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Hopper - Flight & Hotel Deals

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Hopper - Flight & Hotel Deals App

Relax — booking travel just got easy. Hopper predicts prices for flights and hotels, with 95% accuracy up to 1 year in advance. You can watch a trip right in the app and we’ll send you a notification when it’s the best time to buy — recommending you to book now, or maybe wait just a little longer. We’ve helped over 30 million travelers book trips around the world, saving them more than $1.8 billion to date. That’s a saving of up to 40%. Hopper features the major airlines in the US, Canada and around the world such as American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, Frontier, Spirit Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Air Transat, WestJet, British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, KLM & many more. Search Flights & Hotels Over a million flights, hotels, rental cars and cute bunnies. Plan Less, Travel More Instantly identify the cheapest dates with our calendar. Buy, or Watch and Wait Book flights or hotels straight away, or wait for a better price. Get Notified When it’s the best time to buy, our bunnies will let you know. Book in App Grab flights and hotels quickly, and securely, right in the app with a swipe. Some of the other awesome things you can do with Hopper: • Find the cheapest days to travel using our colour-coded calendar. • Use filters to get custom predictions that suit your trip — removing long layovers, stops, or basic fares that have extra fees and restrictions. • Get information and tips about airports and hotels. • Compare prices and amenities from hundreds of airlines and hotels around the world. • Receive personalized recommendations about deals you might like based on previous trips and your budget. • Save your bunny profile and payment details securely for even faster booking. • Our gentle Fair Bear will give you an overview of all the important details in the fine print. He’ll let you know about all the bits and pieces, like carry-on allowances to seat selection. • Get help 24/7 from our support agents, made up of actual, real bunnies, sorry no, real humans. Hopper has no ads, no spam, and no stress — just accurate predictions and the easiest way to book and save on flights and hotels. So relax — booking travel just got easy. Oh, and it’s free! So download Hopper and let’s start planning your trip. Hopper Love • “The 10 Best Free Apps for Air Travel Junkies” - TIME • "How Well Do Airfare Predictors Work? Hopper: 8/10, Kayak: 6/10, Google Flights: 0/10” - WSJ • “List reveals a number of apps from lesser-known travel services that bear looking into: Hopper, HotelTonight, trivago, Skyscanner” - AirfareWatchDog • “Compared to exact searches on Expedia, Kayak, and Orbitz, we regularly found that the best deal quoted on Hopper was the best” - Travel and Leisure • “Don’t neglect stand-alone airfare apps, including Hopper, Kiwi and Hitlist” - The Washington Post Say Hello to the Bunnies • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hoppertravel • Instagram: @hopper • Twitter: @hopper • Website: https://www.hopper.com Have a question or some feedback? Give us a shout at [email protected] and our bunnies will get back to you.

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Hopper - Flight & Hotel Deals app reviews

  • Useful 5/5

    By Jriverapr
    It keeps sending notifications and it’s good. It is very useful. Love it
  • This app is such a scam!! 1/5

    By nickgee420000
    I was researching hotels and every single hotel that I viewed it was atleast $20 more expensive than it was on the actual hotel website
  • Scam 1/5

    By Hollis1920
    Don’t use this “price freeze.” They will not honor it if the price increases and they would not refund your deposit. Total scam.
  • Love!! 5/5

    By and rew b
    Great service. Great prices. Great customer services. 10/10
  • Foreign exchange fees-BEWARE 1/5

    By deduc
    Note this company is located on Dubline, Ireland. If you use the app and you are in the US, you will be charged a foreign exchange fee. I think the app needs to be more transparent about this. I cancelled my reservation because I felt this was not noted as it should be and I also had concerns with the car reservation. It will take about 20 working days to get my full refund. Strange how they can charge your card within 24hrs but it takes 20 DAYS to get a refund!!!! WTH
  • Beware 1/5

    By TravisP2001
    Beware when buying flights through hopper. Even with the cancel anytime add on they will not refund your purchase.
  • Convenient to have on phone 4/5

