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Hy‑Vee App

The Hy-Vee App Our outstanding customer service is in the palm of your hand.
 In just seconds you can see this week’s deals and digital coupons, tap to load them to your Fuel Saver + Perks® card or shopping list, check your Fuel Saver balance, quickly refill a prescription, sign up to receive sale alerts, discover new recipes from our Test Kitchen ... And more! Access Your Fuel Saver + Perks Account 
Forget your card? Just use the QR code in the app to scan at checkout. The app also lets you see your current rewards balance, redeemed rewards, and any fuel savings that are about to expire. If you turn on notifications, we’ll let you know when rewards are about to expire. You can even update your account profile (and add your card to Apple Wallet) directly from the app. 
 App-Only Deals Some of our hottest deals are only found in the app. And they change frequently, so remember to check back often. Hy-Vee Deals
 Browse all of our deals or filter them according to what you buy. Then add the ones you want to your shopping list. Digital Coupons Dozens of digital coupons are available for you to load to your Fuel Saver + Perks card. All you have to do is tap to load them to your card, then scan your app barcode at the register to redeem them.

 Refill or Transfer Prescriptions 
Quickly refill or transfer prescriptions by entering your prescription numbers or scanning the barcode on the bottles. Then turn on notifications and we’ll let you know when your medications are ready for pickup. 
Your Shopping List 
Sign into your Hy-Vee.com account and access all your lists or build new ones. You can even sort your items by department for easy shopping and see your digital coupons displayed on your list. 
Store Finder 
Find the closest Hy-Vee, get directions, and view hours and phone numbers. Selecting the store you shop at most often unlocks access to the most up-to-date local pricing. 
Product Finder 
With the product locator tool, you can type or say the item you’re looking for and we’ll tell you where to find it in the store.

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Hy‑Vee app reviews

  • Be better 1/5

    By Andy april
  • Pharmacy Part of App is Useless 1/5

    By Zzzopfgb
    The pharmacy part of this app rarely provides accurate information regarding the status of prescription refills. I inevitably have to call the pharmacy to learn if a refill is ready, if it is held up & if so, why, & when it will be ready. I never receive notifications. I ran out of a prescription days ago, the information in the app makes no sense, & I have called the pharmacy twice this week. Update: Nothing has improved. It is useless. With fingers crossed, I just attempted to refill prescriptions via the app. I have many to fill each month, & half of them aren't eligible for autofilI. I overly optimistically relied on the information on the app to my detriment today. The statuses bounced around constantly on the app, so had to call the pharmacy again to find out what was ready or pending. It's bad enough that HyVee generally does not carry needed medication & their system requires them to order from a third party. It will take 2-3 days before the order is received in the retail store & perhaps an extra day for the pharmacist to check it. Last month, the retail pharmacy told me it would not be available for over 2 weeks. Walgreen's always has it in stock, but because Walgreen's is not a "preferred provider" under my health plan, I now pay substantially more in order to get one medication in a timely manner. I realize that last part is an issue for my insurer, but when a person is restricted as to which pharmacy can be used, & the approved one is abysmal, it is important that the app works.
  • Can’t add fuel saver card to Apple Wallet 2/5

    By CGeroge
    I just got a Hy-Vee fuel saver card and I can’t add it to the Apple Wallet. Tried multiple times, it won’t add it to the wallet. I push the “add to Apple Wallet” button multiple times and it doesn’t. I also tried logging out of the app several times, it still doesn’t work. Also, Face ID doesn’t work. Please fix!
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By maishengher
    Hy-vee is a good store with helpful employees. The app needs some work though. I should be able to look up all items and see the price. I should be given a map of the store with a pinpoint of where the item is. Instead, I have to wander the store in hopes of finding the right aisle.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Katfishcharlie
    This is a really handy app. However it needs more work. If you put an item in your grocery list, then check it off after you buy, it goes away. Fine. But let’s say a month later you decide to add that item to your list again, you can’t. Because it says that it’s already in your list.
  • Please fix your add to wallet 2/5

