HOMER Reading: Learn to Read

HOMER Reading: Learn to Read

  • Category: Education
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  • Current Version: 8.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Homer
  • Compatibility: Android
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HOMER Reading: Learn to Read App

HOMER Reading is the fun, interactive way to spark your child’s passion for reading. Help your child build critical skills with a personalized learn-to-read plan! Download HOMER Reading to start your free trial and help your child fall in love with learning today. You can easily cancel at anytime during your free trial. When kids read about what they love, they love learning to read. HOMER Reading combines your child’s passions and current reading level to create a personalized learn-to-read plan. It includes thousands of lessons on phonics, sight words, ABCs and more and grows with your child from age 2 to 8. HOMER Reading has been proven to increase early reading scores by 74% with just 15 minutes a day. And with stories and activities customized to each child’s interests, they’ll learn while having fun. HOMER is an early learning program for ages 2-8 that is personalized to your child’s interests to help them fall in love with reading. Your HOMER membership includes two apps, HOMER Reading, the proven learn-to-read program, and HOMER Stories, a love-to-read library of interactive stories. PRESS AND REVIEWS HOMER has been featured on the TODAY Show and Morning Joe as well as in the New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, and Parents Magazine. HOMER has won the prestigious Teachers’ Choice and Mom’s Choice Awards. “One of the most comprehensive apps for teaching reading.” The New York Times "In just six weeks, with no intervention from teachers, students who used HOMER for 15 minutes per day improved the key skills most highly correlated with future reading success. That’s a big deal.” - Dr. Susan B. Neuman, Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education, Professor of Early Childhood & Literacy Education, NYU As quoted in USA Today KEY FEATURES • Proven to increase early reading scores by 74% with just 15 minutes a day • Combines your child’s passions and interests with their age and ability to create a personalized learn-to-read plan • The only program that actually teaches your child to read step-by-step • Thousands of expert-designed lessons on ABCs, sight words, and phonics for readers at every level • A program that grows with your child as they learn • Hundreds of stories your child will love, from classic fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood to favorites like Thomas the Train • Download 150+ printable worksheets, learning games, and activities • Track your child’s progress with the Parent Dashboard and record your child reading their first book • One membership designed for the whole family with up to 4 customizable profiles FOR EDUCATORS HOMER is free to qualified and verified teachers and librarians to support educational instruction with progress tracking for up to 32 individual students. Privacy Policy: http://learnwithhomer.com/privacy/ Terms of Use: https://learnwithhomer.com/terms/

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HOMER Reading: Learn to Read app reviews

  • Wanted to love this app!! 2/5

    By Nesh dog
    We have been using this app for a few months. My son love it! Yet now that I have paid for 3 months the app is asking for more money and charged me again after already paying for the 3 month subscription. I have emailed so many times and while I hear your short staffed you would think you’d make sure things worked out buy you have not!! I got 1 email back and I did everything in the email and yet it’s still not working nor have I heard back from you all. If things change I my change my review and not ask for my money back. I have connected Apple and they said I can get a refund at anytime.
  • To Much 4/5

    Hello but my KIDS PLAY FOR THE WHOLE DAY SO I GIVE 4 stars. Thank you by,Emily
  • Shjssjnd 5/5

    By hhgbbfnhb
  • Cancel 1/5

    By Angelica Retana
    I have been trying to cancel HOMER since November before the 30 day free trial because it did not work out for my toddler. It was easy to buy this app but Im they make it very hard to cancel it & justify themselves that we don’t do it right & don’t return the money in the end they just steal. I still have to cancel someone help.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Rip2091
    Great app. Looking forward to future updates with new features and lessons.
  • It’s fun it’s free 5/5

    By unuhhhhh
    It helps a lot which reading
  • Both kids can’t use it at the same time 3/5

    By flowersunee
    My kids really like homer app the problem is... my both kids can’t use them at the same time. So it take twice time for me to watch over each kids use homer app. It is inconvenient for me and kids. Once my youngest is semi confident with the reading def canceling without a doubt
  • App won’t load 1/5

