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Instantly borrow free digital movies, music, eBooks and more, 24/7 with your library card. FREEDOM STARTS HERE, NOW. Bringing you hundreds of thousands of movies, full music albums, audiobooks and more, hoopla is a revolutionary digital service made possible by your local library. From Hollywood blockbusters to best selling artists and authors – not just the hits, but the niche and hard-to-find as well – you’ll soon discover that hoopla provides you the freedom you've been searching for to experience, explore and enjoy what you want, when you want, and where you want. Simple to access and use, without the hassle of having to return the items you’ve borrowed, all you need is your library card, a web browser, smart phone or tablet to get started. The freedom you want is here, now. Sign up today!


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Hoopla Digital app reviews

  • Love Hoopla 5/5

    By Tauna E
    Only wish we could borrow more than 6 a month.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Have to go bye bye
    Love it
  • Three wishes 5/5

    By Annie loves Finn
    Makes me want to hear more from Ms MoriarIty and I’m delighted that Hoopla offers such a wide variety of popular reads!
  • OBSESSED 5/5

    By MeanManda
    Other audio book apps (coughcoughAudible) are so pricey!! I need to pay for the app AND the book?? No thanks. I’ll just use Hoopla and borrow from my local library FOR FREE!!! Happy “reading” y’all!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Dcolmers
    This app has been easy to use and has increased my frequency of checking out books and audiobooks. Thanks Enoch Pratt!
  • Good content. App not user friendly 2/5

    By Nicky458790
    The selection is great and I love the access to digital library content. However, the app is not very user friendly. When reading in the app, it doesn’t remember the settings I set and they have to be reset every time I open the app. It also doesn’t remember what page I was on when I reopen the app. I wish it gave you the option to export the ebook to kindle like Libby and Overdrive do.
  • AMAZING! 5/5

    By Angel_bunny3
    Such a great app! ❤️
  • Hip hoop hurray! 5/5

    By Flatlandet
    Hoopla opens up a world of literature to us all as we drive along or wash dishes or just relax. I say “thank you, Hoopla!”
  • Great! 5/5

    By Zamagal
    Wonderful way to conveniently borrow, listen & return audio books. And it’s free!
  • Great site 5/5

    By crazyalso
    I like the excellent selection of recently published books and the ability to choose books,videos and music by categories. They are an especially good source of audio books. I save a lot of time by not needing to go to the library. No other free book app comes close!
  • Use it every day 5/5

    By Philip Patrick
    Not a perfect app, but still worth five stars. It doesn’t have every book a person might want and there are some occasional glitches, but I use it every day and recommend it wherever I can. It has consistently exposed me to books and authors I wouldn’t have read if not for the app and for me that’s the bar for success.
  • Shattered 5/5

    By Beastmomma
    Enjoyed this book. I enjoy Hoopla and the convenience it offers. The site is very friendly. I find myself on the site for hours. Unfortunately there are times when some kind of glitch steals away one of my book allowances but I guess it can't be perfect.
  • Good but needs some work 3/5

    By Suzy1940
    I like that I can find titles to borrow through Hoopla that are not available on Libby or Overdrive. That’s a real plus and worth at least three stars. BUT, the app itself needs some improvement. First, it syncs between devices maybe only 50% of the time, making it frustrating to use. Second, there is no way to control the brightness of the screen so when reading in bed, it is way too bright. And third, the vertical orientation drives me nuts. I often read sitting at a table with my iPad propped on its stand, which is horizontal. This orientation thing seems pretty basic. In fact, this is the only book-reading app I have ever had that doesn’t provide ALL of the things that are missing in Hoopla. I will be eager to change my rating to five stars as soon as the developer fixes these fundamental issues.
  • Audiobooks 4/5

    By J tothe B
    In general pretty good, 4 stars because they don’t have full library of authors books nor do they have latest copies.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By 100's of books
    This is a wonderful way to read and listen to books and it’s free!!!!
  • Great book selection 5/5

    By ??fisherman??
    I do like the ease at which this app works. I can now read the books that I want without going to the library and spending time looking for them. I only download 1 or 2 at a time, so others can also order.
  • I prefer 10 books 4/5

    By TLB 7!
    I love the app but am very disappointed that I used to be able to check out 10 books & then you took that away from me so I can only check out 5.
  • Magpie murders 3/5

