HomeAdvisor: Find a Contractor

HomeAdvisor: Find a Contractor

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HomeAdvisor: Find a Contractor App

HomeAdvisor is the #1 home improvement app for connecting homeowners with home service contractors. Find the best local contractors from our network, featuring hundreds of thousands of customer-rated pros specializing in more than 500 home renovation, repair and maintenance projects. Schedule your next appointment with the HomeAdvisor app - the fastest and easiest way to find top contractors. Whether you need help with home remodeling, home improvement, home repair, roofing, maintenance, or anything else around the house, we can connect you with the pro you need. HomeAdvisor’s free home improvement app lets you discover and compare contractors, read reviews from real customers, view pricing, and schedule their appointments. Schedule home improvement appointments quickly with our instant booking option, so you can book the best local contractors without having to play phone tag. Remodeling and renovation projects are now easier than ever when you find and book a contractor through HomeAdvisor. From landscape design to pest control to home renovation, HomeAdvisor can find you the professional for the job. Download HomeAdvisor for free today and find contractors for your home improvement and repair projects anytime, anywhere. HomeAdvisor Features: CONTRACTOR FINDER - Discover home improvement professionals and compare their ratings and reviews - Search HomeAdvisor’s extensive network of contractors for any home renovation need - Book contractors and set up appointments instantly with local, available pros - View contractor ratings and reviews from real customers HOME IMPROVEMENT PLANNER - Compare home services costs for hundreds of home projects with True Cost Guide - Track contractors and home improvement projects HOME SERVICES & MORE Find and hire contractors for home remodel, repair and improvement projects, including: - Remodeling & Additions (Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels) - Roofing - House painting - House Cleaning & Maid Services - Windows - Tree Services - Renovation - Concrete - Handyman Services - Electrician - Heating & Furnace Systems - Pest Control - Decks - Foundations - Plumbing professional - Lawn care & maintenance - Landscaping - Lawn mower - Garage Doors - Siding - Tile - Fences Find home remodeling, improvement & repair contractors with HomeAdvisor – the fastest and easiest way to schedule the professionals and services you need. Download now and start your next home project!

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HomeAdvisor: Find a Contractor app reviews

  • Only for cheap people 2/5

    By StreetcornerNinja
    App on iPad is buggy. It won’t let me review a the one professional I hired that did a good job. It won’t let me close some projects. It won’t let me contact some of the professionals after started new projects. These were all red flags from the start. After going the “cheap” route and using Home Advisor professionals, I’ve had to hire someone to do a better job. Do yourself a favor and pay for quality labor. The professionals on this app seem to be less skilled and burned out from working for choosing beggars. I was able to find better professionals from a google search. It takes a little longer and a little more money to establish those relationships, but it’s worth it! No more stress headaches!!
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By caseparks
    Thanks this is great
  • The wave of the future 5/5

    By Locutis10320
    So I’ve read some of the criticisms of Home Advisor. I have to say I had an unqualified successful experience, this is why. First I called a couple of vendors who literally did not even answer the phone. I took a chance and used the Home Advisor App. I got two referrals one of which was one I tried myself earlier. So I called the first vendor who said they would see me in three days. Here is where the magic started to happen. I got a call from the next vendor on the list who could see me the same day, I got calls from two other vendors who I declined as someone was coming. The gentleman Glenn Julian From Good Value Heating and Air Conditioning was awesome in all respects. He was timely, accurate and fairly priced. I spoke with Glenn afterwards and he said he is busier in a smaller service area adding “it’s really how things are going because there is greater accessibility between vendors and customers and people feel they are at less danger receiving poor service or unfair billing.” I couldn’t agree more Glenn.
  • They couldn’t care less 2/5

    By RyBone9
    I gave them two stars because a rep called me the next day and left a message. However, when I called him back it went straight to voicemail. 10 days later, called him back again, straight to voicemail. He never called back. I called the 1-800 number and tried to explain to them what’s happening, they couldn’t care less. All they kept asking was what project I needed. First I was just asking why ot would take 10 days for someone to respond. Like I said before, they ignored my concerns and couldn’t care less. App deleted...
  • 😀 5/5

