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Welcome to the HomeGoods app! You already love to save on amazing finds at HomeGoods. Now our updated app makes it even easier! Here’s how it works: Browse the Goods - Get sneak peeks of new arrivals when you follow your favorite HomeGoods stores. Stay Connected - We’ll alert you about new products, grand openings, and likes or comments on your posts. Tell Us What You Love - See something you like? Save it to your Favorites. Snap your own photos to upload and share with friends. Find Inspiration - New ideas and helpful tips abound in our Inspiration by Room, lookbooks, and blog posts.

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HomeGoods app reviews

  • Absurd, don’t waste your time. 1/5

    By larhode
    The app is an empty shell. You can’t buy or see anything in the store. It’s basically useless
  • No Online Shopping 1/5

    By TerriboBerri
    I fail to grasp the rationale for this app. What is it’s purpose other than to find stores in your area? No ability to actually purchase or even look at merch. Don’t bother-I’m deleting it now.
  • Worst App-don’t bother 1/5

    By FindApp4me
    I didn’t even want to give this one star. Won’t even download to my phone. Honestly, you need to hire someone that knows what they are doing. Whoever built this app needs to find a new job. What a joke.
  • Why even have this app? 2/5

    By dot_k
    I was excited to see HomeGoods had an app as I thought, “Finally, I can buy online or at least see inventory...without having to drive in Bay Area traffic and go out of my way just to rummage through and hope to find the items and style on my ‘need to buy’ list.” 🙌 While the See What’s In Your Store is intriguing, I was sorely disappointed to find no local inventory / ability to buy - Just random pictures of people taking shots of merchandise with no ability to filter. Overall, it’s basically just a mirror image of their website (and msite) on an app. Given, I didn’t read the description closely but...sister company TJ Maxx has an app and website with capabilities users want and engage with, and ultimately purchase from.
  • Not happy 2/5

    By yasmin rojas
    Don’t like it want to see what’s in the store . Not what people post . Pictures are to small. Don’t recommend. 💁🏽✌️
  • Can’t register my card 1/5

    By Ghhxthj
    Something is wrong with this app , I tried to register my card so I can pay online , but the app wouldn’t let me to click on the submit button , so it never register successfully!!
  • Half Way There 3/5

    By Title man
    It would be nice if they had a iPad version. Please consider putting one out.🤞🏼
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By HGapp is a waste
    Downloaded the app to look for specific items. I was only shown the featured items, I guess the store selects. I was not able to search for particular items.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Mom_shoppee
    What is the purpose of this app? The only items on it are $1000+ furniture pieces from our local store. If you can’t shop on it or even see a more complete inventory, then what is it good for? Deleting!
  • Ridiculous App 1/5

    By Disappointed in FL
    In this day of easy online shopping, this app misses the mark by 5 miles. It isn’t an online shopping app and doesn’t show enough products. I am disappointed that they thought this was something people would want to use. Deleting app.
  • Useless 2/5

    By Beekeeper14
    I love the Home Goods store however this app needs some work. I envisioned browsing and searching through the app to see all their great finds. Our brick and mortar Simsbury store is loaded with awesome finds and the app showed literally few pics and of that posted are useless items and doesn’t even come close to representing the beautiful products they carry. If I were relying on the app to draw me to the store It would actual make me shop elsewhere. So disappointed and within minutes uninstalled app.
  • Could be good 1/5

    By Waldoh1
    This could be a good app, but I cannot sign in and there is no support. The items are old and it is frustrating!
  • Not sensible 1/5

    By Rhunter555
    All Home Goods devotees know that stuff does not stay in the stores long enough for us to drive there and buy it. Therefore the app is useless without the option to buy online.
  • Can’t buy products on the app 1/5

    By sd465678
    Why have this app? You can’t buy anything and must still go to the store to do so.
  • The worst app ever! 1/5

    By pizzalover loki
    This app is good for nothing, what a waste of time! There’s no way to look at items or choose anything because it doesn’t give you access to look at anything! Sooo disappointing
  • Great store , horrible app 1/5

    By ostfelda
    The app crashes most of the time.
  • So... 1/5

    By grantct
    I love HomeGoods and shop there regularly this app is a waste of time. There are only a handful of pics from each store ands it’s usually small items. If I was specifically looking for something this doesn’t help. And even if there was something on the app that I wanted to buy there isn’t any online purchases Depending on when the pic was uploaded I could call the store and ask them to hold, but usually it’s gone already. So this is basically HomeGoods version of Pinterest without an option to buy.
  • Useless 1/5

