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EXPLORE Make new friends all over the world with Hoop! Go through millions of profiles from you own country or worldwide. Send friend requests to the profiles you like and add them on your social apps. Keep control over your socials and decide who you want to share them with. EARN DIAMONDS You can earn diamonds every day on Hoop. Use them to send friend requests, see the previous profile again or customize your own profile. There are many ways to earn diamonds: • share your profile (the reward is doubled on Sundays!) • daily check-in • level up • watch a video • buy a pack of diamonds Have fun!

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Hoop - Make new friends app reviews

  • I was unable to signup on this site why 4/5

    By sandyyyyyadeadeaa
    I wanted to be a member
  • Swipes don’t work. 1/5

    By zachmurphyftw
    Whenever I add someone the amount of diamonds I have doesn’t go down and I never get any add backs anymore. It just randomly started happening recently.
  • Everything cost money to add 😐 1/5

    By hawkeye_stands
    To add,like, or go back to a person cost coins which equals to money 😐
  • Waste of time 2/5

    By Love_Cassie
    It won’t let you add anyone. I have multiple adds, but when I go to add them it takes me straight to Snapchat with an “oops” message. There’s no way to send your snap to them or to receive one. I kinda regret downloading this.
  • Scammer/ blackmailing 1/5

    By zakuto9072
    Each person that adds me on here try’s to scam me and blackmail me for money when when I don’t give them anything to use against me this app it’s terrible and I would recommend it because this app doesn’t verify accounts for extra security for situations like this!!!!
  • Fake accounts trying to add minors and get money from them 1/5

    By duramax p
    There are fake accounts and when we went through my sons phone there were spam accounts that were trying to get him to pay for nudes just don’t get this app
  • DO NOT USE !!!!! 1/5

    By Cash Mares
    I was hacked by a person posing as someone else then proceeded to blackmail me and took 500 dollars such a scam.
  • DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!! 1/5

    By geoff wiginton simp
    I’d give zero stars if I could. This app is a breeding ground for pedophiles and predators. If you’re a child do not download
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By canetable
    They have fake accounts that will hack into your snap and steal pictures and try to harass you and threaten to send them to everyone
  • Fix the app! 1/5

    By aidenokehh23
    App used to be really good now it’s a lot of bots that are horny and giving you people not in your age range fix the app!!
  • Racist 1/5

    By derek rbude
    Very racist app with a lot of ugly guys
  • Please help 3/5

    By mushrrooooom
    Developers, I switched my snap name but did the wrong name on accident. I need to change it again but you guys only allow one change. Please help
  • Tons of bots, also… no distance filter? 2/5

    By TranquilAlpaca
    Overall the app seems like a decent app, but no distance filter makes it effectively useless for anybody who doesn’t need a pen pal. If you just need someone in a different time zone to text a few times a week then there are better options than this
  • stay away!! 1/5

    By Hayden Wall
    horrible app nothing like it used to be years ago. full of bots
  • Eh 2/5

    By Azwlfboy
    So the app is good, used it a few years back and I met some pretty cool people on there, I joined the military so wasn’t on it that much but I recently got back on it and there are a lot of scam accounts trying to get your snap to either blackmail you or get money out of you. Out of 10 matches about 1 person is real and the rest are scam accounts wanting your info or money, it gets super irritating
  • Fake 3/5

    By joshsmsks
    There are way to many fake profiles literally every other one is fake it’s really easy to tell like fix it fam
  • Nothing but fake profiles 1/5

    By bmil73674653
    Now don’t get me wrong they’re are real profiles on here but 3/4 of the user base are fake profiles and it’s obvious tht they’re a fake profile so if you get a request it’s a fake person I haven’t had a single real profile send me a request
  • Doesnt work 1/5

    By Antivax_butcher
    i have no more profiles to view
  • Annoying 1/5

    By olasrewaseyin
    What’s happening It’s not displaying friends fro me to add or being able to add me
  • Big problem 3/5

    By killerskag
    All the do is tap if you like pictures or if your dont your not making friends to talk to
  • Scammers are on here 1/5

    By daddy spend
    There’re a lot of scammers
  • Scammers 1/5

    By bryce599
    This app used to be great nowadays there are many scammers on there I don’t think I have added one normal person back. You know they are scammers when there insta has over 300 followers but no posts, and the people that follow them are all bots with the same profile picture
  • Not working 1/5

    The app is. Not showing any friends says come back later
  • I recommend 5/5

    The best app for making friends.
  • review 1/5

    By Cheetah1awesome
    lets you add 15 people in total and then i found it completely useless
  • Not working 5/5

    By chaserseb2331
    This app used to work but all it brings up now is: no more new friends to discover at the moment. Come back later
  • The app doesn’t work on my phone 1/5

