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Home Design Makeover

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  • Current Version: 2.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Storm8 Studios
  • Compatibility: Android
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Home Design Makeover App

Welcome to Home Design Makeover! Play the best Home Design match 3 puzzle game! Be the best designer by helping lucky families transform dreams into reality with amazing home makeovers! Solve fun match 3 puzzles to help design, customize and decorate the perfect dream home with beautiful decor. Your clients are counting on you to remodel their down-and-out fixer uppers! Features: - Remodel homes with a Farmhouse style or go Modern? You decide, you design! - Design and renovate different rooms styles, including family-friendly living rooms, rustic kitchens, stylish bathrooms and chic bedrooms - Help clients ranging from the newlyweds to Hollywood celebrities, and travel the world to Tokyo, Paris and Morocco - Express yourself with an incredible variety of high-end designer furniture, lighting, flooring and other decor - Experience addicting gameplay with offline mode so you can take the game from your home to the sky! - Be challenged with over 1000 match 3 puzzles and dozens of game modes for endless relaxing fun - Frequent, fresh and free content updates with new interior and exterior design challenges, floor plans, outdoor gardens, landscaping, seasonal items and more! Let's get matching and transform outdated homes into fabulous family hangouts!

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Home Design Makeover app reviews

  • Too many ads! 2/5

    By Fairyzombie
    Was fun but now way too many ads for other apps!
  • Crashing 4/5

    By Steph441214
    I really enjoy this app but ever since the most recent updates, I’ve been unable to get past the Home screen before the app crashes. Please fix this!
  • Home Design 3/5

    By twish69
    I love the decorating aspect of this game. But the game isn’t fair. You charge $6, for 1200 jewels. Then every game ends with just one move to win. But you have no moves. More than half the game is played by the game. The suggested moves is always the only move. But it’s always far from where you need them. The single color square will always be the games choice. Never the player. It’s never a helpful move. I’m not buying jewels. Let me play.
  • To much about the puzzles 1/5

    By Megg528
    I really enjoyed playing this game but it’s too much about the puzzles. They get progressively harder to the point of impossible. I’m ok working a little to earn the money and tickets but give me a break. No one wants to be stuck on a puzzle for days (really hard level) and then only earn enough money to not even complete a single purchase in the room (I only earn 800 and something costs 2,000) no thanks.
  • You killed me brother 1/5

    By yehdnds
    My brother with epilepsy and autism was playing this game one day and I walked into his room and he was so frustrated I asked him what was wrong and he had a seizure we called an ambulance but he didn’t make it I hate this game it is to difficult for people with disabilities
  • Mas candy crush que diseño 3/5

    By Da Co
    Creí que era más de diseñar, es muy difícil conseguir dl recurso y hay pocas opciones de diseño.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Momma2onr
    Not what I expected at all so I deleted it don’t get this game to I’m not trying to be mean I just don’t like it
  • Not very good 1/5

    By fjrdjrrjf
    I hate this game because it never mentioned playing puzzles it only mentioned moving and getting new stuff all the decorate the house games all have puzzles they are not the best at all
  • YASSS 5/5

    By Hrhurt
  • Way too many coins needed 2/5

    By mousemoney
    I shouldn’t need nearly 20K coins to put in a kitchen table. Especially when I’m winning a MAX of 975 coins per game. It’s impossible to stick with this game when it takes SO long to complete a room. I’ve grown bored.
  • Really good game 5/5

    By Princess Leah🐶
    I 💜this game
  • fun but stressful 4/5

    By taeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    i’ve always loved designing, so i was super excited to play this game - and hopefully be able to actually design - but it turned out to be a challenge. the puzzles were fun at first, and you didn’t have to worry about the moves; however, further on the puzzles became increasingly harder yet the moves stayed the same. i understand that the developers can’t just give players the round, but it would be nice if it was easier for people that struggle with puzzles like me. besides that, the decorating is very fun! you are limited to only three choices of furniture for each, but the aesthetics are pleasing and i love the client’s dialogue that pops up after each one. i also think that the challenges - i forget what they’re called, but they have little tickets - are very clever, and it’s fun to collect tickets as you pass through levels. besides the difficulty of the puzzles, it really is a fun and clever game! the developers did a good job.
  • i can’t beat this level 2/5

    By whatheheckbro
    ok so i’ve never written a review in my life but i’m getting really annoyed bc i’ve been on level 31 for 3DAYS? bro ik it’s just a game but i’ve had 3 other people try and beat it for me and the closest we can get to beating it is 1couch left and that is very frustrating.
  • Hate update 2/5

    By shellyomg
    Idk why since the update I have to wait on whole commercial completion to get to the next life! Makes me wanna get rid of game.
  • It’s Obvious 2/5

