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  • Current Version: 1.0.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: HOODUBER L.L.C.
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H O O D U B E R is a peer-to-peer social networking software that allows users to build a network amongst friends, family, or peers looking to Travel or freely network within the app amongst peers to find a ride or way around town. This is the (Rider App) If you drive Download HOODUBER - DRIVE -Riders can add their favorite drivers to their favorites to request rides directly from those drivers. -Riders can Request rides using cash or card. All transactions are 100% secured no one ever exchanges payment information each users card or payment info is linked to their own account. -Riders can offer drivers a flat rate from A to B locations using the "Suggest Fare" option when confirming ride details. A credit or debit card is not required to Request rides only to Complete Registration and access account. You never have to use a card to request a ride using a card is optional. H O O D U B E R gives ride share and transportation drivers the technology to access the ride share market fully independent of ride share companies and corporations. Drivers keep 100% of everything they make and both Drivers and Riders can travel more safely by sending and receiving requests to Connect with each other from the Connections tab in the app to instantly build a network amongst an exclusive group of people. Mobile software for peer to peer networking, travel, and navigation. Keep your money in your community. Spend your money with your friends.

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  • Best time of my life 5/5

    By Beef eef
    Got mugged.
  • Life changing experience 5/5

    By Quinn69420
    I stepped in the car gave Tyrone one of my McDonald’s apple pies. HE GAVE ME THE N WORD PASS GUYS!!!!! I CAN FINALLY SAY IT. BEST. APP. EVER.
  • 100,000,000 out of 5 5/5

    By sleephill
    So I was picked up by a guy named Oscar and oh boi was he dummy THICC he got to me in less than 5 mins. He offered me some weed, gave me head(I’m a guy) I guess the weed made me enjoy it. Now I’m starting to suspect I might be gay. Anyways highly recommend. (Follow me on instagram if you see this @sleephill)
  • Big Rone made me do a driveby 2/5

    By Giovanni Scaletta JR
    Big Rone picked me up in a 1997 izuzu box truck with uhaul lettering on the side, he was smoking something that smelled like oregano mixed with grass and offered me some. I politely declined he then told me instead of taking me to my destination he was taking me to the opps house to do a drive by and handed me a very large sub machine gun and said “Its time for you to work” upon arrival he rolled my window down and said “Start bussin” so i started bussin. I believe i hit a couple of children and a mother,he then sped away when my clip was empty he dropped me off at a random mcdonalds and drove off. A somewhat exhilarating experience it made me miss my daughters 3rd birthday and now my wife wants a divorce i will not be using HoodUber again.
  • I don’t want an aquarium 1/5

    By Big titty boi 445
    I got in the car and smelt fish this guy flooded his backseat and filled it with fish. Half of them are dead he said hope u can swim and tossed me in the back. I think a small tadpole went up my urethra too good bath tho.
  • Child support 5/5

    By aaasaasssasdggg
    I called a Uber he pulled up in a Beat up car and then as soon as I got in the driver David asked me if I was Jewish and I told him no then he explained why he needed to know he was behind on his child support and knew Jewish people had money then he also asked if I knew how to circumcise his child and then he said he’d just do it to himself and she dropped me off at the wrong location but till this day I’m still worried about that child
  • Penetrated 4/5

    By lakrkala
    When my hood Uber got here I was crying and he asked my why tf I’m crying and I told him my son got killed in a drive by and he offered to make another child with me and I said yes now I’m happy and he threw my son out the car
  • HoodUber goes where most Ubers won't 5/5

    By Markofka007
    Car was 20 minutes late, when I asked what happened the driver just whipped and said "ayyyyyy a mans gotta do whassa man gotta do." Than as soon as I sat in the car I noticed that there was no steering wheel and instead there were bicycle handles, The heating and radio knobs were replaced with door handles, the passengers seat was gone and instead there was a classroom chair. Then for the cherry on top, there was a cumrag and a bag labeled "poopshit" under my feet which made the entire car smell like vomit. 10/10 would go again.
  • Was going great until.. 1/5

