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  • Current Version: 5.8.115
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Huntington Bank
  • Compatibility: Android
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Huntington Mobile App

With the Huntington Mobile app, it’s easier than ever to bank on the go, right from your phone. View account balances and history, deposit checks, transfer funds, pay bills, locate office branches, find ATMs, and contact a representative. That’s not all – as new features are rolled out, you’ll be able to update the app so you always have the latest-and-greatest online banking tools right at your fingertips. Get started with our app today. Like the best things in life, we’ve made it free! Although message and data rates from your carrier may apply. Features: HUNTINGTON HEADS UP (SM) - Set up alerts to get a heads up on important moments for your money, on the device you choose. HUNTINGTON QUICK BALANCE - A fast and simple way to view account balances using 3D Touch, or on the login page at the touch of a button, without logging in. TOUCH ID - Quickly and easily access your account information by touching the home button to verify your fingerprint. ACCOUNT INFORMATION - View up-to-date information about your Huntington accounts, including pending transactions. Search for transactions within account history. TRANSFER MONEY - Transfer money between accounts. Select the date you’d like the transfer to occur and get a receipt for the transaction. PAY BILLS - Pay a person or company. You’ll receive a summary that describes the amount and payment date, and get a receipt for the transaction. You can also manage your payees by adding, editing, or deleting a payee. DEPOSIT CHECKS – Deposit checks by simply snapping a picture. It can save you time and help reduce trips to the branch or ATM. MANAGE YOUR DEBIT CARD – Activate and change your personal ATM/Debit Card PIN. UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFO – Maintain your address, email and phone number information. MANAGE YOUR OVERDRAFT OPTIONS – Manage your overdraft options on eligible accounts to avoid overdraft fees. FIND LOCATIONS - Find ATMs and branches near your current location or by entering a street address. CONTACT US - Quick dialing for most of your customer service needs. Some features are only available to customers who have registered for Online Banking at The Huntington Mobile app is free, but message and data rates from your mobile carrier will still apply. System availability and response time are subject to market conditions. The Huntington National Bank is Member FDIC.

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Huntington Mobile app reviews

  • iOS Update? 4/5

    By Mjones667629
    Over all a good App. The account balances could be a little more clear in showing what pending transactions and bill payments are and are not reflected in the total. Any plans on ever updating the Quick Balance Widget to support dark mode? Also, what’s the point in randomly disabling Touch ID and making me re-enter a password I can never remember? Surely Touch ID us more secure. It would be easier to guess a password than duplicate my thumb print.
  • Review 5/5

    By huntington bank
    Huntington bank is amazing!! Love the app they have and it’s easy to use and manage your money!
  • Face ID 1/5

    By rissasmit
    So why is the Face ID for iPhone no longer an option with the new update??? The app has reverted to Touch ID which newer iPhones no longer have!
  • Just A Viewer 2/5

    By 410er0r
    Can’t do much of anything practical without going to their desktop site. Mobile site is really just a mobile reader, nothing more, it always directs you to their desktop site. Navigation is awkward, as well. Clicking on a nav link takes you to some very brief intro/summary page which then you have to click on another link to get to the actual information you want. Pretty frustrating user experience.
  • Terrible app for a terrible bank 1/5

    By xz-dc
    This is the 4th Bank app I’ve used. Not sure how this app has 5 stars unless other users aren’t aware of the competition. It lacks many, many features that are present on other banking apps. It appears the only feature it has is being able to check your balance and deposit a check. Hunting as a whole seems like they‘re a decade behind on technology.
  • New online banker. 5/5

    By &8$8
    If I can do it almost anyone can.
  • Is the site and app down? 1/5

    By Gamerchic93
    It’s not letting me change my password or log in.
  • Pretty Good Mobile App 4/5

