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HomeGoods App

HomeGoods has always been the place to find exceptional home décor pieces at perfect prices. Now you can find them even more easily with the HomeGoods App. Here's how it works: - Register for the HomeGoods App to create a profile and save your favorite images, upload your own photos, ask questions, comment and share with friends - Choose your favorite HomeGoods stores to follow and receive daily sneak peeks of new merchandise arrivals - Upload your Gift Cards and TJX Rewards® Certificates to have with you on the go and easily redeem them in store - Manage your TJX Rewards® Credit Card account - Get tips and inspiration by checking out the latest lookbook and blog post Get to HomeGoods to get the finds you love!


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HomeGoods app reviews

  • Can no longer sign in 1/5

    By RyRy327
    I tried to sign in to my account to view the app and it says 6 failed attempts and locks me out even though I’m putting in correct info. There is no way to connect to support either.
  • Terrible app I don’t recommend it 1/5

    By lkhoard
    This app is terrible totally don’t recommend. I was just wanting to decorate my new apartment. I wanted to search for things I wanted and possibly order it online or buy it in store. I didn’t want to see “posts” made by the store. Definitely lost my business.
  • Deleted latest version 2/5

    By Checarl
    I used to like this app for browsing my local Home Goods. New app is not as intuitive to use and requires creating an account and signing in. I'm getting tired of creating accounts. Too bad.
  • “Improved” registration experience is terrible 1/5

    By xanadu1231
    You used to not have to register to view individual store inventory. Now you do. Ok, I thought, I’ll register. Once you set up an account you have to verify your email to continue. I’ve tried 4 different email accounts over the past 2 weeks and still have never received a single verification email, which essentially makes the app useless. I’ve had the app installed for more than a year and have made dozens of purchases, but this latest update has forced me to uninstall out of frustration.
  • Map is very poorly done 2/5

    By Shannakm
    This app does not help when you can’t follow the stores you love. I could not follow TJ Maxx or other Marshall’s stores I frequent. I live in a rural area but geez! This would be great to be able to follow the stores I like.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Melodee2001
    The most unfriendly user app I have ever seen and TRIED to use!
  • Won’t load Rewards Certificate 👎 1/5

    By CousinTina
    I wanted this app so I could load Reward Certificates and Gift Cards onto my phone. The app has no trouble reading the bar codes however the ADD CERTIFICATE button at the bottom of the screen remains grayed out and does not work. In addition, in the first five minutes of checking out the app, it crashed. I also agree with the other reviews about featured items. With so many ‘unique’ big ticket items for a great price in your stores why feature the mundane? Love your store. Hate your app. Deleting it.
  • Still haven’t fixed the real problem 1/5

    By CC12
    It’s a great idea to have your local stores post pix of current items - kind of like an Instagram feed. The problem is, after you scroll through about six items, there is a glitch and you just keep seeing the same two items in a row. Over and over. It could be so great, but it has never worked.
  • Love the new version! 5/5

    By SaraTheBest1
  • Good concept Poor execution 2/5

    By Supanicki
    The idea and concept of the app is great, but the tastemakers rarely post if at all. Most of the stores do not post items daily, let alone weekly sometimes the stores go weeks without posting which defeats the purpose of the app. Its just overall pretty inconsistent which is disappointing. I have been lucky to find some pieces and hold them on large items the smaller ones not so much. It would be great if the items are had skus and were actually trackable and you could hunt for items in your local homegoods that you may have seen on the app. Overall its a great idea just poorly executed.
  • Terrible, and I mean TERRIBLE App!!! What happened? 1/5