    By Henryjerimiahjohnsonham
    I went to go see Shark Tales with my boy on its opening day June 18, 2018. When we were getting ready to leave we noticed our car was stolen. Luckily Hooduber was there for me. Me and my son were picked up in a BMW i8 by some man named Jahseh... weird name if you ask me. Anywho, the ride experience was overall pretty nice. We rolled some pot and enjoyed the big booty hoes in the backseat with us. When I asked the man to play some tunes he insisted that we freestyle. I said that sounded splendid and he went first. Next my son went. He was spitting some heat and really had the car bumping... then he unfortunately used the n word. This causes Jahseh and the big booty goes to shoot him multiple times. My son is dead now. I was thrown out of the car with my boys dead corpse in Deerfield Beach, FL. Outraged I ordered a hit man to kill him later on that afternoon. This was a forgettable experience for me.

    By mello1869
    I paid 20 dollars and buddy came in on a dirt but popping wheelies and stuff and then ran from police , I had to sit in jail for a day but great app to use
  • Go crazy ahHHhHhh 5/5

    By Queensavenge
    After I had woke up at 3, I ordered an Uber to the pet store to get my dog some cannabis treats. They didn’t get here until 4:20 but it was expected since Snoop Dog pulled up in the foreign. He said “what up cuz” and proceeded to pass me the good kush. The windows were really foggy and we probably ran over someone, but it’s okay bc we were chain smoking periodt.
  • In for a surprise! 5/5

    By crescenoir
    As soon as a young black man pulled up in “his” Intel Core i9, I expected something would go wrong but that wasn’t the case at all. After we finished a drive by on the rival gang, he took me to the nearby Dairy Queen :) I never got to my destination but I don’t think he knew how to read the address anyway.
  • Add me @maxxtobon 5/5

    By tobon-the-runner
    giving a 10$ itunes gift card to my 200th liker on my recent and 25$ amazon to my 1,000th follower 💯 Btw my hood uber drove me to my destination in 13 minutes (supposed to take 47 ) and he forgot to charge me. 10/10 would recommend this app
  • 12/10 5/5

    By Berthomule
    I got into the car with Bobby and he asked if i was accurate with the strap. I told him I served a few years in the military even though I didn’t. So he asked me to help him wth a drive by shooting. I missed the shots and Bobby kicked me out of the whip. He still owes me $45.42 because I never made it but it’s fine I will definitely use this app again. Pictures of my injuries are on my instagram @lordwoke.v2
  • 20/10 would ride again 5/5

    By lil cheets
    I was chillin in my house when some dude knocks on my door. Turns out it was a hood Uber driver trying to outrun the cops. He took my car keys and told me to hop in my own car. He ended up shooting at the ops and handed me a pistol. I became an accomplice and I didn’t even order the Uber. He charged me by making me pay for his bail. Thanks good Uber!
  • Wow just WOW 5/5

    By Datproducerbull
    So i decided to download this app after seeing a post on Instagram and boy lemme tell you. BEST DECISION EVER! The first ride i ordered got to me in less than 5 mins and it was a woman named Electra that was driving a beautiful Mercedes edition 1 S550!!! I go to get in the back and she steps out the car. I’m thinking she’s opening the door for me but nope! She asked me to get in the drivers seat. Confused i hesitated but got behind the wheel, she sits in the passenger seat. Before i could get a word out she starts giving me the best head I’ve ever had. Then when finished hands me a jerk chicken platter. I never got to my destination but i did come.
  • Bro 5/5

    By Sunmeetz
    Cyber restocking soon
  • 10/10 Recommend 5/5

    By Angry Oreo
    They Pulled Up On A Bike And Stole My Foams.
  • Good experience 5/5

    By dsiugzda
    Me and my homie went out for the night and rode passed crack heads fighting one of them said he was “gonna poke him in his neck” so we stopped to watch and then went to get coffee and the guy serving us seductively said he had “all zee flavors” so the driver shot him, and got us free coffee. Finally the driver pulled out aluminum foil and started smoking crack. We ended up 50 miles in the other direction of our destination. 10/10 would use hood Uber again!
  • @hoodrichenid 5/5

    By @hoodrichenid 💋
    Follow me !🥵😂
  • nice 5/5

    By Captin_KoolAid
    the driver showed up with 20 other people. it took about 2 hours to get dropped off cause the car was caught in a gang fight. Those 20 people were using the hooduber to catch the rival gang by surprise. It worked!
  • Worst Potato Salad Convention Ever!!! 5/5

