Hotwire: Last Minute Hotels

Hotwire: Last Minute Hotels

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Hotwire: Last Minute Hotels App

Save even more with exclusive, last-minute travel deals in the Hotwire app. Hot Rate® deals make booking travel easy, exciting, and affordable! 1. You pick the star-rating, location, amenities, and price. 2. We reveal your top-notch, deeply-discounted hotel right after booking. 3. Done and done. We've added new ways for you to hack your trip and get the best deal, available only on the app: • Discounted pricing and app-only coupons. Saving cash looks good on you. • Draw your ideal neighborhood. Circle a specific location on the map, and we’ll find you a Hot Rate® Hotel right there. • Sync with your schedule. You can add trip details directly to your calendar in a matter of seconds. The Hotwire app packs in everything our customers love about our site—and more—including: • Unbeatable deals up to the last minute. Hotwire is the go-to app for booking money-saving, unforgettable trips. Book weeks in advance or the day of. Either way, Hotwire has you covered. • Thousands of hotels to choose from. Think: trendy, boutique properties and iconic brands like Fairmont, Hyatt, and Marriott. • Get 1 of 2 Hot Rate® Hotels. Hacking your Hot Rate® just got easier in the app. We’ll show two hotels, and you’re guaranteed to stay at one of them. • Our low price guarantee. Book with confidence—our rates won’t be beat. • 24/7 customer service. Message our team with any questions, day or night. NEW iOS 14 Features! DEAL WIDGET: Plan a last-minute getaway in just a few taps with Hotwire’s new deal widget! Check out top weekend deals near you, right from your home screen. Just add the widget and enable location services to get goin’. APP CLIP: New to Hotwire? Try out our App Clip, available via on your mobile device. See app-exclusive features, including hotel reviews, and quickly book using Apple Pay. The App Clip will also keep your reservation details on your home screen for up to 10 days. Can’t get enough? You can also easily download the full Hotwire app!

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Hotwire: Last Minute Hotels app reviews

  • Company to avoid at any cost 1/5

    By randevu1989
    I was charged for renta car, went to pick it up, they refused to rent me bce at the moment i had no major credit card on me. When I called and asked to get money back they replied that they can only do one time curtsy and give me hotwire bucks to use on their website. They have refused to refund me money period. I filed claim and almost month later still haven’t received money back. Would highly advise you to stay away from this guys, they simply are there to rob you of your money and don’t care about customers experience.
  • Complete scam, stole 156 dollars and wastes time 1/5

    By lebed2045
    How do you like that? You paid money, and they just don’t give you a booking. Support waisted time and just told to write expedia support. Why? They don’t know, can’t return money, don’t know anything.
  • My mistake - Hotwire corrected 5/5

    By trailin
    I booked my no refundable hotel for the wrong date. I contacted the hotel and they couldn’t help correct. I contacted Hotwire who got involved and fixed my issue. It was my fault but they straightened it out. Great price and service . I recommend this travel service as a great option to save money.
  • Fake HotRate “deals” 1/5

    By Bobbys785
    The HotRate “savings” aren’t real. They just charge it back in the Fees/taxes section so the final cost will be the same as it would be if you just booked the hotel directly.
  • SCAMMMMM 1/5

    By tomsvdtan akdy
  • FINE AT FIRST…. Then they will rip you off. 1/5

    By kaje822
    I was promised a full refund to my credit card with no cancellation fee. when I didn’t receive the credit 3 weeks later I talked to them again. They decided all I can have is “hot dollars” and a fee ! They are rude and unhelpful. Save your money and book through someone else.
  • Four-star it’s not even a three star 1/5

    By year of the rat
    Hot tubs and pools are often closed and you’ll never know
  • Wrong hotel 2/5

    By nickkty
    When I queried “what hotel will I get” , I did not get one of the 4 hotels posted!! I’m a very long time client of Hotwire, and I’m disappointed!
  • Don’t go to the o 1/5

    By james pulliam
    I booked a hot rate hotelHe said it was gonna give me options between Motel 6 the Holiday Inn and the Markham O. and just my luck I got the merkham o. and there was no rooms available. and they would not refund my money. so I was stuck in a hot car with my kids. Not resolved
  • Booked the wrong location 5/5

    By USTrsveler90328
    Search for a hotel in Tysons corner Virginia. The booking system put me in a hotel in Reston Virginia which is definitely not Tysons corner!
  • La mejor app 5/5