    By Ohio Shop Pro
    Below is my review from a year ago and sadly, nothing has changed. Beyond the obvious issues everyone has pointed out, the share button is useless. Pinning a picture to Pinterest RARELY works, and if you try to email an item it just sends a note to the recipient with a link and takes them to the main app - not to the specific item I want them to see. And again, they haven't updated anything. Stores mostly still take pictures of boring items one can find anywhere such as salt and pepper shakers, a package of plain bed sheets, or maybe a bag of chocolate candies. With SO many unique and larger items at the Homegoods stores, you'd think for marketing purposes they'd be more creative with posted pictures! I'll say again as I do below - who designed or maintains this app and WHY aren't they reading these reviews?!?! From 2016: Home goods needs to hire a web/app designer who knows what they are doing! The App was bare bones to begin with....only 3 or so pics a day from each store, no way to search if other stores have same item, and odd cheap items pictured- such as a rather bland looking salt and pepper shaker set, or a plastic dog bone (this isn't Pet Supplies!) C'mon, Homegoods, you have many more unique items and furniture that deserve to be represented. Also I cannot log on without having to request a new password EVERYTIME. Why have customers have a password, anyway?? It's not a store where we are entering credit card information! Nothing about this App makes sense or works very well at all. TJX is a successful and much loved corporation. Please honor your loyal customers with something better.
  • Can’t stand app or site 1/5

    By Bbhhgfgggg
    I cannot stand your app or websites. Terrible. You’d make more money if people could shop on them. Worst app I’ve ever been on.
  • Great Store / App is a good idea but poorly executed 2/5

    By Special KYT
    Love the idea of this app, however, because all stores are fairly a distance away from each other, maybe pics can be of larger items instead of the smaller things that are harder to find or describe when you call to place on hold.
  • Can't get enough of this store 5/5

    By diamantegirl
    It's like a new store every time I walk in with wonderful surprises to buy that I didn't even think of.
  • Just ok App 3/5

    By LTown80
    Not much to it. Maybe take more pictures of furniture and larger items?? Most of the pictures that are posted from my stores are knicks knacks.
  • Not able to add cards 4/5

    By Kljcd
    I like being able to see what in the stores however the feature to add gift cards and certificates doesn’t work :(
  • Very good! Great! 5/5

    By annaoch
    I just love going to the store..... but this is great as a preview!!!!
  • Getting better 3/5

    By Jonesy022
    Better descriptions than in the past (now includes dimensions on some items). Would like to see more items available.
  • Useless 1/5

    By DCul
    Not sure why I even have this app. I guess I keep hoping it will get a makeover and allow purchases. D. Cullen
  • Booooo! 1/5

    By Meeks146
    For the life of me, I still can't understand the point of this app!!! Why can't I buy online like TJMaxx??? Why is it taking so long?
  • My everyday app 5/5

    By ryanlisa0609
    I am on this app everyday. I love that I can see whats in stock from the stores close to me.
  • HG 4/5

    The viewing of the stores that is in your favorite and tastemaker section seems to be limited. I hope it's a glitch that would soon be fixed.
  • Best 5/5

    By Breastedjensen
    It works for everyone
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Interiordecorfashionista
  • Love HG 4/5

    By SSavageK
    I love the store shopping experience! The app is a good idea and has the potential to become more robust i think.
  • Where is our store? 3/5

    By FlavorShot
    I don't see our Canton Ohio store?
  • New HG app 5/5

    By Dick044
    I love the new HomeGoods app. We bought two dining chairs at our local home goods but needed 2 more. I started calling other stores but I saw a tog hanging on one of the chairs I purchased advertising the new HomeGoods app. So I installed the app and started searching. I was able to look at pictures of merchandise, store by store, until I found the chairs I wanted. I called that store & confirmed that they had chairs in stock and successfully picked them up today. I love The new HomeGoods app. What a great idea.
  • I can store my gift cards on the app! Life made easy! 5/5

    By Bergie100
    I love that I can store and use my gift cards from within the app! Big win! Thanks HomeGoods - just another reason to love you guys!
  • Home goods 5/5

    By Princesss25
    Love it need more baking stuff
  • HomeGoods is life! 5/5

    By 2857101
    So thankful for the app and the ability it gives me to find a HomeGoods when we go out of town because we are 2+ hours from any of them. I would obviously love the ability to purchase online I know posting everything would be a little much but maybe a special sale selection for each store if delivery is available. If that's something I may have overlooked I'm still new to the app but just wanted to help out with some feedback because I love the stores so much.
  • Love HG 5/5

