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Everything you love about HubSpot in one place...your pocket! - Digest: Manage your full HubSpot stack in one powerful app. - Marketing: The power of inbound marketing goes where you go. - Sales: Your sales team performance is in the palm of your hand. - CRM: Every deal in your funnel, every contact in your queue.


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  • Just doesn’t work 1/5

    By Rickd12
    After waiting six months for iPhone X optimization now it basically won’t load any notes on my contacts. Just shows it’s loading indefinitely. I finally have to just close the app and open my computer. HubSpot is such a great tool. Really frustrating for the app to be so poor.
  • A CRM I actually use 4/5

    By nedavy
    My philosophy is, “If you and your team aren’t using it then It isn’t a good CRM. No use screaming in stand up meetings “Make sure you use the CRM”☝🏾 🤨.... I would suggest however being able to see if the email was opened in the activity thread.
  • No blog editor. Very disappointing. 1/5

    By ScottytheMenace
    The CRM tools in the app may be very good, but I don’t use them so I have no idea. All I want to do is manage our blog, which you apparently can’t do in the app. And since the browser-based blogging is barely functional with mobile Safari, that essentially means I can’t manage my web content on iOS. In 2018, that’s seriously disappointing.
  • Great tool 5/5

    By Kris Velly
    This app helps me keep track of marketing efforts after I leave the office. Easy to use and includes all the key metrics.
  • Worst app on my iPhone 1/5

    This app is the worst app I have on my phone. It’s slow when trying to upload customer profile. I get frustrated and end up going to iOS browser. Been like this forever. Any updates coming soon to fix this?
  • Need to bring back social publishing on the app 4/5

    By Yosuke Carter
    We need to be able to get some aspects of our job done on our mobile devices. The social publishing was one of those things. Please bring it back.
  • A huge disappointment 1/5

    By A Friend(s)
    This app is unusable. By its very nature it’s designed to be used when you’re out and about and need quick access to a contact. However, the app is so slow that it’s almost non responsive. This leads to double tapping, only to have the app unfreeze. This means you just tapped on the wrong part of the app. Then, you have to hit the back button which takes forever because the app is slow and non responsive. By the time you get to where you need to be in the app, you’re home and just use the browser version. Today, I pulled out my app to make a phone call while on a drive. Instead of being able to access the app and give it another try, I get an obnoxious pop up in the app requesting that I leave a review. Here you go, Hubspot.
  • Basically useless, a big disappointment 1/5

    By realjoewalsh
    A frustrating experience from an otherwise innovative software company. The following problems have plagued this app for more than a year: *Extreme* lag: No matter how fast your internet connection, it takes 20-30 seconds just to load a deal object. Want to update a property? You need to set aside a full minute, at a minimum. Poor usability: The deal pipeline, a beautiful kanban in the web app, is a convoluted mess in mobile. It’s made worse by the point above — often you need to swipe several times to switch between deal stages. Then it takes another minute or so until the deals in that stage are fully loaded so you can scroll down the column. Constant failures: Often, the update you make to a deal, company or contact property doesn’t persist. Instead, you get an error message which itself causes the app to slow down even more. At the end of the day, I can not recommend this app because it simply doesn’t work reliably. You’re better off using the web UI on mobile — add it to your home screen so it works like the native app should. When will this get better, Hubspot?
  • Still not optimized for iPhone X 2/5

    By IceIze5
    I’d like to use all of my iPhone X screen like all other apps do! Get on it. I’m paying for this!
  • Company costumer relations 2/5

    By Thegreatcarlotta3
    I love this app for what I need, the only issue is for the android version of this app. I want my employees to be able see the customers that are associated with the company in question, for me this is not an issue. For my employees with androids, however the contact information does not associate with the company on the mobile version. If this is fixed I will gladly change my review to a 5* but any help or update information on this issue would be very much appreciated!
  • Not optimized 1/5

    Still not optimized for iPhone X. Not ideal for mobile use. Simple functionalities.
  • No notifications, can't set alerts on tasks, android version is better 1/5

    By Sergiolopez94
    I used to have the app on Android and it worked like a charm. iOS version won't send notifications and I can't even set alerts for tasks. Completely useless
  • Great! 5/5

    By domain seller
    I’ve used this app for awhile and it’s one of the best!
  • Used to Open but those Days are Gone 2/5

    By B-Mang
    The app was workable although it could definitely be more intuitive and functional. There is certainly room for improvement. Well that was then and this is now. Now it doesn’t even open on my iPhone anymore and the last time it did only some functions would work. I’ve been using this app for about 2 years but I may have to change to something more stable and dependable.
  • Using free version 5/5

