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HomeAdvisor Pro App

HomeAdvisor Pros: Never miss a lead! With the HomeAdvisor Pro App, you’ll get push notifications for new leads and all the tools you need to manage projects from start to finish directly from the field. Connect with customers via one-touch call, text and email features; request customer reviews to build your reputation; and manage your lead flow to get leads exactly where and when you want them. Plus, streamline administrative functions from project notes to billing processes — and even get directions to your next appointment. - Get new lead notifications - Call, text, and email potential customers - Map driving directions to appointments - Keep notes on every lead - View your lead history - Manage your lead flow - View your account and billing info - Request reviews from customers - View and comment on customer reviews - Sync Instant Booking with your preferred scheduling app

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  • Customer 1/5

    By ThEnOc
    This company will steal as much of your time and money as possible before your able to cancel your account. Total rip off! Bill you for things you never asked for then offer you job credits instead of refunds!! Make sure you have a good attorney before you deal with these crooks!
  • HomeAdvisor the best! 5/5

    By DiazRoney
    I really love HomeAdvisor! Will never ever change for another company....
  • Leads Don’t answer their phones 2/5

    By PeteAHebrew
    Home Advisor works well, when potential leads answer their phone. We have had numerous potential leads lost or never even had a chance to reach out to them, because they are not good at returning our calls. Bad Communication on Home Advisor. The worst thing about the whole thing is we still have to pay for the potential leads that don’t call back. That should not be happening. Home Advisor should find a way to keep open communication, then we wouldn’t have to fork out hundreds of dollars to Home Advisor for unreliable customers. Once again, Home Advisor works, but it is not good and can be a waist of money when we get notifications and Leads don’t answer their phones.
  • Review 5/5

    By guctjftjgf
    I have really been thankful for Home Advisor helping get work. The app is excellent and super easy to use and punctual. I have it on my work cell and I use it at home for end of the day organizing. Cannot complain!!👍👍
  • Don’t fall for it 1/5

    By DCMcomp
    Home Advisor will charge you $15-$45 for the chance of working with a customer, even if the item the customer wants repaired is unrepairable. If you do not contact the customer within 24 hours you cannot request a refund - even if your store is closed. Preconfiguring your company hours does not matter. If you are not going to accept new work, you must manually turn off new leads each and every time you close your doors. Leads will still ding your phone at 4:00am
  • Not what I expected 1/5

    By jstorm1977
    We do trash outs and residential trash removal I am set up for dumpster rental service we don’t own a dumpster great bull
  • Contractors do your homework 3/5

    By Dpatterpatter
    Home Advisor could be a great tool for sourcing leads, however the contractor is charged for every lead whether or not the contractor wins it or not. The vast majority of time, the customer is price shopping as the customer DOES NOT pay for the service. Therefore HOME ADVISOR makes all of there money from the contractor. If you are a larger business then you likely have a larger budget to source leads, but if you are a start up PLEASE BE AWARE!! Your CC is charged weekly and those leads can easily run $500/wk plus. Manage the leads wisely.
  • Home Advisor 5/5

    By R Grassing Company
    Love the app been with them since August 1 and business has been great.
  • Pretty Good App 5/5

    By Royal Pro Cleaning
    This app has served its purpose and then- some. Useful, and amazing customer support.
  • Friendly app 5/5

    By Luisa Coma
    I’ve been using the app and it’s pretty friendly and easy to use and work
  • Homo A glum 5/5

    By homoAglum
    The best
  • Plumbing Contractor 5/5

    By Okw127
    As a Plumbing professional, I have benefited from Home Advisor’s Leads. The app is easy to use and I like the way it manages the whole customer process and experience.
  • Randy 5/5

    By silly sally sushi
    Great app
  • HomeAdvisor 5/5

    By smallscapes
    A pretty good app but can be expensive
  • The best 5/5

    By humberto maradiaga
    Exelent Compani
  • JM,s painting 5/5

    By 802Painter
    I’m so happy with Home Advisor taking that leap of faith is the best decision I’ve made regarding my business.
  • Great service 4/5