    By Artdogg1982
    I would like more features added in. Like when you click on a pending charge, you can see more details on the charge. And when an item is pending like say on Saturday, it has Monday’s business day but it should be dated when the charge was done. Not when it is going to post. Also when something posts like a debit card transaction in online banking it will not tell you the city and state of the transaction. You have to wait till your statement ends to get that information. I have told this to many people and I thought I would say that here and see if something happens. Thank you for the time to read this.
  • Make payments from other accounts 2/5

    By Jan Conner
    What happened? Loved the App simple easy to use, now I can’t make my payments from an external account. Why the downgrade in customer service?
  • Doesn’t work at all! 1/5

    By Charly_Rosas
    iPhone 11 and shows that I have “touch ID” then after logging if you try to go to overdraft settings app crashes, if you go to Zelle App on Payments section after a long setting up it only says “Unexpected System error occurred “ and if you try to put even $1 to send it says “Bellow Minimum amount” wich is ridiculous also if you try to do something else will keep displaying “Unexpected system error” so the only thing the app can do is show my balance it’s frustrating cause I really want to use Zelle but can’t use their app cause it sends you back to your app that doesn’t work. Fix this or take it out the store.
  • Basic 1/5

    By JFJ2000
    It is not an impressive app. You can find an ATM and locations, see your accounts and payments, but can't make any changes to anything. I thought the point of a mobile app was to be mobile. With every app update, you have to re-enter your login information. I do not like this app. Update: now the dates fluctuate for auto payments. I have to cancel and set the payment every month. This is a horrible bank.
  • Pretty Good 3/5

    By Fjskkdjdkdjdjd
    It’s aesthetic and user-friendly. It includes features such as budgeting and savings goals. My #1 main issue is that the app is painfully slow. I also wish that the categories were more customizable. When budgeting, it is difficult to sort any expense into the proper category because there are so many options. For example, if I purchase food at a gas station, this is categorized as a Gasoline expense and I have no option to adjust this.
  • Keyboard is cut off 3/5

    By jjecke06
    Why is the right hand side of my keyboard cut off when I'm trying to make a deposit that includes zeroes?
  • FancyTheBarber😎 5/5

    By FancyTheBarber
    I Love It! Fast and Easy!!
  • How mobile banking should be 5/5

    By Like W
    I recently switched banks because the mobile app was horrible at my prior bank. Love the function and features. Couple things I wish it had; - Making a bill pay, it would be nice to have a payment send and payment made/received day. - Adding a payee, all the requested info on one page. Or let me search a list prior to having to input all the payee info. I know there is more for me to learn and use on the app, so I will update later. For now I must say it is an enormous improvement over my old bank. Thanks!
  • App shuts on me randomly 1/5

    By JensJabs
    Anytime I press “check FICO score” it shuts off. Anytime I press “manage savings” and other functions. It didn’t used to do that before the new update but the past few updates have no fixed this problem. Hopefully they can address this soon because in all other aspects the app is very user friendly. I use it often and it’s frustrating when it shuts down when I try to access certain functions...
  • App is crashing at almost every step 1/5

    By DareDevil26
    App crashes when i try to make any changes in settings. Not enabling the touch ID. Cannot use Zelle pay. Even sending $1000 shows “Below minimum amount” error. Everything was working fine until last month. Pls fix the issues.
  • Hold Happy... 1/5

    By Ty Del Rose
    If you choose to bank with Huntington and use the mobile app, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, FOR THE LIFE OF YOU, try to use Zelle to send a payment. They will lock you out of your account online and freeze all of your funds in all of your accounts, without even sending any kind of notification that they have done so, and then you will have to play phone tag with customer service to either get a one-time passcode to unlock your account, or they will make you stop into a local branch to verify your info with a bank manager. So, if you’re like me and traveling for work for three weeks where you are nowhere NEAR a Huntington branch, you, my friend, are S.O.L.!! And even better, they’ll consistently tell you it’s the ONLY way that they can remove the hold and give you back access to YOUR own money. What a joke! They say it’s to protect the account from fraud, but it’s more inconvenient and annoying than anything. Because of this, I am now going to fall behind on all of my bills AND have a judgment placed against me on a court case that I now have no way to pay an attorney to appear on my behalf for! Thanks, Huntington!!! It appears the bank tends to be VERY hold happy. I’ve spent more time with my account on hold than not and I have bills and financial/legal obligations that need to be taken care of in a timely fashion and this is making it EXTREMELY difficult, as well as putting the overall quality of my life and future in SERIOUS jeopardy. BANK AT YOUR OWN RISK!! Please fix this and I will CONSIDER changing my rating!!
  • Give us a straight banking app! 1/5

