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The Houston Chronicle now brings credible, in-depth, award-winning journalism, with extensive coverage in politics, sports, entertainment, and more in a redesigned and reimagined experience for your iOS devices. The Houston Chronicle app gives you access to all news anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s news in your neighborhood, Harris County, the great state of Texas, the U.S. or the world, if it impacts you, count on us to keep you informed. And with topic-specific push alerts, you can opt-in to the coverage that matters most to you. Featuring: • Up-to-the-minute breaking news from our Pulitzer Prize award-inning newsroom • Top headlines you can browse or select to read in full so you are always in-the-know • Get the news you want as it breaks by opting in for push notifications • Access to Texas Sports Nation, the premier online destination created for the Houston sports superfan, chock-full of exclusive insider access you will not find anywhere else. • Share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and email Subscription Details: • OPTIONS: Download the app for free and enjoy a limited number of free stories each month. Get unlimited access, 24/7, for just $9.99 a month (first 2 weeks are FREE) by subscribing within the app itself. Otherwise, if you are a Digital or Print subscriber you can log in to the app for full access. Simply use your website login. • PAYMENT: Payment will be charged to your iTunes account with the confirmation of your purchase and will automatically renew each month unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of your monthly period. • Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase • Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable • PRIVACY POLICY: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/privacy_policy/ • TERMS OF SERVICE: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/terms_of_use/ • FEEDBACK: Tell us what you think! Our app features are constantly being improved based on your feedback. We welcome you to tell us what you love and what you’d like to see more (or less) of. Contact us at [email protected]

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  • Meh 1/5

    By That guy !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wanted news alerts, so I downloaded the app. Every time I open a new notification it goes to the article for a split second and then loads for half a minute before returning you back to the home page. Pretty bad...
  • Online edition 1/5

    By GeorgeTC3
    I keep being prompted to buy a subscription which I already have. Keep being told I have read my last article and I can only read the first paragraph. I can’t sign in because I am already signed in. Called and lady didn’t have a clue and hung up. But I love the content. And I can’t send this because “all the nicknames are taken”. Tried 10 so far.
  • disappointed 1/5

    By skaptasticvoyage
    content aside - why can i not search for an article on this app? why can i not find an index of an daily, weekly, monthly? anything. was looking to laugh with friends via text about the ridiculousness that you all read the 2020 room and thought it -yep- we should really exalt a story about an exuberant wedding of Dr Elizabeth Mackey. people are losing their homes.
  • No search function 1/5

    By PRElliott1
    I subscribe to both newspaper and app editions, and it is so frustrating that you can’t search the stories in the app to find what you read in the paper so you can share or save the article.
  • Still just barely usable. Does anyone at Hearst use this app? 1/5