    By SoyLaVozPR
    Llevo años utilizando Hotwire para hoteles y autos. Siempre encuentro los mejores precios en todo la recomiendo siempre vivo enamorado de nis buenas experiencias al utilizarla 🥰
  • Wrong state 1/5

    By Ckuky
    Double check the HotWire search function. I wanted Prairie Island, Minnesota. It gave me Prairie Island, Iowa. No refund. But I got some HotBuck credits. Had to eat $20. So that was awesome.
  • No Car no Refund 1/5

    By buggygreenemployee
    Reserved car through Hotwire from Hertz no one at the counter unable to pick up car. Had to book car through another company Hotwire would not refund the car rental stating Hot Rates are highly restrictive. I don’t care how restrictive these rates are the product or service has to be delivered.
  • Left without a hotel at midnight after 7 hour drive 1/5

    By Nate1560
    They sent us to an overbooked hotel, refunded us but will take days ti process while on vacation, then sent us to another overbooked hotel after charging us again, left us with even less money that will take days to process back into our accounts, and yet we still have no place to stay after 7 hours.

    By TCSC25
    I was stuck in Dallas and booked a hotel with the last of my funds. The system then charged me and withdrew the funds from my bank account but I never received the hotel. I contacted support and went back and forth for an hour telling them I needed this to be resolved and they said it was my bank’s responsibility now. They acknowledged it was their error but would do nothing to make it right. I now have to sleep in my car so let this review serve as the evidence for my legal counsel to demonstrate Hotwire’s liability if anything happens to me.
  • Car Rentals - NOPE 1/5

    By HeyHeyHey691324 "Prices are better in the app." Me: "I'll download the app. Who doesn't like better prices." Hotwire app: "Enter all the information (multiple times). And each time you hit 'search for cars' we will kick you out of the app and return you to your iPhone Home Screen." Me: :'o Also me: Delete app and reinstall. Hotwire app: "Enter all the information (multiple times). And each time you hit 'search for cars' we will kick you out of the app and return you to your iPhone Home Screen." Me: "My momma didn't raise no idiot." Delete Hotwire app and go to Orbitz and Enterprise. You: Don't bother...

    By devontaytwj
    Hotwire never lets me down. Good job Hotwire.
  • The app rarely opens 1/5

    By brianblam!
    No matter where I am or what city I’m in the app only opens about 10% of the time. I have a great phone a great plan and it’s not that. It’s the app. Please fix! The rare time I’m able to get in the app is fine. But that’s the problem. I rarely get in. Therefore the low rating.
  • People don’t know how to review 4/5

    By iMissCobain
    People are leaving reviews for the hotels they stay at under the Hotwire reviews. Real smart.. it’s not Hotwire’s fault you chose the cheapest deal hotel and then complain it’s cheap and not up to par. As for Hotwire app, yeah there are some things that can be approved but overall I’ve had success finding good rates on the types of rooms I want. Sometimes it’s slightly better ratels than Hotels com app and sometimes it’s the other way around. It’s a not a perfect world.. if you know how to navigate it you won’t spend time blaming everyone but yourself for your oversight.
  • Very Good 4/5

    By Ana Maria T
    So far I haven’t had any problems with Hotwire . I’ve made reservations by my mistake and most of the time they fixed it for me . And also I’ve gotten very good hotel and car deals .
  • App is almost unusable 1/5

    By MSF42
    I love Hotwire. I’ve used it dozens of times over the years. However, the iPhone app is horrible.
  • Allows its vendors to violate ADA law 1/5

    By Robzzrobnzz
    This company is completely ok with its vendors illegally violating the ADA LAWS and guidelines. Allowing them to charge customers illegally and does nothing about it. I MEAN NOTHING. Customer service is a complete joke. After notifying them of the issue they decided to remain complicit in the act of commuting a federal offense by doing nothing to resolve the issue with their vendor. As well as continuing to offer said vendor to customers in the future. I’m my opinion your as guilty as they are for this lack of action.
  • Good Deals 4/5

    By ahsjkfr
    My favorite app to book hotel rooms.
  • Worst service ever 1/5

    Worst service ever not helpful customer service
  • Scammers 1/5

    By Muji Haru
    Used it 4 times and disappointed all the times. We went for the vacation to chill and have waste my 1-2 hours with them to resolve the issue. There is not a day when i said i am satisfied with the Hotwire. I suggest anyone not to use it and don’t fall with these scammers. I am never ever gonna use it anymore. No customer service at all. If you call the only thing you will here is I can’t do anything on that. Wow Really?
  • Hotwire is the way to go 5/5

