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  • Current Version: 2.2
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Hobby Lobby App

Take Hobby Lobby with you wherever you go! Download the new Hobby Lobby app to get the latest coupon, browse the weekly ad, locate stores near you, check your gift card balance and much more. Hobby Lobby is now at your fingertips! Hobby Lobby offers over 75,000 products from crafts, wearable art, home accents, frames, jewelry, hobbies, papercrafting, custom framing, fabric, art supplies, party supplies, seasonal, floral and furniture! Hobby Lobby is the place to shop with Super Savings, Super Selection!™ Coupon Easily access a new Hobby Lobby coupon every week! Use it in-store or online. Weekly Ad Hobby Lobby offers customers exceptional selection and value every week. Tap to view our weekly ad, and you are sure to find what you need. Store Locator Find the closest Hobby Lobby! Each store provides an enjoyable and enriched shopping experience providing exceptional value with the widest variety of products, from home décor to craft supplies, all under one roof. Gift Cards Conveniently tap to check your balance. Easily plan your next shopping excursion to Hobby Lobby! Feedback Tell us how much you love the Hobby Lobby app. Share the app with your family and friends!


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Hobby Lobby app reviews

  • Problem with using at store 1/5

    By CynthiaP007
    For a good 6 months the store can’t scan the coupon from app or enter the number listed...they get an error message. I decided to delete app and re-install. No one can understand why it does it since is the stores app. If doesn’t work on next visit and will discontinue use and use email coupons. Bummer.
  • Bad 1/5

    By f0rris
    It just takes you to safari if you want to shop online, which I don’t want to do, because their online page works really badly.
  • Almost useless 1/5

    By Shameko
    Better get to your PC to search for products. And bring lunch to the store - slowest cashiers in the galaxy, problems with discounts, coupons, the usual hobby lobby run by evilgelicals crooks
  • Just links to the website 1/5

    By Toad577
    An app to link to the browser? Why have an app at all if that's what it does?
  • Terrible App and Company 1/5

    By Kasen'sMom
    Go to Michael’s instead. This place rips you off and has terrible customer service!
  • Christian thieves & lawbreakers 1/5

    By PhelineCat
    They've always been stingy with coupons & big sales; in comparison to the rest of it's kind. (the laborers aren't earning more via HL than JoAnne or Michaels) The long slow clearance gives the impression the items are contaminated- not something that should be in my home.* I shop there if they have something I need or to use gift cards but the app (it works) is functionally identical to the stores. The multi-billionaire Greens, owners/founders of HL, apparently doesn't have enough $$ to pay customs fees to import priceless** religious artifacts for the Museum of the Bible off the Mall in DC. The artifacts weren't traceable and by losing context, they lose significant value. What are they without history? Are archeologists supposed to just guess where they were found? What right do criminal diggers have to steal them? They're supporting international crime syndicates. You & I would be in big trouble for that, wouldn't we? Nobody would shop our stores. The owners believe they're above a federal law passed to protect women from people just like them. When did your great-grandmother give permission to give her body as a bargaining chip? How dare a single person decry a single abortion they could've prevented by ensuring access to birth control? There's a mandate to cover birth control. It decreases the abortion rate and they have a problem with women NOT getting pregnant? (psssst! it's money & politics too!) * Nothing religious or spiritual, just comical- how I'd feel if I brought any of it home ** If they're priceless… consider that
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Chaz Kellie
    The coupon feature is absolutely fantastic!! When I’m out doing errands I check to see if there’s a coupon I can take advantage of... yesterday I bought a model car kit for $7.50, original price was $24.99. Great app !!
  • Redirects to Website 2/5

    By cjlovesmonday
    I downloaded this to make shopping on my phone easier. However, when I clicked “shop” on the app, it just took me back to my web browser. Very unhelpful
  • Gift Cards 1/5

    By Mrsjb95
    When did it change that you can not use more than one gift card on an online/app purchase?!!!!!
  • Free coupons! 5/5

    By JasonDeegan
    How could you not love it?!? The app does exactly what it should.
  • Coupon 2/5

