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Homescapes App

Welcome to Homescapes! Help Austin the butler bring warmth and comfort back to his wonderful family's mansion. Come on in—adventures await you from the moment you walk in the door! Beat colorful match-3 levels to renovate and decorate rooms in the mansion, unlocking ever more chapters in the exciting family story along the way! What are you waiting for? Make yourself at home! The game features: ● Unique gameplay: help Austin renovate the house by swapping and matching pieces! ● Interior design: you decide what the house will look like. ● Exciting match-3 levels: tons of fun, featuring unique boosters and explosive combinations! ● A huge, beautiful mansion: discover all the secrets it holds! ● Fantastic characters: watch them live their lives and interact with each other in the in-game social network. ● A cute pet: meet а naughty and fluffy cat. ● Invite your Facebook friends to help you create your own cozy atmosphere in the house! Homescapes is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device's Restrictions menu. Enjoying Homescapes? Learn more about the game! Facebook: Instagram: Questions? Contact our Tech Support by sending an email to [email protected]

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  • Addicting 5/5

    By Teri lynn cole
    I have been playing this Game off and on for a few years now and it can be EXTREMELY addicting!
  • Annoying Storyline 1/5

    By avaow
    The concept of furnishing the house is great but every now and then you get to the point where the game forces you to spend all of your stars to follow the storyline which to be completely honest is pretty lame.
  • Candy crush on steroids 2/5

    By jorged200
    Extremely difficult, fixing the house seems impossible having to win such hard puzzles to perform such small tasks (going to sleep, naming the cat). And not at all as advertised.
  • Need free options for coins 4/5

    By HJHJHJ13
    I love this game and I understand the act of losing lives, but why are there no free options for coins? We can receive 5 coins for giving a life to a teammate, but there are no other ways for us to get free coins. We win coins and you take them and put them in a treasure chest that you have to pay to open WITH REAL MONEY. People play this game because it is fun and it is free. Please give us an option to watch an ad for 50 coins or something! I come so close to completing levels, if I had the coins I would absolutely pay them to get 5 more moves. I just need more options for coins.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By Vonfeed360
    I reviewed this game a while back and wanted to update it with the new advertising gimmick they are using. The ads are totally different then the game play and that should be stated up front. Do to this I am now giving it a 1 star.
  • Great game! 4/5

    By Ladydew3
    I love this game! Been playing over a year now every day. I like fixing up the house and grounds, the story lines and the games. The games are not timed, which I like. They are more like puzzles. One thing though, is the teams gifting only hearts. Not coins or power ups. I have hearts that I haven’t used for a while because I keep getting free hearts anyways. So it would be nice to be able to have choices when gifting. Not just hearts.
  • Boring, slow 1/5

    By ahdiwbevfi
    This game is so boring and so slow. The ads for this show you saving a burning building but instead it’s a storyline and you have to play weird candy-crush like games instead. ALSO, it keeps highlighting the things you have to press to win. What kind of game gives you the answer instead of letting you play for yourself? The storyline makes it boring and slow, and the fact that it tells you every right move makes it boring and pointless.
  • Airplane PowerUp 4/5

    By GeekyBeauty
    I love this game a lot but can you please make it possible to control where the airplanes at gonna land or at least make it so that the airplanes actually hit pieces that are helpful? Especially alarm clocks.
  • Contentment 5/5

    By almundo
    Love playing this game
  • Cat respect 5/5

    By #TorcherCats
    I just love this game. You hit cats with brooms and the cats are like mrwowoooow!! Look at the add and see for yourself.
  • Great brain teaser 4/5

    By Realcountryboy$
    I just need mor lives
  • Homes apes 2/5

    By sasmy
    Too costly. Cost several stars to do a task but only get one star for completion of round..coins are nearly impossible to earn
  • False Advertising 1/5

    By 9th Mural
    In your advertisement for the game it looks as if I would be choosing things to fix the house, not playing another version of Candy Crush, collecting stars, and coins to fix things. Very misleading
  • Pay to win 1/5

    By vskaiabs
    This game gets to a point were it is not possible at all to win levels so that you end up spending money on there power ups and coins don’t waste your time on it cause over time you will be frustrated rather than looking forward to play the game
  • Fake 1/5

    By 💜❤️💛twist
    The commercial looked so much fun fixing I downloaded the game thinking this would be rlly fun. But when I started playing, the commercial that was played for this,must have been played for the wrong game! I am rlly disappointed... I love to design stuff but this game isn’t fun at all. It is kinda like candy crush and if u beat those levels then u get a star and when u get a star u can fix things. I really don’t think that was really creative, I think this is a rip off. REALLY DONT RECOMMEND!!!!!😡
  • False Advertisement 1/5

    By Tennasinn
    I am very disappointed in this game. On ads it shows you fixing things by choosing choices to fix in the bottom of the screen. When you DL this game it is NOTHING like that at all. It’s matching up colored items like best fiends or candy crush, then you pick the items. It would be much better without the color choice match up and make it as it’s advertised.
  • Lies 2/5

