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HP Sprocket

  • Category: Photo & Video
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  • Current Version: 2.61.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: HP Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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HP Sprocket App

Printing your favorite social media photos has never been easier. Connect your social media accounts to HP Sprocket App and instantly turn any of those photos into colorful prints. Customize your photos before you print with the HP Sprocket App. Text, borders, emojis, and more add a pop of personality for snapshots and stickers that are totally and uniquely you. This app paired with the HP Sprocket printer enables you print wherever you go. It easily fits into any bag, so you can create 2x3-inch stickable snapshots whenever the moment strikes.

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HP Sprocket app reviews

  • This app has gotten better... 5/5

    By wav kïdd
    I remember before using this it was so hard to tell weather it’s printing or not and the app was just very complicated so I deleted it ... However, I need to make a collage today so I downloaded the app again, long story short it’s amazing it’s walks you step by step of what your doing and it’s just perfect I printed about four photos in less then 2 mins isn’t that awesome!!
  • Won’t connect 1/5

    By Jmaker33
    Called HP And they can’t even get it to work. Stupid thing won’t print and it was a birthday gift for my daughter who now has a paper weight. Always some kind of issue.
  • Great Device but application lacks. 3/5

    By Zachary/\yrahcaZ
    First and foremost the HP Sprocket devices are really cool and I did a lot of research prior to purchasing. I still believe the Sprocket Plus is the better pocket printer for the price, on the market. Some pros: 1.)Device offers sticker backed, semi gloss paper, for printing on the go. 2.) The Sprocket and Sprocket Plus both fit in a pocket size compartment for travel and carrying. Allowing for- 3.) Bluetooth pairing on the go. 4.) With wide compatibility it allows for and array of devices to connect. Cons: 1.)close but no cigar.. Where is the black in the photos???? The contrast does not properly match the applications preview of the photo. This is also an upset because it might be a printing limitation for the hardware of the device. At least the Sprocket Plus. So firmware may not be able to repair this issue. 2.) The printout cuts off 1-3% of the photo from the application’s print preview screen. So technically any time you add a border to a photo the outer edges of the photo in the preview, will not be printed. 3.) Not much use for professional/every day usage. These photo stickers have thousands of potential applications to every day life, why are there not stickers and features to prove it?! Overall, this is a pretty decent application with some major flaws still, but the device makes up for it..mostly...mostly. There are still many applications for the device and the prints to be seen. Hewlett Packard must seek to take advantage of in order to keep selling this product to new markets and customers. After all, when you bought this product, were you offered any kind of compatibility with 3rd party software in the directions to help you use the device differently? No Therefore, we must assume that this was not a free application, but a paid for application for those who are the owners of the Sprocket... just sayin.
  • I love it, but there’s a few issues. 4/5

    By bri._.ismybestfrand
    Ok so, sometimes with the app I’ll be trying to print out something and the photo will load for a bit, then the app will crash. Also, I have tried to print out photos with yellow but the yellow turns orange. Other then that, this printer is amazing! Thank you!
  • Upset with the update 3/5

    By Casie Elizabeth
    I really enjoyed using this app to print photos from my phone using my sprocket. My favorite way to print was using the Polaroid frame, and since my app has been updated it seems to no longer have that frame. Disappointed by this.
  • Text can not be customized 1/5

    By M1771771
    I am trying to use one of the overlays under T menu but the text could not be changed. For example there is one that says “Thank you for being such a caring and wondeful mother. Love, Alison” This overlay is useless unless your name is Allison. There is no option to click on to change the text. Tapping on the screen does not help either. There is no customer support available for the app which is dissapointing. There is also just a handful of options available when it comes to photo filters. Overall, the app need work.
  • Very cool 5/5

