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  • Current Version: 3.3.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Huobi Global Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Huobi App App

Huobi Pro is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange that can trade LTC, ETHagainst BTC pair。This is an official App of Huobi Pro ( that provides you easy, safe and fast digital assets trading experiences. Huobi Global is a global leading blockchain-based asset financial services provider. Founded in 2013, with more than four years of industry-leading security practice, record-breaking marketing and operation experiences, top-notch R&D powerhouse, and most credited customer service system, Huobi is known as the world-class brand. The headquarter is in Singapore with intensive networks in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North Americas.  Our Advantages: We provide professional, secure digital assets trading services. We have millions of users from over 100 countries around the world.  Our cumulative turnover is more than 29.4 billion USD.Four years + track of record of running the world-class exchange. Our multi-signature cold wallet offers the best experiences to store all type of digital assets. Our first-class IT team employs distributed and parallel technology; possess speedy order matching engine and we support API trading. We have compliance risk control team with over ten years’ experience from Financial industry.  Product Feature 1.     Support various cryptocurrencies trading:LTC/BTC、ETH/BTC 2.     Real-time market 3.     Professional market charts 4.     Support market and limit orders  5.     Fast deposits and withdrawals 6.     Price alert 7.     24/7 multi-lingual customer service 8.     View detailed trading records


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Huobi App app reviews

  • A good helper for BTC investment and financial management 5/5

    By DZ?ol?gy11o3??o2
    Very good app, follow up the times and master the first-hand information
  • Good platform for virtual coin mining 5/5

    By iFFa4
    It is very good to operate Bitcoin platform, which was recommended by friends to download. Bitcoin market is timely and accurate, Bitcoin information is very comprehensive, and there are many experts in the exchange of guidance, a lot of atmosphere!
  • Bitcoin virtual coins are easy to use 5/5

    By ZaeaylS Sparkhls
    I have used it in foreign exchange investment for a while, which is safe and reliable, my family members and friends are also using it, which can bring huge profits, I recommend it to you
  • My friends are using it all the time, very reliable 5/5

    By UggsgggggvvvvGvvcxdgjjjdv
    I think BTC has been very popular recently, my friends recommend this software to me, I can know BTC market situation through it, which is a pretty good BTC investment platform
  • Pretty good software for blockchain financial management 5/5

    By N*oeupj*y
    It is a very brilliant virtual coin transaction software, which provides real-time market information and one-stop service of live broadcast and transaction analysis
  • Necessity for investment 5/5

    By HMastereeucrleb2
    I inquire the BTC price and market situation of investment and financial management through it every day, I feel safe to buy products on the Crazy Virtual Coin Platform
  • Bitcoin policy push is timely 5/5

    By EesabIl Nava
    Pretty good investment software, it provides proper industrial analysis, updates the financial and economic information in real time, necessity for financial management and investment
  • Very good customer side 5/5

    By djSzhn
    I have been paying attention to Huobi, it adds many modules and news flash with great interface, owns APP , it will be more convenient in the future
  • Fast speed and smooth page, a good helper for transaction 5/5

    By AernergigNi
    For green hand like me, this software is very useful, I can consult, watch live broadcast and news to understand fast. It is a really good software
  • Convenient and practical 5/5

    By Olacyplaaza
    Very useful, it updates market information very fast and can save investment cost, which is really an investment artifact, I hope it can help you
  • Good helper for BTC investment 5/5

    By Vstard2eam22r0er
    I have found this software accidentally, its exchange community is in great popularity with many experts who share their investment strategies in the community, very brilliant financial management software, I like it, awesome
  • A recommendable platform for foreign exchange transaction 5/5

    By jWesg35s1
    Information for some coins is updated very quickly, allowing me to make the right way to trade
  • Very convenient tool for coin mining and virtual coin transaction 5/5

    By eHeilirOlobdar
    Timely global blockchain information platform, fantastic
  • Good 5/5

    By AHaT8yopertpt
    It serves comprehensive, timely and accurate BTC transaction information, very convenient and suitable for me very much, I really like the exchange community where experts share their experience
  • Quite good virtual coin transaction software 5/5

    By F"nreat| buttGo amazing"
    I like engaging in virtual coin in ordinary time, after using it, I have found it brings high profit, safe and reliable, I persist in using it in the future!
  • Good helper for BTC investment and financial management 5/5

    By KnsnsjxNnnannzkkxnwwa
    The mastery of coin mining is very important for an excellent virtual coin investor, this kind of software can help you to understand international information, which is necessary for coin mining investment.
  • Good BTC transaction platform 5/5

    By _NickcMaSk
    I use this virtual coin transaction software firstly and I think it is very good with characteristics of convenience and practicability. I often use this platform and believe many people will like it!
  • Providing coin mining market information 5/5

    By MPnviKeCT
    It is an international virtual coin mining, investment and transaction software recommended by my friends, you can read many good articles for practicing, very reliable
  • Playing virtual currency trading to earn points for real 5/5

    By 9birdiesH6
    I have used it in foreign exchange investment for a while, which is safe and reliable, my family members and friends are also using it, which can bring huge profits, I recommend it to you
  • Very awesome, good helper for transaction 5/5

    By I#<13D
    I hope it can launch some offline activities, explain the foreign exchange knowledge more and provide more foreign exchange market analysis, if green hands can communicate with masters face to face, it will be better.
  • Virtual coin transaction software 5/5

    By TC24kJxIR
    It provides reliable transaction, has exchange community with good atmosphere, provides comprehensive information and updates information in real time
  • Good platform for coin mining transaction 5/5

    By ro8lobHH67a
    The cloud-side Finance is safer and a better choice for investors, which is a long-term and stable financial management project, a good choice, I support it
  • Very reliable investment platform 5/5

