iEditor – Text Code Editor

iEditor – Text Code Editor

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  • Current Version: 4.60
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  • Developer: ComcSoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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iEditor – Text Code Editor App

Voted No. 1 text and source code editor on iPhone/iPad. Simple and fast. iEditor is a text file and source code editing tool on iPhone and iPad. You can use iEditor to: - Create a new text or source code file. - Import a file from Document Browser. - Support Syntax Highlighting for C, Java, HTML files. (Pro Version) - Edit text based files and source codes. Supported files include: TXT files, C source codes, HTML files, JAVA source codes, log files, Shell scripts, etc. - Support Search/Replace within a text file. - Support to export a text based file to a PDF or a JPEG file. - Support to Print a file. - Support to Email a file. - Support File Management including: Add/Delete/Rename/Sort files. - Support to view many file formats, including: DOC, EXCEL, PPT, PDF, image files, video files, etc. - Support to open a file in another App. - Support to save an image to your Photo Album. With its simple interfaces, iEditor provides the easiest way to edit text and source code files on iPhone and iPad. If you have any questions, please visit:

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iEditor – Text Code Editor app reviews

  • Great Text Editor 5/5

    By zayl777
    Does exactly what I was looking for: opens local files as text files and lets me see or edit the contents! I probably won't use advanced functions, because all I need is a Windows Notepad equivalent and this app does it for me.
  • iEditor is for Nerds! 4/5

    By Kiry's
    I learned it's tricks & ticks & learned to like it. Of many I've DLoaded what I like the most are it's Cursor Arrows very rare to find in iPhone/Apple Writting App's. Allows fast Text corrections.
  • UI needs improvement 4/5

    By CNNN
    The app does what it claims to do. The UI is not intuitive and the color choice can be improved.
  • Programmer evaluation 1/5

    By yhhhyggh
    Opens large (15MB) xml file quickly. There’s no text search at all, so it’s really useless as a practical editor.
  • Finally! 5/5

    By RandoBandi
    I use this app to block the spam callers on my phone.
  • Cool. But photos don't work 4/5

    By MasterGameGuy1
    Cool. But photos don't work :(
  • Need a magnifying glass to see tiny text 1/5

    By TommyWillB
    Texts is amazingly small, and there are no settings to change it. It is so small that I can’t even put my finger in place to place/move cursor. This alone makes your app 100% unusable.
  • Does what you need it do, but terrible UI. 3/5

    By hobbledehoy_
    Even copying the IU of another code editor, like Textastic, would be miles ahead of this disaster.
  • Ugly...nasty colors, confusing and limited 2/5

    By THE Tiggr
    Sorry, but the user is presented with a garish UI that takes one back to the first days of Apple apps. The developers may like this and feel they have accommodated the user by allowing them to change the background, but the UI is still awful and horribly dated. I tried to open an HTML file from my iCloud drive and found no easy way of doing so. Given both issues I deleted this app directly afterwards. Can't speak for it's supposed functionality as it was already an app I could not see myself using and have zero interest in the 'pro' version given my experiences with the free one.
  • Text edit???? 1/5

    By Frank-62
  • It serves me well... 4/5

    By kostelacj
    I use it as I would Notepad, though I'd be happy for vi for iPhone. I do wish it would allow me to rename a file and assign extensions to open as text files, e.g., myscript.sql created out of SQL*Plus or vi.
  • Great App. 5/5

    By SneakySN
    Just add some fonts.
  • Lost work from bugs 2/5

    By Pdvcom
    Switching between apps on iPad to copy text into this app and the app closes. All unsaved work lost. Sometimes while in app, save button would not work, also.
  • Meh 5/5

    By Kegawano
    OK, I have used this program extensively and it works for all of the important things. If you try to email a folder it says it will compress it to send it, but the resulting archive is corrupt and empty, and the zip feature is only for pro users, so there is no way to email more than one file at a time. And you shouldn't be profiting from ads, but thanks for providing a free version.
  • Bad User Interface 2/5

    By Bemarlan
    UI is terrible. App does the bare-minimum.
  • Did you noobtest this? 1/5