    By Samathee
    I’ve had a good experience with gone advisor definitely worth the money and easy to handle for whatever size business u run , only reason I didn’t do 5 stars is because occasionally you ll run into the little things like the customer won’t right enough information on the job and you pay a premium price for that call and it wasn’t worth it , other then that it’s a good service app
  • Home Advisor is truly magnificent!! 5/5

    By farthegoat
    They have all the tools an up and coming or even established contractor business should have access to when needed to win customers and enhance professionally. Our company has been affiliated with home advisor for almost a year now and we’re very happy with their support and suggestions. Looking forward to future partnerships for as long as needed!! Farica Hernandez
  • Bad company 1/5

    By OK surface
    Not honest
  • Pros and cons off app 4/5

    By kblights
    I Enjoy the app I just don’t like when I select interest by mistake I can not cancel .Also you can not resubmit a credit request
  • Need more business? 4/5

    By Frankthetank93
    Great company to get more leads for your business. Highly recommend no matter if your big or small.
  • App 3/5

    By rickmarbles
    Like the old app much better. Not very happy with this one. Keeps asking if you talked to homeowner even when you didn’t call Rickmarbles
  • Awesome 5/5

    By lovely330
    I signed up for this after speaking with 3 different people within company. Of course I wasn’t told your charges for leads even if you don’t respond. I signed up and after 3 days they try and hit me with a bill of over $400 so when I told me I was in homes cleaning and couldn’t even respond to leads and I wanted to cancel. They said they was stopping my account removing me from platform. But yet continued sending me leads and after my account was supposed to be canceled because I made it within the time frame they still was billing me . The total just for 4 day I signed up and paid the membership fee on a Thursday evening. Sunday had a bill of $400 plus Monday I called to cancel account Tuesday I was hit with a $700 plus bill.
  • Credit 2/5

    By EnderXenocideKJ
    This app used to let me ask for credit so I didn’t have to call now I am still getting charged several hundred dollars for leads that I cannot get ahold of people on and have to call and most the time too late and it was much easier and nicer with that option to request a credit? Why did they remove this feature?
  • Buggy app that consumes a lot of time 2/5

    By MJ Yup
    The service is expensive and you get lots of leads outside of your selected coverage area. It’s like a pump and dump approach. They charge for a bunch of leads and you have to go through a bunch of red tape to dispute. For example I dispute one outside my coverage area and it will not allow me to because I didn’t respond in 24 hours......but I did in less than 24 hrs. Plus why should I have to call a lead that was provided in error by Home Advisor? Will cancel the service and do my own lead generation.
  • Dl flooring 4/5

    By leo1186
    Great app, very easy to navigate and flexible, it ill be nice to integrate same options of web in to the app, but so far so good, thanks to H.A team. :-)
  • Started Home Advisor yesterday 5/5

    By mdisfly
    I started Home Advisor yesterday and I was questioning doing a marketing campaigns such as this. But, I just did a job that was generated by Home Advisor and I am VERY HAPPY! If this continues we will have a great and long working relationship!
  • Over charged 5/5

    By Hustlerytttt
    They charged me $243 for 2weeks and never got a job
  • Requesting credits 3/5

    By JDHB1
    No enough options when requesting credits. A lot of leads after seeing what’s requested or time line may not fit my schedule or it may be a job I want to decline. It’s difficult to get in touch with some customers or get them to respond after multiple try’s, but I’m still charged. This is unacceptable with me. JDHB1
  • Review 1/5

    By Rhino Garage Doors
    Home Advisor is the WORST company we as a company has ever came across since being in business. A good 70% of the leads are not real or qualified, the price per lead is absolutely ridiculous because most of the time you will not be able to reach the home owner, doesn’t matter if you call 2 seconds after the lead came in, or an hour after it came in; The “credit” system to receive credits for your leads is fraudulent, and I just found out that Home Advisor has over 3000 complaints against them through the Better Business Bureau. Just an outright terrible company.
  • Save your money 1/5

