuration and software upgrade.

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HK Connect app reviews

  • Onyx 5 Epic Fail 1/5

    By smhonyx5
    Where is the app for the Onyx 5? Please respond to the question.
  • Possible fix? 3/5

    By Clconk
    I had been having trouble connecting 2 onyx 4 speakers in stereo mode. Just did a hard reset to speakers (press + and Bluetooth button), deleted both from phone Bluetooth. Turned speakers back on (firm push on the button), connected back to Bluetooth and they are working!
  • Losing time 1/5

    By CATT 6231
    This don’t work people don’t lose your time with this I give -100 stars to this app
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By BrendaLPGA
    I can’t get my two speakers to pair and play in stereo no matter how many times I try. The app is worthless.
  • A bland and mostly non-functional experience 1/5

    By AnonymousHatesPandora
    The app claims few features, none of which I’ve been able to test after the latest update, because it cannot connect to my speaker anymore. When it was able to work with the old version, it lacked any customisation, and was an extremely bland experience.
  • FIX THIS APP❗️‼️⁉️ 1/5

    By stttttvvvv
    Stereo does work consistently. PLEASE FIX THIS.
  • App fails to deliver 1/5

    By Howled
    I have (2) Onyx 4 speakers and the app does not hold the “Stereo” setting at all and reverts back to “party mode”.... this is unacceptable and has issues for over a year with no “update” to rectify it... if you want a good “mono” speaker, this is a great speaker... but if you want “stereo” audio, DO NOT BUY (2) of these speakers as the app is the only way to get “stereo” sound and it fails for EVERYONE... VERY disappointed:(
  • No EQ? 1/5

    By Jkers10
    The sound on he Onyx 4 is fine. But from room to room, being able to EQ would seem to be a basic function through an app. All they offer are these three obscure functions. If I have the phone in my hand to use the app, why would i want to use the speaker for it? Goofy.
  • The app needs more! 1/5

    By jimmytx67
    There needs to be some sort of equalizer or even some very basic sound control within the app. This speaker sounds great without this control but would probably be even better if we could control treble and bass.
  • Harmon Kardon 3 2/5

    By Hockey200016
    Can I connect with a Harmon Kardon 3? It will not connect.
  • Speaker good, app no good. 1/5

    By Tza$
    Nuff said
  • Will not connect to speakers. 1/5

    By CannaVenger
    Please update and fix this app. I very much would like to use the stereo features. App will not even connect to speakers, even while connected and actively playing music.
  • Does not connect 1/5

    By Rsakas
    Does not connect.
  • Dont bother 1/5

    By KWilliams007
    Should be a simply awesome and useful app but it does not work.
  • App won’t detect speakers update the app please 1/5

    By Glide818
    Ok first of all I like to say I usually don’t write any reviews but I make an exception when either I’m happy with the app or annoyed by how it lacks to offer what is claim to do. Ok here are the issues I have with this app: It fails to detect my speakers even though both are on and pair with my phone And when I tried to connect both together that doesn’t work either Second thing I’m concerned is what kind of developers do you have working on your app? It has only been updated twice and one of those updates was to the license agreement and the second time to the UI and it took six months between both Jesus lord are you serious? However it fails to work at least on my experience I would love to rate it 5 even 10 stars if it would deliver what it was supposedly made for unfortunately I’m so disappointed and since I can rate it 1/2 star or less I’m rating it only one star
  • Add Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5 1/5

    By Helloguy101
    Can’t connect my hks5 to this app and can’t even see my battery life in the battery widget on iOS pls add so I can see my battery life
  • Connecting my 2 HK 5s 1/5

    By SydandAlanis
    This is so annoying that I can’t pair my two HK 5s together with this app. When I had my HK 4s I was able to pair my speakers. I hope they fix this soon or I’ll just return my 2 HKs get JBLs
  • Was great but not any more 1/5

    By a2thompson
    I usually don’t write reviews but this app was great when I first downloaded it. I liked being able to check the battery on my speaker. But lately the app hasn’t been able to connect to my speaker even if I’m connected listening to music. It just keeps trying to discover my speaker and can’t find it and keeps telling me how to connect to it.
  • Searching 1/5

