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HomeAdvisor App

HomeAdvisor is the #1 home improvement marketplace connecting homeowners with home service contractors. Nationwide, we have a network of hundreds of thousands of background-checked pros specializing in more than 500 home renovation projects. HomeAdvisor’s free home improvement app lets you discover and compare contractors, read reviews from real customers, view pricing, and book appointments. With our instant booking option, you’ll never play another game of phone tag to schedule a home improvement project. The HomeAdvisor app is the fastest and easiest way to find and schedule home improvement, remodel and repair contractors. Download for free today and use anytime, anywhere. Features: - Instantly book appointments with local, available pros - Discover and compare home improvement professionals - Read verified ratings and reviews from real customers - See costs to install, remodel or repair for hundreds of home projects with True Cost Guide - Keep track of your contractors and projects Find and hire contractors for home remodel, repair and improvement projects in the following categories: - Additions & Remodeling (Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels) - Roofing - Painting - Cleaning & Maid Services - Windows - Tree Services - Concrete - Handyman Services - Heating & Furnace Systems - Pest Control - Decks - Foundations - Plumbing - Lawn & Garden Care - Landscaping - Garage Doors - Siding - Tile - Fences The HomeAdvisor app is the fastest and easiest way to find and schedule home improvement, remodel & repair contractors. Download for free today and use anytime, anywhere.


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HomeAdvisor app reviews

  • Novice needing help 5/5

    By Travler4ever
    I wish I had known about Home Advisor when I first started looking for someone to remodel my home. The initial contractor I hired came to me through a recommendation. I was invited to view the finished product of a townhouse he completely renovated. I was sold. Unfortunately, I am a widowed elderly woman who didn’t know any better. The contractor was not licensed. And walked off the job before it was completed. Using Home Advisor, I know I will be working with A reputable licensed contractor.
  • A job well done! 5/5

    By Alex56308
    Shawn arrived at my residence on time which impressed me. Along with another worker they were both courteous and professional. I had him do both inside and outside of my windows and what a difference it made on them! They hadn’t been cleaned in over three years and the finished product was simply outstanding. I will definitely be using his cleaning service again next year!
  • Fasadex design 5/5

    By Accordingtokim
    I recently needed a job done of stucco and it was very difficult to find a person willing to do a residential job. They were fair, neat, quick and very nice to deal with. Great guys.
  • Geographically Relevant=Progress 5/5

    By Lwilliamsln
    What I love about this app is that it’s geographically relevant. I answered a few questions about my project and a list of local contractors specific to the work was generated ...with customer reviews! The appointment was made, the contractor confirmed, arrived on time and our proposal is underway. Waiting on a return call or referral from friends is a thing of the past!
  • They share your contact info without permission 1/5

    By jstewart30
    Little annoying that they send your contact info to providers without your knowledge or explicit consent. Wanted to check out a few options for my remodel project and now my phone is blowing up with unsolicited calls from various contractors.
  • Love HomeAdvisor! 5/5

    By JDRay99
    Great experience using HomeAdvisor for the first time. I found a great contractor to reroof my house.
  • Unsubscribe 1/5

    By done and gone
    I have deleted the App and unsubscribed from Home Advisor e mails. I do not like that the when I look at certain service providers, Home Advisor sends out my information and then I get a barrage of sales calls. Second, Home Advisor relentlessly pings me with emails/phone calls asking me to rate the service I used. But the final straw was when I got an email asking me to rate a phone call I had previously received asking me to rate a recent service. Rating the rating phone calls? Ridiculous, I don’t need this hassle and won’t use this service again.
  • Window replacement 1/5

    By skeeters53
    Worst experience. Started with General Contractor Ed Brown. He subbed the job to John DiMartino. Cracks in caulk, not wrapped, chips of razor sharp Al left for my grandkids to play with, finally somewhat corrected. Uneven corrected caulk. Asked GC Ed Brown to correct and he told my wife she was too old to be this anal.
  • Home Advisor Pros. 5/5

    By kimandchan
    We’ve used Home Advisor for several projects ranging from appliance repair to electrical work and painting projects. I’ve found everyone they’ve recommended to be very professional, personable, as well as excellent at their particular specialty. This service has been truly helpful.
  • Sounds good entertainment 5/5