    By unicorngirl200
    Happy face
  • Parasite company that sells your info 1/5

    By Elrva
    My experience with Home Advisor: -They send your phone number to a bank of companies some which don’t qualify to do the work, so you will get non-stop calls -They sell your contact info so other telemarketers can call you or spam you -They charge the companies they reference a fee, so usually large chains with bad reviews respond to your requests, serious local companies can’t deal with the cost - They messed up Angies List after purchase now following the same parasite business model I am using Thumbtack now which is much better than this c...p , and they support small businesses. I have had no issues with Thumbtack only got targeted serious responses for projects from 3 or 4 small companies or contractors ready to do the work, and was able to read their reviews and professional track.
  • Ya 4/5

    By 195ggg
    It is great u are great thank you
  • It’s great people are nice too 5/5

    By itzmeAmy
    It’s great people are nice too
  • This is great 5/5

    By i like the xxxtentacion one
    Beast home
  • Rick’s Trash Removal 5/5

    By Javelina72
    I also have to give a thumbs up to Rick at Ricks Trash Removal. Some how the wires of communication got crossed and he was also trying to come by and get to work on my house. I was at work and he called my cell number several times trying to get in touch with me.
  • Total crap 1/5

    By no longer sunshine
    I live in Minnesota and this app gives me experts in Florida and Colorado. How the hell is that helpful?!!!?
  • Beware of home advisor pro accounts 1/5

    By Samy330332:)
    Very unsatisfied with being a home advisor contractor. They provide leads that they also give to at least 5 other contractors. Home advisor makes a killing on charging contractors for this lead. Even if you don’t get the lead they charged each vendor $50 or more. Many leads you don’t even get a call back and you still get charged. I spend like $200 per month and might get 1 lead that I service.
  • Google instead 1/5

    By Infantry 015
    I have attempted to get quotes several times using this app. No one has ever reached out to give me a quote. I recommend just searching google and calling the business.
  • Beautiful fence 5/5

    By songuy
    I hired Steve from Reliable Contracting to take down my old fence and build a new one. It by far is the nicest fence we’ve ever had. Nice job Steve!
  • Good idea very poor execution 1/5

    By The Blacklab
    This is a wonderful idea. The lack of professionals in my area that use this app makes it more or less an ad for the one or two in each field that actually use it. Which for people who can’t use other searches means that they are given but one option and that leaves them open to be hoodwinked and overcharged.
  • David Shepard 918-924-6411 5/5

    By Winston's father
    He did a great, timely and cost effective job hanging/mounting our 65 inch tv over the stone fireplace mantel.
  • Stove repair 4/5

    By Tjrei
    I’ve had a problem getting someone out to look at my stove and I totally forgot about this app. Looking forward to meeting with my pro and sending a new review. Thanks for being here !
  • Sent unlicensed plumber, BEWARE 1/5

    I was sent a unlicensed plumber, who’s work was shoty, and had to have license plumber come in and repair damage
  • Reviews 3/5

    By TGuise2
    Only 1 out of 8 Verified Pros listed their Verified Customer responses.
  • Home Advisor in North/East PA not good! 1/5

    By LingIslandNYDad
    Home Advisor in North/East PA not good! I have tried several times to get contractor's for several projects on a newly purchased home and ZERO replss!!! Useless to get a contractor around here. Windows, Concrete, Plumbing, Handyman. Nope! Don't waste your time here. Ask neighbors, Google contractor's and look at the reviews there.
  • Unreliable Contractors 2/5

    By Snightly
    Most contractors suggested by Home Advisor are unresponsive and are no shows for scheduled appointments. You’re better off asking friends and family for recommendations.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By michael95843
    I called about a simple gate valve replacement. they sent me 2 contacts only one of which responded another requested to bid on the project they came out out but never submitted a bid. The one that did bid, affordable plumbing. wanted to charge twice the going rate for my neighborhood $300 for a $10 part and maybe 15 to 20 minutes of work. I ended up calling another plumber who was out here within 15 minutes and replaced it for $105 Took them 17 minutes. complete waste of time easier to source vendors yourself then to use these people.
  • Seeking contractors for tree removal and home improvement contractors 1/5

