Honey Smart Shopping Assistant

Honey Smart Shopping Assistant

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.34.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Honey
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Honey Smart Shopping Assistant App

Everything You Love About Shopping Is Here  - 400+ stores, including Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and more.  - Too many deals to count, plus coupon codes and rewards galore.  - All in one easy-to-use app.  Buying Is a Breeze  - Start by browsing tons of products in the app.  - Once you see something you like, we’ll pop open the store’s site.  - From there, you can take a closer look, try coupons, and check out with ease.  Coupon Codes, Coming Up  - We put our coupon-searching magic to work whenever you shop.   - At checkout, you’ll be able to see and apply coupons we find.  - With one click you can automatically apply coupons at select stores.  - At others, you can easily copy and paste codes to apply savings.  Rewards That Add Up Fast  - Earn Honey Gold on select purchases throughout the app.  - Redeem your Gold for a gift card from some of your favorite stores.  - You can even earn Gold and score coupons for the same item – jackpot.  Leave the Price Tracking to Us  - See something you like? Add select products to Droplist to track the price.  - When we detect a price drop at the store, we’ll let you know.  - We don’t sleep when it comes to watching for pesky price changes.  Still Here?  - Well, there’s a lot more to discover with Honey.  - You’ll just have to download the app and see for yourself.  - We’d hate to ruin the surprise.  - Seriously, download Honey already.

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Honey Smart Shopping Assistant app reviews

  • I got scammed (I think) 2/5

    By kitolamus
    I bought a controller for a ps4 off of this website from Walmart which was originally 50$ but I got it for $30 so I thought it was a good offer but 3 days after receiving it it just broke down on me and is somehow making my PlayStation slower I try seeing if Walmart still has the controller on the site in honey and Walmart itself but it’s no where to be found which makes me quite upset I’m finding no way to receive help
  • Nice!!! But 5/5

    By dj_mok_mok
    This app is dope I got 1 gift when it said I got 2 but still in happy lol
  • Useless 1/5

    By u djhdnaka
    it’s a waste of time
  • Needs a new feature 3/5

    By Venny34566:
    There is nothing I hate more than trying to find coupons and all I get are a bunch of site-wide promotionals... could you please make it to where I can block promotional offers
  • Worst app I ever used 1/5

    By hdbcick
    I ordered something from here a camera on November and it already January and I still hadn’t gotten it worst app ever
  • Is it really saving you money? 1/5

    By EddieSpinYoBlock
    This is supposed to save you money but it doesn’t even work on OfferUp, so is this really saving you money?
  • I like the website better 5/5

    By TIKt0k2020
    The app does work, but only for redeeming good for redeeming and collecting honey gold. Im a dedicated user of honey. I recommend using it. Before I had it I thought it was a scam. But not anymore. It has saved me around 10 dollars per order. And saves me around 20 dollars per Amazon order. I recommend the website.
  • Useless 1/5

    By nebdudhhaksbsh
    It’s pretty use less on mobile unless you just want to have another shopping app with the same prices as every other store
  • my review 5/5

    By 𝑜𝑘𝑎𝑡𝑦𝑦
    I’ve started honey in 2020 helped me save lots, love honey so much, and thankful to have it.
  • Best deal app 5/5

    By monsterlegends22
    Best app for good deals honey is amazing.
  • Omg the best 5/5

    By Cj55fhu
    I can’t believe this app! I have been getting things cheaper and recommend it!
  • Ok 2/5

    By Otterpop23
  • Thanks to Mac I downloaded this app Ian’s it’s perfect 5/5

    By Unamusedandabgrychick
    I watch Mac on YouTube and he recommended to app and I absolutely love it
  • Unusable garbage 1/5

    By midwestdem
    This thing makes you log in, then shows you a list of things you can buy. I just want promo codes.
  • None of the promo codes work 1/5

    By monjulia
    I tried doing every single promo code that the app has suggested but NONE of them work
  • No landscape view 2/5

