Idle World !

Idle World !

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  • Current Version: 3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Homa Games
  • Compatibility: Android
14,428 Ratings
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Idle World ! App

The most addictive Idle Clicker game ever! In this brand new idle game you can decide about the creation of the earth. The more you upgrade the planet, the more energy you will get. Spend energy to colonize the planet. Plant plants to allow animals to grow! Can you unlock the atmosphere? Easy and simple gameplay: - Great upgrade system that will keep you playing for hours! - Prevent a natural catastrophe by unlocking the atmosphere. - Start off with upgrading the ground and unlock animals and humans! Features: - Beautiful animations! - Create the world as you want it! - Many categories to upgrade! - Endless hours of gameplay!

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Idle World ! app reviews

  • No planet 1/5

    By jlcfly
    Just downloaded and opened, and there’s no planet at all. Buttons and other things work, but the area where the planet is supposed to be is empty. Nothing shows but a black area. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Rebooted device. Still nothing. Is it supposed to be this way? Other places say you start with a bare planet, but for me there’s no planet.
  • Great game but it crashes 4/5

    By Savder813
    Love the game. Super addicting. Although, the app crashes and closes whenever I try to watch an add and sometimes just out of nowhere
  • Still crashing 1/5

    By spitfirepenguin
    The game is still crashing on the loading screen, I wanna play and it won’t even start up
  • Building your own earth 4/5

    By erath is life
    I like earth it’s a wonderful place where you get to live yourself plus I don’t know who built earth or when earth even existed... I rate 4 stars instead of “3 stars” “2 stars” “1 star” *mind* why have I been typing for so long?!?. K guys bye
  • Prestige? 4/5

    By yo yo no no 1234567890
    I like this game a lot but I am really confused at what the prestige button is. I had gotten so far with my world then hit prestige and now it’s all gone. I’m stupid, I just don’t know what it means
  • Cant play 2/5

    By Baretinha
    I was going to play this game but It kept kicking me out And my storage was fine so all I'm thinking is that there’s something wrong with this game that keeps kicking me out! I wanted to enjoy playing the game but instead i get a kick out? And also i think that the idea of putting a rebirth in front of a person’s screen is bad. Why? Pretty obvious the fact that i think the creator WANTS you to press it. You get bad rewards and just one thing? I know in games you get rewards for rebirths but not just ONE THING! So if i were to rate this is would be two star cause it is bad
  • That’s not an earth fact 2/5

    By loverlywench
    “Cambodia’s king is rumored to be a homosexual.” All right. Who cares? Why would you use that as a geographic fact? Aside from that, this game has good graphics and I guess it’s all you could look for in a game that is nothing but farming for points by watching ads.
  • WAY too many ads 2/5

    By Scooter McScooterson
    For every 30 minutes of ads you watch... you get to play the actual game for 5.
  • Add a maximum buy option 4/5

    By DeggoDaEggo
    I actually really like the game but I’m making tons of money in it but have to buy 100 water tiles at a time, because I invited more into the land tiles I haven’t really bought many water tiles and now that I am it’s taking me forever. Otherwise it’s an amazing game and my favorite mobile game to play on the go.
  • Riddled With Ads :( 1/5

    By too old for stupidity
    Love the game! That said, I HATE the constant bombardment of ads, especially the random forced ads during game play. Aren’t there enough ads already that we can choose to watch in order to progress faster in the game? I would never spend a single dime on an app riddled with so many ads and I may delete this app soon if the ads don’t subside. Do your developers even play this game? If they did I doubt they would allow such an obvious impediment to the enjoyment of their game. If you want more stars... you know what to do.
  • can’t play even though it’s compatible 1/5

    By Seth909
    This works on my device yet every time I try and play it instantly crashes on the loading screen
  • Crash 1/5

    By gjihighgyuhjbhfydrdrfuh
    This game is always crashing!
  • Crashes 1/5

    By kkmyfb
    Since the last update every time I go into the game it crashes. I will 5 star once it’s fixed!
  • Game is great but... 3/5

    By Cameron :]
    I’ve play the game for a while now and I’ve gotten really far into it, however I can no longer play it. After the last update, it seems that whenever I try and switch from planet to planet, my game just crashes. I can’t seem to do anything about it and I hope I don’t have to delete the game and restart. If this is fixable please fix it soon!!!
  • Broken 1/5

    By uhgjgyjgfyj
    I went to my iPad I tried playing but is just sending me out
  • 😓 4/5

    By ughsad
    Great game until it won’t let me open it anymore it just loads and then closes
  • Trash app 1/5

    By Sawyer Cripps
    This game is absolutely garbage. Most boring game if ever played and 90% of the time won’t even let me in the app! I would give this a 0 star if possible because that’s how garbage it is.
  • Great game, until... 3/5

    By This is nice but...
    I played this ad it was awesome, but I had to strip off a star because as soon as I updated, it would not let me play again, to get 5 stars back, just fix this crashing issue update: you didn’t fix it
  • Crash 3/5

    By Didkdkekdkd
    Won’t stop crashing I go into the game to collect my energy and then the game crashes other than that it’s a really good game

    By isabellekatrina
  • Crashing problem 5/5

    By hotwheelsdriver0508
    I love this game it’s really good but there’s one problem that I have with it since the new update. I keep crashing when I try to do anything in the game and my world also doesn’t load in its invisible like it’s not there but it is at the same time. I would love it if these problems were fixed so I can continue to play a game as good as this game.
  • My world is not there 3/5