    By kayleeeee2409
    It’s nothing like the preview on Facebook I played for a while and never seen the program on Facebook
  • Great game 5/5

    By Victorija555
    Great game. I’m enjoying it a lot!
  • False advertising 1/5

    By Rickymk4
    False advertisement, it’s nothing like the video clips show it to be. It doesn’t let you chose between options to fix the place like alllll the little clips show. Because of this I choose to never play it again. Deleted and will never play again
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By jzjwjnsha
    This game is okay because well it’s ok. But I have been waiting for weeks and I have not gotten any stars!! It’s also a little boring sometimes. And plus why not give some more choices? I mean only 3!? What about five? A lot of people may not like the designs and One of those two could be the one. Your game is cool tho. Maybe just a few changes🙂
  • No problem solver 1/5

    The ad shows you need to put out fires use a screwdriver to shut off the water and you never do that in this game if I could give it less than one store I would please fix the false advertisement
  • Ok 1/5

    By spiderwithacherry
    I’m on level 24 and I have been in the level for 3months they only gave me 22 moves to get 80 colors they should give people more moves it’s annoying
  • Ads 1/5

    By DanExcalibur
    I don’t care if your game is doing great. Every time I f**king enter an other game, your goddamn app gets f**king advertised after the first 5 minutes of me actually opening the app. I tried pressing the x button but that didn’t f**king work either. I even installed your sorry app to try and see how it worked. But it was absolutely atrocious. Nothing worked and I kept tapping repeatedly. And even why I try to open my other apps I STILL CANT CLOSE YOUR GODDAMN ADVERTISEMENTS. Hope you’re happy
  • This is so fun 5/5

    By grummett
    Ok, I was a little nervous at first and did not want to get it. But I tried it and boy, I love the game
  • $ game 1/5

    By choatopia
    Hate this game sooooooo much. Same as Gardenscapes. Gotta be rich to play unless you’re like my husband ( level 1640 ) . Not an enjoyable game. Life is so bloody stressful & you want a game that’s relaxing & fun. Not one like this. I’m getting rid of this game for the 4th time. Only had cause my husband wanted it but doesn’t play it. He has 3 different games going on, but now only 2. I FOREVER QUIT,,!!
  • Not like the ads 3/5

    By Nova7o9
    I downloaded this game hoping for a new kind of game. The ads made it look really cool, but it’s just a match-three game. Like other reviewers I’d rather decorate the place than play the game and once you get into higher levels it’s almost impossible to win a level within five lives without spending all your money or using all you power ups. So like all the other match-three games before it, I’m quitting.
  • Unreachable goals 1/5

    By Pykamun
    I started playing this game and became addicted to it , however I uninstalled it because it became impossible to reach the upcoming levels/ stars needed to improve the house , levels are not consistent and you might find a level that is impossible to resolve only to find the next few for preschoolers , also now all of the home improvements take at least two stars and if the reason why I liked the game in the first place so much was to help improve the house why is it that is the least I get to do , unreachable goals at very discouraging , specially on a game that’s supposed to be fun
  • Bad 1/5

    By Karbralex
    Looks nothing like ads, ads look fun and say “harder than you think” but it’s not at all like the ads and what’s with the candy crush thing, I’ve never seen that in any of the 30 ads I’ve watched on this and gardenscapes. I wouldn’t mind if you showed what you do but even the ads you can play you just have brooms and stuff to clean up and redo a house.
  • Homescapes 5/5

    By rampage lover 33
    Best home game and puzzle game ever made
  • Sad money pit. Escape Homescapes before you start. 1/5

    By Papa_Ray
    Sad money pit. Escape Homescapes before you start.
  • ...mmm just ok 2/5

    By Vdublynn
    I liked this game, until I felt like I had to keep buying things to move on to the next level.
  • Nothing like the ad 2/5

    By Mdiruzza
    Game is nothing like the ads. It is a match 3 game. It is like candy crush with a story line
  • Not very happy with this game 1/5

    By Golfchick727
    I have been playing for some time now, and I feel as if this game has become really stupid. I started playing because I wanted to design spaces. I find myself wining levels for points only to have to use them for dumb and pointless tasks such as “playing with toy soldiers”. I think my days of playing this game are about to come to an end.
  • false advertising 1/5

    By who's,who
    not true to what there advertising at all.
  • LOVE IT!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By 🔥🔥💤💤🔥🔥💦💦💦💧💧💧
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
  • Disappointed but Fun 3/5

    By Victoria.Winters22
    This game is fun but I’m a bit disappointed. In the add it said that you would choose which object you need to fix which item, but that never happened even once in the game. That was the main reason I downloaded this game, and it wasn’t even real. The rest is great though.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By goodgame!.,,..
    Well, I was playing one of my games on my iPad, and so this ad pops up, its we’re a man is running from a bear and the bear is trying to get the man, and the man uses tools to try and get the bear to not chase him. I thought to myself, hey, this game looks fun, ima download it. So it downloads and I go on to it. And it is about a house, and I said this game is garbage the ad was fake and everything in this game is stupid. So why did you fake the ad you idiots?
  • Fun but...more to do while you wait for lives? 4/5

