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Holy Bible

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  • Current Version: 12.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Paul Avery
  • Compatibility: Android
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Holy Bible App

The simplest, best looking, and most customizable Bible app you will ever use! Dozens of Bibles, parallel reading, powerful searching, study tools, NET notes, social sharing, autoscrolling, verse markup, notes, daily reading plans, iCloud syncing and backups, and so much more!


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  • Confusing 2/5

    By Bobjoywallace
    Just got this and can't find anything .There should be an easily found page telling about features and how to apply them. It is discouraging to find only a pull down with icons. I am not tech savvy, but usually don't have any problems. It all sounds good on the description ,but for me it is not easily implemented .
  • Spot On! 5/5

    By Eljaa
    Joyful to even write a review on this masterpiece of Yahuwah’s Word in App form. Good updates, and way to stay up to date with them. Thanks for making the Strong’s so very accessible. That along is a huge thumbs up. Treasuries of David, right here too! Yes please and thank you.
  • Simple 5/5

    By Umm2u
    It is simple which is exactly what I need. 👍
  • Not enough versions. 1/5

    By Sweetdoobs
    Would be great if it had more variation NASB NCV AMPC
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Thomas508
    The latest version though, has too much at the top. I can not bring down the menu without bringing down the iPhone notifications several times before I finally get it. Please allow a way to put the menu buttons back on the bottom.
  • Mr 5/5

    By ENkunda
    The Holy Bible cannot allow usability of the other downloaded bible any more! Secondly, “search” tab is a critical tool in the day-to-day usage of the Bible to be hidden. Now you have to first draw a curtain so as to use it, a process that sometimes responded by phone notifications. I’d be glad if these two concerns were addressed.
  • So good! It’s really the best Bible app out there! 5/5

    By Shadron Calisti
    Well done good and faithful app designer!
  • Russian 4/5

    By all bonov
    I like this Holly Bible ! but in the future I hope see in other languages
  • Awesome!!!! 5/5

    By cash_cow
    This bible app is exactly like the description. I like the combination of highly customizable settings and simple interface. Other bible apps look so cluttered and distracting sometimes. My favorite part about this app is that you don’t have to sign in and create an account to use it! This is how bible apps should be.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By petesn12
    I have been unable to view this app for a while now due to constant crashing. As soon as I attempt to open it up, it closes back out.
  • App is completely broken 1/5

    By KpilotRCHelis
    Recently the app has totally stopped working. I open the app and all it does is say “open the menu by swiping down anywhere on the top bar below the level of the arrow.” The pop up never goes away and I can’t do anything in the app. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I even got a brand new phone entirely. The app simply doesn’t work. This is my favorite bible app but this seems to be totally broken.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By QGWS
    Great app for reading the Bible one of the best I’ve seen
  • difficult to read 1/5

    By fluteantics
    do not care for the recient updates at all. the toc is so diffocult to read now with all of the names and numbers in boxes. everything looks too busy.
  • The HOLY BIBLE 5/5

    By keller funk
    This is the best app ever
  • I did enjoy it, but..... 2/5

    By Coastaldog
    When a recent update was made, the designers of the app apparently decided to make it difficult to get to the area where one can highlight or underline text. Thought maybe I had it figured out with a right to left swipe. Nope! That worked only once for me. My advice to the app folks..... Quit trying to do fancy stuff and get it back to the basics. Give us an easy (and obvious) way to find the highlighting and underlining.
  • Truth 5/5

    By Harleytrikebiker
    Wonderfully glorious and inspirational instructions available inside!
  • Hard to navigate 1/5

    By Sufferfest
    Can’t find the chapters or verses like earlier
  • Frozen App 2/5

    By Adrnalin
    My copy of the app is frozen and unusable. I've tried to get ty it to work without success and deleted and reinstalled it and still nothing. Please look into this so that the app will work.
  • Irritating 1/5

