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HomeAdvisor Pros: Never miss a lead! With the HomeAdvisor Pro App, you’ll get push notifications for new leads and all the tools you need to manage projects from start to finish directly from the field. Connect with customers via one-touch call, text and email features; request customer reviews to build your reputation; and manage your lead flow to get leads exactly where and when you want them. Plus, streamline administrative functions from project notes to billing processes — and even get directions to your next appointment. - Get new lead notifications - Call, text, and email potential customers - Map driving directions to appointments - Keep notes on every lead - View your lead history - Manage your lead flow - View your account and billing info - Request reviews from customers - View and comment on customer reviews - Sync Instant Booking with your preferred scheduling app

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HomeAdvisor Pro app reviews

  • There should be a “fill on the blank” form for requesting a credit 3/5

    By integ ex solutions
    When I call a potential appointment and they tell me they have already got enough appointments set up and aren’t wanting to get anymore bids I don’t see an option for that when looking to request a credit for a lead I can’t run?
  • Terrible costumer service 1/5

    By smallbusinesspainter
    Incompetent costumer service, they lie to you and steal your money. Force you to pay for invalid leads.
  • Don’t use this such bs 1/5

    By anti-homeadvisor
    Supposedly they have lead that are ready to install just a dream they sell you when you sign up yeah you get leads but just leads of people wanting quotes and you get charged per lead 25 dollars minimum just another company trying to take away from the working mans pocket
  • Beware contractors 1/5

    By Licensed plumber
    Home advisor spits out unqualified leads They bombard the customers with emails and to many contractors call them all day They don’t screen contractors trade license, saw a handyman on there plumbing list. You need a plumbers license to do plumbing work.. They should reward the contractors with the best reviews not there spend targets
  • Owner 5/5

    By dan27526
    Very helpful. WS able to make the changes necessary.
  • It don’t worth 1/5

    By polof32
    It does not help, they send you leads maybe they do not exist or but if they send you they charge you no matter if they answer you or they do not make money from you 10 leads that nandaron me only 1 I answered and I could go to do the bid would be a bad investment if you enlist with them just you will lose money
  • The Home Advisor Pro App is very user friendly 5/5

    By CP&DS
    I am able to view and return calls right through the app to all of my Home Advisor leads, as well as track if they have been called or if they have answered me back
  • Home Advisor is a scam to contractors 1/5

    By mrmodel19
    Fake leads that home advisor create to steal money from contractors.
  • Opinion 3/5

    By bigigucugugu
    I like it but I feel a lot of the leads don’t respond correctly. I wish there is a way to get better responses from our potential customers
  • Jobs 5/5

    By hondurenw
    I love you guys I’m so glad you found me
  • Lead Pricing 3/5

    By Ghts717
    I have been a member for a long time. The leads are over priced compared to other lead generators that I use. If the clients were screened better. The system would be more fluid and save us all some time and money. I have been looking into thumbtack and Angie’s list as other options if something doesn’t change soon.
  • Lori’s Cleaning with Care 5/5

    By Lori's Cleaning with Care
    I recently signed up with HomeAdvisor and I have nothing but outstanding things to say about their services and their public relations. Thank you for helping me get my business up and running. Lori Crook
  • Col-Yer Tree Care LLC 4/5

    By Timberbucker
    It’s great when you can stay busy with Homeadvisors, but when you have customers or people just browsing. HomeAdvisor asks for there information and then we get the notification whether they want an estimate or not. That gets costly when 3 or 4 people a week either don’t answer or say they were just browsing!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By SBI No Nick Name
    If there is a better word than awful, I will spend the rest of my life discovering it. This app is terrible and in no way in favor of the consumer. Booooooo!! You only care to make money boo!!
  • Plumbing manager. 5/5

    By sammooreski
    Awesome service for leads, highly recommended. Thanks home advisor.
  • Works Hard. 4/5

    By Worthtalkingabout
    Good > Except that it does not work in landscape mode where because of all the customer information, it is often needed:..
  • Little bits cleaning in orange tx 5/5

    By christinataylor1999
    Thank you HomeAdvisor for helping me grow my business to where it is today
  • Great Service 5/5

    By Joe48364
    Home Advisor has been well worth my time. They have advisors that will guide you on how the whole process works. This is a great service.
  • Plumbing specialist 5/5

    By camera specialist
    I have been with Home Advisor for eight months now, and have experienced a lot of the same issues everybody complains about. It does cost a lot to learn how to get around that, once you do 80% of their leads are good and the other 20% of our generic for people not even serious. The companies do not operate anything the same, so I would disregard anything you may think you hear about one entity being able to do things with the other entity. They are nothing alike and they don’t operate the same at all either! Home Advisor is a wonderful application for me in my business and I have been doing OK with their leads. Undoubtedly they have terminology issues with their categories that I have got them to change one of the title names, which to me means they listened to you as a pro! Going into their system you need to be very patient and expect to spend money, if you don’t you will be dissatisfied. If you do, and you were patient for half a year, you will probably have worked out the glitches the way you work with their system and things should be affordable.
  • But...Is there a better lead source? 4/5