    By SchuDTD
    Button is there but cannot click it
  • Full of errors 2/5

    By mmmmmmmmmmmm,mmm,m,
    Often has errors , pictures don’t match text, product locations are wrong and, just because it’s in the app, not all store carry all selections listed. Finally, Search function needs to be improved.
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Nemo57
    This app was great, I use on line shopping as I live out of town. Now I can no longer select my time slot first but I have to fill my cart then time slots shows. Hate it! Why should I buy first only to find out there is no openings? Used to love your app. Not so much now. Please fix it.
  • Catastrophic downgrade 1/5

    By The Supreme Dalek
    The new version is dramatically worse than the previous one. You can no longer browse by category or product type — only by ad or coupon, suggesting that Hy-Vee is interested selling you what they want to push rather than what you want to buy. The search feature returns only a subset of what's actually available (I know this by using it while in the store.)
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By mnbubbs2020
    Can’t browse grocery beyond deals, the list function does nothing as far as I can tell. Pop ups persist unless you change tabs, this is one horrible app, not tested at all prior to release?
  • Error 401.2 3/5

    By MAMAK3
    I’ve noticed about one month ago I keep getting this error called 401.2 that I can’t connect to the internet, but Ian connected. Wondering what this is all about?
  • Camera won't load since update 2/5

    By Tired of making nicknames
    I used this app to refill our prescriptions but since last update the camera won't load.
  • Broken app: updated review 2/5

    By Just rating it
    Updating my review, today is 3/13/2020. I’ve uninstalled after my previous review and reinstalled the app knowing full well there has been no update. So far the only thing that doesn’t work, is the camera loading for prescription refills. Since it’s one of the things I mainly rely on within this app, I’ve bumped the app to only 2 stars. You can request a refill by entering the RX number. So again, ads load, coupons load, everything except the camera loads. My eyesight is not great which is why I rely on the camera so much. Fix this busted app already. Worked before last update (I’m late reviewing but today is 3/11/2020) now I cannot use the app at all. I’ve restarted my phone to see if that helped. Nope. Can’t use it to refill prescriptions, can’t check the ad, can’t add coupons. I get the red nuisance banner rather top; “Whoops! Something isn’t right, check back soon!” This has been messed up for a while now. Will be removing the app if not fixed. I’m running iOS 13.3.1 btw.
  • It’s junk 1/5

    By GK 1000
    Doesn’t work - all I get is “ no internet connection available” when I try to open the app. I have the latest and greatest version and a full signal on the mobile phone☹️☹️☹️

    By tms9055
    Totally useless - every time I try to go in, I get the message, “Whoops, something isn’t right, please check back soon.” STILL isn’t working. Has nothing to do with internet connection either. This app simply stopped working completely. 👎🏼👎🏼
  • Camera doesn’t load after the last update 2/5

    By Madmachine
    This app used to work but they had to fix what wasn’t broken and now the camera function quit working. I hope I can reload the app from the previous version.
  • Pharmacy app garbage 1/5

    By Kenziew1
    The pharmacy app will not let me select my pharmacy. When I try to do so it ask me to enter my email and password. Then tells me it’s incorrect even though it’s the same password stored in my phone. Then when I try to reset the password it takes me back to the screen to select the pharmacy. It’s a big circle of chaos.
  • Pharmacy App won’t load camera 1/5

    By Snafu 68516
    Since the last update, this app stopped loading the camera for pharmacy refill. Please fix this ASAP!
  • Camera isn’t loading to scan refill 4/5

    By clwarb
    Camera isn’t loading in Pharmacy to scan refill. Otherwise, love it!
  • Waist of time 1/5

    By junkassshit
    This app is junk and a waist of time
  • Camera doesn’t load 2/5

    By Fredflunkstone
    Camera feature for gift card balance doesn’t work.
  • Updated app crashes in iPhone X - doesn’t anyone test this? 1/5

