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  • Current Version: 5.0.111
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Huntington Bank
  • Compatibility: Android
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Huntington Mobile App

With the Huntington Mobile app, it’s easier than ever to bank on the go, right from your phone. View account balances and history, deposit checks, transfer funds, pay bills, locate office branches, find ATMs, and contact a representative. That’s not all – as new features are rolled out, you’ll be able to update the app so you always have the latest-and-greatest online banking tools right at your fingertips. Get started with our app today. Like the best things in life, we’ve made it free! Although message and data rates from your carrier may apply. Features: HUNTINGTON QUICK BALANCE - A fast and simple way to view account balances using 3D Touch, or on the login page at the touch of a button, without logging in. TOUCH ID - Quickly and easily access your account information by touching the home button to verify your fingerprint. ACCOUNT INFORMATION - View up-to-date information about your Huntington accounts, including pending transactions. Search for transactions within account history. TRANSFER MONEY - Transfer money between accounts. Select the date you’d like the transfer to occur and get a receipt for the transaction. PAY BILLS - Pay a person or company. You’ll receive a summary that describes the amount and payment date, and get a receipt for the transaction. You can also manage your payees by adding, editing, or deleting a payee. DEPOSIT CHECKS – Deposit checks by simply snapping a picture. It can save you time and help reduce trips to the branch or ATM. MANAGE YOUR DEBIT CARD – Activate and change your personal ATM/Debit Card PIN. UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFO – Maintain your address, email and phone number information. MANAGE YOUR OVERDRAFT OPTIONS – Manage your overdraft options on eligible accounts to avoid overdraft fees. FIND LOCATIONS - Find ATMs and branches near your current location or by entering a street address. CONTACT US - Quick dialing for most of your customer service needs. Some features are only available to customers who have registered for Online Banking at The Huntington Mobile app is free, but message and data rates from your mobile carrier will still apply. System availability and response time are subject to market conditions.


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Huntington Mobile app reviews

  • Slow to open, if it even does. 2/5

    By fellabella
    It only opens half of the time.
  • Update problem, later fixed 4/5

    By Impartial rvwr
    "An unexpected error has occurred". To use this app, I need to delete it- reinstall it, go through the two factor identification, login, then repeat next time I need to access my accounts. If this keeps up, I'll be pulling my accounts- it will be less painful to set back up at another institution. 5/15/18- Update. After receiving a response from the App developer, seeking more info I tried the App one last time and it now works. I responded to the developer to inquire if changes were made so I could share here and was told it was a problem on older hardware that was fixed. If you've had the same issue- retry the App... It just might work. Upgraded from 1 star to 4 thanks to the feedback and developer engagement.
  • Tech support reps with bad attitudes. 1/5

    By PixelRogue
    Update 2: 05/16/18 I am not starting the process over again from scratch.i have already wasted hours and hours. You have enough information from my post earlier today to locate the ticket, and the last person who was dealing with these issues Does it take a public review before you decide to respond to the concerns? You look up the ticket (yep - you have plenty of info to find it) and resolve the ticket. Do not keep asking me to contact Huntington yet again. Patience has worn thin, and I have already done what you are suggesting many times. Update: 05/16/2018 If I could lower the stars I would based in the developer response asking me to call in...but no specific person or anything more than the generic start over at step one. The 4th ticket was created onSat. May 12th by Talisha G. There has been (as the pattern) not a single inquiry, followup or sign of ownership since. Pattern repeats for each of the three earlier tickets. O5/05/2018 First time I wished I was speaking with a Filipino call center instead of an American one. I am three weeks a new customer and still unable to access my account through the ios app. Issue: Unable to accept the first check box for terms of service. Different platforms, browsers etc all net the same result. Call One: The usual - clear cache, different browsers... When the usual suspects didn't work, support stated a ticket had to be created and I would hear back. They would not provide a ticket number. Call Two - a week later. Never heard back from anyone so called a week later. Support insisted the issue was me because she could do it fine on her end (in her sterile PC environment.) I was rather stunned by her response, and the way she insisted...because anyone in support would know better. When politely asking to escalate, she got rude and terminated the call. Call Three - same night. Finally got a hold of a manager who repeated the sentiment that their sterile browser environment worked and therefore issue was all me. I learn that there was no sign of a previous ticket.. it was never created. He insisted on starting the process all over again from scratch, and to be patient and wait until tonight for a resolution. Guess what, heard back from no one - not even to say it was still being investigated. Awesome. Love the ownership. Call Four - 4 days later. The app says 24/7 customer support...but when you call you get a message you are outside the business hours. The only specific hours listed are for business accounts, and those listed hours never matched the hours provided by the phone system. --- Weeks later and still unable to access my account - and the support attitude makes the bank look so bad. Do yourself a favor and find another bank. 😔
  • Doesn’t Work With New Update! 2/5