    By XSoho
    Irritating how the swiping/tapping format changes drastically with each edition
  • Where is the NIV version 2/5

    By Meggsalots
    Tools are not easy to use and I used to have the NIV version and now I can’t see that it is available
  • Android version!!! 5/5

    By vlads_victory
    Please make an android version!
  • Great features 5/5

    By Archigabe
    Lots of great features, very useful!
  • Apostatized Application 1/5

    By CrashyAppy
    3/14/18 New version has the same problems indicated in reviews below. Hebrew WLC text is also still available — for those who have a microscope handy. Ridiculous! 2/10/18 Unreliable verb conjugations / noun declensions. Unreliable identification of roots / stems. White screen of death app crashes. Search still pathetic (try searching for the words [one lord is] and see results). Words sometimes missing from the interlinear. Hebrew font too small to be useful. Return from word lookup forces back to v.1 12/13/17 2 Timothy 2:15 -- Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. Paul Avery fails this test, at least in regard to the work product of this app. He ought to be ashamed. The latest update: same old bugs, and yet more shifting GUI glitter and bling. It's just shameful. It's pathetic. He evidently prefers the app to be dressed in soft clothing, though void of integrity. As soon as the coin in the coffer does ring, Avery just codes more bling. ====== 11/12/17 -- DO NOT UPDATE TO THE LATEST VERSION. Not only do the old bugs persist, but the search function has now been entirely broken with the last release: A search for "God" (or any word), for instance, says "no results found" and the app freezes and so you have to shut it down and restart it. This app is just going from great to good to bad to worse. But, as long as we have a fancy GUI and pretty colors and menus, who really cares, right? It's about appearance, not substance, after all. ====== 11/10/17 -- New release: new features, but same old bugs (search, Hebrew font, etc.). ====== 11/1/17 -- The same bugs and broken/horrible/disparate "search" feature persist. So much potential so poorly executed. ====== 10/22/17 -- The Hebrew tiny font problem (when viewed in parallel with English text, etc., see below) still persists after the latest app updates. Apparently the font changed with an iOS update and the app has never corrected it. Makes using the Hebrew text almost useless: too small to read (pointing, especially) without magnification. Overall thankful for the app and vision of Mr. Avery, but wish it was like it was 3 years ago. ====================== 8/11/17 -- The Hebrew font problem persists. No response to the bug report. For a Hebrew substitute I have been using an app from thebible.org. ======================= See below for latest update to this review. ======================= 6/8/17 -- The Hebrew text has (recently) become almost useless because its font size is now so small relative to any other language in a parallel view. Not sure what happened. If you adjust the font size to make the Hebrew font a readable size, the fonts of other languages become ridiculously gargantuan (there is only one "lever" that controls the font size of all languages together). It is just so sad to see the slow and gradual demise of this once wonderfully useful application. ======================= For this latest update I reiterate my review below with a few comments added: ======================= This used to be a nice little app, but not so much now. Every time there has been a revision it seems like functions get taken away, hidden, broken, or moved around. It's like someone, as a cruel joke, going into a mechanics tool box at night and rearranging all his tools, hiding others, breaking some, and throwing others away. [Or: like someone frequently coming into your house while your'e gone and changing or moving all of your furnishings around without your approval. Can you imagine someone getting a hold of your personal, physical bible and removing or changing its help tools, or your notes, all around, and doing this at random periods -- only to be discovered the next time you go to use it? What you deeply relied on you sadly and frustratingly find cannot be relied on anymore because of someone randomly meddling with it.] After every revision it seems that more and more time has to be spent re-learning the app itself and figuring out what happened to the functions (and how to use them again -- if they're even still available) than getting work done with a reliable, dependable tool. The app cannot now even properly do text or phrase searches accurately, as it fails to parse out punctuation (if a search term is immediately bounded by punctuation, it won't find it), and it finds search terms within fractions of words spread out in a whole verse, and presents such a verse as a "result" -- even when using "exact". Seamless transitioning between original Old and New Testament text versions is also now broken. Multiverse copying has now become a hacking procedure or weirdly grouped texts, and is different depending on whether copying from a search result or a main text (copying from a search result is the way it used to be to copy multiple verses from the main text, where you could just tell it to add to or to replace what has already been copied; now to copy multiple verses from the main text you have to use some bizarre, new and different "feature", or copy and past a verse, and repeat). The app has grown from a help into an impedance that is in the way: it is frustrating. This was a great and simple concept early on, but it has now gone awry by the adding of bling and bells and whistles that are but mostly vain distractions, while functionality suffers as a result. Form over substance. What a loss! If you want to spend your time studying an app after every update, get this tool. If you want to study the scriptures, the app is possibly still useful if you can endure its hindrances and accept the loss or moving around of features. The app really does have great potential -- if the developer would just stop monkeying with it, and just stick to fixing bugs rather than moving or removing features, or changing how the app in works or looks. Predictability and reliability trump gimmickry.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Ur Friendly Neighbor101011
    I love learning about God and Jesus because in church I can answer questions about them
  • Great Mobile Bible Study Tool 5/5

