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HomeAdvisor Pros: Never miss a lead! With the HomeAdvisor Pro App, you’ll get push notifications for new leads and all the tools you need to manage projects from start to finish directly from the field. Connect with customers via one-touch call, text and email features; request customer reviews to build your reputation; and manage your lead flow to get leads exactly where and when you want them. Plus, streamline administrative functions from project notes to billing processes — and even get directions to your next appointment. - Get new lead notifications - Call, text, and email potential customers - Map driving directions to appointments - Keep notes on every lead - View your lead history - Manage your lead flow - View your account and billing info - Request reviews from customers - View and comment on customer reviews - Sync Instant Booking with your preferred scheduling app

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  • Scam scam scam 1/5

    By Zuniga407
    Do not even think to become a meme bet it’s a ripoff advertise yourself don’t use this service
  • It works 5/5

    By Eliu89
    I was very surprised as to how good does HA WORK it’s my main stream of business. As long as you follow up then it works
  • app crap 1/5

    By rober2206
    I lost $ 280 of registration plus $ 407 that I discounted for alleged clients who never answer or communicate. Una porqueria de aplicación perdí 700 dólares por supuestos clientes que nunca contestas o se comunican. Por cada contacto que te dan te descuentan entre 40 y 70 dólares.llame por la devolución de mi dinero porque al final ningún cliente contesto y me dicen que solo me pueden dar crédito para los próximos contactos..... pero para que ? Si los supuestos clientes nisiquiera atienden el teléfono.
  • Bad leads 7 out of 10 times 1/5

    By ChuckCantrel
    HomeAdvisor sends lots of bad leads and if they would credit you for them that would be fine, but most of the time they don’t, even if it’s blatantly obvious a fake or dead lead.
  • Listen to all negativity reviews very bad 1/5

    By listen to all negative reviews
    They will take your money even they give task or not they charge me over $600 in two days I closed account after two days and I have to disputed very bad please don’t use them
  • Leads 2/5

    By termase
    The leads are a little expensive. $30 or $40 for a lead is not good. If it was half of that, then I would consider it.
  • Functional 1/5

    By homer bob
    Limited use, can’t request a credit or change my services offered, location etc
  • Not right 1/5

    By 1977dragon
    They don’t give credits when they slam us with fake leads people yell and use foul words at us for called they need to fix this before they get in trouble
  • Bogus ! 1/5

    By hgc contracting
    Not only are they shysters in terms of their business practices ($60 for a lead to paint a half bathroom I normally charge $100 for). They are intentionally opaque in terms of being inaccessible to contractors who wish to dispute leads that are completely bogus. Up to 80% of my HA leads do not respond, are tire kickers or do not know what they are looking for. The claim was “an 85% conversion rate !”. I had to close down my leads in one specialty immediately because the leads were so flaky.Now they don’t want to return my calls to cancel my contract so do I have to put a stop on my credit card? Shame on you!
  • Contractor 1/5

    By negjwndndm
    This company is the worst business in usa. They don’t care about contractors or home owners.they sell you fake leads.and they can kick you out for no reason.
  • Lead status 1/5

    By tgtyjf
    My leads have not been as good as they were when I first signed up with HomeAdvisor
  • Proud position of a business owner with HomeAdvisor. 5/5

    By treegirlboss
    Very understanding of situations. Respectful calls and concerns regarding progress and how happy I am. Answers every question! Thanks so much HomeAdvisor
  • Worst experience!!!!! 1/5

    By alonzo lp
    If there was to be a negative side to the star rating, defiantly-100. Besides the $200 + membership fee! Always getting billed for jobs that I can’t even get to the phone I try to call back and job expired!? Yet I get a lead FEE?? This has got to be one of the worst SERVICES EVER! I definitely don’t recommend nor suggest this for any pro out there! There are better ways where you won’t get screwed!!!
  • Basic 1/5

    By profloorguys
    As a Home Advisory Pro this is a poor attempt of a productive app. I am unable to unload any pics to my profile from the app. If you were to ask all the Pros in our Home Advisory community I would be Willy to say more then 80 % would find it a necessity.
  • Very poor service now 1/5

    By Jair Arci
    It was a good (probably the best) service in past. But somewhere in time they are losing. First of all, I'd lot of HA calling to be "aproved" like a pro. That's nice, because I felt that HA take care of their customers. Then we started "the game". After a lot of fake leads, I thought "I'm not a idiot", what's happening with this services? Then I started "another game", applying like a customer. A fake customer. And... Surprise surprise!!! They don't have any questions about "Mr. Mickey Walt Disneyberg", living in Orlando/FL that need a exterminator!!! Now I know. Unfortunately, HA don't take care of Pros! Any fake customer profile can create any fake lead and pros will be charged for talk with Mickey Mouse, and sometimes, when poor contractor ask for credit, they give same what pro has paid by that fake lead. But remember... Pros sometimes needs go to fake places, spending time and money! Pros are like good and kind bankers that pays to be lenders for HA. While HA don't do a hole fake customers analysis, this will be the worst app for pros in the world. Sorry. That's reality.
  • Mark 5/5