    By Fellow Flyer
    Update 6/14/20: Still far below average. No meaningful changes in the last year or more. I’m still paying for the Chronicle because I support local news, but I still blaze through this as fast as I can because the experience is just awful. Subheadings frequently don’t match *any* text in the story, but they’re frequently cut short. Wanted to know how that sentence ended? Too bad! Navigation remains my biggest pet peeve. No swiping right to get to the section/story list, that takes you to the previous story. This is unlike every other news outlet. I can’t reorder sections, or hide them. Stories appear in multiple sections, frequently for no apparent reason. What I’d really like is *just* the stories from today’s print edition. Unfortunately, you’ll get stories from up to a week ago, sometimes jumbled into today’s news. See below for more. What a disaster. Update 4/1/19: All the below still stands. It’ll honor system font size, but if you want something else you’re out of luck. Truly awful. I’m still paying, but only because I want to support local news. I scan through as fast as I can to find the local stuff - and it’s not always in the right place or labels as such - and move on to far better news apps, with far better news, organization, and control. Update 2/9/19: Today’s lead story in the app: “Etiquette Offers No Hard Rules About Newlywed’s Last Name.” At this point I’m paying because I believe in supporting local news, but I blast through my HouChron experience as fast as I can because it’s just awful. Original review below. With the new version 3.x, the Chronicle is beginning to join the 2010s for digital newspaper design. Unfortunately, they’ve overshot a bit due to some unfortunate industry trends and a few poor choices. The good: I much prefer the layout of the section pages, and the typeface is nice and readable...mostly. The images and the slideshow presentation is much better. And that’s it. The bad: Readability: Type size adjustments are allowed, sort of . While you’re at it, break some new ground and let me adjust the size of the margins. The lines in the stories are too wide, which hurts readability. There’s a reason print newspapers have columns that are only 5-6 words wide. Perhaps the news people could wander over to the tech people and let them know. Links to websites are displayed in yellow. Yellow? If you use true tone and darken the white point a bit, what little contrast there is between the white background and the yellow text disappears. Seriously, people. Links are blue. Every time. Don’t get cute with the color scheme. I know yellow is part of the Chronicle's color palette, and I don’t care. This is a web trend that needs to go away. There’s no dark mode. This isn’t in every news app, but I love it when it is. Again, blue links when you do this! Navigation: Navigation is a strong effort, and fails. The section headers are just wrong. The app opens to “Houston News,” which in any other app is “Front Page” or “News.” This section isn’t Houston news, it’s got stories from across the country and world because it’s the front page. Later on, we run across “US News” which is in theory national news. There’s no “local” section. Why is there “Texas Politics,” but no “National Politics?” Why is national politics in there? And let’s not forget “Texas Sports Nation,” which is national sports - not just Texas. I see what you’re trying to do here, but again: stop trying to be cute. It’s “Sports.” It’d be great to be able to reorder those sections. Just saying. It’s, you know, digital. If you’re reading a story and want to go back to the headlines to find your next story, the only way to do so is to hit the tiny text that matches the section title in the upper left corner. If you used system search to get to the app, you’ve got a better-than-average chance of hitting the “Search” text, which will take you out of the app. Alternatively, if you hit just a bit low, nothing happens. To bury the lede, why can’t we swipe from the left side of the page to go back to the headlines like every other news app? That action in the current version of the app takes me to the previous story. I don't want to read every story - I just want to see the headlines and choose my own. Finally, there’s too much white space on the pages. Again, this is a web trend where white space is king at the expense of showing content that could be useful. I really liked the old app's list of stories within the section on the left. This allows narrower story columns and built in navigation...maybe. This gets in the way of swiping from the left... Content: Holy cow, people. There are opinion pieces in the sports section today. Local stories show up in the national news. Some stories show up in three or more sections - think new restaurant opening downtown. That’s in “Houston News,” “Business,” “Flavor,” “Entertainment,” and maybe “Real Estate.” Worse, once it’s read there’s no way to tell you’ve read it in the next section. And since stories hang around for days, and occasionally change headlines, you’ll get to click on it again and again! Figure out what the story is. Put it in one section - the correct one! Look. This update is a step in the right direction, which is why I went from one to two stars. But it’s so difficult to use and read that I find myself skimming through it as fast as possible so I can use the far better apps from WP and NYT. I wholeheartedly support local news. I will continue to do so. But dang. Almost all of these problems are - from my perspective - caused by web and app developers run amok with no news people checking in.
  • Hearst Newspapers 1/5

    By Eddy g 97
    H N needs to sell this paper to a Texan! Those California cats don’t have a clue as to what’s going on here in Houston! Sell it and treat the Republicans squarely and you can save this paper from the 🔥 fire!
  • Out of business soon 1/5

    By Wep25
    Sad to see a once healthy newspaper fold. Made a odd choice to try to be the New York Times in a business and sports town. This app doesn’t work, often won’t even allow one to log in. But no catastrophe, because the paper itself is not worth the effort.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Spain5411
    I really am looking forward to the Chronicle having an app that functions. Too often links don’t work and I could really go on and on. I look forward to them getting this right.
  • New app terrible next to web page 2/5

    By NicknameZ
    The new all is terrible next to the web page. Please update the app to align to the layout of the web site and add an option to see the print edition view as well. The top level sub heading do not even match the web page
  • Inadequate 1/5

