HomeAdvisor: Find a Contractor

HomeAdvisor: Find a Contractor

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HomeAdvisor: Find a Contractor App

HomeAdvisor is the #1 home improvement app for connecting homeowners with home service contractors. Find the best local contractors from our network, featuring hundreds of thousands of customer-rated pros specializing in more than 500 home renovation, repair and maintenance projects. Schedule your next appointment with the HomeAdvisor app - the fastest and easiest way to find top contractors. Whether you need help with home remodeling, home improvement, home repair, roofing, maintenance, or anything else around the house, we can connect you with the pro you need. HomeAdvisor’s free home improvement app lets you discover and compare contractors, read reviews from real customers, view pricing, and schedule their appointments. Schedule home improvement appointments quickly with our instant booking option, so you can book the best local contractors without having to play phone tag. Get upfront pricing and pay pros directly through the app. Remodeling and renovation projects are now easier than ever when you find and book a contractor through HomeAdvisor. From landscape design to pest control to home renovation, HomeAdvisor can find you the professional for the job. Download HomeAdvisor for free today and find contractors for your home improvement and repair projects anytime, anywhere. HomeAdvisor Features: CONTRACTOR FINDER - Discover home improvement professionals and compare their ratings and reviews - Search HomeAdvisor’s extensive network of contractors for any home renovation need - Book contractors and set up appointments instantly with local, available pros - View contractor ratings and reviews from real customers HOME IMPROVEMENT PLANNER - Compare home services costs for hundreds of home projects with True Cost Guide - Get upfront pricing on your home projects - Track contractors and home improvement projects - Pay pros directly through the HomeAdvisor app HOME SERVICES & MORE Find and hire contractors for home remodel, repair and improvement projects, including: - Remodeling & Additions (Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels) - Roofing - House painting - House Cleaning & Maid Services - Windows - Tree Services - Renovation - Concrete - Handyman Services - Electrician - Heating & Furnace Systems - Pest Control - Decks - Foundations - Plumbing professional - Lawn care & maintenance - Landscaping - Lawn mower - Garage Doors - Siding - Tile - Fences Find home remodeling, improvement & repair contractors with HomeAdvisor – the fastest and easiest way to schedule the professionals and services you need. Download now and start your next home project! California Privacy: https://legal.homeadvisor.com/#California-Privacy

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HomeAdvisor: Find a Contractor app reviews

  • Bad App, no assistance 2/5

    By FitQueen70
    You must share lots of personal, private information and then receive no responses. What happens to your personal data. How is it kept secure. Google seems much more productive.
  • Can you please send me a text please call me back 5/5

    By Nicolas05$
    Can you please send me a text
  • Not what I expected 1/5

    By Taz in Tex
    Not a good experience
  • Two many ads. 1/5

    By Mefms
    Stop sending me your ads and E Mails.
  • Hate the calls 1/5

    By Draco Paldragon
    I have tried to just get an average price of a job and afterwards I am answering phone calls for the next two weeks. It pumps out your contact information even when you cancel the job. Worst app ever!
  • Buyer beware! Not always top quality pros. 2/5

    By MdMcV
    Nothing against the app itself. Easy to use. Get several calls right away when I identify a project. The problem is the companies that call have usually overcharged. I’ve gotten the flat fee pitch, been charge for a visit and told they would have to reschedule to do the work, and been overcharged more than $200 for permits (refunded after posting a bad review). My experience has been that if you don’t already know how to spot typical overcharge games you will pay too much.
  • This app supports racism 1/5

    By Go steelers and penguins!
    Stop advertising on Tucker Carlsons show
  • Not happy with NO service 1/5

    By finished with service
    Person was a no show. Did not even call to cancel my appointment. Not dependable!
  • Its like Magic! 5/5

    By Srinivasvy
    Very friendly and quick response times
  • All Green exterminating 1/5

    By L.Shores
    I found this vendor on Home Advisor, seemed very professional, I agreed to pay 350.00 for a roach problem. He seemed nice, said they would come as often as necessary, for 6 visits. The man came on April 24th, 2 hours late but I was relieved he was still coming. The company put me on an every 10 day schedule, but didn’t tell me so I postponed the 2nd visit until I could ask. I spoke to him, agreed to the schedule. I have never heard from him again. I have e-mailed, texted, phoned with radio silence, I paid the whole amount upfront, so I’m out $350.00.Hire this company at your own risk.i can’t award any stars.
  • Sunny side contractors 1/5