    By arch hill
    Was contacted by no won even after recontacting home advisor, was waste of time
  • Roof Repairs 5/5

    By J &N
    We were really pleased with the service and quickness of the work. They are very precise and follow through on their work. Excellent service. Highly recommend and will rehire for future jobs.
  • Banker 7223 4/5

    By Banker7223
    Very helpful.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Black Toaster1905
    I love this app because it offers an easy way to find contractors for most all of our needs. I like the fact that contractors are screened for various things offering more trusted options. Thanks
  • Pool Opening 5/5

    By Lucky pet mom xo
    NEGATIVE STARS!! The absolute worst rip off I’ve ever experienced!! Outrageous amount of money to open a small above ground pool.Charged almost $500.00!! Was paid upfront and never left so much as an invoice or instructions! The worst company service ever.They should be out of business and I should get a refund!! Stay far away from Home Advisor!
  • Connects you to garbage service providers 1/5

    By tiaasucks!
    I’ve attempted to use the service three times in the last month. Each time it’s connected me with below average service providers. I’ve received no service and no satisfaction from any of the recommended “professionals”.
  • Great app 5/5

    By fmmartinez
    I love it
  • Poor estimate workflow 1/5

    By Muzammil1982
    It needs every detail before showing any estimate.. No, I don't want to give out every tiny personal detail about me before you show me an estimate. What's "hidden" in the terms and condition is that contractors can start calling on your phone and email you like crazy because you accepted the terms without reading. Give me an estimate .. Don't draft me as a target for marketing. Removing the application.
  • Able Tree Service 5/5

    By Miss Cholee
    I hired them to remove a lot of big trees and a lot of branches. They said it would take 3 days 8 hrs a day . Well they got it done in 2 days ... Jimmy is a fantastic worker he never gets tired and the owners are great workers too.....They are all such nice people they try to help all they can and their rates are reasonable...... But most important they get the job done and done right......... call them today for a free estimate.....850-896-2426
  • Paint job/floor replacement 3/5

    By bluenotre
    After going thru the process of identifying and eliminating contractors that I would and would not use from my research on Home Advisor, I decided on using Hurtado Home Restoration. They are an excellent company to use. The paint job and floor replacement that I hired them for are excellent! I plan on posting on their website about it. Erick is professional, punctual and stays within the quotes presented. Next year, I’ll very likely get a hold of him directly to refurbish my condo again, in preparation for the sale of it. Why 3 stars only then for HA? Your app’s filters that we use as consumers are very limiting in what we describe for a potential merchant, what exactly needs to be repaired and why. For example, one of the bath tubs needed much attention...perhaps a full replacement. One of the contractors that reached out back to me, wouldn’t even show up onsite to see the work needed. Another contractor was there for maybe 10 minutes and said the job was not for them, because my ceilings were too high and for other reasons. Had I know through the elimination process that they were not a good fit for this specific project, I wouldn’t have scheduled the appointment. Wasted time...both for them and me. Providing me as an HA user with the ability to provide more detail about my projects could save a potential contractor and ME $ and time. Thank you.
  • Beware of Home Advisor 1/5

    By beachgran
    Whatever you do do not give them your phone number. I needed a lawn service three years ago. I am still getting calls from plumbers, electricians and everything in between. None of which I asked for. Your better off looking in the yellow pages, taking a risk and saving your sanity. I have emailed and called the number provided but no results.
  • Idk 1/5

    By qwerjanbsd vssbs dhsn
    I don’t use it
  • Can’t use. Doesn’t support jailbroken devices message 1/5

    By MustBeGrizzly
    Phone isn’t currently jailbroken.
  • Ridiculous Quote 1/5

    By KC459832
    Although I realize this is a problem with a contractor and not Home Advisor, they are still recommending this contractor so he represents the company. I purchased a TV console from Target for less than $200. It was small in size. Home Advisor recommended a contractor in Shelby Township. He asked that I send him a photo of the unit. His quote for an hour of assembly was $350.00. This amount is absurd and beyond ridiculous. I called several other companies and their quotes were $75.00 and $110.00. I would recommend looking at a different company. This contractor quote was unprofessional and dishonest.
  • Very satisfied client 5/5

