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Huddle. App

On Huddle: - Join conversations and groups that matter to you most - Make new friends and support others in your situation - Be inspired by motivational posts - Post your stories as anonymously as you'd like - Be a meaningful part of a community that promotes positivity "On Huddle people are choosing to share their experiences, to ask for advice, and to support others they don't know personally–showing just how much an app's carefully crafted, thoughtful design can turn your phone from a negative place to a positive one." - Fast Company "If Instagram is a filtered place for our "best," not-so-authentic selves, Huddle is the platform for sharing our messy realities." - The Mighty "An app like this is so important because it destigmatizes mental illness. Seeing real people uploading videos and supporting each other is proof we're all struggling to some degree, and having a safe space to talk about it can be really helpful." - Greatist Groups on Huddle include: - High School Problems - LGBTQ+ Groups - Relationship Advice - New Friends - Stress & Anxiety - Relationships - Body Image - Dealing with Depression - Trans Experience - Sexuality - Physical Disability - Self Harm - BPD/EUPD - Bipolar - And hundreds more!


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  • I LOVE IT 5/5

    By cottrellburke
    I’ve recommended this to all of my friends lately and it’s been helping us through some tough situations
  • I never even got a verification code.... 1/5

    By iminlalaland4ever
    I put in my # and never got the code.
  • Nice but missing an obvious feature 5/5

    By therealappeal
    I can hide my face but what about my voice?? And time limit is ridiculously short Also they always feature the same people. I've seen a lot of positive well said messages that are inspiring or profound. And yet they have the one guy they post every one ofbhis videos and some are quite depressing
  • Love It! 5/5

    By Nikki92301345
    It is a beautiful and welcoming community!!💙
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Kirby515
    Finally! A place where i can share my gifts with everyone!
  • So...Vent 2.0? 1/5

    By jayh159
    More Instant gratification. SERIOUS QUESTION to the devs, am I going to be banned too for being a straight male? No seriously I want to know. Because apparently that's a bad thing. Why not give everyone a voice instead of censoring people just because some happen to be "straight white males". And I'm not even white smh It's ironic to me how you people don't want to be "judged" or labeled but yet you do the exact same thing. I AM NOT a "cis" or whatever it is that you label me, I am a person. Yes I am male, yes I am straight and yes I too have to face some of life's problems. But just because I am "cis" that does NOT mean that my life is easy or that I don't face any prejudice or any of that.
  • Cool and open 4/5

    By Dav1233
    Everything is awesome!
  • I think I like this 4/5

    By josiesway1
    Been on for literally 15 minutes and I cannot believe how relieved I felt with talking my issues out with others. I’m going to use this app. Thanks to the creators
  • Great app - BUT 4/5

    By ImJaypeeh
    Hit, great app, and I love the reason behind it. I’ll see myself watching content, however — please have a voice morphing feature! It ensures another layer of privacy. I don’t want my voice being picked up. Thank you so much.
  • Great community 4/5

    By Bread 2.0
    I love this app. The recent update was a great improvement. Small annoyance: it turns off my music every time I open the app.
  • Great App 5/5

    By musitones11
    This is a great app. There are lots of nice people who are ready to help and support you. It doesn’t matter what race, religion, sexuality, etc. you are. They are always there to talk. Has definitely helped me.
  • Good concept poor execution 2/5

    By Geenie B Goode
    The app is meant to support one another for all different kinds of reasons, but it’s kind of difficult when the app is super glitchy! Update for a more reasonable review.
  • Generosity 5/5

    By chillthefirst
    This app has a lot of people who comforts you during hardships. Very uplifting.
  • Good for letting it all hang out 5/5

    By ohioscanner
    You can go incognito or be yourself whichever one you feel like. You can help others or ask for help.
  • Best app! 5/5

    By Huge dice fan
    I'm always using Huddle. My username is mentalhealthmatters!!! For some reason every time I open Huddle I start to instantly feel a calm rush. I might not feel calm in that moment but I know just going out on Huddle and talking about it does really help. I think the calm rush is from The really calm and gentle support from everyone out on Huddle.
  • Sign in option 4/5

    By #bookslife
    I saw this app on Instagram and decided to get it after seeing the reviews. Though when I get on I have to log in via phone or Facebook. Well, I don’t have a Facebook and I don’t want to share my phone. So could you make an email version? Thanks!
  • Great 5/5