    By Southern OR
    Great comparisons and alerts when prices change. I appreciate the option to freeze price or take their recommendations if prices will go up or down
  • Worst booking agency ever 1/5

    By Coolcoolcoolapppp
    Literally the worst booking agency CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A JOKE NO NUMBER JUST EMAIL THEYRE LIKE ROBOTS. DONT GET THIS APP. $500 in airline credits was lost and can’t be used this app is a scam
  • So so so helpful 5/5

    By Sophieduncan1988
    Being able to watch flights until they drop to a reasonable price is such a game changer. The price freeze option is amazing as well - pay a little down and the rest within 14 days to keep the price you see. Amazing.
  • Nice Place To Start 4/5

    By AmyChelsea123456
    I think Hopper is good at finding cheap flight rates, but they don’t offer the cheapest price for hotels, and also dismissed some hotels all together. I went on Hotels.com, Expedia, and Triviago, and they all had hotels I hadn’t seen on Hopper, and also had cheaper rates. But Hopper is very good for a newbie.
  • Use expedia. Stay away from this app. 1/5

    By amzungu
    Everything works well until there’s a problem.
  • Trash customer service 1/5

    By Nasty_pipes
    Tickets are good priced but they have some of the worst customer service, they made no effort to help me, I messaged them almost 20 days before my trip to resolve my issue and someone asked me for my email then I never here from them again until after I left for the trip I needed help with, like I said tickets are good priced but you better not mess up cause they will not help or at least they will “try”
  • Bait and switch 1/5

    By Arupnow
    Used to love the app but it seems like it shows you a cheap price and then asks you to “upgrade” in several ways. Then if you don’t take the bait they just say oh no your flight price went up by x amount (however much they tried to bait you into paying). Yikes guys.
  • Horrible customer service!! 1/5

    By Nursejadek
    The customer service via email is terrible. There is no number to call and talk to a person. I spoke to the airline (American) that I was traveling with who was willing to help me with my problem, but couldn’t because I booked through the hopper. The hopper customer service person was unwilling to help saying it was airline policy when it certainly was not! DO NOT USE THIS APP TO BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Helpful 5/5

    By Ms. Moss
    Very helpful website with great rates.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By VirginIslands95
    They kept my money on hold after saying error and did not return my funds right away causing me to lose out on a flight. Smh! I won’t recommend for the use of booking flights!
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By dvnhsfjkhdchtsfv
    The app works well and delivers discount airfare successfully and in a pleasant and intuitive UI to boot. I liked being able to add insurance to my trips through Hopper and the premium seemed on par with third party offerings. I believe I saved roughly 20% compared to other travel service aggregator apps. Providing the feature to time the purchase of airfare to further reduce the price and also the option to lock in a price for a small per diem is excellent. Docking one star because I’m getting too many notifications either trying to sell me more trips or add-ons that I’ve already passed on. I’ve stopped watching any new trips, but the notifications keep on rolling in. There is no menu for selecting what kinds of notifications to allow through the app and so really the only option is to turn off all app notifications at the OS level which is untenable because I still want to receive alerts and travel advisories regarding my booked trips. I understand that selling users on trips and add-ons is an important part of your business model, but I have to imagine trying not to annoy your customers is probably at least as important to your business, if not more. My suggestion is to give the user control over the volume of marketing you subject them to. The barrage of marketing is wasted on users like myself that have already given you plenty of business and whose schedules are already busy with the trips booked through your service. Other than that, I must say you’ve built a great app and service. Keep up the good work.
  • My experience with hopper. 5/5

    By Happy customer Richy
    My experience overall was a life saver thanks again!!
  • Newbie! 5/5

    By DGHamel
    This was my first time using Hopper! What a great experience! So helpful and it took the headache out of trying to figure out flights by myself!
  • Hopper VIP service 5/5

    By Dh;)
    Well worth the cost to include the VIP service! They are promptly available to assist, should you have a change in your itinerary or if you simply have a question! Exceptional service!
  • Card denied for no real reason 4/5

    By Burns8888
    My Diners Club International card is not accepted, still.
  • Just takes up space 1/5