    By Darmaster300
    I was so pleased with sounds good entertainment. Jed and Nate were efficient and personable and thorough. They unboxed our new tv, mounted it on the wall, synced up all the remotes and even saved us some money by knowing our old mount was perfectly big enough to accommodate the new tv and we didn’t have to buy the new one they brought with them. I highly recommend this company and these two men! I found them in Home advisor. Thank you to them and to sounds good entertainment!
  • Frustrating right now 2/5

    By SR bisbee guy
    I have been working with Heritage Crown for the last month doing some crown molding in my home. I need one wall to be finished but they said they can't come out for a month because they have a large commercial project. They made their problem, my problem. I tried to contact HomeAdvidor to get some help but the app does not make that easy....
  • Useful, but know what it’s not 3/5

    By T Tony E.
    I’ve used this app several times with very timely responses and generally good referral of pros. Horse et, the claim that their pros are quality ones is not backed up by home advisor. After spending $409 on garage door repairs, my ‘pro’ diagnosed that I needed to replace my opener. After purchasing one, contacting another installer and finding the first one had lacked the knowledge to make correct adjustments on the opener, I learned I didn’t need a new one. Home Advisor provided escalation after the pro was unwilling to reimburse the unnecessary expense I incurred for return shipping and paying the other pro. However, they explained they’re just an advertising service and are unable to compel action on their part of the pros or to provide compensation for inadequate ones.
  • Very helpful in home remodeling 5/5

    By jazzgal22
    Found an excellent tub, shower and counter refinisher. Got three estimates, this one came in at half the price of the highest one, making the project possible and doing an excellent job.
  • Bad recommended repair men 1/5

    By T Bowen
    This app recommended two different repair company’s. One won’t answer the phone the other took my money and didn’t fix it.
  • Was a great app, but now... 2/5

    By Mickeyg2000
    I’ve used this app multiple times in the past and it was great - decide on a project, complete the details, get matched to pros and usually within a day they are contacting you to do estimates. I recently used the app again for a project and it’s changed. They just give you a list of pros but you have to separately reach out to each one - leave messages, send texts, get ignored etc. it’s basically become a Google search - not awesome anymore - such a pity.
  • Great 5/5

    By Warner Bros "
    This app is great for my house
  • Don’t use this service ! 1/5

    By Z-Blaze
    Went through this web site to hire a reputable landscape person. All I got was a wanna be contractor who would not stand behind his sloppy workmen ship! Most of the contractor on this site is there side business. Not what they do for a living. Please avoid this site for contractors. There trash! I would NEVER use this site to find a contractor again!
  • The concept is good. 4/5

    By grojos44
    I would like the ability to text the company with pictures of the scope of the project. I like the feeling that the contractors are competing for my business rather than me calling them individually.
  • Very Helpful! 5/5

    By Nasikat
    Easy to use, time saving app that takes the work out of finding quality home repair professionals near you.
  • One of the best 5/5

    By the hamburger ate harry potter
    This app home advisor is really helping me find a new house thanks
  • Walkways 5/5

    By landscape gal
    Pedro’s Construction Corp. is a professional company with a good eye for design and an amazing work ethic. Here early, care of garden areas and clean up . Pedro and Carlos are thinkers out of box and artists . We are so lucky to have found two such gifted artisans.
  • Excellent source for referrals 5/5

    By Julie5804
    I tried for two months just contacting contractors via the internet and no luck. They never called back or never followed up. Once we hooked up with Home Advisors, we got excellent contractors and the jobs completed. We are so happy with the referral program they have.
  • Happy Customer 5/5

    By i'm Nother
    I had two out door faucets replaced because they were leaking / costing me money.... the company did a great job!!! worked fast!!! making sure the time would be the time he thought it would take to do the job... I’m very happy!!! I plan to recommend him to family and friends.... -Another
  • Home Advisors 5/5

    By gigiandsnuggles
    Thank you for being in our community. In the past it was such a horrible hassle to get someone. With your service I feel very comfortable when I get a contractor from your service. I know that I am getting someone that will provide excellent service and contractor.
  • Can’t delete job, keep getting calls 2/5

    By RobWhitlow3
    I put in the wrong zip code by mistake so I made a new job and now I keep getting calls for both but I am unable to delete either job. Deleting app.
  • Will spam your phone 1/5