    By wjg118
    Continues to keep dated articles, some over a month old, on the app. Articles seem to be randomly assigned to headings like a real estate article under food and culture. Doesn’t reflect much effort or interest on HC ‘s part.
  • Getting Worse 1/5

    By jimp00
    For one of the largest newspapers in America, it’s a crying shame the Chronicle app continues to deteriorate in many ways. There was another change with their landing page today, and again, there was no notice. So I wasted 5 minutes of my life trying to restore my view of today’s paper. No wonder America’s newspapers are financial wrecks and will be a distant memory within the next 10 years.
  • No Obvious Ability To Search 1/5

    By Zillowed
    What good is a digital app if you cannot search for topics?
  • Useless app 1/5

    By JeffMFlorida
    For a “news” app, one would think that including a search function would be important. Not this one. So many problems with this app, not much going for it.
  • App is Unreliable 1/5

    By Hee Haa
    Some mornings the paper will appear. Most mornings I have to go through a sign-in procedure, and that doesn’t always work. Sometimes, I can’t access the paper at all. Very frustrating.
  • Not a good app. 1/5

    By Mmmnr
    Every time I try to log on I have to link to my subscription. This is so cumbersome that I usually give up. I have emailed and spoken to customer service but to no avail. If The NY Times, Wall Street Journal and other papers can do it why can’t the Chronicle.
  • Use the web e-newspaper instead of this app 2/5

    By dmmitch76
    App is poor. The on-line e newspaper is quite good and easy to get to. You see an exact replica of the paper newspaper. On the app, you cannot find many / most of the articles in the real newspaper. Very frustrating.
  • Poor quality limited app 1/5

    By Friendswood girl
    You might think that the only newspaper in the 4th largest city in the US, a high tech city with a top notch university and JSC would have a great app but you would be wrong. This app has no search features AT ALL. Go to a good search engine-old school 😉
  • Online e edition loads less than 1/2 of the time 1/5

    By horrible app 9989
    The online e-edition of the paper loads about half of the time. This is horrible for access to something I actually PAY for. They have to make this more robust!
  • Weird content decisions 1/5

    By Bayou news
    Much has been written by others here, which many agree are problems, so I’ll add other concerns not mentioned... 1) The editor of the HC app version has somehow become more concerned with what is going on in Maryland and Virginia then news of our home town. 2) We are told a good bit about recently deceased “famous” folks around the country, but not terrible important people when at the expense of more relevant developing stories. 3) It’s as if this “paper” is without an editor. There are too many errors for the reader to grapple with. They are like speed bumps and slow down are process of reading about Virginia and Maryland far too much.
  • Poor app. Needs more basic features. 1/5

    By Touchstone's Globe
    I have tried to use this app for many months, but I’m giving up. There is no search feature. Want to read a story that you’ve heard about? Good luck finding it. You can’t search for it. I wrote to the paper about its shortfalls and how to do a couple of things. Forget it. They don’t have the features, and have no plans to upgrade it. I only subscribe to the paper to access the stories online. They make me take two physical papers a week via delivery to get the best price. The app is not worth it. It’s not all the news (per customer service) and you can’t find what’s there.
  • Can't tell what is in today's paper versus prior papers, local news not local 1/5

    By nbqy
    Poorly organized. Takes forever to load the current day. Non-responsive. The digital version delivered via mail is much better even though it is also a little awkward to use. Local news is not local. Regularly has news from Maryland and California vs Houston. They don’t spend the effort to make it relevant to Houston subscribers.
  • Now it won't link with my subscriptions 1/5

    By TamaraJune
    This latest update won't let me open any articles. It brings me to a page to purchase a subscription even though I'm signed in. When I try to link my account it won't find my information.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Wobstaclaw
    This app doesn’t work. It won’t load content when connected to high speed WiFi. The iPad version is equally unusable: UPDATING THE CONTENT FAILED (ERROR CODE3)
  • How to add only e-paper app to IPad desktop 1/5

