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Take the Honolulu Star-Advertiser app while you're on the go! Get easy access to breaking news, weather, traffic, as well as premium content, including local features, island food and more. Anyway you want it, we deliver. The Star-Advertiser app is free to download. Users can enjoy unlimited access Top News, Traffic, Weather as well as multimedia including video. The award winning Star-Advertiser Print Replica edition is also available to read page by page. Premium content is marked by a Blue Star to easily navigate through Hawaii’s news. Get breaking news alerts to stay up-to-date with events as they occur. Questions? Please contact us at [email protected] or (808) 538-6397.


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Honolulu Star-Advertiser app reviews

  • Little functionality 1/5

    By Occasionalnow
    App only allows viewing in one orientation. Start ads often do not close with the x but redirect. Missing a fair amount of newspaper content and weak menu. Poor functionality and design. Text sometimes runs off screen. No improvement in app quality or very set friendliness in over 3 years
  • Doesn’t work in landscape 3/5

    By Disappointed865773
    Very annoying that the app only works in portrait view, and only one direction at that!
  • Star Advertiser shines bright in the constellation of really good newspapers 5/5

    By Community-minded in Kaneohe
    I give the paper five stars not because it isn’t capable of being an even better paper, but because it’s standing strong in an era when newspapers in so many places are slipping and back-sliding. I’m glad to have a fine paper with dynamic web presence!
  • Notifications 2/5

    By Kanoa from Manoa
    I like the format of this app better than the KHON app but after getting an iPhone X I no longer receive any notifications, despite adjusting the settings to receive notifications as well as deleting and re-downloading the app. I hope the developers fix this.
  • No landscape mode 3/5

    By Bones96789
    I would rate it higher if it would work in landscape mode. Landscape mode is the view that works with the cover as a stand.
  • Biased and "Railroad-ing" 2/5

    By CPT Aloha
    The app is convenient though my reading is usually limited to Sports since the liberal/progressive reporting bias is so obvious. Coverage of Rail during its formative years is a good example; we were all lead to support a project that was known by "transportation experts" to be unsuitable for the C&C of HNL. Only now are you writing about the numerous failings, and it won't even be running for 5 more years. But, largely due to your lack of in depth investigative and in biased reporting we and future generations are stuck with this "money pit" legacy.
  • No investigative reporting 4/5

    By Dr Jack Black
    The improvements made since the lost of competition has been remarkable. However the RIF of people has begun to take a toll on the quality of reporting I feel. We all know that Hawaii is a 2 Party State, there’s the City of Honolulu and the State of Hawaii parties, both Democratic Parties seem in constant battles with each other. Both waste the taxpayers money. Investigative reporting is almost nonexistent in Hawaii. Finally your comic pages are excellent! My favorite and have to read! Please make them easier to find! Your app and newspaper hide them.
  • Severe anti-Republican bias 3/5

    By Raysurf
    Considering you have a monopoly on daily newspapers in this market, you need to be unbiased in news coverage. Your extreme anti-Republican bias is really obvious: Daily anti-Trump/Republican cartoons. Headlines twisted to make the good things President Trump does look bad. Example: in story on “ASEAN-Way handshake” in today’s paper, did you really need to say, “Trump initially did the handshake incorrectly?” You would not have done that to President Obama. And, you frequently use the word “touts,” giving a good thing sort of a negative twist. Today on page A2: “Trump touts ‘very big steps’ on trade during his Asia trip.” Also your headline writer needs to get priorities straightened. Many days, the most trivial thing becomes a front page headline. Today, for example.”West Coast Crisis” on the homeless problem in Seattle. Interesting, but hardly front page news in Hawaii. Love the Big Q! Ray Graham Waikiki
  • Star advertiser update 1/5

