Hushed Second Phone Number

Hushed Second Phone Number

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  • Current Version: 4.1.1
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Hushed Second Phone Number App

Hushed is the global leader in providing private, second line phone numbers. Our app has been downloaded over 7 million times with 250 million phone calls made and 1 BILLION text messages sent!
 PROTECTING YOUR PRIVACY IS WHAT WE DO It's easy and risk-free to try Hushed. Signing up doesn’t require verification and we are committed to protecting our users’ privacy. Hushed never stores your conversations or call logs and our “Hushed-to-Hushed Messenger” technology protects your conversations with military-grade, end-to-end encryption.
 Download Hushed now and get a 3-day US/Canada trial number that includes 20 texts or 20 minutes of talk time, for FREE! HUSHED PHONE FEATURES:
 • Keep your real number PRIVATE – when calling or texting, your caller ID only shows your Hushed # and not your real number 
• Local phone numbers to choose from over 60+ countries. Perfect for online dating, selling on classifieds, travelers, business, family/friends abroad, and more. Add as many numbers as you like - there’s no limit! • Manage all your numbers and contacts all in one single app - no need to carry around multiple devices or SIM cards. You can even access your Hushed account on 3G/4G/LTE/WIFI connected devices – turn your tablet into a phone! 
• Full of features including Custom Voicemails (create personalized greetings with a customized voicemail for EACH number) and Auto Reply Messages (create an auto response when receiving specific words in a text message…“What’s the wifi password?” Great for Airbnb and business owners!)
 • Hushed integrations with Slack and Dropbox can also let you send texts directly from Slack and store voicemail, call/text history, pictures on your Dropbox account • 7/30/90/365 Day packages to suit any short or long term needs – extend your numbers and add minutes/sms by topping up your credits at any time! No hassle, no contracts. • Our UNLIMITED subscription plan for $4.99/month also lets you choose a number from US/Canada that includes UNLIMITED Calls, SMS, and MMS within North America - an awesome value and a user favorite! HUSHED-TO-HUSHED ENCRYPTED MESSENGER FEATURES

 •100% FREE Calling and Encrypted Messaging with other Hushed users. Set up a profile and keep your conversations 100% private. 
• Self Destructing Messages – Add a timer to your messages/pictures to automatically delete at the end of the countdown! Keep those messages away from prying eyes. 
• Encrypted Group Chats – invite your friends to a fully private group chat protected by encryption keys. When you delete the group chat, conversations will be deleted forever. • Send Voice Notes and Video Messages – also fully encrypted and can be self- destructed 
• More Profiles – create multiple (up to 10) Hushed Messenger profiles, separate personas for anyone you talk to!
 Use Hushed for all of your private communication needs and rest assured that your calls and texts are kept fully anonymous. Burn your Hushed numbers whenever you're done to erase all texts/calls/pictures. Leave no trace. 

What are you waiting for? See why millions of people have used Hushed – Download and try out your new private number for free now!

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Hushed Second Phone Number app reviews

  • So far so good 5/5

    By Lambo2Four
    So far it is working exactly as advertised.. really nice for online dating
  • Works extremely well. 5/5

    By njmcg
    Like how I can add lines from different countries and use on same credit
  • Works as promised 5/5

    By Evil Joss
    In the age of digital communication, it’s nice to know there’s still a way to help protect one’s privacy. Hushed does just that.
  • App 1/5

    By Cecelia24
    I have the unlimited app and I have been trying to delete the number and get a new one but it does not give me the option to do so. It is frustrating that I can’t even make or receive calls for some reason. You can’t talk to a live chat because it’s a robot that can’t answer questions correctly. I tried canceling and uninstalling and installing app back still it’s giving me a error 486 I don’t even know what that is. Frustrating..
  • Worst customer service ever! 2/5

    By halfbent
    Inability to solve simple problems. Service reps just repeat what’s in a service manual without giving any of their own thought to the problem. COMCAST has better customer service... ——————— 4 MARCH 2018 UPDATE: Lost 3 good phone numbers before the issue was resolved. Hushed Helpdesk was unable to figure out the root cause. Anyhow, I’ve raised my review by 1 star 2 stars now) and here’s why. The concept of the app is stellar, however there are still a few issues... 1) The app is in need of an update for the iPhone X screen layout. When using the app there are menu options that are at the top of the screen and sometimes the only solution is to simply close the app and start from a different screen. 2) this one is MAJOR. When sending a text your message is chopped into multiple parts for some unknown reason. There is no pattern to this as some parts are 3-4 sentences long while others are 1. *** The reason this is a big deal is because every message bubble counts against your quota/remains balance. Even if you send/receive one long message you could be ‘charged’ MULTIPLE times. 3) When sending texts longer than the unknown arbitrary message length, sometimes messages get reassembled incorrectly so that, for instance, the last few lines of tour message end up in the middle of the rest of it. This leads to more messages to explain the jumble and hence more message ‘charges’ against your account. 4) The Developers included an option to sync to Dropbox and Slack. WHY then is it not automatic?!?!?!?!?!? Why do I have to manually go through layers of menus, get to the option and press sync?!?!?!
  • Not free 1/5