    By pparish
    I used Southern Home Repair in Murfreesboro Tn for my new room addition. I have to say I am more than pleased with the results. Jim Browers and Michael were awesome to work with. They were there through the process making sure everything was done on time. Everyone who has seen it says that it looks like it was built with the house not a carport turned into a room. I would highly recommend this company. Paul, Smyrna Tn.
  • Horrible, unethical company 1/5

    By kameyers
    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HOMEADVISOR. They are currently being sued in a class action lawsuit due to deceptive practices and scamming their contractors! AVOID THIS UNETHICAL COMPANY! Use Thumbtack or Taskrabbit.
  • Unfair and biased sign up process 1/5

    By Rvdiodnkfk
    Tried to sign up to get names of contractors but i get the message that verification is needed. I never got an email to verify and I will not call them because as I read prior reviews, they want to solicit you to use certain contractors. I am going back to Angie’s list. Much more honest and better platform.
  • Do not trust 1/5

    By Jacklieson
    Short story , do not trust this app/ site. It cost me 850 dollars for a simple job and still not working . Terrible app/ site
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Knox green
    Been more than 3 weeks and project not started. Have reached full voicemail. Solar electric said was coming out and never even called me back. I’ve just been wasting time.
  • App crashes 2/5

    By Tallmark69
    Tried to book an appointment in the app. Every time I hit the “confirm” button, it crashes. Happens on both iPhone and iPad. So frustrating.
  • Mixed results with this app 3/5

    By livelypsyche
    I have had a good experience with hiring someone with this app a couple of years ago. Now when I use it, I get inundated with phone calls and texts when I have a project that I want to get done. I don't want more sales calls, I want to look at reviews for contractors and decide who I'd like to speak to based on that. I really hope that HomeAdvisor fixes this because the deluge of phone calls is so overwhelming that I haven't made any progress on this project.
  • Attic vents installed 5/5

    By Burris Mike
    Richard Start of Starrbuilt was the handyman that installed my vents. He called me back within a 1/2 hour and came the next day to give me an estimate. He called me to set a date and he was running behind a bit but called to let me know. He did a great job and the price was right. The price he quoted me is what I paid. No hidden cost. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a handyman.
  • Fencing 1/5

    By messumup
    Home advisor is not good at all, there’s nobody that will install fencing!!! You should stop advertising how good you are, I see home advisor are a failure! Thank You anyway
  • Dismayed at cavalier way my personal information was shared without MY permission 4/5

    By cymruioan
    I have NO DOUBT that you offer a first-class Service but with one major flaw: I hav to give you my personal information for obvious reasons-on the ONE? Occasion I Inquired - ONLY inquired as to the kind of cost etc involved in project still under evaluation- you obviously forwarded all the pertinent information to at least Contractors who turned out to be VERY upset to learn that I was very far from actually STARTING the work required! When I contacted via your App to ask, ASK only mind you!!, I tried NOT to indicate a time or schedule? Unfortunately I received a LOT OF PHONE CALLS plus emails/text messages from these Contractors where the conversations eventually turned quite heated🤗 I doubt if I will ever feel comfortable using your recommendations until I am assure that the contact between the Contractor AND myself is instigated BY myself and not from your app/Company Regards JohnH-(in excess of 35+yrs in the Building & Construction industries) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🎶🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🤠🇬🇧😊
  • No responses from any contractors 1/5

    By Mikek381
    Did not receive any quotes or even responses from any contractors on two separate projects I need it done at my home. One for siding and one for a bathroom. No responses from anyone
  • Attic fan 5/5

    By Art Kap
    Very convenient.Very easy to navigate from searching to appointments.
  • Great 5/5

    By josesy01
    Offered great professionals in a way that aggregates their services into one site and allows you to save money.

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