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  • Current Version: 4.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: DineEquity, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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IHOP makes it easy to enjoy award winning buttermilk pancakes — and all your favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner items. And now, the IHOP app makes it easy to find nearby locations, order delivery, and pay in store with Pay N’ Go. Plus, you can earn rewards and track your International Bank of Pancakes account, all within the app.

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  • Does not work! 1/5

    By Super awesome 321456
    I literally cannot put in a curb side pickup order, when I go to tap on a restaurant it pops up an error.
  • Wow 1/5

    By Jeremyrcz
    It’s almost like they DONT want me to buy anything from them. App is horrendous. Constant issues where I can’t leave a certain screen, causing me to restart the entire order multiple times, to not accepting my payment method cause I have an invalid zip code, of which I’ve only had two tied to the card, and neither of them worked…. What a load of crap
  • Pancoin rewards 2/5

    By ant4three
    Everytime I want to use my rewards and try and order a full stack I got from the pancoins. There is no option to check out with them.
  • Fix your app 1/5

    By greeegjohn
    Please fix your app so can order food without a (f-ing) error message.
  • App works after all, service is weird. 3/5

    By SakuraCCS
    The app works fine. However, this is across the app and website, if you place an order there is no way to view it. It will look like you have not placed it, it won’t appear in transaction history, and will not show you the coins earned from the purchase until you pick up your order. That is very bad, you already took my money there should be zero need to withhold the information until I receive the food, especially when we double check to ensure everything we ordered is included as restaurants often forget something. Every other restaurant lets you see the order you just placed, some even show you the status of your order or check you into a pickup parking spot. Unexpected from a chain as large as IHOP.
  • I love Pepsi 5/5

    By Brandon720
    I love Pepsi
  • QR code scan never works 1/5

    By HoneyBadger210
    TWICE I’ve visited IHOP and wanted to scan the QR Code on my receipt to pay from the app and earn my rewards. Both times it says invalid code. Deleting this app
  • Doesn’t work at all. 1/5

    By Wyatt's Tech Corner
    So originally I thought the app just needed a lot of work and wasn’t user friendly. Now I think they just don’t care. The app does not work at all. Logging in is impossible yet if I go online I don’t have a problem. To that end I no longer use the app and order from iHop much less because it’s just more work than what it’s worth.
  • Unable to “Pay w/ IHOP App” 1/5

    By D-Roze
    Title says it all. It worked once; the next three times I used tried using the app I get an invalid error when trying to pay with the app using the QR code. It doesn’t appear the IHOP employees have been given any training or awareness that the app even exits- don’t even know where to direct me for help. *Please fix this because it was really great that one time it worked.*
  • App makes me eat at iHop less 1/5

    By Pancake_Lover_
    The last three times I’ve eaten at IHOP I can never get credit for the purchase. I find myself feeling like I’m missing out and my previous loyalty to IHOP has been replaced with feeling cheated and I’m missing out. IHOP needs to fix their issues. The restaurants haven’t been trained on how to deal with it and can’t provide answers. Customer service can’t pull up the purchase to provide credit without the original detailed receipt, even when paying with the app. They don’t see the transactions.
  • Pancoins disappeared 1/5

    By Baseball guy101216
    Tried to use my pancoins for lunch today and all of my pancoins are no longer there. Same with my girlfriend’s. We had a short stack code saved on her phone and it’s gone as well. Anyway we can get our rewards back?
  • Trouble pulling up previous order 3/5

    By **T13**
    In order to view my order, like to confirm my pick up, I had to start a whole new order and then it finally showed me previous orders. Please look at a way to access active orders and previous orders without having to start a new one. Thanks.
  • Unable to access stack market on iPhone app 4/5

    By Laffa Mcklin
    This app is great and all but I really want to get rewards with my pan coins in the stack market section on my iPhone but when I try to access it, the app says that the “ data could not be read because it is not in the correct format”. I don’t know what that means? Do I have to go to the website version and get my rewards there or what?
  • Can’t Pay In App 1/5

    By tishtosh2380
    I tried placing an order in this app TWICE and the order would not go thru. I kept getting an error saying to call the store to place an order. When I called, I was told to come in person to place order which defeats the purpose because I was trying to place an order for pickup to avoid the long lines and over crowded lobby!
  • Fix the ordering issues on the App 1/5

