Honey Smart Shopping Assistant

Honey Smart Shopping Assistant

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Honey
  • Compatibility: Android
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Honey Smart Shopping Assistant App

Honey is a free personal shopping assistant that helps you save time and money by bringing all your favorite stores and all the best deals together in one easy-to-use app. The Shopping Center of Your Universe You're just a tap away from millions of products you love. No more downloading multiple shopping apps, remembering different logins, or jumping around from one app to another. Honey brings all your favorite stores together in one place so you can easily browse, discover, and buy the things you want quickly. All the deals. Zero effort. Don't waste time searching online for discount codes or sifting through your inbox for promotional deals. We'll do it for you. Shop from top merchants right from the app, and like our browser extension, Honey automatically finds, tests and applies the code with the biggest savings. As a bonus, Honey also offers exclusive deals from our partners to save you even more. A Better Way to Buy Say goodbye to endless forms and multiple checkouts. No matter where you shop, everything goes into the same cart and you only need to checkout once. It's never been simpler, or faster, to buy the things you love.

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Honey Smart Shopping Assistant app reviews

  • Gibi ASMR 5/5

    By Snugamuffin
    Hey, me and my girlfriend got honey on all our devices and making our fams get it to cause of GIBI so keep sponsoring her I guess haha. Thanks honey and thanks Gibi
  • Saves a lot of time and $ 5/5

    By TheChamp08
    It has a lot of stuff I wasn’t expecting to find. Applies coupons when you’re buying through the app. Will be amazing when they get more stores
  • Only 30 stores 1/5

    By Suggestion #390
    I’ve used the google extension before and it was amazing. It gave me coupons for blank store when I was shopping on the store’s website. So I was really excited for the app, first I was on the waitlist, I waited for a few months. Then when I got in there was only 30 stores, so I thought if I waited a month or two it might have more stores, but nope. So much for all your shopping in one place.
  • Not so much 1/5

    By Greg_W
    Wait listed to generate hype only Other apps do same thing After my queue in the pretend hype line.... it was like walking into a bland boring bar.... lots of fancy fixtures on the outside, boring people and bland interior on the inside. Wait if you want but nothing new to see here!
  • Terrible app 2/5

    By Sessel100
    Coming from the pc version, i thought “ oh what great app this would be”. First , you cannot try the coupons unless you go to checkout and input your card details? What the hell! Limited brands also. just terrible!
  • overall bad 1/5

    By A-lover-of-sims
    i was so excited when i kept seeing ads for this app so i downloaded it. it took a week or two to get past the waiting list and i finally got in. i was very disappointed. i thought there would be a lot more sales and there are only around 30 stores on the app...
  • I absolutely LOVE Honey Gold on my Desktop; but now... 5/5

    By jstodaro
    I absolutely LOVE Honey Gold on my Desktop; but now, thanks to this “Honey app for iOS” that I just discovered, I can start reaping the benefits as well on my brand new iPad Pro 2018 that I purchased earlier this month. THANKS and KUDOS to the Honey Science Corporation!
  • What does ‘try a coupon’ mean 1/5

    By SunShineFighters
    It says Homey will ‘try 7 coupons’ what does that mean?
  • Sounds good. Doesn’t work 1/5

    By jackeiicantcontroltheweathee
    I get better deals at the actual stores than this app. Not to mention the wait for this disappointment of an app was time I’ll never get back. 10/10 would not recommend.
  • Only use it if you want to wait awhile to use it 1/5

    By Meagannnndawn
    Y’all probably won’t pay attention to this but I don’t understand why there is a waiting list. So I decided to use other apps and prefer to use this rather than wait months just to use the app. If you wanna wait months to use the app more power to you but I’m not going to. Sincerely an irritated customer.
  • Could Be Better 3/5

