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IKEA Store App

The IKEA Store app is here to make shopping in store smooth and simple. From planning your visit to finding and remembering everything when you get there, this is the perfect shopping companion. GET ORGANIZED Browse and search the IKEA range, then add products to a shopping list. Already made a shopping list on the IKEA website? Simply log in to access it in the app*. PLAN YOUR TRIP Find the nearest IKEA store based on your location and check opening hours and driving directions. See if products are in stock at your selected store so you can plan the best time to shop. VISIT IKEA See where products on your shopping list are located in store and get helpful hints so you don't forget anything. Scan barcodes, QR-codes and article numbers to get product information and add products to your list. Then swipe right on product to mark it as collected and left to remove it from the list. STAY INFORMED AND SAVE There’s always something going on at your local IKEA store. The app keeps you up to date with events, offers and new products. Sign up or log in to your IKEA FAMILY account so you can keep a digital IKEA FAMILY card to hand and make great savings. — — * Currently the app will only synchronize with the most recently saved shopping list on the website. Some features may not be available in all countries and all IKEA stores. Your use of this app is governed by the Application License Agreement.

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IKEA Store app reviews

  • Why 1/5

    By Demetrius FP
    This app is horrible. It doesn’t have the shopper in mind. When I think app I think convenience. The closest Ikea to me is an hour away and at this point it would be more simple to drive to the store. I don’t understand why in the product listings there isn’t an all options. Also each product has a foreign name given to it rather than just a general name for it which would make it more easier. The organization is poor. Also why can’t I purchase from the app? Why do I have to buy products individually instead of loading a cart and buying them all at the same time? To me it is hard to wrap my mind around companies who have the funding to make decent apps and don’t. How does a company focused on marketing poorly design their app? Get it together. 🤦🏽‍♂️
  • Could be awesome 4 - 5 star 1/5

    By Needzerostar1977
    Except for whatever reason bad design decisions were made. Two of the biggest irritants: 1) shopping list doesn’t let you add directly. No, you have to go search. I guess you can scan but then you still have to go to that product and add. It’s cumbersome at best, stupid imo 2) no ability to reserve for those items you need to reserve. Lastly, a really handy feature would be to add measure capabilities and the size of a box so you can determine if things will fit.
  • Password trouble 1/5

    By leahvn
    I can’t even log on to the app. I know my email and password are correct since I can log on to the website via website but it won’t log on to the app. Super frustrating

    By *JBEAUX*
    Created and IKEA Family Account, app does not recognize credentials. Will not allow creation of IKEA account along with IKEA family account. Cannot access or save items to list.
  • Much improved! 5/5

    By Bluecamillian
    This app used to have so many glitches it was almost unusable. Now I can create a shopping list with no issues!
  • Password woes 1/5

    By Valdysses
    The app looks like a great idea, but IKEA’s servers can’t seem to figure out whether or not I have an account already. What both the app and the website do agree on is that I can’t be allowed entry until I complete some password-related quest, the details of which they assure me are contained in an email I can’t seem to receive. Looks like the old golf pencil for me.
  • Apple wallet integration needed 4/5

    By Bryan07
    Apple wallet integration needed
  • Different from Ikea Family 2/5

    By Phlegmunculus
    Needs notice on login that it is different account password from Ikea family. Or better, make them the same account and password
  • Apple Wallet 1/5

    By Erik Babakhani
    Not even supporting Apple Wallet right after Apple introduced “Passbook” and now “Wallet” for almost one decade!
  • Can’t even build a shopping list. 1/5

    By lucywightman
    Waste of time
  • Add IKEA Card to Apple Wallet 1/5

    By Jsnrdrck
    Why can’t I add my Ikea Family card to my Apple wallet. It’s too much of a hassle to find and open the app while I’m shopping when I can open my Apple wallet without unlocking my phone. This would be a super convenient feature.
  • Cannot check store inventory 3/5

    By vfd3
    App lets me search for products. However I cannot select store to check store inventory. This feature worked in the past.
  • Login password is STILL broken 1/5