    By Fishies124
    I wanted to see how much a project would cost. When it gave me contractor suggestions, I specifically did not check the box to let the contractors contact me directly. Within an hour, all the recommended contractors had called me multiple times each. I had to literally block one of their numbers because they called 8 times in the course of ten minutes. Will not be using this app again
  • Flooring 4/5

    By leslieoc
    I thought home advisor was good. My only thing would be that they cut off responses after like 4 so you don’t get SO many options. You can always redo if you don’t find someone
  • Great service 5/5

    By JoePat Roop
    Try it out for what ever job big or small they have a source
  • Big A Roofing 5/5

    By Roger in Decatur, Alabama
    I needed a roofer as quickly as possible and after searching on Home Advisor, I had an immediate call fro Big A Roofing. He came to my home within 30 minutes. After he reviewed what was needed to repair the water leak on our enclosed Sunroom, he had a crew complete the entire Sunroom asphalt shingle replacement the next day. Big A Roofing did a great job removing the old roof material and replacing it with new asphalt roof shingles. It looks great! I am promoting this company because I needed the roof replaced in a short amount of time and he is the only one that responded quickly. Thanks to Big A Roofing!
  • Excellent so far 5/5

    By For_sure
    I have used HomeAdvisor for two projects and have been extremely pleased with the level of services/product(s) I have received. At this point I would recommend HomeAdvisor to anyone needing a quality referral service to locate qualified ppl or companies to work for you.
  • This was too easy 5/5

    By Louwho33445
    I had googled Powerwashing in my area but really had no luck finding anything. I went on to Home Advisor just on a lark and boy was I surprised. They found a power washing expert, and they had a call connected to me in minutes and after I looked up reviews on them had an appointment scheduled. Home Advisor just made this too easy! I downloaded the app as well because I will be using them every time I need a ‘Honey’ to DO things around the house for me. A+ all the way!!
  • Thank Goodness For HOME ADVISOR! 5/5

