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Home Design 3D GOLD App

With Home Design 3D, designing and remodeling your house in 3D has never been so quick and intuitive! Accessible to everyone, Home Design 3D is the reference interior design application for a professional result at your fingertips! Build your multi-story house now! CREATE, DESIGN, FURNISH AND DECORATE EASILY YOUR HOME AND SHARE IT WITH A COMMUNITY OF MORE THAN 35 MILLION OF USERS WORLDWIDE! Whether you want to decorate, design or create the house of your dreams, Home Design 3D is the perfect app for you: 1.DESIGN YOUR FLOORPLAN - In 2D and 3D, draw your plot, rooms, dividers - Change the height or the thickness of the walls, create corners - Add doors and windows with fully-resizable pieces of joinery 2. FURNISH AND DECORATE - Design and decorate both the interior and outdoor of your home - Make your choice from over a thousand of pieces of furniture and accessories, customize your decoration and express your style, from the most classical to the trendiest! - Edit any object, by changing its size, color, position and altitude on the walls - Duplicate your favorite items thanks to the copy/paste function - Use the undo/redo feature at anytime if you want to go back - Use the eye dropper to find an existing color in the plan - You can also import picture as texture and apply them everywhere 3. VISUALIZE AND VISIT YOUR CREATION - Visit your creation in real-time 3D as if you were inside it thanks to our brand new photo-realistic 3D rendering - Discover your home, your outdoor and even your neighborhood - Admire the result day and night, the compass function will show you where exactly the light will fall at different times of the day 4. IMPORT/EXPORT AND SHARE - Import any plan and display it on the background of the project - Export and continue your projects on your other devices thanks to the cross-platform compatibility - Share your projects via e-mail, Dropbox, OneDrive and many more file hosting services! - Share your best creations with the Home Design 3D community on www.homedesign3d.net! No internet connection required Illustrated tutorial available Calling all professionals! We can make it possible to see your products in Home Design 3D, or develop a unique version of the app for your needs. Contact us at [email protected] _________________________________________ Follow us on Twitter @homedesign3d Join us on facebook.com/homedesign3d Get inspired on our Pinterest boards/homedesign3d/ Follow us on Instagram @homedesign3d_off

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Home Design 3D GOLD app reviews

  • great for the price 5/5

    By Adobetoby
    I enjoyed laying out our house plans as we work with our draftsmans, she sends over options and I lay them out to get a feel for the changes. I would love the options to place a roof, and work with ceiling details, but like I said not bad for what you pay for. I laid out our mainfloor in about 90min with the windows and doors etc. fun to do a "visit", and do an areal fly through, almost like a 3d 1st person video game, the controlls were a bit wonkie, but I haven't played doom lin like 20 years.
  • Okay but 3/5

    By seattlekitty
    ...asking me to rate it just to get more items seems cheesy.
  • Not the worst 3/5

    By Dffgvbbfdeeuh
    ITs definitely not for the technical blueprint cad designer its more for interior design. But I dont think you can have one without the other. It needs a few more features to make it acceptable. the first one off the top of my head would be multi seletion for height, thickness, and deletion of multiple items at the same time instead of having to click and edit individually. You should be able to lock walls and objects to prevent accidental editing. a group feature wopuld be nice to group wallas and rooms for overall editing. for a more commercial/industrial option it would be nice to be able to lay out support beams and columns to lay out a reno.
  • Very Good! 4/5

    By GarrickWever
    It is a very good and helpful app that lets you design your own house/store map. All the aspect on how you see it is incredible. The 3d lets you imagine walking inside your dream house and imagine to live in it. Good job.
  • very limited 2/5

    By YLtrixie
    Vey limited choice of architectural features, styling as well as kitchen options, furnishings and decor. Very dated products, house ends up looking like something from the 80's.
  • Easy to Use, Great product 5/5

    By Sunny MBD
    I have found this program very easy to use and in no time I feel like I am proficient. And the price is great for what it does.
  • Absolutely worthless garbage 1/5