    By William Stakie
    No landscape view - deleted app
  • Coupons don’t work 1/5

    By appleuser18483
    I tried entering Amazon coupon and a door dash coupon but it didn’t work so then I uninstall the app and then installed it again but it still didn’t work
  • Good app 4/5

    By ScoutfromTF2
    Sad that they removed price drop. Other than that it’s pretty great
  • Love it it helps a lot on money 5/5

    By ykalaloaksbscansio hd snekaosm
  • Mr Beast 5/5

    By THE L DOG 21
    Who’s here because of Me Beast?
  • Fake, Only gives Pop Up ads 1/5

    My family used honey on one of their computers and pop up ads did not stop for a month. This is fake just so they get money.
  • Take long to get points 5/5

    By Micdrena
  • A lot of bugs 1/5

    By Ray Zlou
    Idea is super cool, but I can’t use it because app is super buggy! I can’t sign in, I can’t load pages, I can’t do anything. The same problem with web site.
  • 🍯 2/5

    By Mehhh I am Just a Girl
    I downloaded honey looking what it says and i was assuming it would have amazon esty you know bigger shops but they dont the have some for useless things too me personally and im sure some other people had the same problem its not completely their fault but i hope for more in the future.
  • Yikes 1/5

    By angeielove
    None of the codes work
  • Definitely recommend this app! 5/5

    By Lillyana Macias
    Honey has helped me find great deals and save so much money!
  • Disappointed 👎 1/5

    By emiq22
    This app is completely useless. I am disabled and very tight on money and i thought this app could help me save money on good deals for Christmas gifts. To my disappointment, there is ZERO promo codes for the popular sites like amazon, ebay, mercari, walmart, etsy and poshmark. And I’ve had family try this app to and they were disappointed with the results. I don’t understand how other people are claiming the good deals when there is ZERO promo codes for the most commonly used sites. That’s unfortunate for people like myself. Very disappointed. Don’t waste your time people!! Uninstalling. ☹️👎
  • Mr beast 4/5

    By Hope1010
    You sponser him
  • Honey needs to get better 1/5

    By bigfoot bigflavor$
    I wanted some games but needed a better price so went to honey and either did not see it or a worse price with is apparently the opposite of what they should do
  • Favorite App 5/5

    By shortspaz
    I’ve seen Honey all over my favorite YouTubers channels and in a handle of social media platforms and never thought anything of it. Let me tell you that was a mistake because ever since I’ve downloaded Honey I haven’t paid full price for a majority of my online purchases! I love everything about the app from the huge selection of stores, active coupons that show all promo codes that are plugged into any store, and price drop alerts. 10/10 would recommend downloading
  • Ok if you’re looking for a specific item 1/5

    By Montgomerycnj
    But if you’re shopping for anything from a specialty store (Bath & Body Works) forget it. It does add one time discount codes I’m guessing users have used, of course those are ONE TIME and useless to post online because they are void if you yourself try to use any of them. You’d think honey would have figured this out.
  • Fun 5/5

    By fairies68
    Shopaholic’s dream. So many features and discount codes. Lots of stores. Great app.
  • Don’t recommend geting app 1/5

    By pat 1789
    Ther coupons don’t even work don’t get this app fake they use a lot of ads for honey but when it comes to the app it’s horrible
  • Not great on iPhone 1/5

    By Apandaportner
    I first used this app on my desktop when it came out. The UI is great on that device. I thought it would work as well on my phone but i have since deleted the app off my phone. It’s so inconvenient to use, not even worth the trouble. That is too bad because most of my online shopping happens on my phone.
  • Company will scam you by not sending gift cards! 1/5

    By audgiepaudgiepuddingpie
    The absolute worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with. Repeated automated responses from different representatives. If you go to redeem your gold for gift cards good luck on getting them. They will lie, make up excuses. I guarantee they are stealing money from customers and pocketing it for their profit.
  • Easy to use but needs bug fixes 4/5

