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HuffPost is the leading source of news and commentary for the most diverse and connected generation ever. • Stay informed with breaking news alerts and top story digests. • Browse Pulitzer-prize winning articles and interactive content. • Enjoy all 16 international Huffington Post editions in one app. • Scan our library of immersive 360 videos, virtual reality and augmented reality. • Save stories for offline reading. Have questions or feedback? Please send to [email protected] and/or [email protected]


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  • Buggy... 2/5

    By Dan5435
    App seems to have been updated with new policies and info about “Oath” merger. App is now very buggy, wont open articles and crashes. So much for the merger.
  • Piss Poor Journalistic Integrity 1/5

    By Dockwobbler
    This rag definitely has a political axe to grind!!! Its a shame what they have done to the Huff Post.
  • This site Is just too biased 1/5

    By Mardigras7$$
    I am a liberal and find that I just don’t get the fair news I am looking for.
  • Huffpost 1/5

    By Kokohome
    Why is my browser not compatible with ipad use? That is a ridiculous inconvenience, given the many ipad users! I am not goin to change my default browser, just wont use the app anymore.
  • Huff post for me 5/5

    By Deal dawg speaks
    I like its instant updates and revision of news stories on the run. No other news service has grabbed the reins of instantaneity as has the Huff. And it’s liberal bent is very appealing to me. Excellent graphics also.
  • App keeps crashing 2/5

    By debijax
    Please fix this app. Half the time I cannot see the comments. Half the time the videos won’t load or they just crash. Take off the old comments from 8 yrs ago in the reviews. I have always read these articles and this app is my go to news app. Please fix the bugs!!
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By pepper1311
    Latest update is tabloid like , not pleasant to read. I have waited to review to try it, but alas it doesn’t make it. Sorry
  • Up-to-date news 5/5

    By ginnylynnsoto
    I immediately find out about important news with Huffington post alerts. NOT FAKE NEWS! Thanks
  • Sanity Not Hannity!!! 5/5

    By hannabear
    Great reporting and synthesizing the flood of news and madness that is today.
  • Meh 3/5

    By Tlang42
    I edited my sections since I’m sick & tired of seeing the news so I removed the politics section. I tried refeshing the page & it still shows it.
  • What’s wrong with HuffPost? 1/5

    By Pallador
    There are some sections that are now nothing but blanks. I am outraged by this. At one time HuffPost was my favorite news app but I am extremely disappointed with what has happened.
  • Luv Huff 5/5

    By Dr. Foggy
    This is a must have app otherwise you are not up to date on what matters. Informative and never boring.
  • Huff post 5/5

    By survive!
    A repeating breath of fresh air in a flood of fetid, petty, self-aggrandizing sewage gushing out of our elected leaders. My fear is that we may never recover from the ongoing dismantling of decades of hard won advances in the social contract that has defined us as a people. The contrast between what Obama had finally (after a congressional blockade in his first term) been able to accomplish and the rearward rush led by an illiterate, ignorant self absorbed POTUS is almost blinding. It is a tribute to how far we have come that you can still continue to publish. Trump’s assault on the free press that has separated us from hundreds of years of world wide suppression cannot not be allowed to succeed.
  • Trustworthy 5/5

    By TruNewser
    In this era of bizarre political and social upheaval, I trust the HP to deliver unbiased factual information to calm my nerves or spur me into action to fight the forces of evil. Thank you for your reporting integrity, HP. You are TRUE NEWS!!
  • Liberal dissenters, be advised! 1/5

    By Sassafras guy
    CENSORSHIP WARNING! I lean to the left side in politics, as Huffpost seemingly reports and writes its stories for liberal minded viewers. I used to read Huffpost everyday when I wasn’t busy at work. Slowly I began to realize that my comments and replies to others’ comments were disappearing. Huffpost’s moderators apparently are given such freedom in selecting what comments are used for view to others that they can, and will, delete comments from subscribers that are too dissenting in their rhetoric or even tone. Huffpost claims to be a democratic favoring institution, yet seems to work effortlessly to suppress expressions from those who hang too close to the center of the political tree. When I saw comments from hard-right conservative trolls engaging in a manor that seemed to intentionally annoy and get a rise from the majority of (liberal minded) readers while my comments were wiped away as if they never existed, showed me that Huffpost is probably just wanting to the liberal propaganda machine to counter that of Fox News. ***I couldn’t even get a response back from any of the three emails I’ve sent out over the issue and ask what could be problem, suggesting they know what they were doing and have no intentions to acting appropriately with their readers.***
  • Text size select 5/5

    By Kintaro!
    Thank you for re-introducing text size select. It makes it much easier for me to read the articles.
  • Thx HP 4/5

