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Idle Evil Clicker

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  • Current Version: 2.10.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: AppQuantum Publishing Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Idle Evil Clicker App

Do you like farming games, but farms make you yawn? Here's a revolutionary way to build away! It's fun, it's simple, it's awesome! Check out "Idle Evil Clicker"! Forget about endless grinding and other boring routines! Idle Evil Clicker is a HELL TYCOON SIMULATOR! Build torture devices, hire demons, and keep farming souls! No idle building game has ever been so funny and unusual! Upgrade and automate your equipment, invest in sins, earn more - create your demonic empire! This is a new generation of idle clicker! Wanna be a devil? You've got that opportunity now! Tap! Build! Invest! Upgrade! WHY IS "IDLE EVIL CLICKER" SO COOL? - You can construct the weirdest magical things ever! Fill your demonic pit with fire! - Diversity! Sinners come in many forms and races! - It's all about fun! Pure farming experience with funny crops and simple gameplay. - Awesome art and animation! Best idle miner ever! - It's a revolution in tycoon simulators! Tap away all your sorrows! - There are a lot of upgrades! - Idle clickers are awesome! So join the big community of fans of this genre! Upgrade endlessly! Swipe, click, tap and swipe some more! - We made this game with love and care! Even more than any previous one! Prepare yourself for the best building simulator in your life! Ready! Steady! Tap! Tap-tap! ===================================================================== Idle Evil Clicker is a really fun and entertaining clicker game for your friends and fam! Demons are your workers now. Invest in your Devil Company and make your Empire as profitable as possible. This is a new way to play idle farming or idle building games. Your idle simulator is the highest level of entertainment! The clicks, taps and swipes will be easy to learn for all your friends and family! Compete with each other in this endless magic simulator. Make your empire more profitable by earning more money than others! Earn rewards, farm souls, build automated boilers and stuff! Easiest economic strategy ever! Your friends will love it! And they'll help you to grow your demonic village. Have you ever tried to be successful? Did you try to build a solid company or kingdom to skillfully rule it? You have a simple and quick way to try it out! You are probably waiting for a little farm or barn to start with. Well, Hell clicker is not quite a game of grains and vegetables. But it isn't cruel, it's very family friendly! Our tortures are fun, your Pit Lord is kind, your magic is nice and neat, you are the capitalist of the year, the industry leader of eternity. Make a venture. Take your profits and relax! Being relaxed is the only way to get money. And by money we mean harvested souls! Being a hell tycoon isn't easy… But we made it easy! This is the easiest devil simulator in the "dot com" world! And there's a reason for that! And the reason is a revolutionary way to see games. It's not just a funny tapping game for friends and family. It's so much more! It's a whole world for you to dive into - it is the life of a devil. Sins, mortals, demons - they are in you pit now, in your hell, they are your responsibility. This is your personal story. And yet, it is funny! Make profit, be a capitalist. Have you ever seen another idle farming or idle building sim that makes all of that possible? This game is all about clicking! It's a good old automated tapping simulator. So, prepare to tap, swipe, and click! Prepare to tap away! Tap! Tap-tap! Taptap! Your house needs new hired help. Your friends and fam also need new profitable stuff. And you can get all of these by collecting puzzles! Collecting puzzles is a very important part of the game, by the way. This idle sim delivers! This is the coolest dungeon game of all dungeon games. It'll beat up any millionaire or rich guy fantasy. Do you wanna be an investor? Be the investor of Hell Inc! It sounds silly, and it IS silly! Silly and fun and inc... Wait, what?

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Idle Evil Clicker app reviews

  • I was bullied into downloading 3/5

    By ChansFusion
    Ads were terrible. a loop of solving puzzles incorrectly. i had to download so i could solve the puzzles.
  • Misleading Ads 1/5

    By Asotkid
    Ads showcase a piece of gameplay that is not present in the current game.
  • The adds lied 1/5

    By just lsten
    This game is falsely advertised, the add has no relation to the sincere game.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Dtps_bored
    Super good game when you have anger issues
  • Stopped work 1/5

    By lyssabug2298
    I can’t collect my souls anymore or click on anything since my game updated and I’d really love to know why
  • Check your internet connection. 2/5

    By skippy_sean
    You’ll get used to seeing the error message about your internet connection as you try to play the game. For the record there was nothing wrong with my internet. As you try to collect bonus souls or the bat that flies around you’ll get the error and then you miss out on what you were trying to get. The game was a fun time waster but the more you play the more frustrating these glitches become. I downloaded the new version before I deleted the game to be fair, and see if the update fixed the glitches... it didn’t.
  • Good but glitches 2/5

