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Idle Hole

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  • Current Version: 1.5.9
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Android
2,891 Ratings
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Idle Hole App

The most relaxing and addictive game! Easy swipe controls, stunning graphics and addicting idle mechanics. Start off small in this endless curved universe as you eat and expand to become the biggest and make billions.

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  • Jake 3/5

    By snowsmoky
    It keeps going and going and going lol
  • Umm no. 1/5

    By Dbwill1211
    Got to about level 20 when I was presented with an option for multiplier of some sort. It was a bit confusing the way it was presented but I thought I’d try it. At first I believed I had been taken to some “bonus round board” or something as my player had reverted to a smaller size. What i quickly realized is that I had simply been returned to the beginning of gameplay and all my gains had been erased! If you expect me to go through that hellish build up again... well. Sadly, it’s a no for me dawg.
  • ADS 1/5

    By Geeshellee
    Deleted this game after less than 2 minutes of play. Your view is obstructed during gameplay with a giant pop up to claim something or other, which leads you into a 30 second ad, and this happens about every 10 seconds through the game. Totally awful.
  • THE ADS!!! 3/5

    By JayFilla:)
    The game is pretty fun and can be addictive but every 3 minutes or so after you beat a level or something you are REQUIRED to claim a reward, but to claim it you have to watch a ad no matter what and if you try to ignore it good luck cause it takes up the whole screen!! Wouldn’t be that bad if I can just claim the reward and continue playin without interruption
  • Relaxing 3/5

    By IndianIrishDancer
    I love how the environment chages. I hope that continues. It keeps the game from getting boring. More scenery please then you will get a five. IT WOULD BE SO AWESOME IF YOU COULD MOVE ANYWHERE YOU WANT TO DIRECTIONAL WISE.
  • Not worth downloading 1/5

    I haven’t played for long (lvl 12) but within the short time that I did, I have watched over 20 ads. Every level completed, you will watch an ad. Every bonus you receive, you will watch an ad. This isn’t me watching to gain extra money or perks to boost my gameplay. It’s just me wanting to claim my prize so I can continue having fun. I know I could get rid of the ads by paying for it but seriously, $2.99?!? A lot of games only make it $0.99 and those games don’t have as much ads as this game. 1 star because the developers want to be swimming in money from ad revenues and overpriced ad-free gameplay.
  • adds 1/5

    By %@#$?
    I paid for no ads but I am still getting them why
  • Ideas 5/5

    By 💁🏼💅🏼
    I think you should add an open world so you can run around and collect things
  • Freezes too much 1/5

    By Corfin
    makes gameplay terrible
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Shankkaduck
    Advertisements are almost constant at least in the beginning
  • My game score reset? 5/5

    By DChrisG
    I got to about level 30 & had over 180 mil & my app asked me to claim my prestige level reward, played a video then reset everything back to 0?
  • Burt into my screen 1/5

    By calebhoi
    I had it for a day was not even on for a whole day and it burns it to my screen wth
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Welderdirtbike101*
    Glitches like crazy! And not fun!
  • Lol 5/5

    By Dav3 A
    Hey Voodoo, there’s an Xxx ad that sometimes pop up, I read the other review where someone said it happened during gameplay, for it it was while the Root car insurance ad played. Are you guys tracking my cookies? 😂😂 Anyways nice game besides that, and I have a screenshot of it if you guys want me to email it to you.
  • Restart 3/5

    By omyyyyyyg
    While I was only at level 26 - my game automatically restarted!!! No interest in trying to get back to that level now.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Hank123spank
    Go 20 feet and they block the screen with an add, garbage
  • Normally 1/5

    By Onlyomen70
    I love voodoo games but the multiplier on this thing does nothing at all and as someone pointed out unless you keep up on hole size the game cheats and covers the hole with a building. I've watched the multiplier numerous times and it never doubles the score
  • WAY to many ads 4/5

    By BC universe0
    Every time I claim a bonus, I get a ad, every time I get a level up I sometimes get ad, about every 30 seconds I get a ad, it’s making me unlike this game.
  • Fun but battery killer 3/5

    By Cheolinx
    I enjoy playing this game. Unfortunately I’ll play for 10 mi utes and my phone will go from 100 to 70 %. No other app does this. Also y’all need to do some research. I dont need any porn playing on this app when I’m in public. K THANKS!
  • Gotta be rich 4/5

    By trie,zeo
    Day 1 I was 9299 coins Day 2 i wasn’t playing in the game day 3 I was 56 million coins 56 828 918 coins
  • good ad 5/5

    By aaaaaaanshajdhskx
    i got an ad of this game and it said “Named after my ex” five stars
  • SO BAD 1/5

    By Rosaysela
    Bad just so bad DO NOT GET IT
  • Fix these problems 3/5

    By I'm mad at some games
    It’s a great game not going to lie,but there’s to many ads,it KILLS your battery, I just want the issue of me playing this game but every level up there’s an ad! Fix both problems, and I’ll rate it a 5
  • Lag lag freeze 1/5

    By gamingriri
    When I play the game I will lag and have ads everywhere and then my screen will freeze every time I open the app it’s unplayable!
  • . 1/5