    By Ducky1229
    They updated two weeks ago and lo and behold, all of a sudden, the app is telling me it’s having connectivity issues and that I need to be connected to the internet to pull up my balance screens. That would be fine, but I’ve tried (literally) five different WiFi connections and it still gives this error message. Seriously, fix it! What’s the point of having an account with a bank if their app doesn’t work? I can find plenty of other good banks that are up with the times and have the ability to have working apps.
  • IPad Format Issue 4/5

    By Eukeryote
    I use this app predominantly on the phone. Works great. Love it. On the iPad it’s a pain because it’s stuck in portrait mode. This can usually be fixed with one tiny setting in the program. Please fix this. My iPad is always in landscape mode. It’s the only way the keyboard connects.
  • Facial recognition please 4/5

    By Jimbob345
    Please make this app support facial recognition
  • Boo! Bad move Huntington 1/5

    By Lossofcreek
    Used the app for everything-until today! The latest update does not allow me to transfer from my checking account to my Huntington mortgage. In order to do that you have to now log onto a computer -boo! A lot of people today don’t own computers because they’re phone is their computer. What’s the purpose of an app if it doesn’t do when I need to do but it used to. Bad bad bad customer service Huntington
  • Needs more features 2/5

    By MTK12887
    Huntington needs to add the ability for external transfers between banks, no reason not to have it in 2018.
  • Improved view, but needs work 1/5

    By stephen.moore
    Yes, you guys improved the way the app looks. But using it is the exact same as it use to be! Look at the Chase app! It’s so user friendly and easy to use.
  • Won’t load 1/5

    By Catchibachi
    With the new update yesterday, the app won’t load on my ipad. It just flashes on and then disappears.
  • Can't make loan payment via app 2/5

    By Sam91638393729s
    Please add the ability to make a payment on a loan via the app! I do not have a checking account with Huntington but should would like to be able to make payments on my auto loan that I have with Huntington.
  • Big Improvement 4/5

    By Jstew96
    The recent updates to the app are nice and on par with other banks. My only complaint, having the iPhone X, is that there is no support for Face ID. I have a complex passcode that is secure, but pretty difficult to remember so Face ID support would be great. Keep up the improvements.
  • Horrible customer experience 1/5

    By magicV
    I wanted to transfer money from my personal credit line to my checking account called the bank and they supposedly did the transfer but 15 days have passed and the transfer has not started. I called the bank again they put me through three different agents who kept were transferring me to multiple departments and I still am not able to transfer money Worst bank ever
  • iPhone X 4/5

    By Z24_Joe
    I love this app and always have, but I recently got an iPhone X and wish that it had facial recognition for signing in like how they have thumbprint id for other iPhone platforms!
  • Only Bank App that hasn’t figured out the technology to rotate a screen to landscape mode 1/5

    By Yoda18
    Need I say more?
  • Love this app 4/5

    By ldownard
    The only issue I have right now is the fact I can’t transfer money from my account to my car loan. Using iPhone 6.
  • It Stopped Working 1/5

    By BJY3295
    "An unexpected system error has occurred" every time I try to log in.
  • Unexpected system error 4/5

    By Lrbrocks
    Just what app says more often than not..." unexpected systems error" ! I AM SICK OF IT! PLEASE FIX IT!
  • Mobile Deposit Doesn’t Work! 1/5

