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Honk is the new way to make friends and chat in real-time, with messages shown live as you type! Meet new friends who share your interests and see every message typed in real time, with all the typos, awkward pauses, and emotions you’d normally miss. There's no chat history or send button, so it's all 100% live and in the moment. And if you need a break from typing, just jump into instant audio calls with new people from around the world and answer fun icebreaker questions in real time! Happy Honking! Questions or suggestions? Email us: [email protected] Tweet us! @usehonk

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  • I heart this 5/5

    By bevdufucjcbxhjdkd
    This is a really good app it’s changed my life before I was a piss kink haver and now I am in love with Jesus 🙏🏽
  • Great app, but.. 3/5

    By Kassie 👹🔫
    I really love this app! Its a great way to make new friends and hang out. One problem I have is that, when I go to my profile, it crashes and takes me back to my home screen. Every time, too. It'd be amazing if you could possibly fix this!
  • I need help 2/5

    By Mraiiii
    Honk will not let me log out,Change my profile,or anything in the settings I am very disappointed.please fix the app.
  • Something is making me not able to use the app 3/5

    By Ava Nichole Bogart
    Every time that I join this app I always have so much fun and I really love it it’s fun and easy to make friends with but when I try to go to settings and edit my profile if I tap on my own icon I cannot edit anything it kicks me straight out of the app and I basically cannot do anything on the app so I don’t know if this is just a meet problem and if I should really be writing a review for this but even when I delete and reinstall this app it still does not work I would love if you could tell me how to fix this
  • Very good for making friends 5/5

    By sicknursemind
    I had a lot of fun with the first friend I made they had all the same interests as me and we had fun talking
  • It’s really good but 4/5

    By Not for us Trump :)
    It’s good it really is but App is glitched and won’t let me edit my pfp or edit chat. This happened ever sense I tried sending one of the gift thingys. Please fix this.
  • It’s fun but it’s not working 2/5

    By it kept kicking me out
    So I went to find people and I can’t see others people’s chats I know when they are chatting cause it like pulls down or whatever but I redownload it and it works for 1 person but nobody else.
  • Nice 5/5

    By megokie
    It’s a chill nice way to find friends
  • doesn’t work 1/5

    By the nickname is taken so idk
    this app is trash it stopped working after a day nor does support respond to my email
  • quick suggestion 4/5

    By Ktucool4567
    hii, i noticed that androids can’t download this app. when will you add it to the google play store or any other applications used for android users? i think it should be done asap so you can get more users on your app.
  • Small issue but great app 4/5

    By Kusou_Saiki
    I got the app because I like having quick conversations with friends because I heard you can add people from your contacts. The only options there is when I first got the app was sign in and Sign In with Apple. They could add an option for sign up because I don’t have an account. I saw the ad for Honk on Tiktok. I still think it’s a good app to use but they should add that sign up option
  • very cool man 5/5

    By randomgirl1234567890
    back in November I saw an ad for this app on tiktok so I got it being the stupid child I am. made one of my besties on there
  • SO GOOD 5/5

    By littleblanketghost03
    This app is AMAZING! Especially if you have friends that ignore your messages, or forget to respond. If you just keep honking at them they will answer eventually. 5/5 would recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • My age is non-Existence lol 3/5

    By vgvfsb hcch h. g
    I think I would enjoy this app lot!! I do, BUT IT WONT LET ME PUT ME AGE!!!!! Like when I put 2007 in the wheel it says “you are -2004 years-Old. You are to young for honk sorry!” I don’t know what that means please.Tell me :)
  • Login issue 5/5

    By Jy Cruz
    So I met new friends and it was great and all, but I don’t know what happened, I got logged out of my account or something and I can’t log back in, I used my phone number to log in and i don’t know what’s going on, can you fix the login issue?
  • i like ya app g 4/5

    By stangoldenchild
    -4 stars for being an app called honk that doesn’t acc honk🤨 kinda sus +2 stars for having an option to send pics n audio messages ! v much enjoy much fun -half a star for not asking if ur sure when u go to send a pic😳 mistakes r gonna happen w that -another half for the range of emojis ... who is using the poop emoji in 2021??? WHO +2 stars bc of the pronoun feature<3luv that otherwise 10/10
  • yes 5/5

    By Coco not Loco
    this app is so good i love it why is this app sp underrated download this its a really good chat app trust me i find no flaws in this app
  • Great app, some suggestions for developer! 5/5

