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  • Current Version: 5.5.120
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Huntington Mobile App

With the Huntington Mobile app, it’s easier than ever to bank on the go, right from your phone. View account balances and history, deposit checks, transfer funds, pay bills, locate office branches, find ATMs, and contact a representative. That’s not all – as new features are rolled out, you’ll be able to update the app so you always have the latest-and-greatest online banking tools right at your fingertips. Get started with our app today. Like the best things in life, we’ve made it free! Although message and data rates from your carrier may apply. Features: HUNTINGTON HEADS UP (SM) - Set up alerts to get a heads up on important moments for your money, on the device you choose. HUNTINGTON QUICK BALANCE - A fast and simple way to view account balances using 3D Touch, or on the login page at the touch of a button, without logging in. TOUCH ID - Quickly and easily access your account information by touching the home button to verify your fingerprint. ACCOUNT INFORMATION - View up-to-date information about your Huntington accounts, including pending transactions. Search for transactions within account history. TRANSFER MONEY - Transfer money between accounts. Select the date you’d like the transfer to occur and get a receipt for the transaction. PAY BILLS - Pay a person or company. You’ll receive a summary that describes the amount and payment date, and get a receipt for the transaction. You can also manage your payees by adding, editing, or deleting a payee. DEPOSIT CHECKS – Deposit checks by simply snapping a picture. It can save you time and help reduce trips to the branch or ATM. MANAGE YOUR DEBIT CARD – Activate and change your personal ATM/Debit Card PIN. UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFO – Maintain your address, email and phone number information. MANAGE YOUR OVERDRAFT OPTIONS – Manage your overdraft options on eligible accounts to avoid overdraft fees. FIND LOCATIONS - Find ATMs and branches near your current location or by entering a street address. CONTACT US - Quick dialing for most of your customer service needs. Some features are only available to customers who have registered for Online Banking at The Huntington Mobile app is free, but message and data rates from your mobile carrier will still apply. System availability and response time are subject to market conditions.

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  • Worthless 1/5

    By Abrams65
    Why have a bank app where you aren’t able to do anything. I downloaded this app especially to access my account in order to make car payment. I can see my balance but can’t make a payment.....USELESS
  • Can’t make car loan payment on app 3/5

    By Agj365
    The app is ok. I have only my car loan with this bank... but my accounts. My issue with the app is that I cannot make my payment over the app. I have to go into the website. The only thing the app is good for in my case is checking the balance on my car loan and making sure the payment posted. I really wish I could pay through the app. It would make things so much easier! On the other hand, Huntington took a chance on me in 2013 when I had no credit and only a co-signer on my car loan... so I give them props for that! No one else would!
  • I’m loving the new features!! 5/5

    By Mommaashley2016
    Especially the new savings goal feature in savings accounts! The only thing I can think of to make it even better is being able to see how much I should be putting away weekly/monthly to keep my savings on track. It does this when you make a new goal, it’s for that goal only and doesn’t update if I change the goal at all. It would be nice to see the suggested amount for all of my goals together to keep me on track!
  • Meh 2/5

    By likely to leave huntington
    I really can’t stand all the budget /spending tools. Should offer a way to turn them all OFF. I use this acct to pay business expenses. I don’t want any distracting options.
  • Needs landscape mode for use on an iPad 1/5

    By CMH Aero
    See title.
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance every 3 days 1/5

    By auttuuumnn
    When I go to check my account, I’ll get an error or a message about regularly schedule maintenance on the app. If you have to do this every 3 days then it’s time to find a new developer because the app is crap. If you have the bank, stick to looking at your account online. The app is a waste of space.
  • App is not user friendly 2/5

    By B-Town Bulldog
    I have multiple bank apps for various things and this bank app has to be the worst, most uninformative one I have on my phone.
  • Grrr 1/5

    By kvq2015
    Fix the pending transactions feature
  • I can't pay my loan via the app????? 1/5

    By Knutinthebutt
    Every single other payment service I have I can pay my bill. How hard can it be to figure that out for a giant banking and loan company?
  • New additions to online banking 3/5

    By RWS9080
    Your new additions to help manage our money are great. But the speed of your application is absolutely awful on the iPhone. What I used to love I now hate.
  • Will Delete This App 2/5

    By Armand12!
    Seriously, it took me five tries to deposit a check. I only downloaded the app because I had a temp job working six ten hour days a week and wouldn’t have time to drop a paper check at the bank. I put the check on a maroon background. The app said dark background. When that didn’t work, I put it on a black sheet. That still didn’t work. There was a quarter inch of paper on the bottom, the lip where the paycheck was sealed, that I hadn’t torn off. I tore that off. Finally the paycheck deposit was accepted. After trying five times with the first paycheck, when I got my second paycheck, I expected it to be easier. This time, only two tries. Apparently the light wasn’t bright enough, so I had to move a lamp. My husband banks with Chase and never has an issue with the app accepting check deposits.
  • Pointless app 1/5

