Idle World !

Idle World !

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  • Current Version: 3.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Homa Games
  • Compatibility: Android
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Idle World ! App

The most addictive Idle Clicker game ever! In this brand new idle game you can decide about the creation of the earth. The more you upgrade the planet, the more energy you will get. Spend energy to colonize the planet. Plant plants to allow animals to grow! Can you unlock the atmosphere? Easy and simple gameplay: - Great upgrade system that will keep you playing for hours! - Prevent a natural catastrophe by unlocking the atmosphere. - Start off with upgrading the ground and unlock animals and humans! Features: - Beautiful animations! - Create the world as you want it! - Many categories to upgrade! - Endless hours of gameplay!

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Idle World ! app reviews

  • Great but..... 4/5

    By jamaal h james
    I think you guys need to add a buy max button. That would allow us to buy the max amount we could afford. Other then that a great game.
  • Bad support 1/5

    By 1wdc34fmfac97k
    After completing weeks of the game it reset back to the beginning. No help from support.
  • Fun but factually inaccurate 4/5

    By Human 484838
    It’s a fun game and all but some of the facts it gives you are wrong. For example the longest river is not the Nile but rather the Amazon.
  • The INSANE amount of ads make it unplayable 1/5

    By Jicabrera
    It’s a nice concept, but between the ads, the offers, the “free spin” when far from free they make you watch yet another ad... And no way of even paying to remove them. It’s a mo ey machine (for them) not really a game.
  • too many ads 2/5

    By BJgoatfart
    ads,ads,ads. This is what breaks these games and makes them too irritating to play. Instead of forcing these on players, give an option with a reward attached to it instead. That would solve this problem for all these kinda of games.
  • No landscape mode 1/5

    By Yourgodofhell
    I hate lazy ports of games from phones to tablets. No tablet game should be allowed that doesn’t offer a landscape mode. Who uses a tablet in portrait mode. All cases and key boards are set up for landscape but half the games are in portrait only cause devs/companies are lazy, cash grabbing, horrible people. I think every game for the iPad should get a 1-0 star if no landscape is available.
  • Easiest idle game (exploits available) 3/5

    By Demandred99
    This game is really fun, but unfortunately the easiest idle game to achieve all upgrades possible, pretty quickly (practically a built in exploit). The process is simple and you have to have patience with videos: 1: First thing to do- Watch videos to increase energy output until maximized at 1.1 billion per tap. Do this on the first planet only - no need to use the other 2 until step 4. 2. Buy oceans, lands or whatever to increase income until you can prestige (it happens very quickly). Then immediately prestige and reset. Just tap the sun for all energy needed. 3. Repeat 1 and 2 until you have your every multiplier above 1 million. (At some point you won’t even need to do #1 as your income multiplier will be so high that you can just buy oceans, lands, etc. nonstop and prestige). 4. At 100 mil prestige multiplier I bought every possible upgrade for all 3 planets. Sadly- game complete. Overall- easy exploits make this the easiest idle game out there. I’d suggest the developers change this mechanic. Try it if you don’t believe me.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By MrDr0990
    Really good game, if you have patience
  • Not all the countries listed in the game 1/5

    By vahahan
    Developers should include all the countries in the world!
  • Great! But... 5/5

    This game is so calming. But an idle game is where you keep making money offline. You only get an hours worth of money on this. I think that you should keep getting money until you come back. Otherwise this is not considered an idle game. Please fix this or I will review lower.
  • Best game in word 5/5

    By brandonnicknow
    We create an earth amazing!
  • Just sell it, ad free 2/5

    By Mystic Maestr0
    Too at ads for me. They interior you during the actual game play. Couldn't relax and enjoy the game. Just took away from the experience.
  • Recent update broke the game 1/5

    By Maj55tl4
    I have been enjoying the game but the most recent update changed that. The prestige function no longer works. I deleted the game, losing all of my progress, and re-downloaded it. No dice. You can’t progress without prestiging so the game is effectively broken for me. I contacted support two days ago but only got an automatic confirmation of receipt. No follow up. I’d be interested in updating my review if there was an update patch that allowed me to continue playing, but for now this app is dead in the water. I’ll be downloading another idle game.
  • Update introduced new bugs 3/5