    By Wood Woody
    I’ve always wanted a Sprocket, the very first time I seen it advertised. I was a little reluctant about purchasing a little printer for such a large amount of money. I waited over a year to see if the price of the Sprocket notched down a little, but nope! The price stated the same. (((((What a bummer))) needless to say I finally gave in and purchased at full price. Had it for a year or so and hardly ever used it. Finally used it today to print pictures for my daughter’s room to place pictures on her fairy lights. The pictures are small & cute.
  • Extremely satisfied, the “Sprocket” is a completely ingenious idea! 5/5

    By BKealey
    This is so convenient and useful, thank you HP! You guys rock. This is what you get when a great concept and prefect execution are combined! 👍🏻🏆
  • Awesome little printer, app needs work. 3/5

    By jasper3542
    I love my Sprocket printer, but the app has some failings. My biggest complaints are that 1) the stickers are not kept up to date (it’s late May, and the month stickers still read March and April), and 2) the app trims edges off my phone photos when it imports them, so I have to crop the photo in my Photos app to make sure it centers up the way I want in the Sprocket app. I don’t always want to crop the original just to be able to print it out for my journal, devs!
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By disney_obsessor234
    This is a great app and product! I love how easy it is to press print and then boom you have a small cute picture. I also love how it’s available on the App Store and on Google Play. This app is overall very nice and the Sprocket is a very nice and easy way for me to get pictures that I want printed without having to go to Walmart or something since I have no printer at home. Thank you for this!
  • Worked well...untill 1/5

    By ar1much
    Attention developers! I dont know what did you do but now after firmware and app update the printer goes crazy. When I turn it on, the printer disconnecting in few seconds itself. But connected in ios settings. Then it doesnt turn off, have to reset. After reset doesnt turn on a while. Then start it again. White LED is lighting firm, no flashing. I believe the problem in firmware or app update. Why does it disconnect after few seconds and doesnt want connect again? I have strocket 100 and ios 12.2. Last firmware and app version. The problem in app! Check it urgently, please!
  • Won’t connect 2/5

    By h_0011
    I just bought this and I absolutely love the concept and quality but I have spent 2 hours trying to connect it and it just WONT WORK.
  • Cover 5/5

    By Tayasue
    I absolutely love the product except for the cover I took the cover off and when I slid it back ,the back on the right hand side at the top the little divots that it supposed to go in is bent so the cover doesn’t fit nice and flat you need to fix your cover.. The quality of the photo is fantastic and I love the size I’m returning mine today to get a new one hopefully they have one in the store
  • Sprocket 2 in 1 It’s Fun and a Nice party trick. 3/5