    I dislike the full Houston Chronicle I-Pad app. It looks like a computer info page rather than a newspaper. The e-paper looks Like a newspaper but I can’t find a way to put an e-paper on the desktop. Looking online I found an item which downloads The e-paper but despite what it said, it did not install it on the desktop for offline reading. When I click the desktop app I get only the computer info page type. Frustrating for a major city newspaper. Currently I am sticking with my Austin newspaper app which is more straight forward & commonsense approach.
  • A complete mess - limited number of articles available and articles are regularly mislabeled 1/5

    By dark8305
    I last used the Houston Chronicle app prior to the most recent overhaul, which was notorious for constant crashes. With that said, you were at least able to read most, id not all, of the articles from the print edition and houstonchronicle.com. This version looks more modern and seems to crash less, but in terms of actually getting to consume the news, it is a disaster. For starters, it seems that only a portion of the articles from the print edition and houstonchronicle.com show up in the app. Also, a number of the articles are several days old and in no specific order (older articles are above newer ones for example). Also, a large amount of articles are mislabeled as local despite being national or international news. This is a huge problem. The overall design is good but the content itself is very poorly done. Unfortunately I will be canceling my subscription since content is why I subscribe to a newspaper and this app does a poor job of providing to you with updated and properly labeled content.
  • Unhappy Reader 1/5

    By 4petessake
    Where is the digital replica view of the daily paper?
  • No search tool? 1/5

    By PeaceOnEarthAndGoodwill
    Almost useless. It’s a laborious app to hunt any news. ugh
  • Unable to access 1/5

    By Print Edition Snob
    I have problems accessing the Houston Chronicle print edition. The sign in feature is very unreliable. This should be so easy and it isn’t. Print Edition Snob
  • At least it works..... 3/5

    By Humblesmith
    The old app did not work at all.....it jus froze a lot and never loaded. My guess is that instead of trying to fix the old one, they just scrapped it and started over with a very simple one. At least you can read some articles with this version, which I couldn’t before. I had given up on the ap, but now at least I can read some. I’m hoping they’ll slowly ad features.
  • Log in from app 1/5

    By TxOG1
    I can log in just fine from the web but each time I try to log in through the app from my iPad or iPhone it says invalid account and/or password,! Removing app.
  • Horrible App and Lazy News 1/5

    By TexasTs
    Very poor app that freezes too much. I went back to paper and then they missed delivery one day a week. Have moved to WSJ and other internet sources.
  • Very hard to use 1/5

    By ChemistofBerkeley
    Now (3/31/19) the search function has disappeared! Why? I often find that I cannot locate an article to read again even on the day it is published! Now that i have moved away, i try to keep up with Houston by reading the Chronicle online, but this app functions very poorly. There are many problems, but my chief gripe is that there is no feedback after you a select an article to let you know it is loading. The search function is of little or no use.
  • New format 1/5

    By TerriA7
    Who came up with this? Ruined a good thing. I only gave it 1 star because that also made it a review. Signed, Unhappy
  • Horrible 1/5

    By sorenack
    I want to see the paper as shown on the front page. Who came up with this idea? I’ve taken a newspaper for 57 Years. I don’t want to stop now. I’m more than upset. D. Lawson
  • No Search capability!?! 1/5

    By an "approved" nickname
    The mandatory “upgrade” downgraded this app - took away important and excellent search ability and made the app harder to navigate. We should have the option to revert to the better old version we paid for.
  • There is no search feature 1/5

    By JIR_texas
    If I could give a rating zero stars I would. The lack of a search feature is beyond ridiculous. I hate the new app, and I am a subscriber.
  • Very poor newspaper 1/5

    By Heights reader
    It’s hard to tell you how bad this is as a daily newspaper. It looks pretty but don’t let that fool you. I have gone back to reading the actual news paper paper. I would give it a -1

    By GoodFlatPicker
    This is awful. Please bring back the replica of a paper-style newspaper. This version, look and feel, is now no different than all the other online garbage publications. I rate this format ZERO stars! ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO, BUT IT WILL ONLY ALLOW A MINIMUM OF 1 STAR, BUT ZERO IS MY ACTUAL RATING
  • Not a good alternative to paper edition 1/5

