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Hudl App

Hudl helps teams win with video. Our iOS app allows you to study the video you've uploaded, or capture new video using your device. And there's more... Coaches: • Watch all your team's game, practice, and opponent scout video. • Analyze full breakdown data and notes on each clips. • Breakdown and stat a game live, right from your device. • Capture video and easily upload it. Athletes: • Study your video, with full data and notes on each clip. • View all your Highlights and Top Plays, then share them with your friends. Residents of California: Do Not Sell My Personal Information -

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Hudl app reviews

  • Second time in a row 1/5

    By dabbykong
    While I was making my highlights for football the app shut down on me and deleted all my progress with making the highlights. I have a iPhone XR. I don’t know if it’s a bug but it need to be fixed. I put much time into the my highlights.
  • Airplay 4/5

    By braveheart1455
    Please implement airplay when watching film. Also, an easier UI with keeping stats would be great. Other than that, very useful tool.
  • Uhh? 2/5

    By 10101010010101010101
    i downloaded it and it wasn’t in english i believe it was french so i couldn’t sign up but i’m going to try and redownload it but if anyone knows what’s wrong please help
  • Krossover 1/5

    By Salutationsmyfriend
    Thanks for buying out krossover and deleting all my film. Jerks.
  • Good for Hudl 1/5

    By llama246325
    The app does allow teams to share video very easily but does not allow athletes to export or use there video on anything other than Hudl easily it’s sad to see as it seems the athletes should come first not the money Hudl makes
  • Crash 3/5

    By ckhgxcnn
    Yea the app crashes often but there’s isn’t really any other app competition that’s as good soo it’s the best there is.
  • Not good yet 2/5

    By Coach Yockey
    Uploading videos is spotty at best and doesn’t always finish. I’ve done several test uploads and the last video clip never finishes so on the desktop browser library, it shows the processing running circle. If I don’t have cell service on my iPad and am at a track meet and want to upload my videos once I have WiFi, what is the best way to do that? Also, when I try to replay the video I just took with my athlete for immediate correction before their next attempt, the playback feature is jumpy and I miss some frames during the frame by frame analysis. After trying to drag the scrubber several times, I’m finally able to get the video to the frame I want. If there is a way your developers can increase the frame rate or buffer rate for immediate playback without mobile upload, that would be great.
  • Hudl 5/5

    By cash600
    Hudl is a great app for athletes
  • Bad App 1/5

    By Big Monkey Banana
    Poorly ran app mechanics make this website and app very poor to use. It’s honestly unenjoyable to maneuver around the site and hard to use certain aspects of the app.
  • Hudl review is often inaccurate 1/5

    By Dr. Deljudas
    No matter what distinguishing information you supply to the Hudl team, they do not pay attention. Have to go back and edit the information for accuracy. Do NOT use Hudl to keep cumulative stats for the season.
  • Would be 5 starts but..... 4/5

    By 100%ALL DAY
    Let me see who watched my film, if I can do that 5 stars easy
  • Very bad app 2/5

    By Supermeegaawesome
    Not very user friendly, I don’t get notifications even though I did all the things to get notifications. The messages work just awful. Lots of issues.....
  • Always a bug, never fix it. 1/5

    By Trae Zimm
    Very inconsistent. ALWAYS a bug in the system and they take their jolly old time fixing it. I wish there was a better app but this is the best we got...
  • One of the most poorly created apps I’ve ever used 1/5

    By Ice rage is a terrible game
    Hudl in theory should be very easy to use. Instead the app is incredibly difficult to use and not at all user friendly. I cannot overstate how bad this app is.
  • Good but can improve 3/5

    By Coach Birch
    Everything is easy to use and fast Reports. Only thing I dislike is the way it’s hard to navigate the statistics.
  • Watching film is good, finding teams is hard 3/5

    By zjl630
    I am pleased with the performance when watching a navigating through film. The instant upload feature is nice. Unfortunately on the mobile app I cannot search for teams and players. If I am not following them then they will not show up.
  • Having trouble opening 1/5

    By Unspeakawill607
    This app won’t open
  • Nothing is ever fixed 3/5

    By Fmgkhdhtrdhtwhyd
    There’s always an update for the app but no problem is ever fixed, mildly annoying
  • New update 1/5

    By Mighty1Mouse9
    Updated the app on my iPhone and iPad and now my roster is gone, my videos are gone, all it shows is the home icon, notification icon, help icon, and logout icon; I can’t even record through the app. On my iPad same problem and now the app won’t even load.
  • App constantly crashes at start up 1/5

    By Bsmithh
    Can’t get the app to stay open on iPhone 11 Pro Max. Crashes consistently on startup. Deleted and reinstalled. Same result. Rebooted phone, same result. The software is super clunky when it does work (1:200). It’s easier to find film of other schools or athletes than our own. I get kids like to be voyeristic and see what others are doing, but the home should keep them from click bait so they do what we need them to do as coaches - watch film and get better. We have to recommend to players to use the desktop version so that we know all features are working. Otherwise they don’t watch or we get bombed with questions of this and that.
  • Loss of clips 3rd time 1/5

    By Kickinkoyote
    Yesterday was the 3rd time in two seasons that hudle has lost all of my videos/clips. I go to upload my clips, the app glitches, logs me out, when I log back in all my videos are gone. Sick and tired of this.
  • Highlights 2/5

    By JonathanDDiego
    The app is good I like it but me as a athlete trying to use the highlight method it’s not working for me I try to point myself out and after it says it’s ready the pointer ends somewhere where I don’t want it to be. I hope that they can fix it because I tried it on my phone as well and it happened to me there as well.
  • Almost perfect 5/5