    By FTheA rpiG pl??
    You will attain unexpected surprise and harvests
  • A good platform 5/5

    By XAs?? wondeh _??r
    It is certain to be the best fast-speed transaction platform for foreign exchange, very brilliant
  • Very useful blockchain investment software 5/5

    By OEl3mky211i
    I have tried to download the Virtual Coin Mining Credit for the first time, at the beginning, I didn’t believe it, but I have found it is pretty good after investing for once, recommend it to you, a good helper for investment and financial management
  • A reliable investment platform 5/5

    By EMadd?nLe?er??vo??
    The Zhiyuan Virtual Coin can save BTC investment cost and is really an artifact for investment, it has exchange community with good atmosphere, especially no disturbance from salespersons and no advertising
  • Its largest advantage is powerful market information 5/5

    By CKk ane raab bder
    I have had some spare money and intended to invest in virtual coin, therefore, I have used this virtual coin transaction platform recommended by my friends. I am presented with simulated coins after registration, which is very suitable to green hand like me.
  • A good helper for BTC investment and financial management 5/5

    By eCeleOts????
    Very thoughtful, practical and powerful lottery application, I recommend it to you, very reliable
  • Good transaction software 5/5

    By GIdbeebh
    It is a very good software for phone international coin mining, investment and transaction, it has complete varieties, updates the market information in real time and provides expert analysis and guidance, which is of great help for investment
  • Pretty good software 5/5

    By OnwesoeAmess_????
    You can know the price of coin mining and demand through this coin mining transaction software
  • Virtual coin transaction 5/5

    By CDrkkaauruDDan
    The reason to select Virtual Coin Mining Credit is that it provides reliable transactions and owns masters to share accurate investment strategies
  • Software for foreign exchange investment and financial management, recommend it 5/5

    By RG11nsat_Lisam0y
    The Crazy Virtual BTC platform provides accurate and timely BTC transaction information with detailed analyses, its exchange community is in great popularity, people can discuss with each other, I have benefited a lot, very brilliant!
  • 比特币投资好帮手 5/5

    By CThatoguyswho wawk int
    This coin mining and virtual coin software is really good, can help us to know more virtual coin transaction information, it is safe and brings stable profit, it is worth owning
  • Reliable application for virtual coin transaction 5/5

    By gDejfurjsswthjhPggggghfjw
    The virtual coin transaction book has rich contents, it is difficult to fins such good software for coin mining and blockchain transactions like this
  • Understandable 5/5

    By W?MA
    I am very delightful to find such good platform for earning foreign exchange, I can know the market situation of international BTC and find reliable investment environment through it
  • Very satisfied 5/5

    By PLynesdyube erla
    This software has humanized design, provides accurate and timely financial and economic information, I hope the evaluations can be retained for longer time for me to copy to other traders for transactions easily. Fantastic
  • I really recommend it 5/5

    By MO3oitz_Taylq4_mr
    My friend engaging in financial management recommend it to me, which provides detailed data for coin mining price trend, those who have interest in financial management and investment can have a try, brilliant!
  • Investment Book 5/5

    By Snnmiaá ADguiano
    Pretty good, it serves detailed information about bulk spot commodities and owns various masters to share their investment strategies, besides, it updates market information timely, we need such kind of software!
  • Handy foreign exchange transaction platform 5/5

    By nhTaleagtesfaE
    The most authoritative, safe and reliable platform in domestic, pretty good. Very trustworthy and perfect. Cheer up!
  • Very great virtual coin transaction book 5/5

    By RRgnaers R8l2 7e5u3
    Very awesome platform for virtual coin mining transaction, it provides the latest information and you can know various virtual coin information in real time
  • Necessity for foreign exchange investment 5/5

    By Z1unoFdngsy01
    Good software for inquiring the blockchain market, convenient in investment, safe and reliable
  • Pretty good for BTC amateurs 5/5

    By MCrorsun5Aisa3g3
    You can download this software if you have interest in coin mining investment but don’t know how, which provides coin mining market information, strategies and investment information, it is a great help!
  • 可以互相学习交流 5/5

    By QTdsry Busdee
    Very good blockchain service platform, convenient and effieicnet, one of the best APP application softwares of New Century network, with development prospect reliable and expected
  • Platform for foreign exchange transaction learning 5/5

    By RTeofdarxnch
    I have been using, it is especially good with accurate analytical data, which can conduct fast trading extremely, but also with new and comprehensive investment consulting.
  • Many people are investing in BTC 5/5

    By e an RrsgRuleR72583
    It updates correctly and fast, I will pay attention to it in the future, which is a good software recommended by my friend, I think it is pretty good
  • Virtual Coin Investment Book is more powerful than Jin10 5/5

    By oMadd?nLEvee???r??
    The current virtual coin transaction market is very popular, its virtual coin exchange community has many people to make discussions, I can learn much knowledge through it
  • Professional and reliable software for coin mining virtual coin 5/5

    By 0trintVws1e1
    It is very fast and convenient for me to inquire the endorsements by using it! What is most important, it can be used at anytime and anyplace, I like it very much
  • 特别棒的外汇投资平台 5/5

    By EpiapaDHi
    I have been paying attention to Huobi, it adds many modules and news flash with great interface, owns APP , it will be more convenient in the future
  • I like foreign exchange investment very much 5/5

    By D5za0j00k
    The blockchain investment industry is potential in domestic, those who have earned lots of money will not tell you
  • A good helper for BTC investment 5/5

    By Zv??????
    It provides many market analyses on virtual coin mining and gives references about market trend, pretty good BTC transaction software, brilliant

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