    By CDP's iPod & iPhone
    Updated app crashes in iPhone X - doesn’t anyone test this stuff? Honestly, how can you launch an update and not test it? Geez. Fix this, please.
  • Slower and less responsive 1/5

    By impaledkillshot
    Every sense update my app has either not opened up or it times out with out opening. I use iPhone XR with latest iOS software updates.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Emilystonee
    Requires you to be a member then fails when I try to become member. Guess I’ll shop elsewhere
  • Would be nice if it ever worked. 1/5

    By Ozarkupton
    It doesn’t work at all. Don’t waste your time downloading this useless app.
  • More information 3/5

    By dasprague
    I only use the Pharmacy part of this application an I do find it useful except for the fact that it doesn’t confirm the medication when you enter the prescription number. Since it knows whether or not it needs authorization or not leads me to believe medication information and prescribing doctor are probably available to it, and it would be helpful to have at least the medication name to verify before ordering. Also, when it shows up as filled, it would be helpful to know which medication has been filled. I often request multiple refills at the same time. The verification of the medication is, what I would say, essential, but knowing which ones were available for pickup can determine whether I wait until they are all done, or pick up what is ready immediately.
  • Pharmacy needs work 2/5

    By Jamie27654987
    Old expired no fill prescription still active not able delete stuff. Got multiple duplicates in active list. No way keep straight what one fill. Pharmacy people not know how delete old ones. No info says what one expired
  • Super slow but functional 2/5

    By bnvghjvfghj
    The app is painfully slow, and it appears a lot of other users are experiencing this as well. I’ll bump up the stars once this is resolved.
  • The deal is no deal 2/5

    By Automated Reply
    The weekly app-exclusive coupon is a complete joke. Like a lot of Hy-Vee’s sales, it just says “select varieties” without telling you which ones. Most of the time I don’t even bother because it’s not worth quibbling over a buck and the staff knows even less about it than they do about what’s in their print flyer, which is to say not much.
  • Product Search 3/5

    By Onenicetie
    The product search must be the most obvious function of this app. It is not. I should be able to search from the first screen that I come to when I open the app. I don’t use the app for any other purpose.
  • Slower and slower 2/5

    By MissedMe
    I just did an update to the app, which was already slow to add items to the shopping list. Now that it “has wings” the app is painfully slow. In fact, when I try to add an item to the list, the little window where I type the item and choose the department refuses to close when the item is added to the shopping list. So I wait and wait and wait...and sometimes the item has been added, sometimes not. So I try again. Only to find the item has been added to my list 2 or 3 times. I like the idea of the app since, when it works, the list helps me locate things in my store by telling me (usually) what aisle it’s in and so forth. But if it’s going to take an hour to set up a short grocery list, it’s not helping.
  • More ads than functionality 2/5

    By Oblio88
    I use the app for the Fuel Saver card. That’s it. I don’t need a shopping list or a copy of this week’s ad. The one piece of functionality that I really need is the Product Locator (since Hy-Vee associates no longer help customers). Unfortunately, that’s pretty much useless. (Recent example: A search for “Parmesan” sent me to the cleaning products aisle instead of deli, dairy, or pasta.)
  • Broke 2/5

    By ankenmasterp
    App doesn’t work anymore currently. Opening screen appears to cover more than the phone can see and can’t move it to see the functions of the app. Been this way for a few weeks.
  • Please stop telling us when were nearbye 1/5

    By Peachyking99
    I work about 5 stores and a street and another store from Hy-Vee and every time I open my phone I see "recommended Hy-Vee nearbye" to scan my Hy-Vee gas rewards card. There's no option to remove this or have it stop doing that so I deleted the app. If this changes I'll download the app again until then I'm sorry but this is a very very annoying feature
  • Prescription refill broken 2/5

    By BaldGoth
    The latest version apparently broke refilling prescriptions. After entering your number and pressing Continue, it sits there. Eventually I saw a Woops! message that was not informative.
  • Scanning App at Pump to Use Rewards at Prepay Station 3/5

