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  • Current Version: 5.18.1
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Hulu: Watch TV Shows & Movies App

Enjoy all your TV in one place with a new Hulu experience – more personalized and intuitive than ever before. The choice is yours - select a plan featuring Hulu’s entire streaming library, or if you’ve subscribed through Hulu to a plan that includes Live TV*, enjoy the entire library plus 50+ top live and on demand channels. Hulu: Watch TV anywhere with a huge streaming library featuring current and past seasons from many popular shows exclusively on Hulu including Seinfeld, This is Us, South Park and Fear the Walking Dead; bold Hulu Originals you can’t stream anywhere else including The Handmaid’s Tale, Harlots, The Mindy Project, and Casual; along with current shows, hit movies, kid’s series and more from many top channels including FOX, NBC, Disney Channel, ABC, Cartoon Network, FX and A&E. Limited and commercial-free options are available for Hulu plans without Live TV. Hulu with Live TV: Enjoy the entire Hulu streaming library, plus over 50 top Live and On Demand channels, including FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN, FX, NBCSN, FS1, History Channel and TNT. Watch live sports from top pro and college leagues plus regional sports networks available in many areas. Plus, enjoy national news with local feeds available in select cities, popular kids shows and can’t-miss events. Features for Everyone: With any subscription, you’ll enjoy features that help you customize how you watch TV. • The more you watch, the better it gets. Enjoy a reimagined TV experience that adjusts to your tastes every time you use Hulu. • Create up to 6 personalized profiles for the whole household. Enjoy your own collection of shows, movies, networks, and more. • Track your favorites with My Stuff. Add shows, networks, and movies for quick access across your devices. • Browse while you watch with Fliptray for recommendations of what to watch next. Features for Hulu with Live TV: If you’ve already signed up for Hulu with Live TV, enjoy additional features: • Record Live TV with your Cloud DVR to watch your favorites anytime. • Watch concurrent streams on multiple devices • Track and record games and shows from your favorite teams with My Teams *Hulu with Live TV plan only available on Apple TV Gen. 4 or iPhone/iPad running iOS10 or later. Download the Hulu app now, and start enjoying Hulu’s Limited Commercial or No Commercial plans. If you’re new to Hulu, your base Hulu subscription fee will be $7.99/month for the Limited Commercials plan or $13.99/month for the No Commercials plan. You’ll be charged as a recurring transaction through your iTunes account starting the end of your free trial (unless you cancel during the free trial). Payment will automatically renew unless you cancel your account at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription month. You can manage your subscription, cancel anytime, or turn off auto-renewal by accessing your iTunes account. Hulu is available to US customers only. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: This app features third party software, enabling third parties to calculate measurement statistics (e.g., Nielsen’s TV Ratings). We may work with mobile advertising companies to help deliver online and in-app advertisements tailored to your interests based on your activities on our website and apps and on other, unaffiliated website and apps. To learn more, visit To opt-out of online interest-based advertising, visit To opt-out of cross-app advertising, download the App Choices app at Hulu is committed to complying with the DAA’s Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising and the DAA’s Application of Self-Regulatory Principles for the Mobile Environment. Hulu, LLC Web Site Hulu: Watch TV Shows & Stream the Latest Movies Support


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Hulu: Watch TV Shows & Movies app reviews

  • Hulu rocks 5/5

    By tiger12323
    I love this app it’s amazing but for naruto can you put dub on the rest of the seasons
  • Location required? 1/5

    By WhiteMan10
    Why do you need to know where I am at when I am watching? Your app is a huge battery drain now. Remove this feature or I am canceling my subscription. It is an invasion of privacy.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Jay5000jay
    Sometimes the app works and sometimes it doesn’t.
  • Disappointed 2018 4/5

    By TrueLadyLove74
    I change devices and thought I have an easy transition,Well nov the case it’s taking forever to upload/update on my new device what’s up with that?
  • Small screen 2/5

