Icing on the Cake

Icing on the Cake

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  • Current Version: 1.15
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Android
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Icing on the Cake App

From the makers of I Peel Good, Icing on the Cake is your next obsession. Put your cake decorating skills to the test! Relax and channel your inner baker in Icing on the Cake. So many fun pastries for you to rotate, pipe, decorate and smooth out? Can you make the perfect cake? Fun and easy to pick up but don’t miss a spot... Will you be the first one to finish them all? Color and decorate the perfect wedding cake or birthday cake. The tasty end results will leave you feeling hungry for more! Any time is cake time. Game Features: 1. Zen Out Ice ice baby! Take your time and relax and create the perfect cake 2. Smooth Smooth Icing The most realistic food simulation game there is. The realistic cakes will leave you hungry. 3. Bake ALL the cakes Endless amount of cakes for you to ice and smooth. Can you put the icing on all of the cakes? 4. Feel the smooth Play, relax, and feel satisfied with every cake you ice. Feel the realistic sensation of icing and spreading. Whether you like icing, like smoothing or just want to spin and color, Icing on the Cake will take you there. This is the best and most zen cake simulation game there is. Good luck putting Icing on the Cake down! Follow us to get news and updates on our other Award Winning titles; https://lionstudios.cc/ Facebook.com/LionStudios.cc Instagram.com/LionStudioscc Twitter.com/LionStudiosCC Youtube.com/c/LionStudiosCC

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Icing on the Cake app reviews

  • Boring💩 1/5

    By Horsedance
    Boring lots of adds. Picture is sooo zoomed out its hard to see what your doing. 💩💩💩
  • King tank 1/5

    By dad5456
    The game is a good game but you’re can’t get 100%
  • Love it 5/5

    By 🛏➕👱🏻‍♀️
    I’m lovein the way that we cannot ever beat All the levels .and it’s really relaxing for me. And then bam you’re a pro.
  • ~🎂Cake🍰~ 😋😋😋😋 4/5

    By #Jen🤣
    Hey Guys, This game is amazing but...jk I really like it and I have to say I just downloaded it 20 mins ago and so far I can say I like it. But seriously here’s the thing when you frost it honestly it’s really hard after a while. So, yeah but other than that I really enjoy it and it give you that watery taste. (A good watery taste) 🤞 But I really love it 😻 when I play it, it makes me CRAVE for ~🎂Cake🍰~ no joke so yup 👍 But I honestly absolutely love this game!!! Thanks to the disgners and all those people who made the game come alive for all ages!!😀
  • One more fix! 5/5

    By Jenni5180
    I started playing this and it relaxed me during finals time, but the one thing I don’t like is that when you get to the bottom tier and the game thinks you’re done icing the cake, any space that is unfilled gets filled with a different color. Wish you could click a “smooth” then “finish” button to avoid the patchy colors! Wish you could also decorate with free decoration and others who pay get other decorations in addition to the free ones. It would make the game more enjoyable.
  • One big but tiny problem 4/5

    By catcuteness
    Hi I usually don’t write reviews but this was really annoying and please respond! Overall it’s a good game but one issue when I’m really close but not quite done frosting it’ll just make me smooth the cake out and then it the cake will get like 84 percent and it’s so annoying please fix
  • Icing on the cake 5/5

    By maeiko
    Hey guys I hope you like the app
  • Too many adds 4/5

    By jjcorgisarebestever
    I love this app but it has way too many adds and I hate that.:- besides that this game is the best
  • Love but... 1/5

    By Carapayne
    This game is seriously a lot of fun but I have to give it one star, there are so many ads . After you complete one level, an ad pops up, there is never a time there isn’t an advertisement. It makes the app not fun anymore, and there isn’t an option to pay for no ads. I would recommended, but there’s no point, you’d just be downloading advertisements.
  • Things that could be changed 4/5

    By A person🐼
    I say 4 out of 5 stars well if I could 3 and half stars first there is literally an add after every level and second if you get super close or you get exactly what the picture shows it says you did like 80% of it correct. Don’t believe me try it. But overall it is satisfying, a good challenge and just looks delicious
  • OMG 4/5