    By drishsu
    I wish there was a way to sort for current news. I used the HC app years ago and at that time it mimicked the paper edition. It was much easier to navigate and see current articles. Was surprised to revisit it now and see what a mess it is. Not impressed.
  • Every change is a new mess! 1/5

    By RedSpyderX
    The latest attempt at design is the worst yet. Old stories dominate while the current news is relegated to a text list in smaller print. I’m going to see if I can access on chron.com instead of this constantly changing, constantly irritating app. ———- My God, this never ends!! Now the scrolling freezes so you can’t read all the stories. Please bring in a competent outsider to fix this mess.... I miss my chron. ——— Update... I tried again after the "It's a new day!" addition to the app. I'm sorry to report it's still too problematic to use. Two main problems. First the most irritating. Stories won't open (a long, longstanding problem). They just do nothing spinning the "wait" icon. The problem seems to be pop up ads. Once you find one story to open (dozen or so frustrating tries) the app shows the pop up then things work. The second problem is that the app completely hangs up. You have to completely shut it down and restart it. It's a new day! But your old, irritating problems remain. ----- Give up ! Your old app had problems as you were developing it but nothing like this abomination. Did you change just to employ some friends that knew nothing about app design? That's the only conclusion I can come to. I have cancelled my subscription and won't be back until the old app returns... suffering through these amateurish updates on this app is not an option.
  • Hate this new app 1/5

    By unhappy sunscriber
    We can’t even get same day news. It is all from previous days. On rain days we don’t get our printed paper because our carrier keeps throwing it where it gets wet even though we have asked many times to throw it somewhere else. The online version was our next choice. Now you can’t even get that paper online. Hate hate hate this new app. Why can’t you just leave things alone!!!
  • It works but not happy 2/5

    By MKMccrary
    Update: I find the updated up to be stable but there are still problems. First, when I respond to a notification about an article I’d like to read, I’m only taken to the app, not to the specific article referenced in the notification. So now I have to search for it? Which brings me to my second complaint: there is no search function. Why is it so hard for the HC to build a decent app to read the news? ____________ I initially rated this app one star but it’s finally been fixed. No more problems for me. The app opens right away on my iPad mini 4 and has not crashed once since the update. I can now reliably read the paper. Thank you.
  • No more crossword puzzle? 3/5

    By tfowler13
    The latest upgrade took away puzzles and forced readers to leaf through pages of photos to find text to read. Not impressed.
  • Cannot even search for recent news 1/5

    By Ssaaddiieethedog
    Seriously, this app has no search function. The news is days old and you cannot search for current articles as there is no search function.
  • Houstonians deserve better 1/5

    By jojo101180
    I can’t believe I pay for this. Almost the 3rd largest city in the nation and this is what we get. It’s due the Chronicle not having any competition to speak of so why try harder. App sticks, slow loading (except for ads of course) I think they have interns running this site. And BTW, I have reloaded the latest version.
  • Houston Chronicle 1/5

    By v#d
    Hate the new design. Will likely cancel my subscription.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Aggie4gom
    Does not work after upgrade. It says my password is invalid. I have changed my password and I have called their support number. They said others have this problem but there is nothing the can do about it.
  • Houston chronicle 1/5

    By Third rate or worse
    This has got to be the worst example of a much needed medium for our news. How can a large corporation such as the Houston Chronicle, deciminating news in the fourth largest city in the country, continue to ignore this problem. They happily open their pockets to take our subscription money then turn around and give us a very inferior product. Shame on you. After my current subscription is up I will cancel. No crossword, no comics page. I don’t understand why this two things are not part of the newspaper.
  • Redesign of app unusable 1/5

    By Bea Sita
    The recent redesign of this app is unusable. The old format, similar to a newspaper page like the WSJ app, was easy to use. Now stories from every section of the paper are scattered all over and you can’t tell what is most current. Bring back the old format and totally refresh it daily with what is on the print version. I hate this app now.

Houston Chronicle app comments

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