    By Jaidnoire
    More fun than I expected but I wish there was more to do while waiting for lives and more ways to earn lives vs bugging my friends. I hate raising requesting and I hate waiting 20min for a life while on my commute. End up going to a different app.
  • Ok this needs to stop 2/5

    By avbenllo
    So a couple of weeks ago I had seen an advertisement for this game on one of my other favorite games helix jump (go check it out if you have not already:)) and it looked really good so I decided why not! I got the app and as soon as I opened the app and it started talking to me [like in the little background at the beginning] and I immediately started questioning if this app was anything like the add? The add that I had saw was about this person having the scroll bar and she/he makes really bad decisions [one of them is about saving a horse and the player has a hammer, extra water and a blow torch]. It went on and another symbol that this is a game that is nothing like the add came up, I had to do what they do on candy crush [ where you have to swipe the little things left or right to make a match] and NOWHERE in the add did it say anything about that AT ALL. I went on just because I wanted to really get the full experience of the app. It then took me to the first level of the swiping things [what they do on candy crush] and then took me to go do my “first repair” which was not a repair at all it was changing a bed! It then took me back to the candy crush things and do you know what I did DELETED THE APP. PLEASE FIX YOUR ADDS TO WHAT THE GAME ACTUALLY IS.
  • Dear Developer 3/5

    By Jelliebean22
    If you want people to continue playing your game, don’t make the regular levels harder to get thru than the “very hard” levels. It’s NOT challenging, it’s frustrating and the #1 reason people will stop playing.
  • Fun for awhile... 2/5

    By CoachTophe
    right up until you get to lvl490+. Then you get to some really annoying levels (purple bubbles) which cause you to get so frustrated bc the block generator seems to be working against you in overdrive. You never seem to get the right colors when you need em. So, what’ya do, you use up using all your powerups... but wait, they don’t help at all?! F*#% this $#%*. The struggle is real and so are the diminishing returns. Alas, games like these prey on your frustration and impatience. Time to bust out the dolla dolla bills right ya’ll?! Wrong... eff that noise. Oh, and the storyline is annoying AF. Goodbye Homescapes... yet another app destines for the deleted bin. You’re better off looking somewhere else ppl.
  • Same as the others 2/5

    By Shcamp86
    I was hoping for a fun home reno game that isn't like the others I have tried. This one started out fun, but like all I have tried, you start playing and you are actually fixing up the home and then as the levels get harder the tasks get less related to fixing/designing the home. Unfortunately here I am again trying to beat difficult levels just to perform menial tasks like answering the front door or giving a cat a treat. So disappointing.
  • Okay 3/5

    By jfbxbx
    Like the game bc you get to decorate the house as you like... But to earn the points to fix things makes me not wanna play 🤷🏻‍♀️ and sometimes you can't even beat it so it takes forever to continue on fixing the house..... Point is... All I wanna do is DECORATE!!!! Not struggle): no fun
  • Aya.h.Askar 5/5

    By aaya haydar
    The best game 🤩🤩
  • Fun 4/5

    By rickdeez4real
    The game is a lot of fun. But I want to play more at fixing the room. Not matching colors.
  • Great Game! 5/5

    By Moni Ann
    Great to play!!!! Fun and easy and very addictiveI run out of lives so fast lol but I just joined a team!!! And it helps a lot!!!
  • Quick 3/5

    By lagemt
    Game is to quick to throw out no more moves when there are obviously more moves to be had. It would be more enjoyable if it would allow all moves to be played
  • Seriously addicting ! 5/5

    By Nadya Rousseau
    I’m not a big game person but this is clever and fun. Enjoying it!
  • More Expensive than Gambling 3/5

    By Dex Stewart
    This game can be very addicting. It’s a great and fun story following a butler’s wish of saving his childhood home from being sold by his parents. It’s not a “home”, rather it’s a MANSION plus garden, barn, ETC, all of which need renovations. Each renovation costs you either one star or multiple stars. For example, replacing a spring in a chair might cost one star while replacing banisters might cost a total of six stars. To receive “stars”, you must beat a 3-way (or more) match game. The whole reason I downloaded the game was based on an advertisement that doesn’t seem to exist in this game. Each scenario is always a matching game - not the “don’t pour gasoline on fire” scenario that is depicted on the ads. It’s a fun game, but I was an idiot and have spent A TON of money because I was ALWAYS one move away from finishing the level. I’m writing this review and I’m currently on level 456... I’m planning to finish what money I’ve spent on this game, and then deleting the game. I’ll do laundry or dishes instead. WAY cheaper and MUCH more productive. If you have cash to burn, get this game. I’ve paid them about $200 so far (2 months)... 😑

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