    By skull skeeeez
    I love the game and think its honestly worth 5stars until this update that is. The game itself will run ads whenever it wants to yet when i click watch for something like faster energy time or time travel the ads don’t work. Also, now its eating away my free spins it plays the ad yet gives me nothing
  • No Reason 5/5

    By Do i have to do everything ?
    Don’t listen to those people they just dis like this game and post bad comments for no reason there stupid and annoying and no more dislikes if you get rid of the ads okay
  • Auto tap feacher 3/5

    By ravenblood8666
    I wish there was some kind of auto tech feature wasn’t permanent but it would probably help out a lot
  • More ads please! 2/5

    By Chrisrollinsvideo
    I wish you could have more ads! Just some constructive criticism. More ads please. Maybe every 20 seconds or so on auto play. And also anytime you want to make progress in the game make us watch an ad, that would be sweet!
  • Junk... absolute junk 1/5

    By Pyronica
    Downloaded and within 2 clicks of the game had two 30 second long ads. Absolutely crap!!! Uninstalled.
  • Excelent but has an issue! 3/5

    By Unicorns25
    It’s a great game and it’s very fun to play for when you’re bored and don’t know what else to do. But in the game I was really advanced and I got out of the app, for when I tried to open it again it won’t load, I also turned off my phone and still it wouldn’t load. So i erased it and downloaded again and same thing happened. I don’t know what else to do.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By elephnats
    This is a horrible game because you always waste your energy on the atmospheres so that I can’t go further on, second is that the there’s a limit to your offline time, i mean that is stupid and it’s horrible. Try making a better game like an animal game where you collect animals, but this is trash. (P.s if anyone is hating on me, they’re morons. ITS AN OPINION YOU CHILD!)
  • Uhhhh now what? 3/5

    By mrwygglez
    I have unlocked everything on earth 1, 2, and mars..... now what?! No more planets?! I only had the game about a month :/
  • Good and addicting 5/5

    By PupcorgipupUWU
    I would like to ask if y'all could make the game where you can hold on the button to upgrade instead of tapping bc you have to tap a lot
  • Same as tons of other games 2/5

    By johnnyrupture
    Not original, but good to waist time with :)
  • One of my favorite games 5/5

    By Kckdkdko
    I love this game because it doesn’t require constant attention to level up and/or get better, and it’s a really fun game to just check on every once in a while.
  • Watching a movie 1/5

    By ColdBanging
    The amount of ads that you people put in here is ridiculous. Its not enough that boosting makes you watch an ad, but they force an ad by a certain number of taps or advancements made. It’s absurd. Take the tap ads away.
  • The Music 3/5

    By A "Reviewer"
    Hi I really like this game it’s fun when your bored but the only thing is the song is so sad and depressing I feel like world is gonna end and I feel so lonely Maybe do a happier song I feel like I’m alone and gonna die and so sad and depressing 🙁😕☹️😣😖😫😩😢😭😭😭😱😵😵 That’s what I feel like when I hear the song and then I think about God how he mad the earth and how lonely he was in space.... 😭😭😣😭I’m literally CRYING!!!!
  • Sketchy 1/5

    By Shoulder Cookie
    Can’t play the game unless I accept their conditions to collect my data. As well, you have to be 16+ to collect the data, yet the app is rated 4+.... don’t collect data if you’ve rated it below the required age limit for your sketchy business practices and liability data collection stuff.

    By gdjsgxjsvxujskvshakiscb
    Dumb, but fun!Well, maybe at first, the game is great and fun, BUT major issues, i try to play but always crashes, THEN I realized how big the game was, and had to delete other games, JUST TO PLAY ONE GAME!!!!And ive seen the “ad removal” reviews saying it only gets rid of the pop up ads, not the full 30 second ad, BE MORE SPECIFIC, please think twice about buying the game, at least read the reviews before downloading it and playing it, like i said, Fun BUT STUPID!!!! 😤😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  • Doesn’t open 3/5

    By anonymous14728692
    I like the game but it opens once in a while it doesn’t want to open
  • Boo! no continents 1/5

    By LukeAz12345
    There are no continents and i also wanted to make the real earth so this made me sad :(
  • Daily login streak 5/5