    By hy-vee customer
    Hello. I’d like to make a suggestion to improve the fuel reward app. The current app default displays the QR square code which DOES NOT scan at the pump so a message displays at the pump to see the store clerk. There is no sign at the pump to notify the customer that in order to scan their phone app at the pump they need to switch from the current QR default code to the lined bar code and no instructions on the app instructing to do this. I’m not sure why the lined bar code is not the default when we open the app, but I suggest an update is made to the app so when opened it automatically displays the lined bar code and not the QR code. I believe the lined bar code should also work in the grocery store. Thanks for considering this suggestion and have a beautiful day!
  • Room for improvement, but still good 4/5

    By El Renno
    I like how easy this is to use. It uses voice recognition to find items in my store. Very cool. It has my account information and fuel saver balance readily available. I like that. I like that it shows me coupons and specials. And everything focused on my store. One thing I would REALLY like is a barcode scanner with this. I was shopping yesterday while the fuel saver promotion was going on and I had to buy $50 worth of groceries to get the perk. I had to manually punch each item into my calculator app because the HyVee app won’t do that. A scanner would make it so easy to know exactly how much I am spending.
  • two minor issues 4/5

    By nontrepreneur
    1) When scrolling through Deals, the same items appear over and over. 2) "Good Morning", "Good Afternoon" messages constantly popping up even with app closed, notifications and background refresh off...really don't need that. Otherwise happy with app.
  • No more Tea and biscuits for you, love. 1/5

    By Second Susan
    I am saddened to hear that the supplier of British foods for the Eagan MN store is no longer going to provide them. (will this be the case for all the stores?). We appreciated the convenience and reasonable prices.
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By PlainSpotter
    This app has stopped working since switching to a new iPhone XS.
  • Fuel Saver Miss 2/5

    By Tikiblue
    On three occasions I have purchased product in the store and did not get fuel saver credit. Not only a poor experience with the app, but a bad reflection on the chain.
  • Glitches and hard to maneuver 2/5

    By NikkiLynneB
    Won’t let me log in. Says my password is wrong. Yet when I go on the website I can log in just fine. Hard to find sales flyer and sales.
  • No aisle on line 1/5

    By Princessabbie
    You spend $99 a year for it and the app doesn’t even do that! All it give you is link.
  • Need more than a link to order aisle online 2/5

    By Someguy123536!!83
    Would like aisle online ordering to be park of this app and not just a link to the website.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By displeased53
    Wouldn’t even let me put in my name to fill in the credit card section for grocery pickup. Gave me an error each time. Not the time saver I had hoped for.
  • Terrible App, go back to Flipp 2/5

    By Britt wherever
    I switched to using the Hy-Vee app after the company pulled all their coupons of the third party app called Flipp. The deal of the week is pretty cool, and I have access to my fuel saver [which I have on Flipp as well] There’s no easy way to sort through coupons, which makes it harder to find coupons for what I am specifically buying. I’ve been doing all of my hygiene shopping at Walgreens because of this as well. Please just look into making the app easier to access 😒
  • Dissatisfied 1/5

    By danim51701
    The app no longer works, tries to load but never does
  • Need to add family member to Pharmacy 3/5

    By Selah_us
    We both use the app every time we are at the store. Ive used the pharmacy. My wife is starting to use the pharmacy as well. We’d like to be able to add her to the pharmacy so she doesn’t have to call for refills. How can we do that ? We also use the same app for the fuel saver. We don’t want 2 fuel saver accounts.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Mindy1279
    I am disabled and so the being able to shop online and have it delivered or picked up for me is a big deal. The app unfortunately does not communicate with the online shopping website very well. The website doesn’t make it easy to find the fuel saver items so I went to the app where it is easy to find the fuel saver items and add it to the list but the list does not show up when I go to shop so I have to go back and forth which makes the whole process a pain and take much longer.

Hy‑Vee app comments

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