Icing on the Cake

Icing on the Cake

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  • Current Version: 1.24
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Android
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Icing on the Cake App

From the makers of I Peel Good, Icing on the Cake is your next obsession. Put your cake decorating skills to the test! Relax and channel your inner baker in Icing on the Cake. So many fun pastries for you to rotate, pipe, decorate and smooth out? Can you make the perfect cake? Fun and easy to pick up but don’t miss a spot... Will you be the first one to finish them all? Color and decorate the perfect wedding cake or birthday cake. The tasty end results will leave you feeling hungry for more! Any time is cake time. Game Features: 1. Zen Out Ice ice baby! Take your time and relax and create the perfect cake 2. Smooth Smooth Icing The most realistic food simulation game there is. The realistic cakes will leave you hungry. 3. Bake ALL the cakes Endless amount of cakes for you to ice and smooth. Can you put the icing on all of the cakes? 4. Feel the smooth Play, relax, and feel satisfied with every cake you ice. Feel the realistic sensation of icing and spreading. Whether you like icing, like smoothing or just want to spin and color, Icing on the Cake will take you there. This is the best and most zen cake simulation game there is. Good luck putting Icing on the Cake down! Follow us to get news and updates on our other Award Winning titles; https://lionstudios.cc/ Facebook.com/LionStudios.cc Instagram.com/LionStudioscc Twitter.com/LionStudiosCC Youtube.com/c/LionStudiosCC

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Icing on the Cake app reviews

  • Hi 5/5

    By unicorn2293
    I love this game soooo moch that me in my brother are saying icing on the cake this game is sooooooo moch fun I wind too! YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!! In I did a glich too!!!!!!!
  • Fun But there are a few problems 4/5

    By Maude10009
    I love this game! It’s super addicting and a great time consumer. However when playing this game I did find a few small issues. For starters when you smooth out the icing it always manages to mess it up in a way that you didn’t like a random swirl of white will show up in the purple frosting and you didn’t put it there. But otherwise the game is super fun and I would definitely recommend downloading it!
  • Too many adds but great game 4/5

    By backofhateslearntolove
    Every cake I do there’s a add there too many adds
  • lag 1/5

    By Jizohny bizoy
    it's to laggy
  • Its ok but they are some problems that annoy me 4/5

    By Candyglam1135
    Ok i love this game i really do its Amazing but they are problem that annoy me... they are alot of ads every round when your done icing the cake sometimes be annoying and sometimes the game lagged when you get ready to put the icing on the cake. And when you put the icing on the last layer of the cake like when you get ready to be done it automatically grabs the spatula and let you Smooth it out and sometimes the icing be like spread out crazy. and sometimes the icing be blending in with the other icing colors and make it look a little weird And we can never get a perfect 100%
  • Fun 5/5

    By hay hay🦋💖
    So much fun have to try 🦋💖
  • Oh my god..🤦🏾‍♀️ 1/5

    Ok so like i wanted to download this app because an older friend had so I asked what the app was called because I played on her phone because I didn’t have the app. It was fun but... I hate how I’m still icing the cake AND IM NOT DONE AND IT MAKES ME FINISH WHEN IM NOT DONE AND I ALWAYS GET A 91 OR 10% MATCH BECAUSE IM NOT DONE. And I hate how it mixes and pashakaj like what?! And when I’m icing it somewhere and let’s say I’m icing on the top and moved the frosting to the bottom or not where I want it to go? I JUST HATE HOW IM NOT DONE ICING THR CAKE. Overall this game is horrible and trash what’s the point of icing the cake and I’m not done and getting a low score i hate this it’s trash just horrible worst app in my life.
  • Cool 5/5

    By eoddgzsgktsxnju
    I love this game but It never will give you a 100
  • Good 5/5

    By Rickybautista
  • 😤😠😤😤😤 1/5

    By mbcghbj
    Game I don’t really like this
  • So bad🤬🤬🤬🤬 1/5

    By dont tell me that
    I’m a put icing on the cake but what I don’t like I match the cake perfectly it never gives me 100 the ads are the worst I hate this game
  • Icing on the cake 4/5

    By township fun and cool
    First the game is awesome every time you cook next there’s always an ad I hope that doesn’t do that and they can fix that
  • Fun but annoying 1/5

    By llama sally je jr
    I think the game is fun.. There’s just a few tiny problem. Well I hate how it doesn’t let you finish putting the icing on and just pulls out the thing you spread with! (I forgot what it was called) And when you spread the icing certain parts of the icing go random places. It kinda bothers me!
  • The game is ok 3/5

    By periods mama
    This is really satisfying but when your like spreading the cream it put some of the other colors in between and I really do not get the point of it giving a rate from 1 to 100 and you do it good it is just the spreading part that is annoying
  • Could be better 4/5

    By getyer
    This app s really fun and all but what bothers me is even when you ice the cake perfectly the top still shows it like you put two icings you know what mean if you could fix that I’d greatly appreciate it.other then that great game
  • No way 1/5

