IKEA Home smart (TRÅDFRI)

IKEA Home smart (TRÅDFRI)

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  • Current Version: 1.14.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Inter IKEA Systems B.V.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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IKEA Home smart (TRÅDFRI) App

Set the scene you want in any room, for any mood, at any time. It’s easy and affordable with the IKEA Home smart System. Set lighting and music for early mornings, another for late evenings and a third for cooking or working at home. Dim, turn off, turn on, change colours and switch from warm to cold light using the remote controls or app. Raise or lower blinds. Turn on your music—then turn it up, turn it down or pause it. Connect to the Apple Home app and set our scene with Siri—or at the touch of a button. Through the app, you can also connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and control it all with your voice. It’s easy to install—and lets you set the scene for every mood. What you’ll get: • The ability to control your lights and blinds from the app • The ability to turn music on and off, pause it and control volume • Customisable settings, including changing blind position, light colours and choosing warm or cool light • Timers with sun rise and set options

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IKEA Home smart (TRÅDFRI) app reviews

  • Buggy blind controls 2/5

    By Mudbutte
    Overall not bad with a good set of basic features. The slider for controlling blinds can be extremely buggy/sensitive to the point of being temperamental and makes an otherwise good app a rather terrible experience.
  • Please add night theme 4/5

    By RagingRam
    The worse thing about using this app is being blinded every time i want to turn in for the night.
  • they update the app to give you ads for new products 1/5

    By spacecowbell
    every time I update it has a splash screen for ads that you cannot close you have to go through every screen and then continue. This is really slimy to just have updates to show me products.
  • Super buggy 1/5

    By parkerbro9
    Every time the app auto updates, my whole system collapses and everything gets disconnected. Sometimes it eventually fixes itself after some time, sometimes it never does and I have to manually disconnect/ reconnect everything one by one (their setup process is it’s own nightmare). Just so you know what you’re in for.
  • Can’t update gateway or accessories via latest update 1/5

    By 21CxC
    I was stuck with the latest updated gateway version 1.9 and can’t use new app features. Tried to forget settings with no luck ...still showing that the gateway is up to date (even if there is 1.16 available). Worst than that is that after I’ve tried everything even reset the settings and pair with other iPhone and also an Android phone I choose to hard reset it from the pin button which bring me back to the initial version since I’ve bought the gateway which is 1.2. No online support and since I am out of warranty I can trow it to garbage... Thanks ikea
  • Crashing 1/5

    By dstrom21
    I connect to my gateway, it sees my devices then there are 2 splash screen talking about scenes, when I hit continue the app crashes. When I re-open it briefly says “connecting to gateway” and crashes. Over & over. Brutal. Update: app update 1.14.1 on March 5, 2021 has fixed the crash issue for me.
  • Worked great for a year... 1/5

    By WmH2
    Then it stopped... the last few nights, my hub stopped stalking to my Apple HomeKit devices. I can use this app to talk to the hub, but all my devices keep going offline. Once I reboot the hub, everything starts working again. What did you guys break?
  • Lame 1/5

    By mdeAgonia
    Let me do a quick impression of this connected to HomeKit: devices could not be reached. Devices could not be reached. Devices could not be reached. What a waste of time.
  • Poor Implementation/breaks often. 1/5

    By EnigmaMachine
    Most of this doesn’t work consistently. Smart bulbs/switches become dissociated from the hub on a weekly basis. Each time that happens you have to pair the bulb and switch again, a cumbersome process. Doesn’t really appear to be compatible with HomeKit. Save yourself the trouble and go with a different vendor or stick with a dumb home.
  • New Update Feb 21 3/5

    By Tejas66
    To change the on / off buttons wasn’t a good idea. Was much nicer and easier working with the previous Version
  • Bizarrely buggy 2/5

    By Pigumon
    Today, for no reason, the floor lamps aren’t connected to the gateway. But they are. I can turn them off by the all off command, I can turn them on by scenes. But if I go to the individual lights, they are listed as “disconnected”. They obviously aren’t. Sometimes lights in my 4 light ceiling lamp decide to not connect. 3 work, one doesn’t. 2 work, 2 don’t. That’s all in the official IKEA app. They also don’t work well with Apple’s home app. Light colors change. Set a color and save it, no change. This is really bad.
  • v1.13 Insta-crash! 1/5