    By Lioness creole
    Hopefully the stores Will start updating daily!! But good app and works well!!!
  • Love HG!! 3/5

    By Allynlaurelmd
    But not the app.
  • Gift cards 5/5

    By PoolCheerup
    I love the new version, now I can save my gift cards and checkout at the store!
  • Newest Update Crap 1/5

    By MFleischer
    Can't get past terms of agreement screen. It keeps crashing. Please fix this fast!
  • Fix your bugs 1/5

    By jessiecookie
    It is requesting for you to agree to new term and then it shuts off.
  • App crashing unusable! 1/5

    By Downtownwb
    The update added s new terms and conditions but I pops up and crashes the app making it completely unusable! Fix it please
  • Worked fine until this update 1/5

    By Cfriennnd2937
    Every time I try and agree to the terms it cuts out. Great app until this Las test update. Might wanna fix it.
  • Crashes when trying to agree to new terms & conditions 1/5

    By Username9876543210
    Crashes when trying to agree to new terms & conditions. Guess since I won't be able to agree to them, I'll never be able to actually use the app. Makes it useless.
  • Newest version 1/5

    By bayviewcathy
    Just installed newest version and bombs out at the terms agreement screen. Now app unusable.
  • Useless and disappointing 1/5

    By 1mariamaria
    Although you select your area stores, the app still shows items from stores over 2000 miles away from my location...west coast to east coast. They need better, more professional photographers, instead of "John in Wall Decor" if they really want to pull you in. Even novice social media influencers put forth more effort in their photos. Speaking of influencers - the 4 HG Tastemakers they recommend...haven't posted pics in months - that's social media death. It's all about the "now" moment...even 24 hours ago is so yesterday...especially relevant to a retailer trying to sell things - those items may be gone before you get to the store. IMO, don't waste your time with this app.
  • Will not load the goods 1/5

    By tt4813
    Isn't working
  • Keeps bringing me back to view more 5/5

    By Ud-7834
    Love the fact that I can follow stores and view products available.
  • Change stores 2/5

    By SuperladyX
    I don't like that you can't go in and change zip code or area without deleting app and reinstalling. I used to be able to do that.
  • Was hoping for something that it's not 1/5

    By ScottyRizzo
    The goods category gave the impression I would be able to see local items, though when I narrowed the search it showed all the items in every state that fit the description.. the store locator was helpful.. deleted app shortly after uploading it.
  • You can't even search an item 1/5

    By PersyJack
    Useless. Deleted
  • No longer works 1/5

    By Melissaj312
    The app wont load pictures properly after the latest update. I can only scroll back an hour or so and then it wont load more pics. I have deleted and reinstalled and it still doesn't load pics past a certain point. Really hating this app as of late.
  • Can't thing of a more useless retailer app 1/5

    By Beginner Cannondale owner
    Sure, items change all the time at that store but: 1) just to take a few random photos of very few products is more annoying than helpful 2) No indication on when pics were taken. If it was an hour ago or 8 hours ago. At a store where there is one of each furniture item it is useless and will end up with needing to call the location or drive there (which is what they want you to do because women have a tendency to buy things they haven't thought of buying just because of a "sale price") 3) regarding the poor app performance itself: no option of scrolling through pictures. You have to click each picture and then go back and click on the next one. In short it's an app that was created for people with a lot of time and nothing to do and not so much for people who are actually looking for furnishing/decorating their home
  • Just browse 2/5

    By Onstedrx
    Searching for a particular item? This app won't help. You can browse through pictures of items in the store but that's about the most it is useful for.
  • Excellent features!!! 5/5

    By Ivy Chatterjee
    I love HomeGoods and the app.
  • Disappointed - App does not work!!! 1/5

    This app keeps freezing when I try to type in location to find the stores near me. Then gives me stores all over the country. Great concept to see what the stores have in the floor but useless App b/c it doesn't work. It would be great if it worked and if you had the option to purchase.

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