    By ericjspencley
    The apps continues to tell me the password is wrong when trying to log in. If I use the exact same credentials on the computer, it works fine. Fix your app
  • Please Merge 2/5

    By Selecby
    Please combine the “Store” and “Place” app like Wayfair has done. Also you post screenshots of the app in landscape, but it only works in portrait mode. Please fix, I use this on my desk, I don’t hold it like a magazine, as furniture shopping can be tedious and would strain arms.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Livimia
    Won’t accept my IKEA family Information so I decided to just create a new password. Can’t get past the screen proving I’m not a robot...... everytime I log in you tell me my password is wrong yet won’t let me change/retrieve it. Seriously need to fix this madness.
  • Needs Apple Wallet Support 3/5

    By BJCasillas
    Would just provide an added convenience.
  • Can’t even log into the app!!! 1/5

    By MaxRPGer
    I can log into IKEA from the web but I can’t log into the app. I even updated my password and tested from web; kept saying my password and/or email incorrect.
  • iPad App won’t rotate. 1/5

    By m1ng1st3ch
    My main computing device at home is an iPad Pro with keyboard cover. When using like a laptop all apps support rotation but not this. It’s like having to hold a laptop sideways to use an app, really ruins the experience. Back to Amazon, at least they seem to care.
  • I wish this worked with Apple Wallet 3/5

    By alarson94
    I don’t really use the app. The only thing I use it for is to access my IKEA Family cars. Wish I could access my IKEA Family card from Apple Wallet.
  • Password Error 1/5

    By Kalaitila
    I downloaded this app after creating my account on my laptop so that I could add my Family Card to my iPhone. After attempting to enter my login information several times it kept telling me incorrect username or password. I uninstalled and reinstalled it with the same issue.
  • Need the basics done right 1/5

    By Scient5000
    Need TouchID support Need Apple wallet support for storing ikea family card Need the ability to purchase products through the app
  • Lost my shopping list on my way to IKEA 1/5

    By Katamai
    Not cool at all
  • Can’t get past password 1/5

    By isthereadoctor
    Won’t let me get mew password.
  • Need language support!! 4/5

    By PersiaXO
    I am an international student studying in Finland, but I don't speak Suomi, is it possible to unlink region and language?cause this is really unfriendly to non-native people😂
  • How do I shop with this? 1/5

    By Slushy0480
    I want to shop from home for Cyber Monday. I see the discount but can’t make purchases with the app!
  • Fix this issue 1/5

    By Just dance 22323
    Why i cant order from the app why u put it in first place and the app not working
  • Location in Bahrain 4/5

    By bahraini
    Would you please add Bahrain’s IKEA as a location in the app? Thanks
  • Difficult to use 2/5

    By ljames_21
    It is hard to use, provided I don't speak Danish. Hope there is English version for Denmark version. The search also a disaster, hope to support blur search keywords.
  • The layout is great but...you can’t see anything! 2/5

    By SkyGuy182
    The app layout is nice, but the pictures will not load! Almost every single product seems like its trying to load its image but nothing shows up. What’s worse is the mobile app does the exact same thing, so I have no way to view their products when I’m away from my desktop (which is often).
  • Doesn’t work well at all 1/5

    By ptd1993
    When I go to search for a product or just browse through the products, it says “server not responding, please try again later” allllllllll the time. Also, not all of the products are on this app. I was looking for the Hovet mirror and it’s on the website but not on the app.
  • Mixed bag 2/5

    By Morenumerous
    What it does well: It tells me the location of items on my shopping list. This is invaluable in the warehouse section where there’s no rhyme or reason and you’d better know your bin number. - It’s super easy to add any item to your shopping list. Frustrating: -There’s no map of the store! - It has a handy scanner, but my store has no bar codes on the display items; nothing to scan. - It was wrong about what items were in stock. - When I find an item on my shopping list I have to click over to the item description to mark it done. It’s a shopping list, it should have a little check box right on the list page. Also “collected” isn’t the most intuitive word for checking an item off your list. - From within the shopping list there’s no way to find related items like the extension that goes with the desk. You have to back out of the shopping list and go to a search function. Especially frustrating when you’re standing in front of the desk bin and know that the extension has to be around here somewhere! What it really ought to do if it wants to impress me: figure out which couch I’m sitting on and pop up a little banner asking if I want more information about the couch. Because I do, oh I do!
  • Love it 5/5