    By rymichclar
    While the deals it finds are out of this world, and the overall idea behind the app is something groundbreaking, the incessant force closing makes the experience almost the opposite of user friendly. I’ll get knee deep in bikini shopping, have found three or four amazing deals and added to my shopping cart, and all it takes is one force close (due to assumedly the large stock available to browse) to lose all of my shopping progress. It’s INFURIATING to say the least, but that’s literally my only complaint. Fix the force closing and the general slowness, and I’d be a forever user of Honey!
  • I just don’t get the app. Waste of time. 2/5

    By Kyla2m
    I downloaded it because I was led to this app when looking for an app that automatically tries and applies coupons for you when shopping on the web. Sounded great. Then comes the oddities. I got put on a wait list. I’ve never seen that happen but I just went with it. Waited weeks and kept checking back in when I’d think about it. Finally got in. Well I can’t figure out why I was recommended this app as a browser extension to help auto fill coupons for me and save me time when I’m shopping. The most I’ve figured out is that you have to go into the app and they list sales for things on the internet at different stores and will then try to find some coupons to work for you if you want those items. Not what I had in mind. When I want to shop online at Amazon, I actually want to be on Amazon’s website shopping not inside an app showing a few amazon products for me. This wasn’t what was advertised and complete waste of time all these weeks waiting on this app to finally work. I’m more upset about it not being what it said it was than the waiting. Going to look for an app that actually does what I wanted now.
  • Waitlists 3/5

    By 1235667097672).'wnwyvwk
    The browser extension woks fine but I’ve been waitlisted on the app go over 5months
  • Needs to be added: 2/5

    By TevinBB
    A web browser. I wanna search on any website like the computer version of honey for it to find coupons for the site I’m on.
  • Pretty cool! 4/5

    By TyNyell ❤️
    I’ve had the app for a couple days now. I was waitlisted at about 100,000 and I got into the app in about two weeks. No problem, I’m just happy to be able to use it. It has a couple bugs (as expected) with the amount of traffic. It went smooth my first time, but the only question I have is how long does it take to process orders through the merchant? I don’t want to wait longer for shipping then normal (so I’m just wondering will it be just as fast seeing that I’m paying the same amount for shipping?)
  • Adding to drop list via Amazon? 3/5

    By adkgirl79
    My favorite feature of the desktop Honey was that while shopping on Target or Amazon, I could add items to my Honey drop list. Or Honey would tell me of a better price immediately while I am shopping on Amazon. I don’t see how to do this on my iPad. I see you can shop directly from the Honey app and add items there, but while using my Target app or my Amazon app how do I add things to my Honey drop list? Am I missing or doing something wrong? Also when I delete or change my drop list in anyway, it reloads back to the top so I have to scroll all the way back down my list to where I was, which is very time consuming when I’m trying to clean the list up. I want to love Honey app, but this doesn’t seem to have the features I like the most on the desktop extension.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Califonia Gurl
    This app is the most useless app I’ve ever come across. It tries to be like Ebates but you have to get 1,000 “honey gold points” to get one $10 gift card. Also most of the stores on this app only offer 1%-5% back from your purchase so you’ll have to spend a lot to get that 1,000 points for the $10 gift card. Ebates is so much better don’t waste space on your phone downloading this app.
  • App isn’t the same as Chrome extension 3/5

    By Cisav
    So I waited to be added to this app patiently. Finally got off the waitlist but have been a little disappointed with it. I use Honey on my Chrome computer browser constantly and I love it. However the app doesn’t have all the stores or products that Honey has access to on my browser. When I search for a store through the app that I know I’ve used Honey with on my browser, it isn’t available on the app. It’s the same with some products as well. I’ll search for a certain product and at first will appear to come up then 400 other items seem to jump in front of the actual product I am searching for and most of them aren’t even related to the search. A little frustrating. Hope they work the bugs out.
  • patience is a virtue! 5/5

    By #gokinggoes
    i’ve used the website extension before but was excited when i saw the app! yes there’s a waitlist, but it’s well worth the wait! you’re already shopping online, might as well save some money while you’re at it!
  • Too much wait for to little quality 2/5

