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HOMER Learn & Grow

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  • Current Version: 9.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Homer
  • Compatibility: Android
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HOMER Learn & Grow App

HOMER is the essential early learning program that builds skills for school and life— taking kids on a personalized learning journey that boosts their confidence and grows with them. Thoughtfully made for (and loved by) kids 2-8. Personalized: Interactive lessons, stories, and activities personalized by skill level, age, and interests. Proven: Boosts Confidence and increases reading scores in 15 minutes per day. (by 74%!) “I Did It” Moments: Builds confidence through skills kids are proud of and parents can see. Powered by the HOMER Method: the most effective way for your child to learn. Expert-designed, our proprietary framework is research-backed and kid-tested to build critical skills for school and life. Flexible + Fun: Kid-friendly navigation perfect for independent play. Fits into any and every daily routine. Go to LearnWithHOMER.com to learn more! KEY FEATURES: - Playful learning activities across subject areas: Reading, Math, Social Emotional Learning, Creativity, Thinking Skills - Personalized reading pathway that grows with your child while teaching them to read - Proven to increase early reading scores by 74% - Interactive lessons, games, stories, and songs that keep your child engaged - Hundreds of stories and characters your child will love— from classics like Little Red Riding Hood to favorites like Thomas the Train - One membership—designed for the whole family with up to 4 customizable profiles - Additional resources for parents, including printables, videos, activities, and expert learning tips. - Ad-free Privacy Policy: http://learnwithhomer.com/privacy/ Terms of Use: http://learnwithhomer.com/terms/

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HOMER Learn & Grow app reviews

  • Scam 1/5

    By yoquieromiplataaaaaaaaa
    I signed up through the website and I have canceled my membership 2 weeks before the next billing cycle and they restarted my membership when I had already canceled and stole my money. I’m so upset with this business doing this especially during covid-19 times and they will not respond to ANY of my messages!
  • Charged after cancelling. 1/5

    By littleleveskyoo
    The app is fine and works great. But! I signed up at the beginning of the summer I believe with a free membership. When that was ending I cancelled. And then I was charged twice after. I’ve now cancelled multiple times. But I keep getting emails about upgrading so I’m not confident it went through. Getting very frustrated.
  • SCAM! 1/5

    By JamdungAngel
    Do not subscribe for this using their website. There is literally NO WAY TO CANCEL. They will attempt to charge you indefinitely. The cancellation page loads as a blank page with no buttons to select or anything. There is no way to cancel, no phone number and the “our response via email is delayed due to COVID” excuse is used. This is a SCAM. Only sign up if you plan to pay indefinitely. Also, if you already have ABC Mouse or a similar learning app, skip this one. It lacks substance and fails to capture my children’s attention.
  • Web site won’t let me cancel my subscription 1/5

    By Dave mosij
    We are no longer using homer, I need to cancel my subscription since I’m paying for it for months and my kids don’t use it, I went on your website and followed instructions yet nothing happens, the page reloads to a blank page and doesn’t allow me to proceed.
  • great for my kids 5/5

    By MeIsMeAKid
    i got a phone for my 2 year old and his big brain is going threw it like in 10 seconds great app but he is to smart for it but amazing app!
  • Want to love it 3/5

    By rwrattan
    My wife is a school teacher and we both love this app for our 3 year old more than other apps. It used to work very well. Unfortunately the app has become unusable at times and appears to freeze or stop working. It also appears to show glitchy text where boxes appear to be missing. I want to pay for this app for my son to use, but it’s become unusable on my iPhone Pro Max 11 and iPad Pro so I’m forced to unsubscribe because I don’t want to pay for a service I’m not getting.
  • Paid just for the hell of it 1/5

    By punetaquenombrequieren
    The app has yet been fixed. Downloaded it to help my son with reading and he isn’t able to use this app at all.
  • Can the sight word practice area come back 3/5

    By tmorrison1972
    The new version doesn’t have that. It was the best sight word learning feature I could find. Big disappointment that it went away, esp when it seems like it would fit fine in your new design.
  • Love the app but only on IOS 3/5