    By RandomNewGuyReview
    Once loaded and added to existing gateway, App v1.13 crashes as soon as it’s opened. Happening across multiple ios devices; different versions. Still waiting for an update. Still crashes... 6 weeks later... smh.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By Tigzola
    Yes, setting up the app for your smart devices is a bit of a pain. The app is fairly simple, almost too simple, to use. It’s a little misleading to have my remote controls for my blinds, as well as the repeater, to show up in devices. Since they are listed, it would be nice if their firmware would eventually support Thread. I would rate the app higher if it was cross platform friendly. I set up everything up on my iPhone. I went to use the app on my iPad, only to find that I have to set up my iPad independently. Why can’t I just log in to my account, like every other smart home product I have. Thankfully the blinds show up in my HomeKit app.
  • Stopped working with home kit 1/5

    By mapmansgc
    It just stopped working with home kit restated everything and still nothing
  • Brilliant! Easy! 5/5

    By Ronin2Cold
    Love the ability control all Smart home stuff through the app! Really like how SONOS volume control is super wide spectrum. Color changing lights make it awesome!
  • The updates keep messing up with the setup 1/5

    By tavoniko
    Why do you keep releasing updates that mess up with my perfectly working setup?! It’s annoying, I don’t need a thousand new features, I need basic features that work well!!! It’s a light bulb not aerospace engineering!!!
  • Pairing 1/5

    By oye66
    Pairing new items is a pain there is not a simple add device that I can find
  • Nonexistent support, buggy, waste of time 1/5

    By kurozu
    Whether it is forgetting a light, failing to talk to the gateway, disconnecting from HomeKit, I have given IKEA literally a year to improve and the TRADFRI app ecosystem is still not reliable. Buy something else from a company that actually understands engineering. Ikea has literally zero customer support for this product and clearly doesn’t care that the bugs are numerous.
  • Cheap 1/5

    By ASteele1992
    I have had tradfri for a couple years and it has consistently had issues, especially with Alexa integration which is the main reason I purchased it. Now I have the tradfri and 7 devices that I wish I had not purchased. Any help from tech support is also useless. So frustrating.
  • 1.13.0 version broken 1/5

    By NP12345678901234567890
    The 1.13.0 version is broken. Opens the app for 2 seconds and crashes/goes back to home. Rollback please.
  • Embarrassing, truly. 1/5

    By laxjoe
    IKEA should be mortified that they released this. It is nearly impossible to pair smart blinds to it. “Your device cannot be added” Every. Single. Time.
  • Works for a day then randomly stops 1/5

    By Agent_Ner
    Every time there is an update it will just STOP working with Alexa which is the whole point of the lights. IKEA really needs to stop screwing with the Alexa integration for every update.
  • One More Thing 5/5

    By SeanKyte
    A very powerful and simple home automation app! Set time is what it is, but its worthwhile! My only request would be to add padding at the bottom of the screen—the light sliders are too close to the home-tab-bar-thing on the iPhone... Oh, and thank you ALL for continuing to improve this app 🙏 it’s appreciated.
  • Cheap entry to smart devices 3/5

    By The Wilderness Man
    Works ok, but with every update, it breaks. I have to unplug the hub to restart it. I have to make sure my app is updated, then check to make sure the the hub and IKEA devices are updated. These updates need to stop requiring physical intervention to get it working again.
  • Works fine 5/5

    By gmaxx
    Sometimes I have a problem with HomeKit not connecting to the devices but I just unplug the ikea hub from the power and plug it back in. That usually solves the problem. I only have the issue after an update and occasionally after a power outage
  • Timers Regression 3/5

    By Aesh0Axe
    Setup can be a bit flaky but makes sense once you understand the IKEA way. However, sometime in October 2020 the timer function in this app stopped changing the color/temp for all of my bulbs. They still come on, brighten, and go off as expected on schedule but they’re now stuck on whatever the most recent manual change to cool white, warm white, or warm glow. Calling the Home Smart support line under the "Help” option within the app lead me to a polite conversation with someone who knew less about the products than I did. When she realized that she wouldn’t be able to help me she tried to transfer me to the nearest store location—also unfamiliar with the app or products. This is a technical issue that requires technical support, not outsourced customer service.
  • Update broke Alexa integration 1/5

    By dustink
    The most recent update has broken the ability to work with Amazon. Now following the instructions to enable Amazon Alexa, the app spins for half a minute then says cannot connect to Amazon. It worked fantastically prior to this update and I will happily update my review once it is working again, but unless you have no need for Alexa integration, I would suggest waiting until they fix this problem.
  • Does not connect easily 1/5

    By anynamethatisnottaking_geez
    Worked once. Moved and does not connect anymore went trough all the trouble shooting and still does not work. Contacting some one is impossible! I would not recommend the app or gateway at all!
  • Hopeless 1/5

    By snowleopardcub
    The app is not at all intuitive to use. Adding devices is a big pain. Typical IKEA electronic product, hopeless. The gateway is worst. Fails to update the software.
  • Devices losing contact 1/5