    By All Trades Texaas
    Most of these reviews speak of our mixed experience as a multi-trade repair and remodel contractor - high percentage of ‘worthless’ leads; waste of time lead fee credit requests; etc. - BUT...we have investigated several other options and eventually they all fall short of what HA has created in these past few years. As one other reviewer stated, once you ‘master’ the controls on your application/account you can manage your lead costs to limit the ‘worthless’ leads problem. HA’s marketing efforts on broadcast media has raised the name recognition awareness factor tremendously and it has shown in lead generation and customer confidence levels notably. I say they are the best option available currently and learning how to manage how they profit from you, the contractor, is your unforeseen/unwanted time expense and responsibility...but I can say that that is the same with all of the lead generation brokers. We are staying on board and are silently grateful for HA.
  • Software problems 1/5

    The recent fixes has caused more problems. Last year 2018 the app worked better. Now there are issues with getting the correct phone number. Past versions if you could not reach the customer by phone you would get a prompt to send a text to the customer. Now you go to send a message you get a generated phone number that is not the customers. Servers customers never received a text even though you are prompted to send it twice. This problem is causing direct communication problems. Losing customers which HomeAdvisor is charging a lead fee for. Bad business!!!!
  • Consistent but a few complaints 3/5

    By Friendly Plumber
    Our plumbing company has been using HomeAdvisor Pro for just under a year now and there has definitely been a learning curve. They are inconsistent on crediting bad leads but do a pretty good job most of the time. I wish we could customize the email templates for trying to contact a customer as well as see customer phone numbers after we match with a lead instead of having to use the extension and then ask the customer for their number that they already willingly gave to HomeAdvisor. Lastly, the lead fees have been raised at least once since we started with HomeAdvisor and seem pretty high for a lot of leads (averaging $30-50/lead just for small fixture-like repairs)
  • Ner 5/5

    By london construction services
    Great app
  • Ratings 4/5

    By nade334
    I have to say thanks for helping build my biz But better leads would help than getting duds and customers priceshopping
  • Good, but needs to be more functional and clear 4/5

    By Cycle dude 22
    You get the leads, but you can’t turn them off for long enough, and it’s not made clear that pausing leads actually resets your monthly spend targets - which it should NOT do.
  • Contractor 1/5

    By j45stephens
  • Exceptional Marketing 5/5

    By CEC BizFund
    Home Advisors constant stream of leads proves the quality of its marketing and name recognition program. Having leads come to my phone is a tremendous benefit for growing a business.
  • Pro App Review 5/5

    By uruguvyhtyla748$;$;,
    Well constructed, comprehensive, easy to use and navigate, backed up by good customer service.
  • Pro services 4/5

    By ADhomerepair
    Great to get direct contact with your customers. The down fall is. You cannot update you photos with the app. With cell phones being the way we take photos. It would be great to be able to update your page from the app.
  • Gm Holy Land Landscaping 3/5

    By ramacini
    Credit request it is not realistic.
  • Owner 5/5

    By Roman the builder
    Best service ever
  • Backsplash 3/5

    By boarhoghudson
    Everything is great except the price you charge for backsplash. The job averages 2 to 3 hundred bucks and your chargeing almost a third of the labor.
  • Self employee 1/5

    By GraceHopeBless
    I started cleaning services with Home advice, in one day I received 5 links and I did not replayed to one of them cause I did not have time. However end of the week they changed me $500 because I received their leads when they only thing I did was to spend money on them and never gained anything back. To anyone who is planning or want to start business think twice before using Home Advice to publicized your business it will cost you a lot.
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By Sarah G 3030
    Home Advisor Pro has been a huge let down when it comes to customer service. As a business owner who’s work is largely effected by the weather they do not take that in to consideration when deciding to credit you for leads missed. We had a month of rainy weather and that lead to us not calling our leads. When we got our bill it was $1,000! When I explained to customer service that we did not call the leads because of the weather and other issues they refused to credit the leads. We are canceling our account but are still expected to pay this $1,000. I just feel like they should work with small business owners more. When work is not being done and leads are not being called we obviously don’t have $1,000 to give them. I figured I may have to pay half of what is due or something to satisfy them, but $1,000 for calls we never made is ridiculous! Their customer service team are trained to be very polite but not budge. So fair warning to other business owners. Do not set your goal too high, you will be forced to pay. I for one am going to pay my account off and get business the old fashioned way.
  • Bug 4/5

