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HP Easy Scan App

HP Easy Scan is designed specifically for use with your HP scanner or multifunction printer. With features such as automatic photo detection, multi-page document processing, text recognition (OCR)[1], and PDF file output, HP Easy Scan will help you get the most value from your HP product. Easy to use presets let you quickly choose scan settings that are optimized for whatever you are scanning. Simply place your content on the scanner, select a preset, and click the Scan button. HP Easy Scan uses the Apple ICA scan protocol and will work with any HP device that is supported by an ICA scan driver. Make sure that you have installed the latest HP ICA driver for your product — available online from www.hp.com/support or via Apple Software Update. Notes: [1] Text recognition is only available on certain HP products.

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HP Easy Scan app reviews

  • Way better than Windows Version! 5/5

    By Isaiah0429
    This application was way more streamlined than its Windows counterpart. I wish that they would use some of the features here on the HP Print/Scan app on Windows!
  • If I could give it a zero I would 1/5

    By Rwmjr
    HP Easy Scan for Mac is terrible, and that's being generous. Everytime I use it I need to reboot the printer multiple times and even then it constantly gives a communication error. My 8620 is hardwired to the network, and with current firmware, so I know it's not the conneciton or the device. HP needs to get this up to par with the Windows version.
  • horrible 1/5

    By adrianseq
    Just a terrible app. It would never scan. Dont waste your time
  • Blank pages. 1/5

    By David Mongo
    Scans blank. This will be uninstalled.
  • HP EASY SCAN - Top Notch and EASY!! 5/5

    By Rosyposy56
    Just downloaded the app. version 1.9.1 EVERYTHING is working great! It found my HP printer/scanner quick as a snap! Has some wonderful features that are very intuitive. Highly recommend it for everyone with an HP printer/scanner and a MAC THANK YOU ALL for this APP!
  • Scan to Desktop 5/5

    By It's a walk in the park
    Couldn't get my HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus to scan a document to my iMac desktop. Thanks to the review by jensencc I downloaded the HP Easy Scan app. Worked like a charm via the app on the first run! ,
  • Rarely works on first try 3/5

    By Bubbleintub
    I realize the complexity of computer networks. Using this program on a computer connected to the HP Office Jet Pro 8620 by a wireless network almost never works on the first try. I usually have to reset the wireless network settings on the HP 8620 and even then it may not work. It takes more time to get it working than going to the store and replacing it. Some day I will despite my decades loyality to HP.
  • HP Easy Scan Saved the Day 5/5

    By jensencc
    I downloaded HP Easy Scan to my new iMac Pro and once the download completed and the App opened, I went to devices on my computer and clicked on my office 'HP OfficeJet Pro 8600' Icon -- immediately my computer started downloading a new print driver file. Once completed, a document that I had previously placed on my printer started being scanned. The Easy Scan App reappeared and when the scan completed and displayed in the App, I clicked on "Send" which opened a save window where I selected a Folder for storing all future scans. Delighted, I stacked several documents on my printers from feed and each document was scanned. When completed and I clicked on Save. I went to my computer' scan folder and there each document had been saved to a separate jpeg. Thanks HP for a great, AND FREE, scan App. It will save me a lot of work back when I used to scan to a USB drive, switch it to my computer, and search HP_Scan directory and hope my document appeared. This is a productivity time saver! Kudos !!
  • HP should be sending everyone a replacement printer 1/5

    By ADMIN 2000
    This is a nightmare. it just prints code junk over and over... page after page... we have the correct ink tanks by HP and it is less than a year old.... what a mistake
  • Works great 5/5

    By Ptingh
    Despite the poor ratings, I gave it a shot and it worked perfectly scanning from the OH6958 to my Mac.