    By Frippy007
    Love the app and video fir our players and teams. Easy to use for coaches and players all the stats fir soccer are great as well as the player tracking. The only improvements I see that’s needed is a fully 4K outdoor camera for auto filming with zoom capability. Also y’all need a a stat for duels/tackles won especially for defensive players and midfielders.
  • Good overall 4/5

    By KaylaSxgura
    It’s a pretty good app. It works great the one thing that bugs me though is the quality of the videos. Sometimes the quality isn’t as good and the videos look bad.
  • More to the game than 3 point shots 2/5

    By sorry bravo
    When I review highlights for teams the only thing I see is 3pt shots or steals. There is so much more to the game. The post players work super hard during the game their work should make the highlights other than blocks and steals. Rebounds, box outs, and posting up and making the shot are basic fundamentals that should make highlights.
  • Very Annoying 1/5

    As an athlete trying to make a highlight video it is very annoying. I am still trying to upload a highlight file to my profile and it says I cannot at this time. In addition, when I try and share them, it does not play my highlight I edited. It plays like the kickoff of the game and then ends. Would not recommend.
  • Videos and exchanges not working 1/5

    By ryan31newman
    When tapping on a video I get an error message. When I tap on exchanges or exchange notifications the page that loads is blank. When I use the desktop site everything works normally. The app is broken.
  • . 1/5

    By t3ab4gg99
  • Didn’t send email 1/5

    By 198337373736
    I think a 3 year old could set this app up better. Tried to get a email from them could never get it
  • Login 1/5

    By Snakeawsome
    I’ve logged in every single day, with the same username and password, and it’s supposed to even recognize me, and now it’s saying my email isn’t even correct? This new update needs help cause I can’t even get in
  • Great App 5/5

    By james.perry30
    Honestly just hands down, great. I love using it for multiple purposes as an athlete and feel it is very helpful.
  • Uploading is horrible 1/5

    By ii_omq_iNathahl0nbZ
    When I was uploading a video, the app closed and the app deleted all 142 clips of a game, this is not a great app and I won't recommend it to people who are looking to upload games on here, I would rather do it on YouTube than upload it here, if all of these bugs were able to get fixed, than yes, but with the bugs, I would recommend to do it on YouTube than on Hudl, Hudl please fix the uploading bug and maybe I'll move my star rating up a little bit. Sincerely, Harrisburg Area High School Football Head Coach.
  • Lacks features. 1/5

    By David Rollings
    On some devices, I can star plays and create a highlight reel, others I don’t even have tabs to view my film. Just very inconsistent across platforms.
  • Ok sometimes 3/5

    By ytryycri
    It’s annoying how I get notifications for everything but that’s understandable the part I hate is how it always logs me out
  • The app isn’t as good as the computer 2/5

    By Nater62
    I love what Hudl does for our program and athletics as a whole. The platform is great, and gets the job done as well as anything else. The problem is the app on mobile devices. Seems every update makes it lag more and more. I don’t need it to be fancy, I need it to get the job done. Specifically, I need the app to open and work the first time, not the 5th time. I need the menu options to work when I click them rather than freeze and require me to close out of the app. I need the film to roll when I start a game (I download it, so internet isn’t an issue for watching). The bugs in the app are so bad that having the app is almost pointless as an option. Fix the bugs, and this is no doubt the best app in the store.
  • Not able to stream to my TV 1/5

    By Big T0ne
    Since I downloaded the recent update for Hudl I am unable to stream it to my television. The older version that’s on my iPad is able to do it though please fix
  • amazing 5/5

    By Max Brown🔥🔥
  • I need help with the app 4/5

    By stac mancil
    First off Hudl is an amazing tool and is very easy to use but unfortunately I think I have a bug in my app on my phone because anytime I click on the app I cannot use the app it will simply go to a black screen then immediately back to my home screen and I cannot find anything on the app support to help with this
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By ROOFY1
    It is a really good app, but I think there should be an option to add you own clip from you camera roll to your highlights rather than only being limited to the film because you might have a better angle than the film does.
  • 6-Man Football 5/5

    By Pastea
    Make an option for 6 mam playbooks.
  • Hudl 4/5

    By tjones0685
    Hudl is key to success in football. One feature I wish they would put in is the ability to see what films players are watching. Too often players watch their own film rather than opponents.
  • Allow option for players to add sound in videos. 2/5

    By Elijah_2478
    Hudl needs to allow players to add sound in video season is over and my team would like highlights and games with sound in them.
  • Highlights 5/5

    By LoboBeast78
    I want there to be an option to add highlights to my highlight reel without it notifying my followers. I love the highlight editing though, beautiful all around.
  • Hudl 4/5

    By Gerty :)
    This app is truly amazing and helps me a lot with my sports video, but i play on two different sports teams and i have to have two different accounts to watch just my volleyball and basketball video :(
  • buffers 4/5

    when i search up athletes i try to scroll thru athletes it just buffers.
  • Greatest App Ever 5/5

    By Winnie060907
    Wish I could get it to work
  • App keeps closing 3/5

    By karenkiller412
    Great app but I have to un install and re install often due to the app closing as soon as I get on
  • Locked out of account 1/5

    By coach DD HDB
    We are locked from seeing any of our videos at the end of September because we have not renewed for a season that begins in December, if it even begins. Shame, Shame....we can’t even raise money and they shut us down months before the season.
  • Love 5/5

    By JETRIES80
    I love this app but after the update it opens and then sends me to my homepage please fix