    By Wegee564
    Really don’t need all the personal budgetary stuff! Just give us a straightforward app where we can access our accounts, view statements even if we are not paperless., etc. take a look at Chase’s app!
  • Great for Business!!! 5/5

    By QWatts88
    I am very please for all the help and service I been given since I join this bank. No problems so far..
  • Updates 1/5

    By my name stuiped
    Better update documentation
  • Shockingly limited 2/5

    By Brandon B...
    This is an extremely limited version of the mobile website. I can’t even pay my car note. App is very outdated. Must have a skeleton crew working on it.
  • App won’t let me access my account 1/5

    By TheNick123
    Since the last app update I have TREMENDOUS difficulties logging into my account, Touch ID is disabled, and once logged onto the account I can’t access anything in the app - no account details, no settings, in fact everything is static. And it says I accessed the app latest in November of 2017 which definitely isn’t true. I review the account transactions at least once per week, except for the last few weeks when the app hasn’t been working. PLEASE ADDRESS IMMEDIATELY! I can’t use nor review bald transactions this way
  • Poor functioning app 1/5

    By S S 123
    Every time I use the app, even after selecting to remember me, it never saves the Touch ID (yes, even with Touch ID setting enabled). I always have to manually key in the password. Why can’t they get some basic feature correct? Zelle incoming are easy but outgoing fund transfer are never successful. It always throws “System Error - Unexpected system error occurred”. Tried uninstalling and installing the app. The above problems still exist.
  • Broken since a few updates ago 1/5

    By ZoeHikaru
    Can’t use Touch ID, lots of crashes.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Kari_L
    I appreciate all of the thought went into the app and website. I use the app a few times per week. The mobile deposit feature is really nice. The app is super easy to navigate.
  • My app just stop working 1/5

    By janice 89
    My app does not work anymore. I can no longer use zell, Touch ID, or look into how much I have left without login in. I keep deleting it, but I just doesn’t work. I’m over it.
  • App not working well sick and tired 1/5

    By ooppiioo
    On the mobile app I cannot send money via zelle when I check my deposit history and click on the amount what pops up is system error unexpected system error occurred when I go to the down menu and click on more to check my phone and email information the app closes with me logging out it just disappears ve complained to my branch at Cleveland State University I see they are unable to resolve it am really disappointed with the way it is please can this be fixed if yes let me know and if it cannot be fixed please let me also know you can reach me via 4196855800
  • Good app too many updates. 3/5

    By lockedout1
    The app is very user-friendly and I have no major complaints about it. That said I feel like I have to update every month which also includes resetting facial recognition, rekeying password. This is not a big deal but when you only get on once every month it means you’re forced to re-download and redo these things nearly every time.
  • Please make landscape version 4/5

    By Tontfun
    I love online banking but cannot use it on my iPad which has a keyboard because Huntington is one of the few apps that doesn’t switch from vertical to horizontal. Please fix this!
  • Not a complete App 3/5

    By pericles 3
    Very good app for day to day stuff, but cannot get any mortgage info or other documents that you might need. Sends you to the website. Why make the app then? Just use the website.
  • Great if you like writing checks. 1/5

    By Jessatajessata
    I have a car loan. Can’t set up deductions through PNC on the Huntington app. Can’t find loan information or online statement on app to set up autopay at PNC. Paid once through the app using a check number and now can’t even figure out how to do that again. Not user friendly. Not modern or convenient unless you bank through Huntington. Just figuring out how to set up the app was a hassle. Last car loan was through Bank of America. They made setup and payment way easier.
  • Grateful 5/5

    By Newsalem1
    I appreciate the convenience of depositing checks, as I am handicapped and can’t get out often! Thanks so much for considering Senior Citizens!!!
  • Mobil Banking 5/5

    By 4jaymax!
    Mobil Banking is easy to use!
  • Lack of features, excessive notifications 1/5

    By SCLEV99
    Inability to modify recurring payments. Single events generate 3 iPhone notifications.