    By Jamie-Lin
    The app will not load and it closes on its own. I’ve used it for over a year now and not sure what is happening.
  • I usually love this app, but 1/5

    By MorganRenee
    I have paid quite a bit of money to have a subscription to this app, and I am frustrated that it is not working today.
  • Appreciation for Homer 5/5

    By phil 0986
    I’m a Grandfather and I got this for my granddaughter and I absolutely love it she’s playing but learning at the same time and the price is good
  • Background music is very annoying 1/5

    By MamaMashaB67
    For the price this is the worst app that we ever tried. It was hard to figure out how to use it, it would not download to our iPad, it crashed several times, it is not intuitive at all. After several attempts we were able to download it to our iPad. The background music is just awful, very Annoying. My son asked for this app, but I just cannot stand the background music. I don't know how kids can learn anything using this app. Just use Starfall, it is much cheaper and 100 times better. I was subscribed to this Homer app the whole hour and hated it to a point of having PTSD. There no way to get an immediate help, just send an e mail and hope that someone will reply in 24-48 hours. There are better options out there. Now I need to keep an eye and not being charged for the free trial.
  • Stopped working 4/5

    By julesbella487
    My son has been playing this game for over 6 months and loves it and is actually learning a lot. But unfortunately this morning trying to open the app it would not open. I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall but the app just won’t even open. I’ll be sad if my son has lost all of his progress. Hopefully someone from their team will see this and help me out. Other than this problem, it’s a great app.
  • You will get charge no matter what 1/5

    By Jenny Vuoong
    I signed up for the free trial. After 2days of using it, I didn’t like the program so I decided to cancel it. But I still got charge for it. I sent out the refund request but they wouldn’t accept it. The program is boring, not much choices to choose from. There are so many free or cheaper games are better than this. So save your time and your money.
  • Beware!!! 1/5

    By iaajs0912
    I read previous reviews in regards to ending the subscription and the user still being charged but I tried it anyway. Big mistake! I cancelled the app after my daughter decided she didn’t like it. Months later I’m still paying monthly on this app and it tells me my subscription is no longer active. I have tried emailing support several times with no response. I finally contacted my bank to stop all charges but it has been a very frustrating process.
  • Freezes a lot 2/5

    By Natural Babes
    My sons been playing this , it’s very repetitive and not in the good way. Same words over and over they don’t mix it up much. My son gets bored with it easy saying “mom I already did this” and then it won’t go further when he finishes one part. It wants him to do it over and over and over without letting him move forward. I tried doing it and same thing happened. He was on letter P when this happened. Time to look for another learning app
  • Great game but some glitches 5/5

    By Nyuu42
    I love this game. My 2,3 and even 5 year old LOVE it and are very engaged. For $8 a month is nothing. I lose that much in a couch a month or drop for quarters in random toy machines they play with for 5 seconds. This app keeps them engaged and happy, laughing at the funny videos and bragging about new skills. My 3 year old has had amazing reviews from her teacher in the last 3 days I’ve had this with her reading and letter comprehension. She has only been doing it for 3 days and she is ahead of the class when she was the one slacking. The games and jokes and fun tricks them into learning!! Sounds crazy but it’s great. MY ONLY COMPLAINT is the sticker games. They will do stickers for days if I don’t go to the next activity. BUT with any educational game, it’s something for parent AND child not just a tablet tutor. You have to do it with your child for the best benefit. Sometimes the games won’t go to the next level so we have to redo the entire area but it’s honestly not a big deal because they’re still having fun.
  • I use to love it. 1/5

    By gensam77
    Blocked my daughter from using . It keeps wanting to sign us up and don’t give an option to sign in
  • Homer app 1/5

    By hrcbhu
    App doesn’t work on IPhones. When I signed in with an iPad, it makes you sign in twice and then kicked us out after 3 minutes.
  • question 4/5