    By Maxaz44
    A google search will find you better deals so don’t even bother.
  • Price Freeze Deposit 1/5

    By traveler254
    Be ware. Price freeze deposit is non refundable. They do not make that known so make sure you use it the price freeze feature if you do the freeze. If I would do it again I would just purchase the ticket instead of freezing it. Chances are your ticket will be much higher.
  • Job interview 5/5

    By lealiehuh
    Amazing prices in a short time crunch For an interview I had to create flight plans hopper found great prices.
  • Your better off looking on a website 1/5

    By Zagreus King
    Extremely over priced they make paying $600 for a flight look cheap compared to this app they want $900 to go from nyc to Miami and it’s not even a nonestop flight u have to do extra stops what am I paying 900 for then the view?
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Leeantie
    One star is too much for this review. The app has multiple bugs, and customer service doesn’t seem to care. I was trying to book a hotel a few weeks ago, and I used the “pet friendly” filter to book a hotel. I called the hotel to confirm the booking from Hopper and it turns out they are not pet friendly so I had to cancel the reservation and find another hotel. Thanks Hopper! Today I tried to book a flight and I couldn’t past the option to add insurance. Even if I selected the option to add insurance, I still couldn’t move forward. I called the only customer service number I could find online (the app or website doesn’t have contact information to customer service lol) and I was greeted by someone who probably didn’t even work for Hopper because they told me the app was down but couldn’t verify that they were with Hopper. How can a company not provide their customers with any numbers or emails to customer service? The website says you can talk to customer service after you book something, but what happens when you can’t even book something because the mobile app is complete trash? Hopper is probably the worst app I have ever used and I would recommend to save the time and just book through a legitimate airline or hotel instead.
  • COVID flights 1/5

    By Missy Wit
    I had to cancel one flight and anther one the carrier cancelled now I am out 2800 dollars. I would never use this sight again. Poor customer service and sight is difficult to navigate codes for flights. P467LS. And. E 1VWyL
  • Package deals 1/5

    By WillieIpad2
    I was hoping to book a package deal for my up coming trip, (flight and Hotel). I was recommended to hooper. But, there are no package deals… Heading back to trusted Expedia, where I know I can rely on them…. And I’m not surprised this review blog will not proceed with out me giving at least one star rating… so disappointing
  • Helpful for timing and booking 5/5

    By Gillmoro
    I have used hopper several times and find it to be cheaper and more user friendly than online search engines for travel booking.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By JrJWM
    Great tracking app. Pricing is accurate and timely, and it’s easy to book if you want.
  • Ticket 5/5

    By Babakhanov
    They are the best 🌷 All workers are best really nice and professional of their work !!!!
  • Worst customer service 1/5

    By Skipwme
    I have been using Hopper since it launched. Recently I booked a “flex flight” which apparently isn’t truly flexible. I attempted to change my return flight and was told I missed the window. That you can’t change a rerun flight if you take the first flight. I thought that must be a mistake so requested help. I received an email back saying I could change my flight and to do it through the app. The app still was not allowing me to so I reached out again. Mind you by this time is been trying to get ahold of someone for two days. Finally someone answers me but only after the price of the flight goes up 44 dollars. And they tell me. There’s nothing they can do to help me. I’ll have to book a new flight. I showed them the email stating I could change and they refused to acknowledge it. Very disappointed.
  • Do not download 1/5

    By mildelacruz
    I am very skeptical of downloading airplane apps, but I finally gave in and downloaded this one because it had good reviews. As someone who loves to travel, I was excited to find an app I could start using to find cheaper airline tickets. I ended up finding tickets to Barcelona at $600 and saw that I was able to price freeze this trip. Since it was a Wednesday, and I was waiting for my bonus + check, I decided to use this option so I could just pay for the tickets on Friday. Of course when Friday came around, the tickets were at $900. DO NOT LET THEM TRICK YOU INTO THIS PRICE FREEZE SCAM. I looked on Google flights and the tickets were still at $600 but on the app, it no longer was giving me that option. It was only showing me the tickets over $900. And the best part was - my price freeze was useless. They only covered it, if it went over $100. In total, with the “price freeze” I was going to have to pay $800 for tickets that I originally found for $600. This was upsetting and I contacted customer support for them to tell me that I couldn’t get a refund and that there was nothing they could do at all. I lost $80 to this stupid app. It’s just $80 but it’s the principle. I doubt they ever let people know if tickets decrease. Do not download this app. Stick to google flights, you get better deals on there and it makes you book directly through the airline not these idiotic third party apps that scam you.
  • Site was simple prices were almost to good to be true 5/5

