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HQ - Trivia & Words

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  • Current Version: 1.4.6
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Intermedia Labs
  • Compatibility: Android
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HQ - Trivia & Words App

HQ is the wildly popular live game show app where you can win real cash prizes for free. Every day, tune into HQ to answer trivia questions and solve word puzzles ranging from easy to hard to savage. See if you have what it takes to win cash. Make sure you turn on push notifications so you never miss the live shows, and your chance at the money. Invite some friends to join the fun - if they use your code, you'll get extra lives. HQ has had special guest celebrities like The Rock, Robert De Niro, Gordon Ramsay, and Alicia Silverstone dropping in, giving away millions of dollars in prizes, and been featured in The New York Times, The Today Show, Time, ABC, CNBC, and more. Join the future of television and get HQ now.

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HQ - Trivia & Words app reviews

  • Worst app 1/5

    By PPTAalum
    They don’t pay their users and it crashes all the time.
  • Please Read 5/5

    By catheriiine
    This app is wonderful. As someone who loves this app I hope you will welcome one suggestion that would allow me to use the app more often. Because of my work schedule I often miss the live games. While it wouldn’t be an option to win money, I would still love to option to play matches that I missed live for fun. That would be a really cool option! Also if there was a way to exit the chat off your screen that would also be very wonderful. Thanks for such a fun app!
  • HQ 5/5

    By sammy🔥🔥🔥
    i play this with my cousins and family when i see them, there should be a way where u could send a person an extra life or an eraser or something so that if someone didn’t play anymore they could give a friend there extra life or eraser, but overall this is such a fun game, and i hope to win again!!!
  • Cannot Delete Account 1/5

    By Park Ridge Matt
    Despite the Terms of Use saying you shall be able to delete your account. Yet, despite repeated and patient requests to have this done I have received nothing from HQ. The Terms of Use have arbitration clauses and other things that are not objectively fair to users. Although it is the choice of the user to engage in the contract, a user’s request to terminate their account should be honored.
  • Hot garbage 1/5

    By UberguyLV
    Horrible hosts, ridiculous format, broken constantly, and the app is garbage. 0 stars
  • Please send me a copy of the events table that was used to bounce me 1/5

    By FormerUberFan
    Always buggy, got unfairly bounced, then proceeded to buy and extra life to stay in the game, only to have it charge me and not process. Drop this app as it’s on fire in the wrong way-not hit but rather forest fire...
  • Fun but frequently starts late 1/5

    By PS1100
    Why is it always late? Today it started 9 minutes late. Get your act together. I’m stopping what I’m doing to play your game yet you can’t respect my time. Seriously, think about it, people put their lives on hold momentarily to play this game. Being late shows you don’t value us. Also, I’ve had several instances where I’ve tapped my selection for an answer but it won’t accept my response. I keep tapping and the timer finally counts down and I’m eliminated. Frustrating. Fun concept, horribly executed. Update: tonight I answered a question and it didn’t move on to display the next question. I could hear Sharon reading the question but I couldn’t play! I was eliminated. This game is unreliable. Update: the hosts are horrible. Matt is the absolute worst. He makes stupid little rhymes and sings constantly. This isn’t a talent show it is a quiz show. Update: now I get two notifications each time I’m alerted to something.
  • HQ Review 5/5

    By Dakror50
    My husband and I have been playing since the first of the Year. We call it family time before bed. Sometimes in bed. Tonight I won for the first time hopefully many more will be in the future. Rordak.
  • tim 1/5

    By Timmer729
    tried last 2 days.. all i get is spinning circle... cant play even if i wanted to
  • Having a blast!! 5/5

    By ebufff
    Haven’t won yet - but lots of fun!!
  • Love HQ 5/5

    By Jbjbjbjbjbj j j j m
    Sports HQ is the best!
  • Love this game!!! Let’s bring it back to the top! 5/5

    By Pick a name 57699
    Honestly this game brought trivia to all our homes and was a “game changer”!!! Love Scott and the rest of the team, and enjoy the new sports and words games. The best is yet to come for this company!!!
  • Missing extra lives and glitches 3/5

    By irritated200x
    Glitches that eliminate when the correct answer was entered with half the time left are beyond frustrating. Earning extra lives for playing 5 days in a row that disappear are also frustrating. The game can be fun and even exciting at times, but glitches that make the games unfair get old. Need to fix the issues and the people will come. The overly chatty hosts seem self-absorbed and can be annoying but taunting with disappearing extra lives and getting unfairly eliminated make the game more frustrating than fun!
  • Done with HQ and loosing extra lives 1/5

    By overthewallin14
    If you have extra lives the app automatically applies after a missed question rather then asking letting you apply it. I like everything else but until they fix this I am done. I assume this is on purpose so you buy more extra lives.
  • Bebex 5/5

    By Imbac86
    Live is the best ! Having a good time is what it’s all about !!
  • Dear Anna Roisman, (HQ Words) 5/5

    By King David C
    Please except our condolences, Anna, on the passing on your 97yo grandmother. Be your grandmother to those of us who never had the privilege of meeting her in person !! Blessings, Peace & Comfort to you and your family... Love from Philly-town (Proverbs 3:5-6)
  • Awesome game 2/5

    By SavyPickle
    I totally love this game but I gave a low score because there is no way to update your information. I have a new phone number but cannot change it in my account and no one responded on Twitter to my husband when he asked for help. A bit disappointed in that. 😔
  • just ditch the hosts 3/5

    By yuhhsss
    the hosts are awful and NEVER shut up i dont even want to play the game cus i have to listen to them
  • Very good app! 4/5

