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  • Current Version: 1.6.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Android
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Hole.io App

The most addictive game! Enter the arena and face the other holes in a fierce battle. Eat everything in sight with your black hole and expand it to eat more! Show them who is the biggest hole in town!

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  • more maps plz 5/5

    By Dank Elmo
    This game is great I like it I just want more maps cuz like I’m getting kind of tired of the three that we play on so plz read this thx
  • Great App But 5/5

    By kittykat12iamawesome
    This App is great. I really like it but sometimes and can glitch and it’s hard to move around perodttt
  • ads 3/5

    By Some chic they call skinny
    paid for no ads but still seeing them
  • ITS FUN 5/5

    Please take out the ads

    By BrytStar
    On my iPhone 8 I purchased this game. Upgrade my to the iPhone XR. Wanted to restore my purchase and well nothing. You have to pay for it again. There is no way of reaching out to the developers about it. They take your money and run.
  • Freezes every time 2/5

    By Jewls328
    So aggravating!!! It freezes every single time on classic mode. When will there be an update that HELPS?! I love this game but I am so annoyed at it freezing after 5-20 seconds of play - will delete if a GOOD update doesn’t come SOON.
  • multiplayer? 1/5

    By skshbdjska
    where did the multiplayer go?
  • Nom nom 4/5

    By fluffatinas rock!
    Hi my name is shylah and I love this game there are no limits,!!!!!!!MM!M!!!!
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By 00Player00
    Or purchase this game. Once you reach level 19 on the battle mode, you will not be able to finish the game. At this point you have to delete the game. When you reinstall, the game does not recognize you as a person that has purchased the game. I’m not spending another 2.99 to again. There is no support for this game. No email address to enquirer
  • <3 5/5

    By ChimsKookie
    Love it! I’m getting better!
  • TOO SHORT 1/5

    By Garrett Banuelos 12345
    I honestly enjoy the game. However, the matches are way too short! I’ll be having fun and 5 seconds later the match will be over. I would give this game a 5/5 if they made the matches longer.
  • Playing against bots! 1/5

    By JewelsMT2
    Game is no fun. I win 99.9% of the time because you’re playing against bots which makes the game way too easy and pointless. There is no challenge.
  • Good game 5/5

    By homnikndrce
    I like it but there is something about the setting when we’re in the island or beach when you’re small there are nothing to eat so that means we only have to eat plants
  • Horrible quality 1/5

    By frizzy61666
    I have a iphone8 and this game has a lot of issues and it’s so annoying, I don’t recommend this game to io users ,game lags alotttt!
  • Glitchy! 3/5

    By bigwhitedwight
    Love love love the game but freezes every second or third time I play. Hoping it gets better!
  • Awesome but a few suggestions 5/5

    By Layla10💗
    I love this game but you should remove the ad for apps at the bottom, make things bigger points, get more levels, and plz don’t make another one like win if 309 points. It’s impossible
  • Amazing 5/5

    By unicorn girl 🦄🥰❤️💕😁
    This is a great game I love it not to brag but I never loses on this game I am a winner and you guys are too
  • Worst game 1/5

    By johnson house USA!
  • 😡😡😡 5/5

    By krista alexa
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By doooooooooooooooogggggggggggg
    I love the game because it is super easy

    By Sp1ke219
  • Hole.io 5/5

    By skirrt
    Best app
  • add stats!!!! 5/5

    By ogvibes
    i like how classic mode has a leaderboard but battle royal needs one too!!
  • Horribl 1/5

    By Tpj24647614105972464
    This used to be my go to game. I’d play it as a way to unwind after a long day. There was an upgrade at the beginning of the year that completely ruined this game. The hole is rather unstable and it slowwwwwwsssssss down when it gets maybe 3x bigger. I so wish that you guys would fix it back to the way it was. I do like the graphics but it means NOTHING if I can’t enjoy the game the way that I used to. I’m trying to keep it on my iPad, but if it doesn’t change, I’ll be deleting it!😡
  • Hole io 5/5

    By fyugft
    This game is amazing 😉 if u don’t have it u should really get it 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ it is
  • The best thing ever 5/5

    By bella tuff girl
    Hole.io is everything
  • Hole.io 5/5

    By coolestkiller03
    This game is so amazing I play it constantly and when I don’t have WiFi I play this game but I hate that there’s no more size ups when your at the last one I mean like why can’t it be at least 20 why 19. Anyways I really really commit you to at least try this game if you don’t like it then that’s on you thats your opinion but really just try it.👍🙏
  • So so so GOOOOOOOOD!!! 5/5