    By Jolie Lives
    4/17/18 -Jolie Lives - Last year, I desperately needed a Lot of help, clearing my (1 Acre), backyard. It had grown into a massive jungle. It was so over grown, from vines, weeds and Sumac Trees that the Lawn that I’d walked & played on, wasn’t visible anymore! I really missed my Lawn & the Flowers & Bushes that would suddenly have Red Trumpet like Flowers, for Humming Birds, were swallowed up in the chaos. I initially really enjoyed opening up my Bedroom Windows & Curtains, so I could smell the perfumed air or watch the different swatches of colors, as the Summer sunlight & soft breezes seemed to make it a living kaleidoscope. As the weeks passed, I found that I became less & less able to spend time taking care of it. The final blow was when the four legged part of my Heart became sick. I transferred all of the energy I had to making her, her own special Food. I got Organic Liver, Carrots, Sweet Potato, Chicken or Beef Stock, slices of Ginger, thinly sliced Kale, Garlic, roasted in Olive or Coconut Oil. Between Shopping for her Food, washing, cutting & cooking, making sure that the large chunks of Ginger & Bay Leaves were removed, before I mixed it with her “Blue” kibble, walking with her, cleaning up after her & getting her to the Vet. I began to lose my appetite, but I’d Make Her Food, sometimes twice a week. She Loved it, which made me smile. As her beautiful body started failing, I’d spend more time with her, making sure she was comfortable. When she finally stopped living, my heart cracked. I wrapped her up in a feather blanket, cut all of the Lilies from my front yard. Putting the most beautiful of them in the duvet, with her still beautiful, thin body after washing her, I lined the bottom of her grave with White & Starburst Lilies. People I paid, helped me carry her to her grave. She was so loved, even people who couldn’t stand me, adored her. It’s always going to be harder to be left, then it will be to leave, forever. Once she was gone, I went into automatic pilot. Bills were paid, I made all repairs to my house, but then my own body started shutting down. Life rolled on, with me spending most of my time in Cars and Drs & Specialist’s Offices. I think I even had my Hip Replaced, I was doing really well with Physical Therapy too. I had a terrific Physical Therapist. Then came the Blood Clots & DVT’s (Deep Vein Thrombosis) & Hospital Beds & Blood Thinners. I tried to reconnect to Life by helping other people who were in trouble. I have a large enough home to let them live here. They stole from me and lied to me, so I told them to move out. Rinse & Repeat, too many times. I think it was when I finally stopped taking care of people who never said Thank-You & Stole, any & everything, that the Idea of Finding People, who had Integrity & actually, truly loved their work finally dawned on me. I knew I wasn’t capable of cutting down 12 foot tall Trees, that were at least as wide as they were tall & then digging up the Tree’s Roots. Which was when I discovered Home Advisor. Which has become one of the Best Ideas I’ve had, since I buried the part of my heart that had four legs. I struck Passion and Perfection on my 1st Call. Thank you Home Advisor, for helping me to remember to Live Life. Not let Life, Live me! I found GO GREEN, who literally Transformed my back yard into my own, “Secret Garden”! We, actually GO GREEN, also began to start to Create Beauty in my front yard too. I think that my Front Yard is going to take longer to be Beautifully Mine, then the phenomenally beautiful Blooming Trees, Flowers & Rock Art they Literally Created in my Backyard. I’ve started opening the Windows and Curtains for the exquisite scents that are carried into my Bedroom, spreading throughout my entire house again. Filling up the Space I asked them to Create, with incredible colors, shapes and textures. Including an Absolutely Beautiful Bird Feeder. Quietly, without even telling me, they planted a Raspberry Bush next to where she’s buried. They come and mow my huge Backyard, planting grass, where there was none. In the Fall, they come and remove the fallen leaves All I know, is that our land is loved again. Which I know, because I was Diagnosed with an AutoImmune Disease and Malabsorption (B’s & D & Potassium Bottoming Out) last year. But when they’re here, working, even if I am doing a 3-4 Day & Nite Sleep, I’m absolutely aware GO GREEN’S Here! Which is the same kind of People who you’ll find when you Speak with Customer Service at HOME ADVISOR. People who Love What They’re Doing So Much, They Love Going To Work. Ramon said, “It’s like a Family here. Everyone who works here, helps each other. We all are really happy, when we can help each other, assist the people who utilize our Goods & Service Providers, have a Great Experience with the Company or Businesses they’ve selected to Fulfill or Fix what was agreed to or resolves a problem the Customer needed assistance with.” I called HOME ADVISOR today because 3 nights ago, since my neighbor has put a large metal trash container in their Driveway, I woke up to a tiny guest, curled up, fast asleep next to my PJ Covered Hip. A little mouse was curled up, fast asleep, next to me on my bed. I know! The Black Plague, 150 Million deaths from their fleas. I need to get it outside, I just Don’t Have It In Me To Kill It. So, now to find the Right-(Eh)-Exterminator who won’t make me Sicker when they get rid of it & the Moths I brought with me, when I left Tannersville. Great place to visit, just Don’t Live There! This has been a Ridiculous Year for me so far! In Hospital this past January, I was Diagnosed with MERSA & had to Fight to Keep the bottom of my Right Leg. They wanted to Amputate from below my Right Knee-Down. It got into my Bone. This, After seeing Specialists, Drs & trying ER (Emergency Rooms) 3 Times, All Through December, 2017. I know, but, everything I’ve said is True! I swear! I think that it’s just Life letting me know I’m missed.
  • Budgeting lawn care services 5/5

    By 1dat1
    Fast and informative
  • ❤️🏊🏽‍♀️❤️💕☘️😁🍎💚💚 5/5

    By Lucky Llani
    If you have a need anyone at anytime and if it’s an emergency call this company because they hook you up right away and that is very good keep this in mine
  • Headrick Heating and Cooling 5/5

    By Hapoy Client
    I have gone through your service to reach a good heating man and found Mr. Headrick and his sons. I have been very satisfied with them and would recommend highly to others. They are prompt, easy to communicate with and honest. Being a woman and daughter client, in a field we are not well versed, I expected contractors to double talk and try to overcharge etc. I was pleasantly surprised when Mr Headrick was communicative, prompt, courteous, honest and very efficient. Prices on the occasions we have used their service were fair and reasonable. I would highly recommend their family company of 35+ years and have told our friends and family. Beverly Gill
  • Rain gutter repair & Cleaning 5/5