    By J. Stucks
    Had a small Kitchen fire, they showed up without being contacted by me. Was told repairs would take about 4 weeks. It is now 2 months and still unable to use my home. They blame Ins. Co. for not responding to their bid. Ins.co claims bid was not received. As soon as they get a bid, a check is cut and sent to me. I then write a check to contractor. They have used multiple excuses ( including Corona Virus) for the delays in completion of job. Have heard the same complaint from other clients. Have had to move into a motel for some privacy and to have the ability to my to fix my meals and not depend on restaurants. J Stucks
  • App doesn’t work to contact pros 1/5

    By Sb23093
    Clicked on five different pros info and clicked on call and the app freezes. Won’t show number so you can’t contact anyone.
  • Pros recommended not uptodate 1/5

    By NeesieT
    I was referred to BTS TECHNOLOGY. They stated that they do not do residential projects. Why then after entering my info and project would their name be suggested. This was a waste of time
  • This app is useless 1/5

    By ese doc
    I get an email reminding me of an appt. it offers me to ‘send a message’ but then it doesn’t let me, only offers a video call.
  • Rain gutters 3/5

    By Ann bird 1
    I’m trying to get a quote for rain gutters. Site it’s not Working properly Website it’s not working properly
  • Misleading 1/5

    By m_GreenwoodMA
    TV ads and app description is to show the user average costs of projects in an area. App doesn’t do that but rather gathers quotes. Ad leads me to believe that I could take my quotes and see if they are inline with what my neighbors are paying. No such luck.
  • Horrible experience 1/5

    By kindle me
    They charge you up front. This is a problem. The app screwed up my appointment, rescheduled it without contacting me, and wouldn’t let me communicate with the workman, and vice versa. I had a family emergency and couldn’t make the new time and tried every way possible to contact them. They wouldn’t let me reschedule and wouldn’t refund my money. DO NOT USE HOME ADVISOR!!!
  • No longer works 1/5

    By euragnak
    After entering all my info & finding pros I attempt to contact pros & app freezes and often freezes my phone!!!!!!ugh! Not happy
  • Missed appointments 1/5

    By netnieann47
    Home Advisor never sent my information to Quality Generators, so they never showed up. I made my own appointment, but they still do show up they said they tried to confirm it the day before, but I had no calls or texts from them. After waiting all morning I called and they said they’d cancelled my appointment. Wanted me to make another. Nope 2 missed appointments is enough for me!
  • Judy Blandi 4/5

    By annie blandi
    Our employee was very personable,kind, respectable.He was up front about process and all aspects of cleaning of my husband’s business.🌺Efficient and helpful.The only complaint we had was he told us the toilet had been thoroughly cleaned alogeiththe for, re-glazed.My husband went in to check after he left, toilet was dirty, base very dirty..nothing had been done.Yuck, my husband, a heart surgery patient had todo before re-opening.We paid a lot of money for the service...only complaint😢
  • Lost my project 1/5

    By Segabond
    Created a project, downloaded the app, got quotes, did not opened, went to set the password, project is gone. Waste of time, deleted.
  • Do not download 1/5

    By Customer176589234
    This guys are trying to make money on fishing pros with projects! I meant you ordering service and pay. They took your money and start to send sms/emails to registered pros on file and thats all! They dont even call pros! Without direct communication you can’t do this type of business! Example: i put an order for tree trimming, paid, they scheduled an appointment for Monday then when couldn’t find nobody they rescheduled for Wednesday and again no one even give a f..ck and Friday again!!! That’s freaking fishing services!Shame on you freaks.
  • Messaging Feature Dead End 3/5

    By bdrake20
    The feature to message the Pro wasn’t very well thought through and doesn’t exist at all in the app. An email notification from the Pro has a link to reply which takes you to the home page of the app. No notifications, inbox, or way to respond.
  • Don’t give your business to this company!!! 1/5