    By jeyebycbey
    I’ve been using honey for a while and have so far enjoyed it.The only reason it gets 4 stars is because of the bugs I have run into.I redeemed a gift card but it didn’t come within 24 hours.I’ll have to wait a total of 144 hours because of their “gift card processing system delays” I don’t necessarily mind the wait but it is quite inconvenient other than that love the app.Keep up the good work.
  • What does this app even do? 1/5

    By KingKole38
    Any item I have ever looked for on Honey, I’ve found less expensive and more variety by doing a Google search. What is the point of this app? I’ve gone to Honey before to find deals on televisions, printers, kitchen appliances...etc. I have never found one deal through this app that isn’t readily available by doing a simple Google search. And back to the televisions....it said there was NONE available when I searched. HA! Bye, Honey. You are pointless.
  • Doesn’t even work.. 1/5

    By Pescao11
    They dont even allow you to put the coupon because it says code was already used..? Like what? It’s not real
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Chance-_-
    Never been more confused, my wife has had this on her laptop for two years and we’ve never EVER got a coupon to pop up like it’s supposed to, there’s no coupons for anything ever, two years? And nothing on her laptop, I download the app and idk how long I’ve had this but it’s long enough to forget I had it because it never pops up anything, me an my wife hate this, she’s bought dressers, TVs, couches through the laptop, no coupons, full price everything I’m deleting this
  • Broken App 1/5

    By Dave546655675
    The “Shop on Amazon” button no longer works after the last update. Please fix!!!
  • Smart 5/5

    By navigation2
    Honey is my best way to shop on my iPad it’s just to good I use honey everyday and look at my Notification Center just in case honey sends me a notification
  • amazing concept! but not it.. lol 1/5

    By Gedem_
    this app advertises that on your online purchases it will apply all the coupons and on the advertisement soo many get applied and it looks like it will help on all your online purchases! this is not the case.. veryyy limited on items that have a discount plus most of the coupons “honey” will show you DO NOT work when applying them. all they are after is for you to download the app. you might find something on there homepage that has a discount you like! other than that I wouldn’t waste your time setting up.
  • iPad app? 4/5

    By 10001dp
    Long time user of Honey on the laptop - works great. Would love to have an iPad version (rather than biggie size the phone version). Strong preference for landscape display and more proportional keyboard, etc.
  • Confused on App 2/5

    By Kessen 17
    I’m honestly having a hard time understanding this app, I get notifications saying that there’s codes waiting for me to use on a certain store so when I get to check out and put the codes in it tells me the code doesn’t exist or that promo hasn’t started yet. It’s happened twice so I’m trying to understand what’s going on. If I could get a response that’d be highly appreciated.
  • I thought this app is supposed to help you save? 1/5

    By Princess Twilight
    I thought this app is supposed to help you save? So I got this app in an effort to try to get some discounts on purchases I want to make in aliexpress. After installing, I tried every code they had available for the online store, and literally none of them worked or were for “new users only,” despite me never having purchased from aliexpress ever. I’m so confused, am I doing something wrong here or are all of the codes just dead?
  • No use at all. 1/5

    By Steven Zhuge
    Just copied everything from merchant’s website. What’s the use of this app!
  • Search Function? 1/5

    By CamP272727
    The search function was the only good part of this app and an update seemed to take it away? Why?
  • False savings 2/5

    By ChevroBlazin
    In the app it says a 15.5 pound bag of hills science diet puppy food is 60.99 and it says instead of 60.99 you can pay 32.99 which is a little under 50% off, but in all actuality 32.99 is the price for a 15.5 pound bag of hill’s puppy food. There was no savings it just made it seem like you were saving....
  • Money saver!! 5/5

    By Puppylove333777
    Honey has helped me save so much money on household essentials such as JR Watkins foaming hand cleanser and so much more. Great app, love that it’s free and automatically searches for coupon codes.