    By sffjiddkvxs
    Too many issues

    By American AV Sol
    Home Advisor has changed a lot since their beginning, they now send you a ton of manufactured leads claiming there’s “high demand for Pros like you” DO NOT SUBSCRIBE!! Their leads are high in price and are sent to as many as 4 different contractors and when you call to complain they simply give you the dumbest excuses ever, Most of their leads now come from Angie’s List which our company never requested services from. Simply put what Home Advisor offers now isn’t what they advertise BEWARE OF THEIR PRACTICES before you decide to sign their 12 month contract or pay their high enrollment fee, they will not reimburse you when you call to cancel.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By niko12131
    This is the worst app for pros!!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By jdunn0520
    Ive been ripped off with many false leads that arent serious about getting any work done. Cannot shut them off for more than 2 days and then another $130 lead gets charged to my bank account. Within a week they hit me with almost $500 in leads when my account is set to stop at $250.
  • Not very impressed! 2/5

    By Ervin-F
    For all the money double dipping from Angie’s list and home advisor the app should be super good and not all complicated and ridiculous.
  • Be aware 1/5

    By alcjlc
    When signing up for the service we were informed that the contractors are only billed when a job and price is agreed on by the customer and contractor. We later found that Home Advisor will charge the contractor for giving a quote only or even declining a job that you may not be equipped for if it was a direct lead.
  • Unsatisfied 2/5

    By Kim L Rob
    Not enough leads per day for the high price that you pay a month.
  • Should have only given it 3 stars 4/5

    By L17cutler
    Leads are more expensive than advertised because our zip code cost more for some reason. Ultimately the price gets past to consumers. It should be a set fee not all different from zip code to zip code
  • So Far So Good 5/5

    By GetClean LLC
    The app is really easy to my surprise. The representatives are ready to help and have a good attitude.
  • Horrible service 2/5

    By horrible homeadvisor
    They have no quality of lead . They are all random , you have no clue who’s shopping and who’s serious. A lot of the customers who use the service are timid and are not enthusiastic about getting the project taken care of . They need a customer filter or rating system . Some of these customers I would rate as A1 and would love to return . But sadly a vast majority of these leads or people who want it done as cheap as possible and are rude as hell . You end up spending a lot of money roughly $13,000 a year is what I’ll be paying and getting 15 ish leads a week . It’s expensive and home advisor doesn’t seam to care about how the contractors , the face of HomeAdvisor . They act like they have this almighty god type business model and their isn’t any way it could be perfected . It’s a rough draft at best that has a lot of room to be refined . I would love for home advisor to read this and contact me but they won’t . Believe me they won’t
  • Pretty good app 4/5

    By hardheaded KS Fan
    Two main issues stop from getting a five star. This horrible keyboard orientation and the way the requests pops up after you made a call to the customer. Everything else is pretty good.
  • Beware!!!!! 1/5

    By a disappointed business owner
    Real spam! Do not sign up,or download, unless you have money to waste. They are a classic description of a ripoff! Every week they come up with new ways to steal your money. You try to fight them off, they will bust your credit.
  • Contractor perspective 1/5

    By mine2950
    I have invested over $500 at home advisor and not landed 1 job. I pay for leads and get no responses from clients. I’m disgusted!
  • Very helpful, very professional. 5/5

    By TimothyNorton
  • Shady business tactics 1/5

    By Austin from Lawnstarter
    Had my leads paused. They updated the app, it changed the way you pause the leads, and automatically turned my leads back on. Got hit with 3 leads immediately, just so they can charge my account. Extremely shady business tactics. Do not do business with these people. They are crooks.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Roofer27214
    They took 1000$ from me in a week and all I got were false leads
  • Great high quality leads & rep 5/5

    By Russmass90
    I have had a great experience with high quality leads from home advisor. My rep, Lindsey, is absolutely amazing at what she does! I give the company a 5 out of 5 and Lindsey the same!
  • HomeAdvisor app 5/5

    By xclusive builders
    Very helpful for a growing business will highly recommend to other contractors.
  • HomeAdvisor 2/5

    By demeyesdo
    Good way to get your name out, but bring your wallet the leads add up. They charge you even if you don’t get the job. I wouldn’t truly recommend this app or HomeAdvisor.

HomeAdvisor Pro app comments

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