    By Coserneto
    There's only a few stores to shop through the app. Honestly I expected it better despite the long wait in line. Very desappointed!
  • No need for negative comments 5/5

    By Haly F
    For anyone who who cannot understand simple business tactics.....go right ahead and turn your back. I am happy in my corner because on my actual laptop and mobile I am saving sooooo much money. Like it is unbelievable ! I now can even purchase more than usual because of what I save using Honey. I could not understand where this could have bad reviews. But hey, more savings my way.
  • Bugs 1/5

    By AlexEast93
    I was on the waitlist and got in.. now when I try to open the app it flashes the waitlist screen and doesn’t do anything else.
  • So far so great!!!!! 5/5

    By Luis Wizard
    I have used Honey on the chrome extension and has worked amazing. It provides the best coupons and saves you some bucks. I also order a lot from my phone. So when I heard there was going to be an app for honey I was excited. I downloaded it and was very excited. I opened the app and the first thing I see is that i am waitlist number 101,500. I was pretty upset but then I realized it was going to be worth it. It’s been about a week and now I’m in waitlist number 59,000. It still is a big number but it is definitely going by fast. I understand that there is a purpose for this which is why I’m not mad and I’m leaving a gold review. Hopefully I can get off the waitlist and get full access. I will definitely be coming back once I get full access of the app and will give an honest review.
  • PATIENCE 5/5

    By hahavsuebeydyebheushsbe
    Why is nobody patient enough to wait a few days? I assure you when your wait is over, the app will be great enough to compensate for a few days wait. Besides, on PC and laptops, you could as easily download it and use it in the meantime. Honey is trying their best, and if you aren’t patient enough to wait for this app, you don’t deserve it.
  • Can I get in already 1/5

    By Awilliamsatw
    I’ve been in the wait line for 1 month and this past 2 weeks I’ve been in the same spot 53001 I would love to get in I will rate 5 stars when I’m in
  • It’s been a month... 2/5

    By ughusernames
    And I’m still on the wait list...
  • Limited Stores 2/5

    By PepperRescueDog
    The APP currently has very limited stores and selection of products. I also found the filter and sort functions to be primitive and clumsy. I guess I will continue to check in periodically to see if they have added any stores that I like.
  • These developers are a joke 1/5

    By D4 54NDM4N
    Seriously, 5 months of waiting? Do you guys have any idea what you are doing? It takes you 5 months to work out the kinks in an app? There are other apps on here that have far more downloads and traffic, and had no wait list at launch. Someone over there needs to be fired.
  • 88,683 1/5

    By Thank goodness it was free
    Why do they even offer this app when you have to wait for Honey to be able to handle the 88,682 before you. Don’t waste your time downloading it. Deleting app because I am waitlisted.
  • I don’t know yet?? 2/5

    By UnicornLibriain
    The app seems like a good idea but... I was expecting the app(released) to be up and working but.. a waitlist? Mind I ask, for how long??
  • WOW 1/5

    By golfdadx2
    I received the email saying that I was “in”. Now I’m 12388 in line? When will you fix’s this ridiculous waiting list? Now I’m at 12855!!? Not sure if anyone has been given access yet!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By hahshakBgua
    I do have to say the waitlist is horrible. I’m still going to use this app but I’m in the 90,000s on the wait list. Make the app better and able to handle before releasing it.
  • Not useful 2/5

    By chaxtell
    Had to wait 3 months to get thru the waiting list just to find a useless app that I could do better myself. Asked for way too much personal information instead of just directing me to the site and telling me if the coupon works. Desktop app is much better.
  • Waitlist is counter productive! 1/5

