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  • New version totally broke 1/5

    By Wickerberry
    Will not show any content only blank screen on iPad.
  • “Fixed” 1/5

    By VicKorea5555
    Whoever “fixed” this app should be replaced by a monkey. A monkey would be just as useful but a lot more fun to be around.
  • But…that messes up bookmarks EVERY time 1/5

    By LMH0821
    Hey HuffPo, I understand now that you’ve ‘fixed’ it (since during the past - count ‘em *2* -updates you’ve made over the past 3 days you’ve completely and utterly broken your app and WE, as readers shouldn’t HAVE to do a GODDAMNED thing, but you as developers should really know when to stop and just should’ve 2 updates ago - or more) you now want all of US to delete your app and THEN reinstall it. Question: Won’t the very act of deleting your app delete ALL of my bookmarks and my saved sections in each language in which I’ve done this? It has each and every single time I’ve had to delete your app and reinstall it when your developers have *oops!* screwed it up prior to this screwup. That doesn’t count the time your app suddenly just decided, all on its own without a delete and reinstall from me, to delete all my bookmarks, recently read articles, and my sections from each language in which I read your online *news*. I’ll be eagerly await your response, since I can’t read your articles in your app….
  • Doesn't show text. Blank Screen 1/5

    By WndyCty_Guy
    Since the recent update, my Favorite news app only shows a blank screen. I can't recommend this until I can actually have text to read instead of the blank white screen I see before me.
  • Latest update 1/5

    By John DB 18
    The last update doesn’t allow the app to updated the news stories
  • Newest version 2/5

    By dlb in big d
    Lots of missed links in new version. Frustrating!
  • Update broke the app 1/5

    By Kohei's Pop
    Every article link shows 404 error
  • Getting worse 2/5

    By Acuhealth
    This used to be my go to news. First the articles themselves began to get more sensationalist, less thoughtful. Then the app itself with every update became glitchier and glitchier. I kept hoping that one update eventually would fix it, but the most recent update made it so it no longer updates. Whole sections will not load at all. I’m calling it. It’s dead Jim.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By 19nana51
    Latest update has frozen articles to previous day’s articles . Nothing outside of front page opens. Error message for every entry
  • Broken on iOS 1/5

    By reese0809
    Every article leads to a 404 page with Christmas tree lights. Poor quality control I must say. Fix it!
  • Update issues 3/5

    By Los in' it
    I have not been able update the content since the last app update. I’ve had the same news stories on the page for days. Frustrating
  • Broken 1/5

    By Steen a Dane
    Can’t read any story after update. Ok only tried four or five, then gave up.
  • v15.1.2 Requires re-install 4/5

    By orvalle
    Big big in v15.1.3: Version no longer updates news without a reinstall. Without (for me) headlines didn’t update for days and links were all 404 errors.
  • App data broken too many 404 errors 3/5

    By Randy.C123123
    Most of the data requests end up as 404 data not found errors. 17 March 2019. 10:44am edt.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Sandedave
    But right now with new update is is broken. Help
  • App not working 2/5

    By Coccopuff3
    App not working
  • Alerts still don’t reflect read articles 3/5

    By Jedab
    For some reason the alerts section stopped reflecting that I’ve read the articles. The red dot to the left of the article remains after I’ve read the article. This started weeks ago and has not been addressed in the latest updates. Please address the bug and fix it so I can give 4 stars because of the bias against the president and republicans in general rather than report the news without the bias slant
  • No stories work with most recent update 4/5

    By smanley1980
    UPDATE: all stories work now after second update this week! I did uninstall and reinstall, which worked to correct the original issue I was having. ORIGINAL: I will update my review later when all stories will load properly. However, right now after updating this morning, I can read the top story only, all others have a “AB404CD” error screen.
  • Content updates 4/5

    By Guy who likes Dilbert
    App is not updating content. Why? Content usually is spot on, but old news doesn’t work.
  • Buggy app that keeps getting updated... 1/5

    By watsnos
    ...without actually fixing anything. News stories on the home page are from March 13th. But, there is only an error message when you click on the story. Notifications flash up, but go nowhere. Even the notifications within the app are from before March 13th.
  • Update doesn’t work 2/5

    By Seahawaii
    I no longer can get new stories since update this week. Please fix. I enjoy your content but it hasn’t updated since the update
  • It doesn’t update any articles 1/5

    By Kenny60
    Since the latest update was installed it no longer gives me any new articles. I keep seeing the same ones even when clicking a notification for a new story. Also the app support link is useless it is also broken.
  • Error 404 1/5

    By Jackfrost2015
    App no longer works - every story on main page gives an error & will not load the article.
  • QA? 1/5

    By zome
    Did anyone test this release before publishing. Error message when click on every article.
  • “REAL NEWS”— 4/5

    By GMaOB
    I chose HPost as my only news app because, although I am not a Californian, I have respected Ariana Huffington as a talented woman and leader! I have not been disappointed! GMaOB
  • One of the best sources of news anywhere. 5/5

    By redsox09
    Factual and sourced. Not like F news.
  • Where’s the “good news” section?? 1/5

    By Sfri2783
    Can’t find it, so why have the app? Deleted.
  • Used To Be OK - Crashes On Startup Now 1/5