    By therealdtm15
    This is a wonderful app, I believe there is lots of potential to expand and attract more people. Some suggestions I think would be great is having games inside the chat room. Simple games like tic tac toe, drawing competitions etc. would boost people’s interest in the app. In addition to more people connecting because some people like myself are left with, nobody to talk to at the moment, notify when there is someone new.
  • Major problem 3/5

    By ChamsterHamster
    When i first got the app, it was great, such a great idea and i loved it. It was good for the first few days but recently my app has been stuck in a glitch or something. Everytime i try to find new people it says that there’s no one every single time. I thought maybe there actually is no one but i asked one of my friends who uses the app and they find people no problem. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling but the problem is still there. If that wasnt a problem, this would be a 5 star app for me and honestly im surprised that it hasnt blown up, its such a great app. Thank you.
  • I can’t register an account 1/5

    By FN-9819
    Honestly, this app looks really fun to use. The only issue I had with it was the fact that I can’t even create an account. I went through the entire process of choosing interests, pronouns, etc. but when it came to selecting my age, that’s where I hit a roadblock. I tried selecting my birthday which is over the age of 13 (their age requirement) and it gave me something saying something about me being 2002 years old, while at the same time saying “you’re too young for Honk, sorry!”. I wish I didn’t have to write this review, but I wouldn’t be doing the app any justice if I gave a fake review, completely ignoring this bug that could be fixed.
  • help 5/5

    By 🤪🥴❤️
    does anyone know how to change the birthday 🙄 putthe wrong date but on the other hand app is amazing
  • can’t contact anyone with the meet new person 1/5

    By FinalMonkey29
    I can’t contact anyone via the meeting a new person tab. I want to make more friends in this app but it feels like it doesn’t let me, this has been happening for over a month now. I contacted support and they didn’t respond to my email. Please do something about this.
  • The app is great! Just a little question 5/5

    By amzing!!!!
    I love the app! But it would be cool if there were some things added like group chats or small things like that but this one question that I would like to ask is maybe it would be ok if we can choose genders or maybe we can still have a conversation with people that aren’t exactly like a 91%? I think that I would be nice if that was added because having conversations that actually math with you are cool and all but when I would like to see another person sometimes it says there aren’t people that match with you and it does like a lot and I just thought that maybe I could just ask that tiny favor. But other than that the app is great!

    By rustyskulls42006
    I met this girl and she is really amazing she is everything right and I like her a lot a perfect app to find new friends
  • Best app 5/5

    By brook123409
    I met this really cool person now we’re best friends overall I like how they see the chat while your writing it
  • Ta buena 5/5

    By jklolitsnotgreat
  • How to add phone number😭? 4/5

    By your neighborhood Jacques
    Im trying to add my phone number but the v confirm button just stays grayed out😟?
  • lame 1/5

    By kyler61474
    barely see anyone lol
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By gender go ✨aaaaaaaaaaaa✨
    I saw an ad on tiktok and nearly died laughing, so I had to download this. When I was setting it up, I noticed there aren’t many neopronoun options, (I use ae/aer, ey/em). Chatting is also kinda stressful, can maybe you add some neurodivergent stuff so that you can chat with other neurodivergent people?? And like maybe add questions you can ask people, that would be really helpful, I have autism so I’m not the best at making friends lol Other than that, this is absolutely ✨amazing✨
  • Help 1/5

    By tiktok sent me 83629
    I don’t know what went wrong with the app. I recently changed my phone number on the app because I got a new cell service provider, and then I clicked on the new feature to meet new people and it logged me out. I can’t login with the number I changed it to, I’m stuck out of my account!
  • i love it 4/5

    By z6hr6
    this app is great it’s so fun to chat and honk my friends!!! the only things i wish it had, is a group chat option and the ability to send videos. a status like discord would be cool too but overall awesome i love it 😹😹💖
  • Cool app, a couple suggestions 4/5

    By taco jgriz
    This app is great! I’ve been trying to make new friends, and that app does just that! The UI is clean, the app is not buggy at all, and it is easy to use. I have a couple suggestions tho. It would be nice if there was more interest. Y’all really got a lot of great interest, but lots of things are over specific while some interest are too general. Also, I think you should add Religions and Fandoms. Lastly, I think it would be nice if you could add interest filters when looking for new friends. Other than that, the app is nice and clean. Keep up the good work
  • Good but has one big problem 4/5