    By Curt_roid
    When you place a order you can select a location but it will always revert back to your favorite location once you are about to check out. Which will cause the order to be processed to your favorite location even if you are not there so you have to manually check it more than twice to make sure the app doesn’t put the wrong location and take your money. I don’t order for delivery anymore because it often bugs out and glitches making the third-party drivers not see who the order is for. My advice would be to order the food , check the right location, and go in the store yourself and pick up your food because they need to reprogram this entire system.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By jjjbruin
    Always seems to take 10-15 minute to get in app and order. Not intuitive. No easy way to tip that I can see. Wonder if execs ever actually use their apps
  • ApplePay does not work 1/5

    By Dorpsgek
    - download app - open app - go thru registration process - now, finally scan QR code on ticket - select tip - select Apple Pay - get 500 error with “cute” can’t find pancakes msg🙄 - try again, 500 error - pay server with physical card - delete app
  • Do not waste your time with this app 1/5

    By Casey Jay
    This app is such a mess. My first issue with the app is you have to use your “pancoins” to select your reward, then copy and paste the reward code in the checkout menu. This is way too complicated for the average user and needlessly long and convoluted. Many other good apps such as Starbucks let’s you use the reward at checkout on whatever items it qualifies for. Secondly is the pancoins themselves. When the app came out I had ten pan coins. I ordered pancakes once and was down to 3 pancoins. My coins have disappeared from my account several times. Corporate is unreachable as you have to complain directly to a restaurant and the restaurants can’t give back pancoins. Corporate will redirect your calls to a store if you are having an issue even though the individual stores have no control over the app. Last issue is with the ordering to a store. Twice now when ordering, I have had my order sent to the wrong store. The order will always go to my “favorited store” and not the selected store. This basically makes it impossible to order from anywhere but your favorites store. My home store knows me because I’ve had to call twice now to get a refund. When the stores issue you a refund you do not receive your pancoins back either. All in all this app has made my experience with ihop miserable and I have decided to stop using it all together. Once they got rid of happy hour and raised all the prices I noticed the stores overall quality were going down. The pancoins disaster was the last straw. The store actually requested that I call in my order directly because the app is so bad. I would say hopefully they fix it but after this many mistakes I’m done. Please give me my pancoins back.
  • I love IHOP 5/5

    By SSchmoon
    They fixed most of the app breaking issues and I can order food again! Great service.
  • Won’t Accept Address 1/5

    By Spanky8765
    Lived at this same address for over 20 years. Not one single problem ever having anything delivered. IHOP uses door dash to deliver through this app and even my door dash app delivers here for over 3 years. Yet IHOP says my address is invalid. Even tried 5 times retyping it. Deleted app and reinstalled. Same problem. Tried contacting the app customer service but no luck. You have to have a completed order to submit any issue and obviously that is the problem. So hopefully the app can work for everyone else.
  • App still isn’t working properly 1/5

    By bowdn1
    I haven’t been able to use the app because it won’t let me complete the order. Says error validating basket when trying to check out. I have tried deleting the app and download it again and still nothing works???
  • Can’t Scan Rewards Code 1/5

    By ommfgjustsendthedamnreviewwtf
    Title says it all. I can’t redeem my codes for points, thus I’ve spent hundreds the past few weeks and can’t even get my rewards for it. Fix the dang app!
  • Rewards 1/5

    By anakaryna6255382973
    My receipt doesn’t have the qr code or the 13 digit number to get my rewards, then why promote your pancoins if you dont give us the codes,
  • App is completely broken 1/5

    By roeboat72
    Since the update it will not let me order as the basket cannot validate. So basically it is utterly useless. They also made it impossible to login if you used to login via Apple so you have to create a new account. Don’t bother with the app anymore. It is worthless.
  • Delivery not an option 1/5

    By debbiegirl2
    I’ve tried to get food delivered to me for some time now. It never worked for my old address, my new address or my moms address which are all not far from the restaurant. We have Covid and can’t leave the house. If I go through door dash I can get it delivered but if I go through the ihop app i can’t get delivery crazy cause y’all use door dash as delivery in the app. I will be deleting until this gets fixed. I had mobile app coupons to use and now I can’t use them
  • Losing my points 1/5

    By i hop regular
    I never have a problem until you tell me to update app. Then I lose all my points. Then I had to search for IHOP to get a number to get me back online. Thus is not an old app! What is the game here???? IHOP regular
  • App glitch 1/5

    By wisely app crap
    2nd time trying to do online order and app doesn’t work at checkout! Brings you back to previous page. I’ll order from somewhere else.
  • Visit to Hattiesburg, MS IHOP 1/5