    By 1 local
    Unable to load after update
  • Getting better 3/5

    By Guava Jam
    It’s gotten better than before but now you got to dodge the advertisements, all to try to make more kala.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Hulabear808
    The useable content for non-pay members is minimal. The majority of the content is one or two sentence teasers that require you pay to read the rest of the article. The number of spelling and grammar errors are also appalling, considering this is an app for a newspaper. There are much better local news apps out there.
  • Problem with presentation on apple ipad 3/5

    By Farquard
    The page will not rotate for readability on my Apple iPad.
  • Nice 5/5

    By Maui96753
    Good local news source
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By Vir Latinus
    It's unstable. Sometimes it just closes without warning. Moments ago the screen went to white. Or all of a sudden a Longs ad takes over. It's infuriating.
  • Star Advertiser is current and accurate 5/5

    By MauiReader
    Up-to-date and full of relevant national and local news
  • Great for a busy person 4/5

    By Hawnredsfan
    I have a print subscription. I find this app really convenient when i want to check local breaking news. It is easy to use and pretty much follows the print copy as far as sections.
  • Great for local breaking news 5/5

    By vozzit
    Like the local breaking news that updates during the day! Like all the local news and agree with others that most out-of-state stories are not needed -- there are other sites for these.
  • Non subscription app 1/5

    By Abe2349
    I get immediate info on the app. The content is limited because you have to pay for the entire story. But for a free app its okay.
  • App crashes daily 1/5

    By yappari26
    The app crashes every time I open it, which is twice daily. Such a disappointment.
  • Crash city 1/5

    By Bob Wr
    This app is really good at crashing. It crashes frequently.
  • Crashes a lot!!! 3/5

    By Surfn_nurse
    iPhone 5s iOS 10.3.1
  • Only for paid subscribers 1/5

    By Tishimself54
    I used to read this on line paper regularly and even used and tolerated the advertising. I understand they need to make money. A few accessible stories would have kept me engaged. But now - time to delete. Mahalo
  • Star Advertiser App review 1/5

    By Molokai Island Boy
    You cannot access the majority of the articles without a paid subscription.
  • Improvement over time! 5/5

    By EHLK
    Getting better with updates. Nice app to keep up with local news and events
  • Here in Aloha Land 5/5

    By Reginald.
    Generally a great app that continues to improve. I like the traffic part, where not only can I find out about traffic here, I can find out all over the world. Additionally, this app has improved because of a additional features. One that I found lacking is that if The Internet is not available, I cannot read their articles offline. While their partner USA Today allows people to read articles offline.
  • Lousy app...Fake news central 1/5

    By bigfree66
    Terrible all around. It's a shame Oahu is stuck with this being it's only newspaper
  • Absurd 1/5

    By Jdh808
    How can you justify charging $24 a month for premium access on the app??? What the hell is premium access to a news story?? News is news. Disgraceful
  • Can Not Update - DELETING 1/5

    By DaJuLee
    You have to be a subscriber of this paper in order to read anything. They changed that to make money off us. Updated Dec. 2016 review: Deleting - nothing changed, I still cannot update this app. Such a shame because I've used this app for many years. I don't want to keep something that won't let me update. My phone is not that old either. Was fine but now it will not let me update. I have the latest IOS and an iphone 5. Don't tell me this update is only for iphone 6 users?! Disappointing. Will probably be deleting this app. You should have left well enough alone considering all the other bad reviews this app is getting.
  • Easy to see what going on locally and Nationally 5/5

    By LYMC004
    The Star Advertiser is great in looking at the events locally and worldwide. Easy to see local sport scores and the read the reviews of places to eat.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Herk9
    Easy to use, and find stories quickly. I use StarAdvisor every day. Great selection of stories.
  • App 4/5

    By Sir Leaker Mudgeon
    Works well for local news. Good improvement over original version.
  • Keeps me current on Hawaii news 5/5

    By DaisyGirl808
    Great app that keeps me current on Hawaii's news, especially with the notifications.
  • Format 4/5

    By lmloo
    Like the app but the bottom line of sections of the paper is not labeled i.e. A 1. or B 5. and searching for articles is difficult. Like the old version better. This one doesn't have latest occurring events, just articles that are already in the current paper.
  • #1 for current events! 5/5

