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  • Current Version: 1.4.7
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Huggies® Rewards App App

Collect and redeem Huggies® Rewards Points even faster with the new, easy-to-use Huggies® Rewards app. Earn points when you purchase Huggies® Diapers and Baby Wipes products by simply scanning and uploading receipts using your smartphone. You can also earn extra Huggies Rewards Points without purchase by reading helpful parenting articles, watching videos and viewing bonus offers that are personalized just for you! Get even more out of the Huggies Rewards experience by linking loyalty cards from your favorite retailers to automatically earn points when you shop*. Redeem your points in the Huggies® Rewards Catalog for great prizes including free baby diapers, gift cards, sweepstakes entries for big prizes, or diaper donations to help babies in need. Start earning now with a 500 Rewards Points bonus when you sign up today! Earn Rewards Points • Upload receipts for Huggies® diapers and wipes purchases • Invite friends to join Huggies® Rewards • Read articles • Watch videos • Take surveys • Share on Facebook and Twitter • Link a Loyalty Card* Redeem Points • Huggies Diapers and Wipes • Merchandise and gift cards • Enter sweepstakes • Donate diapers Rewards Points History • Track earned and redeemed Huggies Rewards points • View receipt submission status *Link a Loyalty Card feature available in US only for participating retailers.


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Huggies® Rewards App app reviews

  • It’s amazing ********** 5/5

    By Rahmeh Al-Toubeh
    I hope they have 10 star to give this app and Kimberly -clark - Huggies they have wonderful customer services every time I calling them I am surprised how much they are nice it’s the best company in worldwide Thanks Kimberly -clark
  • How many diapers $ 1/5

    By Todd farm
    Pretty absurd how many diapers you have to buy to redeem anything of value. Kind of a waste of time.
  • Cannot create profile 3/5

    By Avm825
    This is my first time creating an account and when I tried to create the profile for my child it kept telling me something was wrong with my info. I initially thought it was bc I put in my due date and my child wasn’t actually born yet. I changed it and put in the info for my older child and it still said the same thing. Not sure what the issue is but I hope it gets fixed soon so I can enter my receipts
  • Sweepstakes scam? 2/5

    By 3355me
    I’ve looked everywhere online to see if there are winners on the sweepstakes but have not found any. Other than that it’s a great app and nice to be able to get stuff by buying diapers that I’ll be buying in the foreseeable future
  • Uploading receipts is a downgrade from old system 1/5

    By tbsf1212
    Uploading receipts is more time consuming than scanning a reward code inside the package. The reward systems other brands use are far simpler and easier. Saving paper receipt to take photos of is not something a busy parent needs added to their to do list!
  • Update needed for Huggies brand at Dollar Tree 2/5

    By Postalgal98
    Seems to be an issue when I purchase Huggies 3pk diapers at Dollar Tree their receipt just states diapers. I never get my rewards for these items. How can this be fixed. I purchase a lot of diapers and wipes to donate to local diaper banks

    By Tae_Tae2314
    I shop online for my daughters diapers and wipes. When I purchase HUGGIES wipes and diapers,, they will NOT let me upload a screenshot of my receipt (because I'm not in person to get a paper copy receipt I get it in my email). Every time I try to upload my receipt (mind you I've spent over $100 and have receipts to show it) THEY DENY IT. WORST APP EVER! Should have stayed with pampers brand. Thanks Huggies ✌🏽
  • No credits 1/5

    By Mom of brooks
    I have entered over 5 different codes and still haven’t received credit for any! Pampers shows right away and is much more user friendly

    By Luys0431$
    If i could I will give 0 stars but i can’t so they get 1... I am spending less money on diapers then trying to get to 10,000 points for a toy the I saw at Walmart for $5!!!! This app is not worth the space on your phone not even the points the you get will make it worth it!! I am uninstalling this app. And also signing out DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR PHONE SPACE ON THIS APP!!!
  • Doesn’t work if you buy online 3/5

    By Littleredpiper
    This app is only useful if you buy your huggies products in store. Every time I try to submit a receipt that I bought online, since buying diapers off amazon is usually the best deal, it is rejected. I always make sure it has everything they say it’s needs to have shown and it still gets rejected every time. It’s crap.
  • Pampers app is better 1/5

    By R383CC4
    Why does my password have to be 10 long and you can’t use a old password so I create one almost every time I log in. On the Pampers app there is always a code inside the diaper package that you just scan and get rewards... always keeping my receipt is hard and then you got to remember to put it in the app... ugh frustrating, hopefully they fix this to be more convenient. I honestly don’t have the time to go through this obviously we are all Mom’s here... so make the app more easier to use please!!!
  • I really wanted to like the App 1/5

    By Tkiiiii👍😊
    but I’m unable to upload any recites. So therefore I can’t use it!
  • Horrible for accepting receipts 1/5