    By Disappointed Critism
    In my experience this app has helped me so much i have nothing to complain about.
  • Log in issue 1/5

    By Anny20
    I got to the log in screen where you can use Facebook or your phone number. My facebook is deactivated, part of the reason why I need this app. I put my phone number in 5 different times and got no verification code. I’m not using facebook to log in so I’ll have to delete it.
  • Racist app 1/5

    By noiradle
    I got banned for making a support group for straight white males. The admins clearly have no tolerance for my kind. This is disgusting and I hope Apple shuts down this hate app.
  • Best App 5/5

    By Sbsck357
    The Huddle community is very supportive. I would recommend it to absolutely anyone
  • Such an amazing app 5/5

    By 1Dlover😜
    This app is one of the best things I have ever come across. Getting to help people (and have people help you) is seriously so amazing. Everyone on huddle is amazing and I’ve never been in such a kind and caring community.
  • Well designed, respect privacy 5/5

    By Rdlrdlrdl
    I really do particularly appreciate that this app lets you choose the level of privacy you’re most comfortable with. Really great design, and really helpful for a lot of people!
  • Make app compatible for Android users 5/5

    By RomeoThaPro2K14
    Awesome app! Please make this app compatible for Android users too!
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Panzexual
    This app has helped me so much I have come out as pansexual using this app
  • Best App Created Yet 5/5

    By Tru_haze
    Nine days everyone has a voice right? Unfortunately when we speak our minds we happen to bump heads sometimes. This app is great for everyone of all ages all races, etc. to speak what’s on their mind, vent, or just make some new friends. I personally love this app because I’m able to discuss anything that’s on my mind or Just listen to someone else’s story. I think this is the best part of 2018 Thus far
  • Account Disabled 1/5

    By TheGhostAteMyHomework
    My account got disabled for no reason! And i have no idea how to contact them and ask them why they disabled my account!!
  • Cool 5/5

    By mQuotus
    Cool app for bringing people together and supporting those who need support
  • Great community 4/5

    By Bad app it stinks
    There is a great community on this app and I love the app as a whole but I feel like the layout isn’t quite user friendly enough. Don’t get me wrong its not hard to learn where stuff is but its just difficult at first. That is the only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars I truly love this app.
  • Hate this app 1/5

    By PoohStarrKG10
    This app is horrible. It makes fun of a serious issue, and mental illness isn’t a joke. To have groups like poetry and musical theater makes this app the biggest joke on the App Store!!! I hope Apple removes this app for good!
  • AWESOME APP! 5/5

    By marrriaaaaaaa
    I love this app .in real life Peoole can’t talk to other people about their problems because the people may not take you seriously or react violence as”if you’re going against them “ or school Counselors that don’t even know how to do their job and just tell you that you’re overreacting .and that’s why people just keep what they are feeling inside which is extremely sad and I wish I can be there for everyone but THIS APP HELPS ALOT helps people be heard I love it because I can talk to people and help them out give his advise or just to talk ! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS APP! Thank you for creating it !EVERYONE SHOULD GET IT
  • Great! ButLongerVideosWouldBeNice 2/5

    By Blaxicanchica9494
    Just started using this app today and I love it! However, I wish two things could be addressed/ considered. 1. Maybe allow us to record longer video. 2. Notifications are a bit behind in the app (someone could’ve supported my video 10 mins ago according to my iPhone lock screen but when I open the app, it says they supported it 9 seconds ago). Besides those things, the app and the community within it are great! Lowered my review from 4 stars to 2 stars because even though my WiFi connect is strong, sometimes when I get done recording a video and I go to submit it to a group, it will stay stuck in a loading loop in which case it doesn’t end up loading to the group at all and I have to start from scratch. This is a problem for me because I tend to be pretty strict on myself when it comes to what I post so most times, I record myself saying pretty much the same thing multiple times until I feel like I’ve done it right, only for the “right” video to not upload. Hopefully, this makes sense. Wish this issue could be addressed.
  • I love this app but 3/5

    I can’t zoom in and out when i’m recording i can’t flip the camera you should let us be able to come to record on Snapchat and tell you have the different clips throughout the day and when i text my friend we can’t send pictures this is mess you get a 3 star rating but if you do these thing you will get a 5 and i’m not the only one who wants this
  • Suicide Help Button? 2/5