    By canyon Lakegirl
    So easy very excited
  • Wonder App 5/5

    By lcraig608
    Saved us hundreds of dollars by alerting us when prices dropped on a family Mexico trip.
  • Cancelled trip due to Covid 1/5

    By Daniel0712$$
    On April 2020 my trip was canceled due to the COVID 19. I paid for two tickets more than $1200 American Airlines refund me $900 and Hopper change me more $300 for comisión. And here’s hopper confirmation number MCSCWH There is no phone number to call, no direct email contact. Someone contact me many months ago and said he was going to find out what happened, but until today nothing
  • Hopper 5/5

    By Chuwant
    Always reliable for flights
  • Worst app ever. 1/5

    By Micah Millsap
    I had to wait an hour and a half because their credit card company they used was down and had a card declined. All in all I should have just paid the hotel myself. They didn’t even save me money because of their fees. Hopper is a scam! Buyer beware!
  • Easy to use / saves me money 5/5

    By Hard Rocker101
    It’s easy to save money using Hopper. It helps plan your purchase with direct prompts and easy to understand instruction
  • Nathanial frank 5/5

    By nate042991
    The best thing about this app is that it shows you the dates of the most affordable prices. That helps me plan my trip.
  • 2 months and still no refund 1/5

    By CandiedSage
    I booked a hotel room and the room was disgusting and it was labeled a 3 star hotel. Front desk gave us a different room but it wasn’t even clean yet. So I asked the hotel for a refund and they did. I’m still waiting on hopper to return my money! They don’t make it easy to contact them theyr don’t have a number to email to contact them and the number I find on google doesn’t work..spent money on a new hotel and still lost out on my money I booked through this garbage app
  • The worst customer experience 1/5

    By aprilmayjunjuly0414
    Please add the feature for customers to use their own refunded credit through the app directly and efficiently. I had to wait 24hrs to get APPROVED of using my own flight credits from Hopper and email 6 times back and forth with customer service to let them know which flight schedules i would like to book. Plus, during this unnecessary communicating time, the flight ticket price got increased and now I have to pay extra amount of flight tickets than what we’ve originally discussed for. This whole experience took me a whole day to communicate and still hasn’t resolved. I am going to delete the app and never download again after using my leftover credit.
  • Stranded in Miami 1/5

    By Blarfengarf
    Hopper let me book a weeklong hotel stay at red roof inn just to find out the day I arrive that the hotel has been closed for 2 years due to covid-19. THEN after a long wait I get a different confirmation for another hotel that I can’t check into until 3pm. I landed at 8am. So I bite the bullet and wait. Get to second hotel and MY RESERVATION DOESNT EXIST. I will never use hopper again. $500+ down the drain.
  • Very Satisfied 5/5

    By mamaB53
    I have used Hopper soooooMany times. Each time have been highly satisfied with the Flights and accommodations. Will continue to use them.
  • Cost too much 3/5

    By 1971Jazzy
    I feel these prices are extortionary.
  • Don’t Use Hopper 1/5

    By pichikina
    Worst app ever. Terrible service.
  • Hopper app 4/5

    By kdrph
    So easy to use. Also great because it lets you know if it’s a good price or if you should wait til it gets cheaper
  • Hopper is the best app since sliced bread 5/5

    By taptruck
    Notifications are easy and accurate. Super awesome! Set your location, watch the flights and book when it says to.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Sebas the Messiah
    Missed my connecting flight and thanks to the protection plan I was able to get on the next one for free.