    By mark kellogg
    They r very knowledgeable .. and make u feel secure of a quality work and they got the best prices in town
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Ratzael
    They are just about getting money for them in no way taking care of the trades that work for them. I regret not listening to the bad reviews. They’ll give the same lead to a bunch of different people, so I ended up having these people lower the price to almost nothing. They take money for every lead even if they never call or you don’t get the job. I’ve easily paid at least a thousand in fees and “membership fees” and got zero jobs just a bunch of leads. To sum it up save your money, and hunt for the work yourself, or advertise on Craigslist because these people are only interested in making money for themselves.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By pvcadvisor
    Great I love it
  • Deceptive 2/5

    By handy herc
    I started out getting a lot of leads but by day 3 the well went dry. Then after I wrote a review I received more business. Since the New Year there has been so little business. Not sure if people don’t have money or calls are not being funneled to me
  • Doing good 5/5

    By Jdjdjdhk
    Thank you! lead management seems to be flowing the best I’ve seen! Not so good in the past. I’ve been getting quality leads and quality customers! No double leads and good responsive customers. Thank you!!!
  • Home advisor 1/5

    By Madkat1950
    This is an organization that screws contractors and clients. I tried being a contractor for them. what a scam. They charge you for every call you make like some clown calling you wanting a doggie door put in their sliding glass door. I tried it for a few weeks, ended up costing me over 400 dollars. Better off using Craigslist my friend.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Zathius
    Terribly expensive and most leads are dead ends.
  • Bernardo Montoya 5/5

    By C&APlumbing
    The System so dynamic and professional, give me a great support to know what will be necessary to solve the Customer plumbing needs
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Martialartsdad
    I am still new to Home Advisor but so far it has been very good
  • Ok leads 3/5

    By dnycedee
    I have been using hone advisor for 3 years , I have been awarded varies awards from top contractor, the best of the best. Leads are ok , you will find that out of 10 leads only 5 will answer ! This is the disappointing part. And you still pay for them unless it’s a wrong number , but if the customer answers and said I didnt mean to put that on home advisor or I changed my made ! You still pay for that lead along with all the other contractors that received that same lead. On the other hand the 5 that do answer if you book them right away more than likely they will use you instead of your competitors.one more thing the leads will still come in even when you turn them off !
  • Think I learned my lesson. 1/5

    By Jim's Hearth Repair
    All HomeAdvisor wants, is to have a leads to bill contractors. The more you use home advisor, the more they continue to charge contractors for the lead. Even if your just looking... After being with Home Advisor for 2 years and following up all leads they provided (200+) and counting real contacts with customers meaning you get a call back or they answer the phone. It was only 20 percent successful. I enjoy my work, but after going through the numbers I realize after two year Home Advisor didn’t care about you or if it was a good contact. Home Advisor will continue to try to bill the contractor. Be very careful what you accept, you think they handle the lead work, but they are just sending it through with out warrant if it’s the right pick /job to the correct contractor. YOU THE CONTRACTORS WILL GET BILL WITH NO TRUE CRE$IT back to the contractor being billed. Home Advisory, taking advantage of the new contractors that need jobs not telling them the whole story. Don’t Give them your Credit card.. you will be out of control on them billing you. Hope and Pray this helps the new contractors thinking of joining Home Advisor. Charges are small at first then grow out of hand.
  • Ease of use. 5/5

    By PioneerE
    Valuable asset Good local leads, close to our work area.
  • SCAM!!!! 1/5

    By Elvtd
    Home advisor is absolutely garbage in my opinion. This is because they charge you for leads even if you don’t call! They expect their 50-80 dollars for each one! If you have time to be calling people all day to see if they want your service who’s really felling the business? YOU ARE! Coming from personal experience it’s was a complete disaster.
  • Beware this is total scam 1/5

    By pete4240!
    Home advisor is a total scam. I am a contractor that tried it out for a few months. Nothing but dead end leads. Spent most of my time on phone trying to track down credits. NOT WORTH THE INVESTMENT!!!!!! BEWARE
  • Horrible! They are a scam. Leads are fake! 1/5

    By LCD Plasma Installations
    Leads are fake. You call immediately upon receiving and phones don’t work. You email and never hear back. They charge you $40 and they won’t refund money. When they say they will credit you, they never actually do.
  • Sneaky 1/5

    By vbbvbnkijbbb
    Been pausing leads for months and didn’t pause leads at the exact right time so they send me a lead at 1 in the morning trying to get that $15 lol. Not paying these weasels. This company is a joke. Now I see why they have lawsuits against them.
  • Bad leads 1/5

    By energy homes
    Home advisor is in the business of selling leads and that is exactly what they do and most of them will not even answer the phone when I call them. Three out of the last six leads will not answer the phone or respond to my emails. Trying to get credit is a waste of time as the representatives unhelpful and not authorized to give credits. Home advisor needs to clean up their act.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By .mymoney
    Leads that don’t respond, you will get charged. Leads that only window shop, you will get charged. Leads that only want to ask questions, you will get charged. It’s called lead ghosting as a way to generate revenue out of your pocket.
  • Not as described 1/5

