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HoursTracker: Hours & Pay

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  • Current Version: 4.6.9
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HoursTracker: Hours & Pay App

QUICK AND EASY time entry and editing make time tracking painless • Record time using timers, complete with support for Breaks and Pauses, including automatic breaks • Track your pay, including Tips, Mileage, and flexible ± time and earnings adjustments • Pick any time to start, stop, break or pause the timer (7 minutes ago, 10 minutes from now, whatever you need) • Set job locations to get clock in and out reminders when you arrive or leave or fully automate your time tracking (geofencing) • Manually enter time entries with minimal effort thanks to smart, adaptive defaults • Enter comments of any length with your time entries and optionally include them in your exports • Control timers, dictate comments, and apply tags using your Apple Watch ADVANCED FEATURES and customization set HoursTracker above the rest • Automatic daily and weekly overtime earnings calculations • Built-in reports by Day, Week, and Month and support for most common pay period schedules • Robust tagging and filtering allow you to build your own custom views • Reminders when you've worked your target number of hours per day (even takes time rounding into account) • Automatic time rounding: up, down, or to nearest (including 6 min) • Easily copy an existing job or time entry to save time and effort • Reminders you to clock in on your selected work days • Today Widget for at a glance time and pay monitoring • CSV and formatted text export via e-mail or the iOS Share Sheet • Passcode lock (with Touch ID & Face ID support) helps keep your HoursTracker data private • Cloud-based backup/restore with one re-usable backup slot included free (free account sign up is required) • Web-based reporting access, including charts, graphs, desktop exports, and rolling backups available with optional subscription • Customize your HoursTracker experience in the Preferences section under the More tab. Choose only one or many jobs clocked in at a time, opt-into prompts for comments, choose an elapsed time format (hours:minutes, or decimal hours), and more "Free Edition" stores up to 3 jobs and 21 days of entries. For unlimited entries, upgrade to the "Personal" (up to 5 jobs) or "Pro" (unlimited jobs) edition. Or, erase older data and continue to use the "Free Edition" until you're ready to buy. Visit our website at http://www.hourstrackerapp.com to learn more, and follow @HoursTracker on Twitter or facebook.com/HoursTracker to hear about upcoming features first.

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HoursTracker: Hours & Pay app reviews

  • Excellent App! 5/5

    By good_venson
    This app makes keeping track of working hours a breeze. While the UI is very plain and my grandma probably could have built it, the features are very rich and diverse. One feature that I especially appreciate is the ability to clock in and out “as of” whatever time you want. There are so many times when I forget to clock in or out, and with the stop-watch method I was using there wasn’t really any way to fix it. With this app, that is no longer an issue. Another feature that really makes bookkeeping a breeze is the ability to send reports via email with an attached csv file in which the data is presented in a well structured manner.
  • Was 3*, now it’s 2* 2/5

    By Remote reviewer
    It’s a good app but I’m disheartened bc I don’t think the developers even considered my suggestion, which is to Add paid time off feature. And another issue From time to time, the app keeps miscalculating my wages and I don’t know how to fix it.
  • Good App - Poor Customer Service 3/5

    By Stormiii1
    I have had the free version for a while but wanted to track more than a few projects so I paid to upgrade. I wish I hadn’t. The app suddenly tracks in five minute increments and when I emailed them, I got a generic response letting me know that they received my request for help. That’s it. I have no other way of reaching out to them. I’m so disappointed. It is true what they say, “You get what you pay for.” Stick with the free version or find one that you pay for monthly. They usually have good customer service.
  • App works okay... sometimes 2/5

    By Facebookisdying
    The time tracking works fine, notes are constantly getting erased.
  • Great app for tracking hours 5/5

    By Isaacportillo
    This app is great! I just wish there was an option for making a specific day overtime regardless of how many regular hours worked. For instance I get paid 1.5x on saturdays even if I haven’t worked my 40 for the week. If there is such an option could someone point it out to me?
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Lidia Monroe
    I love it! Everything on it works great and I love the Apple Watch integration. I wish they had an iPad version of this app, but otherwise it’s perfect.
  • Great for freelancers 5/5

    By douglasw7
    I do freelance work, and this app is awesome for keeping track of time on different projects. It’s very forgiving—if you for get to clock in, you just use the Clock In At feature. If you forget to clock out, you hit Clock Out At. If you forgot to clock in and out at all, you can enter or edit it manually. At the end of the month, I run a report that gives me a full breakdown of my time and totals by project. It takes a little fiddling to figure out the best reporting options, but it’s also very flexible to suit different needs. This app is a godsend for anyone who needs to track time by project and/or client.
  • Wish there was Dark mode 5/5