    By Pj egan
    This company is a joke!!! I found Home Advisor online while liking for a gardener to do lawn work. I filled out information and got a call from a young girl. She got the information she needed and I asked the questions I needed. She set me up for the following Sunday. She Gave me a very reasonable price which I agreed to and took my credit card information and said they Would put a hold on the funds to make sure there’s money in the account. I asked her if they were going to charge my credit card and she said oh no not until the work is done and that they also guaranteed the work if I didn’t like the work they would make it better. Sunday came and the gardener didn’t show up so I called HomeAdvisor and they apologized and set me up for another appointment the following Tuesday. Tuesday I get a text from HomeAdvisor telling me that the contractor or the gardener had called off so they rescheduled me for the next day, Wednesday, Which is today and I get another email telling me that the gardener has called off so they want to schedule me in for this Friday well I was very angry at that time because I have things that are supposed to be delivered to my house and it goes on the lawn. Cannot get the delivery until the lawn is mowed. I checked my banking account and sure enough and I asked my my bank if they had taken those funds out of my account and they said yes it was debited from my account already. so I called home advisor and I said what the heck is going on I’ve had three different dates and have been canceled now, yet you took my money and that constitutes fraud! Ai paid for a service that they couldn’t even find anyone to do the job! They would have kept making appointments and cancelling them all while taking my money.so I canceled them, I said I don’t want to do business with this flakey company.I contacted the Better Business Bureau and here is my review. DO NOTdo business with this company because what they told me was they couldn’t find A gardener to go up to my area yet they were texting me telling me that the gardener called off so it’s just a real sketchy company I wouldn’t do business with them you could go elsewhere and do a lot better I am so disappointed with this with this company. The calls are out sourced. Bad business!
  • Giving Personal info 1/5

    By Bradislav01
    Why do you guys always want to know personal info. Just let me see the contractor. Not interested in giving out my personal info.
  • Limited 2/5

    By fianal
    Just want to be able to get general ideas of cost of a roof / yet im required to give more information than i would like
  • Assuming that the job was done. 2/5

    By pattikinsplus
    Your web site assumed that my job was completed. But IT WAS NOT. Originally you listed e companies. I called the one wth he highest rating. The came out but did not give me a quote or get back to me. After a week I called them. Still no response. I went back in to your site and the other two companies are no longer listed by home advisor. What is up with your company??
  • HomeAdvisor steals money from workers 1/5

    By shredthegnar6969
    I inquired about a painting project because the ads were infiltrating all of my google searches, and spoke with a contractor and decided to take on the project myself. He later informed me that he was charged $112 by HomeAdvisor for my business lead, and they would not refund him. There is nothing on their app stating this business practice, and I never would have used HomeAdvisor had I known this was going to happen. I can’t even imagine the number of workers being ripped off by HomeAdvisor because people are just trying to get an estimate is how much something is going to cost before planning a project. HomeAdvisor, please change this practice or at the very least state the fees for the contractor on your app!!!!!!!
  • I have no clue what to do? With this site. 1/5

    By artilljg
    Now I feel trapped, all I wanted was to have someone to talk about my project. And I tried to Download this website just to talk to someone. I get site saying I have to pay for something that I do not understand!!!
  • Too general 1/5

    By Zerozerozerodestructzero
    Unlike the website, when I use the app I cannot describe the job details. This, combined with the limited selection of job types, means that if I need something different from what the app expects I cannot explain it until I speak to the contractor. This results in contractors being identified who have neither seen my job specifics nor been matched based on what I actually need.
  • Mill town plumbing wasted time 1/5

    By jane8236
    Mill town plumbing makes their living charging 85.00 for them to come give the quote they say they take it off the charge off the quote but the charge is so outrageous u cannot have them do the job I would not recommend u waste your time making the call
  • Useless 1/5

    By ChinaLea
    It couldn’t give any information unless it verified my information (why it can’t give a general cost estimate is baffling), but couldn’t verify the information I gave (which was correct). Advises to call a number FROM THE APP, and they say it’s not the right number and they can’t help! Deleting app, and using Nextdoor instead.
  • Spring clean up 5/5

    By Ebstat
    I had Phil come and do a spring clean up for me. He arrived on time ready to work! Pleasant, personable. I would hire him again in a minute. Very efficient!
  • Contractors are not always screened 1/5

    By Trebor skraps
    Home advisor has several lawsuits and I can see why. The electrical contractor that was suggested by HA wouldn’t share his license number with me so I can verify him. HA said he was new and they didn’t have that information on record yet but were waiting for it. The second contractor said he would only get $100 out of the $258 that I paid and couldn’t do the job for that. I canceled and asked for a refund and have yet to receive it.
  • Anon 12 1/5

    By victim 30
    I completely agree with Anon in October. They have no idea what is going on and drove me crazy with calls regarding a project that I was not doing. They don’t listen and keep calling me. I too deleted the app. Don’t call Angies I heard that they have merged.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By SkyJK
    Never would download on my iPhone X. Deleted the app several times yet continued to receive a pop up message that the app wouldn’t download.
  • House cleaning 1/5