    By pyerwme
    I joined this game because my mom got me into this game and I LOVE how you can win money. But... I think they need to give you more than 10 seconds to think. Overall the app is great!!!!
  • Hq review 5/5

    By Bianckinzfun
    This game is pretty lit
  • 👍 4/5

    By Bb bubblegum
    It’s hard to win and I think it’s a great game other that that
  • Addicting 4/5

    By Snickerdo05
    I love the game. Rarely win but I’m addicted. I am very disappointed in the way the nearby players function is failing to recognize my nearby friends. They both turn up in my friends playing list but not both nearby even though they are both within 6 feet of me. It used to work flawlessly. Also, about 10 of my accumulated erasers Just disappeared. Aggravation is ruining my fun.
  • Innovative and Exciting 5/5

    By LordEnki
    HQ is a new animal. It combines the fun of a game show with the interactivity that mobile social media offers in the modern day. Having a life feed of a host interacting with everyone in the chat gives this a unique experience and will keep you on your toes for the next one! Not to mention, winning gives you money- even if it’s only pocket change
  • Idea for words game 4/5

    By Da,bom.com
    I wish even I you got eliminated you could still play. It wouldn’t count or anything but I’d love if that was an option.
  • Best ever!! 5/5

    By kareem chese
    I love this app the trivia is awesome you’ve got to download it!!
  • Haven’t won anything yet but I know it’s coming soon! 5/5

    By thisnamealreadyExist
    Haven’t won anything yet but I know it’s coming soon! This game is a lot of fun, especially with friends that are close by! You’ll get addicted!
  • Hq Words 1/5

    By ntnpurdue
    You spin to get a free letter but that letter does actually show up at the beginning of puzzles like it is supposed to show up. Tonight I got “W” and it did not appear in the puzzle “Glass of Water “ until. I selected it. Need to fix this
  • Good game 5/5

    By ryryflys
    No words to describe
  • Trolling for data 1/5

    By leemurf
    Seems all everyone wants is to steal private data. Why does one have to share their data to play this game?
  • Scam report this app 1/5

    By Jesus2389
    This app is a scam do not download it,I won 7 dollars my first Time playing and I couldn’t even cash out not to mention,the glitches,the hosts take forever stalling,and you can’t communicated we any customer service,they just block you ,if you keep asking for answers,bad customer service.
  • Words 2/5

    By thejennnnnnnn
    I’m “joined”for words but yet I can never play. It always just tells me about the next trivia game.
  • Problems with Extra lives 3/5

    Fun game but twice I used an extra live and the game would say “back in the game” but would not let me pick an an answer on the next question. Please get that fix. Other than that it’s a fun game to play with families and friends.
  • Don’t click wrong or else 3/5

    By Ksullll
    Trivia questions are great, click wrong once? You’re doomed.
  • It glitches up every night! 2/5

    By hrcring
    Does not work well-it will kick you off or freeze up every night!
  • Things to think about 3/5

    By PspDavid1956
    Great fun!! Since a friend turned me on to HQ Trivia, I rarely miss a game. I like earning that free life. The same was true of the of the “points”. Even when I was eliminated after 8-10 questions. I had earned more points!! I think it would be a much more engaging game if points and levels were incorporated into the game as a whole. I continue to play because it’s a fun time with friends. And is there any way to tighten up the time? First question sometimes doesn’t happen for 6 minutes. This is a game we’re playing on our phones. Maybe things could happen a little faster. Love the game! Rock on Scott and Matt!
  • Must get this App!! 4/5

    By Pgccgolfer
    Awesome game just wish they had sports trivia every night.
  • 🥳 5/5

    By chelsea milaya
    Highly recommend this app I love HQ words! Not really into the Trivia game
  • Afungiveawayseoneelsesmoneygame! 5/5

    By Slimdog71
    It’s a fun game that you don’t mind getting hooked on!! With no entry fee, it’s a no brainer......JUST PLAY!
  • Super Fun 5/5

    By mrs-g-in-dec
    Fun trivia game. I just want to win one time!
  • Word puzzle 2/5

    By LisaM 1969
    Boo!! I never got the letter wheel and I was logged on 5 minutes before it started.
  • Difficult to Operate 2/5

    By Pretending Princess
    App is glitchy and recorded questions are lame. Over 300k players on at once.
  • Fix the notification preferences! 1/5

    By Paul VQ
    I turned off the notifications for HQ words then tried turning them all off in app. Still get notified.
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By Lexi7590
    Other then Matt being Kind of annoying it’s awesome
  • Pforck 5/5

    By pforck
    Awesome game.
  • HQ “Phrases” 3/5

    By Allyssa Magee
    HQ Trivia is a blast but HQ words, isn’t really words. They’re more like phrases and not always related to the hint. Disappointing.
  • Glitch in the words game on 1-15-19 at 9:30 pm 5/5

    By rmcrlr
    There was a glitch in the Words Game tonight at 9:30 pm
  • Waiting too long 3/5

    By LastOneWasBetter!
    It’s a fun game to play and the notifications are helpful but there is too long of a wait (with annoying music) from when the notice is received and when the game actually starts
  • HQ Badges 3/5

    By BlendedBabe
    I have no clue what they are for. It would help if you could enlighten us.
  • Cashing out to shared PayPal account 1/5

    By seeringmom
    Love the game! Hate that I can’t get my winnings! My wife and I each log into the app using our own (different) email accounts per your policy, but we share the same PayPal account. My wife cashed out her winnings to our PayPal account, but when I try to cash out to the same PayPal account, you claim that I am violating your policy. When are you going to fix the app so we can cash out to our shared PayPal account?

HQ - Trivia & Words app comments

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