    By Blockertester
    Any plans in doing a dark mode?
  • Missing Key Functionality 3/5

    By Legacy Pioneer
    I’ve used the personal edition of this app for years and am now looking for app that supports the basic function of marking entries as “Paid”. Many of my jobs are irregularly paid. Most of the time, after their paid, I want them hidden, because they’re no longer relevant. Sometimes Pay Periods happen on different days of the week. The tag function has been glitchy and at this point not worth the pro upgrade in my opinion. It’s really sad when great apps like this, are missing obvious and simple functionality that make them a pleasure to use. As of now, I’ve gotten to the point of frustration with the lack of this feature, that I’m looking to move on to something that does.
  • Like this app 4/5

    By haptics69
    I like this app since day 1 but please have a feature that supports siri in Apple Watch.
  • No Hundredths of an hour 3/5

    By kfjdndjf
    Would be a lot better if I could track my time in hundredths of an hour since my work time clock tracks time that way.
  • Wonderful time tracking app! 4/5

    By Glitched79
    This is absolutely essential for freelancers who charge by the hour. I’m giving 4 stars instead of 5 only because I feel like this app is missing one key feature - the ability to quickly mark entries as “paid”. Some of my clients pay on an irregular schedule. I keep a log of all time entries for each client, which I bill out to them the next time I see them in person. It would be great if I could mark jobs/entries as “paid” after I receive payment from a client. Otherwise, this app is amazing and fully worth the paid upgrade to “Pro”.
  • It works but ...... 2/5

    By Nikkablue
    I don’t like that I can’t use this in landscape mode on my iPad
  • Resolved our issues! 5/5

    By mkettleson
    My husband & I both track our hours to allocate them to revenue/invoices ... so we signed up on the web for subscriptions to sync this app’s data to the web. This is a great tool for anyone who needs to document how they use their hours. When we were shut down for COVID-19, we cancelled both subcriptions. Weeks later they charged my husband his $1.99 monthly fee anyway. He contacted them & got it reversed quickly, and I contacted them again the same day to make sure that wouldn’t happen to me. They acknowledged my email. Then today they charged our empty business account the $19.99 anyway, costing additional overdraft charges. Once I reached a developer I was able to get the $19.99 reversed the same day and the bank no longer showed an overdraft or overdraft charges. We all have challenges with the COVID-19 impact and stay-at-home orders. I appreciate that I was able to reach someone at this business and get the service I needed!
  • Employee 5/5

    By Lolallthewaytothebank
    Thank you so much. I feel the fool. Is it possible to delete my review? If so please do. Im sorry for my lack of common sense. And i truly do love the app. It is better than my calculations, obviously. Thank you.
  • Good app but needs updating 3/5

    By Vcsawyer
    I’ve had the app for a few months and it’s been working fine until recently. I discovered that it’s miscalculating the hours worked and pay rate on the days I work overtime. It just started doing that a couple of weeks ago. I checked the details I put in and nothing has changed. For some reason it’s just counting the hours wrong. Hopefully you can fix this issue.
  • Useful & Straightforward + Feature Request 4/5

    By makuznar
    Great app, well made and useful. One quick feature request would be a way to export an invoice straight from the app. The raw days is super nice, but an invoice button would be appreciated!
  • Why I cannot backup? 4/5

    By Gamma state
    A good app, but what annoying me is the manual backup. Why it shows that check my connection every time when I manual backup? Even if there is no network problem. Does anyone meet this problem before?
  • Just wow 5/5

    By Zuccerberger
    This is the most easy to use app for tracking hours bar none, I’d highly suggest it for anyone who wants to make sure your pay is up to what it’s supposed to be, with brake inputs, and an automatic thingy for including the tax if you work in a state with income tax, it’s truly just great Best of all, to go from the free to pro or personal editions is completely without a subscription. By God we need more apps that don’t use subscriptions
  • “Free” 1/5

    By I am a laser
    This app decides to wait until you have used it for several days before informing you that you need to pay in order to continue past 21 days. This is a manipulative and kind of slimy business practice that should go extinct.
  • Needs a Daily Per Diem option for each job entry 2/5

    By YepMe
    2 stars for not having a daily per diem for each job entry. All of our work is pier diem jobs, each job site is a different amount per day. Have to use the adjust and add amount under tips, non taxable every single day. Easier to add option to job entry details than to have to do a daily adjustment.
  • Would rate it 10 stars.... but... 4/5