    By Barronbug
    We tried to eat breakfast at the IHOP in Hattiesburg, MS. It has recently been sold, so it’s under new management. When we arrived at 8 am there were only two other cars in the parking lot. We were greeted and seated immediately. However, after 10 minutes, no one had come to our table even though there were four servers. We decided to leave, and they obviously didn’t care. We loved going to IHOP!
  • Scan recipes problems 1/5

    By jchfugioh
    It’s been awhile since I eat ihop and it won’t let me scan a receipt in to order food still
  • . 3/5

    By kesokslsosos
    it doesn’t let me pay with apple pay once i scan qr code it says error page. so annoying. some people like contactless payments better.
  • Not even functional 1/5

    By Crasher_2003
    I don’t know if you just bought reviews from the Chinese but an app that used to work great now is useless. You can’t even log in anymore and there’s no ordering as guest option. IHOP was a thing for me as I do OTR but now I’m just deleting it and I’ll eat somewhere else.
  • Error validating basket 1/5

    By Ike₽
    Have no idea what is this Error is. Been more concrete could be better for your business.
  • Worst app for mediocre food 1/5

    By Tjcre
    App won’t work so I have to call my order in. Which 90% of the time they get it right. And that’s of the phones work. Static central
  • Won’t even let me order let alone open the app 1/5

    By chfbfb
    The app closes every time I try ordering
  • Keeps logging me out 3/5

    By tjbabs
    Why won’t the App Store your information? It keeps logging me out when I don’t use it for a short period, please fix this
  • Doesn’t accept payment 1/5

    By Chris j...
    Never had a problem with this app til it updated, you can’t even process your payment. I tried multiple cards and still wouldn’t process any of my payments
  • Needs More Work…. 1/5

    By Nat004207
    Order iHOP for lunch today through the app. Ordered came along with a syrup caddy and a drink. Didn’t get either one. Definitely needs more tweaking so that the people who work at the restaurant know exactly what goes on which order to prevent customers from missing items.
  • Log in glitch 1/5

    By Thirisknowcall8
    When the app automatically signed me out I tried to log back in but it said that it wasn’t right so I had to reinstall the app 😠
  • Do not use the app to make dining in payment 1/5

    By PennaFred
    This app has bugs: - app automatically adds a gratuity without authorization - no record of the transaction is stored in the app other than the rewards coins - no receipt e-mail is generated as a record of the credit card transaction When I brought this up to store management they indicated it is ihop corporate. When I contacted ihop corporate they said it is the individual franchisee. No one seems to want to take ownership of the issues.
  • Needs serious improvements 1/5

    By jerira
    I am not sure what upgrade the developers applied to this app, but it could not deliver to an address it delivered before. It refused to save the state on the credit card form. Every time I tried to enter my credit card information, it saved it even though it did not accept it. That caused confusion and delay. Overall, navigation could be more intuitive. I am writing this as a software developer myself.
  • Love it 5/5

    By ftsacs
    This app is beautiful. The UI is perfect, pancoins are awesome, and adding the scan and go was the whip cream on the pancake. Great job. I hope it doesn’t change.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Txcopperrr
    Don’t waste your time. I downloaded it on my phone and tried to use it at an IHOP two weeks ago. The app can’t read the QR code. Today my wife downloads it on her phone and it can’t read the QR code, either. We deleted it from both our phones. Waste of time.
  • Need to download app to pay in store 1/5

    By C Figs
    What a joke… literally why should you have to download an app to pay
  • No Apple Pay 1/5

    By mikyu
    No Apple pay
  • Where build your own Omelets 2/5

    By spot282
    There’s an option for build your own omelette on ihop.com but if you sign in it goes away and it forces you to choose one of the premade ones same thing on the app what’s the deal!
  • App and website failing 1/5

    By Big Homy
    The app and website wouldn't allow me to log in. I even tried to reset my password to see if it is a password issue. I can't do that cause the website to change it won't open at all!
  • Cannot leave a tip 4/5

    By wriddle082
    It’s not that difficult. Somewhere right above where you choose the payment method, leave an option to leave either a 0%, 10%, 15%, 20%, or custom tip. Other apps for other full service restaurants have this. Why can’t IHOP?
  • Rewards app 1/5

    By Judy. 3
    I’ve been unable to enter my receipts for a month! The app is off center!!!!!

    By a friend and a pal
    Really shocked there aren’t more 1-star reviews. I CANNOT order from the app at all, every single time I try I get an “error validating basket” pop up. I googled it, and have found tweets going back over 2 years saying this is a widespread issue. Please fix your app.

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