    By JoJib
    Cannot understand why app coupon does not work in all stores. For my closest store I have to use the one in email. What’s the point? The coupon is the only reason I have this app. Even the store salespeople don’t understand. Why don’t they have the correct code when they see the coupon? Frustrating. Hope they fix this. I do love the store.
  • iPad app, not! 4/5

    By 7Mase7
    I love the convenience of the coupon on my iPhone app, but why can't I get it on my iPad?
  • Serious problems 1/5

    By Reviewer 55902134556
    This app has serious problems--uses tons of battery, crashes my phone constantly, and the stores never accept the coupons. Avoid this!
  • Love this App! 5/5

    By pr31w2b
    It does everything I need it to do.
  • Only useful for quick coupon access 1/5

    By Long Island GRITS
    As other reviewers said, not being able to view products through the app makes this pretty much worthless. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised to find that a company with outdated politics has outdated technology.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Helloimjakey
    App just links to website. You can't shop on it.
  • App just links to the website 1/5

    By Michelle_M.
    When you click Shop Now, it just opens their website in Safari. I would have liked to be able to search for products, read reviews, make purchases etc. within the app itself. No use for it otherwise.
  • Last update 1/5

    By Mommalena
    The last update caused the app to stop working. It started to download and crashed. I haven't been able to access this app since.
  • Awesome app awesome store 5/5

    By SpyderKing34
    Love the app and the coupons are awesome. I do wish the could do a little better with the coupons by having it a little more random or something like on some copic markers or some drawing books and such. Love the store I get stuck in there for hours looking at everything
  • Really?? 1/5

    By Firemanjoe2.0
    Basically the website.... don't waste your time.
  • Convenient, easy to use app 5/5

    By melborn922
    Simple accessibility to the 40% off coupon (which the cashier always happily accepts). The ability to view the ad is a great feature. You can also use this app to quickly access online shopping and locate your nearest store. I'm extremely happy with all this app had to offer.
  • No wi fi; NO problem! 5/5

    By Amita4ever
    I shop at HL a fair bit, but I don't always know when I'll end up there. In the past, because I don't have a smart phone, it meant remember to print the coupon to have it on hand every week -- just in case -- or try to come back later after I printed it. Since the last update, I haven't missed a one because the app automatically downloads the latest coupon and holds on to it. It's there waiting for me when I check out whether I'm near wi fi or not. I can not express how grateful I am for the feature, but it's kinda dangerous though. Since I know I'm automatically armed with the latest coupon, I no longer have a reason NOT to go shopping - Haha.
  • Don't expect store to honor coupon 1/5

    By BobAndrepont
    Most of the times when you attempt to use the 40% off coupon the clerk will find an excuse for why it can't be used. Every one of their stores I have been in has poor customer service and their attitude is we don't really care about getting your business.
  • Don't expect the hypocrites to honor coupon 1/5

    By BobAndrepont
    The 40% coupon is virtually useless. The clerks will find an excuse why it can't be used. And don't expect to speak to a manager. This chain has the worst customer service of any I have ever been in and seems like they really don't want your business.
  • Pointless "shop online" tab 4/5

    By Vaigne
    All in all a good app but I can't help but question the purpose of the shop online tab in the side bar. All it does is switch to safari and open up to the stores website. I mean I want to use it because I have to go out of my way to get to the closest hobby lobby. At least with the app I would be able to order my supplies whenever I'm not home and know I will be getting it and when instead of waiting after work or classes to go all the way home or drive an extra 30-45 minutes to the store just to buy the same supplies they may not have.
  • Uhhhhh… 1/5

    By The Blonde Cookie
    I'm not sure WHY I want the app to take up space on my phone, when I have to go onto Safari to "shop online." That sort of defeats the purpose of having it - at least in my mind. I deleted the app.
  • I like being able to get that 40% off 3/5

    By saytravel
    The can have the cashier scan your coupon from this app.
  • Don't waste your time 1/5

    By bmc5461
    With this app you can see the weekly ad and get your coupon which can be found just about anywhere. You can't shop online straight from the app it directs you to their website which opens in safari.
  • A Few Bugs but a Good App 4/5