    By Zoae
    What’s the point of a mobile app if you cannot use it? I had no pre-existing issues until I used the “convenient” feature of mobile deposit. I started a new employer and the direct deposit didn’t complete during my first pay period. I used the mobile deposit feature only for them to 1) Lock my account and all available funds 2) Lock me out of my mobile access for all 4 accounts I have with them 3) They cancelled my debit card and 4) Placed my entire accounts on hold for an entire week during the holidays. Mind you this is my account, my money and not a credit account. They gave me ZERO notice before and after that this was going to happen. I have opted in into every form of communication and they said nothing in regards to having the entirety of my money with them placed on a freeze. I work for a bank and Nordstrom mind you. They are BS and so are their policies, spare yourselves. Oh not to mention, I had a pennie randomly deposited into my account and they charged me $40 for it and another $40 for that charge over drafting my account. THEY ARE THE WORST. Unless you want to spend 1+ hours a month in trying to straighten out issues constantly with you money, bank at Chase.
  • Trash 1/5

    This app is so slow it’s honestly quicker to just get in the car and drive to the bank.
  • New setup 5/5

    By pugs lady
    I LOVE the new set up. It is SO user friendly!! Thanks!
  • Great App except not landscape mode on tablets 4/5

    By Lloyd From Alaska
    Huntington’s iOS / iPadOS app is far superior to other financial services apps I use with one important exception. When I turn my iPad sideways to use a keyboard your app retains its vertical orientation making it essentially worthless from a tablet. I have been complaining about lack of landscape mode for years. Please make this a priority. Thank you. Once this is resolved 5/5 stars!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By EzraDabbs
    This App almost never works. Constant “network difficulties”. Get it together. Sure y’all manage Billions, can we get an app that works?
  • Its a banking app 5/5

    By Deathwishsai
    I mean it’s what it is nothing special
  • Great App.... Sometimes 4/5

    By B89763
    The Huntington app surpasses the functionality and ease-to-use of my other banking applications. With easy mobile deposits, bill pay made simple, and Zelle.... I couldn’t be happier! However, the app lacks in basic functionality. When trying to access the app, I most often get an error stating that there is “Network Difficulties” and the app crashes. However, this happens on VARIOUS working WiFi networks and on cellular data.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By sztownsend
    Easy to use and very streamlined. I really like this app.
  • One thing 3/5

    By ebankgirl
    All is good but major complaint, when u have so many updates and the app won’t work without the update, sometimes i have to re-do touch access etc. This can be super inconvenient if not on wifi at that moment. Please fix it so that updates can be done at users convenience and access to acct info can still be had.
  • Love this bank 5/5

    By bengal729
    Friendly service. Takes care of their customers. No fees. Great bank overall!
  • App 1/5

    By p-o-d2
    Have had major problems signing in thru the app saying it was unavailable but when I went to the website no problem ???? Now I can’t even send a message to you without a nickname that I don’t even have. You really don’t want to hear from your longtime customers. ? time to find a “nickname” for a new bank that cares??
  • Review 5/5

    By trpoli1
    Continent and easy love itVery convene
  • TouchID and FaceID has been broken for months 1/5

    By andy20191215
    Is this feature coming back? I continue to see the button that should activate it, but pressing it just triggers a “Touch ID setup” dialog and nothing else.
  • Great for fast use 5/5

    By mason. p
    This app is great for whenever I can’t make it to the bank on time so I can just use the mobile deposit for checks

Huntington Mobile app comments

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