    By ifitoldyouidhavetokillyou
    Is there a reason why it only uses a 1/4 of my screen? I have an iPhoneX could that be why? I’m giving 2 stars till it’s fixed or someone gets in contact with me to try and help
  • Bad UI. 1/5

    By kkamoe
    For those that are on the UI for Hulu need to all be fired or get a new vision. The look of the app is just bad. I can’t easily find a show and it’s too simple that it’s complicated. It’s need to be simple and easy. Come Hulu. Look at your reviews and take the customers word for it. The Apps UI is horrible.
  • Love hate. But lots of hate 2/5

    By YepIYelp
    So happy to have live tv without cable. But this app drives me nuts. Stop switching stuff every time i use it. Something i watched the past two days is now impossible to find. But the repeat skipping - that i can find. Easily I will stick with it for a bit. But it is a frustrating journey
  • App stops and jumps back in time 2/5

    By Kd5emf
    I gave you 2 stars because in general the app is good, but it is highly irritating to be watching a show whether live stream or a movie and all the sudden the picture stops and either jumps back 10 minutes and plays that 10 minutes again or when it restarts the audio and video are out of sinc. I have had this happen in the app on my Apple TV device and on my Xbox one S and Xbox one x. It became such a problem for me that I looked at other live streaming services and found that DirecTV Now is cheaper than Hulu and play’s for hours without issues.
  • PLEASE FIX 1/5

    By Tw13ted Mind
  • Get rid of full screen scrubbing! 1/5

    By big-tate
    For the love of god can you please get rid of the full screen scrubbing on videos. I can’t count how many times I have paused a video and accidentally touched the screen somewhere and the video scrubs to a different time stamp. Please make only the timeline interactive. Why in the world can the whole screen scrub?
  • Latest update- not a fan 2/5

    By Duo French
    I don’t normally don’t write reviews but I have gotten annoyed several times that I want to. The new app that allows you to scroll back no matter where you are at on your screen is annoying. So many times I have been watching and just want to see how much is left and it doesn’t respond right away then I tap again and all of of a sudden I am back to the beginning and I have to try to get back where I was and end up having to rewatch another commercial bc I don’t pay premium. Also how it opens is annoying...I have to click into the my stuff screen to see my shows where it used to be pulled up right when I opened it.
  • Pretty bad 2/5

    By Kittysrock1234
    Whenever I try to brush something off of my phone, it changes the time I’m the video. Then when I try to get back to where I was I have to watch a 90 second ad. Please. If you want a better review, make it so the controls are easier and remove the ads once you have watched them...
  • Netflix is better 1/5

    By DailyLemon
    By minimum ads they mean a minimum of 12 ads per 20 minutes
  • Put full seasons of shows 1/5

    By skymaster games
    I watch shows on Hulu and they don’t even have full seasons of the show I’m watching
  • A simple request 3/5

    By Jamaica Kai Love
    hulu definitely has a better variety than netflix BUT for us iphone users you guys should really do the HDMI mirroring... that’s all i ask
  • Annoying 3/5

    By yenhpad
    Yep I can simply search for the episode but what is the point of having a list that doesn’t update OR selecting the episode and then Hulu decides to play whatever episode it feels I should be watching ... 🙄 wish y’all would get it together
  • Commercials, commercials and more commercials smh 1/5

    By Brooklyn6853
    Im tired of paying this app to watch commercials 😒. Removing my account. Any other apps that are commercial free?? I know Funimation is good but any other suggestions?
  • Why does everyone keep voting one star? 5/5

    By Extrord123454321
    I personally enjoy this app and hoe the features work, however one of the more recent updates made it so the layout changed. Sure we were all surprised but if we actually tried to do something about it it would actually work. Some people may complain about trivial things that have an easy fix for example: I can’t skip to the correct time and i miss 95 percent of my movie! Is a problem some people have when they swipe on the screen taking you to that part, which is an easy fix. Just swipe back to where you were and don’t constantly flick the screen every two seconds! I personally believe that as an active society we could actually do something about the problems in this app ( which might i mention ALL apps have problems) compared to just complaining about it for literally no point
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By Hakilodbegakevegyehehehsv
    You guys need to update this for the iPhone X the screen doesn’t get full and it’s really irritating.
  • Great 5/5