    By MelyRamz
    Does this app help with reading in Spanish? My daughter is In a dual-language program.
  • Nice for pre k 5/5

    By audrey love games
    I saw my little sis on this she loved it! I think homer is the best for little kids she's to smart for her age! I'm so glad I saw something good for her I reach her to she's learning to read so well!
  • Great app option! 5/5

    By !BarnicLes!
    Awesome learning paths that are fun and my child always ask to use HOMER. Characters are cute.
  • I don’t like Homer 2/5

    By i'll trap Master frown
    I hate homer A lot!!!!!!!! Why do kids say I love homer? It is so horrible
  • Love it! 5/5

    By after31
    Took a while for my son diagnosed with autism to get used to it but eventually he began to use it.
  • Great app 5/5

    By kaylen mom
    I make sure my daughter completes a level at least 4 times a week. She loves it and so do I. Very easy and manageable for her and she’s 4.
  • Cancel subscription 5/5

    By EkGradt
    My daughter used to play this game but doesn’t anymore. How can I cancel my subscription?
  • This app wasn't very helpful to me🙁 1/5

    By Alibaba40chor
    I was very excited to try this but when I realized that you have to pay for it my hopes got down. My little brother is in kindergarten and he really needs practice reading. I was not having luck getting an app to help him practice. I found Homer but it was not being helpful at all! Also I never use anything that even gives you a free trial because when you least expect it the free trial is over.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By SaintStormyLee
    I got this app to help my daughter with reading. Well my account was active and stopped working. My PayPal got charged twice November and twice in December! So I basically paid 32 dollars for nothing. On top of that I can’t get ahold of anyone to solve the problem. The app could be good but I’m not going to keep paying for something that takes more money than they are supposed to without letting me into the account.
  • 100 stars 5/5

    By DSWilford
    This app is brilliant! My son loves it.
  • Queenorth 1/5

    By qnorth
    It makes me pay inside of the app the app itself is free but it makes you pay for a membership. I am very disappointed in this app. I don’t know what to say about this app.
  • This app is impossible to deactivate!! 1/5

    By Tugan Knight
    I have sent many emails to deactivate this account. No help. Please deactivate my account! Stop charging me!
  • DO NOT PURCHASE!!!! 1/5

    By keebie K
    They do not have a call center or a human you can speak to. I have tried to cancel my membership on many occasions and I have been charged for something that’s should have been canceled months ago!!!! Thought it was taken care of and when I wake up my card has been charged AGAIN!! And I cannot speak to a person to get it resolved !!!! Worst experience ever for something my child never used!!!!!!!
  • Great Classroom Enhancement 4/5

    By Foster forever
    I bought this for my class. The kids love it and work on it for quite awhile unlike other apps I've purchased.
  • frick this 1/5

    By i like trains VROOOOMMMM
    get rid of this trial or make the app cost money people would rather pay 1 dollar and not pay anymore than have their money taken away every week i would raise this to 5 is it was free or at least have in app purchases but be playable with no money there is even this game with NO in app purchases!!!
  • Please fix it 1/5

    By Na718
    It was good for my kid but recently it stopped responding when my son tries to play. A loading screen pop up and nothing happens. Please fix it because this is not a free game.
  • Please respond 1/5

    By skylarsmother22
    I think that it is so stupid that I have to pay for this educational app, because right now I don’t have enough money for this and yes I know that it is pretty cheap but I don’t have money for this. It does sound like a REALLY good app and all but again I just think ,and this is my own opinion, I think that it is dumb to have to pay for this
  • Automatic renewal 1/5

    By FunkyTiger3031
    Be careful! Free trial will be renewed automatically even if you delete the app, if you do not cancel subscription automatically! We haven’t even used the program but got charged for subscription renewal....
  • Love it usually 3/5

