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IKEA Store App

The IKEA Store app is here to make shopping in store smooth and simple. From planning your visit to finding and remembering everything when you get there, this is the perfect shopping companion. GET ORGANIZED Browse and search the IKEA range, then add products to a shopping list. Already made a shopping list on the IKEA website? Simply log in to access it in the app*. PLAN YOUR TRIP Find the nearest IKEA store based on your location and check opening hours and driving directions. See if products are in stock at your selected store so you can plan the best time to shop. VISIT IKEA See where products on your shopping list are located in store and get helpful hints so you don't forget anything. Scan barcodes, QR-codes and article numbers to get product information and add products to your list. Then swipe right on product to mark it as collected and left to remove it from the list. STAY INFORMED AND SAVE There’s always something going on at your local IKEA store. The app keeps you up to date with events, offers and new products. Sign up or log in to your IKEA FAMILY account so you can keep a digital IKEA FAMILY card to hand and make great savings. — — * Currently the app will only synchronize with the most recently saved shopping list on the website. Some features may not be available in all countries and all IKEA stores. Your use of this app is governed by the Application License Agreement.

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IKEA Store app reviews

  • Missing part 1/5

    By Tracie007
    My product . A 6 drawer dresser is missing a main wood cross piece . No part # , so I can’t request any part . As it is a main wood piece . It goes on top , in front . I have called ikea for 2 days . They have a 48 hour limit to notify them . I guess if they don’t answer, it means I never notified them . A dresser put half together with screws and drawers all over the floor . Call me , please!? Oh and box 1,2,3.... the instructions are in box 3 , of course!!
  • this app is garbage 1/5

    By amydubz
    don’t waste your time!
  • Nice idea, but poor performance 1/5

    By iiMichael
    After entering my password I got locked out. It’s better to just to go to the website.
  • One of the worst EVER! 1/5

    Stuck in Password review says it all phone “support “ almost had me thinking it was me . BTW they have no clue
  • Sends you to website to buy 2/5

    By Darkmaterial
    Websites generally are terrible for shopping while using a phone. Why can’t I buy in the app?
  • can’t search with item number 2/5

    By its littttttttt
    i can’t find the item that i want i have the item number but can’t search it up , won’t show anything. 👎🏼
  • Useless 1/5

    By s_blyth
    Can’t login. Their product may be good but their online system are generally awful including this app and the website.
  • So frustrating. 1/5

    By Missy Lippiatt
    I just downloaded this app (we finally ha e an IKEA in my area). The password setup....sheesh. It seems I’m in the land-of-no-return. I reset the password and it still won’t let me in. Then I attempt again and it won’t let me in. Yet online it works fine. I’m done. Over it.
  • Useless app.. 1/5

    By Want myoney back
    it will just stress you out by creating new password it give you the security letters to get new password, it took me seven time typing different letter and still didn't work. I'd rather buy my stuff somewhere Else.
  • Absolutely horrible app you can’t login for nothing 1/5

    By RaydioChick
    I give it a Minus zero... if possible. You can’t login at all !? Phone or Manually...you can not login...Just Total Fail! Instead just put the family website icon on your desktop because that does work and call it a day. Crappy App!! 🤨Delete..Delete..Delete🤨
  • Frustrated!!! 3/5

    By Dancing_Ballerina229
    I am very frustrated at this app. . . don’t get me wrong IKEA furniture is amazing, but I’m stuck in a loophole of trying to reset my password. I had them send an email to me. It was all going smoothly until I tried to make a new password it told me to put in my temporary password (the one they sent in the email) as well as my new password. I typed the temp password in with no flaws and even copied and pasted it a few times AND IT WOULD NOT WORK. Then finally, I tried to reset it again and now my account is shut down due to too many attempts logging in. PLEASE FIX THIS IKEA!!! I BEG YOU!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By The1456
    Just downloaded literally doesn’t open. Deleted
  • Great store... too much plastic 4/5

    By plastic kills lives
    Everything they sell is packaged in plastic:(
  • Can’t get past Password screen 1/5

    By dwlRN
    Never got to see the mobile site...cycled through “invalid password”, then try to log on with a temporary password...then repeat. And repeat... I’m sorry I spent 10 minutes of my life on this useless app.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By haithamslaibi
    Doesnt show many locationss ....
  • Stuck in Password Hell 1/5

    By Subliminal Junkie
    As the last reviewer stated the app has serious issues with logging in. I constantly get a message saying my password failed and the website is unable to resolve. However, I get regular emails and coupons and CAN log into IKEA Family via the web (the app only supports Spain, Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic). I love IKEA; I wish they would fix these issues.
  • So many basics wrong...it’s not 2004 1/5

