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  • Current Version: 2.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: DineEquity, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Hungry? You’ve come to the right place. IHOP is the home of world famous buttermilk pancakes and a variety of craveable breakfast, lunch and dinner favorites beloved by people of all ages. Browse the menu, find locations and order online with IHOP n' Go®. All together with a smile!

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  • Terrible 1/5

    By IronManDan6
    Would not recognize advertised discount. Awful response from manager. Never again.
  • Nothing Useful 1/5

    By Bird Brained!
    Other than online ordering, which can be done at the regular web site, this app offers nothing. There is no point in downloading it.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Zahid1256
    I can never place an order from here. It never seems to work. No matter how many updates it goes through it doesn’t allow me to order online. It just keeps loading. Very bad app
  • "Error validating basket" 1/5

    By Aaronsjshenebundjushfj
    "Error validating basket"
  • Need to Update the Side Menu 2/5

    By Nikiivsn
    The app needs to update the sides if you won’t allow consumers to customize their meals. For example, I ordered French Toast and I wanted eggs and smoked sausage on the side, neither was available on the side Menu. Additionally, there is no way to customize the order or place notes. For example, I wanted a Poblano Omelette, no beef sub mushroom. Can’t do that on the app and once again, mushrooms is not on the sides. I usually still have to call the restaurant anyway.
  • Missing menu items 1/5

    By Skyla312
    Please add to the app the option to order single eggs! I have had bariatric surgery and the combos are not an option for me as they are always filled with carbs or simply just too much food. When I come into the store I order just a single egg and side of sausage and I should be able to do the same for a to go order through the app!
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Ccat74
    The app should allow a user to make substitutions with their order just like making a substitution to an order over the phone. The customize option for orders are limited. For example, I ordered a combo that came with eggs. The app will only allow you to pick the limited options (scrambled, sunny side up, no eggs, etc.) for eggs. I couldn’t order scramble egg whites. It should at least have a comment section, so a user can type or enter a substitution.
  • Online ordering doesn't work..? 1/5

    Says online ordering for this location doesn't work.. even tho it's worked before
  • Love pictures with the app 5/5

    By Sciatto8852
    I love the fact that there are pictures of the food on this app! It makes it very easy for my kids to pick what they want. Love it! Great job.
  • Love IHOP but not the app 2/5

    By Troy the Movie
    You can’t put an edit if you want something extra or something else added
  • One fix caused another problem 1/5

    By China doll 901
    So the website and app now has Turkey as a meat option but now I can’t order from my Southaven MS location. Will someone please help with this. I’m not a fan of Denny’s and Cracker Barrel’s food. But they have a websites that work. Thank you!
  • Confirmation error 1/5

    By rfleuakdh
    So we order from the app, everything went fine, got the confirmation email and everything and once we get to the store, they say they don’t have our order. After double checking the address and they had me call the number in the confirmation (which was their store), they still refused to put our order in. It wasn’t until I starting b****ing at them that they decided to call their manager and see what to do, the manager did not pick up, then they finally put it in . We have been waiting for our food for almost an hour now.
  • Couldn’t checkout with code. 1/5

    By Tschatti
    I wanted to try the take out option on the app. I tried to put in the code for ordering on line with your first order. It would not let me checkout. I kept getting an error message that said “your basket cannot be confirmed. Try again later”. When I removed the code I was able to checkout. I felt that was a little misleading and deleted the order, and when somewhere else for breakfast.
  • Awful App. Use it and the meals aren’t ready and the order is completely wrong 1/5

    By Asdaalpha
    I ordered using the app to Ballantyne location in Charlotte. The app is slow, doesn’t have basic items like eggs on the menu. The app freezes a lot. 45 min later I arrived and the order wasn’t ready and then it was completely wrong. To top it off, they forgot the fruit toppings. I waited another 40 minutes in there and it was still wrong. Never again
  • Broken 1/5

    By Wyatt's Tech Corner
    You are suppose to be able to place an order from this app yet it didn’t allow me to at all. After adding 1 item to the cart it wouldn’t allow me a to add anything else. Tapping add item did nothing even after closing the app and reopening it multiple times. So it’s back to calling in my orders again.
  • Should be better 2/5