    By DaveHochh
    1) When I try to draw a room that's 15' by 12' it is extremely difficult because it jumps between 11'11" and 12'2". I have to zoom waaaaay in to be able to make it 12' exactly. 2) When I then drag the room to where I want it, IT CHANGES THE ROOM SIZE AND SHAPE to some arbitrary shape that I didn't want. There is no way to fix it. 3) There are several white control points on one of my walls that I DID NOT PUT THERE, but the software will not allow me to remove (I can add them using the angle tool but I cannot remove them). 4) The random white control points are what the room size jumps to when I drag it to the corner where I want it (or if I try and draw the room in place). 5) There is no way to type in the dimensions you want. Dragging is the only way. 6) The help is totally useless on all these problems. It just takes you to a series of videos that show how the software THEORETICALLY works assuming no bugs. There is no help forum or email address. Nothing. Don't waste your money on this garbage. I sure wish I could get a refund.
  • Very Nice App, But... 4/5

    Guys this App is very good but you still need to include lots of features, where can I send you my recomendations so you can include all the features missing?
  • Application Quits 3/5

    By JTA Home
    I had completed an entire reno program, approximately 12 hrs spent, and can’t open the app. Each time I try to open it the app quits I hope my effort isn’t wasted and all is lost…..FRUSTRATING
  • Provided what I needed 4/5

    By Paulappie
    This is actually a really fun app to use. I'm not good with "dimensions," but my nephew set it up for me (I'm remodeling ONE room, so only needede one room) and from there I was able to everything I needed. My contractor was even impressed when I showed him the new kitchen! I wish I could upload my own photos, and I wish there were more "objects," (for instance, there is no window seat, so I had to make it out of a couch with no storage underneath), but overall an easy to use product and gave me exactly what I needed.
  • limited version 3/5

    By Norm6777
    You are not told this is a limited version
  • Poor Cross Platform compatibility 1/5

    By ScenicEye
    The software on the desktop a waste of my money since I couldn’t import a drawing from my iPad without it being destroyed by the desktop version of the software. I am left with a dud program that only works on my iPad and can’t export drawings to any other CAD drawing program. I would have been better off buying a copy of a low cost CAD and wasting less money on this software. No-one seem to care to solve the problem at hand and design something less frustrating. By the way, when I decided to get your iPad version was because I wanted to share something with family and friends that have no clue on how to use CAD programs and it did look nice on the iPad except for the fact that you don’t get to have measurements and that it doesn’t talk to your desktop in a way that import export works.
  • wonderful 5/5

    By Rufus4401
    absolutely love this app! began by using it on iPad and now can't put it down now that it's on laptop!! defientely recommend :)
  • Just right 5/5

    By Gerggy1
    5 stars. Does just what it says and exactly what I need it for. I was an electrical drafter for 5 years on autoCAD and this is great and a quick, easy way to get a good looking floorplan together. It may be missing some tiny things, but nothing to even note. it also works great, no glitches. 5 stars. buy this with no worries.
  • Unexpectedly Quit 3/5

    By Kimanshu
    I like this app and it was working but all of a suddent upon opening it gives error message of unexpectedly quitting. I have Mac OS-X 10.10. I really need to use this app and hoping the app owners can look into this or provide some guidance. I have re-installed this app a few times.
  • Not compatable with iOS apps 1/5

    By Nick Tisdale
    They used to be compatable but now that my iOS apps have updated the .HD3D files have been converted to the new version apparently and I can now longer open them on my Mac app. I get "ERROR - Can't parse project"
  • for $9.99 it is not bad. 3/5

    By CraigandJill
    I wanted this for designing a detached garage/pole barn. It does a great job on floor plans and determining the details associated with the floor plan. I don’t see how to build a roof to make the building seem complete. That is my big complaint, but again it was 9.99 so it did what I was after.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Tajik 4ever
    Great app. Never thourt i can design homes. with this app you going to be a Prp home designer. Love it ;)
  • Not for the mac 1/5