    By dbvnbfxs
    Not working
  • hk onyx studio 1 1/5

    By itati_13
    Can’t even connect my hk onyx studio 1 to the app. I followed the instructions like 4 times. Can it be that mines is older version. Does anyone have the same problem? 🤔👎🏼🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Works only sometimes. 2/5

    By gratefuldead12345
    Have issues with detecting speakers through app even though they play music. Can have speakers on and playing and the app tells you to connect your phone to speakers.
  • Laughable 1/5

    By Brian broad
    @Apple. How did this app get approved. Right....because Apple. @HK. Who is testing? Someone is sleeping on the job. Half star. This app launches every time I tap it. Lets see what they think of next.
  • Cannot discover speaker 1/5

    By Dawookoo
    It can’t find the speaker despite being properly connected.
  • Isn’t working with Onyx Studio 4 1/5

    By jamaalsd
    I am connected to speaker but app can’t ‘discover’ it.
  • Disappointing nonsense. 1/5

    By Taoism64
    Well that’s money down the drain. Should’ve stayed with one speaker.
  • Firmware & app needs work 2/5

    By ChrisE1G
    Do I have the latest firmware? I wouldn’t know as the app doesn’t indicate if you do or not. HomeKit integration ought to be possible now that Apple have lifted the requirement for embedded chips. This speaker got major latency. Don’t buy it if you’re looking for a BT speaker to use with any mobile music making apps. The sounds the speaker makes to when turning it on/off and whatnot, NEEDS to be set to a default lower volume, user definable preferably. I used the aux in, and had to max out the onboard volume/amp as the device I had connected didn’t have enough juice to get any normal volume. When you max out the volume on this speaker it will blow your ears of with a LOUD sound letting you know that you’ve maxed out the volume. This is dangerous, it’s loud enough to permanently damage a persons hearing. You need to lock that issue down ASAP. It is a major issue when using the aux-in with a weak sound source. I would be dead by now if my mixer and DAW behaved like this. Sleep/standby after x amount of time with no sound regardless of power source. Have the speaker wake up when it receives a connection via Bluetooth (regardless if connected to a power outlet or not). My €90 BT soundbar does this, so ought to be possible on a €400 premium BT speaker. Finer volume increase from iOS devices if possible, it gets loud even at the lower 3-4 notches in iOS. Perhaps a bit of control over the bass/treble, adjustable via the app -> onboard speaker storage/setting, if possible. This would be handy for nighttime listening etc. This would be a bonus, not crucial in anyway. This speaker is €400+ (euro). That’s a, high, premium price point. It doesn’t matter how good/bad the actual speaker is when it’s riddled with issues like the internal blings and blongs sounds, no way to wake it up via Bluetooth, and so on.
  • Bugged 1/5

    By uncensord
    I am stuck on screen were the only button directs me to bluetooth+settings.
  • “Bluetooth must be on.” 1/5

    By OctopusCarDoor
    It’s sticking me on a screen telling me that bluetooth has to be on and I need to connect to my speaker. I AM CONNECTED TO THE SPEAKER VIA BLUETOOTH! Reset the app and still stuck on the same screen, garbage application, guess I’ll make do without it.
  • Are you kidding me.. 1/5

    By 1345456789
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Ronaldvk
    This app worked the first time. And I’ve not been able to get it to work after that! It is really sad that you can’t make a better app. You really need to work on it! And when the app did work it has no features, whatsoever!
  • Laggy 1/5

    By mshabsb
    Need to fix the app it’s always quitting and tells me to connect to my speaker when I am
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Arifalimd
    The app keeps searching for the speaker, asking to pair. Speaker HK Onyx is already paired.
  • Joke 1/5

    By Nofeardeeres
    Evidently they must not do any testing whatsoever before releasing this. Set up is and should be pretty straightforward, but only one speaker works and it cuts out constantly.
  • It works if you follow the instructions. 5/5

    By Ocrizo
    I own two HK Onyx Studio 4 speakers and can consistently utilize the stereo/party function this app offers. You can merge two speakers without this app. However, it is required if you wish to listen to the music in stereo. No issues. Just follow the step-by-step instructions in the app or the included handbook.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Tor15468
    It won’t connect to my speaker at all.
  • No update as of April 2018 1/5