    By Tmaduzi
    We have a chrome book for the kids and this app will glitch a lot and still doesn’t have an update. I have had them play on my iPhone which is fine but I do wish it would work better on the device I had specifically for my kids.
  • Subscribe 1/5

    By shuboni
    I subscribe to HOMER and it will not let me proceed to the next step this is truly frustrating
  • I want to love this app 2/5

    By Rfmommy09
    The program is great, but it’s glitchy. If we try to do anything off the path it immediately kicks us out. So frustrating to not be able to use the practice part of the program. One of the main reasons I was wanting this app was for help with sight words.
  • Amazing program!! 5/5

    By North2928
    I am a teacher and a mom of 2. I think this is an excellent program. My now Kindergardener started using this in preschool. It has helped and he has learned so much!!
  • Very Glitchy 2/5

    By Lenora J
    This app would get 5 stars from me if it didn’t have so many bugs. The overall concept is great, but performance needs work.
  • Update ruins the app 1/5

    By Mtywdc
    My child loved the app until the recent revamp. The interface is not engaging. The forced downloads are annoying, and they trigger frustration for smaller children - either the iPad flies across room or she simply switches to YouTube. Listen to your users. An update this bad can only be a symptom of a dysfunctional product management team.
  • Won’t let me login 1/5

    By tkisco
    Keeps wanting me to resubscribe even though I have a membership. I’ve had other issues, but the fact they make it nearly impossible to simply just login is what’s really making me frustrated. I’m seriously about to cancel membership and delete it completely. This problem is also just on my iPhone. My husbands Samsung loads the app just fine.
  • u need to pay. 3/5

    By faby garcia hi
    i think that learning should be free and some family members don’t have the money i just hate it.
  • The Update Is Not Good 1/5

    By Baseball4evr10
    We loved the former version of this app. It was a guided experience that had the writing practice woven into a story with activities. The update broke all of the pieces into individual choices- practice writing, listen to songs, or watch movie clips. Guess which one my kid never wants to do? Now the writing practice is a chore instead of a fun part of the story.
  • Impossible to delete 1/5

    By mcook36
    I have been trying to figure out how to delete this app for a while now during my free time. I’m getting the runaround and I feel they do this on purpose to capture more money. Very annoying
  • Diversity Reflection 3/5

    By Dr. TLM, Psy.D
    So I purchased this product for my granddaughter to aid in her learning, the content is set up great but the issue I am having is that there is no cultural reflection of her as a Nigerian/Haitian African American child. Even in the stories that speak about “Food and Music From Around the World”. I think this would also help create cultural competence and awareness for others if this was included in your curriculum. I love Harold and the Purple Crayon but a book like I Love My Hair or evening Snowy Day. For the cost my granddaughter and other children like her should see a reflection of themselves in your product.
  • Horrible Customer Support 1/5

    By adcone
    We wanted to love this app. We’ve heard great things about Homer and were hoping to use it to supplement at home learning for our preschooler. Our iPad app will only take us to one screen and that’s to subscribe by paying for a monthly or annual membership. We’ve already signed up and paid. There is no way to get past that screen without signing up to pay again! We’ve uninstalled, powered off and reinstalled over 15 times at this point. There is no way to reach anyone via live chat or phone. There’s usually days in between each email exchange and after dealing with this issue for weeks +, I would like my money back for an app we keep being charged for but are unable to use. I still haven’t been able to reach any customer service agent that has sent anything other than “Did you try restarting?” 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Black screened frozen 1/5

    By anfqb12
    First Son was on it a few minutes and it quit the current page he started. So next day tried again, second child did the same thing and it black screened froze, the app wouldn’t open, couldn’t close it. Tried reloading from the app page, deleted it. Sadly it looked like a great program and could of been worth it had it not froze up like that twice. Four kids let down :/
  • Great learning experience 5/5

    By mugamma3
    My children absolutely adore this app the games keep there attention for hours I’m so happy I found this it’s well worth the money 💯
  • Disappointing update 1/5