    By Mr Ingals
    Devices are constantly losing contact with the gateway. No idea if this is a hardware issue in the gateway or a software bug in the app. Also, have had to swap out gateway and 4 outlets. Doesn't really have to do with the app but still part of ruining the user experience.
  • Moods vs. Scenes 3/5

    By stubenberg
    Bei der neuen app haben SCENES die MOODS ersetzt. Moods konnte man pro Zimmer definieren—also 3 für dieses Zimmer, 2 für jenes Zimmer, usw. Scenes, so scheint es mir jedenfalls, kann man nicht pro Zimmer definieren, sondern nur für das ganze Haus. Das ist ein grosser Nachteil. Man hat dann eine riesige Liste von Scenes und muss lange herumsuchen bis man endlich die richtigen Scenes für das jeweilige Zimmer gefunden hat. Sehr unpraktisch.
  • Poorly written software and very poor device installation direction no s 1/5

    By AlsoNoLongerAFan
    When it works it’s great. That said twice in the last few months I have lost everything and had to recreate all of my device connections. This includes Alexa integration to any routines using IKEA devices. Dear IKEA, my time is valuable. Wasting it recreating my network is a non-starter. I have disconnected everything and uninstalled the software. Buyer beware.
  • Latest release is completely flakey 1/5

    By LizLaB44
    App on my phone lost connection to the gateway for no reason. Other devices with the app were still connected and working fine. Reconnected the app on the phone, and now Alexa integration is not working. Disabled integration and re-added as per troubleshooting instructions, now app can not connect to Amazon. I have zero use for my IKEA lights if they can’t be voice controlled through Alexa. Needs to be fixed ASAP!
  • Alexa smart home integration broke 1/5

    By AWSii
    This update has broken integration with Alexa. When trying to re-enable as outlined in IKEA’s FAQ an error occurs every time. You cannot contact this developer for help as they are only responding to emails regarding cancelled orders. Total mess.
  • Patience is key; room for improvement 3/5

    By MeghanH87
    The setup was a bit frustrating. I had to re-set up the same blinds multiple times. They’ll occasionally stop being recognize and I have to reboot the hub. Now when I’m attempting to use the app, the scroll bar jumps between different rooms and I’ll wind up opening/closing the wrong devices.
  • No FYRTUR blinds show up in Home app 2/5

    By ecmanaut
    This app supposedly supports them since 1.10.0, but though the IKEA Home Smart shows my FYRTUR blind, it doesn’t show up in the Home app after adding the gateway there. Their smart outlet works fine, and the blind works from *this* app, but forget about the Siri integration I bought these blinds for. 😢
  • No color change 1/5

    By zakwfgvf
    Can’t change flota light color
  • FEEDBACK 2/5

    By jazzybeat
    The app interface is outdated. If you have 10 devices that you want to control with this app you will need to scroll. Only devices fit per screen. Please this is just bad interface design. Creating a schedule is not that smart. There is no way in an easy way to set multiple daily schedules for each device. For example I have a fan and I want it to turn on 10 times per day. You will need to create 10 independent schedules, and if you have other devices that you want to schedule well that becomes a nightmare. It’s much easier to do it on a manual timer, so there is nothing smart about it. If you have small flat with few devices you will be fine, but if you want to do more complex automations the look for other solutions.
  • don’t download this app for lights 2/5

    By iranoutofusernames
    i believe they want you to set this up with a third party device unless you have ikea blinds。 as you can not schedule the time for your lights unless you have both blinds and lights。 there is no color wheel unless you set up apple home or something。 definitely a lot of space for improvement。 nice to have but it’s honestly to simple。 also this should have auto rgb color swap。 the lights can do it and they sell the rgb strips, why not? this app is seriously just a demo, if you bought the lights or any other product this is compatible with don’t actually take this as serious。 simply use apple home or something better。 ps。 the lights look good tho。
  • You will hate every interaction with this app 1/5