    By elh050885
    We have our car loan through Huntington. I downloaded to app to use to make our payment. However, since I don’t have a Huntington checking account, it seems there is no option to make a payment on the app. I will be deleting it, as for me having it serves no purpose.
  • Good app 5/5

    By zhansen06
    I like this app. It easily shows you your account balances, it supports Touch or Face ID, and is fast. I would appreciate an iPad only version of this app. Currently I just go to the website because when launched on an iPad it rotates and looks silly. So I only use this app on my iPhone. Feedback for the app: sometimes it forgets I’m using Touch ID, and I have to set it up again. The setup process seems more difficult than it needs to be. Also after you tap on an account to see what’s going on, I would like a better line item view. It seems strange to me that I have to tap on 3 different tabs to see things. I think it should just be newest to oldest including deposits and debits in a list view by default. Also i should be able to copy/paste my account and routing number. If anything, not allowing this action increases mistakes when I go to enter it into another app to pay something.
  • Password 3/5

    By hdowhcnf
    I forgot my password and every time I go to change it everything just crashes. This is becoming very aggravating.
  • Want it available all of the time 1/5

    By Ssrobbi
    The app should work 24/7 365. The app on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings saying it’s down for scheduled maintenance and then just exiting is pathetic.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By y2klemson
    I’m a new customer to Huntington and my first experience is an app that will not start. System Error: unexpected system error occurred. This is going to be a great relationship....
  • It’s a good APP!!! 5/5

    By Mister Shark 🦈
    This banking app has changed the game. Now it has statistics for what you spend your money on. Also easy to transfer money from checkings to savings. I don’t get checks but you can deposit checks thru the app with a photo!! Now a lot of these 1 star reviews have nothing to say about the app. Those are invalid to the banks app and they need to leave that crap with them why would you come here to leave that kind of feedback!
  • The Hub - iPhone 1/5

    By Cutty815
    I do not have any of the new features on The Hub (Spend Setter, Goal Getter). I have updates the App, deleted and reinstalled....No luck!! I have talked to Huntington customer service and opened a ticket. Nobody seems to know what is going on and they cant help me!! Very disappointing!!
  • Reliable for years 5/5

    By darkoZL
    And they fixed the one complaint I had about the new financial planning tools.
  • Maintenance 24/7 2/5

    By Cindershroud
    If I could ever see my balance when I try to check the app, you know when you’re not doing system maintenance that would be great. Only financial app including other banking apps I’ve ever used that has to do this much maintenance! I can never check my balance after work when I need to go to the store, and the phone number that’s left on the website to use for balance inquiries during the app/website maintenance....Is UNDER MAINTENANCE!!!!
  • doesn’t work at night...? 1/5

    By caseygarret
    So this app just doesn’t work at night, ever? Do you do maintenance every single night? Kind of ridiculous that your accessibility only extends to normal business hours, even via your own app 🙃
  • Great app 5/5

    By Pmcmillian
    Great update, love the new Budget Analyst on the app. Defiantly helped me save money ontop me already loving the only bank I’ve ever been apart of:)
  • Can’t pay bills 2/5

    By baseball1956
    Up until a few weeks ago I was able to pay all my personal bills. Now I can even get to the screen. Where did all my payees go?
  • Poor for a iPad. 1/5

    By Bheiden3
    Please pay attention to your customers.I have a iPad and your app needs to be fixed to use on a iPad. Terrible. Look at the other reviews. People are complaining about the same issue.
  • Bs 1/5

    By VicDelaCream
    This app don’t work I’m thinking of switching because I thought I had more money and overdrafted and can’t even get the app to work for days... was gonna transfer money from another account but can’t cause I don’t have time to go to the bank and the app never works correctly so now ima have to pay a lot for 700 over that’s bs fr !!!!
  • Must have WiFi to use?! 3/5

    By sarach25
    Had the same bank and phone carrier for years! In the past 6 or so months this app has shut down immediately, each and every time I attempt connecting, unless I connect to WiFi?! That inconvenient to say the least. I get a text with my balance, want to view my transactions, but unless I’m at home, I can’t. HUGE problem for me. I’m hoping it’s better soon.
  • Happy with Huntington 5/5

    By wpdlm
    I’ve been with Huntington bank at least 20 years. It’s so simple when you follow the rules everything goes smoothly. Huntington can has been a good bank all these years, provided me with checks, Customer Service and free ATM. Their 800 number is answered by a person who speaks English, is knowledgeable, understands a problem and brings a solution that provides good customer satisfaction.
  • Terrible on iPad 2/5

    By radicaljoe
    The iPhone version of this is fine but the iPad version is awful.. locked to portrait mode, the entire UI is scaled.
  • User friendly and usually reliable 3/5

    By Wattpad app review 2015
    Recently I’ve experienced the app crashing when I try to log on. In addition, a message prompt pops up that says either I am not connected to the internet (which I am) or the request won’t go through right away. Also, sometimes the widget function will not display my quick balance on iPhone 7 Plus - reading “sorry, quick balance is not available now” on the widget. These are the only bugs I’ve experienced as of late. I’ll be waiting for a new update!
  • Error 1/5

