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HOW DOES IT WORK? With Hoop, you can make new friends, discover new cultures, grow your Snapchat community, fill your Snap map and much more! How? Super easy: 1. ask the profiles you like for their Snapchat username, 2. get a notification when they accept your request, 3. add them on Snapchat. You can also receive Snapchat username requests KEEP CONTROL Your Snapchat username is private. When a user asks you for it, you can : • accept : we send them your Snapchat username on Hoop, • decline : we don't let them know that you declined COLLECT DIAMONDS You need diamonds to ask for Snapchat usernames, go back to the previous profile and unlock profile’s decorations. To earn diamonds, you can: • share your profile (the reward is doubled on Sundays!) • open Hoop every day • level up (by adding 20 Snapchat friends using Hoop) • watch a video Have fun!

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Hoop - Make new friends app reviews

  • A lot of bots 4/5

    By LuckyIrish2021
    This app is good but it is also filled with bots and scammers
  • Is not a bad app but it’s not great either 4/5

    By That one app tester
    This app is your standard tinder type app to make “friends” or whatever you call it. The way people add you is pretty quick however when it comes to adding people this app could use an improvement. One ability that should be added on the app is to allow you to check who you’ve added and who’s added you basically check your friends. That’s really about it, everything else is pretty well put there isn’t no ad pop ups annoying you and gem collecting isn’t bad at all so in all it’s a pretty good app.
  • A lot of fake people 1/5

    By plugkid
    It’s mostly bots
  • Scam 1/5

    By lonng p
    99% is catfish or lookin for a sugar something try to get you to give them $80
  • Why I’m giving 3 stars 3/5

    By austinfisc
    This is why I’m giving the hoop app 3 stars. It is a great app to meet new people on there but the bots keep hopping on my account. Hoop if you see this review stop the bots because they add me and ask for inappropriate stuff. Can you stop them because I get them Often and it’s bothering me because there not real people there bots.
  • eh 1/5

    By JustAGirl2907
    i use this app only to get male validation, but it could be better. i am non-binary, and so picking a gender made me very uncomfortable. also, many dudes set their pictures as their ding ding. a bio would be very nice too.
  • !!! 4/5

    By shrewedbasoon
    Cool app
  • yes 5/5

    By dovecccccc
    very good !
  • Hoop isn’t so great anymore 1/5

    By ExoticShadow
    There are a lot of bots (basically the same people over and over again who are looking for nudes.)
  • Fakes 3/5

    By jum213
    A lot of fake people
  • Plz add a “who you’ve added” column 3/5

    By puppyluv4269
    I like the app. it doesn’t glitch or anything like that. however i wish there was a “who you’ve recently added” column to see who you’ve added recently because snap has a tendency to glitch and unadd people and then you never get their snap back. this would make it sooo much easier. thanks.
  • Real life 5/5

    By Dakotabouvy
    You just have to believe
  • Communication 4/5

    By annomous12354
    I love this app! This app really helps you make friends! I would definitely recommend. The only thing I don’t like is how you have to wait to get more points for you to add people, but besides that everything is great!
  • Fix the glitch already 1/5

    By Krystallayke
    My account has been glitched for about a YEAR now. I used to use this app so much. I got the “no more people to add” glitch and it hasn’t ever gone away. Can’t do anything on the app anymore.
  • Yeah yeah hoop review 5/5

    By memrnthfjfhfhd
    It is so fun to meet people
  • App doesn’t work, won’t let me log in 1/5

    By MadiCake18
    Just downloaded this app and I press log in with Snapchat and I click on it and after that it doesn’t do anything. Doesn’t even deserve one star
  • login 1/5

    By kami~_
    when i try to login with my snap it literally dosnt work
  • Great, but a big issue makes it unusable 3/5

    By Nick Name Was Already Taken
    Every time I enter the app, I am greeted by this message: No more friends to discover at the moment. come back later App worked fine before, but not anymore
  • Good Idea, Poor maintenance 1/5

    By McK Kid
    The app is A good idea they just have a bad maintenance with keeping the fake accounts off of it but honestly it’s not worth the download in my experience. I’ve had sex workers that aren’t even real message me, and try to send me to random links etc etc
  • Beware of scammers 1/5

    By Bre19123
    Fake account all over this app. It mostly sugarmama and sugardaddy scammers
  • Bots problem 4/5

    By fjfuufdkdj
    Bots have token over hoop I get so many snap requests from fake people and it’s really annoying and please add back the bio
  • Some suggestions 3/5