    By Cuff117
    Not free
  • I can't login my account 1/5

    By Bradley Watson
    I've used this app for almost 3 years but recently it logged me out and can't login again. It was painful but I created another account again and after a few days - it has logged me out again and I can't login. How did hushed get so bad.
  • Great 5/5

    By Hollons Installations LLC
    The price is right and the service is excellent.
  • Customer service 5/5

    By Sportsfanchick
    Their customer service is top notch! I have seriously never encountered better customer service in my life.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Jahauc
    I’ve never experienced any boring time with this app and I recommend it with 5 stars.
  • Great 5/5

    By Ooooiiijhhf
    Convenient reliable second number
  • Awesome 5/5

    By U2765
    As a Lawyer I sometimes need to do things anonymously and be able to get messages or calls back. So Hushed is essential to my business and I appreciate the program.
  • An amazing customer service 5/5

    By Anastasiya435
    Hushed customer service is super amazing. My issue was resolved extremely fast. I am very much pleased ! Thank you so much !!!
  • Customer service is very helpful 4/5

    By Janritten
    I’ve had a few issues with Hushed but their customer service is really helpful, they emailed on many occasions until my issues were fixed
  • Good for a 2nd line 4/5

    By Matt Dubbz
    Works well and I know that it’s the Hushed line calling unlike google voice so I know it’s for my business but it can’t do group texting. Only drawback I see so far. It also splits texts up into multiple messages if it’s over so many characters and it doesn’t have to be too long to get slit up but other then that, it works well.
  • Works great on my 8 plus 5/5

    By Ezm$$$$
    Haven’t had any issues since I’ve been using it
  • Good 5/5

    By stand strong 22
    When theres a problem they fix it 👍👍👍
  • Logged out 5/5

    By Sunnypa1
    I love this app. The only problem is it automatically logged me out and I keep sending the forget password reset button but it won’t send the email to me so I am logged out of my account. Please help!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By The gingerninger
    Works like a charm
  • New update and features! WOOOOWWW!! 4/5

    By Gh0st_12
    With the newest update, this app is everything and anything we want or need it to be. If we could change the name it would be great. But in all actuality it’s good enough. Being able to reuse old numbers is also a bonus!! It used to be a pain to let a number expire without remembering. But now, it’s all good and working. Gotta admit, I’m a fan and the only reason this isn’t a five star app, is the inability to change to name of the app, or perhaps having an alternative use such as a calculator, etc. for discreetness. But other than that, great update!!
  • Keeps you safe 5/5

    By A little spice
    Responsive customer service, easy to navigate, pleasing Red backdrop so you don’t get your numbers mixed up.
  • Another scam app typical 1/5

    By Stasi03
    so this is how they get you… Are you ready? Buy a package everything works great but the second you are running low on minutes it WONT let you make calls or text until you buy another package! They are so slick aren't they? That's right SO EVEN IF YOU have minutes and text messages left in your account you CAN NOT use them UNLESS you buy another package!!!! don't use this app stay away
  • Saldo no me aparece 1/5

    By Annakathe88
    Hola lo compré con el plan de9.99 y lo tomo dos veces porque me aparecía 0.00 saldo .luego de haberme hecho los dos débitos a un me aparece 0.00 saldo como lo puedo recuperar o añadir al saldo
  • Can’t figure out how to burn number 1/5

    By Architekt909
    For a burner app this should be obvious but it isn’t. I have an unlimited number and I want to burn it. I tried going into settings (both, there’s one for your number and another for the app), swiping the number, and navigating to just about any screen I can think of. No idea how to burn a phone number. Also their support system has bugs. I can submit a ticket but when I try to view it nothing happens. In the app if I try to go to “my tickets” it just gives me an error every time. This is beyond frustrating. I’m going back to burned.
  • Error signing into my account 1/5

    By KBlingz
    Don’t download they’ll just take your money and delete your account saying you violated their rules and all that. They’re scammers and thieves.
  • Excellent support. 5/5

    By Quietchat
    I found the support folks very easy to work with and more than willingly to help. Good customer support is always a plus.
  • Great app that works just as expected. Nice job 5/5