    By clair😀
    I love this game like OMG
  • Why? 2/5

    By KimmieB1546
    Too—— Many—— Ads! Why is there an ad between each level? I understand the ads need to be there to make money but when they are between each level it’s too much. It’s a fun game but the over abundance of ads turned me off. Deleted
  • Best game every 5/5

    By cool best😎
    This is the best game every 💗I love this game so much
  • AMAZING 🎂 5/5

    By kristinelevenson
    OMG! This game is so cool and satisfying! But it kinda makes me hungry..... WHATEVER still the best game ever!
  • Great but one catch... 4/5

    By Great but one catch
    This game is great but, whenever you try to smooth out the icing, it totally smears together with the other icing. Another catch is that there are A LOT of ads so it makes it hard to stay patient with. But finally, other than those catches, the game is great and satisfying. ( so if you don’t like those catches DO NOT buy this game! ) For me the first few levels ( 1-10 ) have you smooth what they already iced but eventually they will let you ice and smooth your own cake.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By liver34
    I love this game and was so happy when they fixed the bug. But there is another problem. It will assume you are done icing when there is still space left. And when you smooth the icing out there is a big whole in the icing. It is very annoying and if it was fixed this would be the perfect game.
  • Ehh 4/5

    By @9&8$7)6(5;4:3/2-1"0
    It’s a good game but it has way to many advertisements of other apps
  • Okay 3/5

    By Carol3939393
    The only reason I got this game was because of alllll the ads! Speaking of ads, I hate the ads which happen after every single level! And I love it when the piping bag doesn’t want to stay still even though your finger is still!
  • A few bugs 2/5

    By ther is a few bugs
    Overall the game is quite fun but there is a bug of when you are smoothing it out random colors come up in the wrong section when you never put it there also there is a bug to where wherever you put your finger the icing bag goes higher than where you put your finger but it is a cool game that relaxes you so it is a fun game otherwise than those bugs
  • Annoying ads and finger moments 4/5

    By Lynette Thao
    Anyways this game is fun but the thing is that whenever I want to make the icing look good the time just says yes it’s good when I didn’t even finish! The ads part, apparently so much ads on my screen... I can’t prefer this game but it does make me hungry and interested in it but the thing is... It’s sometimes raging me so hard!
  • Good but not good 3/5

    By blabkablablablablablablbka
    Well the game is fun but it impossible to get a perfect when u ice the case and then smooth it out sometimes it will randomly leave blotches if random colors none iced part and it defenitly gets on my nerves. And when u ice the cake if you get really close to the end it will switch to the smoother and the colors don’t even match the model ur trying to. Make!😓😡
  • Same score 1/5

    By iceing on cake spam
    Okay so there was a cake and I iced horribly on purpose and I got an 89 but then I did another one and it got an 89 coincidence I think not I did more testing and I found doing the smoothing ruins it and so I had my baby brother do one and he got a you guessed 89
  • Well.......it’s good? 4/5

    By puppy lover131313
    I am seriously addicted to this game and I play it almost every day but there is a bug that drives me crazy! When you do not fully fill in a section on your cake before you smooth it out (or sometimes even if you do) when you smooth it out it fills the spot in with another random color. I know that nobody who could do anything ever reads these because there are not usually any updates and if they write a review it’s always says like, “Thanks for your feedback!...” but people should because this game has major issues that need to be fixed. Don’t get me wrong! It’s super fun but I wish they would fix thees problems.
  • This game is really bad not recommended 1/5

    By hihiblhvvhlvvkhvihgj
    Really bad
  • Uhhh 😡 2/5

    By Guadalupe07
    U never get a undred bc when I put the spatula to smooth it the color from the top layer goes to the bottom and I didn’t even touch the top this really annoying and I can’t have evenly divided sections bc of this it’s always mixed with the colors
  • A great app 5/5

    By ccgfgfv
    Thank you for making this app it is easy and I love it
  • ads 2/5

    By F.A15.
    too much ads
  • It a pretty good app 2/5

    By nshfkfbdodvcofgend
    I rate this a 4 because it is a good app there is just A LOT of adds! So that’s my rating.
  • Good but bad 5/5

