Honey Smart Shopping Assistant

Honey Smart Shopping Assistant

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.19.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Honey
  • Compatibility: Android
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Honey Smart Shopping Assistant App

Automatically save at your favorite stores Forget endless shopping apps, mumbo jumbo passwords, and missed coupon codes. Honey brings your favorite stores and deals together in one easy-to-use app. Honey is your personal shopping assistant that makes it easy to save time and money. Here’s how. Your Favorite Stores Shop 400+ popular stores and millions of items in one app. Discover new must-haves and save on classics. We’re always adding new stores for you to explore. Automatic Coupons Like our popular extension for your computer, the Honey app automatically applies coupon codes. It just does it a little differently. We ask for your shipping info earlier so we can look for free shipping codes along with every other discount for every item in your cart. You can continue to browse items during the search. One Cart Shopping Check out in one convenient cart, even if your items are from different stores. No more jumping back and forth from different apps or dealing with endless usernames and passwords. Who has time for that? Exclusive Perks Keep your eyes peeled for Honey Gold bonuses on items. That means you’ll earn gold that you can redeem for gift cards at your choice of popular stores. Curate Your Droplist, We’ll Watch Prices Save your favorite items in easy to organize categories. We’ll notify you the moment there’s a price drop on any of the items you’re watching. So you never miss a deal on stuff you actually want. Why download countless apps and search for promo codes when Honey does it all? Get started.

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Honey Smart Shopping Assistant app reviews

  • Wow 5/5

    By ayaan aka swgdig
    Just shook
  • Money money SAVED 5/5

    By 3445565556
    I been using honey for 1 day and I saw stuff like a computer used to me $250USD but know it’s $59.99USD thanks to MrBeast Advertising this app THANK YOU CREATORS OF HONEY!!!!! ( and my YT channel is @coinhunter2011)
  • Good but slight issues 4/5

    By kittylovesicecream1099
    When I downloaded this app I was really excited about it but when I noticed that there was not a lot of items like when I searched gifts for teens it Said none found but other than that I would have really liked the app!
  • Good for items not clothes 3/5

    By AKgirl90711
    I have heard a lot of talk about honey being really great,so I tried it out I tried the browser extension and really liked it and they had coupons for almost every store. And you can look up the store and get the clothes you want. I liked it so much that I got the Mobil app... it’s not so great they do have some clothing items with amazing discounts but they also don’t have a lot of stores like brandy Melville and Lululemon with discounts. It’s also so hard to find the clothing that you want. But on the Mobil app they do have great deals on big items and electronics.!
  • Auto/Car care 2/5

    By Meatsause
    I understand having all of these different stores to purchase from. However I do not like the fact that there is nothing on this app for the car community so I’m not able to search anything for my vehicle. I hope that this is added eventually as I never use a computer as much as I used to.
  • Worthless in every way 1/5

    By FPlus
    Absolutely worthless app and service all it is is a useless script and app that uses affiliate codes to make money on purchases people make via their tokenized links. Nothing special. PayPal should ask for their money back from their “team”. Just another coupon app with paid social media buzz. The worst part none of the “coupons” work and it prevents / inflates their numbers “of uses”.
  • Don’t know how any body can hate it!!! 5/5

    By I am Stupid CHECK
    I love this app!!!!!
  • All hype 1/5

    By killthewhiteman
    This app has nothing to offer I get much better deals searching manually that’s this app has to offer that being said the variety of products are slim to nill “men’s products “ always show women’s items and overall I just plain don’t like it anything about this app I definitely suggest taking the app down it’s false advertising
  • No Gimmicks 5/5

    By Samdavisok
    Not much to review...no gimmicks and you get a coupon for every site you visit unless there isn’t one. David Dobrik referred me and I’m glad he did.