    By Bstrategic
    I’ve been using Hubspot’s free versions for a while and have found it really useful and reliable. As my organization grows, I expect to strongly consider Hubspot.
  • Outsourced crap 1/5

    By Reallywantedit
    This is what happens when you go too cheap and outsource to some sweat shop. This app is quite literally garbage. I would detail all the little interface things that are annoying but actually I can’t even login to my account — why ? Well, funny you should ask, my password is apparently incorrect and the developers neglected to add a “forgot password” button on the login screen lol. FYI, I didn’t actually forget my password, I had logged in “with google”, the token expired and rather than delete the token from the app after a failed login and allow me to re-login via google it keeps retrying the same bad token, game over, deleting.
  • No iPhone X support 1/5

    By bingimar
    No iPhone X support
  • Outdated 2/5

    By Angry Ghost Pepper
    The Web version of Hubspot’s CRM is great, but it’s iOS app is WAY behind competitors. From iPhone X Support, to mobile integrations and location-relevant data, HubSpot’s iOS app falls short 😕
  • Every update logs me out 2/5

    By nitsuj817
    Like why?
  • Bad 1/5

    By theguelahpapyrus1
    Email addresses are not imported when importing contacts from my phone. Seems like the contact’s name is the only field being imported. What a joke!
  • More features needed 3/5

    By DJBites
    Needs more functions of the website.
  • No Marketing tools?! 1/5

    By eoswald
    Didn’t hubspot start as a marketing platform? All this app lets you do I’m marketing is look at charts about email. Can’t manage social media. Can’t draft anything. Can’t review, edit, publish or approve anything. Can’t enroll in workflows. No blogging No reports For such a useful platform this app is pretty useless for Marketing.
  • iPhone X 4/5

    By G.Bains
    I love the app. It has enabled me to have the Hubspot crm in a mobile capacity. However I wish Hubspot would do an iPhone X update! Maybe some more robust features that emulate the destktop as well!
  • Great tool to manage my business from my phone 5/5

    By RobSoto_
    As a new company this is the first CRM service we have ever chosen and this is the last one we will ever have to choose. It is amazing! We found the set up process extremely simple, and the integration to our gmail accounts for extra email extensions are awesome. I think the mobile app for iOS is great on the iPhone and even better on the iPad. It is very simple and doesn’t include half the features that the website offers but does allow me to: • Have a separate contact list from my system phone contacts strictly for clients and prospects while able to make calls and texts from inside the app • Save a new prospects contact information • Automatically generate company info if I include their website url • Save notes about interactions with prospects and clients • Create tasks and reminders like “call Jim in a week at 3pm” for each contact to get an email and notification reminder sent to you • See all previous tasks and notes (like notes on last conversation) for each contact before calling • Enter contacts into the prospecting funnel to move them through the stages of becoming a client Although we will not be using it to track our revenue it seems to provide great features allowing you to input and track your sales history both overall and with individual clients. Those are only the features available on the app. The website has even more you can do with it. Oh yeah and it’s all free “forever”... For that reason I felt like I owed them this review at the very least lol
  • Gold 5/5

    By Vince141414
    Not clunky. Excellent customer service. I haven’t spent a dime with them and still treat me like gold. Cheers
  • Limited functionality 3/5

    By Koray E
    App has limited functionality compare to real application, for sales we need business card scanner , also compare to ZoHo CRM application HubspotCRM app has very few functionality in app Marketing site agin offers limited reports
  • Ok start 3/5

    By zmslkml
    It crashes often or will lock you out. Great when it work
  • Worst CRM on the market 1/5

    By Amy30307832
    I have been using CRM apps for my entire professional career and Hubspot, hands down, is the least intuitive. It is filled with constant bugs, under populates some fields, and duplicates emails several times making reviewing a clients history impossible and too time consuming. Additionally, and this is the most frustrating aspect of the app. is that it FAILS with the most basic search functions. The developers should try using it themselves! Look up a clients name, see if you mispel one letter or have 17 "Christy's" only 2 will come up! It's absolutely disfunctional and we will be looking to change apps shortly. Don't waste your time with this app.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Vamarg
    I am a small business owner. I use the free version of this app. It is easy to use and great for tracking customer contact and activity!
  • Great with a few tweaks missing! 3/5

