Honey Smart Shopping Assistant

Honey Smart Shopping Assistant

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.38.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Honey
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Honey Smart Shopping Assistant App

Everything You Love About Shopping Is Here - 300+ stores in the US, including Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and more. - Popular stores from Canada and UK, with even more to come. - Too many deals to count, plus coupon codes and rewards galore. - All in one easy-to-use app. Buying Made Easy - Start by browsing tons of products in the app. - Once you see something you like, we’ll open up the store’s site. - From there, you can take a closer look, try coupons, and check out with ease. Coupon Codes, Coming Up - We put our coupon-searching magic to work whenever you shop. - At checkout, you’ll be able to see and apply coupons we find. - With one click you can automatically apply coupons at select stores. - At others, you can easily copy and paste codes to apply savings. Rewards That Add Up Fast - Earn Honey Gold on select purchases throughout the app. - Redeem your Gold for a gift card from some of your favorite stores. - You can even earn Gold and get coupons for the same item – jackpot. Leave the Price Tracking to Us - See something you like? Add select products to Droplist to track the price. - When we detect a price drop at the store, we’ll let you know. - We don’t sleep when it comes to watching for pesky price changes. Still Here? - Well, there’s a lot more to discover with Honey. - You’ll just have to download the app and see for yourself. - We’d hate to ruin the surprise. - Seriously, download the app already.

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Honey Smart Shopping Assistant app reviews

  • Henry 5/5

    By hr141515
    Happy to save money!
  • Nope 1/5

    By shcfjfjgcjgcnkx gn
    Couldn’t find what I wanted use amazon it’s better
  • Simply nothing to complain about 5/5

    By DAN506050
    Why complain. your lucky you are even saving money. I got some face masks for free don’t complain
  • Not impressed. 1/5

    By frustrated in pdx
    I have had Honey installed and used it every time for a few months. So far it has never saved me one cent. I’m not impressed.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By SDingo24680
    Does not work on iPad as description says. Will not even open on my iPad Air 2. Sad... was looking forward to trying...
  • Honey Gold still pending after 3 months 1/5

    By sm_12
    Why does it take this long to process? What’s the point of earning rewards if it will months and months to receive the benefits of them. This app seems like a scam!
  • iPad 5/5

    By 1ipad
    Add support The iPad Version
  • Disappointing and lied to me. 1/5

    By hydrotine
    I’m not sure about this one. They seem ok, maybe it works for other people. I signed up and downloaded because of some coupon deals am they advertised then when I finally got too checkout nothing they showed me was even an option. Lied to get a download. Shadey and probably a data scrapper.
  • Love it 5/5

    By unicorn sprinkle power
    In all honesty I’ve used honey about twice in the past year, both times for shoes. A year ago I bought a pair of $160.00 Nikes for $60.00 because I used honey. And just recently I bought some $80.00 Adidas for $53.00 because I used Honey.
  • It’s so bad don’t get it or shop at it 1/5

    By lil cloudy cloud
    It’s bad I hate it’s so expensive I had it in 2017 it was good I liked it so much but now it’s bad
  • You’re better off putting in coupons manually. 2/5

    By nursethalia
    I’m not impressed with the app. I tried using it to make a purchase from Brooklinen, and after checking a list of coupons, Honey said that the price of my cart had increased instead (the site had already auto-applied a 10% off coupon for first time purchasers). Honey showed no eligible coupons available that were better than the original 10% offer, but I got on RetailMeNot and immediately found a coupon for a 20% discount that worked.
  • They steal your Honey rewards and gaslight you 1/5

    By jiju090908
    Stay far away from this shady app, on top of getting your buying information, when you do manage to rack up and kind of worthwhile rewards they repeatedly slash them and steal them from your account to prevent you from ever actually claiming anything useful, they stolen about $200 (20,000 honey reward points) from me in the last 6 or so months alone. When contacted they will gaslight you hoping you never noticed and give you the run around as though nothing happened at all, especially if you have no hard evidence since they won't show it in your balance or transaction history, the only time they gave me a measly $10 refund to my account was after I caught them red handed with daily screenshots of my account, which is so tiring to do to prevent the theft, DO NOT TRUST OR USE THIS APP, Save yourself the drama and protect your personal buying information, they are not to be trusted and will not follow through with rewards in a trustworthy fashion, time to find a better rewards app.
  • Mrbeast 5/5

    By WP_Scythe
    Honey is amazing its free money
  • Don’t work no more 1/5

    By brush buf
    I had this app before and when I tried to see how much money something would cost with coupons I went here and it wouldn’t let me use the app because my phone has its latest operating system but it requires a newer one. Someone already said that they got rid of the drop list. #dontgetitcauseitmightgettonewforyou P.S. I don’t think I get the idea that #s should be short.
  • D-bags Require iOS13 or Later 1/5

    By Geez, nickname already.
    D-bags require iOS13 or later. Not everyone is dumb enough to buy a new phone every year.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By musiclover2039flockl
    I’m not saying this because the coupons don’t work. To be honest I didn’t get to try any of them because you can’t search for anything. When you type in a word on the search bar and hit ‘search’ it just deletes the term. This app didn’t last very long on my phone.
  • Don’t bother! 1/5

    By P&KS
    I’ve tried using this app for over a year and have yet to find a valid promo that works. You’ll have better luck just doing a google search for coupons.
  • So looooonnnngggg 1/5

