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  • Current Version: 2.5.2
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IKEA Store App

The IKEA Store app is here to make shopping in store smooth and simple. From planning your visit to finding and remembering everything when you get there, this is the perfect shopping companion. GET ORGANIZED Browse and search the IKEA range, then add products to a shopping list. Already made a shopping list on the IKEA website? Simply log in to access it in the app*. PLAN YOUR TRIP Find the nearest IKEA store based on your location and check opening hours and driving directions. See if products are in stock at your selected store so you can plan the best time to shop. VISIT IKEA See where products on your shopping list are located in store and get helpful hints so you don't forget anything. Scan barcodes, QR-codes and article numbers to get product information and add products to your list. Then swipe right on product to mark it as collected and left to remove it from the list. STAY INFORMED AND SAVE There’s always something going on at your local IKEA store. The app keeps you up to date with events, offers and new products. Sign up or log in to your IKEA FAMILY account so you can keep a digital IKEA FAMILY card to hand and make great savings. — — * Currently the app will only synchronize with the most recently saved shopping list on the website. Some features may not be available in all countries and all IKEA stores. Your use of this app is governed by the Application License Agreement.


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IKEA Store app reviews

  • Hard to work with 1/5

    By rod in Denver
    I purchased a medicine cabinet with LED lights and I had a failure of the transformer which took out the lights. It as out of warranty I waited to deal with it. I couldn’t repair it myself so I called the store to see if I could buy parts I was told yes but he told me that I should get help and should not have to buy the parts. I told I’m I didn’t expect free parts but he transferred me to customer service. After 1 1/2 hours on hold I reached someone who also tried to get me parts at no cost again telling her I didn’t expect free parts she put me on hold for30 min then came back and said she could not help me but told me that I should go to the store they might do something for me. My wife and I went to the store and asked someone in bathrooms if I could buy parts he told me that if I bring the product back the would just replace it. I told him I just needed parts and again he’s said just bring it back. So we left the store on the way I decided to stop by the return desk and went through my story telling them I just needed parts they said the same as I was told in the department. I went home and found that I couldn’t get the frame out of the wall without a lot of damage to my bathroom and cabinet. I called the return desk and was told just bring in what I can. I got to the desk and was told what I expected in the first place. This is not how you treat customers if you expect them to stay customers. Overall I spent over 5 hours on hold and 2 trips to the store after I gathered everything except the frame. Now I have some damage to my bathroom. I called customer service at this point upset that they put me through this run around. She put me on hold and talked to Melony at the store who said they would replace it if I brought all of it in undamaged. I don’t know how other people do their construction but I don’t build with the ability to uninstall things so they can returns. This request was ridiculous Long note but I’m done now. But this experience you need to hear about. Rod jones 303 888 4878
  • IKEA is terrible 1/5

    By kronk fan
    A store that can’t even answer its phones really has no business trying an app
  • Please fix 1/5

    By YAikins
    This app is totally useless!! It has never worked properly and now it’s requiring me to change my password, but will not follow through on the steps needed to do so. Very disappointing!!
  • You cannot switch between shoping lists 1/5

    By Sladja26
    This app was very useful, but since the latest update you cannot switch between shopping lists. If I go to the store and cannot see my shoping lists this app becomes pointless.
  • Language change. 1/5

    By sfb247
    I looked all over how to switch the language from German to English. Tried to contact Devoloper for this issue. Keeps taking me in circles and ikea website. Says the app is available in English and when I google how to do this tells me to click on bird on home screen. no bird on my home screen. Do t know what else to do beside bad review.
  • can’t log in 1/5

    By MidwestScooterParts.com
    password works on the site, but when logging into app, app says password is just temporary and must be reset. however, the email it is supposed to send me to reset never arrives!
  • Need to be able to mix and match locales 2/5

    By DY73
    I’m an American in Taiwan. I don’t read Chinese and just starting to learn verbal skills. This app really needs to have English option for Taiwan. There’s a large number of expats. Some of us aren’t here long enough to learn the written language. We want to shop IKEA but it’s a struggle.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Allrods
    Won’t allow navigating between different lists. No option for add to cart!
  • Deletes my lists 1/5