    By Ultra Weekend is cool
    Got in the uber from the potato salad convention here in Biloxi...boy was i surprised when Roy (the driver) pulled out his homemade potato salad with a side of garlic ice cream and started yodeling about the old days...turned out he was a convict on the run for stealing girl scout cookies from a walmart inside a mall..about the time he dropped me off we had 8 cops behind us and a liberty city helicopter following us from the front. all in all good dude and excellent ride but the car coulda been clean doe..
  • enlightening experience 5/5

    By goldfish killer
    i called this uber to take me to my deposition for allegedly killing my goldfish. since my goldfish’s life insurance hadn’t kicked in yet i used this budget version of uber thinking i would just have a normal ride. 2 minutes in my driver offered me to try his homemade gum, which he called “double drip” which was wrapped in foil and had pretty designs, so naturally i took him up on his offer and let it sit on my tongue for 15 minutes like he said. the gum had no flavor but next thing i knew i saw the world in a whole new way!!!!!!!! everything was so colorful!!!!!!! amazing gum!!!!! then i lost my virginity in the back seat to a dancing taco. and turns out i did kill my goldfish and i am being put in a psych ward because i told the judge his face kept morphing. not my fault his face is wavy????? overall 11/10 experience and i will be using hooduber to take me to my dead goldfish’s wife’s house when i am released from the mental hospital. follow me on ig @daniibloom
  • 10/10 would ride again 5/5

    By Rich Homie Ruber
    My driver pulled up with his homie to pick me up. When I got in it was all foggy and I asked why and it turns out they had hotboxed the car. Later on during the ride he said he was gonna make a quick stop to the bank. Him and his homie hopped out the car and told me to get in the driver seat. After about 15 mins they came out running with duffel bags full of cash and told me to drive fast. Ended up being 50K richer and now I live in the Bahamas. 10/10 would recommend
  • Lhh 5/5

    By Le'Queefa
    On Jah, I was picked up by my man's homie Jamaal he gave me dat gas do and we was hella cheifin on it. He forgot he was my driver do and I ended crashing at his place. Next mornin do the 5-0 came and looked through his place. I snuck out the back window with 3 ounces of weed. The ride only cost 32.50 and I got all day free reef🤣🤣🤣 I can't recommend this app enough Edit Jamaal just got locked up I'm still good doe.
  • Just Perfect 5/5

    By yfn.thomas
    As soon as my Hooduber driver picked me up, he pointed and AK-74 at my head and said if I said anything he’ll drive the car off the road. I complied and he continued to rob all my money while wearing his high top black air forces. I got to my destination and it was a once in a lifetime experience so 20/10
  • follow me 🤣 5/5

    By Preanae
    follow me @niajamommy on insta 🐍🤣
  • Bobby the driver hit some people though 5/5

    By freemymanbobby
    No one died (inside the car)
  • Best worst experience ever 5/5

    By Nick1176
    My friends and i needed a ride home from a party and we were not sober. When the driver came to pick us up, everything seemed like a regular uber drive. Boy was I wrong. We ended up going the opposite way from our destination. I asked him where we were going and he told me he needed to make a stop. 10 minutes later, some guy came to the car and gave the driver some heroine. The driver injected himself then pointed a gun at us and forced to do it too. Then he gave me head. Im a guy. I don’t why, somehow the heroine made me really enjoy it. And now I think I’m gay. Overall, I found out who I really am. Thanks hooduber.
  • It was great 4/5

    some fat lady gave me the sloppiest head
  • 😈 5/5

    By Latinpapi2000
    I was on my way to hook up and as i was sitting in the passengers seat my driver fingered my butthole. :)

    By JoRDAN. 🦠🦠🦠
    Bobbie Wonder picked me up omg! he told me tht the whole blind thing was a scam to get some pocket money for being blind, being able to play an instrument, and sing.
  • Recommend 5/5

    By Mel2166
    If you fill the tank up the sexy driver will give you head 🤷🏾‍♂️
  • EXCELLENT!! 5/5