    By mmborabora
    There’s a user that is suicidal. I’ve been searching feverishly for a way to contact you to see if your App has a feature to get them help, like an alert button. If you’re going to run a company that helps support people’s personal issues, take a higher responsibility and add a feature that could alert your staff or the local authorities. Your app is a blessing but most of your users are seeking help for one thing or another and some are in life-or-death situations all by themselves.
  • Download it❣️❣️❣️ 5/5

    By Faithfuly $weet
    I love the idea, the concept that actually thing of the app. Like it’s not one of those things were everyone completely turns it into a dating app. You can but it also gives I a voice for other stuff and I feel inclusive and supported I love it ❤️
  • I get it do what I enjoy 5/5

    By Shotsbymisa
    Helping people is my thing, always has and now I can jump on huddle and speak a few words to those that may need one. Thanks huddle. Please stay updated with them updates and will be good, I’ll stay using. Thanks 🕺🏻❤️
  • Absolutely inspiring! 5/5

    By SereTheDevilsAngel
    I love everything about this app. Everyone is so supportive and inspiring as well. This is the best app I have on my phones be hands down!
  • Such a great community & staff 5/5

    By egg-sama
    I seriously applaud the creators of this app for managing to form such a safe, accepting community that focuses on support instead of popularity. Everyone on the app is so genuine and helpful, including the app support, you really can’t find this anywhere else! The anonymity feature is so helpful and innovative as well. The only qualm I have is that, since you have to record a video in order to post, I can’t really record anything at night when my lights are off. Regardless, I would highly recommend this app to anyone and everyone!
  • The best idea for an app ever! 4/5

    By ctw213
    This UPS provides a wonderful caring community for those of us in our every day struggles. My only complaint is that it takes way too long to post videos or have them send or reply.
  • Huddle saves lives 5/5

    By SadIslandBoy
    Such a great community of people in this app really taking the time out of there to either help other, or start the process of helping themselves! And on multiple occasions I’ve seen this app save lives 🙏
  • Great app! 5/5

    By puka690
    This app is amazing. You can give and get support about anything. There is a variety of different support groups that cater to your personal needs and if you feel that there isn’t one that suits you, you can make your own! It’s a support system that connects people from all over the world to uplift each other and improve everyday lives. Proud member! 😁
  • Awesome! 4/5

    By Alex Schuyler
    Great app to have when you’re dealing with something that you can’t handle. :)
  • Pretty good 2/5

    By J-L B
    Well, as it turns out, there’s a political line you’re supposed to tow if you want to be allowed to post. A simple statement of fact about gun violence, to correct a common misconception, even if you’re not expressing a single opinion, which I don’t in this area because opinions are irrelevant, gets a video deleted. It was even in the section called “Stop gun violence” where I thought the truth would be useful. I think it’s a well thought out app, and seems to be attracting the right crowd.
  • Support groups 5/5

    By Jlefkovenj
    I absolutely love this app! t first,I wasn’t too sure about it because of the video aspects,but not only can you pixelate your image,but it’s not a one one one. You leave messages for people and they do the same. The support and positive messages on this app are wonderful and keeping me moving in the right direction! I highly recommend this app!
  • Wholesome 5/5

    By peppythepreppy
    A safe, virtual space where you can be yourself. In this day and age? Dam. This is great.
  • this is an amazing app 5/5

    By Cheychey2001
    there’s so many nice people on the app
  • Amazing 5/5

    By JwkgJhvdvjaeuiwufbcbjuxguc
    I’m writing this review received no award or anything special. This app has given me a safe place to be who i am and love myself. I love this app and am so happy i found it.
  • Love it 5/5

    By marissarose0118
    This app is amazing. It’s so great to talk to people. Also, the people on here aren’t creepy because it’s hard to hide your identity when the main idea is posting and sending videos (you can also pixelate it). I absolutely love this app!
  • Support group 5/5

    By Jamallllaa :)
    Love this app! It’s great way of connecting with others.
  • Audio 1/5

    By Free ride tinag3673ue
    I can’t hear any videos? :/
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Leah 💁
    I love this app so much. Other apps just involve messaging people back and forth. Basing the app on videos makes it so much more personal. You can actually see people’s emotions and reactions so you get a better idea about how they feel. The ability to pixelate your video adds security. Love being able to share my thoughts in a supportive place!!

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