    By Neeeeevie
    Every time I make a shopping list it deletes it almost immediately after I exit the app. It’s not user friendly and it’s pointless to use.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By E$3
    What a waste of an app- what’s the point? Almost like they don’t want you to use it.
  • Password killer! 1/5

    By Boilermarcher
    I also have the problem others had, about the app telling me my password was temporary and needs reset, even though I had just made it today. After changing it, the login still didn’t work. Then I come here to see others experiencing this. I’ll just use the mobile site instead because this app is useless.
  • Deletes Shopping List 1/5

    By natewinck
    Same as everyone else, this app deletes the shopping list, even after logging in. The rest of the app is great, but this is a critical failure of the app, thus 1 star.
  • Password Resets 1/5

    By saxman2004
    App keeps telling me I’m using a temporary password when I’m not. Able to login through the web browser but not through the app. Definitely needs work
  • Login failed? 1/5

    By FoxGonzo
    I have reset my password on the website twice, and the app still tells me that the email/password combo is incorrect. I have logged out and back in a dozen times on the website.
  • Stuck in a password Catch-22 loop 1/5

    By CarieFitzi
    I just downloaded this app to use for an upcoming IKEA shopping trip, hoping that the app would save me time & effort during that trip, as well as future IKEA runs. It seems like a great idea: use the app to build shopping lists both at home & in the store. At home, you can build “go-see” lists for items you want to see in person. In the store, you can make lists of showroom items to ease locating those items in the warehouse. And maybe this is a great app. But for me, I’m stuck in some weird password Catch-22. The app requires a new password - for some reason - and, again for some reason, the website refuses to allow the password change. After several minutes of troubleshooting this loop, I finally decided it’s easier to go old-school: make handwritten lists or even use a notepad-type app for both at-home browsing & store shopping. Thanks anyway, IKEA & developers.
  • Ikea 4/5

    By Zozi J.
    I got this app about a month ago, and it has worked perfectly ever since. A few days ago, however, I noticed that all the different items I had saved were gone. I re-saved the items, but the app deleted them again the next day. I don’t know if I did something wrong, or if it’s just the app, but it would be convenient if IKEA could fix this, so I don’t have to re-save 70 different things every time I open the app. Overall a wonderful application, and so far I am happy with it, besides the mysteriously disappearing saved items.
  • Don’t use the shopping list 1/5

    By 凌 りん
    It happened to me twice this week, you add stuff to shopping list then got removed at some point of time without warning or notification. It’s super annoying and useless
  • Deletes your shopping list 1/5

    By i_valero
    That’s it. Use it for browsing but don’t add stuff to your shopping list, it will eventually delete it. Doesn’t matter if you create an account.
  • The app keeps crashing 1/5

    By JestGames
  • Doesn’t Save Shopping List 1/5

    By aundrearesha
    How awful that I spent 1hr looking through products I wanted only to find my list deleted itself...fix the app!!!
  • Where’s my shopping list from one day ago? 1/5

    By C B 324
    Your one purpose to me is the shopping list. I set up a whole account yesterday, searched 500 items and saved 3 items to my list. Today, the app says I’m logged in, and the shopping list is gone.
  • Something wrong? 1/5

    By yeemic
    I wanna to buy furniture from IKEA, so I downloaded the app. However, I am so frustrated that I spend a lot of time to save the furniture to the cart every time, it would all gone on the next time when I use the App again. It was not a good experience to shop with this App!
  • Can’t use it to shop online 1/5

    By Just KO
    Do you have an app I can use to complete online purchases? Stop directing me to safari then deleting my shopping cart before I can complete a purchase. I guess I have to dig out my computer...?
  • No landscape mode 1/5

    By Wgtsha
    Most recent update disabled landscape support.
  • Latest update breaks landscape view 2/5

    By Eagleglen
    On an iPad, the 3.4 update only displays the app in portrait mode. Very inconvenient. Please fix.
  • Can’t buy anything 2/5

    By aye its fluffy
    Why can’t I buy anything off the app and ship it to my house!??
  • Worst shopping app 1/5

    By ScorpioBrains
    Actually, it’s only the second worst app for shopping compared to Foot Locker’s app. It doesn’t allow you to check out once you’ve added something to your cart because you can’t enter your information... such as address and contact info properly. And, if the item you want is not available at the store you choose, it won’t let you order on the app. Instead, it takes you to the browser version of the website. What’s the point?
  • Needs changes 1/5