    By butt face🥳
    I spent most time playing this app I LOVE IT SO GLAD I FOUND IT 🥰
  • Oh 5/5

    Why do they have to eat people why can I just eat the stuff around them houses and people and everything is that other
  • Addicted 4/5

    By tucker.1776
    how can I get paid to play this because it’s literally all I do - only thing is they need more maps!
  • Great game but........ 3/5

    By cool crafts and toys
    I love playing this game but when I play it for a certain amount of time my finger will burn and I have to stop playing and take a break
  • The game is great, but... 4/5

    By Jven Riley :)
    Okay, I love this game, a lot, but I’m frustrated because I can’t unlock two of the skins, I have unlocked every skin except for the one where you have to get to max size on classic mode and the last skin (which I can’t get until I unlock the other one) and I’m frustrated because I get like 2,000 points each time I play, and I still have yet to get to max size, it keeps saying I size up but at a certain point I stop getting bigger and I don’t understand. I’d also really enjoy it if there were an endless mode. But anyways I love this game, hope to see these improvements :)

    By Ny173855
  • Bring back Bluetooth mode 4/5

    By Loof🐠
    It’s a great game and I love it but there used to be a Bluetooth mode where you could play with your friends. I’d like to see that come back so I can play with my friends on it.
  • Friends 1/5

    By rachelle8907
    I lost the option to play with friends.
  • From: chomper 5/5

    By hehoodboiperson;_;
    This is one of my favorite games I love it!
  • Can I get some help? 2/5

    By antisocialdemon
    I can’t restore my purchase and there is so app support can’t contact them. Can anyone help me figure this out?!?
  • Problems 3/5

    By Voidjumper
    I like the games a lot. I just wish my void thing would quit freezing during gameplay. It’s so frustrating when your piece won’t move.
  • Can’t play with friends 3/5

    By kpopR0SE
    In the picture it gives you about the app it says play with friends and on my screen it doesn’t show me. My friend wanted to play with me but she couldn’t because it didn’t say on her or my screen “play with friends” does it only work on certain phones and tablets?
  • bots 2/5

    By 11110101001010101
    i absolutely love this game but it would be even better if they used real people instead of bots. once i kinda caught on, it ruined it for me. they even lie about the fact that they use bots and say that they are real people. and the ads are way too much. whenever an ad comes in it stays up for longer than necessary (i know they have to make money somehow but to put into perspective, it’s faster for me to close the application and go back in to the app to start a new game than to wait out the ad.) but overall, a great game. just add real people please it’ll make the game way more enjoyable.
  • Super fun game, glitches sometimes 4/5

    By G-Hose
    I really like this game but because it glitches, and freezes, I take one star away because it’s not super complex, it shouldn’t be freezing like ever *DESIGNERS* You guy’s should have a mode where you can eat everything but it times you to see how long it takes to eat 100% of the map. That would be so fun plus people get the satisfaction of completing a level and you’ll probably get more payment from the adds because people will want to play the game longer
  • DO NOT BUY 1/5

    By Whitewater28
    I had a terrible experience with this game. The hole that I was operating had a very strong gravitational pull, and it sucked me into the game. I’ve been in there for 10 MONTHS. 1 star on this game, because the people who breakdance on the roof are funny.
  • Hxbdhdhdhdhdhdhfhfhdhfhfhfhhfhfhfhfbf 5/5

    By Nessa_18
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  • Time 4/5

    By a person who hates wot
    I wish there was more time instead of just 2 minutes
  • Recommendation 5/5

    By bradcmatt
    Add connections for recommendations that are not reviews. Love all your apps but do have some glitch recommendations or advisory’s that are not criticism but suggestions for improvements. Was not able to find on apple apps or redirection to web site.
  • GG 4/5

    By mep_mep1
    It’s a fun game to play for about ten minutes but gets boring afterwards.
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 5/5

    By Mammon1836392
    GREAT game! It is so fun. 5 stars. 👍👍👍👍👍
  • Please upgrade because... 5/5

    By needs to be READ!
    Hi hole.io I wanted to say I love this game so much and it was my favorite game but now that I got all the skins and reached the last rank so now I don’t really like the game because the real fun of it was getting the stars and cool new skins so please upgrade the game so it will be my favorite game once again!
  • Fun but glitches 3/5

    By WRF17
    Fun gameplay, although all bots and no player interaction. Some rewards and achievements are unobtainable (except for paying) due to a glitch that stops the game from recording progress.

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