    By DoableEntree0
    When I log into the game my earth, Mars, earth 2.0 are not there the game is good but I am having this problem can anyone help
  • It boots me out 2/5

    By dheudhesixhehsxicjr
    Can you fix the problem that every time I tap on something it always boots me out of the app. It always kicks me out.
  • It pretty good 4/5

    By Can't_Think_Of_A_Name
    It’s the best game i have played on a while but whenever I go into the game either after 2 mins or instantly it crashes I’ve reset my phone and WiFi like 7 times and it’s still crashing. The game isn’t like the game, at first it’s black where the world is suppose to be then you either have to play for a hour or so to unlock the world or buy the world for 50 gems which is what you start out with I suggest the hour of play. But when I get to play it’s soooooo fun.
  • Trash 1/5

    By cdngd
    Won’t even load
  • Can’t play! 1/5

    By defighggf
    When I danload the game I was so exited but when I went in the app it kept kicking me out of the game I tried it over and over at least 10 times.
  • Still hosed even with latest “bug fixes” 1/5

    By Neffilicious
    3.0 wiped out my nearly completed Earth, without warning. 3.1 has no large spinning planet. Mars and Earth are both just blank. Not worth the effort to wait for a fix. Deleting game.
  • I can’t get in the game 1/5

    By NarwhalsAreCute
    I tried a million times, different times, deleting the game then reinstalling it, I could never get into the game
  • It’s awesome 5/5

    By Kr1tik4l_Kr4k3n
    I’ve learned about a lot on how earth formed and I now get to play it!
  • Crashing when watching video for rewards 1/5

    By ss westport
    I like it if the app didn’t crash everything I watch a video for rewards
  • You’re game is not letting me show the world I can’t see it I’m also not blind so fix your game 1/5

    By gGgzggdhdhdijdushd
    It’s not show the world I’m not blind so fix your GAME!!!!!!!
  • Best idle game ever 4/5

    By Fubar-_2014
    I would love to give it a 5 star rating but after I updated it earth 1 doesn’t show and earth 2.0 doesn’t spin
  • Fun! But... 4/5

    By brewkob
    This game is pretty fun and keeps me engaged, but I'm not sure how much more of this my poor battery can take!
  • Update 3/5

    By arsold1989
    The newest update keeps closing out I’ve opened it 4 times in a row and I don’t want to have to re download it.
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By whatthehellareyoulikeseriously
    Most of the time I can’t see the world, the app always crashes when I tap on the earth icon this app needs to be updated to fix the bugs otherwise its not ever working like its supposed
  • Can see the world I’m making 1/5

    By AustiinJS
    I can’t see the world I’m making it used to work but now the world disappeared and hasn’t come back
  • Strangely addictive 5/5

    By Wayne_N_Weaver
    I spent way to much time on this app
  • A little error but so addictive 3/5

    By Bradley Behrens
    Love the app. The small error is the lock and unlock button for upgrading was removed. I loved that button made it easier to play would love you to fix it.
  • Love the game hate the crashing 3/5

    By consuelabuena
    I actually love the game, when I’m able to play it without crashing! Every time I try to watch a video for a reward, it crashes and closes out. If this were not the case, it would have 5 stars and then some!!!
  • Crashing 2/5

    By the-killer_347
    It was a great game until the latest update the every time I opened the app it would crash tried redownloading and lost all progress and was still crashing
  • Waste of my time 1/5

    By Tyler392842
    I literally took the time and reset Earth 5 times giving me 250 gems total and when the update dropped there’s no option for me to claim them anymore. It’s just gone. Loved the game up until this point.
  • How the game works for me 2/5

    By Aiden Petty
    So I just got the game when I was loading everything is black except the water and land buttons. I couldn’t see my world or any of the upgrades for some reason. It didn’t look like anything that an ad showed me.
  • Nothing 1/5

    By chapparitpo
    When I downloaded the app nothing appeared
  • New update has glaring issue 3/5

    By Olouch
    I quite enjoy this game but the new update brought a change that makes the game borderline unplayable. The choice to set the amount of a resource you buy to be unlocked is no longer in the game, this means instead of setting it to 100 unlocked and the game automatically choosing the highest amount you can afford you have to shuffle through and do it yourself. Other than that this game is pretty great
  • Idle world is great but some errors: 5/5

    By Cjclark430
    -you said scratch of the world but it just does is you just put it on -blocks world need to make people -Malaysia have 2 islands but Indonesia took 1 of them -5 stars still but fix them -also Russia in Europe and Asia, turkey, Armenia, Azubajam, Georgia -also Hawaii and Alaska is in usa -also Egypt in Africa and asia
  • Going in 2/5

    By Bjorn Burgunson
    The game crashes every time I try to get in
  • Crashes 2/5

    By violey05
    I reallly like the game so far and I really want to buy the no ad thing, but it crashes after a minute every time I open the app! It either crashes or the audio cuts out and it freezes. Every. Time.
  • App won’t even open 1/5

    By janeyf29
    I downloaded this app because it looked pretty cool n fun. I like idle games because I just think they’re easy and nice. But I waited for it to download and when it did I tried to open it. The app crashed in the loading screen. I thought it was just my phone it’s a little slow some days. Nope it did it five more times. Very disappointed
  • 🤦‍♂️stupiiid 1/5

    By 1 star lduehdn
    I don’t rlly like this game whenever I open the app it closes and it’s annoying. Idk if it’s compatible for the iPhone 6s+ but all I know is this is annoying.

Idle World ! app comments

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