    By Lahlahnoi
    REALLY YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD THIS APP I WANTED TO ORDER SOMETHING THAT WAS $128.48 and honey lowered it down to $32.48 THANK YOU SO MUCH yes but I did not get so sorry 😡😭😢
  • WORTH trying 5/5

    By hutmanzai
    I have been using Honey via Google Chrome for the longest time now, and it’s the best thing I’ve encountered when it comes to saving money. There are several shopping platforms that have hundreds of deals going on and Honey tries each and everyone to make sure you save the most!
  • Scam 1/5

    By Emma3826
    I always saw so many Youtubers advertise this so I decided to try it. I wanted to buy this specific item and I had previously found a good coupon to use. I wanted to see if honey would find the same coupon or a better one. When I tried it, honey couldn’t even find the one that I found. This is a total waste of time and storage.
  • Mr. Beast 5/5

    By Jo-Joe from Mexico
    I thank Mr Beast for letting me know about this 5 star app. Can’t stop browsing lol
  • Coupon codes don't work!!! 1/5

    By ANONYMOUS__1223
    After seeing many ads all over I decided to try the app and web extension. Let me tell it is NOT worth wasting your phone's storage on. Whenever I purchase items online I always check to see if I can get a coupon code and save a bit. EVERY SINGLE TIME I have used a code it never worked or (when using the extension) it doesn't find codes at all. After seeing all the high claims in the commercials I am not impressed with what Honey has to offer... which is nothing.
  • I wish :( 1/5

    By Why does it haft to do this?
    I wish it could save you just a little more money than the app does. The app does save you money but not by much. Practically every other money-saving app has bad reviews. So, it is good I just wish it was a little bit better. Please continue to update/improve this app. Thank you.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Joe Cowboy
    At first I thought this was a scam but when I signed in I was surprised it wasn’t thank you honey for making this
  • It tricks you into thinking 1/5

    By aderson jr
    That they are looking for a coupon in reality they just give a (500 gold bonus) that’s not even affecting the total and try making you just pay for the whole price
  • Love honey 5/5

    By jkbros14
    I’m from mrbeast so glad he recommended this.
  • total garbage 1/5

    By mgt781
    don’t download. it makes you think you’ll get convenient coupon codes if you sign up but it’s all a scam and waste of time.
  • MrBeast 5/5

    I’m here because of MrBeast👊🏽
  • It’s a sham 1/5

    By 123456789asdfgjk
    Cool concept, but most of the things on here are false. If you go to original stores and compare the retail value, you’ll see that on honey, they mark the retail up a lot and then say it’s on sale for this much money when they’re selling it for the actual retail price. Just spend your money at the real online store, you might save money.
  • Lame 1/5

    By Godyoucantgetanickname
    Honey spent a lot on advertising but the app is trash. They didn’t have anything I looked for (mostly all second rate China knockoffs) and the pricing isn’t any cheaper. Just use Amazon and let this app get buried in the app store archives.
  • so confusing 1/5

    By dorothyd837471
    doesn’t even have anything i want on it. just basically a trash app. hate it
  • Unusable garbage 1/5

    By midwestdem
    This thing make you log in, then shows you a list of things you can buy. I just want promo codes.
  • SOS 5/5

    By &/&/@/
    I ordered a desk 2 months ago and I saved 20 dollars
  • Stole my money 1/5

    By warhammer44000
    Order 6 months ago still didn’t get it
  • Good idea bad application 1/5

    By Tallchris1979
    Advertised as way better than it actually is. Tried to us at Best Buy online, the only thing it would find coupons for were old cellphone cases. And as far as that 400.00 Dyson hair dyer, it took me 5 minutes to find multiple places that have brand new for less than 250, you could have saved another 77+ just by doing a little research
  • my mom loves it!! 5/5

    By home polhpne
    my mom loves to shop online but is always getting yelled at by my dad for spending to much money! but with honey my mom is saving so much money
  • Imagine not supporting Amazon in 2020. 1/5

    By 👠👗👖👓👚
    Can’t get codes for amazon of all places. Also app crashes abruptly.
  • Great app just saved me $9.60 5/5

    By Stoned Calzone
    Just ordered something for 20 bucks and honey got me a promo code that took $9.60 off of my total so now my total came out to 10.04 man thank y’all so much 😀
  • This app doesn’t work 1/5

    By 2truej
    It fake it stupid I’m trying to buy and ps4 remote and it’s 64$ and it came to be 72$ with no shipping add and I was like can I use the code and I watch yt videos and other stuff and it still won’t let me use an code it dumb don’t download and I’m not a robot an for real
  • Faulty 1/5

    By jackeiicantcontroltheweathee
    Does not apply coupons. Only certain items are listed on each retailer. Not worth the 2 month wait.
  • feak ad 1/5

    By y1111k
    Same item( PS4 Pro 1 TB) Amazon price before tax: 329$ Honey price before tax: 399$. Honey give a code and it has 5$ discount! How amazing is this app.
  • Keeps force closing 1/5

