Idle Hole

Idle Hole

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.6.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Android
5,584 Ratings
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Idle Hole App

The most relaxing and addictive game! Easy swipe controls, stunning graphics and addicting idle mechanics. Start off small in this endless curved universe as you eat and expand to become the biggest and make billions.

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  • Wish I could play it 2/5

    By diamond333045
    It looks like a great game but I can’t play it every time I click on the app it loads and then it takes me back to me home screen I wish I could play it it looks fun to play 😖😬
  • Bug in opening the App 4/5

    By Popyouout
    When ever I try to open the app it just shuts down on me and goes right directly back to my home screen. But I don’t want to delete it and come back to it and restart all over again because it took me almost a month to get where I was at.
  • A better game 1/5

    By read me pls pls
    If you want to play a game like this play It’s way better
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Ffemtjdwsr
    I’ve played this game before it’s good but when I get it for my phone it crashes so every time I try to open the game it Crashes on the opening screen my iOS is 14.3.1 and it Requires a 9 I do not know how to fix it but can you help me
  • Ads! 3/5

    By Gretchen Conrad
    It’s an ok game, but the ads! And If you don’t want to deal with the ads, you have to PAY to get rid of them. So if you want to download it and you don’t wanna pay, you have to sit through a lot of ads. A lot.
  • Kinda good, too much ads 1/5

    By Nooyy j
    In order to level up you need to watch an ad or using the option of watching an ad for double if you want to raise your stats you have to watch an ad and then you have to watch another ad just in case you didn’t watch the first ad so basically they’re trying to push you into buying the no ad in order play an actual game
  • Worst game EVER 1/5

    By Litts1
    This game keeps kicking me out and won’t let me play the game. I would give this half a star or no stars worst game ever.
  • Cool game concept, but riddled with ads. 1/5

    By Rowan Arc
    I enjoy idle games a lot and was pretty happy to see a game with this particular concept. In this game, if you collect enough things, you can tap level up and collect your earnings. There’s an option to watch an ad to increase those earnings. My first impression of this game was to click the option to just get the regular collection without watching the ad. Whatta ya know, I got an ad. Uninstalled. It was a good game concept, but don’t shove ads in my face.
  • I’m not able to play 1/5

    By Layla10💗
    I don’t have any words to describe this because it’s horrible quality. I can’t get into the game. It wont even load so plz fix it
  • Boring sorry 1/5

    By killer or assasing
    So this fame is boring my opinion cause the only thing you do is move that circle thingy and yeah pretty boring for me so if you like this game ok that’s your opinion so that’s it bye
  • Idle hole 1/5

    By Brylinsmommy
    I couldn’t even get a upgrade and the ad was great but also there were a lot of bugs I just don’t like the game
  • Can’t even open the game 1/5

    By Me is me so it is me
    I literally can’t open the game. It loads for about 5 minutes and then crashes. Thanks.
  • Why? 3/5

    By 🖤big tiddy goth gf🖤
    Get rid of that stupid button that makes you LOSE ALL IF YOUR PROGRESS at the bottom of the game. Also fix your crashing problems.
  • Meh 4/5

    By jrumi4611
    I have an issue with the claim x2, or claim x5. I watch the ads all the way through, and then I don’t get anything. For an example I had a 20E x2 and didn’t receive a anything, same amount as before I accepted. Please fix this bug, I really enjoy this game.
  • What da...? 1/5

    By sin_eyn_O
    I used to play a lot and i loved it but THIS game gave me A MASSIVE HEADACHE! After 5 minutes if playing i felt like im dizzy and im throwing up on my phone....wish i could give 0 star
  • SO BAD 1/5

    By skkwkskwkkwskskkksksksksksksk
  • Disappointed. 1/5

    By tallgoo
    The game seemed really good, but when I tried to open it, it instantly closed.
  • Wish it worked... 1/5

    By tdkj2017
    I just downloaded the game and when I try to open it to play, it won’t load and just closes on me. I’m very sad.
  • Gets boring after a while 3/5

    By Itsdiegocastro
    There literally one 3 places to go and the videos to get double your offline earnings never work. I’ve played for a week or so but I’m sure I’ll uninstall soon. It gets really boring with the same places and things to eat.
  • Question... 2/5

    By Traylor Park
    How long does an ad need to run to count for you? I get it... nothing is free but if I tell the app not to play an ad, that means don’t play.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Korean899
    Very boring game with ads every 1-2 minutes and gets very very laggy and glitchy the bigger your hole gets
  • Won’t load 1/5

    By Carsman69
    It won’t load at all 😡😡
  • Um 1/5

    By fetacheny
    It literally won’t open.😐

    By ʝαмιє ℓαвαѕαи
    The moment I played the game it’s was to laggy for me to even play! They need to fix this lag and bugs! And I kept getting ad’s even 30 seconds! What kind of game does this! Fix this game that is so broken and boring!!!!!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By im apro
    I want even start up again why do people like this game because like the game won’t even start like honestly do you you can do better than this
  • Cool game 5/5