    By X5X5X
    Looks like it could be a cool application, but wow it is not set up to work on a macbook pro.
  • Junk 1/5

    By THEFAB$
    Poor app…….Does nothing for me does not work do not buy
  • Absolutely fkcg terrible 1/5

    By Nicknamefu79
    As another review said - trying to use this on a Mac is horrendous. Good luck trying to render a loft. The “openings” function with ceiling height make no fkcg sense. This is the most frustrating experience and waste of money I’ve ever gotten out of the App Store. The objects don’t even include a shower/bathtub combo. Is that a rare thing? It’s not. How is it there isn’t one available? Trying to see your room names? Can’t. Because the drag and drop handle is situated DIRECTLY ON TOP OF EVERY ONE OF THEM. Horrible design for a supposed design app. If the iPad experience is better, I won’t be trying to find out.
  • Hate it 1/5

    By Downonthefarm
    My need was to design a small cottage. It is one floor, one bedroom, open living and kitchen. I can’t adjust a wall to be exactly 6’. It is either or 5’5” or 6’4". The same with everything else. You can’t get specific sizes for walls, windows, cabinets. It is nice if you want a “general look”, but it isn’t good enough for me. I’m using a Macbook. I found a different free program that does what I need to do.
  • Overall this is a great buy! 5/5

    By Head Pumpkin
    The learning curve is reasonably short. It’s fun to see how deatailed you can make something and the Instructions/Help files are very nice! Very professional looking. Although I am glad I bought the software, I found that sometimes it “loaded up” on me and became unresponsive. I have a fairly strong Mac ( 27”iMac/3.5Ghz Core i7/Fusion Drive/32GB RAM). I was suprised to se that happen, but overall, I would buy this software again. It’s a keeper.
  • Awful user experience - have tried others, this is not up to par 2/5

    By GGDesigner
    I have used other home design programs (first was HGTV HOME DESIGN) and thought I would try this one. I have spent so many hours trying to maneuver around the kinks and issues with this program, it’s praxctically useless. Random floors are appearing, I cannot change walls without deleting entire levels, I will place a bed and it will appear on a different floor. It has proven to be utterly USELESS and having looked online, there is simply NOT ENOUGH SUPPORT to make this worth the price.
  • poorly designed App 1/5

    By Alpha Designer
    There is so much wrong with this App, it would take an hour to write a proper review (and I’ve used it for only 2). It doesn’t let you preset wall depth, you have to adjust it AFTER you’ve drawn it. The bath tub is 6 ft., when a standard tub is 5. The doors are also the wrong sizes. Nothing about this works well. Makes me think I should go into App development. There doesn’t seem to be any competition.
  • Excellent product! 5/5

    By El_zublime
    After buying two different 3D sketching tools and trying all the other “free” ones, I came accross this gem. Very satisfied with the customization and with the measurement displays for everything from living spaces to objects.
  • Not sure if these reviews are fake... 1/5

    By Hoolicatt
    This app does not work on Mac. At all. You can draw a room on one section of the screen, but cannot edit it at all. You can't move things, you can't do anything. The app is entirely broken, I’ll be requesting a refund.
  • this software works 4/5

    By disighn freak
    it works but it dosent do evry thing i wish but i do recomend it
  • do not buy this program. It is a complete waste of time and money. 1/5

    By gl5nn
    Whomever designed this program knows nothing about how to build a floorpan or home design application.
  • Good App for 5.99 4/5

    By railibear
    Good for the price
  • For the price, I think the app is awesome! 5/5