    By cnfsd
    This app, and the stores web site are both useless. You would assume you could search for an item you were interested in finding. You would be wrong.
  • Absolutely horrible to use 1/5

    By Wildbrat5
    Cannot even open the app fully before it crashes every single time trying to access it. Favorite stores saved months ago when the app work are all now listed as “temporarily closed”. Might as well delete this app if it’s not fixed ASAP,
  • Blah! 1/5

    By Perfectly pinned
    Horrible app! I got excited thinking I was going to be able to see things that the store carries in abundance. However I was very disappointed this app doesn’t show anything it’s a waste of time I’ll delete it immediately
  • Useless 1/5

    By NextDooratTJMaxx
    This app is useless. It doesn’t give me enough of a reason to go shop at the store. I know the store has great things because I am a fan of TJ Maxx. But there is no online shopping or anything of the sort. Some stores only post a few things. I am deleting this app.
  • So Much for Shopping...No Shopping Allowed! 1/5

    By DrBrown58
    This doesn’t even deserve 1 star! You really lost the opportunity of online sales! I visited our new store today. There were several items I was interested in purchasing. Before buying, I wanted to view them while in the room at home. I wanted to share it with my family. So much for that...I went to your website—waste of my time. I thought I would download the app to shop or mark as my favorites—well that was another waste of my time. Homegoods, how long have you been in business? It won’t be much longer unless you can move to the technology of today’s market.
  • Just awful! 1/5

    By Valpal25
    You can’t shop. There’s literally about six items between all nine stores that have allowed me to choose as “my stores” and there literally is no point to this app. Crazy that you basically download a whole app for a few inspiration idea posts and a store locator. Just Google it!
  • Contently retired 1/5

    By Felicitously retired
    One star is being generous.
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    By MartiMomx2
    I just needed to search other stores for more drinkware I found at one local store. No search option. Played around and see no point in it.
  • Waste of memory 1/5

    By Longbranchlady
    No information as to what’s in my store.
  • Worst shopping app I have 1/5

    By Lindayaya713
    I will soon be deleting this app because, other than locating a store, it is virtually useless for me. There is no "search" feature to locate a specific item. You can only browse within specific categories which are too broad or do not even encompass a correct category for the item I seek. There are no coupons offered either. I don't understand why they even offer an app other than to get your information so they can spam you. Great big FAIL for this app.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By MilliemyHavanese
    I LOVE THAT HOME GOODS IS NEAR MY HOME GOODS IS NEAR MY HOME! It’s my GO TO STORE! It has everything that you need & the deals you get there are amazing. Millie my Havanese
  • HomeGoods Store in Christiansburg, VA 5/5

    By Vsbsbsbs
    I used to live in Massachusetts and we had lots of stores there. When I moved back to Va there were no stores here! Then they started opening stores and I finally got to go to our HomeGoods in Christiansburg! I got mirrors, rugs and washcloths! Things I needed but couldn’t afford from other stores! Such a Blessing!! Thank you for opening our store!!❤️
  • App user experience & performance is bad 1/5

    By Sirena58
    The prior versions of this app provided a much better user experience and overall performance than the current version. Before, everything was a click away when you went to a post to view the pics and store details. Now, it’s hardly intuitive to find out store details like distance/mapping feature, and zooming into pics is no longer available. Apps are supposed to get better not worse. Please improve the overall app experience to keep visitors coming back!!! 😉
  • Absolutely fabulous! 5/5

    By Starmaker07
    I could spend hours in there it was so much fun just relaxing and looking at interesting new designs and new colors and great candles from Europe that are much cheaper than ours and smell better. But you didn't have great stuff for your animals there The staff is always helpful your discounts after the holidays are amazing and their bedding and towels and baskets and waste baskets and rugs and incidental tables that everyone can use well I even like the cotton candy that comes in a tube and they're interesting cookies from Europe I have never been dissatisfied with any product i have purchased there! It's gotten a tiny bit crowded lately with the inventory I like it more open but that's the only time he didn't know what I would say otherwise everything is fabulous the mixing bowls the skillets I love the kitchen Towels - my BFF and I and my daughter and I all love to go there and just look around at things that we need to get a red very good price and I've always found the quality to be excellent And even though a lot of ladies out there might not have the time or take the time to review all you have to do is drive-by on a Friday night or Sunday afternoon and you can't even find a parking space and where else can you buy a fabulous huge vase that looks just great and magnificent in your living room for $44 So if you haven't been there yet grab one of your girlfriends or your aunt or your sister or your mom if it's a special day go to Biaggi's for lunch it's right in the same center and then go over to the home store and they have the best prices on rugs there I've ever seen besides IKEA and they're good quality rug So if you haven't been there yet grab one of your girlfriends or your aunt or your sister or your mom if it's a special day go to Biaggi's for lunch it's right in the same center and then go over to the home store and they have the best prices on rugs there I've ever seen besides IKEA and they're good quality rugs - I even got once this little small seat that you could sit on it look like the referee seat or something very strong and it folds up and it's so light and I use it all over the house I've taken with me one was gone places it's just great and seven dollars and 50 Cent I've never seen anything quite like that I love their mops and their brooms in their hangers their bathroom assessor he's are meeting and at the holidays their hand towels to make your bathroom sparkle when family comes is just magical so thank you I'm glad store doing such a great job picking all this wonderful stuff out for us
  • Room for improvement 2/5