    By Latetotheshoe
    I have Holy Bible on my iPhone and use it as my primary source for reading the Bible and study. While I have eSword, another great tool on my tablet and laptop, the iPhone is always closer at hand so I use it and feel I am not sacrificing any functionality. I use multiple commentaries and other resources, which help me get a better understanding of the context and historical background. It has helped God’s Word truly come more alive to me.
  • Please fix Bible Names Dictionary Bug! 3/5

    By melkisedeck
    This would have been an easy five star, but to keep it short and simple, the Bible names dictionary UI is messed up. I can’t see anyone’s names. It’s like the top padding is too much or something. Idk. Please help! Love you man!
  • Best Bible App Out There 5/5

    By Chaddicus
    This was one of the first Bible apps I downloaded for my first iPhone when the App Store was brand new back in 2008. Imagine my surprise TEN years later that it’s still supported AND has added a ton of features. The YouVersion app may be the most popular and social, but this Bible app is the most functional. From a minister of over a decade, this app helps in Bible reading and study so much. You won’t be sorry that you paid for this app!
  • Reloaded in iPhone X 3/5

    By Salk on
    Reloaded in iPhone X & only King Kames version works, instruction to delete & download NET do not work.
  • Notes 4/5

    By Review tab doesn't work
    I can’t locate my notes. The update is not user friendly.
  • Best bible app!! 5/5

    By Inkslinger$$
    Try’d the other apps and this is the easiest and best !!
  • Best Study Bible App 5/5

    This is the best bible study app I have ever used. It is easy to use and has many great features such as cross references, various commentaries, ability to have multiple bible versions showing at the same time, interliner etc. If you are looking for a great bible study app or just an app to read the Bible on your electronic device, this app is for you. ENJOY
  • The best Bible 5/5

    By H2ouup2?
    No need to go anywhere else.
  • Support for iPhone X 3/5

    By JAML0820
    Support for iPhone X ,and also more Spanish versions of the Bible like TLA, NTV AND RV 1960
  • I use it everyday! 5/5

    By Bro_Montucky
    I am an Apostolic Pentecostal and love, love, love this app!! 👍👍🙌🙌
  • Mrs reader 5/5

    By Me Queen1
    Awesome Bible, one of my favorites, I recommended; it is easy to manage, I just love it!!!
  • My favorite 5/5

    By Sheep721
    I've tried alot of Bibles on the appstore and the others are filled with ads, garbage and hard to use. This one is clean, organized and absolutely what you need. King James by default, this is a must have.
  • Absolutely Unbelievable 5/5

    By freaksho-01
    When I check through my purchased apps, this shows up as one of the first three apps downloaded on my first iPhone... ...in 2007. This developer has been doing excellent work optimising and polishing this one app for the past decade. The features are amazing, the options are numerous and the developer attention consistent. I have tried other bible apps over the years but I still return to this one. Highly recommended.
  • Incomplete search, additional info that isn’t requested 5/5