    By HannahL2
    I love the app and the store maybe the app is as great as what you can see at the store but the furniture is absolutely amazing and for all those bad reviews you guys just don’t know how to work a phone maybe try going to the ikea store.
  • Bad Experience with app and store 1/5

    By kayakphil
    Can’t get app to take password generated by IKEA. Very difficult to make purchase and apply family card. Will need to go to store. Can’t rely on app.
  • Wouldn’t allow me to sign up. 1/5

    By texaskexas
    The app wouldn’t allow me to sign up in that or how many times I answered my email and password. You didn’t tell me what I should do differently, just plain didn’t work.
  • Bad 1/5

    By NSReviewWithPrompt
    Search doesn’t find anything. Code scan doesn’t work. Associating compatible parts needs to be a feature, but isn’t. For example when I put a PAX 39x79x24” dresser carcass in my cart, I should be able to easily find drawers, doors, hangers, lights, shelves etc. that are compatible with the PAX 39x79x24”. Instead I have to use the broken search and hope I’m not adding parts that are only compatible with the 39x79x15”, 39x92x23”, 59x79x26” or other variations of the PAX system. There are just so many things this app needs, store maps & shortcuts, assembly info, measurement tools, etc, but either aren’t or completely fail at. Flat out embarrassingly bad.
  • Cannot login, and cannot forget password 1/5

    By lxyjscz
    If there is 0 star, I will put 0.
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By CrossfaceDave
    Tried loading it up today since I had not loaded on my new phone and it wouldn’t take my password, even though I could log into the webpage. The shopping list also did not work at all, I ended up writing my list at the store with the pencil and paper. It could be a good app if it worked.
  • Login not working 1/5

    By tray1011
    I’m trying to get the login to actually work on both iPad and iPhone to no avail. I’ve deleted and reinstalled but nothing. For this I’m giving the app a 1. But the store is awesome.
  • Can’t sign up 1/5

    By OnceToday
    That app installed fine, but wouldn’t complete the sign-up. As such, I uninstalled it.
  • App is useless 1/5

    By Noel CC
    I signed up for the family card and was told by a sales person at the store to download this app. I can login fine on a desktop but as soon as I try to login on the app it won’t let me. It says my email doesn’t exist. Then after several attempts it said I am locked out and need to reset my password. After following instructions to reset it’s telling me I can’t reset at the moment. Deleting this app. Don’t waste your time on this.
  • Log in 1/5

    By madieego
    I can’t log in the app but on desktop I am able to.
  • A couple of problems 3/5

    By 19Brandon94
    App doesn’t rotate when horizontal. Also my account got locked for whatever reason.
  • China isn’t listed 1/5

    By ripchord57
    After I updated this app, China is no longer available to select as my local region. I am in China and there is an IKEA store in my city, but I can’t select it!
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Samuelvimalraja
    Login won’t work . Worst app.
  • Not Really Useful 1/5

    By m45jak61
    I love this app, in theory, but when it tells me an item is in stock and I drive an hour down to the store and they are COMPLETELY out of stock I realized it’s just a ploy to get me into their store.
  • 19th century’s app... 1/5

    By Toli67
    Note for IKEA... spend some money and get with the program with the technology ... same issue with the on line shopping... it keeps emptying the cart, freezing and very slow
  • Worst experience ever with an app 1/5

    By alexini001
    Just because I can’t give ZERO stars, but definitely that’s what ikea deserves for how poorly and not-caring-at-all-about-costumers they have designed not just the app, but also their website, very, VERY disappointed!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Ozutoruko
    What a useless app. I can’t login to my account using the app. I am pretty sure I know my password since I am able to login on my laptop. It doesn’t deserve to occupy any space on my phone. Deleting it right away.
  • Great 5/5

    By casandra sofia
    Has lots of varieties of furniture which are absolutely lovely. It’s affordable modern and very nice have many styles and is very helpful.

IKEA Store app comments

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