    By jenrene0623
    Mobile deposit never works for me and when I ask someone at the bank about it, they never have an answer. I always get an error that it’s a duplicate deposit, even though I’m depositing a new check each time I try to use the feature. As someone that works in IT, it would appear that the app is looking at the amount, when it should really be based on the check number. Someone needs to look into this and fix it!
  • Please Fix 3/5

    By Raiketz
    This app is great and easy to use but my one issue with it is that when I try to use it I get a system error upon sign in and the only solution i found for this issue is to delete and re-download the app. It is understandable that nothing is perfect but if this issue cant be fixed then please add a retry option or a reset for the app. Its kind of frustrating to delete it and download it when I want to check my account.
  • Hate it! 1/5

    By BH1855
    I know any change takes getting used too, but this stinks! It looks generic and like a cheaply done web page. Sorry, but the other one was far better and looked better.
  • Unexpected system error occurred 2/5

    By George777&
    Since March 21 updated I continue to get an error message "unexpected system error occurred" when trying to go in. He deleted app on iPad and will work for a day or two then stops. Have resorted to having to do banking on my laptop again. One step forward two steps backward....
  • Can’t pay credit card with external account 2/5

    By Apple Lover 2002
    Every other bank and credit card I have an app for you can pretty much do everything through it. Not Huntington. If you have their Voice Credit Card you can’t pay it using the app if you want to pay the card using a non-Huntington account. What’s the point of the app if you can do the normal every day things through it? I’ve also tried just using their website with my phone and the link never works. It’s almost like they want you to miss your payment so you can get socked with late fees. Get with the times Huntington!
  • Glitches prevent usefulness 1/5

    By Chris20180407
    The app is usually okay but lately I have had to re-download it every time I try to use it or it doesn't let me in at all. This is surprising because with one or two major exceptions Huntington has been easy to work with the last seven years.
  • Terrible iPad experience 1/5

    By Systems_Guy_MI
    Seriously who is in charge of this team and approves this garbage? Four months later and no improvement. Forcing an iPad Pro into portrait mode? No universal app? Zoomed up like iPhone specific apps from years ago? Why don’t you go to to VP or the CIOs office and show them this trash. Better yet tell them they should put their laptops on their side because you think the website looks best in portrait mode. Does anyone at Huntington even read these reviews? Maybe if we all quit using the app they will fire the Dev Team. I rarely get checks, but If I do I’ll use phone app. Just deleted iPad app, again. I’ve been a Huntington customer since the first year of their internet banking availability.
  • Avoid the update 1/5

    By Sorry I'm updated
    Can no longer use the app on my iPad since the most recent update. Very inconvenient. If you can avoid the update-do it
  • Keep freezing and show errors wont open 1/5

    By AmmarsCars
    Last old app was much better, this new app is horrible, it keep freezing, show errors, wont open, I have to log in and out 10 times to make it to work. Very very bad app. I love huntington bank but not this terrible app. Please fix it or do something. Thanks.
  • App update 1/5

    By Nickname is taken:4321
    Hate hate hate the update to the app! Please change it back! The app was the #1 reason I bank with Huntington. I am so upset that I will switch banks over this😡
  • Apple Watch app 3/5

    By Buckeyefan1988
    Be nice if you all provide an Apple Watch app like other banks :/
  • Redesign Fail 1/5

    By Myradin25
    Just absolutely hate that the app looks unprofessional and cartoony. Less coherent, visually.
  • Needs Some Fixes 2/5

    By muia1975
    As others have stated, the font is too big in this redesign. Also, why is it so difficult to provide a running balance with each transaction?
  • No landscape view for ipad 1/5

    By Zod74
    It almost unusable on ipad. It wont rotate for a landscape used to but now it wont. Terrible design
  • App good for iPhone not the iPad 2/5

    By RobertRRTRNFA
    When they did the update for the iPad version and it basically is the same as the iPhone is where the app fails. I enjoyed the different versions for mobile iPhone and the more interactive one for the iPad. I wish they would bring that back.
  • Really great!! 4/5

    By Shcavok
    Love the new look of the app. Super user friendly and clean! Perfect for my banking needs.
  • Huntington mobile for iPad 1/5