    I recently bought a HPOfficeJet Pro 6978. In order to scan multiple pages all at once, this HP Printer app is needed. I placed all documents on the top feeder, download this app, and it scanned all of them as shown on this picture. It works AMAZING! Very easy indeed. I don't understand why some of the reviews here have a hard time scanning documents when it's not hard at ALL. I have a Macbook Pro version MacOS Mojave 10.14.4. Totally LOVE this 4-1 printer and this app. I highly recommend it.
  • Why are there so many bad reveiws? 5/5

    By notarobotreveiwer
    Honestly, it probably took more time to write this reveiw than it took to download this app and scan my document. It's pretty simple and effortless. Ya'll are wild.
  • Easy 5/5

    By CMCollazo
    I have a HP Envy 5530 printer, and when scanning documents directly from the printer I had to send the scan to my email individually, which was time consuming. I didn’t have any issues with this app, I downloaded it on my MacBook, openned the icon, chose the printer I wanted (using wifi), and selected scan document. It was that easy. Once my documents were scanned I saved them to my files, it saved them as individual pages, so I have to see if there is a option to save all pages on 1 saved document.
  • Works Well 5/5

    By Boone of Cumberland
    MacBook Pro with HP ENVY 4520 for several years. No problems (of course HP excessively drinks ink), but that is another issue.
  • Worked as soon as I opened it! 5/5

    By 2fly4asoundguy
    Nothing to it! It Just works. Great easy software.
  • No problems for me! 5/5

    By Kelly Mamma
    I downloaded the app and used my hp OfficeJet Pro 8715, which is about a year old. Everything worked just fine.
  • Buggy, bad interface, needs more work 1/5

    By AllenBuddha
    Saving a scan file to a folder brings up a bare-bones save dialog box with threadbare options to navigate to a different folder. Once there, there is no overwrite capability when saving the file, this is a basic level of functionality built into sofware since the mid-1990s, but is missing from this version. The overwrite capability that is also missing in this version would save me time and energy of having to manually type the full filename, resulting in wasted time and decreased productivity. I’ll be looking for other alternatives.
  • Worked Great For Me 4/5

    By papatuel
    Downloaded from App Store and started scanning immeditately. My HP software was not working, so I was looking for an alternative. Using HP Officejet Pro 6830.
  • Worked fine for me 5/5

    By JoshinAZ123
    I plugged in my printer's usb cable to my Macbook air and I was scanning within 30 seconds of downloading the app. Not sure why the reviews are so negative. Worked really well for me.
  • Works Great! 5/5

    By kkconvoy
    I read the negative reviews, but decided to try anyway since it's free... As soon as it installed, the SCAN button appeared and it just worked. I thought I would need to do something to set it up, but it saw my printer right away and was ready to go. It's actually easier than the app I use on my PC - I used to scan on the PC and then move to the Mac, but will go straight to Mac now!
  • Software won't download from AppStore 2/5

    By Do not buy please
    I am not sure if this is an HP, App Store, or my computer problem. My 8600 all-in-one won't scan any longer. I am trying to update the software and nothing happens.
  • APP Crashes immediately 1/5

    By Poikus
    I downloaded the app and did all the setup thinking it would allow me to scan documents. Boy was i wrong. As soon as i open the app it immediately crashes. Has not stayed open once. HP provides zero support for this and basically just tells you to uninstall and reinstall, which changed nothing. I have downloaded it from both the app store and HPs website with no luck.
  • HORRIBLE Software - NEVER works 1/5

    By jonandphyllis
    This machine (HP Officejet Pro 8610) has been the biggest waste of money and time I have ever encountered! EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to use the scanner, I get an error message: "HP Officejet Pro 8610 [64442E] is currently unavailable. Please check if it is turned on and connected, or try again later." It's online. It's on. It prints for me just fine, but never able to scan with it. I'm fed up and buying a different brand. Piece of CRAP.
  • Worked Just Fine 5/5

    By Rosebowl
    Went to scan a document with my New Imac , on my 6600 and nothing old app wasnt updatable (HP Scan) Download this . it synced right up hit scan place Doc where i wanted it . It Worked Great
  • Really terrible 1/5