    By Pretty kinda good
    There is a bug in the opportunities tab: when you click on a persons name it goes to the map with a message and then immediately goes away back to the opportunities tab.
  • One stop shop for business 5/5

    By Stallion2368
    HomeAdvisor elevates your business to a professional level. Very user friendly and because of HomeAdvisor I am well on my way to establishing my business goals. Daniel
  • You loose more than you make 1/5

    By carl141414
    Massive waste of money. Only had two people answer any call and both of them were realtors and both wanted a ballpark estimate for replacing their electrical panel. No intention of getting the work done, they just wanted a bargaining tool. The app is easy to use but the leads are NOT legitimate leads.
  • Dissatisfied 1/5

    By zljhd
    As the last reviewer posted, I am not satisfied with this service. Have been signed up for three months and I have paid more for leads than I have received actual jobs. The leads usually do not respond to your communication, and “just curious” response among others. Getting credit for these bad leads are very difficult and most are not granted. And, when you do receive a credit for the bad lead(s) you’ll have to call to reverse charges on your credit card.
  • Good app to have 5/5

    By Jules2b
    I like it-very helpful for our small business obtaining leads!
  • Home Advisor will steal your money 1/5

    By Ben Wick
    This app and company are terrible, they bill you for payment regardless if the homeowner ever answers the phone, I’ve spent twice as much on this theft app than I made doing the actual work. BIG RIP OFF!!!!!!!
  • Leads and pricing 3/5

    By Mgm1670
    I feel that their pricing level need to be reviewed. I understand they are sending us leads, but to charge between 20-$50 for leads that we may not gain is a bit much. I feel that if we get a lead and we don’t gain them we should be charged $10 regardless with no credits allowed unless it’s definitely a project we don’t do. Their customer service is usually pretty patient. I can’t say they always fulfill what I ask, but friendliness is always there. Anyone can make a call just because and we get charged regardless. The other thing is how do we know they don’t hire people to call pros just to charge us.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By boone1q2
    You send bogus leads & bill for them
  • Contractors...Get ready to pay 2/5

    By painter mike.
    This service is much needed & a good way to reach a larger customer base. However, it is way too front loaded with fees for it to be practical to use. There is the initial membership fee of $287 which you get nothing for except your membership. & the fees mount from there. I was immediately charged a lead fee just for looking at my own page as a potential customer. When I spoke with customer service (which took a long time) I was told that fee would be refunded. That was nearly 3 weeks ago & still no refund. I hadn’t even had the opportunity to build my profile or get reviews from customers or get any real leads on work & I was already in to Home Advisor for over $300. This app might be very useful for homeowners looking for pro contractors but as a contractor it’s a scam. Online help is polite & friendly but not very effective. I’ve been given a runaround about charges to my account. I’m sure this service would have found me some work but I simply can’t afford to be dishing out nearly $40 every time a potential customer even checks out my profile. The fee system needs an overhaul. I don’t mind paying a referral fee but to be charged solely on the potential of work is a rip off.
  • It's decent 3/5

    By Bribed!!!!
    It's a good way to get your name and business out there. Unfortunately about half of the people that submit requests won't answer your calls texts or emails. Most of them think that by submitting their information it will give them a list of service providers. I think home advisor needs to do a better job at describing what they actually do in their commercials. Other than that, it's a good start
  • Review 5/5

    By Walton Lawn Care LLC
    The app is straight forward and directly send you to the leads which leads you to money!
  • California asphalt professionals 5/5

    By calasohaltpros
    Good job keep up the good work
  • Home advisor 3/5

    By Big boy74
    They charge there contractors to much for the leads. Some are bogus and CAN NOT GET A CREDIT for them. They say it’s out of there control that people don’t give the correct number or info but it was a lead and you have to pay. I have gotten really good leads as well tho. Here in the last couple of weeks I have been booking 70% of my leads. So all in all it’s ok for now.
  • Terrible for Contractors—Don’t do it!! 1/5

    By Very Upset Contractor
    The staff at HomeAdvisor could care less about its contractors and they take massive advantage of us. I will never allow any other contractor I know to join. If you want bogus, insanely expensive leads, 3 week old pending credits (that they say should only take a few days to review) and to be put on hold for hours every time you call then I would say do it, but if not STAY AWAY!!! Actually even if you want to put up with their garbage still DONT DO IT!! I am in the process of creating a Facebook group of large and small contractors and once we have the funding in place we are going to sue them for everything. We already have 350+ contractors on board. HomeAdvisor is a SCAM!!
  • Our personal review of Home Advisor 4/5

    By GW & PF
    I love H. A. because it allows me to choose my service areas while it keeps me off the treacherous freeway driving. It also gives costumers confidence and trust in our work and in us because of our good reviews and the fact that everyone has background checks. Gail W. & Peter F. of patchandpaintinc

HomeAdvisor Pro app comments

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