    By Osubucki6
    The app works and there really aren’t a ton of issues. Just a lot of missing features. I think the biggest thing would be a special instruction section for your order. My local IHOP constantly misses things in my order and I feel this would really help. A reward for the app would also be extraordinary but not a necessity.
  • Good overall 4/5

    By Krissy_79
    I use this app all of the time and it has worked perfectly each time. The only thing missing is an “instructions” section to add items like extra plastic wear, ranch, a cup of ice water, salsa, butter, syrup, etc. Under sides, you also cannot add an extra egg like you could in the store.
  • IHOP it’s close at all time or it’s just the app?? 1/5

    By adanparga
    All the stores appears as “closed”
  • No worky!!! 1/5

    By ChameleonicX
    Only thing this app is good for, is looking at a menu...for items they might have! In other words...USELESS
  • Broken 1/5

    By 4MUKC
    This app is awful. Biggest complaint mobile orders NEVER go through. Can not communicate to the store. If you worked on services for this app, leave IT. If you order as guest you have to enter all the information for an account minus password. Either streamline, or give an option to add the password at the end. My terrible experience with the app have cost the store my business.
  • Not worth it 2/5

    By SNG94
    The app is super glitchy and kept crashing over and over. My brother and I were finally able to submit our order and noticed that there was no tracker or anything to tell you when your order would be finished. You just assume that the time you selected is when your order will be ready. We went to pick up our food and had to wait an extra half hour for pick up. Seems like this was a rush job to get out and they left out a lot of stuff to put out a garbage app.
  • Some nice features but crashes 2/5

    By Carpenbury
    It’s nice you can continue and order as a guest. I think this is much better than calling on the phone to place a to go order. It’s nice to see what options are available for each entrée and just pick them. However we’ve noticed some of the selections like chicken fried steak cause the app to crash completely and you have to start over again. Also some options like adding chicken or steak to the omelette is not an available option. there needs to be another category where you can just say what you want to add. Because if you order in the store you can add stuff like that.
  • Neither app nor website works 1/5

    By boxcar67
    No problem navigating, but received an Error Validating Basket on both the app and the website when trying to place the order.
  • App and online horrible 2/5

    By Rosieposiedoielosiefosie
    Hi i love ihop but i want to do an app order to pick up at the store and online it does the same thing, every-time i pick something from the menu and scroll up to confirm or choose a side it kicks me out the app and online. I can never make a order and when you go back in it does the same thing and you have to start the order again. I really don't want to order from another app like uber eats because it does not display the whole menu and they are always busy on the phone to make a order
  • 🤦🏽‍♀️ 1/5

    By Someone95123
    App keeps closing while I’m trying to order
  • Poor planning 1/5

    By ntventz
    The ordering system is pretty messy with how you have to confirm your order but it’s not the worst. It’d be nice though if they informed you that the locations are not accepting online ordering before wasting 10 minutes on the app trying to figure it out.
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By Bebod
    Was trying to order online ahead of time to make my life easier. Yet the app kept crashing and couldn’t even get to see the menu much less order. Eventually had to end up ordering at the location. Very frustrating....
  • App stopped working 2/5

    By Ron_L
    I just upgraded my phone to iOS 12 and now the menu would not load. Please fix! I ❤️ IHOP
  • Crappy app 1/5

    By T.J.Lyons
    I downloaded your app. I tried to order a couple of burgers. The app would not allow me to choose how I wanted my burger cook ie, medium well, medium well ,well done. The app Did find a restaurant nearest my home. But when I push the order it said they could not contact the restaurant. No explanation. In my opinion your app is a big waste of time until you get the bugs worked out. Sincerely T.J. Lyons
  • App stop working 1/5

    By DT 242
    APP no longer works since IOS 12 updated.
  • Doesn’t work! 1/5

    By Sksmartin
    I just downloaded the App and placed an order. My husband went to the store to pick up our order and they didn’t get our order. They told him I must have placed it at a different store. No, I didn’t. Then they didn’t have a record that I paid for it and I sent them the screenshot from my bank account showing I paid. Wow! All this for $20! Will be deleting the app and not returning!
  • Please work on this 1/5