    By amandry19
    - more filters for searching - consistent photos, clarity, brightness, angle - dimensions for furniture and better description - faster loading time when scrolling - more photos of items with doors or unique accents
  • Crashes 1/5

    By BondGirlLisa
    I have the latest version, but it won’t open. Bummer.
  • App offers nothing 1/5

    By Lynniekd
    The store may be intriguing but the app falls flat.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By jneechie
    Just like pintrest - useless.
  • Can’t find California 1/5

    By glucosina
    I can’t get past the first window, the “select your store” window, I tried with my zip, it couldn’t find it, I tried my city, couldn’t find it, it says it can’t even find California... Come one. And if you try to use the location button still doesn’t find anything... Ughhhhh!😫
  • Search 3/5

    By Bubbawin
    The app fails to allow one to search for a particular item. We bought a set of chairs from one store. They are sold out and we would like one more. We have the make model and all the pertinent info, but cannot simply search other stores or the site for matches.
  • Are you serious??? 1/5

    By T45G
    I can’t believe that such a huge company has such a horrible app! I do searches just to come up with nothing! I know the stores sell these things! What’s going on?? Read the reviews people! It’s complete garbage and I’m so disappointed! Notice also that the Marshall’s/TJX corporate doesn’t even reply to these horrible reviews! They just don’t care and it’s shocking. Hard to believe they wouldn’t provide a way to shop online! Seriously!
  • Completely and utterly USELESS 1/5

    By iSandyB
    If I were you, I would be embarrassed to have released this app in its current condition. You need to hire someone competent to come in and revamp the entire app. I can totally understand that you can’t control and display the stores inventory. But seriously, all I’m looking for is the location and store hours of the closest store to me. Can’t you do that much?
  • Really Bad 1/5

    By Indiana Designer
    Don’t bother downloading.
  • Does not even open anymore!!! 1/5

    By Username9876543210
    Hasn’t even opened in days. Makes it useless. Will delete if not fixed. I have the most updated version on a new phone. Sorry, but it’s just the awful app and I guess by your response, you guys are doing nothing to fix it.
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By Ashfehvdk6385
    All of a sudden the app just won’t open. I have the most up to date app and iOS 12.1.4.... what’s happening?
  • Love the store not the app 2/5

    By Happy mom ct
    The app has many bugs always crashing and won’t open and honestly when it works the stuff posted does not do any justice to the actual store
  • Can’t open 2/5

    By minireziba
    Every time I try to open the app it shuts down, no matter how many times I try to restart my phone.
  • Give me the old version!!! 1/5

    By Chobechobe
    This version is awful. The old version had much larger pictures and would feed by store. This glitches all the time and I can’t make the pictures bigger on iPhone. Totally useless
  • No Search function! 1/5

    By LB-in-KC
    Seriously? In this age of computer inventory there is no Search for a category much less an item? Deleting this worthless app.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Melissaj312
    Ap won’t open, immediately crashes every time since last update. This is a scrolling photo app, how can it even be this bad at all times
  • Love Home Goods but the App no 1/5

    By Jaelina
    Love Home Goods, tried to do some preshopping online to save time and was directed to the app. Couldn’t view their website so downloaded. It froze three time and never got to finding anything. Deleted! I’ll resort to go in person because I love Home Goods store yet disappointed.
  • Installed to search and didn’t find 1/5

    By hansup2
    I installed this app just to find a picture of a piece of furniture on the storeroom floor that I had just seen in person hours ago. The piece wasn’t on the app. They had 2 of them on the floor so I’m thinking it’s not because they were already sold. So, if you have to install an app just to shop a store’s merchandise, and it’s not up to date, then what’s the point? At least I wasn’t forced to create an account with an email address which would have meant being inundated with marketing emails.

HomeGoods app comments

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