    By Hairyjohnson12348
    I was told that leads that I get charged for but can never get in touch with would be credited back to me. Turns out once you submit so many credits per month your credits get denied regardless. So you’ll get charged for a lot of leads that don’t even answer their phone, or it’s not even the right person when you call. Once you call the help line they just tell you that’s the environment of home advisor. I’ll be canceling this service
  • Contractor 1/5

    By Jryhnglw
    Don’t like paying a fee for estimates I give estimates free
  • Not a trustworthy company 1/5

    By m. rose.
    This is not a trustworthy company. They promise that you won’t pay for leads which aren’t good, but then they do charge you for bad leads, and make no effort to qualify leads.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Manila user.
    I wish I could give a longer pause on lead flow management in the app.
  • Amazing service when used correctly 5/5

    By Cabinet Craft Finishes
    HomeAdvisor is changing my life and business by providing quality leads. Are all leads good? Absolutely not but I’ve been able to comp a fair amount of the bad ones and I get enough business from the good ones it’s honestly almost irrelevant. Thanks HomeAdvisor!!
  • Essential as the foundation 5/5

    By SavyShipper
    If managed properly you will be happy.
  • they give all dead leads and not give you credit back 2/5

    By rooooyal
    they give all dead leads and not give you credit back,you cannot even talk to those customer and still get charged from homeadvisor
  • Iies 1/5

    By #notohomeadvisor
    Total bs. Bad customer service. Extremely expensive. Please do not consider using home advisor. It feels like they are robbing you on plain sight.
  • Price change 1/5

    By Al Angrisani
    I’ve been with HOME ADVISOR since February 7, 2017 my leads were $19 a lead here we are three days less than two years and delete one up to $25.20 as of yesterday. Yesterday the leads were $24 each a raise of $1.20 a lead very very unprofessional on HOME ADVISOR’s pot not to let any of the pros know what’s going on and about the raise I’d like someone to call me immediately before I take my work somewhere else my number is 914-548-1886 I want to hear from someone today thank you
  • So far so good. 4/5

    By HunterMonroe
    Everything has has worked exactly like I expected. I have been hesitant to leave my leads turned on especially overnight. I have not had any problems or have not been taken back by anything. I have even received a few good leads and was able to book half of the leads I received total.
  • Credits 3/5

    By floor life
    They are an amazing company apart from the fact that it is next to impossible to receive a credit for a customer who just want answer. There mobile app states you can be credited if you “ tried to reach the home owner multiple times without success” or “if you called the homeowner in 24 hours” or “ if it’s the wrong task and your account must be in good standing. But when I requested a credit for not ever being able to reach homeowner after multiple attempts customer service says they don’t credit for those reason and that she was 150% sorry because she doesn’t know why the app I have (which is their mobile app they send you when you join as a home improvement pro) says I can be credited for those reason. So as it would be for any small business this is extremely frustrating they should fix their mobile app and not advertise that they credit for those reason when they don’t.
  • This company stole your money 1/5

    By Pl4tano
    I try this app for a few months to see how my business grow with them, but for real this app stole your money i lose around $1,500 paying leads they send me and the clients never work with me, or just talk to me for asking prices. They charge me for every lead they send it doesn't matter if you talk with the client or not, thats not fair. When you call them for complaining they don't care about it. Some body have to stop this company.
  • Scam artists!!! 1/5

    By Infinite thumbs up
    Got charged 500$ in a week on leads that came through when I had them turned off over half the leads never answered the phone! 1000$ in the first two weeks and didn’t get me a single job. I attempted to get credited back for multiple leads and was told they only credit back a percentage of the leads even if they are all bad. Never use this service. They refuse to be any kind of help at all on the phone they just tell you the entire time oh we’re sorry we can’t do anything. I was promised help setting up the profile and had ten customers submit reviews. None of my customers were ever contacted by home advisor and I never received help with my profile yet they told me oh these people might not be answering because your profile isn’t set up or you don’t have any reviews. How the hell am I supposed to do all of that when they aren’t doing anything to help like I was promised when I payed them almost 400$ just to start!
  • The communication between HomeAdvisor and other parties is sub par. 3/5

    By Starline Pest Control LLC
    Decent at best
  • They’re not kidding! 5/5

    By Firefutts
    After 6 months of phone calls from different salesmen I finally gave in to increase my job opportunities, I had huge areas to get new customers with the other lead generated apps and companies and was kinda put off when Home Advisor only wanted me to have 4 zip codes to pull new job leads. The interface of the app and the size of the web page is amazing, this is such a stupid good way to get new customers, now I’m mad I didn’t do it sooner! I have more job leads with 4 zip codes then I did with 4 counties with the other companies, and you can’t even compare the info given on my potential customers from Home Advisor with the other guys, they are as useless and the junk couch on the Porch and the condom Thumbtacked on the dorm room message board!
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Mitchells Landscaping
    For sending me work opportunities

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