    By Nouvellevague220
    I had finally found an app that was simple, that my daughter could use to help learn how to read, that was progressive, that I didn’t have to look over her shoulder and make sure she was doing something educational unlike ABC mouse which I found to be a mishmash of overstimulation but that has all changed with this update. I can no longer get to her to focus on one thing, she only wants to watch the videos, stories and play the games. Even the math section is just a total mess, when we first signed up, the app asked what reading skills she had but did nothing of the sort when they introduced math, the activities aren’t linear so she keeps doing the same activities that she enjoys instead of moving onto other ones, I can’t seem to find any parental controls in terms of what she has access to, how much time she spends on certain things... I literally cannot express how much I hate it.
  • Frustrating! 1/5

    By tinalove_22
    I paid for the whole year and now the app is slow and doesn’t even load anymore. I should’ve just did the monthly. What a rip off
  • Great app, but... 3/5

    By TootieFoodie
    We’ve only had this app for a short while but it seems to only work on my most expensive smartphone. I let my daughter use my old phone to play on this app and my pathway stays on a white screen. We tried my tablet as well, same problem.
  • Stopped working since the update. 1/5

    By MommyNurse8
    The app stopped working since the update. We have an iPad and we got to the sight word “the” on my child’s pathway and the screen just turns black and frozen. I also tried to run the app on a different iPad and iPhones. Our app is updated and so are our apple software. I have emailed support last week and still no response. I tried to access Homer through an android tablet and a desktop computer but my child’s pathway there are completely different and will just throw her off and confuse her. The app needs to be fixed for Apple devices or at least make the pathway on all devices the same. We haven’t been able to use the app for a week now.
  • Why abandon previous app? 2/5

    By Rodzirra
    One of the very few consistent things in my son’s life is his love for the Homer Stories app. Today I found out that you’ll be abandoning the app on which we have spent many, many $$ in subscription for him. I looked at this new app, and the navigation and UI for the Stories section is terrible - just an endless, cluttered scroll of thumbnails. This is just ridiculous and, frankly, lazy on the part of the developers. The original Stories app was thoughtfully crafted in a way that encouraged the young user to explore the various categories with voice feedback, and was presented in an engaging way. That attention to detail and obvious pride in the craft was one of the reasons I have been spending so much on the subscription. Now I get to look forward to watching my son get upset about his favorite app going away - when there is no reason whatsoever that it needed to change. I’ll never understand what possesses app developers to betray their most loyal users by “updating” apps to make them worse. How disappointing. I’m going to be looking for apps from a different developer, and will cancel my Homer subscription if we find something my son enjoys.
  • False 1/5

    By jksdfhkjasdhfka
    The game is not free. False advertising.
  • New update 5/5

    By actualconcernedplayer
    We love our Homer app!! However, the new update makes my speakers sound blown on some screens. Also, we would LOVE some more math please!!
  • Fun and Easy 5/5

    By Bengibbs
    Loved this review! Had my daughter engaged for hours with educational learning! Recommend for all!
  • 2 stars for the concept 2/5

    By invalidname404
    The idea behind this app is great and I was excited for my kids to try it. One problem, it crashes every time I open it. I can’t even get to the ‘parent' tab to request help.
  • Regret 2/5

    By km tx
    Terrible customer service. No response to emails regarding issues with the app. The app itself seems like a good idea but my child lost interest quickly (about one week). My second child’s profile will not work at all. I was billed for the entire year and used not even 2 weeks. Disappointing.
  • Ruined Homer Reading 2/5

    Homer Reading was a wonderful app that our 4 year old loved and was making great progress in. Unfortunately, it has been ruined for us by the switch to Learn & Grow. Now all she does is listen to the songs or play games. We would love a way to disable parts of the program or set time limits on them. Otherwise will likely stop paying for this soon since there are plenty of apps that will let her listen to songs for free.
  • Not good 1/5

    By sstdtftdtrt
    I am a kids ok It dos not help ok dont get Ok I am helping you ok
  • Awesome learning app! 5/5

    By !BarnicLes!
    I love HOMER Learn and Grow and it is an awesome update to the existing app! There are so many options to keep the child engaged. Stories collection is great.
  • Completely broken 1/5

    By IrisBlue79
    Once we purchased the one year plan, my daughter could no longer access anything in the game and was constantly prompted to buy a payment plan. Incredibly frustrating.
  • Homer is a Home Run! 5/5