    By future D.J
    Well it is cool but boring I asked my mom to get rid of the ads but you need to pay for it and literally after every level there is a ad and they are so boring and I want to delete the app but I gave it a second chance but horrible. But it is a nice game. But I Rather play Harry Potter and I try to get to 100% but I always get 90% or 80%. #do not play this game#
  • No 1/5

    By almany hernandez
    It messes you up on purpose soo even if you put the icing on perfect it still finds a way to put it evenly
  • TOO MANY ADS! 1/5

    By Scilla25
    There’s an ad after each round. That’s ridiculous!
  • Ughhhhh so fun but super annoying 1/5

    By Gamer 123453
    The levels don’t really change or get harder and while it is a fun game sometimes even when you make the cake perfectly it ends up way different than you frosted it which is very frustrating!!!!
  • This app is Rigged 1/5

    By Abby10P
    This game does not let me finish
  • Cheap excuse of a game 1/5

    By sydni_squid
    At first I liked this game but then I realized that any spot you miss it replaces it with a different color. This annoyed me but I let it go until I realized it times you against the “world average” and the time it claimed was my time was insanely inaccurate so then I did some investigation and realized that the app starts timing you before you begin to play the level which is just a cheap way to get people to keep playing to beat the world average and on top of that at the beginning of the level when it starts timing you it often gives you an ad and does not pause the timer. This app is terrible do not get it!
  • My experience 1/5

    By 1234ahkl
    This game is a fun game, but ever Time I play I will be putting the last color on the top and i won’t finish and the spatula with come and smooth it out and it will look terrible. There is also no matter how I do it the colors always spill through out the whole cake.
  • ..... 1/5

    By Ashely426475
    The concept of the game is great....... If more effort was put into it. The thing is that one there are so many ads and two there are way to many bugs. Here is a great example:
  • Some problems . 3/5

    By camrynreece
    while i’m on level 500 something, i’ve noticed along with more people’s reviews that it’s impossible to get a one hundred percent unless your just simply smoothing the cake which is very frustrating. when your trying to ice the cake sometimes it’s cuts you off and immediately brings the smoother and another thing is that the colors that may not even be close to each other mix, this has to be the absolute most annoying thing to me, cause i’ll think hey i did good with the icing then get to smoothing and the colors are all over the place. PLEASE FIX THIS.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By grchyrd
    This game is really fun but the ads ruin it and there’s also a bug where it will mix colors that aren’t even close to each other. I hate this game (My opinion) I really hope they will fix the bug or maybe not show as much ads. Also I’m sorry this is long 😅
  • Drowning in ads 3/5

    By mesentthething
    Every end of a level you get a ad and every start of a level you get a ad and at random times you get a ad! To many ads! Tho you can perches no ads I can’t but there so many ads! Also in the ad for the game the icing is thin and pretty neat and reality it’s fat and a little sloppy!
  • It is so glitchy 1/5

    By puzzles puzzles puzzles
    Let me start by saying... I absolutely hate the game it’s so glitchy
  • Ok 4/5

    By Cjs123452356757&47
    Good game there is only one prob with it when you have the cake if the only spot were it has white or any other color I’d on the top and the sides with other colors the whit will appear in those spots am I doing it wrong or is there a technical problem
  • Hi I will be rating this game 2 stars and in this article you will find out why ! 2/5

    By clownraven1704
    Tbh I think this game is fun but they’re are way to many adds once you but the icing on and smooth it out you hit finish and there an ADD!!!! It just makes me mad! It’s also annoying because when you put the colors not even near each other they blend in a it takes percentage away from what you would have !!! A couple more things before I go ! When the colors are completely separated from each other they still blend but I. Different spots for example I made a cake on this game and the icing on the top was pink and the icing on the bottom was white some how I smoothed it out and Pink which was on the top of the cake went all the way to the bottom of the cake and smeared!!!!! I hope this helped you and will give you a description about this app - Raven
  • fun but annoying “glitches” happen 3/5

    By Bellandmay
    I gotta say I love this game but, there are some “glitches” I hate. When i ice a cake for example I put green on a piece of the cake like the reference says but when I smooth it out there will be blue there instead of green. and then it would be “perfect” as it says in the game if that didn’t happen. I even asked a friend and they said their annoyed about that too so take this as two reviews. Another is when I put the icing on perfectly it would still blend. You should also add mire designs like a sunset one or ocean when you get farther into the game.
  • Bad for some types of people, ads, bug ,and my opinions 3/5

    By 💩🎉🦄🐉😻🐍
    Okay by some types of people I mean those who can’t wait until dinner to eat (like me) who snacks while playing there is also a bug that makes the icing come out not where you want it but above where you want it so you can never get 100% and smooth it out blends things together so that it’s even less of a chance to get 100% this game has a Sirius ad problem (oops I spelled serious wrong that’s just how I’m used to it being spelled because I read Harry Potter like a lot) anyway the game has a serious ad problem way too many ads Also It generates lots of heat on my iPhone so it’s also a good hand warmer if your hands get cold Hope you found my review useful
  • Too many adds 2/5