    By Moe9052
    Hoping for a new update soon! Leader boards arent working properly. Digest as a whole needs work on!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Chewbympm
    I can’t even sign into the app. What’s the point?
  • Solid 5/5

    By Madison Jonas
    I primarily use the desktop and iPad version of the app. HubSpot has taken my follow up game to the next level. I love being able to create my own sales funnels and create the steps to the sale. I know where I am at with all my opportunities.
  • Doesn’t do the platform justice 1/5

    By Kingofrandb
    The app does not do the platform justice. First Growthbot is temperamental, the reporting can learn a thing or two from Intuit with the fluidity of their app. Having the ability to blog and send a monthly newsletter would be great. If there was a template to insert content and launch through the app that would be awesome. Just my two cents.
  • How is it so slow? 1/5

    By juan90
    Agree that integration isn’t what it should be
  • Hubspot support 5/5

    By husli08
    Hubspot support was able to quickly solve my problem. Thanks!
  • Good god... 1/5

    By Afhxgjj
    Some of the worst software I’ve ever used. UX takes a while to figure out. Important features completely missing like file attachments. Tons of bugs: Form navigation does not work. Reselecting a field clears the other fields. Typing a long email will jerk the view up and down with each keystroke. Do I need to go on?
  • Low feature parity 1/5

    By D2Rhino
    This would be a great app if it had feature parity with the desktop version. The ability to alter any and all settings that I can change in the desktop version should be in this app. Otherwise it’s a toy, and not very useful for productivity. Oh and the famous “cannot update properties, check your internet connection” bug. Ah, Hubspot, so many versions, yet still no fix...
  • Buggy IPad app, desktop is great 2/5

    By Thakurland
    Desktop version is amazing, but iPad/iPhone is so buggy and inconsistent. This review in anyway is against hubspot, because it’s hands down the best CRM you could use.
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By Doofbag
    Their web app is bad enough not sure why I tortured myself with this also.
  • Inter app integration is subpar 1/5

    By Dschlaino
    The data marts are not integrated or synchronized enough, which causes a user to repeat data entry from companies to contacts. For example, if I add a contact within a company record, I have to enter company information which leaves potential for error. If I am in a company record and select add contact, it should be apparent that the company data get auto populated with the company data. But noooo, I have to re-enter all of the company data again. This adds too much time and complexity to a simple process. This is one of many examples that make HubSpot too difficult for me to use. Reporting is clumsy and too Facebookesque with the timeline. Please go and look at other CRMs to get id as on how to display data that is easy to read. For example, the contact lookup is a timeline. Not optimal for salespeople to navigate.
  • Desktop verses iOS - big disparities 2/5

    By Mdm653
    Absolutely love the Internet based desktop version. The iOS version needs lots of love. Bit buggy and doggy. I know you will get it right. Once you do, I will be your evangelist and bring on a lot more subscribers to Hubspot! Merry Christmas and after the holidays, get to work!😉
  • The concept is good but the app is full of bugs 3/5

    By Tichito
    Very useful tool, intuitive but plagued with bugs that make it almost unusable. Fix the bugs and you’ll have a great app for CRM
  • Multiple account frustrations 3/5

    By Toyotanutz
    Singed up for free. Purchased upgrade. Now I had two accounts. Joined my company. Now I have 3 accounts. Notifications no longer show on phone. Was tracking emails for a month to wrong account. Had to export/import to other account. Still not getting notification on phone. Frustrating. Should have stayed free version...
  • Hubspot free version is great 4/5

    By tommylinsley
    The free version lacks some functionality of course, but it is great for tracking email opens straight from Gmail.
  • So I want to love... 3/5

    By Shopping list
    But you can’t toggle front a contact to a company...really need this feature to be truly affective!
  • Good app, but very buggy 3/5

    By Edmund Smith
    This app is great to manage all activities from HubSpot but I find it to be very buggy. It is slow at times and oddly enough things show on iPad version that don’t on iPhone version and vice versa. I have an iPhone X and would like to see it formatted for that as well.
  • Excited to watch this improve 4/5

    By Raleightl
    I really wish this app was more robust. Can be a little buggy too... Overall with a little configuration its handy though! Thanks Hubspot!
  • Not as good as the desktop app 3/5

    By Familia Osorio
    I will love to do more stuff with this app. But it is more a info app than action app!
  • Terrible, I’ve sent in many complains, but it’s still extremely buggy. 1/5

    By Princework
    Love desktop app, but this not a usable app, very frustrating.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Fox Industries
    Can’t even use it. Piece of crap

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