    By makeila.
    Won’t let me search, closes out
  • White screen 2/5

    By emma shmemmamama
    I love honey and what it does however the app, everytime i go to click on a store to see the coupons it takes me to a white screen and does nothing. I have to use honey on safari. Virtually making the only use of the app to see what stores they carry.
  • Honey 2/5

    By not tfue9738
    Honey is not worth it.
  • Honey 1/5

    By amazingamer839
  • Always Crashes 1/5

    By NY154
    App always crashes, completely unusable
  • Help please 5/5

    By Champ0506
    Hi, can you please give instructions on how to add the extension to safari Mobil browser? Thanks
  • Broken 1/5

    By Blu_nite
    I tried this app since mobile does not support extensions. Unfortunately, the app simply does not work. They want you to purchase things through the app but it gets stuck in checkout trying to “load coupons”. I tried restarting the app and waiting with no luck. It was very frustrating since the app was showing a limited deal for an item I wanted. I uninstalled immediately after. I wish they could develop the same great browser extension for mobile instead of this.
  • Love this app but 4/5

    By Hijekekeiidkd
    Its missing some browsers like my main one amazon. Its still a great app overall but that’s something that’s if it had It would be better
  • Absolutely terrible 1/5

    By Zaculon
    Downloaded the app due to the commercials preaching about how amazing it is for saving money. The app acknowledges that there are connections to companies, let’s say I wanted to order a pizza from Pizza Hut. But it will not connect and when you try to let’s say look into sending a message through customer support you get an error. Absolute piece of garbage!
  • What a joke 1/5

    By Hondaeagles
    Download app and went to buy something, it said there were 2 codes that would try but it never did. Never tells you how to use either. Deleted app.
  • Codes don’t work. 1/5

    By malyssavy
    I downloaded this app and was shopping for peloton merchandise. I tried every single code and they all say invalid? What’s the point!!! Ridiculous
  • Thanks 5/5

    By www face
    I downloaded bc of Kawhi
  • Just okay 3/5

    By justokayh
    I love the plug in but the app is okay. It never loads when I try to click on items to purchase or just look at so I always resort back to my laptop and use the plug in.
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By kia man01
    The app is great I recommend it to whoever wants to save money!
  • Honey “upgrade” is awful, completely disappointed 1/5

    By iamaheitman
    I loved the old honey, which I was prompted to install on my MacBook Pro while browsing one day. I loved its performance while shopping on line since it automatically tried various codes on my shopping card and usually saved me quite a few dollars. However, while shopping online over the past three days, I was extremely dismayed to see Honey pop up when I prompted it, but all it did was tell me how many Honey Gold points I earned on big orders from two different online vendors—both major companies that also operate many brick and mortar stores. Honey did NOT scan and apply any coupon codes and did NOT save me as much as a penny on these orders. What did Honey do to ruin a good thing? I used it as recently as last month, and it saved me quite a bit as I shopped after-Christmas sales to stock up on clothing necessities. Honey used to run coupon codes every time I ordered anything online, sometimes telling me that I already had the best prices on some orders. But that did not happen either on the three different orders I placed this weekend. I am tempted also to contact the merchants and tell them about the bad experience with Honey. Makes me more reluctant to shop online, since I am newly widowed and really have to watch my expenditures. I have tried many times to install a Honey on my iPhone, but I’m about to give up. I tried shopping from within the Honey Gold extension but know that I overspent without getting any coupon discounts. Extension kept saying it would apply discounts when I completed my purchases, but that did NOT occur. How can I dumb Honey Gold and get back my original version of Honey that will apply applicable discounts every time I shop?
  • Needs work.. 2/5

    By Angchi1990
    After seeing a lot of negative reviews I thought I would give this app a try for the month installed on the phone and pc. Unfortunately the app looks like it works at rare times. Seeing the video shows that any website you go to the web extension will tell you about a good coupon for the item you brought. The only time the app worked was when I was in Redbubble, because of this I saved about 6$ for my purchase. But other then that I tried Ebay, Amazon, GameStop, Walmart, and even Esty but there would be no coupon available. Honey is actually a very good idea because when looking for coupons I could take hours and when Honey found me a good coupon for Redbubble it was amazing but that pretty much was a one time thing only.. I really wish this app would work because anyone would be able to save a lot of money. Please fix soon..

Honey Smart Shopping Assistant app comments

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