    By JGB-DC
    Now I can adjust font sizing and read your articles. Huge thx!!
  • Love Huffpo but HATE this app! 2/5

    By Existential Punk
    Constantly crashes even after constant purported ‘bug fixes’ to stop the crashes. Doesn’t update news as often as other news apps. Keeps much of the same content on the main page, often for weeks at a time. Has really gone downhill in the past year. Advice: use other news sources like the Guardian & BBC News.
  • Great app 5/5

    By ECDan
    I really enjoy the Huff Post app. Great content. Unapologetically left leaning news content, plus lifestyle and specialty topics. Also, very responsive tech support. Had a problem with the app recently where I couldn’t change the font size to adjust for ease of reading. Sent email to their tech support help , they responded right away saying that it would be corrected in their next update. Sure enough, they kept my email and followed up emailing me when the update was complete and confirming that font adjustment was re-added to their settings. Definitely a daily go-to app!
  • Fixed again 4/5

    By Master Wrong
    Finally you brought back the text size selector why would you ever take it away?
  • Real news 5/5

    By Lion's Ama
    Very concise when I need it to be. Very thorough when I can sit and read. Many diverse issues addressed by professional journalists. Several opportunities to smile and be confident in what I read. Honesty, integrity and humor...what more could I ask? This keeps Sinclair from our door! Keep on keepin' on! Thanks!
  • What is happening? 1/5

    By broadsquad
    Everything is in Spanish. I can’t open without the content in Spanish. This is annoying.
  • Too Buggy 1/5

    By Motocar
    When I click on a story to read or watch, ads start playing in the background. Click out of the story and you can't see the ad to shut it off. Very annoying. Considering dropping the app from my news sources.
  • Ok app, but be sure to turn off notification 3/5

    By StevenDJordan
    They lost their notification privileges on my phone. The notifications they send out should be significant news, not irrelevant articles. Anyway, not a bad app, but should be a bit more fastidious with their alerts.
  • New Updates Need Work 3/5

    By Snicky99
    The print is now too small to read, and the videos continuously stop. The app has been degraded with the latest updates.
  • Random Audio 2/5

    By Davebrz
    So it seems with the latest update, I’m hearing random audio for ads that last a split second and lagging while scrolling through the articles.
  • Stop adding sections you are promoting to my feed 1/5

    By B. K. I. E.
    Bias bias bias. You accuse every other outlet of bias and you are exactly the same. I only read this blog for laughs and a look at the garbage you publish. This is one step up barely from the National Enquirer.
  • Format 5/5

    By Rgerranger
    I enjoy your writing and the articles. I do not understand, do I scroll up and down or side to side. If I do one, do I miss articles that I would have seen scrolling the other way. Am I missing some indicator of exactly what to do???? Thank you, Alex F. Whitt-Covalcine
  • Font size way too small. 1/5

    By lewmr
    Font size still way too small. Frustrating that this most fundamental criteria of a news app hasn’t been fixed. No one is paying attention. Please increase the font size or at least make it adjustable.
  • Meh 2/5

    By Oblio70
    With freaquent crashes, semi-hidden re-directs, and click-baitie half-titles ending in ... Too much wasted time
  • How is a media tech company so bad at tech? 2/5

    By Mainemalts
    The site constantly crashes and closes. Has for years. Also, lately, anything but the front page has almost no turnover of news.
  • Suggestion 3/5

    By NeSes8ab
    Lots to love about this app but it sure is hard on older eyes! The immediate improvement should address accessibility.....e.g., ability to increase font size, night display and ability to expand screen with fingers.
  • Worst news app ever 1/5

    By Seattle_Brad
    Not much has changed. Annoyingly, if you play a video, get tired of it and click another link, the audio keeps playing. Then, when that video finishes, the audio from the next video starts playing. 😖 The only way to stop it is to close the app. Done! Dear HP, I've been loyal to you for years, but you've changed. I saw it coming, but I was in denial. Well it's over. You are now deleted. I quit you. I have fond memories and will check back occasionally to see if you've changed, but I won't hold my breath!
  • Less than one star 1/5

    By no1bluesfan
    Huf is over the top liberal.... having bought into the Marxist agenda. Huf celebrates all the evils of society making this magazine almost leaves behind the blessings that created America
  • Can't use on iPad 5/5

    By Diane in Jeffco
    I can no longer increase size of print. And the font is too small and print too light. Will stop using, too frustrating!
  • Dismal 1/5

