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  • Current Version: 3.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Inter IKEA Systems B.V.
  • Compatibility: Android
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The IKEA App has everything you want: • The ability to Personalize your Inspirational Feed with images and products geared towards your interests • Search and Browse seamlessly and quickly for the products, categories or offers you’re looking for • A fast and convenient Checkout process that makes ordering your IKEA products easier than ever • Strong control over your Data and Privacy parameters, and what you choose to share • Create custom shopping lists that also can be switched to In-Store mode: this allows you to view item stock and location information at your favorite local IKEA store • Use the app to scan products in IKEA stores and easily add to your custom lists • Get detailed information and recommendations on Products before adding to your cart • Multi-channel Cart support for both logged in and non-logged in users • A simple sign-up process for an IKEA Shopping App account, as well as for IKEA Family Offers The new IKEA Shopping App was designed to make ordering products and creating a better life at home easier than ever! Shop our selection of furniture storage, desks, mattresses, beds, dressers, sofas and much more with complete ease. Whether you’re looking to order some of your favorite IKEA products directly to your door, or looking for furniture inspiration, you’ll find that the new IKEA shopping app experience is better than ever.

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IKEA app reviews

  • Great app 5/5

    By diosa41980
    Great app. Easy to use.
  • Great 5/5

    By tobiasclay
    It’s great
  • Once you login - it completely breaks 1/5

    By Loages
    Once you log in it will continue to give the error that “something went wrong” Thanks for the detailed explanation IKEA. Useless app. You would think that they would WANT people to log in but apparently not…
  • Love it 5/5

    By ktb1970919596
    The app is so simple and easy to use.
  • Nice app 4/5

    By shopikea
    The only app for ikea that I find easy to navigate.
  • Opposite of user friendly 4/5

    By nick name 1001
    Cannot- cannot get an item out of cart that was accidentally added.
  • Cool app! 5/5

    By LittleV121
    I love looking at IKEA items online. This app makes everything so easy to see
  • Items are out of stock 1/5

    By cuteyn.xoxe
    All the furniture pieces you have on the app are out of stock. Definitely should take those items out of the app if they’re out of stock kinda false advertising just to chick on it and then it says out of stock.
  • Great 5/5

    By seokyung lee
    I really love the app really convenient to purchase items and have them delivered or just picking them up at your local store
  • Excellent 5/5

    By starshipsalesman
    Highly recommend IKEA. Wonderful stuff. You’ll. Be happy.
  • Good so far 5/5

    By ms. cookie creature
    Keep up the good work… but more delivery options would be nice.
  • Shipping suks 1/5

    By Rebelanakin8
    U guys need to fix ur shipping problems, im in california and the store is like an hour away but u dnt deliver or ship things
  • Patty 5/5

    By patty paz amor
  • Worthless, no click & collect 1/5

    By Yogini Sailor
    I’m becoming more and more dissatisfied with IKEA in general. (For instance, products need to have better, more thorough descriptions, especially within the store.) The app is no different. First, they come out with a brand new app, they don’t just update the one that I had. This new app will not keep me logged in. Do they not know what face recognition is on apple devices?? Why doesn’t it keep my membership number? Also, when you click on a product, every single product that could accompany it, should be listed at the bottom. If I click on a chair, display which cushions would fit appropriately. What about foot pads? Chair covers? Whatever product could be used with another product at to be displayed. Also display other chairs or items within that collection. That sometimes happens but not always. When I put something in my cart and there are 36 available at the store close by, why are do I not have the option for click and collect? I want it today but don’t want to walk around that huge store with my child on. Saturday. Who wants to be in a store when we could be outside playing! I want to go pick up some items through click and collect. But now I actually have to leave the app and go to the website?? What is the point? There are more issues but not worth my time. The one thing IKEA the company (not the app) has over all these absurd American companies is that at least IKEA is concerned about the earth, the oceans, the air, the well-being of the animals that occupy this planet as well as the humans. (It’s far far FAR better than that trashy yet popular place that is headquartered in, I believe, Arkansas? That place could care less about you or the environment. The word wall comes to mind, if you know what I mean.) As Americans, we are too greedy, wasteful, and stupid to fully understand. Because of this, I patronize Ikea. But that certainly doesn’t ease my frustration with this app.
  • Online shopping 2/5

    By carrane dillard
    It would be move convenient for IKEA to have an online shopping site like regular stores instead of us always having to go into the store. Also, a lot of times the product is never available, please work on having more things IN STOCK!
  • Can’t log in!! 1/5

    By GS-home
    My email and password is correct, I even reset it but I can’t seem to log in all of a sudden (12/04/21 02:00am). Tried logging in several times, I do not know what changed but plz stop messing with the app! Not happy!!!
  • App is not updated 2/5

    By Kimburcy
    I tried to buy a dresser that shows on the app that they have it in stock but, when I try to buy it, it says they are not able to deliver it and that something went wrong. So, I called the store and they said the dresser is out of stock.
  • Out of stock 1/5