    By Basil white
    User-hostile interface. Deleted content when autosaving. Keyboard disappears when needed.
  • Low resolution 1/5

    By Allquix
    Low resolution only. No support for high res devices like 6 Plus
  • Free! 5/5

    By 没适配
    Finally there is a FREE App for Editing Text File
  • Confusing, but workable 3/5

    By mrob27
    It's hard to figure out how to create a file, how to start typing, how to exit typing in order to save, how to get the font choices, and everything else I tried. But at least it works.
  • Good for writing little webpages 4/5

    By And44111
    If I'm not connected to wifi or anything, this is useful if I have an idea and want to test it out.
  • No good, and constant advertising! 1/5

    By Sweeneypm
    Downloaded for programming, no built in keyboard as shown, to speed up coding. This is basically a notepad with advertising.
  • Does not work with files outside of App 1/5

    By EaglesFanInSC
    Description in the App Store has a lot of potential for this app. Was very disappointed when basics such as iOS's action to "Copy to iEditor" would open the app but not do anything with the file. I would be willing to pay for this app if the bloat ware were removed and the features promised worked.
  • Ads, encoding does not work. 2/5

    By TechnoStew
    Nuff said.
  • AD'S 1/5

    By really bad trash
  • Ok customization, needs refinement 3/5

    By iEditor Reviewer
    Ability to change background and ink color is a good touch, but there's a lack of simplicity. You need to save every time you're done typing. You have to press an Edit button if you want to start typing. App keeps asking you to review it (I'm only writing this hoping it goes away now). Bottom line: I only use this app because I love green text on black background and this lets you do that.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By CallMeMrSmith
    I use this app along with iTransfer, another app from the same developer. iTransfer is an FTP app. So basically, I can make code documents and upload them to my site from my iPad! Who would have thought? Anyway, thanks for the cool app, I love it, and all you peeps should get it if you're on le fence.
  • Awesome,but ONE problem. 5/5

    By And dance
    At the first when I was using it, there was a pop-up and I can't get out, so I tried everything I could to fix it but not so good on cheats though. At first when I tried using this app for cheats,Kill Shot Bravo, it dosen't work so I tried again and the only app that works for the cheats is JSON editor with the background like this:{ }. PLEASE STOP THE POP UP (S)!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK. USER
  • I still have not figured out how to do anything useful with it. 1/5

    By SkipGeel
    How does it do anything? Help!
  • Won't save... 1/5

    By JM5488
    Won't save anything... I would not recommend this app
  • Good for text editing 4/5

    By 1concernedfan
    It took some time to save but after I watched the video I found how. Good for my purposes.
  • Muito bom 4/5

    By Igor Carioca
    Gostei do app. Atendeu minha necessidade.
  • Won't scroll down. Doesn't save 2/5

    By Dragon-Geek
    It will not scroll down to allow me to edit the bottom half of text which I pasted in. And it didn't save what I put in either! Useless, and I won't pay for any upgrades if they can't even get simple text editing right!
  • It's the simple things 2/5