    By fadednotebook
    Not a bad app, and with the nearest Hobby Lobby rather far away I appreciate the ability to shop online. There are a few things I would like; when looking at the weekly ad, the ability to go right to the deal would be nice- oftentimes they're hard to find. Also I wish it were easier to search for certain craft items I know you carry. A better search engine wouldn't be bad. Otherwise a perfect app.
  • Shopper 5/5

    By Warthog kitschy
    Love it
  • Everything kicks to safari 1/5

    By B E A...Utiful
    What's the point of this app if everything kicks to safari. JoAnn and Michaels have such a better experience.
  • Love hobby lobby, but.... 3/5

    By Kjbag
    I used to love this app. For the past week or so thought it will not let me shop online. I cannot add anything to my cart. I had to go home and use my computer or my tablet. They both worked fine so I assume it is something with this app. Please fix. Thanks so much.
  • Mediocre at best 3/5

    By wally0127
    I wanted to see if they carried some items I was looking for in their stores. The only search option is to search the online store. Selecting that option takes you out of the app and redirects you into Safari. Not at all impressed.
  • 5 star 5/5

    By WeatherBug806243
    This app is great! It helps me shop and get it done fast!
  • Cool app with some hidden A+ features! 5/5

    By seashell-carb
    This app is super pretty and well designed. I appreciate the coupon function cause I love getting a discount! I especially loved when Hobby Lobby discounted women's rights with the lawsuit that they took to the Supreme Court. Now I can get 40% off of my craft supplies AND my employer gets to choose my healthcare options based on their personal religious beliefs! Thanks Hobby Lobby!
  • Won't load coupons any more 2/5

    By Traveller132002
    I have an iPod 4, and since I upgraded it fails out trying to load the QR code. I'm considering removing it. Can you try to fix that? Thanks.
  • Thanks! 1/5

    By Zookeepercs
    Thanks for this app! It's always handy and no more printing the coupon...yay! But now it's NOT! Nov. 23, 2015. What happened to this great app? Useless now because it won't update and it's just there and can't be opened or even deleted. Please fix because it is a good app that I have enjoyed using.
  • Coupons 3/5

    By Written in Indigo
    I've used coupons from this app several times, and that's always a good thing.
  • Doesn't work, don't read other reviews 1/5

    By S. choir
    The other ones saying it works are probably hobby lobby employees. It doesn't install.
  • Convenient + coupons = awesome 5/5

    By Buckseven1234
    I love this app and enjoy the coupons. I also like being able to see what deal are going on in the store before I head over there!
  • Problem 1/5

    By Klinkzeitz
    Was great till it stopped updating & now can't open or use can't even delete & start over!!
  • Fixed! 5/5

    By Ark0578
    The latest update fixed my issue with the app opening. It's got everything I need.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By LBipad
    Thanks for fixing the app! Very useful - I love it!
  • Won't open/crashes 1/5

    By Zosimus
    Installed update from 11/11/15 and app now will not open. I uninstalled, reinstalled & restarted iPhone 4 (with up-to-date iOS) to no avail. Hoping for another update to correct this problem - I miss being able to shop, read the ad & show the coupon at the register!
  • Won't open 1/5

    By Wheelsusn
    Since the latest update, I can't get it to open on my phone so I couldn't use the coupon in the store today. The latest update cost me money since it won't work.
  • Meh.... 2/5

    By Rocknon455
    It was good till something changed. Now all it does when I open it is blinks and goes back to my home screen. Epic fail.
  • New design 1/5

    By OokamiBlood
    The new look version that just came out is a joke. I loved this app and used it frequently, now I can't even open it on my phone no matter how many times I reset it or reload the app.
  • Customer 1/5

    By Stryker2015
    Force closes, can't even open!!!
  • App won't open! 2/5

    By Bobbie Horne
    My app updated yesterday but it won't even open now. Please fix it soon. I love my Hobby Lobby app
  • Really? 1/5

    By ccr candy
    While downloading another app, apparently a couple of other apps were updated. Since the new Hobby Lobby app only works with iOS 6 and I have a 5, can't use the app. I'm sure I don't understand lots about such things but I'm sad that I can't use the app anymore.....until.

Hobby Lobby app comments


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