    By House Stager
    Everything I checked was out of stock. No due dates, not available at stores. Why do they show it if they can’t sell it to me???
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By karen Lopez 1098
    I love this app it works perfectly and it’s not glitchy like most apps it’s also super easy to add things to your cart and save things for later, I LOVE IKEA great app
  • Needs a better filter 3/5

    By RuthBtG
    I love the furniture I found but most of them are out of stock. The filter doesn’t support such selection to make my life easier. Also can you add size filter to you app like what can be done on your website?
  • Loving IKEA on my iPad. 5/5

    By jjmccloskeysr
    So convenient. Easy to navigate. Fun to shop my favorite store from the comfort of my bed!
  • Information and lists. 5/5

    By Chalcis2
    This app is an excellent tool for the IKEA store. Check dimensions for your space and keep a checklist for your shopping.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Giorgianagle
    The app is convenient and easy to use.
  • ⚠️ Read This ⚠️ 5/5

    By sad.Qoutes
    This is an amazing app the website is just as good but the app itself is amazing i recommended the app over the website it doesn’t have all the adds and links but if you cant get the app the website is just as great. The app is well organized a lot of options the filters are endless and there are a lot of detail the measurements are very nice to have and so are the pictures. The pictures are good quality and the measurements are very detailed. Overall this is a great app and the feedback and response is quick.
  • Busqueda 5/5

    By silfredo zavala
    Buena app
  • Items Out of stock 1/5

    By nicknamestupidaystem
    When shopping you would think they would let you know before going to the check out within the app that an item is unavailable. Alert it is out of stock when it is added tot he cart.
  • Goes to the whole cart again! And again! 2/5

    By badwebsiteandapp
    If you tell me that what I choose is out of stock and I removed from the cart.. Why is coming again to the cart every time I tried to make the purchase!!!!
  • Add features 2/5

    By ACCarr
    If this were a true app I should be able to view/pay my IKEA credit card statement through it.
  • Easy app 5/5

    By LeelovesLila
    I have found it easy to use and check for in stock items.
  • 👏🏼💕 5/5

    By jocyramirez
  • Love the app! 5/5

    By DHLx3
    Easy to use app!
  • Me encanta!!!! 5/5

    By Collza Feliz
    Todo muy bien presentado y los empleados conocen lo que es un excelente servicio al cliente, los felicito y gracias por estar orientados teniendo en serio al consumidor.
  • User Interface is well designed and friendly. Like the products. 5/5

    By Megablito
    Great app!
  • A little clunky 3/5

    By Fuzzietoo
    This app is okay but it seems a little clunky to use and find things.
  • Don’t waste my time 3/5

    By Kyleb31908976
    Dont waste my time by making me go to checkout just to find out that item(s) are not available for delivery but only me driving all the way to your store. Let me filter by delivery only or tell me ahead of time, such a no brainer and super annoying ux. You wasted my time and now im searching elsewhere…
  • Easy to use 4/5

    By kjwtbc98
    I love the app! Everything is well organized and simple to use!
  • Editing address 4/5

    By DickAndJane528
    I entered both my billing and shipping address in my profile yet when I went to purchase some thing the address was not there except for a different city and ZIP Code. I can change the city but I couldn’t change the ZIP Code! This is annoying! When I’m going to purchase something why doesn’t the cart just at my address naturally?
  • Just bad 1/5

    By MisterMaurese
    This app was already bad and now after an update it is completely unusable, you can’t set the country to the United States anymore so you never see anything in any of the stores in the United States
  • Fast Application 5/5

    By zq1050
    Responsive and accurate search
  • IKEA family 1/5

    By _ŒÂ◊
    It wants me to sign up. No place to put my existing account number. When I try to sign up, it just says "upgrade failed".
  • Ms. Ree 5/5

    By Ms, Ree
    Love Ikea!
  • Spammy requests for ratings 1/5

    By wavetraced
    Trashy app begs for ratings. Here’s 1 star
  • Works 5/5

    By ObiDanKanobi
  • Barely functional 3/5

    By Zulaya02
    I live 300 miles from an ikea. I will gladly drive and stay with a friend for a run to furnish a room or several pieces for our new grandchild. But it’s impossible to figure out what’s in store easily. I’ve tried changing my address, billing address and preferred store but it insists on showing me the closest store instead of the one whose inventory I want to look at because it’s not much further and 15 items I want are out of stock at the nearest one.
  • Solid Experience 5/5

    By azbenders
    I have been using the IKEA App on both the iPhone and the iPad and have enjoyed the overall experience. I’m able to set my local desired store and see what is in stock, or what needs to be delivered. I can also have it send me notifications for out of stock items, which is very helpful. Highly recommended.
  • Great 3/5

    By Alypts
    Awesome service …. Just the staff a little grumpy sometimes and long lines … express lines are closed at times and have to wait long lines
  • Bad Website 1/5

    By BlessedSon
    IKEA website was so annoying to use, I was never able to input a different delivery address from my billing address, so so so annoying!
  • Smooth 5/5

    By ppburbt
    Thumbs up
  • Need availability notification 4/5

    Would be nice to be able to mark an item for availability notification, since this feature is available on the Ikea website.