    By Budster1949
    Making the appointment was quick and easy! I can’t yet comment on performance as my appointment is not until later this week.
  • Concrete driveway work 5/5

    By Poool shark
    Very professional guys that worked on the driveway and clean up was immaculate
  • Immediate Feedback 5/5

    By Mba74
    I have been very impressed with the timely responsiveness we have received from the pros Home Advisor has suggested. I have also been generally pleAsed with the professionals I have used.
  • Great Service 5/5

    By KSP24
    Moving from out of town and not knowing people, this service has been fantastic for locating great help.
  • Too much bang but no qualified pro! 1/5

    By Rjw201612
    If you got a tool belt from big box stores you got a pro (like handyman) from this company as well also charging big lump sums from these pro’s, so they compete to win your bid, whatever they initially charge to get into your door is this company’s profit and once winner pro is inside they can charge whatever they want from customers which does not necessarily mean they are even qualified or know how to do the work right after all isn’t this what should be expected from handyman ! Its like changing oil for vehicle from dealers who use recycle approved oil into your vehicle again but love your money!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Juniorsgv
    We have a ton of projects and this app has helped us find, plan and budget for items. We’ve already hired a couple of people and couldn’t be happier.
  • Amy’s Services 5/5

    By Lenny!!
    Amy’s Services did an excellent job cleaning my carpets. Also, Dennis was very pleasant and friendly. I will use this service in the future. The work was performed on 4/9/18.
  • Difficult getting good results 2/5

    By sjba123
    Most of the time when searching you can find a few matches but most do not offer the exact service or even close to the service you need. I have been contacted by several businesses that are just starting and they have multiple reviews of great work completed. But I have found out that it the reviews are not always accurate and in a few cases work reviewed they have never done before. Which is my case now. Very disappointed with this site and will go back to talking to neighbors and looking at the big box stores for their pro’s
  • Garage door opener repair 5/5

    By Golfguy1136
    We hired Steve Wescott and he did a great job. Showed up when he said he would, diagnosed our problem and had our door working like new the next day.
  • Much more problems than help! 1/5

    By Nonphotogenic
    Within seconds of entering my info in this app the phone started ringing with high pressure sales people on the other end. We are looking to replace 13 windows and we were matched with Sears who is $2k higher than any estimate I’ve gotten on my own, and a second company. The second company, ImproveIt, has horrible ratings everywhere BUT on this app. The high pressure crap started from second 1 on the phone, both myself and my husband must be present...I explained 4 different times that this was not possible and finally just left it at “whatever.” They called again today to confirm an appointment for tomorrow and advised me it is their company policy that my husband must be here too?? I finally told them that I want nothing to do with their company. I’ve had much better luck googling window providers and picking them randomly than the info from this app. They are providing the same people that are pushing too good to be true sales on TV and radio plus they confirmed in their follow up phone call that they don’t stand behind the companies they are referring. They get a referral fee for selling my info and then are done.
  • Where’s the list of pros? 3/5

    By Listen99
    I was looking for a tile repair pro & was informed there were 3 matches. Was never shown the matches.
  • Gereat app 5/5

    By shanalam
    Home advisor is a great service free of cost.
  • Just looking starts phone calls with bids 2/5

    By LeCannet
    I like the app but just looking at what is available starts a barrage of phone calls. I did not click on the option to get bids so why does my phone number go out to all available options? I tried to give feed back in the app but couldn’t find any email link so I had to come here.
  • Always comes through! 5/5

    By Kayee50
    I've been so happy with the professionals I've hired through Home Advisor. I have tried other resources to find contractors, but haven't had the satisfaction I have found with Home Advisor. Thank you for the service and peace of mind you provide!
  • No Response 1/5

    By Kulwick
    I answer all the questions, submit the form and I get a list of 4 companies. I call the 1st, number has been disconnected. I called the second one, it’s answered by a drunk female. Yep, I call the 3rd. A guy answers like he’s expecting to get yelled at. I start to explain and he hangs up on me. No, I did not call the 4th. A few hours later I get a call from. Home Advisor. I tell her what happen, she acts like its my fault. Guess I’ll stick with friends and neighbors to get my stuff done. Not sure I’d trust the shady contractors list on Home Advisor.

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