    By Walk2016
    This app, or the people that look at the receipts you upload, are HORRIBLE! They never accept my screenshots of the receipts that I upload for whatever reason they’re giving that day. I literally screenshot from the Amazon app showing ALL details and they will come back saying they need the entire receipt. There is no more receipt you idiots! Today the excuse was the receipts were older than 30 days. Really because the date at the top of the receipt clearly says March 8, 2018. I hate this app.
  • Ok 4/5

    By kbmm09
    The app is great. Perfect design. But their system is a pain. Having to remember to take a picture of my receipt is such a pain. I prefer the old method of getting a code in/on my items. So much easier
  • Useless rewards program 1/5

    By LoPoDrie83
    I scanned my receipt with Huggies purchase. It was rejected. I linked my Harris Teeter card thinking that would help. No purchases have yielded any points. Back to Pampers for me. Their rewards program is easy and reliable.
  • Waste of an app and rewards program 1/5

    By iknowapps55
    Points goes by receipts not by codes like pampers. Waste of time if i receive huggies products as gifts from coworkers and/or friends.
  • Great app, but... 4/5

    By Staciafriction
    I love the Huggies Rewards App, however I do not like that it requires proof of purchase. I feel like you should be able to scan the barcode on the product, or turn in a code on the inside of the packaging. I downloaded the app after receiving several packages of Huggies items at my baby shower. I didn’t get any receipts with those, so now I can’t get rewards for at least 15 packs of wipes and 8 cases/packs of diapers. That’s a lot of rewards points!
  • Some difficulties 2/5

    By Hdvddhah
    ALWAYS have trouble uploading online receipts. Half of the time they aren’t accepted and I don’t get credit for them. And I always buy the largest count too, (ie: 192ct).
  • Unhappy. Pampers is better! 1/5

    By Karievich121212
    I'm not happy with this app. My reason is because for one, I have so many huggies products from my baby shower. So many, that my son is 7 months old now and I still have yet to buy diapers and wipes. This does also include other brands. But I haven't personally bought any huggies products because I haven't needed to. I recently noticed on one of the diaper boxes that the bag had a Huggies rewards points sticker on it. I've been using Pampers rewards for months and have been happy with it because when I finally open bag of diapers or wipes I received from my baby shower, I can use the points. It even encouraged me to buy pampers products, even though I don't necessarily need it. Plus, I've encouraged my friends with kids to buy pampers so I can have their points! (Way to go pampers!!) But unfortunately, Huggies no longer accepts points. They only accept receipts. Now, I have no receipts from my baby shower and I have no reason to buy huggies products for quite awhile. So I'll be deleting this app off my phone, because now it's completely pointless to me.
  • hate it. 1/5

    By tunafish_
    returning all my huggies wipes and diapers because the rewards and points are only through proof of purchase. baby shower diapers you get no rewards. pampers has a better rewards program through codes on the bags instead of reciepts. will be only going to use their system for now on and their products.
  • App is great. Reward system is not 1/5

    By awwwJoy
    I enjoy the articles and information from the app, but there are hundreds of other sites I can surf for baby info, so my primary use of this app is to log rewards, which is where it is lacking. The rewards system is cumbersome: have to upload a picture of the receipt of a Huggies purchase within 30 days of purchase, which must then be approved by their system. This system, of course, does not allow you any credit for gifts, such as baby shower presents. I have yet to be able to properly earn a single reward point from purchases, even though my baby is (so far) a Huggies brand baby.
  • love ❤️ 5/5

    By Alis Sibaja
    I love this diapers , i changed all my pampers boxes for this ones
  • The best 5/5

    By Sherri spam
    All I ever buy.
  • Good app 5/5

    By jessie9712
    Just wish there were more ways to earn points in the app or more to do!? Quizzes maybe and I'm unsure what the "special offer codes" from rewards link is!? I want codes!!
  • Huggies Wipes 5/5

    By GodsGoodNews4U
    Dependable And Consistent Quality
  • 30 Days 3/5

    By AshPonce
    It only lets you submit orders/receipts from within 30 days. This seems unrealistic and unfair. Particularly when you have a c-section or other complications. I had three emergency surgeries and am therefore missing out on months of rewards.
  • Don’t like the change 2/5

    By MissPip21
    I miss having the codes that you used to enter from the packages. Having. Ore than or kid in diapers that I chase around, I don’t always find time to upload my receipts within 30 days... that’s if I can even keep track of my receipts from everything else I have to keep track of or hope that a kid didn’t grab the receipt to make it into a car track or coloring page. Half the time I have issues logging in too and end up having to reset my password. I’m cashing out the points I’ve acquired and moving on.
  • Huggies mom 4/5