    By Paguna
    I don't know if it is the HP printer, or this software, but unless you have several hours to spend on scanning 1 or 2 pages, don't bother.
  • Doesn't even work 1/5

    By vball808
    I nothing else to say besides it doesn't work. Won't connect to any printer
  • Works Great for PhotoSmart C4580! 5/5

    By RichRaffals
    Downloaded 4/14/19 and works Great for PhotoSmart C4580 on OSX High Sierra: PDF file sizes are a fraction of what I get via scanning via System Preferences, plus you can make them searchable, support for PDF/A, setting passwords, etc.
  • I don’t typically post reviews 5/5

    By SmokTom
    While I’m not usually in the mood to review an app, I think it’s important to note that I read the negative reviews and still took a chance. The app was incredibly simple, found my printer instantly and scanned the items I needed within one minute. I think this works as well as you’d hope and it’s not over complicated. That being said, I haven’t tinkered with any settings or tried to reformat the scanning so I could understand if people have issues after the initial scan. But so far so good. Will update if anything changes.
  • Simple fix that worked for me 5/5

    By polin bach
    After latest app update regular copying and printing wireless was working, except scanning. Checked settings for every device I use and nothing seemed out-o-wack. Still couldn’t make it to work. Solution: I just un-plugged cold my 4 year old HP All-In-One from the wall, reconnected it after 30 secs, and that solved the issue. Gave me a scare 'cause I use this app for scanning pics and docs for work. Now all is back to normal no troubles and with no need for drivers
  • Don't Pay Attention To The Bad Reviews 5/5

    By moede7
    I was able to scan items to my macbook pro within seconds after downloading the app. Easy setup and my printer/scanner immediately. Definitely recommend!
  • Easy, easy, easy! 5/5

    By Dunner86
    HP Easy Scan is as user-friendly as any scanning software I have ever used, and I have used it for years with several different types of printers.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By HP Scan Support
    I have had no issues with this app. It works well with my printer and scanner. I was scanning old photos from my childhood to hang on our wall and it did great. It was a speedy process of cropping the pictures.
  • Great Experience 5/5

    By CourtneyDanaeEwing
    The first two reviews to pop up were extremely negative, so I wanted to make sure that my positive experience was noted. Their reviews very well may have been derserved, but HP must have updated or something. I have the HP OfficeJet Pro 6970. I needed to scan a doc, so I followed the commands on the printer and searched the app store for "HP Utility." This app was the first to pop up, and I downloaded it. As soon as it was downloaded, it was extremely user-friendly and I only had to click the button to scan! Very, very easy as these things go. Again, there may have been a major upgrade or something, but either way, it is much improved from the other reviews and extremely easy.

    By S and S PRO
    It's really weird that you need an app to scan things on a printer but the app worked just fine for me.
  • usb good home network terrible 2/5

    By rogerisl8
    This only works when connected directly to Mac via usb. When in Mac scanning can see and scan items but no way to save to any folder
  • Worst app rarely works 1/5

    By swdevaz
    Once you can get it to work, every time after that you will have to work for an hour to get it to work again. You might as well get out a pencil and draw the copy yourself...it's faster. Tip: Uninstall, then reinstall, and it might work if you try this.
  • omg forget it 1/5

    By Lulujaycox
    dqays. hours. Still notconnected.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By AnnoyedinPS
    So if you are a MAC user, this does not work well , if you have the latest IOS 10.14 there isn't even a driver to support that. 10.14 has been out how long HP? Don't try to download and use 10.13, won't work. So depending on what driver version you have, my findings have found that the scanning interface for a MFPM477, which has a docufeed, you have to scan each page, one at a time, or the app crashes, which it does frequently even doing it one page at a time. I expected better from HP.
  • printer Envy 5000 5/5

    By angiesavva
    it is was very eazy and fast to scaning. Thank you.
  • Comically Bad 1/5