    By Culvert boy
    Each story us so laced with links that scrolling with a phone is super annoying. It does get HuPo more clicks which is likely why they do it. Until they fix this, use an ad blocker. Stupid design.
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Little Portlander
    Did you fire half of your staff? Almost every section that I used to read is gone- and the sections that still exist lack new content. One of the top 3 stories in the travel section is from January. It seems like they’ve lost their drive.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By over iy
    Terrible app
  • Stop collecting our data 1/5

    By Tellin the truth ppl
    Beware of HuffPost App, it scans your email, collects info data from your email, if you close out the App, the App is still active collecting user data, HuffPost stop the collection of our data, Apple needs to audit this app immediately!
  • Decent app serving you garbage content 1/5

    By Cingularfanboy
    Reviewing this app is like reviewing a perfectly good ice cream machine that only includes disgusting flavors. The app is not bad for supplying the sites content to subscribers, but the content has become a learning guide for newspeak. Whether you are going to this app for a quick self-esteem boost or just looking for someone to project your shortcomings onto, I would recommend stepping back and maybe analyzing it again. Since I have stopped using this app and reading its partisan/ hateful propaganda: - have been told I am more pleasant to be around - I have accused half as many people of race related oppression - I find I am about 25% happier on any given day
  • FONT ? 1/5

    By SandyfromVirginia
    You screwed up this update. The font is too small to read and I’ve searched everywhere to find a way to enlarge it like you had previously. Guess I have to go read politico since you have not fixed this.
  • Truth be told 5/5

    By Frank54321
    HuffPost is my go-to everyday source for the latest news holding accountable the Trump administration and its enablers. We are lucky to have many investigators and journalists in the tradition of Woodward and Bernstein digging for the Truth. More power to them. Let the Pulitzers flow!!!
  • Decent app other than the audio hijack that occurs 4/5

    By Dddddddmi
    Audio hijack is when an app or webpage stops the background audio you are listening to. The consumer is the one who should have the final say on what audio is being played, not an app or random webpage with a stupid ad that doesn’t even have sound. Test it. Open an audio feed whether it be music or news feed and listen to it, then open the HuffPost app and scroll down all the way. About 3/4 of the way down your audio will be hijacked and stop playing. Why? I have no idea. I didn’t ask for the audio to stop playing, it was hijacked. Other than that I enjoy the app and it seems well put together. 3/20/2018 - audio still being hijacked
  • Great app. Possible “trolls” who give negative comments. 5/5

    By MBarthel
    I love the news from HuffPost! But the app functionality works great, too. If you want to reset or clear wrong content, just go into settings and clear recent data. After all, all technology can use a refresh sooner or later. (Don’t forget to close all open apps sometimes...) App refreshes almost every time I open it with the latest news. I have never had any problem with this app, and in iOS it will open on the side as a multiple screen so I can multitask whenever I need to. Only request is a quick way to return to the front page rather than keeping clicking “close”. Keep up the good work, and try this news source - you’ll like it!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By LesHug1
    My sections have disappeared! There is no more “sports”, “comedy”, “dogs”, or “animals”. Those were sections I depended on for news. What is extremely disappointing/disconcerting is my wife and I have the exact same phone and the same HuffPost app and the sections on our phones are different! Also, what is with the right wing opinion on HuffPost? People expect facts when they are visiting your site, not right winged propaganda! Your app certainly has gone downhill since Arianna’s editorial oversight is no longer there. I have definitely correlated her leaving with articles that do not update, and especially grammatical errors within articles. Grammatical errors are simply senseless and bring down the quality for the reader. I have proofread for attorneys over the years and have even considered contacting you about proofreading because I’m embarrassed for your site and I could use the money. Do better! This has become unacceptable!
  • They can't seem to get it together. 1/5

    By DethEngine
    Seems like it was doing ok for awhile, but now it constantly hangs, plays ads I didn't click on, and crashes. C'mon guys; I know it isn't easy, but if Buzzfeed can do it, so can you!
  • Font is minuscule 1/5

    By Rich646
    Last update reduced font size with no way to increase in app settings! What gives???
  • If you are over 50... 2/5

    By RainyCA
    If you are over 50 it's time to move on from HP. The font is small and light, difficult to read. It doesn't have the capacity to enlarge the page or the text. And what happened to the science section? Replaced by lifestyle?!
  • Complete garbage 1/5

    By MathieuDeflem
    Huff post used to be one of my all time favorite apps. The categories were great. Then came Donald Trump. And now it’s all over. Total garbage news.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By DishFail
    I don’t know what happened to this app but it really is awful and needs to be fixed if for me to continue using it. Scrolling freezes, comments are not available on iPads (just a giant white screen), and my chosen sections keep being changed back to HP’s original settings. This isn’t that hard guys. Fix your app or lose users.

HuffPost - News & Politics app comments


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