    By Everyfnicknameistaken
    I don’t know if ikea is still working on mainframes or what but their entire customer facing infrastructure and software needs to get better fast (and I say this as a general fan). Happy to give longer feedback but as a *minimum*: - Your iPad app should support landscape Mode - Your planners have super basic bugs but with no feedback. An example: I built a Platsa system. Tried to add it to my cart. Says it did. Nothing in my cart. One item was not in stock so the complete add failed (I am not going to deep dive into how decent the design tool is versus everything that comes after it - tried to find an older design or put a customer back into the context they were in when they hit add to cart - that should be part of the MVP). - your Order process - says all is fine and then cancels the entire order. No easy way to add it back except item by item - the usability of the shopping list and cart on the Mobile app are quite poor. It’s the UI and how slippery (and poorly discoverable the items seem - and of course your desktop web experience is competely different. - you’re an international company with with weirdly named products for most of your customers - please make your search better and consistent across platforms. Several times I had to look up article numbers despite correctly Putting in the product name. - lookups off physical goods in your store with the app are general a terrible experience. Many products do not have barcodes. Can you do some ocr on your product codes maybe? Anyway - you’re, despite all of this, a relatively beloved company. If you could solve some of the these basics and get rid of the friction that make a it an energy sapping experience to shop with you, you would have much happier customers and fans. Indeed
  • No horizontal mode on iPad Mini 2/5

    By Martin's opinion
    The app description makes me believe that horizontal mode is supported but that's not true for my iPad Mini 2 with iOS 12.2.
  • It’s an ok app 3/5

    By ETsay
    Need work, the preview pictures show landscape on iPad, but this app only work in portrait mode.
  • Wish List 5/5

    By PommeTasaba
    Please add a wishlist option to the app.
  • Apple Wallet / Apple Pay 1/5

    By cortizsc
    ¿Por qué no se puede añadir la tarjeta IKEA Family al Apple Wallet? ¿Por qué no se puede añadir la VISA IKEA al Apple Wallet y usar con Apple Pay?
  • Not worth the hassle 1/5

    By Kmwjunk
    This app is horrible: doesn’t deserve 1 star. For a big company, I expect an app that actually works. I can’t place orders with it. The app send you to a regular website to put an item in the shopping cart so it can be ordered. Too many steps. Also DO NOT ever forget get your password because the forgot your password function DOES NOT work. If you choice to use this app, I highly recommend tequila to lessen the frustration associated with it.
  • READ THIS 5/5

    By sofireyes
  • Seriously IKEA? 1/5

    By Pretty & Pink
    For them to be a multi-million dollar company you’d think the app will function properly. I didn’t get as far as logging in. Im so bummed. I really wanted to buy a lot of unnecessary things before I walked in the store. Guess I’ll look forward to my catalog. IKEA, FIX THE APP!!!!!!!!!!
  • Password Limbo 1/5

    By DJ Tandar
    The app won’t let me login even after resetting my password. I can login through a browser with the new password but the app still rejects it.
  • Badly Broken and Nearly Useless - IKEA’s Worst Work 1/5

    By Brian Sexton
    The IKEA app used to show whether items were available in a particular store, but now all I see are a “current_store_not_available” message token and a “Sorry! We can’t access the store’s stock check at the moment.” message. I don’t see any way to view or change the current store, log out, or report an issue.
  • Limited acceptable email addresses 2/5

    By CGSHomeInvestor
    This app would not let me log in because my email address includes a period (“.”)
  • What am I supposed to do?? 1/5

    By hhandtheo
    I am also stuck in that catch-22. So frustrating. I’ve requested the reset password email about 5 times (allowing suitable time between) and have received ONE email. They could at least have a ‘guest’ option.
  • I LOVE THE APP but too many technical errors 5/5

    By LAURA C C <3
    With the recent update, every time I exit the app it clears my shopping list. The app is great but I've now considered uninstalling.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By yourOldMan
    This must be the worst app ever. It is full of bugs and ordering makes no sense. Still have never been able to select a store or actually “log in”. The only thing it’s good for is storing the family card hahaha. The should be ashamed of themselves. The worst part of IKea is that they have no clue what is going on with their own inventory. As user you have to switch stores and do their work for them. When you order on line, they can not ship or pull from the stores, so the limited inventory they have at their distribution center is all you get. Last but not least, their systems are so outdated and constantly crashes (some 1980 windows flavor) I can not imagine data to be safe.
  • Server issues 1/5