    By F268
    I love love love this app. I like to manually put in my info via the clock in/out now button. The only thing holding me back from rating this 100 Stars is the weekly/ biweekly option of payroll. We have 26 payrolls through the year. 24 of them are 2 weeks and 2 of them are one week. One in the beginning of the year and one towards middle end so for most of the year my data doesn’t display properly. I wish wish there was an option to select for each payroll individually. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • Please fix ASAP 2/5

    By Jasion!¡¡!!!
    But it stopped letting you program your location so it automatically check you in at your job location. New updates has come out it still hasn’t been fixed yet and I really used to enjoy his feature because it maid life easier so I not have to worry about punching in every time I got to the job.
  • Finally!!! 5/5

    By MKAlti
    A great app that is user-friendly, so easy to understand and just what I needed. On the 1st screen of my iPhone ... it has been a life saver and have saved me so many “oops I forgot to track my time!!”
  • Only free for 21 days 1/5

    By reviewer2/28/20
    Should have read only free for 21 days. If you want free, don’t bother getting this app. Okay to use. Wish for more options. Paid break alerts. Mileage option tracking.
  • Minor issues with pay rate 4/5

    By Atlove867
    I have been using this app for years but recently the options for the pay rate (over time options) is not enough. I work for the post office and the rules and regulations for OT (x1.5 pay) and PT (x2 pay) is complicated and the demands are not being met by this app anymore. Would someone be able to contact me and see if maybe I am missing a step?
  • Good app 3/5

    By kerbalpro
    It’s great until you have to pay and upgrade
  • Pretty Good 4/5

    By DJ JazzyS
    I’ve been using the app for about a year now to track various jobs I am tasked to support. This means it’s practically a daily tool for me. The major plus is that I can do a general log in for my day to track overall hours in addition to logging in and out of various specific jobs. This allows me to basically track billable and nonbillable hours concisely in a single day. Let me not forget to mention I am THRILLED the app is not one of those ridiculous subscription based offerings. I HATE THAT CRAP! That goes an extremely long way for me that has me recommending this to others with no problem. The concept of paying for something over and over does not fit well for me and I’ll go back to my own spreadsheet creation and tracking first. My wish List items: 1) Manage Tags - should serve as the central location for creation of tags to be used instead of having to create tags after the creation of a job. I say after job creation because any tags created during the setup step ends triggering everything to be active at once. I need one area that can serve as my master list that does still allow the ability to create more on the fly at the job level. 2) Rate - should provide the ability to link multiple rates for a single job because there are instances where there is a remote rate and an on-site rate. Currently, I’d have to duplicate the job name and add an extra description to flag remote or onsite to reflect the desired amount. If I wanted to track travel even with no rate, I’d have to create a third job title that would be just that. Overall, the app is great. Preferences just need a bit more attention to allow for global settings for use across all jobs as true primary source for rates and tags as noted. This would support a more ideal method of fully tracking a job. Not sure if it’s feasible to provide and update that supports sub categories at a lower level for Job. Great work so far.
  • Great app but I paid and it won’t upgrade. 2/5

    By Ricky Awesome
    Customer service recommended I speak to Apple about it.
  • Not really free 2/5

    By farrellme333
    I only had access for a couple weeks then they wanted me to pay. I couldn’t delete errors.
  • Helpful, I love it! 5/5

    By Riley LeVangie
    This app does seem very outdated but it’s still functional! The website features iOS 8 which is from a pretty long time ago but it works with perfectly fine with my Series 4 Watch and iPhone XS. Honestly has helped me organize my incoming funds and such!
  • Great job! 5/5

    By RScottyjr
    I am a school bus driver. This app is just ideal. On any day I might take up any of five positions i.e. bus driver, van driver, standby, etc. All the positions pay differently. These jobs can be tuned to fit pay and other parameters. Once established, entries such as date, start time and end time can be entered. Adding entries or editing entries is intuitive and very easy. I recently received a paycheck I thought was a bit low. I was able to download the CSV file for that pay period (pay periods can also be established and turned (you can also establish and tune deductions)), making it easy to calculate what I should have received and where the error was. From there it was easy to print the file and show it to my manager. I think he was impressed. I’m impressed.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Jillsanmadspenell
    Works great for after hours llc time tracking, way easier than going through post it notes. Has saved me in tens of hours in lost billable hours not counted before over weeks of working long term jobs. Some customers like to see listings of timeframes worked
  • Used to Love this app 1/5

    By Kimmer1961
    I get on to export my data for my HT Pro and now they have changed it because they want more money. So I can’t export my data. Their migrate system doesn’t work on my data and it is just stuck in the app. So I will get to spend a few hours copying it. Buyer be aware!!!
  • Please add a differential pay option 4/5