    By k.cgoley
    Great app both my kids use and love it and I have seen an improvement in their knowledge. With that being said, for the past three months, the app has had issues with loading and saving progress. I have been in touch with the support team over this issue and they told me to uninstall and reinstall the app. If problem still presists then to log out and log back it. I have done these things multiple times and both kids have lost all of their progress. I love the app but it is not glitchy and I don't feel the need to pay for it when it isn't working properly. They can't learn from the same two levels over and over. Another minor complaint is that it is not cross-compatible among devices. My iPhone and iPad have different levels for the kids even though the account it the same.
  • Useless and frustrating 1/5

    I’m supposed to have access to this app because I pay a subscription through a “trusted partner” aka SWAdvantage. Although I can, and have, attempted many many MANY times to log on through the more options/trusted partner log-in link I cannot access the App. The android version of app is buggy-yet-tolerable. Unfortunately this version is useless to our family.
  • French! 2/5

    By mamia005
    Is there ever going to be a French version?
  • Glitch 1/5

    By LeValerie
    Trying to trace the letter but the letter is cut off. Tried flipping the phone but the app won’t allow it to flip.
  • How am I supposed to put in my bithday 3/5

    By Crazie4curls.Mia
    How in the world do I suppose to put in my birthday when every time I try it bro v if back to December 9 2009 please fix this cause I want my real birthday but a hypocrite birthday Thank you Sincerely:Tamia Jones
  • Not free 1/5

    By blacklikemyheart
    The app won’t let you try the free trial unless you agree to let it auto charge you at the end of the trial. No thanks! Wonder how many people get charged automatically without knowing.
  • You have to pay for the trial. 1/5

    By Blurry xx Skiez
    I wanted my little sister which is a preschooler to use this app growing her reading. I did all the stuff and all, and guess what? YOU HAVE TO PAY LIKE ANY OTHER APP THAT HELPS HER LEARN! I’m so ANGRY that my little sister can’t learn something away for preschool without paying. 1 Star. Bad experience, but it’s not like my little sister could even EXPERIENCE it anyways.
  • Can’t get rid of this thing!!!! 1/5

    By Blue😇Angle
    I downloaded it for my 4 year old and 7 year old because I rather them do something educational if they are gonna play on the phone but after a couple days they said they didn’t wanna play it. I’ve been trying to get rid of it since day 3. I e been getting charged every month and my children didn’t play it for more than just a couple days. I called Apple and they said I have to deal with the app directly! I just wanna cancel this subscription and get my money back!
  • Good but glitches 4/5

    By BenandBrooksmom
    Every now and then the app glitches but otherwise it’s a great app to use with homeschooling
  • Shady 1/5

    By abirla
    This is very shady to have all the information and then look to charge
  • Great! 5/5

    By Abbbeeeyyy
    My daughter is in kindergarten and we were having a really hard time with letter recognition and sounds. She’s been using it for a week and is already able to write the letters I ask!! I didn’t think this app was going to work but it really does! We will be keeping it for her and my youngest.
  • Best reading app 5/5

    By merlin susan
    My son was struggling on his reading so I got another app. He didn’t learn anything from it so I downloaded this app and he can read after a week. Love this so much. My 2 year old used and loves it. I did have to cancel the subscription due to my internet connection it just wouldn’t work and load one day not really sure why. Really wish I could use it but I can’t get it to load for a few weeks now.
  • App no longer working! 2/5

    By Hhbb113
    We love homer! My daughter loves going on her iPad and doing her « schoolwork ». She uses it typically daily as a form of her homeschooling and gets a set amount of screen time just for homer. Until about a week or so ago and still to this day! The app no longer works on any device. We have reset multiple different devices, removed and re-downloaded the app on different devices and NOTHING works. The app just sits in a « loading » screen before you even get to choose what child is playing. It doesn’t load EVER no matter how long we let it sit. It isn’t our internet because everything else works just fine! I am very disappointed by this and hope it gets fixed soon because my daughter has not been happy without her homer, and on top of it- I am paying for something that cannot even be used right now!

HOMER Reading: Learn to Read app comments

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