    By Karaoke#1
    The first place I turn to for the most current news and information. News alerts keep me advised between app readings.
  • Slow 2/5

    By Landofaloha
    Poor uploading...many times cannot get news...weekends don't get updated.
  • Barely functional 1/5

    By Kathleen789
    The app crashes regularly and doesn't recognize that I am an actual subscriber, so many articles aren't available to me online. Plus there are way too many typos for it to be considered a legit news source, much more like a campus newspaper.
  • Star-Advertiser update 1/5

    By Ingeneerity
    The latest version is once again not compatible with iPhone 4 and 4s. A serious blunder for a company that uses media.
  • Excessive subscription fee 2/5

    By winekat5
    I just deleted this app. The only news you get to read in "full" has been cribbed from AP or other major news services, and the subscription fee is $23.99 a month! Does this include a print subscription mailed to my home on the mainland? I don't think so.
  • Excellent News App 5/5

    By Kaleo Y.
    Get the local news instantly. Keep informed!
  • Horrible and unacceptable 1/5

    By AGRSV1
    I would rate as a zero stars if I could. This app pushes alerts, but as soon as you click on them the app crashes. Ever since I got the iPhone 7 Plus, I have never been able to open the app. I had hoped that they would have an update by now, but no they have not. So now I am deleting it.
  • Too much non-news 3/5

    By David A. Goldfarb
    Seriously, how much of the Star-Advertiser is practically unedited police blotter? How about investigating the relationships between, say, real estate and politics, or the connections between large corporations like Monsanto and state government, or some in-depth reporting on homelessness and its solutions? What's happening on the other islands? Whenever I look at the Moloka'i Dispatch, for instance, they do publish an undited police blotter without trying to disguise it as reporting, and the main crime seems to be domestic violence. What's up with that? There's news here, but it's not going to write itself. Update, 11-13-16: News hasn't improved much, but at least the election season has displaced some of the police blotter. There was an article today on the implications of the charter revisions in the recent election. Why not write more about that before the election, so voters could have been informed? It was obvious that there were hidden issues there, but very difficult to find out any info about them without having attended charter commission meetings. As for the app, why is it locked in vertical mode? I keep my iPad in a keyboard case most of the time, and it would be easier to read in horizontal mode.
  • no landscape mode? 1/5

    By Islandsnow
    this is crazy. I like to read on my iPad and what makes more sense than to allow it to rotate to landscape to make the reading experience a better one? because of that this app will be deleted
  • Updated version 2/5

    By Maiaku25
    The old version was better. Only get a limited amount of information with this version unless you buy the "premium" edition. Makes me feel like they pick and choose the information they want to pass on and that information is slanted. Too bad the media has come to dictate what they feel we ought to know
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Puakalehua
    I feel like there was breaking news before now all premium.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By 96817K
    It seems like every time they update that it becomes worse than the previous incarnation. I am hoping for an app that provides local news where more than a paragraph of the story is shown that you don't have to pay for. I can read the Guardian for free. Perhaps if you pay the app works better, but I'm unwilling to take that risk. I'm deleting the app as soon as I finish this review. It's simply not worth the time.
  • No stars 1/5

    By M3m0m
    The old version was the best. Deleted the app. I was hoping that they would change it back to the old version. You need to pay now to get the news. I don't even understand the layout. Too cluttered.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Alby635
    Previous version was more user friendly and worked better.
  • Star Advertiser App 3/5

    By entrkn
    The smart phone app is better than it was but there's still plenty of room for improvement. Two things that could be improved are including reader comments and vog reports.
  • Worst yet 1/5

    By MDM1978***
    The older version was so much better. Please look at changing it as soon as possible. I have stopped using the app because of the bad changes.
  • Sad 1/5

    By G'ma C
    This upgrade was a definite downgrade. Previous was much better!

Honolulu Star-Advertiser app comments


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