    By auntshielarosamaria
    Hard to maneuver I want e books..not audio books
  • From time to time 5/5

    By Mage and me
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By keegan bear
    I like the selection but some of the audio books that I really want are never there. But it is free...
  • Review of Hoopla 5/5

    By Daisybear2
    Love, love this app has suggested it to family and friends. I just wish I could borrow more then ten titles a month. I generally have too much month left and not any borrowers to borrow. Lol
  • Book was abridged 1/5

    By yodokus
    I borrowed The Codex by Douglas Preston. I had also borrowed the same title on cd from a local library but it had scratches. This version was read by a different person (didn't like him as much but thats ok) but more importantly, i quickly discovered the Hoopla version has big chunks missing from it. For example, at around 2:29, Tom and Sally steal a boat. On the cd, the police shoot at them and they barely escape but on the Hoopla version, they are immediately alone on the river. Its that way throughout the book. This happened with both streaming and downloading. No where did it say this book was abridged. So I guess this means that people will borrow from Hoopla but will be totally unaware that they aren't being given the complete book. Shame.
  • Girl, Wash Your Face 5/5

    By The Amanda Boone
    This book lit a new fire under me to take a step out in faith and go after my dreams wholeheartedly. Rachel challenges her readers to leave the past behind and push themselves forward to the future they have always wanted. She reminds us that we are the only ones who are standing in the way of what we want, and we are the only ones who can pull away from our past and step into our destiny.
  • We’ve enjoyed it! 4/5

    By GeoNicQ
    I really like the app so far! This is my first time listening to an audio book. I will say, I didn’t realize that I couldn’t have any OTHER books for the whole month aside form the 4 I have. I assumed if I deleted or returned a book, I could download another. The three easy children’s books I let my son pick out lasted less than an hour. We were both slightly disappointed he couldn’t read more, but happy nonetheless he was reading! There really is quite a selection of books and movies we were interested in!
  • 👍👍👍👍 5/5

    By Ry Guy77
    I refer this to everyone I know! Great resource and it's free! Love it!
  • Finally they got it right...... 5/5

    By gzr greenbean
    and not only does it work more reliably than earlier versions, but they have also greatly expanded the available content. Much better program than when I first downloaded it.
  • Mostly great! 4/5

    By strongphoto
    Love it. Tons of great music albums even obscure titles. Love the books on tape. All the great movies. My only complaint is that if you commute, 8 checkout limit a month is not enough. Should be at least 12.
  • Not enough availability 2/5

    By Neetzhana
    Every night I sit to watch I can’t get anything because the collective usage is complete
  • Not sufficient filter options. 1/5

    By dneteng
    You need to be able to select a media type and then search by author. This is pretty basic. If you select books then audio you can’t select an author or available now. All pretty basic but not available here. With only 8 per month I wasted all of them only finding all the media was the wrong type. Kind of useless with out these basic filters.
  • Audiobooks?? 1/5

    By MaryPaci
    Where are the audiobooks ? All I see is comics now.
  • Clunky 3/5

    By felix foswell
    Good news free, or almost. Bad news is this is the worst app on my ipad! Each reading has it crash at least twice, and if I close it and come back later, it is many chapters and pages behind where I left off even bookmarking
  • No longer works 1/5

    By Puppeteer71
    I’ve been trying to borrow graphic novels & audio books through my local library system. Several years ago, I was able to do so, as well as borrow films. However, this past year, every time I request an item, I get an error message: Sorry, our lending policy does not allow you to borrow this title. For further assistance, please contact the library. This is frustrating & confusing- I read on an IPad Pro & the most recent IPod Touch. My local library system is Minutemen Library System, which is the Greater Boston- west of the city: Cambridge, Arlington, Somerville, Waltham, Belmont, Brookline, etc. My local libraries are (primarily) Cambridge, Waltham, Somerville. This is a huge library system, amongst the most diverse, eclectic & largest in the States (even compared to NYC Burroughs [as a NY’er, the libraries are a disappointing], Ann Arbor, & Denver Metro/greater flat plains areas. My local library system & libraries do say they are participants of Hoopla. So, why do I keep getting the error message? Please help! If the error is corrected, I’d be happy to provide an updated review & give a higher score. Thanks.
  • Great service with Improving App 5/5