    By Nessa2987
    I have a 7 1/2 month old boy, first child for me. I’ve done my trial and error and huggies work best! No leaking no mishaps they are my number 1! So with that being said I don’t buy huggies just to earn points, I would be buying them one way or another (wipes and diapers). But I feel like the amount of points you have to have to redeem darn near anything seems like I’ll be gathering points for years to come. I wish they would lower the point just a tad so us parents feel like we can actually work towards getting something in the NEAR future. All my love, a huggies mom❤️
  • Awesome program 5/5

    By Rilakumabubu
    Just got my reward. It was fast and hassle free. I am very impressive.
  • Confusing 1/5

    By Mrs. GoodLifeXplorer
    I have been a huggies user from the birth of my son. However this app is confusing compared to the pampers app. What does receipt mean? How can I get points for products I order on Amazon? It seems like a friendly walk through tutorial or simple user guide would be beneficial. Also wording that makes sense for the consumer. Receipt is different to me than barcode.
  • Huggies rewards 2/5

    They should allow more than 30 days for submission of receipts. Having a little more time would be beneficial to people that have small children. I submitted a receipt 37 days after purchase. It was rejected for not being within the 30 day window.
  • Dislike having to submit receipts 1/5

    By Rainy22
    This is a pain! What If you lose your receipt or get diapers as gifts. Seems like the stickers with codes would be the easiest route again.
  • I donor like this app. 1/5

    By duoduo605
    I never upload my receipt successfully.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Mimigutz
    I been summit recives and they rejected i still have a bunch of points from old bags and can’t not summits so whats the point dont like this new app
  • The good and the disappointing 5/5

    By Leann F Benicia CA
    This app is so easy to use... as a new user I wasn't aware that a receipt is required thus I lost a lot of point because I am unable to enter the information from the box like I did when my kids were little 15-22 years ago😩.. moving forward it will be easy I am very disappointed that I lost ALOTTTTT OF POINTS . I appreciate that there are still ways to earn free rewards..
  • Eh. Submission Process is Frustrating 2/5

    By HuggiesBuyer
    My receipts are in the form of online order confirmations. The Huggies app requires you submit the screen from the very top to the very bottom, including all merchant add-ons such as recommended products and what-others-bought images. This makes it impossible to submit a receipt within five screenshot images. It is very frustrating. I try to make collages each time and they sometimes are accepted and usually rejected. Also, if you want to find a quick reference to submission guidelines, you won't be able to without getting off the app and going online to the webpage and snoop around. They need just one short and sweet summary on the app.
  • Receipts needed is dumb 2/5

    By Newbie newb
    Not everyone keeps diaper receipts. Diapers are often gifts and you then miss out on codes. Give customers option of taking a picture of the diaper code and submitting it that way (Pampers does this and it’s excellent). I like the app but the only reason I’m giving it 2 stars is because of the receipt change you guys did.
  • Ripoff 1/5

    By Coolistaawesomista
    They don't accept ANY receipts I upload despite my loyalty to the brand and when you call customer service, they don't have anyone to talk to for the rewards program. Total ripoff!
  • Rejected receipts 1/5

    By Cmb23578
    I keep uploading receipts with Huggies items on it and they keep getting rejected and I’m 100% sure they haven’t been uploaded before.
  • Ok 2/5

    By Swag $:&:&/!:'memf
    Referred three friends and points won’t go through and trying to redeem them for a toy... otherwise it’s an okay app
  • Glitching 2/5

    By KrissySpice
    This is the 3rd time I redeemed points and it glitched! What made this worse then the last 2 times is this time it redeemed my points twice for the same item and I can’t get in touch with customer service to correct it.
  • Receipt 1/5

    By Fan latico
    Ive sent two receipts, from different companies, and both you were not able to read
  • Great 5/5

    By Keyakicksass
    Love this app!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Matt 987899
    I absolutely love Huggies diapers and wipes! No other brand can compare!
  • Won’t Be Using 1/5

    By lizzstar99
    Hard to use an app that refuses to let you sign up. “Network is down. Try again later”. Tried signing up on the website and the site is rejecting my email address, saying it’s invalid. From the looks of other reviews I’ve read, you have to jump through hoops to get your points and build a ridiculous amount to redeem for anything. Think I’ll stick with Pampers!
  • Huggies are the best 5/5

    By Eli0111
    Really liking this app
  • No codes 1/5

    By Nyoho89
    I don’t like that they don’t do the codes anymore had to resubmit the same receipt because it was rejected
  • Rewards are difficult 1/5

    By Me2144
    You’ve made it much more difficult to get rewards. Entering the code on the package was much easier than uploading these receipts.
  • Unattainable 2/5

    By meredithkk
    I’m on my second kid and still working up to a $50 gift card....I only use huggies! I’ve spent thousands on products and still working on a reward worth having
  • Receipts 1/5

    By J Goins
    It is a struggle to upload receipts.

Huggies® Rewards App app comments


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