    By Lucidgolf
    App it’s great they got good movies better than Netflix honestly imma cancel Netflix bc Hulu better
  • Worst streaming service ever 1/5

    By Josh1701
    I am done, worst user interface i ever used in a steaming service. Navigation is unnecessarily complex and is jumpy and stutters. The live video (Hulu live) also stutters, audio and video get out of synch (FYI Netflix, amazon prime and apple tv all work great I have a 30 mbps connection. My favorite "feature" is how the "my channels" option often just disappears, or my networks listed are incomplete, MSNBC for example just vanishes. This wouldn't be so bad if it didn't take 5 menu steps and scrolling through pages and pages of listings in alphabetical order to find and stream it live. The content is good and the price a good value, but the Quality of the stream and the poor user interface make it so frustrating I have decided to look for another service.
  • Horrible 2/5

    By Rahon the cat
    I’m not saying Hulu is horrible in general I’m saying the phone version is. Hulu will u think for once about the quality of ur app instead of how good it looks first I DO NOT LIKE the fast forward or backward thing every time I just wanna go a simple ten seconds back or forward then oops I missed the button the it’s all the way back at the beginning or end just make it like Netflix there’s works just fine. next for me it’s doing this glitch that my blue ray kinda use to do it stops on one scene but plays the audio while it frozen like that (it might just be how I’m using cellular data for that but I’ve used Netflix with it and it works just fine so it’s probably not the internet) so I have to go a lil bit backward or forward for that but OOPS there’s the dumb fast forward or backward thing always ruining your binge session. I don’t suggest this version for your binge watching needs unless your really desperate to binge Steven universe or the newest episodes of series you wished you saw but If not then just go to Netflix there phone version is way better but this does not mean Hulu is bad in fact I highly suggest there tv and or PS4 version there are no problems with it what do ever
  • Casting w/google fiber 1/5

    By @iamstaisha
    I can’t cast wig google fiber anymore I don’t know why. I think it could possibly be the update. Very disappointed.
  • Majorly disappointed 1/5

    By Simplyjennie21
    I’m not gonna lie I used to love Hulu! But lately it keeps freezing. I open the app it logs me out I try to log in again and now it’s saying I need to be a subscriber when I am!? Also I have access to it from my phone but not my tablet
  • Tap the screen, fast forward 1/5

    By Underglass112
    The worst app I’ve used! Every time I tap the screen to pause the show I’m watching it fast forwards or rewinds. I’ve never used an app so poorly designed! It’s called user interface, figure it out Hulu!
  • Won’t let me log in 1/5

    By Pupshoo
    There is no way to get app support to fix my problem. I can’t even use the app. I feel ripped off because even though I have Huluplus, I can’t access it from my phone.
  • Cancel your subscription 1/5

    By Unnameddd
    My friend gave me his starz log in and I must say that their app is one of the best video apps out there! Lol have your developers “pull all nighters” reverting this app to the previous version instead. Take a break from Hulu and cancel until they restore simple past functionality. There are plenty of other options to keep you happy in the meantime—Netflix, HBO, Amazon . . . Update: I’m a CBS All-Access member instead. I recommend it! It’s way easier to use and unpretentious. Plus the commercials are entertaining and short, usually only 2 per break! Anyone who wants this app to get better should immediately cancel their subscription. I was a happy subscriber ever since Hulu started doing it. Switched to the more expensive commercial free when that came available. The content is great. This app ruined it.
  • Voice over 1/5

    By Big nate96
    I think dad Hulu support needs to take in consideration of blind users that uses VoiceOver any screen reader for Hulu who is very accessible for blind users we can I get around I swipe on the screen I think you should go back to the old version or update the new version where is more blind assessable
  • Sorry to say I hate it now... 1/5