    By Optimus Wheelchair
    Useful to socialize and entertain. Printing little 2”x3” photos/stickers is fun. The quality of the prints aren’t yet on par with standard photo paper/inkjet prints, But there is the allure of the instant photo. To my knowledge HP zink is the more affordable option for instant photos. I would say overall it’s not as good at the experience of capturing memories as it is at making those memories. You’ll have fun revisiting/using instant photography. People love it! I do admit I almost returned mine because I was having some color issues and streaks. Then I read instructions from HP to clean the rollers and once I did my mind was changed back to keeping this toy.. Here’s my variation on their tip: Empty the camera of all the paper. Insert the blue card (bar code towards camera) and “run” a print job. When the camera blinks red after the blue card ejects, open the camera and reinsert the blue card only. Repeat this step 3-5 times before adding HP Zink paper and you could be surprised how much better the printing becomes. I do kinda feel bummed about losing so much paper before I figured that out. The tip about the roller cleaning (several times) should be part of the quick setup instructions. HP do you read me?? Some people are having trouble with their ratios. I have found that if you edit iPhotos and use the crop box you can select 3:2 and if you play with orientation and 3:2 you will be able to get better pictures. I’m going to try to use photo editing apps which let you pick your resolution and picture size to figure out a “canvas” I can drop my photos onto. So is it the 313ppi. X 2” and the 400ppi. X 3”? Would that mean I need to save a 623x1200 resolution photo “canvas”? Idk someone help with math and digital photography jargon. Hey HP one thing I really want is the ability to read the memory card I bought for the Sprocket from my iPhone. I’m sorry but I was a little disappointed to find out transferring was gonna be old school- cable to PC only. A minor inconvenience I know, but it does detract from the enjoyment of the device. Especially when most devices “talk” to each other nowadays. Can you crack the Bluetooth code and get my Sprocket to share photos from its memory card with my iPhone please? And If I could use my iPhone as a viewfinder for the Sprocket that would be even more incredible!!! But I’m no engineer, I just compare what I think should be to what is without the full knowledge of what is possible. Im gonna say to my fellow consumers.. The Sprocket is a fun gadget and a good conversation piece. I got mine on sale so I’m even more happy with the price I paid. I don’t think people should expect inkjet quality from this device because right now it’s just not delivering that. Expectations should be more along the lines of some older photo booths. Im hopeful prices of Zink will improve below the .32c per print average. Let’s be vocal and see what can be done. The Sprocket 2 in 1 is Great at making memories, But it probably won’t be your first choice for capturing memories. I would suggest consumers not be too critical of it. There’s a good time to be had with the Sprocket. If you are looking for production quality prints I would not be able to recommend Zink based on my experience with the Sprocket 2 in 1. Photos are Good but not Great, the experience is the main value here. If you are a new owner and are a little disappointed, Try to clean the rollers and see if there’s a difference in performance that changes your mind before you return it.
  • Supe annoyed 1/5

    By lolz1221
    I very annoyed and upset with this app. The pictures already come out with a weird color or filter on them that was not like that at first. I was trying to print 1 copy of a photo but instead it printed 4 and used all my paper so now I have to buy more and they are super expensive, I’m very disappointed.
  • Love my Sprocket 5/5

    By nana Patsy H
    Thousands of uses. Love My Sprocket.
  • Hp printer 2-in-1 5/5

    By jcamilas01
    I love the way the pictures print I can totally say that they are really special enough to keep forever
  • Ck 5/5

    By char char08
    Just awesome
  • Used to love 3/5

    By Dozit247
    I used to love using this printer, in fact I’d still love it if it worked. I own an iPhone XR and the app updated. When I tried using the printer, it worked for a few minutes than turned off. When I turned it back on my phone said the the printer was not suitable or supported. I’m confused on what made this stop working. I’m feeling frustrated and would enjoy if this would ever work again.
  • Great prints, convenient printer! 5/5

    By Aunt Honet
    I’ve had my HP Sprocket for over a year. Every time I use it, I’m so pleased with the prints. Whether memory keeping, journaling, or make mood boards, I’m so glad that I have it.
  • Flustered 1/5

    By phoodophoo
    I cannot get the app fir the sprocket 200 which is the original sprocket with a different case- I had the original Sprocket and the app and all was well - list that printer - purchased a new one last nite and have had a problem connecting the new one to my iPhone I am so flustered and disgusted - I keep asking to load the app and keep getting stuff I don’t want - I just want the darn app do I can print!!!!!
  • Great Pictures 4/5

    By B.l.miller
    Quality pictures every time!
  • I love this app 5/5

    By old town road little nas x
    This app makes me happy right now I love it thanks
  • Loved it!! 5/5

    By :) shs
    I love taking pictures and I love this soo much!
  • Locked up iPad 5/5

    By Karen Doleick
    My sprocket 100 was synced to my iPad it froze up and I can’t get into it. Now I am trying to sync it to my iPhone and I can’t.
  • Super! 5/5

    By HeathOx
    Love my HP sprocket. Super cute, I can print pictures whenever, wherever! My two daughters think it’s so neat. I’ve had no issues with the app so far. Good job HP!
  • Fast/Poor Color Quality 2/5

    By Melanie Hzzzz
    It is certainly quick, but so far everyone is printing up with what looks like rashes on the skin.
  • Not printing pictures 1/5