    By Bobster 0301
    Great app . Works well and easy to use
  • Love it 5/5

    By pfsguru
    Great app. No flaws on my iPhone.
  • Good 5/5

    By Yalquzaq79
    Good application
  • Solid app 4/5

    By mrmarx0302
    I like this app. Works nicely, but you can’t send gifs or video... at least not that I’ve been able to do.
  • Is not free 1/5

    By Mariog515
    Guys don’t charging you a lot of money.....there is other apps totally free
  • Great app 5/5

    By DaHomieAR
    Always come in handy when you need it the most
  • Hush 5/5

    By D.A.1234
    Excellent second phone number for clients. Easy to use, gives one peace of mind. I use it all the time. Donita
  • works well so far 5/5

    By cseyephone
    Very happy with this app so far. It is working just as described. I was able to select an alternate local number and send texts without using my regular phone number. Incoming calls are routed to my cell phone with a clear banner that it is being forwarded by Hush. The only minor issue is that missed calls count as 1 min. against your allotment (even when the call does not go to voicemail).
  • Second number 5/5

    By GaZuke
    If you want a second number this is app to use.
  • Misleading 1/5

    By Tom Brady fan
    Advertised as free number for 3 days however when you try to claim the number it says there are no free numbers available
  • Very convenient 5/5

    By Just stopped working!!!
    This app allows me to vet people I would like to give my phone number to but are unsure if they are “crazy” for lack of a better word. Hahaha but it’s very useful
  • Useful for business phone 5/5

    By Xarex
    Definitely didn't want to use my personal phone number for personal or business use this app helps to disguise my phone number. Recommended. I use the with Call Me Private and Text Me Private to become nearly untraceable by phone companies.
  • Great Service 5/5

    By WilliamsburgerrrrrrCool
    Easy, user friendly !
  • Best Amongst the Best 5/5

    By James Dimmock
    They Know How to Solve Your Problems
  • No Free Numbers... 1/5

    By An Ifunny Veteran
    They say you can get a three day trial, liars

    By Foreversoft
    I bought an Hong Kong number in Hush but I was told to submit address as to enable me use the number, my question is that why didn’t they tell me this before taking my itune card instead they took my $15 before letting me know that I have to submit an Hong Kong address before I can use this number, please can someone advice me of how to overcome this as I don’t have an Hong Kong address.
  • Best for contracts jobs 5/5

    By Edgar56
    Amazing Side phone app!! Great for temp work!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By The closer 214
    If you need additional number. I believe by far this is the best app out there. I rather use this app than a Google number. I have renewed my membership several times.
  • Unlimited plan 5/5

    By SteelBones
    This is more of a question then a review. I tried to contact someone through the live chat and th “robot” basically doesn’t have any answers for me that helps. I purchased the unlimited plan while having a active number with the app, but it still is saying I have a low account balance and that I have to add more credits so I won’t get a lapse in service. Why is this.....I paid for the unlimited plan. Do I have to start from scratch and get a new number to purchase the unlimited plan, and if so do I have to now cancel the purchase I made for existing number. Please respond and inform me on the best coarse of action Thank you
  • H. Whipple 5/5

    By Ret/CO
    Very nice app. I like the vibrate only option on incoming calls while not affecting my main # Also the monthly rate is very reasonable. Two thumbs up and five stars.
  • Great Product 5/5

    By WhoIsJohnGalt99
    I got the product to have a second number to use with various organizations. The product works very well. I did have a problem after the recent update, but their customer service has been top notch and responsive in helping me resolve it. I highly recommend this product and company.
  • You pay for a subscription, worth it. 5/5

    By ThiasTekai
    I pay $ a month. I can send videos, photos, and unlimited text and calling with a paid subscription. The app allows me to add as many lines as I want to. It notifies me when I am receiving a call through the app. Definitely gets my 5 star.
  • Double billed! 1/5

    By EB240
    I signed up and I got billed but it didn’t show my minute plan, I messaged a rep and they told me to re-do the sign up procedure and I would NOT be charged, I did that and low and behold I was charged again! except I was only given half the minutes I paid for. I messaged a rep 11 different times about this and every time I was told it wasn’t their problem to contact apple ev3n though they received the money. Apple paid them! All I can do now is complain and notify my bank about it and hopefully it will be refunded. DO NOT TRUST HUSHED!!
  • Perfect for business 5/5

    By blakesouth
    I have been using hushed for a few months now and it's worked great for my line of business. The functionality is superior to the other 3 apps I use. The only issue I have is the text is broken up into segments when it gets too long. I don't know if it shows up on the receivers phone that way though. I hope it doesn't because it doesn't look as professional. The app is great though and I absolutely love it!!

Hushed Second Phone Number app comments


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