    By Maya.uwu
    So I leveled up and my screen said new level summon the boss. And I reopen the game and a little devil is there but then disappears very quickly and it’s annoying
  • Broken 1/5

    By cant find a name sooo
    The game stopped working after two days.
  • Doesn’t work!! 1/5

    By Cod4lyfe
    It worked for one hour after I got it and now it won’t let me click on anything!! I keep trying to use it. I even turned my phone off and deleted the game and re downloaded it but nothing. Redownloaded the game and it is glitching again and won’t let me click anything! Please fix this is a fun game
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By manotasLRZW
    Is a waste of time don’t let you play just collecting souls what is the fun of that?? Plus too many adds. I don’t recommend this game at all
  • False Advertising 1/5

    By 123asdfghjkl456zxcvbn789
    The reason I got the game was because the ads showed some keys of some some with a puzzle solution, it is completely false and not at all what the game is.
  • G 1/5

    By fword8819
    This game is very glitchy and full of adds why does it have a high rating
  • Completely broke after a couple days 1/5

    By Logan45919
    Got 5 or 6 stations open and then it said something about summoning a boss and quit working entirely. The animations were still going but I couldn’t tap on anything at all. Restarted the app doesn’t fix it, it’s just bricked. Uninstalled.
  • I like the game a lot but..... 2/5

    By YaboiiTT
    I like this game, but it started over for me twice. As soon as I think I’m getting somewhere, it just starts over. It’s frustrating

    By cam smal
    This app stole my money and refuses to give it back do not buy this app it’s not even anything fun or original
  • False Advertisement 1/5

    By LegitxGamerx
    This app is not even what it advertises on other apps, it’s a good game but I was expecting something completely different. So hints to why I’m giving it a one star would have gave it a better rating but no.
  • Fun to play. Really glitched 1/5

    By Kameryn432
    I played the game for about 30 minutes when I download it but then it stopped letting me swipe and collect souls so I deleted the game and reinstalled but after I logged back onto Facebook it glitched again and now I can’t play it at all. The little time I played it was fun but now I’m extremely upset it’s not working anymore. It would probably be a higher rating if I could actually play the game longer than half an hour
  • Falsely advertised?? 1/5

    By Finnie 123246
    I see tons of ads where there are puzzle games/mini games but ive only seem lik one or two in my time playing?
  • Love 5/5

    By ♋️🖤
    I love this game so much
  • Unplayable 1/5

    By hipjorge
    I really liked this game at first, but once I unlocked six pain stations I wasn’t able to collect any more souls or do anything else for that matter. So I deleted the app and download it again. It fixed it but once I unlocked six stations again the game became unplayable and I was unable to tap anything. Fix the game and maybe I’ll download it again.
  • Not as advertised 1/5

    By GhostownGaming
    This game is nothing like it’s advertised and is honestly horrible. It’s a pointless click bait game with hundreds of ads.
  • Where’s all the puzzles? 1/5

    By babytubs08
    There is no “ puzzles “ it is just collecting souls
  • Ads 1/5

    By HER132
    It said 0.99 to get rid of ads and it charges me $5. This app isn’t even what they advertised. What a rip off. I want my $5 back.
  • Deceiving 1/5

    By Red Core
    Waste of time and little use of puzzles
  • What is wrong with you 1/5

    By Bus jells
    Why is that my first time playing this game there is a whip station and there is and African American male getting whip
  • Boring 2/5

    By dylannnnnnnnnnnnnyuh
    After 1 day I had to delete because of how boring and monotonous it is.
  • Don’t bother. 1/5

    By Yo momma24
    I downloaded this game just to give it one star. I’m tired of seeing these advertisements with what seems like a brain dead child playing the puzzles. They are frustrating to watch and a terrible way to advertise.
  • False Advertising 1/5

    By LyricBag
    This game is nothing like the snapchat ads for it
  • Fun game, could you please fix the glitch that makes it very difficult to hire guards? 5/5

    By FerociousPup
    I’m constantly getting error messages recommending that I check my internet connection (which is perfectly fine) I really enjoy the game otherwise
  • False Advertising 1/5

    By BlazinSnowOP
    This isn’t the same game that was advertised. Don’t get your hopes up.
  • Why? 2/5

    By Polako1981
    I was playing after I just got it and after I opened six stations the game didn’t work anymore and I don’t want to delete it because I am pretty far into the game but it won’t work even if I power my phone off or close the game it still won’t work. I just want to play a game not try to find a way to make a game that isn’t even my creation work!
  • Summon Boss 2/5

