Honey Smart Shopping Assistant

Honey Smart Shopping Assistant

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Honey
  • Compatibility: Android
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Honey Smart Shopping Assistant App

Honey is a free personal shopping assistant that helps you save time and money by bringing all your favorite stores and all the best deals together in one easy-to-use app. The Shopping Center of Your Universe You're just a tap away from millions of products you love. No more downloading multiple shopping apps, remembering different logins, or jumping around from one app to another. Honey brings all your favorite stores together in one place so you can easily browse, discover, and buy the things you want quickly. All the deals. Zero effort. Don't waste time searching online for discount codes or sifting through your inbox for promotional deals. We'll do it for you. Shop from top merchants right from the app, and like our browser extension, Honey automatically finds, tests and applies the code with the biggest savings. As a bonus, Honey also offers exclusive deals from our partners to save you even more. A Better Way to Buy Say goodbye to endless forms and multiple checkouts. No matter where you shop, everything goes into the same cart and you only need to checkout once. It's never been simpler, or faster, to buy the things you love.

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Honey Smart Shopping Assistant app reviews

  • Be better 3/5

    By Ben hodges
    Finally after a month and eleven days after the app was released I am finally allowed to use it. Look, I understand the technology of it all and not admitting everyone right away, but that’s not excuse to take this long since other apps don’t do this. Plan better for next time. Don’t make excuses. Be better!
  • Waitlist 1/5

    By hatingthesegames
    I have had this app for over 2 weeks and there are still over 290,000 people on front of me on the waitlist you shouldn’t put out an app that can’t handle enough people
  • Waitlist great 2/5

    By yankee.candlez
    So I have noticed that I haven’t moved in the line in 3 weeks. But I got an email on Friday saying I got in but I didn’t and know I think my waitlist is broken I and I am not going anywhere. How great! I have this in my computer and it is great, I just wish I could actually get into the app and not have to wait SO long
  • Disappointing 3/5

    By SeniorGus
    I was really excited to try this app out, so I joined the waitlist. I was number 110,000 roughly on it, but figured it would be worth it. I received an email saying I was finally in the app only to see that it resisted me on the wait when I tried to go into it. Very disappointing to me honestly.
  • 4 months and counting 1/5

    By honeyhater2.0
    I’m still on the waitlist, number 347007. This is a waste of space. I would not be surprised if the app is a fake app created to collect information without even performing the functions it advertises! Garbage! Deleting this app today! Does anyone actually have full access to the app?? Or is this a big hoax?
  • Do not buy 1/5

    By Dh12magic
    I’ve been on the wait list for I think 2 months now I’m number 9,770 in line so far hopefully the line is almost over thinking I should delete it
  • Waitlist 2/5

    By _.concerned_._user._
    Got the email saying that I was allowed in the app and then allowed in for one minute and then it shut me out. Love honey on desktop but the number hasn’t changed for a while... Pls fix!
  • What’s with waiting 1/5

    By firefax.file
    I downloaded this app thinking about all the discounts I could get. Never mind, I’m 371,809 on the waiting list.
  • Waitlist???? 1/5

    By Elledriver55
    #370,000 on the “waitlist”. Wow. No thanks.
  • Waitlist 1/5

    By SmolBex
    I’ve been on the waitlist for almost 2 months and the number stopped changing about 3 weeks ago. I guess it’s just another scam to sell your information.
  • Waitlist is asssssssd 1/5

    By Jnixkels2819
    I have been 75,766 in line for over a month now. Was told to reach out to the honey support, nothing has changed. Pretty sure all the 5 star reviews are people working at honey because this app blows so far.
  • Login issues. 1/5

    By akrnbrie
    I usually don’t write reviews but I’ll do it for this app. I have been waiting on the wait list for weeks to get this app and when I finally do, it logs me out. It says my credentials are invalid and it will not let me reset my password. Please fix this issue.
  • Wait list 1/5

    By waterlessboss2
    I’ve been waiting 3 months for it and I’m still waiting
  • Wait List 1/5

    By SBTDZ
    I didn’t download and app to be put on a wait list. #Deleted
  • Waiting and waiting and waiting..... 1/5

    By VanSuHan
    It’s been over 2 months since I’ve downloaded this and been waiting. And yes It’s great on your PC but this apparently this mobile version is not happening. Delete this crap.
  • App needs work 2/5

    By lovr7010
    The desktop application is much better. This app is confusing. Don’t bother waiting on the waitlist
  • 30 stores? 1/5