    By MelyMel17
    The app freezes on the turn on Bluetooth setup screen as previously mentioned in another review. I don’t think Harman Kardon will be updating this at all. At least the speakers are amazing.
  • Complete garbage 1/5

    By Ron66691873
    The idea is good but just DOES NOT WORK! Totally unsatisfactory experience. I bought two Studio 4 to enjoy stereo sound and this keeps disconnecting!! Now I understand the reduction in price. This is why Bose has way more sales than you!
  • It just doesn't discover the speaker 1/5

    By 21centuryreviewer
    I have it connected on Bluetooth, music plays, but app cannot discover the speaker. Totally useless.
  • Add sound adjustment 2/5

    By Clowncarni
    App doesn’t do much of anything. Would be more useful if an equalizer was added to adjust sound settings. The stock sound quality of the onyx 4 tends to have flat/neutral mid and highs. Would like to adjust this.
  • Welp...y’all were right. 4/5

    By ZIs Finest
    I expected the very worse and got it quickly. Connected. Launched Stereo. Sounds great! Left Channel! Right Channel! Yea!!! I’m thinking...”What are they talking about?!?!”...and then BOOM...bye-bye Stereo. Hello pop-up messages. Since that initial 5 minutes: 1. I’ve changed the sight-lines between my iPhone and the main speaker. (It’s Bluetooth and shouldn’t matter... 2. I also have kept the HK app open on my phone while playing music. (Plugged into my charging stand) 3. I turned off my notifications (have no idea if it matters) But...not one interruption. Not one. I realize that’s not sustainable, but I know what I’m working with....and I’m very very happy. Played an album from start to finish...clean. And now the big test...March Madness. Connected to my smart TV now...Awesome! Good luck.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By joejoe150
    While my Bluetooth speaker is connected to my phone the app won’t connect to my speaker.
  • Amazing speaker; USELESS app 1/5

    By parduekody
    Every time you reopen the app, you have to turn the speaker off and back on for it to discover it. Once it does, the app still offers no functionality other than editing the speakers name..
  • Very bad app 1/5

    By christhepigeon
    Speakers work perfect and sound even better , but the stereo mode doesn’t stay for too long , it reverts to party mode.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By StarLord412
    Said it was “Discovering” for 10 minutes, unable to connect. Kept telling me to “make sure the speaker is on and connected by Bluetooth” despite me sitting there LISTENING TO MUSIC ON THE SPEAKER.
  • Please fix connection issues 1/5

    By I'mDefAlwaysRight
    The description of this app says that it works with onyx 4 speakers ... no ... it does not. Speakers are on and playing Spotify but this app will not recognize them. On an iPhone 10 here. Latency is awful when watching videos. Developers please help!
  • Fantastic speakers ruined by this app! 1/5

    By Texas45
    I am giving a 1 star review to this app only, I would rate my speakers as 5-Star. The interface provided for using these speakers is absolutely terrible. When you do have the speakers synced they sound incredible, but that’s worthless if you cannot use them.
  • The worst app. 1/5

    By Liam1211
    Please update this app pronto. The speakers retail for $450. For this price the app should be flawless. I have 2. But the app is very buggy. I want to connect them in stereo and I want them to stay in stereo mode. The app keeps reverting to party mode! Also spotty connection with the app. Connects and unconnects at a whim. HK is cheating customers out of a lot of money and not meeting its obligations to ensure all features work.
  • Trash!!!!! 1/5

    By Czar28
    App does NOT WORK will not get pass the turn on Bluetooth!!!!!!! Frustrating🤨🤨
  • Great speakers but terrible app! 1/5

    By harvey2268
    As others have said, the speakers sound amazing, and when the app works and puts them into “stereo” mode, it’s a beautiful thing. The problem is that it won’t stay in stereo mode for long and reverts back to “party” mode for no reason. Once it automatically dumps them back into party mode, it takes an act of Congress to get it back into stereo mode with the app stating that it cannot connect to the speakers, only shows one speaker, tells me to turn off my other HK app (there is no other app running), etc. At that point, I have to turn off the app, both speakers and start the process over of syncing it all again. Super frustrating!!!!!! HK app developers - please fix this app...pretty please!!

HK Connect app comments

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