Honey Smart Shopping Assistant

Honey Smart Shopping Assistant

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  • Current Version: 1.24.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Honey
  • Compatibility: Android
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Honey Smart Shopping Assistant App

Automatically save at your favorite stores Forget endless shopping apps, mumbo jumbo passwords, and missed coupon codes. Honey brings your favorite stores and deals together in one easy-to-use app. Honey is your personal shopping assistant that makes it easy to save time and money. Here’s how. Your Favorite Stores Shop 400+ popular stores and millions of items in one app. Discover new must-haves and save on classics. We’re always adding new stores for you to explore. Automatic Coupons Like our popular extension for your computer, the Honey app automatically applies coupon codes. It just does it a little differently. We ask for your shipping info earlier so we can look for free shipping codes along with every other discount for every item in your cart. You can continue to browse items during the search. One Cart Shopping Check out in one convenient cart, even if your items are from different stores. No more jumping back and forth from different apps or dealing with endless usernames and passwords. Who has time for that? Exclusive Perks Keep your eyes peeled for Honey Gold bonuses on items. That means you’ll earn gold that you can redeem for gift cards at your choice of popular stores. Curate Your Droplist, We’ll Watch Prices Save your favorite items in easy to organize categories. We’ll notify you the moment there’s a price drop on any of the items you’re watching. So you never miss a deal on stuff you actually want. Why download countless apps and search for promo codes when Honey does it all? Get started.

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Honey Smart Shopping Assistant app reviews

  • can’t even use it 1/5

    By kspires98
    just updated the app and i can’t even be in the app for 2 seconds without it crashing
  • save hundreds with Honey 🍯 ❤️ 5/5

    By Mommy in Whittier
    I absolutely love Honey! Many popular YouTubers endorse this company, and I definitely can understand why! FashionNova is one of my favorite online clothing brands when I go shopping, and it’s extremely easy to over spend lol. I saved over 140 dollars with using Honey on one FashionNova purchase, coupon codes that I never new had existed by only using Honey. Download this app my ladies, I promise you won’t regret it! 😊😘

    By kingletingso
    This is like the best app ever. I mean, who doesn’t like saving money? Well I know I do. Thank you 🍯 honey for everything you’ve saved me. I have probably saved 1000 dollars using this app (and browser extension) in the last month.
  • I don’t understand 1/5

    By 111111211121222221
    I haven’t used honey very much but I heard good things about it in!!! In the time I downloaded the app I didn’t understand what was happening.You see I wanted a stitch pin for 10 dollars I clicked apply coupon code and my checkout it said 15 dollars .I was confused and the same thing kept happening with different items the price went up.Can someone explain what I’m doing wrong!
  • App crashes 3/5

    By Al1_77
    I’ve had this app for just a few weeks now and it already seems to be malfunctioning. The app constantly crashes and takes you to a new store’s page even when you aren’t looking for it. This is a very big hassle for me and will be for you as well if you are a person who constantly online shops. Besides that I think the only upside are the coupons available, although there aren’t that many deals from the stores and the sales aren’t that good either.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Mizzmorgan
    Decided to give this a try to purchase a present for my sister in law. They convert your credit card into a one time use card to make the purchase. It was deemed fraudulent by the company we were trying to buy the product from. That company notified me days ago that this had happened. Finally Honey just sent me an email saying the order had been canceled. Terrible app and customer service. Beware.
  • Very disappointed 2/5

    By Cbnamal
    I sent them an email wondering when my package would be arriving but instead they sent an automated email talking about some gold or something smh....I still don’t know when it will be arriving yet I’m scared that it might taken when I’m not there.
  • Needs landscape mode for all ipads. 2/5

    By UNAM6
    App is kinda cool but it’s ridiculous that there’s no landscape mode. This is suppose to be a web app but it doesn’t offer a landscape mode, please fix so we can have a better experience using the app with the iPad pros with the magic keyboard.
  • Was not worth it 1/5

    By Free awesome on Wizard101
    It didn’t give me any coupons all the coupons I tried were in valid so I would say it was a very bad app in my opinion. It had none of those things in the stores I would even want to buy so overall I think it’s just a terrible experience.
  • No codes work 1/5