    By Witzorsa
    I can’t stand this app as it stands. Everything with your updated/reimagined layout and usability is really terrible. There is probably not one new feature that I like and see as an improvement. The skipping forward and back when you touch the sides of the screen is an awful feature. I feel like people are screaming it all through the reviews, yet you keep the feature. Also, I used to see all these shows in one place, and the shows I watched were all right there, up front. Now sometimes, I have to go all over the place to find I show I watch ALL THE TIME! I also hate that I have to press a bunch of things to go to the details for the show, when it used to take us there by default. This whole app is worse now. It was great before, very user friendly and simple. Then, you thought you were making it amazing, and broke it. It seems like you changed things just to change them, and few like it. I hope it gets better.
  • Awful update 1/5

    By Obibjuan
    With this new update the whole screen is used to display one show or movie at a time. Browsing for something to watch is a chore since you cannot see multiple choices on the screen at once. Once you do find a show you would like to watch you have to go to a separate menu to display more episodes where before you only had to scroll down. It seems like they wanted to make the app look sleek and modern but this was done at the expense of user friendliness and easy of use.
  • App or infrastructure 2/5

    By Capi117
    Love the content on Hulu, but this app has a terrible time with play back. Either that or your servers need a serious update. Lag, buffering, disconnects are all very common. I have this app on my iPad and iPhone and it’s the same for both. Never have a problem with Netflix or YouTube. Gotta spend money to make money people. Hoping for improvement but I am doubtful.
  • Hulu Live 1/5

    By Haden922
    The Subscription option for Hulu live is not an option even though all devices are up to date according to the app requirements. I tried to change the option through two devices where the app is up to date and it would not give me the option. I also worked with an apple representative and we both found no way to change or upgrade my subscription to Limited Commercial which is the Hulu Live option. I will also test the upgrade on my Roku device once my subscription expires to see if I can get the app to work on multiple devices.
  • It's ok. 2/5

    By Snacksalot
    It's biggest downside is it's ability to stay connected to chromecast. It's also not user friendly and difficult to navigate. It was easier then awhile back they decided to change and make a difficult app. I like the Hulu offerings. I once liked their website and app but for some reason they changed it.
  • Why you shouldn’t get Hulu 1/5

    By Pop star 12345678
    We wanted to get different shows so we switched from Netflix to Hulu and I can not be any more disappointed. The adds are constant and the shows that you are watching will randomly get rid of all the past seasons and only show the most recent. Invest your money in something other that this hole of nothing but dissatisfaction.
  • Commercials 2/5

    By Not an ad seeker
    2 for too many ads 😂. At first the ads were fine, 10 & 30 seconds but it seems like the more we watch the longer the ads get. 160? No thank you 🤦‍♀️. Not paying $8 monthly for the ads taking up half my show time. 🙄🙄 COME BACK 10 SECOND ADS!!!!!!!
  • Cant use after update 1/5

    By Lander345
    Every video throws and error, can’t watch anything, so moving back to Netflix. Good luck to your advertising partners who wasted money on ads nobody can see now... along with content I pay for..
  • Won’t play on iOS. 1/5

    By jaredK007
    What garbage. Netflix is starting to lose good content, and now Hulu won’t even play. First world problems. Hulu and Netflix, you are garbage
  • It wont play anything 1/5

    By Skyrier
    The app wont allow to play any tv show or movie. They need to fix this because we’re playing for this service.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Mkstl25
    I had to save everything on my watch list again. Unfortunately I don’t remember everything because I would put movies on the watch list when I searched. Fast forward and rewind is terrible, if you accidentally rewind past a commercial you have to watch the 80 seconds of commercials you just watched a second time! This is terrible.
  • Insufferable 1/5