    By cerealboy167
    I like it but I hate it at the same time
  • I looooove this game 5/5

    By Coffee Kitten☕️🐈
    This game is one of my favorites to play and it’s looks so delicious!!🎂🍰 I have one thing. There are a LITTLE to many ads. I don’t mind tho. I turn my phone on airplane mode and all the ads disappear! It’s a great phone hack. Anyway, I live this game and it is extremely addicting!
  • A lot of errors 1/5

    By rowen games
    This game is hard. It has errors and a lot of them. The first thing they need to fix is 2 glitches. When you smooth out the frosting another color gets on one. For example, if you but green frosting on the cake, blue gets on the cake and it is something that they need to fix.second error, your never going to match the perfect cake. Even me. I am the master at smoothing out icing and I never match the perfect one.they should make the perfect one not so difficult. The one thing I could not complain about is the adds. Ok, there are a lot of errors as you can see, but, I hope they can fix it.
  • I liked it but then I figured out that... 2/5

    By Keshav1213
    You CANNOT get 100% even if your cake matches perfectly
  • Thanks for this game 5/5

    By ride or die 8588
    Wow thanks it gives me help to decorate a real cake hahahahaha😂😂😂 I am 9 years old and I like this game I feel like it should be popular who ever made this they are killing itttttt tell me if you put up a nother one I would love to see it -Mahealani I like in california Palm springs👌👌 I play🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈 flag football.
  • Rigged 1/5

    By KenwaisGOD
    It is rigged. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
  • 100% Chance of glitch 1/5

    By muddypaws2003
    This game would be very satisfying but it places a little bit of color somewhere where you aren’t even close to putting it. It throws the whole game off and ruins your chances of doing well on the level. Very upsetting. Do not recommend.
  • ‘‘Tis game is FIRE🔥 5/5

    By blueface bleedum
    This game is FIRE🔥
  • Nasty ads 1/5

    By THISgameFUN
    Nasty ads are unfortunate when my young child wants to play an innocent game. Otherwise, cute app.
  • Okay 3/5

    By Aaliya786
    The adds are not after every level like like some reviews say it is optional to decorate your cake.And the icing does not go everywhere like reviews say they is a circle that tells you where the icing is going. My issue is when you smooth the cake the colors mix and you cant get 100 percent
  • Poor choice in ads 1/5

    By kevin889765
    Completely inappropriate ads for kids
  • It’s okay 2/5

    By brinty.g
    When I put the icing down it mixes with the colors I didn’t put in it
  • Nothing like the ads 1/5

    By Abby102789
    Nothing like the ads
  • Too many ads!!!! 1/5

    By gsga bzian shusnanjz
    I just got this game and I’m very disappointed.I thought it wasn’t like the other games! But NO!!!! It just had to be FILLED with ads. I like the game, but the game has too many ads. Please fix it!
  • Why tho 2/5

    By mac with the facts is back
    It gets me annoyed when I put the ice ig every where it needs to go and when I smooth it it makes the colors go everywhere !!
  • To many ads 3/5

    By izzy.e.
    It’s pretty fun, but literally every 10 seconds a new ad plays. Also, every few levels it opens a random google doc in front of the page. It just gets really annoying.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Hukgdxx
    The game is bad
  • Claudia 5/5

    By Gloria macias
  • Read if going to get 5/5

    By lps catty noir
    This is an amazing game just a bit of adds, I overall think it’s relaxing not to stressful, but I’m not saying that’s it’s easy I don’t know much about the game but that I’ve only done a few iceing on cakes but that’s all
  • Great app but a few problems 4/5

    By MarmarC073109
    I love this app but when you are icing the cake it will automatically put you in to smooth it out mode so if your cake isn’t done then your out of luck
  • The REAL STUFF you need to hear. 1/5

    By mmebsj
    The controls are hard to use, and the colors just mix together. Even when I don’t put a color somewhere, it will still show up somewhere on the cake. Controls must be fixed, but until then, this game is not a 5 star👎🏼.

Icing on the Cake app comments

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