    By Trilogite
    After the latest update the App no longer runs on my iPad Pro, which is at the latest update (12.1.4). The developers suggested that I delete and reinstall the App. I’ve done that twice, including rebooting iOS between the delete and install and restarting after the install.
  • One good source for news 4/5

    By breland511
    HP is a source of news on the left. The often cover stories not mentioned in the maintain press.i wish it covered more stories.
  • Sigh 2/5

    By Chrisjjf
    I understand that Trump is the worst, but does everything have to be about him? Can I have some stories that maybe take me away from the turmoil? I use to love the hone&living section, now it’s all stories about Netflix. I love gardening mags and home decor mags. I already know what I’m watching on Netflix. I haven’t deleted yet, but I do use the app much less than I use to.
  • Great articles but... 5/5

    By Itinerant potato
    The only thing I don’t like are the links in the article, the green underlined words that go to a different story when I’m just trying to scroll further down to rad more of the original story. Driving me crazy!!!
  • O. K app 2/5

    By 123dfgty;56!
    Freezes up and unreliable. Good story’s but doesn’t follow up when wrong.
  • Hate these ads 1/5

    By YoungEli
    You have the money to save us from this BS stop playing
  • Won’t Load 2/5

    By MSQ_bb
    Used to be a great app but now it won’t load the articles when you click on them. I usually end up having to close the app down completely. Fix it!!
  • First source of news 5/5

    By Kenkenisfun
    Enough said. Thanks guys.
  • Joke 1/5

    By Docprez
    What a joke this ultra liberal fake news site is. It’s comedy at its best.
  • Locks up after latest iOS update. 5/5

    By wynn king
    I don’t use the app anymore it’s a waste of time when it locks up. I just got to the .com website.

    By NickyRenee
    I used to love reading news from you, way back when your app wasn’t the only one that had a terrible user experience. It’s 2019 and I have now decided the experience is so horrible, it’s no longer worth it. You literally made it IMPOSSIBLE to just easily read a news story: your sole purpose for existing. Or at least it was, now its to make as much money as possible off ad-clicks, user experience be damned! Not only does it take literally forever to load.every.single.article, but now you can’t possibly scroll without accidentally clicking some link. They’re everywhere! And that stupid trick where your WHOLE SCREEN fills up with an ad as you scroll down, what the heck is that?? Someone else pointed out and it’s true, those links work so fast!! But try to get back to your article and its literally 45-60 seconds of waiting. I love your news and reporting.I wish you cared about HOW you deliver the news as much as you did about content or making money off ads.
  • A morning thing 5/5

    By Cancun joe
    A cups in morn then nyt, huff, cnn.and then the gym what a life for a 82 year with lots of get up and go
  • Huff Post 5/5

    By glowurmm
    Am so grateful you are here to give us a TRUE picture of what is happening in the REAL world, not the Fox News world. Keep up the good work! Nice to know sanity still exists...
  • Too slow Huff !! 3/5

    By debijax
    This app doesn’t update news like it used to. I have to go to other news sites to get current daily news now. Pick up the pace HuffPost!!
  • App WAS working just fine... 2/5

    By MaybeMilo
    ....on my iPhone 7 and iPad, at least until the last few updates. Previously, I’d had no issues with scrolling, freezes, crashes, or reading/posting comments. Now, probably a third of the stories fail to load without trying 3-5 times, taking me to an “Oops!” error page instead. It’s rather annoying.
  • Broken article links 3/5

    By CJ Wolfe
    Two issues with an otherwise adequate-but-not-spectacular app. First, the broken links. Open the app, click on a headline on the first page and half of the time you’ll reach the “Oops, can’t find your article” page. Please fix this. Second, the new commenting system leaves a great deal to be desired - it’s a bit of a trolls’ paradise, since it’s nearly impossible to block and ignore known conservative and alt-right harassers. Facebook’s plug-in, while not perfect, made it easier to block and report their behavior.
  • Not as good as it was before. 2/5

    By RiVal-G
    Eaons ago, during Arianna's time, HP reported news in a timely manner. Now, especially in weekends , breaking news are posted long after these appear in other media. And the app was a good platform to transact conversations in the comments section. One was able to post a comment, and easily follow/respond to others' comments. Now, it is impossible to do this as the thread of the conversation can't be easily found. The video section is only a revenue tool; users must first view lengthy adds before they can watch ehat they opted to watch; oftentimes, the matter itself is not worth the time it took to see the add. Not as good as it used to be.
  • HuffPost please fix your busted app! 1/5

    By Saywhat33
    The application is practically unusable. It takes forever for articles to open and they often don’t open at all. Frustrating to say the least.
  • Good reading 5/5

    By pepoica
    I enjoy reading people’s stories.
  • Will it or won’t it? 2/5

    By FamAlways
    Lately - and only lately - seems like it is a crapshoot on whether a news story link will actually open when I choose it. Have been using other news apps for this reason.
  • Thank you. 5/5

    By sean87columbus
    Thank for being my voice. Thank you for standing with me and for me. But ultimately, thank you for being me. I have a news outlet that I love and respect. And this news outlet, despite current administrative restrictions, continues to honor the natural human right, as predicated by the Bill of Rights of our Nation, to speak the truth. Continue to speak the truth!
  • Technology issues 2/5

    By HPreader sort of
    Love the HP, but hate the app. Everyday something goes wrong. Today I can only see half the screen. HP is more frustrating than informative.

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