    By Totally_third
    There’s so many adds and smoother comes so it messes me up
  • Trash game 1/5

    By greenboy76
    You will not get 100%
  • Not the best game 1/5

    By not that bad (ok)
    Its really bad it glitches a lot the only good thing about it is that it doesn’t make u pay anything.
  • Good but annoying 3/5

    By willmags49
    so it overall a pretty good app, but what bothers me the most is that there are colors of frosting in places where i didn’t put it. That is frustrating and the color doesn’t come up until after i’m done smoothing the cake.
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By LittleJen08
    It’s honestly a pretty mouth watering game but it’s almost impossible for you to get a perfect because when u spread the icing the colors mix and aren’t solid colors at the edges anymore also when u have a different color at the top sometimes there is another color there when I spread it. But over all if you don’t care about that stuff and just want to have fun I definitely recommend this game for you! ;D
  • Good game but ad problem 4/5

    By StagedBreak4340
    I absolutely am addicted to this game! It is really fun and time consuming. But there is a problem that I would like for them to fix. It is the ads. There is an add after every single game. I never complain about ads because ads are what made me get this app! But there are way to many, plus, it is like the same ad every time. Otherwise, I love this app and recommend it to you cake lovers out there! But if I knew it had that many ads, and if you had to pay for it, I would never in a million years would get this app. But you don’t have to pay for it and I did not know about the ads. If you hate ads, I recommend you get a different cake app. But I love this app otherwise and keep it up creators of this app!
  • Love this game 5/5

    By July 19 Scarlette
    This game is the best I love it I love it too much
  • Uhhhh don’t really like it... 2/5

    By Buckeyegirl_2016
    When I got it I thought it would be nice but I did one cake and they looked the same but I got 71 if that’s a glitch please fix it, this would be a funnier if this would be fixed so please fix it.
  • :P 5/5

    By Daisymama
    I like this game. But why is it 12+? There’s no inappropriate things. But can u PLEASE not have SOOOOO many ads? Like, really. And u should change the age limit to at least 9+.
  • Ummmmmm well this gets off my last nerves every day 1/5

    By robbypooh
    First informals how we supposed to finish if it doesn’t let us do it and then when we do it and it looks the same we don’t even get 100% and then the one with the blue and pink how are we supposed to do that and then the ones with the circle in the middle you don’t even let us finish it so what’s the problem with the game you need to fix it now because that’s annoying how are people supposed to play it and it’s annoying us working our last nerves off but I peeled Peel good is perfectly fine and is basically the same thing as icing on the cake but I don’t know what’s going on you guys need to fix it it’s annoying and yeah you guys are worth of him fourth-graders OK so whoever made this game could you please fix it because it’s less work in my life scenarios off and I don’t like it so boom by the time I go to the zoo tomorrow I better be saying I better be seeing that this this is going to be different because this is annoying OK
  • Some many ads 2/5

    By gsrdfct😣
    THERES SO MANY ADS it’s satisfying but after you Done icing one cake it’s another ad
  • Ads are SO annoying… 3/5

    By LisaaaaaaaaK
    So the actual game is good, but the ads take forever. Half the time I’m just waiting for the ad to end. Otherwise, it would be 5 star.
  • Great game but.... 4/5

    I love the game! It’s so satisfying and awesome but WAY TO MANY ADDS
  • Fun and satisfying. But one frustrating thing. 4/5

    By Zelda P
    The game overall is quite fun. The sounds are so satisfying to me. The reason I gave it 4/5 instead of 5/5 stars is because when you smooth out the icing, icing from the BOTTOM half get all the way to the top. It makes no sense, and I wish it were different in that way, and nothing smears to much. P. S. Love the game, would TRULY recommend!!
  • Don’t get this game 1/5

    By lily4673
    This game the absolute worst I go to play it and I’m on level one obviously then I got a play it like later today or the next day and I am on level one again you know I was playing it so I got to level like five
  • Ehh 1/5

    By MegMomma2016
    This game has so much potential but the fact that it puts a color where you didn’t when you spread the frosting irritates me
  • Terrible just Terriible 1/5

    By A genuis.
    So if you like an game that get stuck baca use of a add then it’s an game for you but if you don’t not a good game for you I mean you just can’t even play🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😤😤😤pls fix🥺🥺🥺I just gave you puppy eyes pls fix or more puppy eyes pletty pls which a cherry on top
  • Not the best 1/5

    By Kenia Mendoza
    Even though this is a satisfying app, they need to take off the ads. They come up every single time after you finish icing a cake, and it literally makes me angry because I can’t do anything satisfying without an app popping out every second. THIS LITERALLY MAKES ME FRUSTRATED AND ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT TO YOU. Please GET RID OF THE ADS! I want at least ONE app to not have ads EVERY SONGLE SECOND! Live in the real world, no one is really going to care about those ads, they just want to be satisfied, PLS TAKE THEM OFFFFF!!!!!

Icing on the Cake app comments

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