    By nonggfffsdgjig
    App keeps crashing telling me to connect to internet. I am connected!!!!!!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Mycah123
    My payday falls in a holiday this week and I can’t get my funds until this Friday I should not have to wait a day after my payday to receive my money I expect it to be in there the day before the holiday since there is no banking on holidays I’m not happy with Huntington or the app either.
  • Worst bank ever 1/5

    By Cancer62579
    Ok. Been a loyal customer to Huntington for over 5 years now. I have had a few overdrafts but knew they was my fault and never disputed the overdrafts. Here lately what I noticed is over the past few months. I have been getting charged anywhere from $9 to $18 non Huntington atm fees. There is two Huntington banks in my location and yes you do have cvs you can withdraw from but considering I drive a 50 foot truck for a living. I can’t always withdraw cash from just Huntington banks and there locations. After 5 years of loyalty. I’m moving on to another bank. Any future customers I would hope they read this review and Choose wisely and go to another bank. Yes I know I am just one person and taking my money elsewhere won’t hurt Huntington. But hopefully this review does. Highly disappointed in this bank and would not recommend anyone to open anything with these crooks.
  • Stupid design and function 1/5

    By BJ jetpilot
    So ridiculous that you cannot pay your monthly loan on this garbage!!
  • Not a quality app 1/5

    By Jakecool22
    For a bank to have a non functioning app that’s just stupid. Won’t send me a email about my forgotten passcode
  • Help please 4/5

    By bdjififid
    So yeah, isn’t letting me get into the account just keeps loading, and loading until it says try agin later, and I do and it does the same thing
  • New Hub tools 1/5

    By CapnWilly
    I don’t need the “new Hub tools”. How do I turn them all off?
  • Great IPhone app 4/5

    By Springer 123
    I have been enjoying the ease of use of the Huntington Bank app. It allows me to do my banking quickly and clearly. I have not used it on my IPad so can not review that aspect of the experience.
  • The right direction.. but 3/5

    By JDinan42
    They just added a budget tool, which is nice, but you can’t add any budgets because it locks the scrolling, not allowing you to confirm. You didn’t test that before you sent it out?
  • 4 Star app now! 4/5

    By Zadriel
    Great app. Allows you to automatically take pics of checks and deposit them. You can also see all your accounts including loans. Super easy interface. Frankly if you have Huntington as a bank you should have this app on your phone. 5 stars when the watch app comes out.
  • iPhone Only App 2/5

    By SanMarMor
    This app is OK for an iPhone, but for the iPad, it’s just an iPhone app. They had a great iPad app, and threw it away for this? I don’t understand why places think we should use an iPhone app on or iPad. Bring back an iPad app.
  • Five stars+ 5/5

    By Kjcoh
    Great app. Very functional and the ability to see all my accounts. Easy to navigate. I bank exclusively with Huntington and can do all my banking right from this app including depositing checks!
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By twistedknickerz
    I HATE the new “spend analysis” what I can’t stand even more is there’s no way to disable it. This is by far so annoying I’m seriously considering moving my money to another bank.
  • Hub New Features Not Working 2/5

    By Ty Farris
    I’ve called and been to the bank and nobody can figure out why I can’t see the spend analysis and other features. I have latest version and still can’t see it. Not good.
  • The ability to remove or hide the financial tools. 3/5

    By wdhaven
    Please allow users to remove or hide the financial tools in the hub area listed below. Spend Analysis Spend Setter Look Ahead Do more with Huntington
  • Won’t open at all 1/5

    By wont open at all
    No matter what I do or how many times I reinstall it. I go to “open” the app and it flashes an error “can not connect” and immediately closes. I have an iPhone 8. I would think it should work fairly well.
  • Seriously LOVE 5/5

    By JussyNicole
    This app is so helpful! I love the new features and enhancements. I love that I can now budget and track where my money goes. I even deposit all of my checks off of the app. No more driving to an atm. Would love to be able to transfer money to my husband’s account on this app soon. Great job Huntington!
  • Horrible iPad App 2/5

    By Soccereaz
    The new Huntington Experience is a pretty decent thing. However, locking an iPad into portrait mode is idiotic. The iPad should be versatile and this app is not... What person would even consider using this app. I’ve been waiting patiently for a fix to this but apparently Huntington just does not care.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By CaoleC
    I just moved all of my accounts to Huntington. While I like the app overall it will not accept deposits. It keeps saying something went wrong go to a branch to make a deposit. Ugh! Kind of defeats the purpose of an app!
  • Zelle Needed 2/5

    By Kalamazoo2714
    You have been saying for over a year you were getting Zelle. Still don’t have it. If you don’t have it by the new year I may have to switch back to Chase Bank. Otherwise Huntington is a good bank.

Huntington Mobile app comments

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