    By seeeeeeetr
    Can you please bring in daily streaks and add more planets like mercury Jupiter Saturn make the free and this will make idle world more fun for me and my family and friends
  • Why can’t we hold down button 3/5

    By Jalenkh
    My only complaint it that I have to tap something 10000 times instead of just being able to hold it down. Why can’t I just hold it down
  • Good but.... 3/5

    By puppy star lover
    I would give it a 3.0 it’s a good game but, it takes too much data and personally (in my opinion) it’s kinda boring. I wish there was more action and fun, than tapping buttons to make your world. It has some flaws and all but, I would recommend the game for people who like learning facts and like idles. Overall I see the game creator tried. Good Job 👍
  • Always crashes 1/5

    By Jonnyzag
    This game can’t run for more than twenty minutes without crashing. And it doesn’t give you the rewards for watching adds.
  • I’d rate this game 5.0 stars 5/5

    By Boyan luvs Cash Onc
    I love this game so much what they should add is mars though or maybe I’m not at that part yet, anyways I love this game I got it from a friend and from start to where I am right now it’s really fun I suggest you get it and I hope you have fun also in the game they tell you interesting facts about countries and presidents like this one for example “ Did you know that South Africa is called the rainbow nation because it has 11 official languages” see what I mean the game has actual facts and I searched this question up and it was true so this game when they tell facts they don’t lie because otherwise what’s the point. So anyways oh wait did I mention the content this game makes it’s astounding and the graphics and display also, also when you get the game you start on a really crappy world but then after 5-10 minutes your on a world called World 2.0 so yeah that sums it up and well I hope you get this game and when you start you get a ton of free gems and you level up your world pretty fast.
  • Too much ads 2/5

    By whysomuchmadness
    Any time I want to upgrade something I have I watch an ad for it. It’s really annoying.
  • I accidentally deleted it 5/5

    By pokémon=all life
    I liked this for a while but at one point I deleted it on accident when I was deleting a few games and I downloaded it again and the progress was all restarted so I just deleted it again
  • Facts are incorrect. Game is boring and a waste of time 1/5

    By Technology Poet
    The game is boring. Nothing interesting happens, it’s just tapping for tapping sake. On one level you can unlock “facts” about countries, and they are incorrect. They also include Chinese propaganda, incorrectly labeling it as the largest economy. Avoid this app at all costs.
  • Why idle world rules 5/5

    By idleboi2007
    Very fun and educational I just simply love it!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By hyd hhdhxjxj
    I was enjoying the game and everything for a few hours. Then I hit prestige and lost everything! Had to restart! Great!! Thanks for such an awful experience.
  • Just another pointless idle game. 1/5

    By nukeboy212
    Just like all the other games on the App Store. They all have no purpose. Uninstalled.
  • Fun game 5/5

    By CatsRule101365
    Love it ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Woop 5/5

    By Buzzls
    Great job
  • YOU FOLLED ME 🤬🤬 (I Hate This) 1/5

    By GabrielGamerGGTV21
    I Was Just Having Fun And I Decided To Do That Prestige Thing And Well… 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK FOR ME TO GET TO THE AI UPGRADE NOW YOU RESET EVERYTHING I HATE YOU GUYS FOR DOING THIS I WANT MY OLD PROGRESS BACK (before I did the prestige thing to reset everything and MAKE ME HAVE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN)
  • Ads 1/5

    By AjRox09
    It’s a fun game, but the amount of ads are ridiculous
  • Idle world 5/5

    By &/&:7:)$;&;763837:)&;
    Cool game TOO MANY ADDS
  • Animation 4/5

    By ItzFries
    Seems like a lot to ask for but I thought we would be able to see the fish swimming and animals walking around not like pictures
  • Help! 5/5

    By heinhtet22
    i just got mars and i pressed the trophy buttom with 1.19X sign. then i suddenly returned to the start. how can i get my data back? pls help me.
  • Ehhhhh.... 2/5

    By big bad bat
    This game is so much fun!....up until you get to the micro organisms. Then it becomes boring, repetitive, and very painful. The energy limit stops at around 1B and you’re expected to make up to the trillions. At that point the game loses its spark and isn’t as fun. All that tapping starts to give me cramps. It’d be very nice if you could raise the energy limit because it’s painful and once you get stuck on micro organisms it’s just boring.

Idle World ! app comments

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