    By Sepnasty
    Meh. Lotta hype for nothing. Can only shop from 30 stores? Really? Whats the point. Ive seen the Honey commercial and i guess this app is crap compared to the browser add on for your pc. I dont find this helpful one bit. If your on the waitlist just do yourself a favor and delete it.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Raingirl1
    How can u be 360,000 in a waitlist for an app. This is ridiculous. I have this on my desktop so have an account so I should have full access immediately after downloading the app. Have never had such a bad experience with an app before and this one will go to the trash
  • A wait list?? 1/5

    By PhxPitcher
    Screw you! Get you technology on board before you launch your app!!!
  • I got the email but I’m not in 2/5

    By GameGirl38
    I got the email a few days ago but every time I go on the app, it says I’m still on the waitlist.
  • Waitlist 2/5

    By SkippyTheThird
    It’s been about 2 months and I am still on the waitlist. What’s up? I understand it is to make sure the servers do not crash, but I’m not going to download an app I won’t have access to until a year later. I think the idea is wonderful, but the fact that even the people who already have access still have problems in the app is a little disappointing. I’m not going to wait all this time just to have an app that doesn’t work.
  • Yes honayyyyy 5/5

    By fififuffrnugen
    Thank you
  • A bit Disappointed 3/5

    By No body 6368 eufbrjf
    I understand the waitlist, but after waiting a month without any change in the waitlist is a bit disappointing
  • A waiting list? 1/5

    By New1eric
    Really a waiting list? What is this?
  • Patience needed 5/5

    By Monster5667
    People should stop complaning about the waitlist! You’ll get in soon. Also I come from the chrome extension so I’m very excited to use it on my phone for the first time. Edit: Waitlist number has not moved for about a week now. Did Honey stop letting people in? Edit# 2: My number has not moved for a whole month? Whats going on? My number is 106,240. Edit# 3: Thankyou for the response I will keep waiting because I know this is a good service.
  • Fake 1/5

    By idk123424
    I never write reviews. Never. And I thought this was a trusted app since I’ve seen many YouTubers promote. But I ordered items and thirty minutes later I got an email saying all those items are unavailable. I have no idea what happened to my money. And I am so confused/mad. There’s also no number to call for support. This app doesn’t even deserve one star
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By cool.person.4
    I find that it is ridiculous that there is a waitlist of over 300,000 people! I’m just trying to save money! Smh.
  • Misleading 1/5

    By honeysuxxxx
    I finally got into the app and was very excited. Not the app I thought it was going to be. Only has about 30 available stores and if you go to the sites without the app the prices are the same.
  • It’s Been Three Weeks. 2/5

    By anonymousanonisanonymous
    I’m constantly being moved up and down this list and it seems that the wait will never end. I downloaded this app 3 weeks ago, and patience is running thin. At spot 177,566, and constantly seeing my number increase and decrease, I am disappointed.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Sttepphhh
    This definitely has potential but it simply isn’t what it says it is. I’ve had the app for awhile and there are still only 30 stores and the prices of items are not lower than what you would find anywhere else. I waited two months just to download the app and then another month to get passed the waitlist and the app still isn’t at 100% or what they advertised.
  • App won’t work 2/5

    By zenongirlofthe21stcentury
    I waited on the waiting list and they finally sent me an email saying I was in but it’s not letting me in and my spot in line is still 10 thousand something and hasn’t moved for a couple weeks now.
  • Game changer!!! 5/5

    By garafar
    I love honey. So excited that the mobile version is live! I have saved over $350 with honey and am so happy i don't have to wait before purchasing something online because id have to be in front of my desktop anymore!!!!!
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By jarod rhudy
    I really don’t understand what honey is doing. When I signed up I was placed on the waitlist at number 362,593. It won’t even tell me how many people a day are being admitted. Not that it matters because there is really no reason they should have released this app if they weren’t prepared to operate it. And there is really no reason to download an app you can’t use.
  • Dud 1/5

    By Papa smurf 9000
    This app is a dud. Can’t see discounts before checkout and prices are high. Search results are also inaccurate. Very disappointing overall.
  • Complete waste of time. 1/5

    By eljass
    I’ve never left a review before, but this is ridiculous. You have to be put on a waitlist to use the app? Why not just wait until you had everything out together? 🤦🏼‍♀️ i just want to know how I can delete my account. This is disappointing. Anyone giving it a good review is lying.
  • Never ending Waitlist 1/5