    By gadgeB
    Making folks wait on a waitlist to use the app is simply counterproductive. What you have created here in doing so is build resentment and frustration with your product. I don’t use browsers much anymore, it’s the amazon app on my iPad. So, I’m on a waitlist to “try” something I keep hearing good things about, only to be forced to wait? Nope. Not worth the effort. Amazon app search works great. Don’t need to waitlist anything. Ridiculous. Bad way to market your product. Deleting app.
  • Change this or do it quickly 2/5

    By w1nd3xb0ttle
    The wait took me three weeks I’m not happy about that
  • Worth the wait... 5/5

    By CompulsiveShopaholic
    Honey helped us save Huge on a fridge and stove, plus discovered and introduced us to a couple new websites we never would have found.
  • The App is amazing!!! MUST READ 5/5

    By zamora, K
    I first used Honey on my desktop, and I was skeptical. I have made probably 30+ purchases and Honey has applied coupons each time that saved me money. Coupons I didn’t even know could be used!! Now that I have the app I was on a waiting list( not the end of the world since I have the chrome version) The app is also amazing and works well. You just need to read and follow the steps. I will die with this app:)
  • This app is bs 1/5

    By UcUcK
    I went from being number 200k to being able to log on and shop. Now I’m back to being on the waiting list at 95k. The app isn’t all that great tbh. Only way this app will be great is if it adds more stores to shop with more realistic products to choose from.
  • Honey 2/5

    By kayla..c
    I have been waiting as long as the app came out I started in the 370,000 and now I’m in the 29,000 but my number has been the same the last week!!!
  • Waitlisted. And okay with that. 5/5

    By EmVR4
    I preordered the app and then got waitlisted, so I haven’t gotten to use the app. And that’s ok. I know honey is a great product and their app will be fantastic. As a developer I understand what working out kinks is like - so giving 5 stars since some people just don’t get it.
  • 5 months... and still no access 1/5

    By CortexPlaysYT
    When I first downloaded honey I was like “okay, ill just wait the waitlist out” it’s been 5 months and still no access
  • No customer support 1/5

    By Figment's Mom
    I use the extension regularly. I was waitlisted on the app and didn’t have an issue with that. I got my email to access the app but it won’t work. The app updated and still it is a no go. Nothing in the FAQs to help. I messaged customer service and got no reply. Bad service. I can’t rate what doesn’t work.
  • Botched 1/5

    By DoubtfulGrace
    Is this a joke? Hold the phone if you’re thinking of downloading this app. Because you can download and log in just fine but i kid you not there is currently a waiting list of more than a 100,000 people that actually get to use it. I am 99 thousand and something.
  • No Stores 1/5

    By aprilchild80
    I had to be on the waitlist for the app. I finally get off the waitlist, but I’m not able to login. I finally login and there’s only a handful of stores with a message saying “we are adding 3000 stores soon.” This is a waste of time.
  • Complaint 1/5

    By Shittybooty
    There’s a waitlist for an app. The craziest thing I’ve ever heard & I’m number 99,756. App deleted
  • Amazon Compatibility 4/5

    By @v3ry
    I haven’t really ever used this app because it needs to be compatible with amazon on mobile... I wish there was a way to connect your Amazon account to this app so, like the browser extension, you can get coupons on your Amazon cart or anything like that.
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By josephine stain
    When I downloaded it it asked for me to join so I did and it put me on a wait list
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By gcerna0303
    I was in the waitlist for about 4 months, once I was finally able to “use the app” it wouldn’t even work properly. So many bug issues and doesn’t even let you check out. Super disappointed.
  • Frustrated 🙄 2/5

    By Kyla454
    I got the app like 2 months ago, I was fine with waiting on the waiting list. Well, when I finally got an email saying I’m in, I clicked on the app (refreshed and everything) and it said I was still on the waiting list. I even tried going through the email and getting to the app to see if that would work. My mom also got the app about a week after I did, and she’s already able to have full access to the app while I’m stuck with a glitch. I just downloaded and redownloaded the app, so hopefully that will work.

Honey Smart Shopping Assistant app comments

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