    By Alex-Holt07
    I love this app but I met THE NICEST PERSON EVER and we talked for over an hour on the meet friends part and then they said they had to go and we were going to add eachother and we pressed add friend at the same time and it said “you already added this person” or something like that and then I went to go send them a message saying bye and they weren’t added as a friend and now I’m really upset because I was looking forward to talking to them and now I can’t because of a bug. Considering that this app is designed to make friends I don’t think I can give 5 whole stars if a bug that can cause you to not be friends with someone even though you add them exists. Please fix this I’m literally so upset because of it I hate when stuff like this happens all I wanted was a good friend and now I can’t talk to them again. So just please please fix that bug if you can!
  • Besties! 5/5

    By b00biessandteedees
    I met alot of besties
  • LOVE !! 😁🙏 @ykcam :)) 5/5

    By camtorr
    I ABSOLUTELY LOBE THIS APP 😩 I MET MY SOULMATE AND SHE WAS A SCORPIO AMD HER NAME WAS JAZZY BUT I CANT FIND HER :(( other than that the app is great but i have a few suggestions . - more colors! - make the pending friend requests more visible! - more interests! THATS IT :) i love it ! the help page is v, v helpful . had to figure out how to customize my interests though 🙂
  • Honk! 5/5

    By mushroom1245
  • Love this app 4/5

    By Ahlayyy
    This app is amazing for communicating with friends. I installed the app as a joke but now it’s the only way my friends and I communicate. I only have it 4 stars because you can’t send videos yet.
  • Yes 5/5

    By cookedlegos
    I love spamming my girlfriend with the little heart things and it’s kinda like omegal without all the… well uhm good app rate is 10/10
  • Love it 4/5

    By xx_hush_xx
    I love it but can y’all add that we can send videos

    By IfHeWasBill
    I love this app so much, I use it every day and it’s SO SO fun communicating with your friends through it because of the amount of expressiveness it can convey with its variety of unique features.... I do have some suggestions. 1. Android availability - Please make this available for Android users.. I feel so bad that they’re missing out on the fun and my android friend really wanted to get it as well so she would greatly appreciate it!! 2. Add group chats!! - Group chats, straight up, would make this app 10 times better and more “chaotic” in a sense. Imagine how fun it would be to text 9-10 friends on a real time basis!! It’s like hanging out with them in real life!!! It would be so so fun so please work on a feature that involves group chats and texting. Other than that, keep it going!! My friends and I love the app so much.
  • yes. 5/5

    By tilly 👁👅👁
    it’s just 😩😩 so good omg 1000 times better than yubo and omegle and really every messaging app tbh, it takes every good trait of other messengers and boom
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By blah89628
    omg this app is chefs kiss i already made a friend and they had like all the same interests as me it’s so inclusive and i love the pronouns feature there’s even neo pronouns which is amazing the fact that you can talk in real time is wonderful A+ app
  • Such a fun way to stay in contact! 5/5

    By everythingbaegel
    Quarantine can drive anyone crazy but this has been such a fun app! I just got it a few days ago and my friends and I have been on it like crazy! You can see in live time your conversation, what the other person is typing and best part?! You can send pics and voice messages in real time. Do yourself a favor and get this app! :-)
  • My favorite social network app! 5/5

    By Ernie Averest
    This app is just awesome! So many cool features and customizations as well as a super friendly support and development team. 10/10. honk!
  • :( 1/5

    By keziahbyrd
    this app looks so fun but unfortunately it won't allow me to finish my sign up because it keeps saying there is an error. i will change my review when the bug is fixed, hopefully sometime soon.
  • i came from monke advertisement 5/5

    By 🔥🥛
    monke @vf
  • Awesome! (Little suggestion) 5/5

    By hopebaglz
    Hello! I absolutely love your app, but I feel like it needs more interests. It’s very hard to find ENA or Friday Night Funkin fans on honk, so could you please add those to the interests under “Hobbies and interests”? Another one is a group called HOLOLIVE, so please add that under celebs. Thanks! (Ps, you don’t need to do it if you don’t want to.)
  • yes yes 5/5

    By strwbrry-
    this is the first time ive willingly written a review, this is such a funny app 10/10 )^o^(
  • I dont need to explain how good it is 5/5

    By trashdetector
    Just get the app its amazing

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