    By Looneytunick
    I needed an inexpensive program to layout rough ideas for a bathroom remodel for discussion with potential contractors. This app was fairly easy for me to build the basic bathroom and play with various design ideas. Convenient 3D clip art provides many objects, architectural elements and textures that make it possible to quickly experiment with different versions. There are links to videos to learn how to use the app. I gave it five stars because I felt that it provided lots of capabilities for very low cost. That said, I would like to see improvements such as more flexibility in sizing objects in lengths, widths, and depths. I would have preferred using inches, instead of feet and inches. I found that many more objects were needed. It would would have been great to have more electrical, lighting and plumping fixtures and more textures such as transparent, frosted and pattern glass. And a basic open-cube shape would have have been nice for designing shelving inset into a wall. I would have paid a little extra for more objects and textures. Also, it would be helpful if objects could be edited. For example, it would be nice to remove or move items within objects that contain multiple objects. But perhaps, that would be a much more expensive app. I have had fun using this app. Thanks!
  • Not too great... 4/5

    By Megalomaniac1973
    This program might help people come up with very rudimentary designs. There are many things I don’t like about it. I have a tri-level home. Levels of my house aren’t stacked one on top of the other. It would be impossible to design such a home with this program. It can be well used for simpler room designs though. I will just create the space I want to add on to my house in one section. I don’t like that I can’t specifically designate the length of walls, doors, and other architecture. Instead you have to drag to the length you want and it’s almost impossible to get it exact. Sorta lame. With some updates I hope that this program will go from basic to much better.
  • has been crashing a lot 3/5

    By NDC16
    The app has shut down many times and frozen. Also you cant select flooring for a designated space it covers the entire area. its missing some important features, but it is a good start.
  • Medicore 3/5

    It’s a fun app to use but is difficult to learn and is very touchey. Wish they had a wider selection of home items and decking as well.
  • Great value but needs more precise dimention tool and room rotation 4/5

    By Nickname Submit Maximus
    This is a really great value but it needs 2 upgrades: 1. A way to type in the dimensions for a room instead of trying to drag it with your finger. 2. A way to draw a room, lock the dimentsions and then rotate the room. These 2 enhancements would make Home Design 3D Rule all other 3D home design apps (in the $10-$15 range)!!!!!
  • Graphics Changed 3/5

    By Rick Gilchrist
    About 2 months ago the graphics changed drastically on the 3D view. They are really ameatuer and basic with hardly any detail. I’ve used this program for years and they definitely changed suddenly. Any suggestions? I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By #amazing12
    Its so awesome you can find any perfect furniture and readjust the furniture.
  • Easy to use, but lacking too much 2/5

    By brg2001se
    Very disappointed that a house design program does not support…… having a roof on your design.
  • Not user friendly. 1/5

    By AuthorDixieSwanson
    Going into a new home and wanted to lay out furtniture and visualize two re-do’s of bathrooms. This is NOT user friendly. I stumbled around all over it, and it was too weird.
  • poor customer service 2/5

    By nyl54
    Since the most recent update, I am not able to access the 3D view or the aerial view. I have been corresponding with Home Design 3D Gold Support for 3 weeks - response is slow and not helpful. Very unsatisfactory.
  • Not very user friendly 2/5

    By SpoiledReBelle
    This is a nice app for just playing around with tho there are lots to consider when making the purchase… I bought it for $5.99 but still I expected more as for ease of use and items within the app. I found it difficult to maneuver around the design to check your precisions. You cannot adjust the measurements manually and it seems to have a snapping feature that makes you snap the points to a certain point that I cannot figure… you are however, able to adjust the items measurements… why not put that feature for the walls too?? In 3D mode its a bit difficult to rotate the design to see how it looks at different angles and I am still trying to figure out how to adjust the height of walls so that I can make a planter or a reading window… if the app is even capable of that… It seems not…. the visit view is also hard to maneuver… there are no instructions or clue as to what to do (updated… you have to go to their help files and search for the shortcuts but I still found it difficult and laggy)… I barely have the house design decorated… just a few items and it lags so much! the catalog of items you can use still seem quite limited and not up to date with the designs of the present times… The Sims have better items! I spent hours on the app and barely got anything done… Sorry for the messiness of this review… I’m hungry and frustrated with the time it took to do very little with this app Updated 4/16/18 I have bought another program that actually allows me to import 3ds models among others and allows me to edit the items a bit…like texture and measurements etc…you can even import textures…. you can aso build your own items and whatnot…I may come back to this to build a dream house just for fun… but the other program just seem easier to deal with
  • LOVE IT!!!! 5/5