    By Amaya Sanders
    The game is fun for a while then it becomes super obvious they just want money. This game is like working minimum wage in California and trying to live off of it. If you’ve played this game you know what I’m talking about lol.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By stupidwastaken
    Stupid game. Started out loving it then it just got stupid. I want a game I can sit down and play at night and relax. This game just really pisses me off 👍
  • What is happening? 4/5

    By kathboa
    Recently the game has been crashing a lot. Why? I’ve deleted and downloaded it again and again nothing helps. I play this game daily. I love it. I don’t enjoy when it crashes mid game and I lose a life. Please fix it.
  • Definitely worth 5 stars! 5/5

    By Michelleisazebra
    Love this game. Wish you could save the hours you earn when completing levels and that you could have the option to earn gems instead of paying for them. Other than those 2 downsides it's a great game that's addicting and hard to put down.
  • Can’t even start game 1/5

    By jsmith1590
    This app keeps kicking me out. I made it as far as the home screen and that’s it. Please fix.
  • It’s more of a match 3 than design game 2/5

    By t3robinson
    If you LOVE match 3 games then this is the game for you. I, however, find them boring. I came for the design aspect and found I didn’t enjoy having to complete match 3 puzzles over and over again in order to earn enough coin. It costs easily 10-15k in coins for a single design with one winning on average 700-800 coins per game. One is given a very limited number of lives and then one must wait before continuing to play. I have deleted the app and will continue looking for a game that’s focus is on design and not match 3.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By chrisp081969
    Since the update I have not been able to play this fantastic game! It keeps CRASHING! Please fix!!!!!
  • Bug and new update 1/5

    By WrostGameEverMade
    When I updated the game I could log into anymore it wouldn’t let me so I re-downloaded the game and I started over which I was little mad about because I passed so many level and had save up to +100k coins. Now I’m restarting and I hate how one design make you pay 290 gems to have the better looking version of and design and what it look like what it was before the update.
  • Awwwww 3/5

    By Amyt37
    I can’t give a 5 star cuz I am stuck on level 1106 every time I beat it the game freezes. I am so upet
  • Did Love It, But Not Working 2/5

    By M_stypahorlikson
    I got the most recent update today. And every time I open the app, it crashes.
  • DONT EVEN 1/5

    By Kimwii
    This game is so bad I recommend you just download a scam that’s better than this they took away my life’s and my coins and my Cupons and diamonds I Had a lot and the next day they where gone completely all my hard work just to win and this is what they do!?! I rather have somebody take my money than to play this game. Don’t trust this game. 😑 it’s so frustrating. I’m warning you! ⚠️ just trust me you DONT WANT THIS GAME REALLY also I only rated this one star because I could not rate it NOTHiNG if I was gonna share the comment! 🙄 still can’t get past level 90! And why? BECAUSE THEY MAKE IT HARD
  • Please read 2/5

    By vjgds
    I’m all for home design and this app is a good game to play when I’m bored. The only thing I don’t like is the way you earn the money to do renovations. It’s so hard to pass a level. Even when you do win you only hundreds of dollars when the renovations cost one thousand dollars or more. And in the ads they created above they don’t mention that you have to play games to earn money, I just thought they could give you a heads up on that.
  • Bummer 2/5

    By Reddoggiegirl
    This game was ok for while. Ok to play. But it’s all about your $$. I get it, but the new “improvement” is going to make me delete the app. Why? Because now, even if you decline to watch a video to earn a pathetic two extra moves, once you finish your game, you STILL have to watch an ad before you can play your next game. So, effectively, you’re punished for even playing the game. Power ups and gems are pretty much impossible to get, so to heck with it- there are like, a million other design games out there, so my advice is: keep.looking
  • READ THIS 3/5

    By Read this book its AWESOME
    the game is nice and I enjoy it, but it doesn’t give enough money AND YOU DO HAVE TO PLAY GAMES TO GET MONEY half of the projects give you $200 when you spend near 10,000 so ya 😕
  • They get you hooked 3/5

    By Hopefully Unused Nickname
    The graphics and designs are beautiful but you have to spend coins to buy the items to decorate the rooms. However, once you have a space decorated, you can redecorate without spending more coins. The big drawback is the only way to earn coins is to win them by playing the games which at first are fun and easy, but once they get you hooked on the fun of decorating and winning coins, the games become harder and more frustrating and the number of coins you win becomes less and the price of items to decorate becomes higher. The only way to play the game is if you have a life, and lives are obtainable only by waiting long enough or spending gems. They want to try to get you to spend actual money to buy gems to buy lives or finish a game, so resist the temptation folks! The game was fun and rewarding, now it’s just frustrating and a waste of time!