    By hockeypickey
    Actually 0/5 stars for “ clean it up” crew. Laura Johnson, Dustin johnson if that’s even their real names supposedly out of ruston. They are a scam. In 3 hrs all they did was wipe down blinds. Bathrooms not touched. Floors still dirty. All objects still in same place.
  • No show 1/5

    By tnasee12
    I first used Home Advisor for a septic tank problem. Needless to say I wasn’t happy with Old Faithful services. Next I wanted deck repair. Was contacted by 2 service’s and set appointments. Neither showed. Will be looking elsewhere
  • Convinced that it’s better to use a pro 5/5

    By tahrule
    I’ve gotten sick of the promises that people will come by to do work I’m convinced that I will use this website for all my projects
  • Can’t understand why this is so highly rated 1/5

    By Clay Ice
    This app seems like a great idea... but they are FAR from providing real value. This is glorified google. That simply shows available contractors in your area. I requested quotes... literally got nothing but “{company name} wants to quote your project!” ...great... thanks home advisor... so now I just call them and talk over the phone? Where is the benefit of this app when I can google contractors in my area, find websites, make calls, and contact personally? It’s a good idea, but (in my opinion, which apparently is wrong compared to these reviews) worthless.
  • Inconvenient 1/5

    By daub8
    Only after giving your specific address will the app tell you how much a baseline project should range. While simultaneously giving the address you submitted to local companies to come out and assess. The worst part is you can’t price projects with out actually having that assessment requested. I just wanted to see how much a baseline project would cost so I could save up but next thing I new it I had people KNOCKING AT MY DOOR and calling me when I didn’t request them to contact me nor come to my property WITHOUT PERMISSION. If the app is capable of telling me a project price range on screen as quickly as I hit enter WITHOUT a local company even knowing about the project there should be NO reason I HAVE to request for an assessment. SECURITY HAZARD DELETE APP
  • Can’t create an account to use 1/5

    By H&D7333
    Email me link button doesn’t work so can’t create an account for the app.
  • Concern 1/5

    By o YOP
    I paid $459.00for a year. The condition was &79.00 to come and fix. If a part were uneeded o would pay which was finequedt. I would like a refund immediately. Every time I request a job the estimate of 200-300$. What happened to $79 quoted?? I want the refund. I have not used your services and don’t intend to due to the misinformed information Catherine Munn cu nickname is cat!
  • Scam for money! 1/5

    By OlsonLA
    All you, prospective clients, should know that anytime you submit a request for any project at any status all pros that were matched to it, automatically pay a “lead fee”, just for your contact information. Your requests cost us at least $10, and can be as high as $80. Can you imagine how we feel when we try to contact you about YOUR request and don’t hear anything back? What about getting several requests like it a day? How would YOU feel? So next time you submit a request, please do it when you are in fact ready to discuss it and take phone calls (as it’s noted in terms and conditions). And to HomeAdvisor as a company, you are unreasonably overpriced and taking advantage of other businesses!
  • Unable to Cancel Project 1/5

    By Jim Ohio1
    Email address for notifications is unmonitored. Help Center phone support does not connect to an agent. No app cancellation capability seems to be a money grab motive on the part of Home Advisor. Strongly suggest that no one use the Home Advisor service. The fixed price option appears to be an non cancelable ripoff.
  • Nope 1/5

    By Squigmond Froyd
    The app asks me to provide my name and address to contractors before I know who they are and whether they are legit and trustworthy. I prefer word of mouth referrals. I was born at night, but not last night.
  • Very expensive 1/5

    By Doggie dee
    As I was shopping around the average price to install a fan was between $125-150... it was close to $250 on here. I received he same pricing for another project I put in for. What they are really good at is sending lots of multiple texts and emails.
  • No calls No answer 1/5

    By ImNotMadImJustDisappointed
    Used HomeAdvisor years ago w/out issues. Something has since happened. Attempted twice to get calls from service providers w/out any call backs. Attempted to call HomeAdvisor twice, a week apart, w/out an answer both times. Moving on.
  • The prepaid service is a rip off 1/5

    By antiquated system
    $17 part. 1 hour labor. $277. The contractor was great. A secondary maid company determines the pre paid cost and hours. Fool me once.

HomeAdvisor: Find a Contractor app comments

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