    By Raquel Parra
    I hopped in the whip and turns out it was a kidnapping and I got shot 30 times!! It was an amazing experience AND they threw me out the car right to my location. 10/10
  • Very long trip 5/5

    By GbtJ1994
    I just woke up from a nap. It’s been 4 days. We aren’t in the hood anymore. All I see is woods and mountains... we’re either in Mexico or Alaska. Not sure if my driver even knows I’m in the backseat. I’ll update yawl when we stop. Edit: Aite, so confirmed. It’s Alaska. I didn’t bring a coat. My driver knows I’m here cuz I woke up to mc Donald’s next to me. Edit 2: So I don’t think they got hood Uber up here. My cell service going in an out. Our cabin is dope tho. I think ima stay.
  • My experience 5/5

    By ggi.savage
    I’m waiting on my ride so I call him he tells me wait he serving somebody rn I think he means he was dropping somebody off , I get in the car it was a midget in the passenger seat playing yugi o and the driver looked as if he drunk a hole bottom of Hennessy by hisself he literally had a empty bottle of Hennessy that he picked up every 5 mins then remembered it was empty , as we start getting somewhere he gets a phone call and I hear him say “igh slime I’m on the way right na”he hits a uturn and went to serve the customer a gram of crack , when we was bout to leave he took his key out put cocaine on it and sniffed overall rating 10/10 the midget let me play yu gi o wit him so I wasn’t trippin but follow me @ggi.savage
  • Thanks Jamaal 5/5

    By joshk667
    First ride was great. Better than Uber by far as my Uber offered me some head when I got in the car and had condoms on deck. Although he had aids I still accepted his offer. I lost my virginity and got a free ride so that’s a win win. 10/10 ~Anton
  • 🤣 5/5

    By aireonn.t
    Follow me on Instagram @aireonn.t and [email protected]
  • This is app is really good 5/5

    By Twixx williams
    You should add me on Instagram Twixx.williams I make video.
  • Sensational 5/5

    By calgonz12
    entered in broke , left with a stack after doing a drive by robbery made it where i had to be on time with some bread in my pocket , hmu devyn for another lick
  • HoodUber 5/5

    By Vbahar
    HoodUber pulled up smoked good gas🍃💨Nocap Geeked df up when I got out dat mf
  • best time of my life 5/5

    By tray tray martin
    R kelly picked me up and started going off about how he loves all women and slowly started touching me, i lost my virginity but it was a good ride in general
  • 10/10 5/5

    By Cool amazing omg
    He robbed me of my virginity and we did some lines of coke

    By Nongvfnnb
    my driver played eternal atake . it’s soooo good
  • I make 9.50/hour 5/5

    By Boomshalalaka
    Helped myself to a complimentary brownie next thing I know I was driving and taking different passengers to their location. I now work for hooduber & the original driver is still missing. if you’re reading this driver I am trying to give you your job back please contact me
  • 10/10 5/5

    By Rheme R.
    Brotha man rolled up and in a car that was hard to explain. The front half was a Beamer but back half was just 3 dudes with bike wheels taped to the outside dude’s legs. It was mad wild. I told the driver I didn’t request a ride but he said get in anyways. My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to hop in. However hopping in consisted of sitting on the lap of the dude in the middle of the back trifecta. He was really nice. The driver asked if I wanted to listen to music. I said yeah and the three dudes in the back started singing a capella. Their voices were beautiful. I would’ve joined their singing troupe if it wasn’t for the fact that they sold me to some Iranian prince. Best thing to ever happen to me. Ardashir is so nice to me.
  • Best ride ever 👍🏾🎯 5/5

    By southphilly X
    Man my driver picked me up wit a el rolled up and all plus got me there fast af. He had a Stashbox for my tools. Best ride ever
  • Marvelous 5/5

    By Bonofhzgrz
    Thought it was a fake app, so i gave it a shot. The largest black woman I’ve ever spotted in my life picked me up in a 86’ prius, demanded i trim her bush, then dropped me off 3 miles away from my destination after i declined to “put my stickin in er thinkin” 10/10 will ride again
  • 10/10 5/5

    By Icewallowcman
    My driver didn’t even own a car. I had to ride the pegs of his bike and we rode until the tire popped. Would still highly recommend.

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