    By wtjfan
    I’ve used Hotwire for almost ten years and it’s been great . I’ve taken family vacations bought plane tickets rented cars and hotels awesome. I’ve had to cancel car rentals and hotels and always received a refund with no problem. The only thing I would suggest to all of those that had problems using Hotwire is to always confirm with airline,car rental or hotel when u book. Don’t wait til the last minute because you won’t have any luck with Hotwire or any other company.
  • My $300 balcony room 1/5

    By numineonthehill
    They won’t let me load a picture of the rooftop balcony we paid for, so disappointed
  • Hot deals are the best!! 5/5

    By krripo
    I use Hotwire frequently when we are looking for a good deal and don’t care about which exact hotel we get. 9 times out of 10 we are very pleased with what we get!
  • Allow Hotwire to use your location 1/5

    By mjm.00
    Allow Hotwire to use your location. Sorry we could not get details..
  • Airline employee very happy 5/5

    By Marblesuper
    My airline kicked out the pilots in SFO and now we fly out of LAX. Family in SFO…job in LAX. I use Hotwire weekly to get rooms either pre or post my trips. Never had a problem. Usually book a couple of days in advance because if you expect the price to drop, Lufthansa cancels a flight and books 300 rooms leaving you a $$$$ room or a van down by the river. Satisfied customer.
  • Mr. V 4/5

    By Illbeatinu
    It doesn’t look like upper scale Hotels in Pleasanton Dublin area, but the Quality inside is where it hits home. Great TV channels, nice indoor pool, plus Jacuzzi,& small but comfortable fitness room. Quiet, plenty of free parking, and last but not least the staff. Very generous,genuine, put together staff.
  • Books wrong hotels 1/5

    By luigifa31
    It shows you a couple pictures of the hotels you may be getting if you book a room. But at the end it sends you to the wrong hotel. Not the one that they showed at first
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Scott Ken
    The app continues to crash. I have deleted it for good this time.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By jazbezz
    Hot Rate used to give you pretty good deals. Now they just stick you with the hotels that have terrible reviews but maintain their high prices. You’re better off choosing your own hotel and booking directly through their brand website.
  • “Deals”’not actually available! 2/5

    By Jaybeep
    So tired of clicking on what looks like a great deal only to see a message to the effect of “sorry, that one is gone”. Update your data Hotwire!!!! You’re becoming more and more useless if I can’t actually get the rates that pop up when I search!
  • Lying about the full price! 1/5

    By meitars
    It might says there are no hotel fees but when you get to the hotel they can charge you anything they want basically and the app says it’s legit. I got charged more than additional 100$ (!) in daily destination fees but hotwire support told me “resort/hotel fee and daily destination fee is totally different” so the hotel can charge them, it wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the app! STAY AWAY!!
  • An app full of bugs 1/5

    By teghon
    A Hotwire customer service rep told me, “I recommend that in the future you user our desktop website and NOT the app. The app has a lot of problems”. That’s all I need to say. I still see bugs on the app that I experienced a year ago, so I don’t think Hotwire is giving it attention.
  • Was good till this happened 1/5

    By idvdkcyd
    I book a hotel and they sent the confirmation to an email that I have not used in 10 years. I could not get a confirmation code or location , customer service kept telling me I use a different email address but when I look at over 50 prior bookings. It all came to my email address that I use on my app, and the stupid thing is the day before I made another booking and it was ok and I got it to my email address I use. so I had to use a different app and make a different hotel booking , they still charge me even after I text customer service and they said they could not find that booking under my user name and email address given. So be very cautious. If you downloaded this app century ago and change your email and zip , they may send the confirmation to that useless address and charge you anyways.
  • Is Hotwire even legit? 1/5

    By Nick Name Taken 01234
    A few observations: 1) they had an app promo of 10% off for first time booking. I usually use my computer but tried the app instead. Lo and behold the prices on the computer is the same as the app with the 10% discount… Price discrimination isn’t illegal but they advertised a fake deal. 2) Booked a trip to Nashville and without informing me the reservation was cancelled. Great now I’m here without a hotel… I call, an email, an app update. Any of it would’ve sufficed. But for me to get to the hotel to be informed my reservation was cancelled? You can do better
  • Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By Floored!
    Good deals but you better hope and pray nothing goes wrong because your not getting any help from these people. I am leaving this review before I delete app. On top of everything they claimed I saved 15% on the hot deal but charged me $20 more a night then if I would've booked directly with the hotel. Wonder how long this dumpster fire is going to last
  • It’s not easy being great 5/5