    By Bobin ditbim
    This app is terrible. Every time I log in, I cannot connect and get an error message that says "an unexpected connection error has occurred". My iPad locks up and I have to reboot. Sometimes I can connect and sometimes not. Never had any trouble before this upgrade
  • New update review spring 2018 5/5

    By asdfghjkl_d00d
    The new update is actually really impressive and I’m actually pumped it looks a million times cleaner, visually pleasing and organized. Thanks!
  • Bad update 1/5

    By HopeThisHelps
    Apparently function now follows form. Step backwards. Developers need to add functionality and simplicity, not make fonts larger and force users do more to perform tasks. You broke the aesthetic things that worked well. Your design choices with this release do not prioritize the user experience.
  • Not able to download 1/5

    By Hahahahaha11111
    I’m having so much trouble to download the app on phone but it says could not be downloaded at this time. Other apps can be downloaded but the Huntington mobile app.
  • Upgrade = Nope 2/5

    By amf778
    Love Huntington, loved the old version of the app. With the update, font size is WAY too big, and looks so cheap and low rent. I’m obsessive about my accounts and check them religiously.. yes, I actually find it fun... but this upgrade took that away. Visually displeasing and harder to read than it was before. Change it back.
  • Love the new redesign! 5/5

    By Adler Weber
    I made do with the old app because, even though it was visually dissatisfying, it was usable. The app itself has tons of options and is coming close to getting in par with Huntington’s website. Overall, I’d say that this app is great, and the new update makes it look modern and attractive.
  • Updated to hell 2/5

    By Robisapirate
    After this new update I can't log In anymore "unexpected system error" really aggravating
  • Disappointed With The Update 2/5

    By infoman9
    Disappointed with the new Huntington Bank app. The Fonts are to big. Also disappointed that the Landscape presentation when using an iPad has been removed. When using a 12.9” iPad, it looks like a silly supper large iPhone app.
  • Love Huntington, don't like the update 3/5

    By jvlzqz
    Design an iPad optimized version of the app. First on the list - allow screen rotation.
  • We want face unlock 4/5

    By sammo 22
    I have the iPhone X and I don’t have a finger print to log in any more . So time to update stay up with the times Huntington
  • Last payment amount not showing correctly 3/5

    By K nine #4
    Under my credit card summary the last payment amount is not showing the exact amount. It is rounding down to the nearest dollar instead of showing the change.
  • Dislike the Update 1/5

    By DPL35-45
    Great banking experience with Huntington. Member for 13 years and have recommended Huntington to everyone. Best App of any bank my family has done business with over the years. However, this new update has moved your app down the list. Font size is too large on Hub and transaction pages. Requires a lot of scrolling. With a lot of transactions during a day with the debt card it is frustrating to see just a couple transactions on the screen at a time. I am old but not that old that I need large font. Keep trying and keep up the good work.
  • Can’t download app 1/5

    By Fabulous3739
    What’s going on Huntington? I’ve been trying to get answers. Is there a glitch? I’ve been unable to download the app on my recently repaired iPhone. I had it before it got wiped. Absolutely frustrating and aggravating since I do 99% of my banking electronically. I don’t have time to go to a branch inside the grocery store.
  • Hasn’t Worked in Months 1/5

    By Whatcanyasay
    I can’t remember the last time this app worked. Every time I open it I get an error message saying that it requires a network connection. Doesn’t work whether I’m using data or Wi-Fi (mind you that I have dozens of other apps that work just fine). I have to go through my web browser whenever I need access to my account. I’m sure I can’t be the only one experiencing this issue.
  • Good but one fix! 4/5

    By c0dydiaz
    At the top of the screen it says the name of the app Huntington in like a light green background but then the status bar like where the time, battery status, and signal are it has a darker green bar for that area. That’s just unnecessary, just make both the same color and have it blend in together like how every other app does. That way it’ll look more smooth. It makes it look like iOS 6 like that.
  • What an ugly and generic redesign. 3/5

    By July fifty-three
    It looked way more professional before! Why did you change it?

Huntington Mobile app comments


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