    By boblyn19
    Followed all the directions but no pictures are printing. No instructions for trouble-shooting.
  • Hate it 1/5

    By worthless piece of junk
    No instructions!!!! Had it for almost 5 months and still can’t figure out how to use it!!!!
  • Wow 5/5

    By samiboulos405
  • Pictures are too dark 1/5

    By wolfsong03
    I tried to print 3 different pictures... one printed twice one printed 3 times and the other was so dark I couldn’t tell what is was...
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By joshduntyjo
    I can’t get it to pair please help
  • Ok 4/5

    By sccoeteacher
    To get the full object you wish to photo and want it predominantly in the frame, step back and allow more border to right and left of the object. Vertical border hasn’t been an issue yet.
  • AHHHHH 1/5

    By cycyctcu
  • I wish some things were different on the app 4/5

    By Skysierra
    I love this app. I wish they had more sticker options to pick from. I also wish they did not take them away. They will come out with new stickers then a couple of months later take them away. I also wish they had a sticker pack for sisters, with stickers that you could put on a picture with your sister. Other then that I love this app and I love the way the pictures print so easily.
  • Fun printing photos 5/5

    By Mommyspoodle
    This is so fun. You can add Borders, color, words, hearts, stars, and make it your own design. You can pull off the back of the photo and have a sticker photos
  • Google photos integration still not fixed 2/5

    By Csaluca
    I talked to customer service multiple times, they assured me that the integration issues will be fixed in 2 weeks, but nothing changed. Unable to use my device for what I purchased it for...
  • Love It 5/5

    By VB*Daisy
    I absolutely love this little printer since it is small and super easy to operate!
  • Love this 5/5

    By ashleytark
    I carry this around with me . Love it so much!
  • Best unit 5/5

    By Tippyoda
    My son bought me one and it is the best thing I ever got for pics.
  • Sprocket 4/5

    By suzstew
    HP needs to figure out how to make the ink print less pink. Every picture domes out with a pink cast
  • not working 1/5

    By EzraElioenai
    i just upgrade to an iphone xs max and its telling me that this device is not supported! i haven't use the sprocket more than 2 times in my older phone, but this is not working- the app is update it! what can i do? just throw it in the trash? or am I gonna be able to use it?
  • HP Sprocket App is Really Great 5/5

    By Ash Cuv
    The hp sprocket app was better than I was expecting. You can get photos from instagram, Facebook, google, and your normal photos. You can add cool stickers borders and text, and you can also edit the photo and make it look sooo much better. Also, the “reveal” mode is really cool for looking at memories from that day (recommend). I think this app is really cool and I look forward to using this app.
  • Nice! 4/5

    By myamericanexpress
    Great to print my pictures quickly wherever I am. Fun to use : )
  • Fun and easy to use 5/5

    By silviaoro
    I love it
  • Printer review 1/5

    By msbrick504
    Awful quality , dark pictures birthday gift so disappointed
  • Adequate 3/5

    By dft874
    The app is ok and have improved some with the edit feature. However, I wish it could do a little more, like collages. I have to use a separate program to do this. I find it inconvenience and as a result my go to printer is the Polaroid Zip. I have both but the picture quality on the Sprocket is a bit better.
  • Loooove it 5/5

    By djktdf
    Awesome App
  • Poor quality - No fixes 1/5

    By Poets habit
    1. It over sharpens images, hair looks like dandruff. Wish u could print without the APP applying sharpening!! 2. Prints darker than in the preview, extremely darker. 3. Prints a PINK HUE on skin tones and in highlights. 4. NONE of the troubleshooting solutions fix these issues. Just google HP spocket prints PINK. IMO this is NOT as ADVERTISED. NOT ONE PHOTO printed as on the advertisements!! Returning this product and going with a competitor. I bought 8 packets of film expecting decent results.

HP Sprocket app comments

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