    By Bizhlp
    I have been using Hotwire for has saved me a lot of money (although I only use it for business not with the wife…however having said that she did get a suite in Boston for $90 once…I was a hero on that one). I recently booked a hotel by mistake..I was able to get an operator who was able to cancel the reservation and give me a credit..which I used on my next visit. I do understand that sometimes things just screw up…as a consumer we want to be taken care of…that starts with company training. I do give companies especially in the hospitality industry the benefit of the doubt as it’s been hard to find people to work.
  • Wrong hotel 1/5

    By yh soso
    They selected a hotel not listed in the option
  • Use website, NOT THIS APP! 1/5

    By La-La_LaShay
    Never an issue on the website but this app is a scam! The website has never disappointed me, even helped me reuse a credit multiple times.
  • Extremely bad customer service. 1/5

    By Boerner Family
    They charge you up front before you stay anywhere. I had a trip planned to the keys. I had to cancel because of a storm. I could not get my money back. They explained I could get it in the form of “hot dollars” which they still have not given me. Each customer service rep that was texting me was different each day and they each kept asking me the problem, when they could scroll up and look at the conversation. You cannot call them, only text. Extremely unhelpful. My money was taken by Hotwire.
  • STAY AWAY 1/5

    By hgfdtubxss
    Just use Expedia or even better The customer service is a joke, they refused to refund me, basically nothing went right through this joke of a company. Money hungry scammers. Booked after midnight, couldn’t check in until 3pm…… no refund just Hotwire dollars to do it allll over again
  • Hotwire 5/5

    By writellllll
    Hotwire booking have always been good to me. Never had a problem with booking and all the rooms been nice
  • Not Helpful!!! Not Honest!!! 1/5

    By TheFreeRetiree
    Used Hotwire for many years. But it has recently changed for the worse. They have misleading descriptions and maps to push hotel in undesired areas. I tried to book on the strip in Las Vegas. Their title “center strip.” They have a rectangle on the center strip so you assume that’s what your getting. They gave me a hotel 2 miles away in the middle of no where. No one help at customer service. Gave me a “Hot Wire Credit” after my complain minus $60 dollars. Said it would automatically be applied. Tried to use it in my next booking it wasn’t applied. Said I need to book from a desktop not the Hotwire app. Dealt with 7 reps in total. None of them care. They say they will call to ask hotels for reimbursement but it’s just a lie. They aren’t really trying to help. If they can scam you for $60 dollars and give you a credit they probably get some props for screwing the customer. BEWARE THEY HAVE CHANGED CUSTOMERS ARE NOT IMPORTANT. Pay more at kayak and Southwest vacations they frustration and time you’ll waste isn’t worth it. You’ll eventually get a bad hotel bc they quality is slipping, and then you me upset.
  • Buggy app, charged me twice, no refund 1/5

    By Yama Arashi
    I tried to book a room. It said payment not accepted. So I tried to book another room. Apparently, the first one which said payment not accepted also got charged. So I got charged for two rooms for the same night. Hotwire said sorry no refund. This company is a serious scam. Wish I had looked at the reviews before using it!
  • Bad Business 1/5

    By Rjbos781
    I booked a car in Fort Lauderdale through the app. I got charged 26% taxes. When I got to the rental place they charged me again the same amount. So out of the total charge 52% was just taxes. I don’t know any state in the country that charges 26% on taxes. So I go to the rental agency to ask more info about the charges, they showed me the state law on taxes and why they charge me. So I go back to Hotwire support and asked them why they charge me for taxes when you have to pay at the agency. They explicitly told me that they don’t know why. I asked them what was the percentage they charge for taxes, they replied saying they don’t have any information. So they charge me 26% and they don’t know why or how. The only option they gave me was to ask the rental agency. The rental agency told me they can only answer for themselves. So Hotwire trapped me and toke my money without explanation. There is a huge gap in the system that leaves us costumers with no control or proper explanation on the bookings. I’m beyond disappointed. Turns out I would’ve gotten a better rate direct with the agency. And now I’m left with no information or power to fix this matter. So think twice before joining them. There is no savings or good deals on the app.