    By Lextay327
    Maybe it’s because I’m hangry but my family and I have been trying to work this app for at least 20 mins. When we tried to use the $5 off coupon for the first order, a message saying “error validating basket” popped up. We took the coupon off and the message popped up again on my aunt’s phone but not mine. Then, even though a new pay at restaurant option was added on this updated version, it did not give us that option. Now, my aunt is suggesting Taco Bell and I don’t know about you, but when I think of breakfast, I think of IHOP but now, when I think of something that should make breakfast easier, IHOP is currently the last thing I think of.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Sky5172002
    App stopped working, not able to order anything from any restaurant. Originally downloaded for easy ordering and pickup but im not able to get the app to work, it just keeps spinning on the order page. Think it may need an update
  • App errors 2/5

    By evrydayjuju09
    2 times I have had issues with the app. First time I put my order in for pickup at 615. I was told they received the order at 612. There was an error with the printer that did not notify them until 3 minutes prior to pickup that there was an order. Today, I place an order at 530, they did anot recieve my order at all due to a computer error. Luckily I was not charged. I believe app has kinks that need to be worked thru.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By ninic27
    Every time I’ve tried to order on this app, I can’t put cheese on hashbrowns, it always says error which is stupid. If I try to customize certain things it won’t work. Payments won’t work. The buttons don’t work. And when I called my closest iHop they wouldn’t take orders over the phone so I had to drive to a farther one but their customer service was better anyways, but still. iHop you need to get it together.
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By dcvirgo
    You can’t place an order via the app the prices in the app are different than the restaurant.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Scorpio131
    Add the ability to reserve seating on the app so we can get on the waiting list ahead of time by giving an estimated time of arrival and number of people to be seated.
  • Not functional 1/5

    By Anonymous complainant
    Attempted to use this app to pull up one of two restaurants that I know exist and operate and the app could not locate a restaurant. This was without and then with location services enabled. I attempted to use city and zip code to search as well as “nearby.” Absolutely no functionality. Even harder to order when it can’t find a restaurant.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jklusher
    Couldn’t get our order to go through.
  • Just Bad 1/5

    By Kendy Yanez
    I have no problem with the app, my real problem is that I don’t understand why it gives you certain time to pick up your order, but when you get to the place is never ready. It happened to me 3 times already. Last time I waited for more than 20 minutes for my order. They shouldn’t let the customers pick the time of pick up if they won’t have the order ready.
  • Very Basic App - Don’t waste your data 1/5

    By MDM111
    I downloaded the app hoping that it would allow customers get in line to avoid long waits at the restaurant and allow customers to pay for their bill via the app, but it doesn’t do either. Waste of data.
  • Never works 1/5

    By gfkvjiogjoifx
    Every single time I try and place an order it never works. Why have an app if it doesn’t do what it’s intended to!
  • Rating 5/5

    By MarylandBoy10
    Great App
  • Clunky with errors 1/5

    By Highpti
    This app is an embarrassment! It’s clunky, forces cumbersome interaction to get any information, and it’s missing locations!
  • Very nice app 5/5

    By Crazynicknamereq
    This is one of the best apps I have seen for a while. It is well setup and easy to use. Great job!!
  • The complimentary beverage for burgers doesn’t work 2/5

    By ihobCustomer
    I am frustrated with the selection of the burgers in the menu, it simply doesn’t let me checkout my order, the burgers come with a complimentary beverage that can’t be selected, so it’s impossible to checkout.
  • App in the Burger part of the menu need fixing 3/5

    By fkwkemsldbd
    The app part of the menu need fixing because the complementary beverage you’re trying to provide which is really nice unfortunately on the menu you cannot select a beverage so you try to add it to your order and it says please pick a beverage but there is no beverage category to select and then if you add a beverage to your order as well it still doesn’t let you add one of the Burgers to your order still doesn’t work, because you still haven’t selected a beverage for the order for the burger
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Randoz79
    Doesn’t start the order until you get to the restaurant. Which means you should just wait until you get there an order at counter.
  • Stores should be prepared 3/5

    By SannySue
    The app itself works fine for me, but I find it odd that you can’t add a tip in the check out section. Most food apps give you that option. My biggest complaint about this app has more to do with the restaurant itself. If you’re going to allow mobile orders then be prepared for them. I have ordered through this app about five times and not once has my food been ready to go at the time the app promises. I am usually in the restaurant 10 minutes waiting for my order it be bagged and brought to me. This morning they had no plastic utensils other than a spoon. Have you ever tried to spread butter on a pancake and eat it with a spoon?

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