    By OP Musa
    I’ve been waiting so long to get a promo code but hasn’t shown up!!!
  • Earn honey gold in stores 5/5

    By Good couponer
    Suggestion how about a way to earn honey gold for shopping in stores too along with shopping online to earn honey gold like linking a credit card and using it at stores it can also work with Apple Pay or google pay or Samsung pay I like using honey thank you
  • I don’t even know what to call what they did to me 1/5

    By honey dont
    Been using this app for a while w not problems and I actually liked it, till a few days ago a msg popped up saying “you received a gift card, would you like to apply it to this purchase, so obviously yes. IT ENDED UP CHARGING MY BOYFRIENDS CARD. I gave no permission to sign to pay for ANY gift card and when I contacted them to make it right, they told me to take it up w the store I purchased from! How is this right? U charged a card, that’s not mine, w no ones permission. Also, this is the second review I’ve written bc the first one seems to have disappeared. Don’t use unless your into trickery and thievery. I’d rate no stars but that’s not an option
  • Love it 5/5

    By Krissy_Queen
    I just love it and it’s so convenient😃
  • Not all that 1/5

    By queen of pee
    So for me it doesn’t work I tried to enter a code on Amazon and it completely denied it also tried on other apps as well did not work I honestly think that your getting scammed and I would not recommend whatsoever!!!
  • Life saver 5/5

    By Isaiah.legend
    Thank you so much just bought football gloves and a new controller also planning on getting a gaming pc!!
  • Junk 1/5

    By OneHundred%
    What’s the use of the app if you can’t integrate all of the deals? There are a million items from Amazon and other stores not on Honey. There also needs to be an unlimited time frame to watch for deals until a purchase is made.
  • Mr. Beast was right 5/5

    By poopooface2000
    Good app
  • Needs more eBay gift cards 2/5

    By exultant alloy46
    I shop on eBay mostly and honey doesn’t have that much eBay cards.
  • get rid of this app 3/5

    By Jaded1944
    I don’t want this app please
  • I got scammed (I think) 2/5

    By kitolamus
    I bought a controller for a ps4 off of this website from Walmart which was originally 50$ but I got it for $30 so I thought it was a good offer but 3 days after receiving it it just broke down on me and is somehow making my PlayStation slower I try seeing if Walmart still has the controller on the site in honey and Walmart itself but it’s no where to be found which makes me quite upset I’m finding no way to receive help
  • Nice!!! But 5/5

    By dj_mok_mok
    This app is dope I got 1 gift when it said I got 2 but still in happy lol
  • Useless 1/5

    By u djhdnaka
    it’s a waste of time
  • Needs a new feature 3/5

    By Venny34566:
    There is nothing I hate more than trying to find coupons and all I get are a bunch of site-wide promotionals... could you please make it to where I can block promotional offers
  • Worst app I ever used 1/5

    By hdbcick
    I ordered something from here a camera on November and it already January and I still hadn’t gotten it worst app ever
  • Is it really saving you money? 1/5

    By EddieSpinYoBlock
    This is supposed to save you money but it doesn’t even work on OfferUp, so is this really saving you money?
  • I like the website better 5/5

    By TIKt0k2020
    The app does work, but only for redeeming good for redeeming and collecting honey gold. Im a dedicated user of honey. I recommend using it. Before I had it I thought it was a scam. But not anymore. It has saved me around 10 dollars per order. And saves me around 20 dollars per Amazon order. I recommend the website.
  • Useless 1/5

    By nebdudhhaksbsh
    It’s pretty use less on mobile unless you just want to have another shopping app with the same prices as every other store
  • my review 5/5

    By 𝑜𝑘𝑎𝑡𝑦𝑦
    I’ve started honey in 2020 helped me save lots, love honey so much, and thankful to have it.
  • Best deal app 5/5

    By monsterlegends22
    Best app for good deals honey is amazing.
  • Omg the best 5/5

    By Cj55fhu
    I can’t believe this app! I have been getting things cheaper and recommend it!
  • Thanks to Mac I downloaded this app Ian’s it’s perfect 5/5

    By Unamusedandabgrychick
    I watch Mac on YouTube and he recommended to app and I absolutely love it
  • Unusable garbage 1/5

    By midwestdem
    This thing makes you log in, then shows you a list of things you can buy. I just want promo codes.
  • None of the promo codes work 1/5

    By monjulia
    I tried doing every single promo code that the app has suggested but NONE of them work
  • No landscape view 2/5

    By William Stakie
    No landscape view - deleted app
  • Coupons don’t work 1/5

    By appleuser18483
    I tried entering Amazon coupon and a door dash coupon but it didn’t work so then I uninstall the app and then installed it again but it still didn’t work
  • Good app 4/5

    By ScoutfromTF2
    Sad that they removed price drop. Other than that it’s pretty great
  • Love it it helps a lot on money 5/5

    By ykalaloaksbscansio hd snekaosm
  • Mr Beast 5/5

    By THE L DOG 21
    Who’s here because of Me Beast?
  • Fake, Only gives Pop Up ads 1/5

    My family used honey on one of their computers and pop up ads did not stop for a month. This is fake just so they get money.
  • Take long to get points 5/5

    By Micdrena
  • A lot of bugs 1/5

    By Ray Zlou
    Idea is super cool, but I can’t use it because app is super buggy! I can’t sign in, I can’t load pages, I can’t do anything. The same problem with web site.