    By NattyBacko
    I downloaded this because I saw it on a Brad Mondo video, and none of the codes work. Literally one for Papa Johns pizza and they already had a promotion without the code. I have an iPhone... don’t know if that matters.
  • They are all about the savings 5/5

    By Amtup1786
    I love this app, only wish I found it sooner. Also would LOVE to have a chrome extension on my phone. Definitely worth the savings and nice to feel comfortable that it’s legit
  • Honey 4/5

    By fairy boay
    How do you summit your coupons to your order???
  • AMAZON? 1/5

    By jorge12345665
    How come this don’t work for the BEST SHOPPING WEBSITE, AMAZON. Like I got this app with hundreds of stores that I haven’t even heard of and you guys come saying you don’t support amazon are you kidding me?
  • Graduation 5/5

    By erik tenenecrla
    Hello, My mother had a graduation I only had one hundred dollars to waste. I really wanted to get her something that she would like but I only had a amount of money to waste. I really like this app bc I was able to find a very beautiful necklace for my mom that said” mom”. I also bought a bracelet with that and two other necklaces. With only 100 dollars a ONLY WASTED 56 dollars!!! If I bought these items anywhere else I’m pretty sure I would have wasted more than 100. I really recommend this app!
  • Not very useful 2/5

    By kittyrackham
    I don’t know if something is wrong with my app or what, but I tried to go into a store to buy something and the shop in question only showed 5 items available. Maybe I misunderstood how the app works, but for now, it’s a lot easier for me to just use the desktop browser extension with the actual website.
  • Made my order more expensive!! 1/5

    By A kool name
    I have the honey extension on my Mac and every time i’m ordering something online it asks to put coupon codes and they NEVER. WORK. The one time it did work was earlier today but it must’ve made a mistake because my order was MORE EXPENSIVE after!!! I do not recommend😬
  • Bruh 5/5

    By bombwinter
    MrBeast gang
  • Sounds better than it is 3/5

    By Diehajqd
    Unless I’m mistaken, this app seems only to be useful for the very limited number of stores in its network. I had the impression from its advertising that it was a more comprehensive tool that found coupons / promo codes / pricing from the internet as w whole. I wasn’t impressed by its network of stores so I haven’t found it relevant for any purchases I’ve made since downloading it.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Dakodes
    Stupid app, pointless, doesn’t work on an iPhone. Wants you to download the desktop version in order to work. 🗑 💩
  • Hit or miss 2/5

    By arinunicorn
    This app depends on luck lol I took my chances it was cool but will never again after what happened to my friends (shipping gone wrong) and the negative reviews
  • It didn’t work 1/5

    By !!mmmnccnscsdedf
    In all of the honey ads it shows people trying to use coupon codes and then it says invalid code but then they try honey and it works but whenever I try to use it it says invalid code I’m very confused
  • Has Never Helped Me find a Usable Coupon! 1/5

    By Zviz
    I downloaded this almost a year ago. Each time that I search, I’ve received a motive that there are no coupons. This is the same as doing a basic Internet search. I have searched for coupons from major sites and stores and still, not once, found a usable coupon, so I deleted this app! Nothing like the commercials. It’s success is based merely on its marketing message not on its usability . Check the posted reviews using the “Most Critical” filter to see the most accurate user reviews.
  • Out $400 1/5

    By Tommy/
    I ordered a few things and needed to change the size of a jacket so I called the company I ordered it from. They had to cancel the order to fix it and when they went to charge the card it was declined because it’s not your card honey uses for the order. Still haven’t heard back from anyone from customer service.
  • No ebay? 1/5

    By Roth Swinghammer
    Weak tea, false advertising.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By danber76
    When I used this it was sloppy and found the product for way more than I found it originally.😡
  • Site glitches 4/5

    By 1SpunkyChick
    Lots to shop for, but the the site had glitches. I could get lost for days shopping on the site with all the options to choose from and then get stuck trying to check out with all the glitches.
  • Won’t stop crashing since update 4/5

    By AndromedaCleghard
    Would love to give this app five stars but I can’t even get it to open with the new update
  • Limited options 3/5