    By Mike Patterson88
    Love the idea of this app, seems like the EXACT app I'm looking for, but its usability (or lack thereof) makes basic file operations such as saving the progress of your work quite a confusing pipeline that has a strong learning curve. I was actually right in the process of figuring out how to save the word "test" on a document I had just started when the app interrupted me with a pop up asking me to write this review. Before it interrupted me though, I had tried 4-5 consecutive attempts at finding the "save" button only to have the word erased on every attempt, with no clear "undo" functionality in sight The negative things others have listed are mostly true: some icons are identical to icons used in official Apple apps but the functionality of these icons differs greatly. This creates confusion for the user because we already have an expectation of what that icons represents and what its function is. To make matters waay worse is that the icons don't have any text labels. The icons are confusing without any text because they lack context, and the icons are not specific enough in their visual descriptions (it's not minimalism if the point doesn't get across). While I appreciate the desire to declutter the interface by removing button text labels, understanding what a button does on first glance is more important than nailing down the visual aesthetic style of proprietary button icons. Either adhere to standard symbols for standard functionality or make ALL of the icons original (and more specific). Mixing proprietary icons with Apple's icons doesn't make any sense without the expected Apple icon functionality. I will be returning to the app after writing this review to figure out the exact method to save my work, but since I have to approach that task as if I'm embarking on an expedition into the unknown demonstrates to me that the developers accidentally overlooked some very crucial functions of the app, or perhaps didn't test the app enough (or at all) with testers outside of the development team. I gotta knock off a couple points for that. If not for that glaring Priority 1 bug, this app would still get a 4 star review because this app does not rotate to landscape view on my iPhone 5s. All text editing must be done with the device in the vertical position, which isn't as big of an issue if you're operating an iPad, but even then, typing is still more comfortable in landscape on an iPad than in its vertical position. If this were just a word processor for office documents, it would probably be even less of a deal, but this app is for writing code, which is a lengthy time-consuming process that requires not only two hands (or thumbs) but also a certain level of comfort that allows a coder to focus on their code for hours on end. Their focus should not be the app that lets them write the code. They shouldn't be focused on learning a new tool, the tool needs to be comfortable enough to be an extension of the coder themselves. This app seems like it could offer a deep mobile coding experience, but the app interface is doing more than standing in the way of comfortable coding, it'a completely obstructing it and downright burying any usefulness this app intends to offer with a confusing interface. Knowing that this app is offering exactly what I'm looking only amplifies the user frustration with these glaring issues, but I didn't knock off another point for that. As much as I want to. I hope this gets patched soon. I could live with the ads if the above issues were addressed.
  • Best Editor Possible 3/5

    By bigzeek45
    This app is incredible if you are wanting to be able to write code anywhere you want, but there are a few flaws. The major one for me is that you can't import files such as other code or photos, so you pretty much have to write the whole code without being able to see the images you have in it.
  • No "Save" button for new text files 1/5

    By frankz00
    The only option is "Close" and for me it did not save. No confirmation before I lost my data. This is unacceptable and unusable in its current state! ONE STAR!!!!
  • Reseña 4/5

    By Flako214
  • Reseña 4/5

    By Flako214
  • Good Not Great! 4/5

    It's definitely good to have on your iPhone for on the go, but I was expecting the ease of it to be just a bit smoother.
  • Didn't save 1/5

    By Jumpjumpman
    Didn't save when I exited.
  • Awesomeness 4/5

    By Ppjrzx6
    now that's business
  • impressive fuctions but not good to display java 4/5

    By 作大神
    impressive fuctions but not good to display java
  • Handy 4/5

    By JishDiva
    Useful app just could use a little more expanded features
  • The best editor 5/5

    By Gabby Maison
    Really useful and helpful, I had a few editors on my cellphone and none of them were as good as this one. It totally worth it, in my opinion, it's the best editor!
  • iEditor 3/5

    By SRLong13
    A good editor but you will be pestered to death until you upgrade.
  • Notepad++ for iPhone 5/5

    By MattChimento
    I needed a text editor that allowed code and layout functions, and this app is the way to go. Looking forward to some more cool features!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Mikegf33
    Useless - does nothing - can't modify a PDF like it claims.
  • Edit erased my work 1/5

    By Vonyar
    I just encountered 3 critical problems which are why I will be deleting this app. 1. While entering text into a text file I could not scroll the page so the key board was covering my data entry point. It is extremely hard to add or edit text when you can't see where it is going. The only work around is to put in enough carriage returns until the doc is long enough to cause scrolling to activate. 2. After entering a full page of data I was looking for the save and tapped the edit button in the top right corner (a square with a pen in it). This wiped all of my input data!!! 3. There is no undo function to fix what just happened!!
  • Never download this ANYBODY 1/5

    By Needs Reset City Option
    Worst app ever. The ads literally popped up every 15 seconds, it only lets you edit documents too. I would give it 0 stars if I could.
  • Too many pop ups including asking for a review after I said to stop asking 2/5

    By Ushruf
    Too many pop ups including asking for a review after I said to stop asking. Otherwise an ok app

iEditor – Text Code Editor app comments

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