    By IsabelGS239
    As a private school New York City teacher with a young son I have been utterly impressed with Homer as a program. Homer is smart, beautifully designed and engaging for children. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone and it’s been a blessing as a working parent during the pandemic.
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Ngdckrn7
    We love the homer app and were excited about the update, but we can’t even use the app now. Sometimes it crashes as soon as it loads. Sometimes it doesn’t crash until we click on something to do. It’s unfortunate to be paying for something we can’t use. I hope you can fix these issues quickly! I’ve already sent an email to your customer service 😊
  • New updated app has glitches! Pls rectify! 2/5

    By Ric Mom
    We really loved homer until recently when they updated their app and it started crashing! My son is getting really upset because the app freezes randomly while using and we have to kill and restart the app. Please rectify it ASAP.
  • It’s a scam! 1/5

    By L*Train
    Signed up for the 30 day trial. Got an autism diagnoses for my child and did not need the app as his cognitive is just not there and this app serves no purpose for him. Tried to cancel multiple times before the 30 day trial was up only to be told it’s through the ITunes Store and can only be cancelled through HOMER. NOT TRUE. Was NOT through ITunes and could simply be cancelled by HOMER. But of course, after paying the $9.99 a month, could easily cancel through my HOMER account. That $10 means more to my little Family then you could ever know. SHAME ON YOU HOMER for being so deceiving in your process of the free trial and how to cancel if it does not work for you. Would give 0 stars if I could!
  • No good 1/5

    By Als90210
    I was excited to see that homer had added new features so I decided to give it a try and it didn’t work from the beginning. my child couldn’t even open the app it just stayed on the loading screens I’ve tried to download a few times. If we can’t even open the app I can only imagine what it’s like once it finally does load. My guess is that this app isn’t compatible for an amazon fire tablet for kids. I’ll keep to abc mouse for now.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Ftpinc
    App is a piece of garbage. It constantly crashes on my ipad
  • Please bring back the progress levels! 4/5

    By Okataijesusfreak
    Love this app and so does my daughter! She’s made so much progress. However, She was learning how to read when the new update happened and we can’t seem to figure out where she left off. Before the new update and she would click on the next level to stay in track. Now she’s just clicking everywhere.
  • I would love to verify this 1/5

    By Fhdtj3636846
    But the app won’t load for multiple days now
  • Free Trial / App Crash 1/5

    By ivymb7333
    Just got the free trial & I can't even open the app without it shutting down. This app needs some serious improvement.
  • New update messed up the app 3/5

    By Jofy2011
    My son is learning how to read with this app and I like the app. But ever since they updated, the app is acting weird. The voice of the cat sounds distorted and we cannot hear the story he read and recorded after he’s done (like before the update) . I would like to be able to see my son’s progress as well. Please fix that so we can continue with the subscription otherwise we’ll have to find a different app.
  • Good app! 4/5

    By CR 316
    We have been using homer for almost a year now and I can say my son has absolutely been learning to read because of it. I love how easy it is to use and how clear the directions are, without a lot of distracting pictures or sounds like others learning apps that are difficult to follow for an early reader. I am thankful for the update as my son was getting bored with the same pictures, etc. My only couple of critiques with new update is that the little reader books on the learning pathway seemed to be timed after you tap the record button, so the recorded voice starts to play back before my son has finished reading the sentence. Prior to update you could tap record and drag your finger to follow the words until the end of the sentence (at your own pace). In addition, the new letter tracing lesson doesn’t offer any directions, which is different in the new update. Sometimes the lessons can be a bit repetitive and my son gets frustrated/bored, but we try to move through those ones faster so I can keep him interested. All in all it’s a good app we will continue using. He would not know what he knows now if we had not began using this app, so for that I am grateful!
  • Animation won’t progress - cant get it past A 1/5

    By Oisin-1135574321
    Like most parent trying to figure out how to help their kids through school in the c19 era I bought this hoping it would help. The animation won’t progress - and I was dumb enough to pay for it Do not buy
  • My app never works ! 2/5

    By alyrosdes
    It doesn’t load it’s frustrating. It’s good if it works