    By Asf4r
    Optimize for iPhone 5s please
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Angeluvscats
    Can’t figure out why I was playing got to prestige 25 and then restart.
  • Inappropriate 1/5

    By Bob4789
    Why is there an ad showing a woman showing her naked breasts and private parts?! Get rid of that ad iMMEDIATELY!!!!!!
  • Impossible to level up 1/5

    By jenkman91
    I guess there's no way to prestige past 20000000x...
  • Could be 5 4/5

    By onlymakinnamebcitmademeidkwhy
    The level complete bonus pops up and blocks everything makes the game hard to see and is very annoying when you are completing levels quickly. Every minute or so it pops up I cannot fully enjoy the game
  • Great time killer 5/5

    By FinesseGawd85👍
    Yo! This game is absolutely DOOOOPE!!! Just downloaded it, and I love it. It’s challenging and interesting! If you ain’t got it.... GET IT!!!
  • Where to start? 3/5

    By DPalmer07
    Despite having your phone heat up to over 100°F, this game needs updates and needs to listen to those with ideas. As I see the point to disappearing buildings after X amount of time after movement, you need to remove that from the power ups. Those shouldn’t vanish as when in boost mode, they fly past you anyway. So the star and diamond needs to never go away. Fixing the overheating problem and disappearing star and gem, would get you to nearly 5-stars.
  • Fun for 5 seconds 2/5

    By k Horton
    I had a little fun until they made me watch an ad every 20 seconds. I literally counted. Every. 20. Seconds.
  • If you hate adds download an add blocker 5/5

    By Rylee 🌈🐷
    If you hate ads download an ad blocker, I use the ad blocker called “Luna”. Overall This is a Great game 😀
  • Was fun for 3 days 3/5

    By MadKenz10
    Lvl 120 and it has become boring... no prestige, and same stuff different day :/
  • WTH 5/5

    By Stylakyd
    I’m about halfway through level 114 and the hole was cluttered up with a bunch of buildings and preventing me from obtaining any stars for double score. I wiggled the hole back and forth really quick, then a short, but very X-rated mini clip, played on my screen. I mean this thing was in HD quality. I checked the only other opened app I had, which was messenger, to make sure no friends had sent me anything. That clip came from this game; period!
  • How do you get bigger it is extremely hard to get bigger how much do you have to eat to get bigger? 3/5

    By liam ronan white
    I kinda like this game though it’s extremely hard to get big I really wanna know and please fix the following problems:first off it’s hard to get big and second why can you only go in one direction that very sad that this game seemed to of lost to Hole.I.O. This fact is very sad 😢 I wish you would fix these and THE ADS PLS GET RID OF THE ADS
  • Great game if you absolutely love ads 1/5

    By Cdevetffy
    Hey for a bonus watch this ad. No? Watch it anyway.
  • How many prestige levels? 5/5

    By ashandoli
    Wish I could find out if you can prestige after 100? I’m on 130 something and no mention of anymore 😩
  • Has potential 3/5

    By Crochetmommy
    This game has great potential. Right now, you can beat the game very quickly. I got bored easily. The skins are all pretty similar as well. I wish there were more ways to gain xp while offline. You can gain currency but not xp.
  • Need more landscapes 2/5

    By greggo_lover
    Scenery is the same 3 landscapes throughout the whole thing. It gets boring to collect things when you know what is coming. If you had more landscapes with different objects to gather would be more entertaining. I’ve only had the game 3 days and am thinking about deleting.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By YoungRejad
  • Deleted 1/5

    By mlewis388
    Extremely disappointing update
  • Worth 20 min of play. 3/5

    By AlbinoPigeon
    After 20, you’ll delete and move on
  • It’s Boring 1/5

    By dj,k,h,fetkf,s
    Waste of my time and I can’t do anything I can’t swallow city that’s why gave it one for reading fixes so can you go onto showing city.
  • More controls plz 3/5

    By 16,200.640😲😲😲
    I need a button to turn off gravity
  • Crash Beyond Belief 1/5

    By BoyBrain999
    On my iPhone6 Plus the game would crash continuously at ever stage. While playing, watching ads for bonuses, etc.. I made a point to run it without anything else running. Crash. The final straw came when the game crashed and froze up my entire phone. The screen wouldn’t respond. I could see the icons through what seemed like thick fog. I tried to turn off the phone. I could see the swipe right button, but the screen would not respond. Fog. Had to do a hard reset and the game was still running when my phone restarted. Dangerous app!
  • Ads ads ads- ok game though 2/5

    By LGaydos12
    Way way too many ads. One a min and one those that even if you try to collect without watching the ad, you’re watching an ad anyway. I’m deleting after a day bc I couldn’t play without seeing 5 ads in 5 min.
  • Waaaaayyyyyy toooooo maaaannnnnyyyy ads 1/5

    By nickdacruz
    There are way too many ads... I honestly have stopped playing it because I’m tired of the constant bombardment of ads that the game thinks you left to get another popup that blocks your view...
  • Ads 1/5

    By mikeypat4947
    Ads pop up over screen every 20-30 seconds. And make you watch a video that’s also 20-30 seconds. Removed

Idle Hole app comments

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