    By Fur north
    The latest upgrade that I have does not provide all the references to the word selected, I looked up “rest” and was only given the verses in the OT, nothing in the NT. The search engine includes words that have the selected word as part of the whole word, (example- “rememberest”). Awkward.
  • Please do more research on how an app should before updating 3/5

    By Spin-Drift
    It was okay when I first downloaded and started using the app but this last update really frizted it. It is no longer intuitive and it can no longer search via ‘keywords’. You really botched it this time by taking several steps backward.
  • Read Bible Verse 5/5

    What an uplifting way to start and end each day. I’m so Blessed to have the word at my fingertips.
  • Long Term Update 5/5

    By Mr. Church 8/12
    I’ve had this app for a few years now, and just wanted to say how truly great it is. This app just recently added the ESV translation after it being only available online for a number of years. I’ve truly learned a lot from studying this app and all it has to offer. If you are a Bible student, this is one of the finest study tools you can purchase on the App Store. I’d recommend this app to anyone interested in learning the Word of God. The in app purchases are totally worth the money as well.
  • The holy Bible 5/5

    By Davsai2
    Simply the best!
  • It’s a pretty great app. 4/5

    By jaided79
    But the cross reference text doesn’t appear on the iPad or iPhone app. Help, please!
  • Pros and Cons 5/5

    By Nick19375749201
    Pros: ESV version Side by side view with NOTES (NO other bible app has this!) Extremely clean look SUPER customizable, text is the perfect size and margins ..... Cons: SLOW. I have a 2017 iPad I got two weeks ago, and it takes a solid 3 seconds to pull down the menu or chapter scroll... It can’t be my device.. I guess that’s the downside to so much customizability? Accessing my highlights is a little weird. I don’t use the “bookmarks” I use the highlights, because most often I am reading by the verses not chapters, and I don’t think I can get it to bookmark verses. Personally, I’d love to have a button always viewable to access either my highlights, or better yet, verse bookmarks. That would make them 1 click away rather than 5 or 6. Maybe a symbol by the verse to indicate that it is the bookmarked verse? ..... Overall... It’s the best bible app in my opinion.
  • The latest update 5/5

    By bluegirl646
    This was my favorite and only app for bible reading but the last update really messed it up for me. It was easy to use before the update. Now, it isn’t very user friendly and I can’t even get back to the main menu to see my bookmark. I’m not happy with it. I think I might have to go old school and get my actual Bible out.
  • Great app.. Lil twist on update 4/5

    By ChristInMeTheHopeOfGlory
    I have been using this bible app for about 5yrs and it has always been great. This particular update is a little below the standard. After updating, the search and cross referencing tool is not functioning well.. The black header is not so cool.. the previous header design and color is far better than what is in the new update.. please review and make necessary changes.. Aside these things, app is 1 in a million.
  • NICE 5/5

    By The Janitor (Joe)
    This is one of, if not the best bible app so far. Thank you. However, since a recent update, the app has a problem. The search feature does not show the characters typed in the search bar. Meaning, I can select search, to search for a particular passage and everything I type does not show. I can click find and it will find what I typed. It just will not show. Edit: Search issue fixed! The most recent update seems to have corrected the issue. Upgrading my rating to five stars!
  • Update 12/7 for iPhone X!!! 1/5

    By Bull1354
    Now my Bible app won’t work at all since update! Sorry I still have a 5S! Worked fine every morning for me until update!!!😫🙏🏼
  • KJV 5/5

    By SaySo718
    The best ever!!!
  • Fix problems. 4/5

    By Jean wow
    I love this app and have been using it a lot. However since the update. Some of the chapters is missing from the books of the Bible. You can't see the cross reference you only could see the scriptures. Please fix.

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