    By JennRalph
    I couldn’t find a FAQ page or explanations. I thought that summoning the boss would give me the souls and apples it stayed but did not realize it would reset everything. Now I have to start all over and have no souls. 🤬 Not happy about all the time I put in & now have to start all over

    By ImportantF
    I thought the puzzles were going to be a big part of the game? Where are they?? I’ve only played it once like in the ad shown and that’s it. This is a different game, it’s not bad but I want more puzzles!!
  • Glitchy and ad crazy 1/5

    By TJ 630
    Started from scratch 2 times only to be reset again after paying for a few hours. Kicks me back to 0 never mind the ridiculous amount of ads. Stay away!
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By The bensonater
    This game gave me hope there might be some puzzle aspect to the play. There’s not. You just solve one “puzzle” 3x a day. The same puzzle. Over and over and over. Then you realize there is nothing genuinely fun about the game. Nothing original. Just mindless upgrading for the sake of upgrading. Hopefully you pay money to see a few less ads. Even if you do, you still have to watch ads non-stop so you can “play”. It’s tiring.
  • Completely stops working 1/5

    By Shepara1
    I was playing this for a day and got to 6 spaces when the whole app just stopped working. It seems to show I’m touching the screen but nothing happens. Such a scam.
  • Awful Game 1/5

    By Boo hoo go go
    Terrible game, very disappointing.
  • Keep a close eye out for fraud part.. 2/5

    By Ph0t0bug
    Fun game, no question about that but I went to take one of the in game offers that said it was .99 and when I went to purchase it said $4.99. LOTS of ads to watch unless you pay. Random Ads all the time. Also noticed that parts of the game claim a “connection” problem when trying to load and Ad and to try again in 5min. If you try to use the option again before the 5 min then you will get the connection error but if you wait exactly 5 min then the Ad will play. Would love to play this game, heck would even purchase some in game things but if the stupidity continues Ill prob just delete the app.
  • False advertisement 1/5

    By Blaek2
    Shows a completely different game in the ad than what is recurved when you download it. If I could give 0 stars I would. I’ve seen other reviews saying the same thing and the developer responds with “coming in the next big update.” But those responses are months old and clearly not going to come. Now onto the ads. If you want to play the game that’s enough to get you a ad. Want to collect or use anything you gain from playing that’s enough to get you a ad. Not to mention these ads are 30 seconds and un skippable. This is just a money grab and nothing more. There are plenty of better options out there for clicker games.
  • Trap 1/5

    By poobner
    A bad excuse for an ad farm with borderline pornographic imagery, just a low quality ploy for revenue.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Yosnbab
    Do not download please
  • False advertising 1/5

    Literally nothing like the ads
  • Waste of my time 1/5

    By Jskskskskmsm
    After downloading, I put in a few hours of game time but when I tried to replay later in the day the game wouldn’t load anymore. Trash.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By j3m3l
    Nothing like the add shown.
  • Fun but no instructions 4/5

    By fghhyygcv
    Game is fun doesn’t take much time to collect stuff during the day, love the animations they kill me... only thing that disappoints me is lack of direction on how to play, I keep seeing puzzle solving screen shots but have no idea how to find them I checked all over, first time I clicked the boss it wiped me out, Leary about clicking him again because I don’t want to loose my progress.. it would be helpful if there were some instructions also when you launch the game sometimes it gives you the option to double your collected souls but the button to do it works 25% of the time that’s frustrating
  • Game is slow and boring 1/5

    By Delmont1968
    I played it for 15 min and can’t get past the getting whipped. BORING, UNINSTALL
  • This game blows. 1/5

    By Browniee_X
    Absolutely nothing like the ads and for every button you pressed you get an ad I’ve watched more ads than played this crappy game. would NOT recommend ‼️ absolute waste of time
  • Pretty good so far 5/5

    By idfk a nicknamr
    So far the game seems pretty good, not too many ads to drive you insane but it’s kinda slow and boring as far as what you’re really doing like what’s the goal really?
  • Not what was advertised 1/5

    By SofaJoan
    This game is nothing like what was advertised. They say it’s suppose to be these puzzles. So far I’ve only seen one. It’s pathetic. It’s basically click bate. Once we watch the ads, they make money. That’s all the developers clearly care about. Here’s an idea for a game, give us the actual one you advertised for. If I could lower my stars I would. If you hate watching ads, and want to download it based on what is shown in the previews/ads, don’t. Don’t waste your time.

Idle Evil Clicker app comments

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