    By Qwertyamyqwerty
    Only has options for super popular online stores. I can just google coupon codes so I’m not sure why I would even bother going through the app.
  • 2 purchases 0 savings 1/5

    By Murderino Mike xxx1023
    I have only had the app for two purchased 0 savings so far.
  • 🤬 1/5

    By im better tamthan you
    I never got my phone they took some money from me I will never use this app don’t get this app😭😡🤬
  • Amazing 4/5

    By gymnast🤸🏼‍♀️
    Buying lots of things and this app is super helpful there is one problem the app keeps crashing! Other then that would totally recommend the app
  • Ok with some things 3/5

    By maria3957
    I wanted the regular switch but it only showed the light version
  • Nothing loads! Super glitchy :( 1/5

    By mariamkadiri7
    Nothing was loading. None of the pictures or numbers would load! It would lag so much! Very bad app. :(:(:(
  • Useless app 1/5

    By puh20041
    I haven’t saved any money with this useless app, I tried to enter ASOS codes but it only said invalid code! I tried more than 15 different codes and none of them worked! DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS USELESS APP!!!
  • No Best Buy 1/5

    By idv hv hfhdcdvdvgh.yvfbhe
    When I got the app I was trying to find Best Buy and there was no Best Buy so I don’t use the honey app
  • No coupon codes 1/5

    By Alyssa Zaghmout
    I was shopping online at Hollister and my total came out over $100, I used honey to see if there were any coupon codes in the browser extension icon it said it had 4 coupon codes that would work but yet it said the best prince was the normal price that I had to pay. I expected it to at least allow me to save $5 but it didn’t, I also tried honey online at a bunch of other sites yet no coupon codes that helped me save money it kept saying I had the best price with wasn’t true because my total came out over $100. I was very exited when I saw honey, I was expecting it to save me so much money but yet it saved me none and I was very disappointed.
  • love 5/5

    By rose shokri
    i absolutely love this!!!! this saved me so much money and it’s so so so simple to use.
  • $100 5/5

    By LeviProductions
    This app is soooooo goooood I got $100 of my first buy, dope as heck!
  • Honey Gold doesn’t work 1/5

    This service is ok as long as you don’t try and redeem honey gold. I’ve used this app on my laptop for 3 years now. I’ve earned 36000 in referral credit and another $170 in shopping credits. I’ve made 16 gift card redemptions. EVERY SINGLE TIME there is a problem. EVERY TIME! They always have a good excuse “back end issues...stuck pending...they’re updating the system...and on and on it goes.” Customer service is fast-ish and always very friendly. The problem is that you ALWAYS have to get customer service involved. It’s EXHAUSTING!! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll email them to death to get the cash I’ve earned but geez, why is it ALWAYS so hard!!
  • Never would have downloaded without mr beast 5/5

    By bsni2023
    Please sponsor him more
  • Huh 5/5

    By joe_m_a
  • gave my phone a virus 1/5

    By this game suxs lol
    after i downloaded this app i got a virus that took 3 days to fix
  • Crappy app items won’t show new or old 1/5

    By Ramandeep Singh Nanda
    It just won’t show whether items are new or old, i ended up buying a refurbished item thinking it was one sale, no support on this issue whatsoever. Good riddance!
  • horrible 1/5

    By 912653
    stuck on purchasing didnt load very laggy VERY laggy
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By bad gmaey
    Honey isn’t one of the fake coupons apps it’s real I could save up to 200 dollars you should try it out!
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By hawai patato 🌸🌸🌺🌺🥔🥔🥔🥔
    I can’t use it on amazon or Walmart I can’t even buy the new inquisitor master sale in shopwithmissmissa.com pls add those websites or I’m rating half one star
  • Not a great selection of stores 1/5

    By apple4glenn
    The stores I entered came back as stores unavailable...no more to say since I agree with many of the negative reviews.
  • Absolutely garbage 1/5

    By Bacon pancake72
    I’ve had the safari extension on my macbook for over a year now, and i’ve NEVER had it give me a working code. NOT ONCE. Do not recommend unless you want companies like these selling your personal information.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By bsbejdjvhdns
    App is garbage don’t use it coupons never work

Honey Smart Shopping Assistant app comments

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