    By V-Review
    This game is so fun but a lot of review S say this game is not fun it is you just need lots of patients and I love all the styles and there is definitely a reasonable amount of adds compared to other games.GET THIS GAME!!!
  • Was Great until the commercials 4/5

    By Storm3181
    This app was great until the constant commercials were added. Sometimes the commercials freeze the game and I have to close the app in order to play.
  • Suggestions 2/5

    By Musicmagician123
    This game could be a great with a few small improvements. Mainly, there needs to be another way to get boosters without spending actual money. Maybe a daily reward or prize for completing certain levels. If the issue is the game making money, maybe offer a boost or extra turn for watching an advertisement. Some of the levels are just too difficult to beat without any boosters and I don’t want to pay so I just stop playing. Getting stuck on a level for days at a time is just frustrating and makes me not want to play anymore.
  • CRASHING 1/5

    By Mz Dork
    With this new update the game won’t open without crashing
  • Some things never change 3/5

    By truman0907
    I thought the game was exciting and it was until your progress is penalized with those pesky levels where you win when they let you win. Unfair. The graphics are very good, the colors and designs are elegant but...I had to delete it because of the above said reason. Pitty.
  • Use to be a good game 3/5

    By Chanelle_betty
    I think this game is awesome and I use to play it all the time but lately it seems like they rigged the game to barely let you win any levels just so you’ll pay for more lives! It’s been taking me like 50 tries a level to even pass it! It takes WAY too long to finish a room this way because everything is so expensive!
  • The add lied 1/5

    By gamer_boy_eeeeeee
    The add lied. It did not mention puzzles to get coins. I was thinking this was a game with tons of choices for decor and that you unlimited coins to mess around in decor. Garbage game. Fix the add.
  • I hate this. 2/5

    This so bad I hate match things game it is not fun if you get out the level you at they take you money or stars.sometime for me it is boring and sometimes it be little fun but not lot.
  • A bad app 3/5

    By hthththththththruienfhtb
    It takes to long to lode.
  • I love this 5/5

    By thedepressedmidnightwolf
    I don’t usually like games like this I don’t know why but this game is so fun I had to turn my phone off to stop and still had the urge to grab my phone to play! <3 ❤️
  • Love it!!! 4/5

    By N8Drummer
    Great game!!! Although...Maybe instead of having to give 90 diamonds to get only 5 more moves, you could watch an ad and you could get maybe 9 or 10 moves for the limited time challenges. Please consider!!! Thanks
  • Pretty good game.....Just one thing... 3/5

    By Coryxkenshinlover
    So....In the tutorial or first mission, the lady keeps flirting with Toby and Toby keeps flirting with the lady. Other than that the game is pretty good, I just find that weird.
  • Good 5/5

    By uttyert
    Nice game I love this sooo much !!! 😍😍🥰🥰😘😘❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
  • Hate the newest version 2/5

    By megclu
    I loved the previous version because it was finally a game that I didn’t have to deal with ads. I cannot stand dealing with the ads now, and to me it is totally not worth watching ads to get more moves. Bring back the old AD FREE VERSION.
  • The Game play review 1/5

    By yas this app
    The game was not fun. I got bored in the first 10 minutes because it was not fun earning the money. But spending it was fun.
  • It’s not like it’s not fun but... 2/5

    By Tabby Sederburg
    I hate that you have to do those puzzles where you match shapes to get money, and you have limited moves, also, renovating the rooms is soo much money, like a unnecessary amount of money, for example: Putting pillows on a couch, 1,000 something dollars, like are you kidding me!?
  • I hate puzzles 1/5

    By Aunt Jojo 22
    I hate puzzles. I just want to design houses. Puzzles get in the way.
  • Stole my money 1/5

    By maddeey100307
    don’t play this game is really boring and you can’t make your house look nice with out solving these puzzles and it makes the game very boring. I also bought diamonds and it said error and it didn’t go threw but then i went to check it said it went threw and they stole my money and didn’t give me anything.
  • Bought gems and wasn’t credited. 1/5

    By ShadowsFall77
    This happened to me twice. I tried making a purchase and got an error message. When I checked my purchase history with iTunes, I saw the purchase went through. I reached out to their support and all I got was robo replies telling me to upload my receipt from iTunes (which I did). After that I did not hear from them again. I wish I could give this app a zero star rating.
  • 17K points to purchase 1 design element 3/5

    By BevDeW
    I’m at a level where it takes 17K points to complete one design element, but for winning a game (not hard) I still only get 975 points. On top of that, it takes lots of tries to even win. I loved this game but it isn’t fun anymore.

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