    By Fluffybunz101
    I feel like allowing people to have bios would be easier and more fun to get to know someone before adding them on Snapchat instead of just looking at pictures. Also it would be better to have the option to add more than 3 photos to give people more ways to show their personality. Another idea would be to allow people to have profile settings like displaying your sexuality, pronouns, and hobbies if allowing bios doesn’t exist. For the search preferences could there be more options like “people in my state” or “people my age” or “people with similar interests” again bouncing off the idea of profile settings.
  • Hoop 3/5

    By Clydzon Moore
    If you had a feature for you to pick the state it would be better.
  • Good app 5/5

    By mlaraet
    Great way to make friends
  • Feedback 2/5

    By 10281027hshs
    Changes I want you to make: 1- make everyone mention their age 2- keep the age range at most 2 years younger than me I keeps seeing 13 year olds and they are too young 3- add a 4th picture option 4- try to show me more people in my city I see a lot in my country but only some in the city that I live in
  • suggestions 5/5

    By el vato loco perru
    you should add the bio back
  • No option for my gender. 1/5

    By Pavophobia
    I downloaded the app and was setting it up but they only had “male” and “female” to set your gender to. If I can’t select non-binary, I’m not going to use it because I’m not going to choose a gender I don’t identify as. I’ll use it if they fix that.
  • Bots, lots of bots. 2/5

    By lightguymarc
    Once in a great while you’ll meet someone real. I get request every two minutes from bots and it ticks me off.
  • Bad 1/5

    By afemalelookingforfriends
    Nothing but sugar people scams and dickpicks on here. I maybe found 2 real people that wanted to be friends. 25 people at least trying to scam me
  • Ok app 3/5

    By Rileycooly
    App is fine and can meet cool people but too many fake people
  • Problems 3/5

    By Sav3ge05
    I used to love this app I met many friends that I still talk to today but recently I haven’t been getting any recommended accounts it is just blank so it’s just been sitting on my phone for nothing I’d really like to meet more people but the app wont let me
  • Too many bots 2/5

    By kingjayjay132
    Fix the bot problem and it would be 5 stars
  • my profile 2/5

    By Brittni_rocks
    nothing will load on the app
  • Amazkng 5/5

    By nkmsn
  • Problem 1/5

    By snncere
    It keeps saying “Huuh, seems like something went wring” i restarted my phone and redowloaded the app
  • the one problem i have 4/5

    By յ σ ɾ δ α η
    the app itself is amazing. the only problem i have is when someone requests my snap, i try to accept it but it constantly tells me that something went wrong. i usually get around 20 requests in 2 weeks and there’s usually 2 or 3 that won’t got through when i try to accept them. other than this, it’s a great app.
  • BUG 1/5

    By baseballboy420
    it doesn’t let me collect my gyms so i can’t add anyone. i’ve tried deleting it and resetting it, i even logged out and it still didn’t work.
  • Hassle 1/5

    By nerzulah
    Fake accounts everywhere, have yet to meet a genuine person to carry a real conversation. Get ready to answer things like... Where are you?(they are probably in the same city) Check their snap score once you add them, almost guaranteed to be under 100pts.
  • Hoop experience 5/5

    By allen_joshawn
    I downloaded it in January -February last year cause a friend begged me to so I tried it out and meet a ton of hot girls on here thanks hoop.
  • No one to swipe 4/5

    By Buzz-feed
    I was finding some awesome people to talk to. Then it said I swiped everyone. When I only swiped 20 people. Something is wrong I’ve refreshed and deleted but nothing works.
  • Gender option?? 3/5

    By bug robinson
    I’m a non binary person and I’m pretty disappointed there isn’t an “other” option for gender.
  • . 1/5

    By Gekyume Onfroy
    I don’t even think there are real people on this app anymore. My phone just blows up because Everyone on here is a fake account trying to sell pornography, and lots of it claims to be children.
  • Hard no 1/5

    By Nebjoe88
    Step one give us your log in info. And be sure to read these terms and conditions that aren’t even in English. Probably not. Definitely looks like a scam.
  • Gone down hill 1/5

    By emraytaybun
    I used to have hoop about a year ago. And it was way better then it is now. Error messages all the time. Can’t request anyone’s snap.
  • Shows no other users available to add 1/5

    By anon1234579173829
    Just downloaded and showing no people to add.
  • Not worth one star 1/5

    By imo no joke
    This is a horrible app lacking ease and functionality
  • Love 5/5

    By aidenthefstman
    I met the my wife on here and we’ve been married since we talked I love this app and thank everyone who created it
  • Inappropriate content 1/5

    By Poopertrooper36
    I use this app almost daily for about 10-20 minutes and I somehow manage to come across child porn adds about 5 times a day and I’m sick and tired of seeing them, not to mention that it’s incredibly disturbing to see it on the app and that I’ve seen nothing being done about because surely hundreds if not thousands have complained about them.
  • Fart 3/5

    By little shart niblets