    By Maynard Handley
    The Ikea blinds should, by all rights, be getting a 5 star rating from me. Physically the blinds are a delight -- light, easy to install, apparently very robust mechanically. BUT this is not a review of the blinds, it's a review of the app. And the Ikea app is, to be charitable, hot garbage. The basic problem is that Ikea is no Apple. Rather than a single corporation that's mostly on track as to how the pieces fit together, Ikea is a second Microsoft, a thousand little fiefdoms with zero interest in mutual communication. SO when you buy your smart blinds, you are not buying a single package... You are buying the blinds, from one group. And the Ikea hub/remote/repeater from a different group. And the app from a third group. And none of these groups has ANY interest in working together to improve the user experience. So when you install the blinds, going through separate pieces of paper (all provided by these different groups) you will likely first pair the remote with a second pair of blinds. Great the remote works on both pairs. Now you launch the app and try to add the blinds. Oops, doesn't work, you first have to add the remote. And step one of adding the remote to the app deletes its connection to both the blinds! So now try to add the blinds? No, at this stage you're supposed to add the repeater (but good luck figuring that out because the group that owns the repeater/hub didn't get a say in the app design). To top it off, half way through the above, exceedingly irritating interaction, the app has the gall to throw up a dialog box asking me to rate it and write a review. You want a rating and a review? You got it... And this, in a nutshell, is EVERY interaction with Ikea smart devices. Yes, they tick the checkboxes and they work. But you will hate every second of interacting with them because no-one at the company has the slightest pride in what they do, and no-one appears at all interested in the customer experience. Right now for decent smart blinds there aren't too many choices -- you pretty much have to put up with Ikea. But there ARE choices for smart lightbulbs or smart sockets, and honestly, life is too short to put up with the Ikea BS.
  • Terrible app filled with bugs 1/5

    By mydlowec
    This is the worst app I’ve ever used. Trying to setup the FYRTUR roller blinds was an absolute nightmare. You follow the directions but it doesn’t work, so you try again and again and on the fifth attempt it randomly success. The actually using the app to control the blinds is infuriating. The touches register on the wrong part of the screen, so you end up controlling the wrong blinds. IKEA makes nice hardware but their software team is not up to the task.
  • Rarely works 1/5

    By Eric867
    Almost everything I’m trying to do is broken
  • Would be great if Firmware updates were manual 1/5

    By Kievguy
    The app ran a firmware updated on a lightbulb which then got powered off with a manual light switch. Well it’s now bricked. In contrast other smart bulbs we have let you pick when to do updates so you know not to turn off the lights.
  • Just OK 2/5

    By RyanMKE88
    I have a lot of issues with the network dropping my lights, which means I have to re-set them up periodically. Very frustrating.
  • Fairly reliable now, just switch off Apple TV when updating firmwares 4/5

    By AlexBornot2B
    There is no shortage of negative reviews about this ecosystem. There is definitely some distance to be covered still in terms of pairing (though massively improved now and in the acceptable range) but most of the negative reviews seem to be considering the rate of affairs from a year or two ago. Viewing it for what it is, an inexpensive platform that has no cloud control (and snooping) and allows you to do as you wish through your chosen master platform (Alexa, google home, HomeKit) there is nothing to not like. Inexpensive often means someone taking your data instead, not here. And for a HomeKit compatible ecosystem there is nothing in the price range unless you want a hodgepodge of gadgets from different vendors crowding your WiFi. I prefer zigbee. With that, there are still two funny things going on which should be easy to fix.. - mDNS problems. Mostly solved but firmware updates can Sit for a week long as my Apple TV is on. Pull the power off of it and everything gets updated in next 4 hours. Talking about a dozen devices from ikea. Used to be where you had to disable mDNS. You don’t have to anymore for it to work. Just for when you apply updates. Though gateway update 1.11.47 applied with Apple TV on, so maybe it’s getting dealt with. - the app believes that the e12 600 lumen white sphere bulb is actually a full color bulb when it’s clearly not. It recognizes the e26 1000 lumen white sphere to be a white spectrum bulb properly. I got screenshots if anyone from Ikea support wants to see. All firmwares and app updates are applied to today’s latest available. Both above bulbs are running firmware 2.0.029 and the gateway is at 1.11.47, app as released in September 11, 2020. In the end, there were many more frustrating parts to this ecosystem. It certainly had a very rough start and is still not at the level of hue but it respects your right to privacy and costs a very reasonable amount. Few rough edges included, I am yet to find a better balance and I have looked.
  • Blind 1/5

    By aaaqqqwryhvji
    Should’ve known better than to think a company that makes cheapness its brand shouldn’t make anything that requires technology. Worked for about a week and stopped responding. Have read that this is very common (now that it is too late). Nice product that requires instillation only to have to remove because of course it is garbage like the furniture they sell.
  • Doesn’t stay connected 2/5

    By rfrconsult
    I have to periodically re-set up my bulbs for no reason, which is a pain.
  • Been working fine until ... 4/5

    By pianomansd
    I like it mainly because of the price point. But it has been annoyingly buggy lately :(
  • Not bad... Keep it going!!!! 4/5

    By clovendagger
    I am a former iris owner. I needed a new system to replace that and was looking for something that would work with the Apple HomeKit. The trade free system is that only inexpensive, but it also works with the Apple HomeKit.It does take a little bit to get to understand how to work with it. And the hub Hass to be in a centralized location to be able to us it effectively. It does come with extenders if necessary. I think my only real complaint about the system is that if the power does go out, you might have to reset your system ☹️.