    By Mom2becandyaddict
    Every time I use this app the sever is never responding so I can’t shop with it
  • Shopping list GONE 2/5

    By Jhccvb
    Seems like a really great app until you spend 2.5 hours carefully curating a 60+ item shopping list only to have it half of it disappear once you leave the app :-)
  • Unable to even access app 1/5

    By PolysicsFan<3
    No matter how many times I delete and reinstall the app is unable to connect to a server. From what I can tell/troubleshoot this is not an issue on my end. Would love to use this app but so far no luck.
  • Horrible app, don’t waste your time. 1/5

    By iPravda
    Can’t add or look up items by item numbers, search is not working have to go thru categories only to find something as simple as a Pax Sliding Doors. Ultimate fail. DO NOT BOTHER, USE WEBSITE, WHEN IT WORKS.
  • Won’t let me log in 2/5

    By Qnbeezzz
    I used to use this app all the time, but for several months the app won’t accept my password. I changed my password, but it still insists my account has been locked. I was hoping an update would fix the issue. Nope. It would be nice to be able to access my shopping list.
  • Won’t let me log in or search 1/5

    By ApriLeoVainuchai
    I have logged in successfully via browser to make sure I wasn’t tripping. However, on the app, I am getting an error message stating I’m using the incorrect password and or login. So, I deleted it this app. It’s trash AND I it won’t let me search specific items either.
  • Can’t paste newly created password 1/5

    By _soda
    I used a password manager app called LastPass to create and store unique passwords to my accounts. The Ikea app wouldn’t let me paste my newly generated password to the 2nd field aka “confirm your password”. Sorry but not worth the effort!
  • Access denied error message 1/5

    By Fthisreviewsite3
    Downloaded the app last night, added items to my cart and tried to buy them this morning en route to Ikea. When attempting to adjust the number of items (I accidentally overclicked, resulting in 3 Malm dressers in my cart), I keep being routed to an error page saying “access denied”. I can click back and continue navigating the site but cannot either adjust or purchase anything in my cart. This could have been a very useful tool, but this functionality is quite frustrating.
  • For a store that sells design, they don’t apply it to software 1/5

    By monty1522
    Do these guys ever test their work or research their customers needs? I’ve had the same problems as other people with password catch 22. The app has the ability to scan product codes but nobody thought to extend that to allow scanning in the loyalty card? Even better, if I (finally) log in with a username and password, why doesn’t my loyalty number get associated?
  • It's a decent app 3/5

    By QuantumSam
    How do.i switch to UK stores? I moved and the app only shows US stores.
  • Why the Puerto Rico Store it’s not included in the app? 3/5

    By Puerto Rico #1
    I live in Puerto Rico and I wish this app will include Puerto Rico. That is why I’m giving only 3 stars.
  • “This app works on your iPad” 2/5

    By bonnie_onpaper
    Ummmm...no. That would entail being able to orient to landscape, at bare minimum. Go take a look at what other developers are able to do with their apps that were originally designed for phones. Yes, the technology exists.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By NanyZaire 💗
    Super helpful when I’m shopping @ IKEA, it tells me the stock and location of all items which makes it so much easier. the update has gotten better as well!

    By Sheerock
    I used the app. I was ok with the way how to navigate, as if one is looking at the actual catalog. But once you choose an item that you may potentially buy the next time you go into IKEA, you cannot add the item to a list or favorite feature when most retail applications will allow you to do. This app is SO DISAPPOINTING!!!
  • Impossible login 1/5

    By eternal_newb
    App wont accept password, sends you to the web to reset, wont accept temp “reset” password, sends you to the web to reset, repeat forever
  • Password glitches 1/5

    By Fasonya
    I have been locked out and reset my password sooo many times for no apparent reason and now I can’t even reset. I’m stuck in an endless “access denied” loop. Looks like I’m not the only one!
  • Not cool 1/5

    By TigardHills
    Got this so I could access my family discount easier on my shopping trips. But when building my profile it wants to know the month and year of my child’s age. My child doesn’t shop there. It’s none of your business to require this. Collecting that info is illegal in Europe, but is okay in the US. However it’s none of your business! I wish European countries would treat their s customers with the same modicum of respect.
  • I live in Italy ikea- that doesn’t mean I speak Italian 1/5

    By shelbsss933
    Absolutely useless app as soon as I pressed detect location I could no longer navigate because it completely switched the language and never gave me a option to change it back bs
  • Stuck in passwords 1/5

    By Ming Shen
    Log in at website is working, not in the app, waste so much time. IKEA needs to fire some IT person. Thx

IKEA Store app comments

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