    By Boogieloso
    Its a little glitchy, but i can’t do anything but this app
  • I love this software 5/5

    By Wilner Nau
    I am raising money to build a Library and a computer resource center in my home town in Haiti. I contacted many architects to help me create a walkthrough of the building as a presentation to raise money for the project. Many charged me from $500 and up. I spent $9 buying this software Home Design 3D Gold I was able to build it myself in one day mind you I had no previous design experience. The software was so easy to learn and easy to use. I created a video of my design placed it on my GoFundMe page, and on Facebook, I start getting more donations than before. I am delighted with this software I would recommend it. That was the best nine dollars investment I've ever made.

    By Great best
    This game has so many flaws and glitches, it not even funny. You try to delete one wall and it deletes the entire house or room. This game need a MAYJOR work on bug fixes and improvements. DONT BUY
  • App update Doesn’t work on MacBook Pro High Sierra 1/5

    By Horsey1cr
    This was a great app until they updated to 4.2.2. Since then, it no longer works on my MacBook Pro High Sierra in 3D. Screen is all black. I’ve had several back and forth conversations with tech support but given the language barrier, they don’t understand the problem and keep referring me to their FAQ page which doesn’t answer my problem. This is frustraing as I have several projects I no loger view.
  • not enough symbols 1/5

    By MauiKnox
    This product doesn’t have any of the standard windows for my project. I waisted $6.
  • Great Potential, falls short 2/5

    By Tumbleweed79
    I am no stranger to the consumer side of home designing programs. While this one is very reasonably prices and has great potential, it falls short…a lot. Navigation is tedious. No ‘nudge’ ability, leaving you trying to change endpoints of walls for long periods of time. No ability to manually enter wall lengths. Same. No ability to build a basement OR more importantly, a second story. No ability to add a roof - important if you are building 2nd story and need to know how to plan out your walls and windows (ie. dormers, pony walls, etc.) No ‘Select All’ function to move your entire drawing or to rotate it for a new orientation on the land. No ‘double-click’ or ‘two-tap’ capabilities, with menus, tools, options, etc. 3D navigation is HORRIBLE…honestly, download the iphone app and send file to the phone for a MUCH better navigation experience. The ‘Snap’ feature can be highly annoying and even troublesome, especially when it splits a long existing wall or ‘snaps’ to an object clear on the other side of the house. Just a lot more things negative than what I like. So, what do I like? Rendering. Amazing 3D for such a small program. Objects. While I didn’t find everything I was looking for, the variety and inventory are huge and work well in many applications. Decor abilities. Verdict: If these features were added/fixed I would still stay with this program and pay the extra expense, say $20, instead of $5 for a sorta toy/game program that more for fun. Suggestions: Drop the 3D printing and focus on making this a ‘Full’ version.
  • Not Very Good 1/5

    By lp1756
    Though I have been using the iPad version of this app with good success for a few years, I have been extremely disappointed with the Mac version. 1) They advertise cross-platform compatibility, but projects I create on my iPad get "can't parse project errors" when I try to import them on the Mac. They simply won't open. I'm waiting for an answer from Home Design's customer support on this. 2) The app uses 90% or more of my CPU even when it is just sitting idle with nothing drawn in it. 3) I bought the Mac version because the iPad version, though useful, suffers from the small size of the screen and lack of a keyboard -- which is an OK tradeoff between size and convenience of the iPad versus ease of use of a full desktop application. It turns out the the Mac version is exactly the same as the iPad version, no added features, no additional ease of use capabilities. For example, there is no application menu bar as with most other Mac apps, no View menu, no print function, etc. You do everything the same way you would do it on the iPad. Unless I get some solid answers from customer support regarding points 1 and 2 and will be asking for a refund.
  • Fun! 5/5

    By June Ridges
    So much fun!!

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