    By goobygambler
    Every ad I watch I make a mental note not get that stuff. Accidentally clicking somewhere makes it jump somewhere and you have to rewatch the ad. The ads are insufferable. I make it a point not to get stuff on Hulu ads. Because FUHulu
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By Johnsonwd
    I love Hulu, but I hate that the app still hasn’t been optimized for my $1000 iPhone. It could even be similar to YouTube where you had the choice between making it full screen or not. I believe that by not giving us the option you are taking away our ability to use the app to its full potential.
  • What’s the point of the subscription ? 1/5

    By Bashar011116188
    You only show the videos for limited time????
  • Tired of advertising 1/5

    By mykiksf
    It is very disappointing that I had to pay monthly for watching my favorite shows, yet the advertising is every 10 minuets. Why? I don’t understand!Very disappointing!!!!
  • iPhone X Optimization 3/5

    The content of the app has never been in question for me. Hulu is my go-to streaming app over Netflix, due to the service having all of the shows that I actually want to watch, as well as the ones that Netflix seemingly doesn’t want to keep. Sometimes that it is the same thing. However, Netflix has Hulu completely beat in their optimization for the iPhone X. As an owner of the device, Netflix’s pinch-to-zoom screen ratio adjustment as well as its HDR enabled quality are enticing factors. Both of which Hulu lacks completely. Even if HDR is out of the question, it’s inexcusable how the iPhone X has been on the market for 4-5 months now, and content within the Hulu app is still confined by unsightly black bars bordering the screen. It’s abhorrent, and it completely derails the viewing experience. Given that I am paying for this app monthly, and how apps that are just as popular and are also free have already adjusted to the iPhone X’s brand new design months ago, I expect Hulu to play catch up by following everybody else’s lead. Fashionably late is always better than never at all.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By AngelAria
    While I loved switching to Hulu, the app is downright atrocious. I can’t get through a few episodes of anything without getting errors all over the place. One of the reasons I switched to Hulu was to keep the tv on while I worked and didn’t have to pull up the app all the time to “continue watching”, that’s far more preferable to Hulu’s constant errors interrupting play to not being able to connect for long periods. Hopefully we’ll get a good update and I’ll be sure to change the rating.
  • Not off to a great start, getting worse 1/5

    By MaybeAfterLunch
    Every time I open the app, I am prompted SIGN IN REQUIRED no less than 15 times over the next six hours. Entering my info does nothing. I AM ALREADY SIGNED IN stop prompting me… in Hulu…in Facebook… in Waze (dangerous and [email protected]#& annoying) on the lock screen! There is no need for this many prompts EVER!!! (P. S. I’m certainly not updating until the user review average is 4 stars or better.) Cancelling my membership until… FFS JUST HAD TO CANCEL ANOOOOTHER SIGN-IN REQUIRED PROMPT ,.|.. * cancels membership * ________ Created account on iPhone. Paid through iTunes. Tried to open app: "Account not found! Restore from iTunes?" "Okay" "Please Create an Account" Again? Second time was a charm though. Hulu, you have 6 days; Impress me (on my iPhone…)
  • Fix the fast forwarding bit 1/5

    By P4rtyPony13
    Fix the fast forward and rewinding feature. That’s the sole reason this app has an astonishing 2.1 rating which is INSANE for such an official app with an (I imagine and hope)experienced development team. It’s way too sensitive.
  • On tv 2/5

    By mimimami75
    The app works fine on my ipad, but on our Samsung smart tv keeps breaking up the connection and restarting itself all the time! Please do something about it!
  • Broken app 1/5

    By Lizawithdaz
    Won’t let me log in. Keeps saying “Hmmm something went wrong, check your internet connection”. App is on my iPhone and I have tons of Data!!!!
  • Fast forward can't rewind because of commercials 😡 2/5

    By skmv
    This feature is horrible! Accidentally fast forward trying to hit play after pausing and you're screwed! Can't rewind until the app decides you're permitted to do so! such a waste of time! I love Hulu but this feature of tapping the screen and advancing the show has go to go!

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