    By SOMBB
    I'd rate zero if I could. I dutifully update drivers, HP Scan and heroically the firmware in the scanner/printer (via Windows as no firmware update available for MacOS!!!). Result: first scan, dies on 2 of 5 page document in the doc feeder. "Communications Error with Printer". HP Utility confirms hardwire network connections valid, etc. etc. etc. Restart Mac, scanner/printer. Rinse & Repeat! Why the charade? If HP values MacOS so lightly it won't stay software current, just quit Mac platform so some other vendor can service it.
  • This Software is Horrific 1/5

    By Donnieval4life
    One would think that something as simple as scanning a document would be... well... simple. Connect, press scan, the end. This is not the case. There were a host of connection issues which ended up being impossible to diagnose. This software was the last straw with HP; the printer/scanner was already giving me trouble. I have sworn off HP products for the rest of my life - printers, scanners, calculators, computers, displays, etc.
  • Does not work with 10.14 1/5

    By ssrcobra
    Dont waste your time software stopped working with macOS 10.14
  • Oh how the mighty has fallen 1/5

    By picture 'dis
    Every experience I have had with multiple HP printers and software is total crap. Nothing works without extensive tiral and error and troubleshooting, and then more problems ensue after you do get things working. Time to wipe out the management and start over with competent people.
  • Easy 4/5

    By Jaxsonairen
    I noticed that my 4635 all-in-one stopped scanning. I assumed it was due to updates with either Apple or HP. I Googled something like - HP scanner not working with Mac Mojave - HP's site popped up, I followed the directions, D/L this App and all is good. No configurtions, fired right up. Doesn't get a 5 because some sort of notice that HP software needs to be updated and/or a link to the solution on HP's site would have been ideal.
  • What’s wrong with HP? 1/5

    By rabbirob
    I saw this question in a review of HP Scan app. I will do it one better. Why doesn’t HP trash the whole Scan App fiasco? The app is a sham. I wasted my money buying my Envy Photo 7858 AIO. The app doesn’t work anyhow, nohow! Apparently HP has grown so large, and produces so many machines ($$$$$) that they let whatever quality control they had go to pot. They sure as hell dont read the review of this product. If they did, they’d hang their head in shame and remove it from the App Store! I use the scan feature a lot, but can’t use the document feeder. Apparently the AIO doesn’t know there is one! HP, do yourself - and us - a favor. Stop playing games with your customers. Take the app off the market, or at least tell your customers the truth: IT DOESN'T WORK!!! Plese do so before another unsuspecting costimer gets duped - like me!
  • So unhappy with my new HP 1/5

    By Frustrated1002
    Recently purchased a new HP 8710 Office Jet Pro which I was told was the new version of our previous HP printer which had served us well for years. The printer is great so far, was easy to set up, but the SCAN!!! As a realtor, scanning is a BIG part of my work and this machine is almost impossible to use to scan. I managed to get the silly app, and I don't understand why I should have an app to scan . However, I have found nothing that tells me how I can get multiple sheets into one document. The printer says it can't scan to my computer because it can't find it. Funny, it prints from the computer. Getting help from HP is impossible. The chat keeps giving me the same options, and apparently is not a real person. Too bad when I thought the printer was really nice. HP is impossible to work with.
  • Error comes up every time I scan 1/5

    By Zozonoelle
    I'm having similar problems to everyone else it seems. I've spent hours configuring my printer & laptop settings, but each time I use the Easy Scan app, an error message pops up claiming my printer is off or disconnected. Meanwhile, my printer utility is showing the printer is connected, and actually printing documents works just fine.
  • Disagree with the other reviews 5/5

    By Lgoss1026
    I downloaded this app, and it was quick and easy to use, it took like 30 seconds!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Mguttman
    Makes scanning and saving where you want very easy. I needed to scan a batch of 30 photos and Easy Scan made the job go smoothly. It would be nice if there were a few more adjustment features, such as sharpening.

HP Easy Scan app comments

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