    By CSM1999
    I get paid more for certain times I’m at work. It would be great to have a pay differential option in the job settings.
  • My biggest issue is syncing through devices 4/5

    By Lovemaykillyou
    This app is great for keeping time clocks. I just wish you didn’t have to pay a cloud subscription on top of the paid app to sync through devices automatically. You can do it manually, but would prefer this to be a seamless experience. Would also like a monthly calendar where you could see what days you worked in the month without having to scroll through the entries. Similarly to a planner.
  • If ONLY.... 4/5

    By Theecleticgypsy
    I really like this app! The first month I used this I had my GM print the hours he had on the company “hours tracker”. Only .06 minutes of. #solidjob now, if the IT peeps could look into a option of either only one week at a time show of gross & net earnings or bi-weekly show of gross & net earnings. That would make this app (for what probably the majority of people use of the features it has, rockstar. I hope this is not just considered, but looked into. Thanks.
  • Keep up for the next job estimate 5/5

    By Atec electric inc.
    It helps keep track how long each jobs takes for future estimating reference. Been with this app 5years also save time on calculating how long you where at the job. To top it off easy to use . I’m a one man crew hope one day grow my company once I get the hang of Buisness so for I feel comfortable to make the next step. Thanks for this app it help me over see time spent and cost of the material to pin point exact estimate on my future jobs . 👍🏽
  • Typical app scam tactics 1/5

    By TrojanMan00000
    This is s scam to get you to pay $5.99 after using the app for 21 days. Do not download and start using or you’ll feel trapped to buy the FULL VERSION because the data you recorded will be deleted otherwise.
  • Only one thing missing 4/5

    By em1593
    Love this app. Only thing I wish I could do is add shift differential.
  • Good run but needs more work 3/5

    By topswattashawn
    It is nice to use when keeping track but has a lot of errors. I had to use another app as accountability for this one just to make sure the hours were correct. Then each week I compared both apps to make corrections to this one. The cloud is not very user friendly and you can’t cancel the subscription on your own. After looking all over the app I realized I had to send an email from my login to cancel it, which is ridiculous. I don’t want to be charged for another month
  • Nice app but it needs some work. 3/5

    By .Jan.
    The app doesn’t keep accurate hours nor does the amount earned worked. Ex: 7:15 am- 11:42 am , worked 4.47hrs @ $15 hr= $67.00. It’s.50 cents off. Any suggestions?
  • I love this app 5/5

    By N Munoz
    I’m so glad I spent the money and bought the full app. It’s so easy to use and it has helped me keep track of what schools I work at and the different pay rates. If it wasn’t for this app I would have had a hard time figuring out where my missing hours were on my paycheck. I was able to go back and figure out what job and day and hours was missing when I called HR.
  • Good but... 3/5

    By Lechuguilla
    Please bring back by the minute hourly tracking. 5 minute intervals just doesn’t work when you need to keep track by the minute. Will change to 5 stars when by the minute comes back again.
  • Why now!!! 5/5

    By i need my time
    I have been using this app for a year and it’s said it was free but now it’s want me to pay for the app. Why when I’ll been using this app with no problems since 2018. I feel like that’s so wrong and would like for that to change. Please let me know cause I’ll payed and don’t see nothing different and I don’t have 5 jobs to include.
  • Should feature.. 4/5

    By papa ded
    Y’all should have a feature that would allow us to highlight days worked and keep them highlighted so we would know those days have been paid for (cashed). I work multiple jobs and hard to keep up with days paid and days cashed.
  • Poor performance on purchased version 1/5

    By ClubMediaHD FILMS
    The company that I work for uses this app and I purchased the paid version to unlocked all features and for some reason and after exporting my hours to my email and pressing the button send, it does takes days (3 or 4days) to receive the email with my hours, I’m really disappointed because I have to do it manually and send My hours as regular text message instead as email, I really would love to hear from You regarding this issue to solve it.
  • too many bugs to list 1/5

    By dioegrande
    i’ve been using this app for work but this app has too many bugs that need to be addressed. this app isn’t smarter than me, and because it thinks it’s always right and because there is no override save option, it will not record correct times that i need to save. i would suggest trying other apps before paying for this app.
  • Shady 2/5

    By beastmaster68
    Love this app but one thing I didn’t love.....after I logged entry 22 (apparently in the free app you have a max of 21 entries) a message popped up. Purchase for $5.99 or $9.99 or erase my data and continue to use the free app. I got backed into a corner. I can’t lose my logged time. I get wanting to make money off the app but their tactics are shady.

HoursTracker: Hours & Pay app comments

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