    By hasselch
    It’s been two weeks since I downloaded the app and I still don’t move on the waitlist!
  • Waitlist 1/5

    By heckleesh
    will resubmit better review when im not 340k on the waitlist anymore. sorry.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By nitroyota
    Sorry but I’m not going to use space on my phone to be waitlisted just to use a plug in that is available on my laptop. Yes it’s gonna have bugs that’s why there are updates. Just let everyone in and update as you need it.
  • Wouldn’t use again 1/5

    By Primalady
    My first order through them from Target I didn’t get all my items. Target has no record of my order and I’ve tried contacting Honey with no avail. I would avoid this app.
  • App is too limited and doesn’t bring up item searches 1/5

    By Purplejmb
    This app works great on my desktop! Really love it, but the app is hard to use. The stores you can shop are extremely limited and to do a search on a specific item within one of the limited stores do not pull up what I am looking for. I find this app almost useless. All this after waiting a few months to be let in. I will continue to use this on my desktop but not on my iphone or ipad. Frustrating and really too bad. I was really looking forward to using this!
  • Waiting... 1/5

    By sanamero15
  • Waitlist I don’t mind 5/5

    By Smokey4884
    Ok I was at 86,000 when I first saw the waitlist a month later I’m at 3,000 come on be patient youll get it just have to wait. I cannot wait to use it since I have it on my laptop and use it on there I’m exited.
  • I’m in but I’m not?? 2/5

    By itsallaboutme 👻
    LOVE honey on the computer so of course I had to download it on my phone. I downloaded it the day it went live and have been waiting since. Today I get an email saying that I’m in, to follow the link to launch the app but when I do it still shows that I’m on a wait list and in the same position I’ve been for weeks. I’m confused! Why send me an email telling me I’m in but not let me in when I try?
  • Might be good idea, poor execution 1/5

    By whditbforbsitnfidnd
    I joined to check it out, got my wait list position of 367,984. I’ll be deleting as soon I press send on this review
  • Not ready at first but good when you get in 3/5

    By Rey user
    I don’t usually do reviews but I’m unsure of how this is supposed to work. Why would you release an app to the public that couldn’t be taken advantage of right away? I feel like the whole point of having to wait to download it was to make sure it performs at expected levels. Idk I just didn’t like that I wasn’t able to take advantage of the app right away even after waiting for it to be released which usually isn’t the case with most pre-ordered apps in my experience. Didn’t make much sense to me. Other than that great app. P.S I’m not it saying it’s a terrible app or service (hence me finishing with other than that it’s a great app)at all I’ve used it on my computer and loved how it worked which is why I was disappointed I couldn’t make use of the app version right away. I’m speaking for myself. It’s crazy you can’t even write your own personal review on a product without all the “experts” chiming in with their opinions on your review. Everything doesn’t have to be a debate. Write what YOU think of the app (good or bad) and it’s mechanics and move on. Simple.
  • Waitlisted 1/5

    By illcomebackinayear
    Look, I understand the purpose and intent with the waitlist and also felt it was a good move. One that would have saved a lot of complaining due to your servers being over run then in turn you minimize the amount of loss you might take; however I’ve been on waitlist for at the VERY LEAST for a full month with no indication of when I’d actually use the app other than what thousandth place I’m in. It literally just takes space up in my phone. Other routes would have made much more sense, like waiting till you fully developed your app to the extent it was meant for before opening it up for EVERYONE to use, or in this case attempt to use. The only way this app has saved me money so far, is by me waiting to make my purchases til I had the app... smh lol
  • I don’t get this!!! 1/5

    By deh47
    Why the roll out of a app, where you download anticipate a useful product but...then you find out your waitlisted 68,000, makes know sense. Update:: I am writing this review after preordering the honey app...and being placed 68,000 on a wait list. It is now March 20th and I am 35,000 on this wait list and I have been at 35,000 for 2 weeks. WTH!!!
  • Don’t download! 1/5

    By 👅👋🏼🤙🏼🙏🏻🤟🏼✌🏼🤜🏼☝🏻
    I went to my target checkout and the little coupons popped up. I used 1 after the other and NONOE OF THEM WORKED!! On commercials of when they show the websites that don’t work. Honey should be on there.
  • Still waiting 1/5

    By jbrizzle92
    A good 2 months since this app was released and i am still on a waitlist to even interact with the app!!!

Honey Smart Shopping Assistant app comments

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