    By Preuc
    Does not let me pick a store different than actual location
  • Ridiculous. 1/5

    By Steph673
    This app is impossible. I try to sign in and it doesn’t recognize my email or password. I try to create a new account using two different emails and it says user already exists with that account. YEAH... ITS ME. I’m so frustrated.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By gogohoffman
    IKEA can’t even get a team to make an app that works? Keeps crashing while trying to sign up. Screw it.
  • Unable to log in 1/5

    By TriGizmo
    I, like many others, as unable to log in on the app so as to be able to add items to wish lists, shopping lists or our gift registry. Frustrating, as we wanted to be able to use it to search for items to check in the store and add to our registry.
  • Keeps Crashing 1/5

    By khalidaun
    After updating the app it just kept crashing then I decided to try and downgrade the app to version 2.3.0 and it worked! The update is causing the app to crash as soon as you press it.
  • Bar code scanner 1/5

    By ndaniel88
    Bar code scanner should have sound does not work well.
  • The app crashes continually 1/5

    By ale9311
    I've deleted the app several times but it loads, goes past the blue IKEA screen and then it kicks me back to the home screen. This has happened everyday since I first downloaded it last weekend.
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By rhombus<>
    The app used to work but with its lates “improvements update” it continues to crash. Cannot even keep the app open for a minute.
  • Crashes every time I open it 1/5

    By Rosiejsnd
    I have a list on the app of everything I planned on ordering for my new house. But every time I open the app it immediately crashes. There is no update available so I’m not sure why this is a problem.
  • Glitchy 4/5

    By benchumley
    When it works (which is, to be fair, most of the tome), it’s great. No having to write down stock locations or taking photos of showroom tags. It’s glitchy, though, and will start crashing out of the blue. Deleting & reinstalling is a pain, but it does fix it for a while.
  • Completely Broken 1/5

    By dhdhsnsksidhdv
    App crashes right after opening even after i’ve reinstalled it several times. I’m moving off campus this summer and had a huge list of things for my apartment that is just gone now. At this point I’m over it, I’ll probably just go thrifting for furniture since i like quirky stuff anyway. I loved Ikea but this combiner with how bad their products and customer service have been lately means I’ll probably not shop there anymore to be honest.
  • For this version 1/5

    By TheBadger17
    The app worked fine and was great, but now it force closes every time upon opening. This makes it useless.
  • Keeps crashing please fix! 1/5

    By E_Rose82
    I can’t open the app to access my list because of the crashing
  • Started crashing every time I would try to open it today 1/5

    By Tea-cupxLuver
    App keeps crashing. Please fix!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By MarmeeGee
    I made my shopping list which included all the little bits and pieces for a closet organizer, but now one day later, the app keeps crashing. No list, no shopping. Sorry, IKEA.
  • Very bad app 1/5

    By Durham reader
    Zero stars is appropriate. After the latest update the app crashes at opening. IKEA has a very bad web site and a terrible app. How is this possible? Such a cool company.
  • mobile app & version simply do not work 1/5

    By barkingbuddhas
    opens and crashes; does not recognize my correct log in information; does not recognize my location; does not even list my local store; mobile version has same issues. all these issues do not exist on the desktop version.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Lylyluvda916
    This app currently keeps crashing in my iPhone X. Please fix.
  • Crashes on launch 1/5

    By sur4dye
    Crashes on launch running the latest OS on an iPhone 7.
  • App is crashing!! 3/5

    By Jdhalasa
    What is going on? App is crashing like crazy
  • Useful when it works 2/5

    By kmsheffield
    App suddenly stopped working for me sometime yesterday... now I can only open it briefly before it crashes and closes. I’ve tried restarting my phone, restarting the app, etc. Hopefully someone will fix it soon.
  • Cannot use it at all 1/5

    By GahyunMin
    The app worked perfectly well until two days ago. I opened my app yesterday afternoon, it didn’t stay open. It turned off within two seconds whenever i try to use the app.
  • App not working 1/5

    By Sunshiny4
    I’ve used this app just fine but even after reinstalling, for the last 2 days when I open the app it will open for about 4-5 seconds, then exit. Help!

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