    By qwedgjjkloh
    Idk when ill get to play online but for starters it’s cool. I played a demo the demo was a rush. But so far the game is not like the demo
  • Weak 1/5

    By co5gtr
    Instead of taking fan suggestions and improving the existing hole game, you made this. Takes way too long to grow the hole, too many ads and boring.
  • Can’t get into game 😞😞 1/5

    By Burry1974
    I have a I phone 6 and for some reason I can not open the app I have shut down my phone and reinstalled the game multiple times please fix this
  • Wasted Effort 1/5

    By cassjackson
    I’ve been playing this game while I travel. I got to level 40-something and had purchased a lot of upgrades. I logged on today and I’ve started all over. I get that it’s just a mobile game but this really blows.
  • Wth 2/5

    By RottGod
    Was about to upgrade, had almost 5 trillion and all of a sudden I’m down to 488 billion. Fix this crap.
  • Time settings 5/5

    By LogDog9432
    If you mess with time settings you can cheat the game lol
  • Can’t even open 1/5

    By LunaUPN
    It just crashes every time I try. I’ve attempted to download and play this game for a whole week with absolutely no luck. My iOS is up to date - is this game not supported by the newest iOS?
  • Stuff to make it better 4/5

    By nun your beez
    I’m going to go strait to the point heres a list more biomes less adds areas you can unlock with coins and shows how much money you need to prestige
  • Waste 1/5

    By nora barnala
    I got this app and every time I try to open it it closes! Please fix this.
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By Naki62
    Can’t get the app to open
  • No Ads (no MONEY) 4/5

    By No Ads[#]
    I know a TON of people are complaining about 1 thing, Ads. As I can totally agree, there are a ton of ads. But you can also get rid of them without paying. Just turn of your WiFi! It’s common sense! I mean sure it doesn’t work for online games, but this works for ALL offline games. If you want to play online games again, OMG just turn on your internet/WiFi back on! This game is so much better now because of this. I’m still giving it a 4 star because there still ARE ads.
  • Isn’t compatible with an iPhone 6 (at least not mine) 1/5

    By Sylvester V
    I downloaded this thinking it would be a very fun pastime, however once I started the application it stayed on the hydronio screen for 30 seconds until kicking me off and sending back to my home screen. I kept this game on my phone hoping that it would be updated to allow me to play some day soon. I hope the developers look into this issue further.
  • Can’t even play it crashes immediately 1/5

    By jdenosaur
    Downloaded went to open crashed tried several times so deleted redownloaded same thing Updated today 6/26/2019 still unplayable on iphone 6 and 7 plus Updated again 6/29/2019 still unplayable on my iphone 6 or 7 plus
  • Ads 🥺 2/5

    By Kikikiki1234567
    Why ads? There are waaaaay too many ads in this game. Also, this is a cheap copy of
  • Game 1/5

    By babygirl2789
    I just downloaded the game and every time I try to get the game to start it crashes on me why can I have a answer
  • Dollar sign 3/5

    By Fenolgo
    Please put the dollar sign in front of the numbers where it belongs.
  • 1/5

    By leighanne626
    Come on this is like but with different skins and maps.
  • Keeps crashing 2/5

    By Missy 259
    I really loved playing this game until one day it just started crashing a few seconds into loading the app. Please fix this.
  • Not letting me on 1/5

    By Ryan bayer
    Every time I try to play it just crashes at the loading screen please fix this thanks
  • NON STOP ADS 1/5

    By AlienMayonnaise
    Every single voodoo game is more ads than game! Grow up and learn what people want! You’re absolutely pathetic!
  • SO ADDICTIVE!! 5/5

    By pewdìepìe
    I saw the ad and I thought I would give it a try. Turns out this is the best game ever! I’m making trillions! This is my review!
  • why do y'all hate me 1/5

    By wth pubg
    this game looks very fun and i wish i could play but when I tried opening the game it wouldn't start and kept crashing. i even redownloaded it twice. maybe it's because i have an iPhone 6 still in 2019. maybe it's cuz it wasn't meant to be.
  • New maps needed 2/5

    By Brigadeer General
    Same 3 maps over and over again. Plus once you hit level 1 hundred the game has no further incentives to play, no challenge, no fun. You just go through the same 3 maps over and over again. cmon app developers get to work!
  • I don’t think this game is the best 2/5

    By SasumiBento
    So, I just recently downloaded this game because it seemed really fun from what the ad looked like. When I went into the app I expected to see something like “type your name,” or something because in the ad, it shows different players swallowing each other. I thought it was going to be like a game or something but I guess not. I was scammed. If you ever think about downloading this app, don’t trust the ads.

Idle Hole app comments

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