    By Kayl37283
    I can’t create an account, it keeps saying the function must be called from check verified
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By anicoleurban
    App doesn’t work, I have tried to uninstall and redownload and it still doesn’t work
  • Questionable 1/5

    By it wants a nickname ...
    Added the app, never got profiles to view, just a message saying ‘no new friends available to view’ … wrote hoop for help, using the in-app ‘help’ … immediately got ‘banned by admin’ … guess we’re not supposed to use the help feature??
  • Infested with illegal solicitation. 1/5

    By Dv992
    In my age group. I have not once met a normal honest woman. This app is loaded up and overflowing with openly illegal sex workers and no one seems to care. It's depressing to say the least.
  • Security of young people at risk 1/5

    By Ghuytesfhfh
    This is my first ever review on an app. So you know this is serious. There are wayyyyy too many fake people and bots. Lots of good looking women that seem realistic that are actually scammers. They’re the whole “show me your privates” then they say they’ll send it to your family if you don’t give them like $500. How do I know? Well I recently heard some 17 year old kid unfortunately took his own life because this happened to him, I’m 21. So I was trying to see if I could find one of them. And sure enough, the second person who added me asked to see my face, called me cute, then asked to see my pecker. So I went on google and found an obscenely large penis that looked like my skin tone and sent it. Sure enough they came back and said they were gonna show the FBI and send it to my work, home, etc. if I didn’t send them $750. Obviously it’s a bluff, plus it’s not my private parts so I don’t care. This app need a REQUIRED verification before you join. Allow the camera feature on a phone and get the Hoop team to verify it is the same person. Everyone stay safe and don’t send your privates to anyone.
  • DO NOT USE 1/5

    By Caseyboby
    This app is crawling with scammers and predators, it is in no way safe or usable for its intended purpose, nothing is verified or certain, use at own risk of you do…
  • Problem 1/5

    By hhfhjrt
    It won’t let me accept anyones requests on the app
  • Pretty good overall 4/5

    By Chippy-g
    I love the app only reason i gave it a 4 instead of a 5 is bc the surveys don’t work for diamonds only the ads and also glitches sometimes when adding ppl it’ll show the same person again but other than that it’s good and met some absolute 10s
  • Terrible, you have to pay to add a friend 1/5

    By plantcrystalvibes21
    So first of all the surveys to get diamonds DONT WORK and if you want to add anyone you have to use diamonds which cost money or you can take surveys to get them, but like I said I haven’t been able to get any of the surveys to work 😑. This app is stupid like why would I pay to use it 🤨🤨 trash 💅🗑 DELETED 💀
  • Terrible with blackmailers 1/5

    By CitricDread2191
    Please do not take your chances with this app just to find more friends on Snapchat. There’s so many fakes out there that will try and blackmail you for sending a nude that isn’t yours and then they demand money or they will send it to everyone you know. It’s not worth it, don’t get this.
  • hehe 5/5

    By fjcjjwngnsnc
    I met the love of my life on this app I downloaded it earlier this year and after meeting her we clicked instantly we talked for months and months and I finally told her how I felt, now we’ve been dating for a while and everything has been so perfect
  • It was once great, then it got bad 1/5

    By Xqi_24
    I started getting requests as usual and then when they added me on snap they started to threaten me with leaking my nudes(and I didn’t even send them anything I just said hey). Like I said was once good but now it’s just a bunch of scammers that try to quote on quote “ruin your life” when they got nothin against you. Such a joke
  • Gender choices 4/5

    Only have male and female for gender. I think there should be non-binary, other, prefer not say to the list. Overall its a good app with some very minor flaws but it comes with all apps.
  • About 5/5

    By wikersom
    New on here, but it’s a nice app
  • needs more settings 4/5

    By nice10983
    you guys should add like what specific type of boy/girl we want like an asian boy or asian girl or someone who works out
  • This 5/5

    By susanever
    This app is good
  • This app is trash 1/5

    By farfss
    Can’t link your Snapchat account no more so I lost all my stuff
  • Scammers everywhere 1/5

    By Darkdeath260
    Everyone is a scammer on here
  • Yikes 1/5

    By Sam chaser
    Not the best app to find a good friend. Could honestly be better!
  • Scam accounts 1/5

    By queentonya0
    I have about 20 random people adding me a day saying they talked to me on this app and I have NEVER made an account on this app. Might want to do a little more to make sure your accounts are real.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By deaddoll111
    Basically an app to randomly give you Snapchat users to add. No bio, no age, no location, etc. just a picture. Definitely not a way to meet friends.
  • AMAZING APP!!! 5/5

    By aja+jlc
  • No 3/5

    Can’t get the nerve to download this app again cause I met the perfect guy on here and we started talking and calling for a long time but long story short he broke my heart so I will not be downloading this app again💀😕