    By Carl.E.King
    I typically use hoopla for audiobooks and it has improved the interface AND the selection. When I began using hoopla, their app was not as easy to navigate, stop, start, resume, etc. Today, I have a hard time justifying a full price subscription to Audible.
  • Why was I not using this sooner!? 5/5

    By Paul A P
    I use hoopla almost everyday to read and listen to books. It has saved me money on required reading for courses too!
  • Please let us borrow more books 3/5

    By Collier.io
    I read a lot so 4 books a month is nothing
  • My service of choice 4/5

    By REMJR1950
    I use Hoopla on a daily bases.
  • Great 5/5

    By Crazy Theater Kid
    I absolutely ADORE this app. However, it would be nice if you could barrow more then five items a month, the music stayed downloaded longer then a week, and there was a better selection of just about everything. This app does have an amazing selection of musical soundtracks though, so if you are into theater, I would definitely check it out.
  • Worked great...Until 1/5

    By A.S. Davis
    The app had been working well. When I first started using it, you could download 8 items per month, now you have been limited to 2. I can overlook this annoyance, considering this feature id a convenience as part of the public library. This evening, I went to finish an ebook i had been reading, and now it appears that only “comics” are showing up as books. I had made no changes to any of my settings. Hopefully this is just an error, and not the actual direction of the app.
  • Doesn’t save spot 3/5

    By JSiira81
    I like this app in general, but since an update a while ago, It never saves my spot in my e-books anymore. It always goes back to the beginning of the chapter. VERY annoying
  • Convenient to use, lots to offer 5/5

    By sarashafer
    I love this app. I can find things to read or books to listen to as I drive and the choices seen limitless. I’m just starting to appreciate this resource. Thank you!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Zoo ska
    Love this app... I listen to audiobooks all the time!!
  • Yay! Hoopla 4/5

    By tiniest seed
    I love that my library has purchased access to this app. I have listened to many books, mostly Christian books. I am able to find many books here that I cannot find on Cloud library or RB digital. I gave it 4 stars because it can be a bit difficult to move between chapters. I may just not know how to access the chapters. There is bookmarking and note taking options. Thank you hoopla for allowing me access to books that have drawn me closer in my walk with Jesus!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Bask789
    Great app dependable
  • It has a lot of things to listen to! 5/5

    By sfidhcjvjvncbchchfhvjbng
    Really good! And fun to listen to. Could use more options though.
  • Needs a Chapter Viewer 4/5

    By cke1
    I love the app and would use it a lot more if it had a way to view all of the chapters and select the one you want in the audio books. The Libby app is set up that way and I use it more for that very reason. The audio book selection is great and would really benefit from the addition of a chapter viewer/selector.
  • Excellent Concept, Suggested Improvments 4/5

    By StreetTalk13
    Such an awesome resource for hard to find media, and I use this app very frequently! Definitely recommend to anyone before they buy an audiobook or subscription to audiobook service. It would be a huge upgrade to be able to make lists instead of just favorites. It would also be excellent to expand the controls of the audiobook (i.e. being able to jump to the beginning of chapters , place bookmark, add notes, fast forward or rewind at different intervals, etc) Lastly from ‘my hoopla’ - A way to ‘return early’ to remove the item from the shelf if done, or not interested. Thanks for your efforts in developing this app, i really do find it to be an above average resource!
  • Great app for reading or listening! 4/5

    By Toto08
    Good selection, although sometimes requires a bit of digging in the search feature. It is a great app for those that like to borrow eBooks. Also, I find it a bit unstable, especially on Bluetooth in our car. If WiFi is available, there are seldom problems. The eBooks also crash unpredictably on occasion. Overall, minor problems.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Chrisakasha
    I love Hoopla. They have more books than my library has. Must have.
  • My new favorite 5/5

    By nitabenson
    I’m so happy with hoopla I’ve had luck with finding about 95% of what I want. Very pleased with the app
  • So much fun 5/5

    By Jrl8121
    I love to read. I regularly have books from the library but Hoopla allows me to have ebooks and audio ready to go all the times when taking a real book is to difficult. Love it. Only wish my library allowed for more check outs. Also Hoopla has several books I cannot get at the public library.

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